Homeland Season 2 Finale Recap: Maybe This Will All End in Tears?

Homeland Season 2 Finale Spoilers

As the Season 2 finale for Showtime’s Homeland neared on Sunday night, and given the certain sense of closure delivered by recent episodes, the burning question became: Would Nicholas Brody emerge from the season-ender alive? And as recently as this afternoon, more than 30 percent of TVLine readers polled suspected that the war hero-turned-would-be terrorist would not survive into Season 3.

As it would turn out, Brody cheated death — not once but twice. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here now, the full recap:

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BRODY GOES ALL IN | The finale opens with Carrie and Brody retreating to her cabin in the woods, where Quinn is surveilling them from afar, with orders from Estes to make Brody “disappear.” That night, Brody jokes about being Carrie’s full-time, live-in cabin boy, which segues into a “real” talk about their future, if they have one. “My only real pan now is to be a good person again,” Brody says. “I have a second chance I never thought possible. And I have you — at least at this moment.” Carrie though notes the obstacles in their way, including her mental illness (which Brody dismisses as a concern) and her career at the CIA. “Maybe this will all end in tears,” Brody allows. “Or,” Carrie counters, “we might make it?”

Come morning, Carrie makes a croissant run while Brody goes to pray lakeside. And as he does so, Quinn sneaks up, big-ass rifle in tow, and fingers the trigger… but, as we learn one scene later, isn’t able to pull it. Instead, Carrie returns from her errand to find Brody on the porch, where they again ponder their next move. “It’s up to you — I’m in,” Brody assures. Carrie wishes she could have both, him and her CIA gig.

So, why did Quinn quit out of his assignment? He explains just that at Estes’ home, after scaring the bejesus out of the CIA frontman. “I’m a guy who kills bad guys. Brody’s information was perfect; we got Abu Nazir because of him. I’ve never seen a better intelligence officer than Carrie….. The only reason to kill Brody is to protect your ass, and the collateral damage would be a woman you’ve already wrecked before…. Nothing happens to Brody, or you’ll find me back here. Because I’m a guy that kills bad guys.”

‘THE SMARTEST AND THE DUMBEST’ | Back in town, Brody meets Mike for a beer and says there is no “war” between them. In fact, he invites Mike to “keep taking care of” Jessica and the kids, as he did for the long eight years he was a POW. Meanwhile, Javert Estes visits Saul to set him loose from his three-day detention, and announce that his “bad report” was being redacted. “Maybe I’m just giving an old guy a break.” Stopping at his house to grab a suit for Walden’s memorial, Brody talks to Dana, who reflects on the time he was so squirrely aboutHomeland Season 2 Finale Spoilers getting changed in private, the same day Carrie stormed the house to declare him a terrorist. “It adds up. It’s the only thing that makes sense,” Dana attests. “You were gonna do those things!”

Over at Langley, Saul is en route to oversee Nazir’s burial at sea, but first he apprises Carrie of her likely promotion to station chief, making her the youngest one in agency history. But Carrie says she may want a more balanced life. Recognizing that Brody is at the root of this, Saul laments, “I thought you said your eyes were open? He’s a man who put on a suicide vest — that’s who he is and always will be….. You can do whatever you want, but an intelligence officer can’t.” Carrie argues, “Maybe I want other things?” “Like a terrorist in your bed,” Saul zings. “You’re the smartest and the dumbest f–king person I’ve ever known.”

NAZIR STRIKES AGAIN | At Walden’s memorial, Estes hails the veep as a man who transformed the war on terror, who greenlit the drones Nazir came to hate so much, as a man who had a role in taking out Bin Laden (is that covered in Zero Dark Thirty, anyone?) and Nazir. Carrie leaves the service early, followed by Brody, and just as they are about to cavort in an upstairs office, Brody looks outside to notice that his car has been moved. “Oh, f–k,” Carrie exclaims as the vehicle explodes, destroying the memorial site and blowing Carrie and Brody back — just as Nazir’s corpse is concurrently plunked into the drink, while Saul looks on. Rising up from the debris, Carrie scrambles for and trains a gun on Brody: “Don’t. You. Move!” He pleads his case, surmising this was Nazir’s plan from the beginning, to coax them into false security and achieve vengeance post mortem: “He would die 1,000 deaths to make this day happen.” Carrie sees his (sketchy) point, then races them to a storage unit where she keeps her go bag. They stop to see “a guy” about fake travel docs for Brody, then make tracks for a back access road that will lead them across the Canadian border to her friend’s cabin.

Saul arrives at the bomb site, where he learns there are at least 200 dead, including VP Walden’s wife and son, Estes and possibly Carrie and Brody. He later takes a call from his worried estranged wife, who offers to come home to him. “Yes. Please,” Saul answers. Meanwhile, agents visit the Brody home and grill Jess and Dana. Their talk is ultimately interrupted by the news broadcasting Brody’s confessional video, which was leaked by Al Qaeda.

DIDN’T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL? | Arriving at the border access road, Brody gleans that Carrie will not be going with him. “I want to, I was going to, but I can’t now,” she explains. She then offers, “It can still happen, one day,” after she clears his name. Brody avows, “This was love, you and me,” kisses Carrie goodbye and slips off into the darkness. The next day, as Saul says the Hebrew prayer for death over the rows and rows of bomb victims, Carrie shows up alive — though, one would think, having to account for her whereabouts after the blast. But we have nine months for that. What’s important for now is that she’s alive, news that Saul greets with a big grin.

What did you think about Homeland‘s Season 2 finale, and what are your predictions for Season 3? Also, below the poll find a video of show boss Alex Gansa discussing the finale.

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  1. Britta Unfiltered says:

    A for totally awesome!!! “Well, if it isn’t Javert!” Best freaking line of the whole night. Dear Saul, will you marry me? His smile at seeing Carrie alive was the best way to end the season. I also LOVED that Estes was killed, that was the one thing I really wanted to happen the most, and now Saul gets his job! I’m glad things happened in a way that made sense. Of course Abu Nazir knew Brody had turned all along. Of course he had some ultimate deeper plan to be carried through after his death.
    Things I am mad about: Carrie has a get-out-the-country-free bag with passports and money? What the…? I can’t see any motivation why her character would have something like that. I am also freaking pissed we don’t know who the mole is. That is a 3-season long secret now. I think it is likely Dar Adul is the mole and Quinn doesn’t know he’s working for a bad guy. I think Dar Adul had him stand down on killing Brody because Dar Adul was going to use him to frame him.
    Things that made me cry: Bodies in the body bags. The SD card getting released, which was shocking, and Dana having to watch her Dad’s confession, and Brody having a minor anxiety attack seeing it on the news. “Goodbye, love.” Carrie leaving him to run off on his own. Not kidding, I totally lost it there. I also cried a little at Saul’s episode ending smile. I wish he was my dad, he seems to care about Carrie so much.
    So season three looks like it’s about Carrie trying to prove Brody’s innocence. But how will Saul view it? I think it’s pretty incriminating the SD card got released to the public, because how would Brody have gotten that card back? The CIA had it the whole time and obviously someone there leaked it. Will Saul realize that?
    Homeland has gotten their Golden Globe for their second season, and second Emmy and probably second Critics’ Choice. Damien wins all kinds of awards for the Q&A episode, and Claire wins all her awards off the Beirut is Back episode. What a good season. Good show. It’s going to be a tough nine month wait. As my cousin said to me tonight, “I’m going to go to bed and hopefully when I wake up it will be 9 months from now and season 3 will be starting.” I just want to get through the next 3 weeks until Justified starts, and then I’ll be okay for awhile. I wonder which characters are coming back for season three. I can’t see the Brody family being around much. Brody himself…he’d have to be around a little. Dar Adul? Hopefully? Quinn? Debatable, but I kind of hope he is. His back story is interesting to me.

  2. Leper convict says:

    I cant believe you dolts think Saul is the mole! Hes not even a red herring as there is ZERO evidence he is a mole. Nazir could have had anyone move that car, even some dodgy carpark security guy or someone could have even been hiding in the back of Brodys car. Also if there were cameras trained on the area they may have been destroyed in the blast. You can bet in series 3 the footage will be one of the first things Carrie looks for.

  3. Jesse says:

    Saul is the terrorist, he has been waiting in the wings all these years so he could become the Head of the CIA. I picked it in season 1 and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with his wife.

    • gaypuppysf says:

      If Saul is the mole, Homeland will finally make its full transition into “24” territory. I really hope the writers have more sense than that. It MAKES NO SENSE and would be a CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT!

  4. peace&luv says:

    I don’t think Saul is the mole it would be to predictable and poorly planned by the writers. to me the reason he was at Nazir’s funeral is the only good excuse writers could find not to have him at Walden’s funeral since Carrie and Brody’s excuse was the urge to have a moment alone and chat on their possible future. I don’t think Quinn is the mole either. We will, I guess, find out more about Mr Murray’s – Dar Adal role but at the moment I don’t see a plausible reason he wanted 200 people killed. As far as Brody I think he’s been framed so that we can shift the attention to the real master of games here. Maybe Brody knows something (after all we didn’t really see what went on when he was brought to Nazir the night with the helicopter) or he’s just the scape goat. Watching 24 has taught me that there are the “official bad guys”, and there are those oneswho fake honesty in order to use an opportunity/scape goat (Brody and his tape…I guess someone must have done some copies) to cover up their traces while blaming the bad guys and remain in the dark. How sure can we be that the real Nazir has been killed?

  5. “My only real pan now is to be a good person again,” pan = plan

  6. Wow. Some of the comments here are depressing for their inanity, ignorance and bigotry.

  7. D. says:

    Mandy Patinkin deserves a Golden Globe, an Emmy and even an Oscar for his performance. My heart broke in thousand pieces when he thought Carrie was dead.

  8. zxc123 says:

    Matt, if you do get to talk to the showrunners, can you ask if Quinn will return next season as a regular. Never have I loved a character introduced in Season 2 more than Quinn.
    Anyway, Mandy Patinkin, that last scene was AWESOME!!

  9. Jan says:

    There isn’t any way Saul is dirty. He has too much integrity to be a double agent. His feelings and words with any person he touches are genuine. Although, I didn’t think so before, based upon his actions… I also think Quinn has integrity. I also believe that last night’s finale blast was exactly as Brody stated. Nazir had this planned all along. Any sacrifice for their cause. Homeland is one of the best, if not the best show, on television today. Kudos to the writers, actors and producers for jobs well done.

  10. David says:

    I realy liked the finale, because i think the show will at some point turn into a fugitive drame with brody and carrie on the run persecuted by saul. I believe he is not only the mole, but he is the true puppetmaster behind abu nazir. There is no conclusive evidence for that, but a lot of little questions arround him. the mystery who allowed the prisoner suicide, first failed polygraphy, when he turn carrie away from the first attempt on waldens life. The only people dangerous to would be carrie and brody wheb they trust each other and share information that both points to him.

    Thats my take. I hope it is this way because it would be a great twist for the show.

  11. N says:

    Imagine how guilty Quinn must feel next season knowing he let Brody go, i think odds are good he will be one of the main people trying to track him down next season

  12. Grace says:

    So I read all the comments, and it all makes sense to me except the one who mentioned Carrie. If she did it, she wouldn’t include Broody’s name. I thought about Saul but seem impossible, just because of his last statement to Carrie about Broody doesn’t make him responsible. Broody, I think all he wanted dead was the president and he’s done with it plus the video actually clears his name being the responsible. Quinn, I had the feeling since before the attacked happen and the scene with Estes was my favorite that makes him now my favorite character. I still have the feeling because one, he didn’t die at the attacked, second, he’s had lots of escapes…but he’s statement to David “he’ll only kill the bad guys” means he shouldn’t put the bomb their because there are lots of innocent people. My strongest guess is the guy whom Carrie thought who helped Nazir gets out of the building when they were trying to find Abu Nazir..he is a muslim, he is a CIA which means he have access to the video, he didn’t die at the attacked, and Carrie’s suspicion is always right. Who is agreeing with me?

  13. Epic final scene ! As an Israli and a Hebrew native speaker- Although I am not religious at all, it was nice to see Saul saying a Hebrew prayer over the dead bodys.. and it deffinitely was Hebrew..

  14. BJ says:

    It’s definitely Saul.

    1. When Saul hears about Abu Nazir and is about to go to catch him, David Estes stalls him and puts him for a polygraph test. Saul was in no position to exchange any info with Abu Nazir. After a chain of events Nazir is finally killed.

    2. Later.. Saul is sent to the high seas for Nazir’s last rights. He asks Carrie to come along as perhaps he cares for her and wants her to stay alive. Because Saul knows what is going to happen at the memorial.

    3. Saul had the access to Brody’s tape, which Saul released after the bombing.

    4. Saul could’ve actually be responsible for the death of Aileen.

  15. rcmwf says:

    “Well, if it isn’t Javert!” Was this a foreshadowing of Saul sliding into the Javert role vis-a-vis Brody? According to wikipedia: “Javert refuses to acknowledge repentance….” Saul told Carrie that Brody would always be a terrorist.

  16. Mari says:

    I’m so blown away by this tv show. I had to watch the episode twice to process everything. This is A+ television.

  17. Bill says:

    How about the mole was someone who died in the bombing ? Cynthia ? Estes ?.
    They all seem suspicious

  18. Deano says:

    maybe saul is the bad guy but also working with someone else, quinn perhaps. Saul is out the way whilst the attack takes place, putting him out the lime light, paving the way for a higher ranking role, given his position already. Quinn could easily have moved the car as he seemed to just vanish after what he said to Estes. Saul could have brought Carey back, knowing that she would do anything to help Brody escape, knowing he would always be the fall guy, provided the confession tape got released to the press. Again, whoever is helping him could of released the tape, taking away any attension towards him. But the truth is that it is such a great show with many dimensions to it that anything could happen, thanks to the characters provided. Cant wait for season 3 to see how they play it out.

  19. Anne says:

    I do not think Saul is the mole but I think his wife is a factor in all of this somehow. I immediately felt like there was foreshadowing when they have the exchange about her and Brody-

    “Like a terrorist in your bed,” Saul zings. “You’re the smartest and the dumbest f–king person I’ve ever known.”

    Then we see his wife but only glimpses of those around her and now she is coming home. I just got a bad feeling about her. It might turn out the Saul is the smartest and the dumbest person ever.

  20. Harvey says:

    No way Saul has anything to do with the attack. Here’s a quote from producer Alex Gansa:
    “From the very beginning that was always the case, that was the conception of Saul, which made it so strange that people were convinced he was the traitor,” Gansa says. “He was the guy who occupied the moral center of the show and very much so in the finale.”
    They don’t make the moral center of the show into a terrorist.

    • David says:

      Because saul is the moral center he would be very good choice to be a terrorist. The whole show is in some aspect an anti-twentyfour. It’s not so much about good guys and bad guys, but about the hunanity and the flaws of both sides. Saul is the only good guy left. The fact that nazir died that early can only mean one of two things: Either he was not the top dog they all believed or a different kind of terroristic thread will become the center of attention

  21. cjeffery7 says:

    “A” is not an adequate ranking of awesomeness for this finale. i wish there was a letter before A because this episode AND entire season would be that and more.

  22. mercfan says:

    Stop already with the Saul is a mole theory. The main question should be was Brody involved or not. Think back (I think it was two episodes) – when was given the warning to stand back by the camera man (the camera man at the troop reunion with family members would have been out of harms way so he could record the incident).

    I have to watch the memorial scene again. Who made the first move out of the memorial (Brody or Carrie)? If it was Brody, then I would said he knew – he was getting her out of harms way. Him pointing out that the car was moved, was for Carrie’s sake – so she would believe that he wasn’t involved. It was too late to do anything to stop it at that point anyway.

  23. Lisa says:

    It is very obvious Saul is not a mole and never once has the show leaned toward that!!! You all sound kind of stupid for saying that. It makes more sense to say Brody was playing Carrie all along , using her for an escape plan??? Why does there have to be a mole? Any terrorist could of moved his car in a discreet fashion.

  24. INSIDE INFO says:

    Wow Saul is not the mole nor is Quinn. Where did people get the idea there was a mole anyway?? I think when Brody met Nazir after his blowup with Raya, he told Nazir he wanted out. I think Nazir agreed to let him out, on the condition he would help kill Walden- This is why they prayed before they departed and wished each other luck, and why Brody made sure Walden was killed.

    Nazir however never had the intention of letting Brody out since he knows way too much. So the blast was the 2nd part of the plan that Brody knew nothing about, since he was only in it to get revenge on Walden and wouldn’t agree to mass-murder of innocents, plus they would be able to frame him and insure he would never be able to reveal any information about his organization.

    I think Nazir was in America to orchestrate these attacks, and his dying was just a matter of Carie outsmarting him. The car may have been moved by a terrorist similar to the ones that shot up the store in Ginsburg, and not a mole in the CIA.

    The next season should be about Carie trying to prove Brody’s innocence, and taking down the new leader or organization that actually was behind the attack.

  25. peter says:

    Doesnt anybody think that maybe brody did have something to do with the carbomb? Maybe he’s still a terrorist

  26. J to D says:

    Didn’t Saul fail the lie detector test? If so, he is mole.

  27. Smiley says:

    Saul is not the bad guy I think yow will see members in group to be bad guys this plot is twisted and I think it will be like a lost finale where it will make no sense at all.

  28. Smiley says:

    Sophie what you doing it’s time for tellytubbies baby kAka

  29. Smiley says:

    American shows are the best with the best plots however need best actors coming from uk

  30. Terry says:

    I’m telling you all that agent Galves is the Mole!

  31. guest says:

    was I the only person thinking that Brody did it? I kept thinking that he played Carrie so well and she was so easy to convince. He had help but he’s the terrorist.

  32. james ehite says:

    Its not Carrie, its not Quinn and its certainly not Saul
    Of all the most ridiculous theories above are the ones about Saul
    it might be Brody, buts it probably not as he alerted Carrie to his car being moved and looked genuinely perturbed.
    Its probably another character who will become a major player in the next series
    lets wait and see

  33. Bill says:

    Saul was absolutely correct; Carrie is the smartest and the dumbest XOK%&%# person in the world. This is what I hate about the show

  34. Sandra Valdez says:

    Can I buy the season two from the market?

  35. Q says:

    Max is the mole!!!

  36. Bubba1 says:

    I just watched both seasons in less that a week. Great show. Very intense. I don’t think Saul is the bad guy or Carrie…maybe Brody . What I want to know and haven’t seen any comments about is – at the end of season one, you see Brody taking off the vest. Well, what did he do with it and how come nobody found it? He couldn’t have just put it in the garbage can……..come on………..how come it never turned up?

  37. helchemor says:

    I am shocked to see how they describe Lebanon and the roads. How come do you find coca cola written in Hebrew in Lebanon ???? Isn’t Israel the enemy??? The airport has nothing to do with the real airport of Beirut and not all woman cover their head. And in Lebanon we don’t speak that kind of Arabic I am Lebanese and didnt understand a word they were saying in arabic maybe it is saudi or qatari or from any other arabic speaking coutry but it is not lebanese. i am ashamed to see how we r stereotyped . what u see in homeland is not how Lebanon really is, it is just a minor part where some Muslims live it is not the other part of Lebanon or the Christian part , alcohol is permitted everywhere in Lebanon , women are elegant and don’t all wear the veil. Christian and muslim girls dress the way they want even very short clothes and no one says anything. Next time visit a country before filming what u believe the country to be like and stop stereotyping Lebanon and Beirut.

  38. Irwin says:

    The suspension of reality becomes too much to believe at the finale. I would’ve believed a bomb laden helicopter attack before Brody’s SUV allowed to park in an obviously illegal place.
    If parking was allowed, then the street would have been lined with vehicles.

    Entering the V.P.’s residence at the United States Naval Observatory required bomb screening of all vehicles, yet that wasn’t done at Langley, or it failed. The weight and volume of explosives needed to destroy the auditorium – hard to believe the driver Brody wouldn’t notice,since all accounts of real attacks describe vehicles ‘packed with explosives’.

    Even though the memorial for Walden was for a CIA chief, then Vice President, many more politicians would have been present, and killed, instead of mostly CIA personnel.

    Season 3 – camera recordings will show who parked the SUV, yet fail to pick up Brody and Carrie leaving the auditorium, then Langely itself, which would have been on total lockdown (shoot to kill level).

    The CIA crew at Brody’s house would have been at least a little sensitive to their husband, father just being killed, even if exposed as a terrorist. Who sent the crew in the first place, since no one knew immediately whose vehicle exploded?

  39. Allyson says:

    I think the “bad guy” is actually the other female operative who escorted Carrie in episode 1 and returned to stay with the family in the last few episodes. It was unlikely that she’d be in both roles.

  40. Dirk Raider says:

    you people have to go back and watch finale again. when you see brody and carrie at waldens funeral and they both signal to each other to leave, the scene changes to carrie walking towards an elevator in a hallway. the next scene shows brody outside walking back into the building. now why would brody go outside to meet carrie upstairs inside the cia building? oh yeah he went outside and moved his car b/c at work when i go upstairs i walk outside first. brody is a terrorist! once a terrorist always one. another piece of evidence is when he meets mike at the bar and tells him to take care of his family. why would he do that? just b/c he would be getting divorced from jess doesnt mean he cant take care of his kids and im donnne.

  41. kirads09 says:

    Just another thought as to why I still believe it is Saul. Even though he is saying the prayer, the look on his face is one of great satisfaction and relief – not of one mourning.
    To me that just said it all.

  42. Harry says:

    I think Brody did it .. And Season 3 is Carrie and Quinn coming to that conclusion and then hunting him down

  43. Jen says:

    The mole is GALVEZ, it has to be. There are several unresolved leaks from season 1 that point to Galvez. First, we know it’s someone inside the CIA because there were too many tip-offs requiring it to be someone inside the inner CIA circle who knew about all the investigations. 1) Who tipped off Aileen and Raquim that they had to leave the house by the airport? (Galvez was trailing them with Carrie). 2) Who slipped the razor blade to Brody’s former guard? I’m not sure Galvez was ever alone with him, this is still unresolved. 3) Who tipped off Tom Walker that the Saudi diplomat had squealed to the CIA, prompting the suicide bomb at the meeting at the fountain? It had to be someone with inside CIA knowledge. Galvez knew about all these. The biggest clue though is that in season 2, after the massacre at the tailor’s shop in Gettysburg, Roya comments to Brody that she needs his help more than ever because “we lost someone in Gettysburg”–Galvez was shot there and nearly died, so even if he wasn’t lost/dead, he was out of commission and couldn’t spy for Roya/Nazir. At the end of season 1, Carrie comments to Saul that there’s a government mole, but never follows up on it. They will revisit this in season 3. Also, I’m not convinced Brody isn’t still shady. Saul–I don’t know. He has some skeletons in the closet but I don’t think he’s the mole nor a bad guy. Still not sure about the razor blade though. I’m going to watch season 1 again and see what other clues I’m missing!

  44. Kyle says:

    Ppl have to stop with the Saul is the bad guy cause him being jewish and praying for the people he worked with for so long that are now dead doesnt make sense for him not to be a bad guy… BS! Lets see you standing among a bunch of dead people you worked with that your group wether you all knew eachother or not were a type of brotherhood all working together to achieve the same goal and not want to even say the tiniest prayer out of respect for them. And as far as quinn goes, correct me if im wrong, he was/maybe still is black ops special ops or whatever. Maybe he knows arabic? Maybe he heard brody’s prayer and understood what he was saying? Maybe what brody was saying translated into thanks for giving me a secong chance ala ill never do wrong again. Quinn hearing this helped make his decision not to kill him cause he isnt a bad guy anymore. At this point he then goes and tells estes his terms about the deal they had. You may call it a stretch but its more plausible imo than quinn being a terrorist. Didnt kill brody when he had the chance cause he came up with a plan on the fly of a terroristic plot? Or realised brody isnt the type of target he was trained to kill after he saw brody praying by the water?

  45. Craig says:

    Just got caught up on the second season of this terrific show, and just have to weigh in on the “Saul is the mole” controversy. In my opinion, it is complete bunk. Most of the reasons put forth in the comments simply don’t hold up to logic. Many people have took his comment to Carrie — said in a the middle of a heated emotional exchange, mind you — that she is “the smartest and dumbest f-in person he has ever met” as some sort of a mea culpa on his part that he is actually a terrorist mastermind and she can’t see it. Hardly. Lets take some pieces of fact and string them together in a logical fashion, shall we?

    1. Saul has been presented by the show writers as a mentor and psuedo-father figure for Carrie. As such, Saul has a certain clout stemming from the nature of their relationship to talk to Carrie with a bluntness and directness that others may not. And if Saul feels that Carrie is blinded by her emotional attachment to Brody to see what he feels to be the truth about Brody’s true nature (a reality that HE himself came around to seeing because of the strength of Carrie’s own conviction in Season #1 that Brody is a terrorist), well then it is not shocking to witness Saul express his disappointment in such a stern matter.

    2. Saul knows how easily Carrie’s emotional equilibrium can be disrupted by her bi-polar disorder. He has witnessed first-hand how unhinged she can become in one of her manic states and has witnessed her undergo shock therapy to allievate her mental anguish. Anguish, which resulted heavily from Carrie’s conflicting feelings towards Brody. With this backdrop, his comments can be interperted as an (albeit stated in anger) challenge to Carrie to not get overwhelmed by her emotions to the point that she loses the “instincts” and analytical abilities that made her such a good CIA operative.

    3. Saul is monitoring EVERYTHING involving Carrie and Brody. The writer’s acknowledged this fact by showing that Saul and Quinn continued to listen to the wiretap, even as Carrie and Brody are having sex. If this wasn’t “private” enough for Saul to stop listening, then nothing is. Therefore, Saul knows exactly how much Carrie is falling for Brody again — because there probably isn’t a single conversation they have had that he hasn’t tracked.

    3. Saul knows FIRSTHAND how even a seasoned operative, such as himself, can be led astray by emotions. Recall, after Aileen commits suicide, he angrily chides himself when he realizes that she used his emotional vulnerability to manipulate him. This is a fabulous bit of foreshadowing for the emotional devastation that may eventually result at the end of the line of the Carrie-Brody relationship when Carrie finally realizes that she has been played by Brody.

    Tying together these facts, it is so much more plausible to view the Carrie-Saul exchange as a HUMAN interaction between two intimately connected characters who are trading sharp, emotional, painful words with each other. Saul, as a true mentor, is trying to prevent Carrie from making the same sort of mistake he made earlier in the season — letting herself getting manipulated emotionally and allowing that to interfere with her job of preventing terroristic acts. But this is all done in the context of an argument Carrie reacts defensively and angrily — takes a shot at Saul being “alone” (in response to Saul’s dig about Carrie and Brody’s recent sexual exploits). Saul — remember, still stinging from his wife leaving him a few months ago, and quite possibly resentful that his career as a CIA-lifer may have played a role — predictably fires back with his angry Smart/Dumb comment.

    Yeah, human characters set in a fictional high-stress environment reacting within the ambit of real human emotion? To me that sounds much more likely than stripping away two seasons worth of a character firmly established as a moral beacon by suddenly turning him into some sort of omnipotent, nefarious inspector-gadget-type villian.

  46. Angel says:

    Even before the showing of season one it was always shown the comparison betwen Brody and Carrie …who is the patriot and who is the traitor; who is the real one vs one who pretends. Well we have seen in both two seasons that Brody is the bad guy and Carrie is the hero. Well, i am just guessing …could season three reveal who is really the patriot and who is the traitor? Remember Carrie stayed with some terrorists for a long time too. She keeps on saying why could she have misses something. Maybe we are the ones who have missed something…what if she was the one who was brainwashed and trained to do the plan? Just a wild thought…

  47. gwen says:

    quite a bit later and not actually as intensely involved as the earlier posts…

    it’s Sol.

    why? because the show has great writers. and great writers at this level of plot development will inevitably take the one character that appears to be the foundation of all goodness/normalcy/balance AND KICK THAT CHARACTER TO THE CURB.

    the whole point of the show is an exercise in the exquisite balance between doing what is seems right. and doing what is actually right. (and ‘right’ is a very fluid concept).

    Sol is incredibly empathetic. He’s wise. He suffers. He protects the weak. He is also working for an agency that successfully operates from a completely non-emotional grid. Which means he must be a master at both understanding people, and exploiting that understanding.

    the perfect mole.