Homeland Season 2 Finale Recap: Maybe This Will All End in Tears?

Homeland Season 2 Finale Spoilers

As the Season 2 finale for Showtime’s Homeland neared on Sunday night, and given the certain sense of closure delivered by recent episodes, the burning question became: Would Nicholas Brody emerge from the season-ender alive? And as recently as this afternoon, more than 30 percent of TVLine readers polled suspected that the war hero-turned-would-be terrorist would not survive into Season 3.

As it would turn out, Brody cheated death — not once but twice. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here now, the full recap:

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BRODY GOES ALL IN | The finale opens with Carrie and Brody retreating to her cabin in the woods, where Quinn is surveilling them from afar, with orders from Estes to make Brody “disappear.” That night, Brody jokes about being Carrie’s full-time, live-in cabin boy, which segues into a “real” talk about their future, if they have one. “My only real pan now is to be a good person again,” Brody says. “I have a second chance I never thought possible. And I have you — at least at this moment.” Carrie though notes the obstacles in their way, including her mental illness (which Brody dismisses as a concern) and her career at the CIA. “Maybe this will all end in tears,” Brody allows. “Or,” Carrie counters, “we might make it?”

Come morning, Carrie makes a croissant run while Brody goes to pray lakeside. And as he does so, Quinn sneaks up, big-ass rifle in tow, and fingers the trigger… but, as we learn one scene later, isn’t able to pull it. Instead, Carrie returns from her errand to find Brody on the porch, where they again ponder their next move. “It’s up to you — I’m in,” Brody assures. Carrie wishes she could have both, him and her CIA gig.

So, why did Quinn quit out of his assignment? He explains just that at Estes’ home, after scaring the bejesus out of the CIA frontman. “I’m a guy who kills bad guys. Brody’s information was perfect; we got Abu Nazir because of him. I’ve never seen a better intelligence officer than Carrie….. The only reason to kill Brody is to protect your ass, and the collateral damage would be a woman you’ve already wrecked before…. Nothing happens to Brody, or you’ll find me back here. Because I’m a guy that kills bad guys.”

‘THE SMARTEST AND THE DUMBEST’ | Back in town, Brody meets Mike for a beer and says there is no “war” between them. In fact, he invites Mike to “keep taking care of” Jessica and the kids, as he did for the long eight years he was a POW. Meanwhile, Javert Estes visits Saul to set him loose from his three-day detention, and announce that his “bad report” was being redacted. “Maybe I’m just giving an old guy a break.” Stopping at his house to grab a suit for Walden’s memorial, Brody talks to Dana, who reflects on the time he was so squirrely aboutHomeland Season 2 Finale Spoilers getting changed in private, the same day Carrie stormed the house to declare him a terrorist. “It adds up. It’s the only thing that makes sense,” Dana attests. “You were gonna do those things!”

Over at Langley, Saul is en route to oversee Nazir’s burial at sea, but first he apprises Carrie of her likely promotion to station chief, making her the youngest one in agency history. But Carrie says she may want a more balanced life. Recognizing that Brody is at the root of this, Saul laments, “I thought you said your eyes were open? He’s a man who put on a suicide vest — that’s who he is and always will be….. You can do whatever you want, but an intelligence officer can’t.” Carrie argues, “Maybe I want other things?” “Like a terrorist in your bed,” Saul zings. “You’re the smartest and the dumbest f–king person I’ve ever known.”

NAZIR STRIKES AGAIN | At Walden’s memorial, Estes hails the veep as a man who transformed the war on terror, who greenlit the drones Nazir came to hate so much, as a man who had a role in taking out Bin Laden (is that covered in Zero Dark Thirty, anyone?) and Nazir. Carrie leaves the service early, followed by Brody, and just as they are about to cavort in an upstairs office, Brody looks outside to notice that his car has been moved. “Oh, f–k,” Carrie exclaims as the vehicle explodes, destroying the memorial site and blowing Carrie and Brody back — just as Nazir’s corpse is concurrently plunked into the drink, while Saul looks on. Rising up from the debris, Carrie scrambles for and trains a gun on Brody: “Don’t. You. Move!” He pleads his case, surmising this was Nazir’s plan from the beginning, to coax them into false security and achieve vengeance post mortem: “He would die 1,000 deaths to make this day happen.” Carrie sees his (sketchy) point, then races them to a storage unit where she keeps her go bag. They stop to see “a guy” about fake travel docs for Brody, then make tracks for a back access road that will lead them across the Canadian border to her friend’s cabin.

Saul arrives at the bomb site, where he learns there are at least 200 dead, including VP Walden’s wife and son, Estes and possibly Carrie and Brody. He later takes a call from his worried estranged wife, who offers to come home to him. “Yes. Please,” Saul answers. Meanwhile, agents visit the Brody home and grill Jess and Dana. Their talk is ultimately interrupted by the news broadcasting Brody’s confessional video, which was leaked by Al Qaeda.

DIDN’T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL? | Arriving at the border access road, Brody gleans that Carrie will not be going with him. “I want to, I was going to, but I can’t now,” she explains. She then offers, “It can still happen, one day,” after she clears his name. Brody avows, “This was love, you and me,” kisses Carrie goodbye and slips off into the darkness. The next day, as Saul says the Hebrew prayer for death over the rows and rows of bomb victims, Carrie shows up alive — though, one would think, having to account for her whereabouts after the blast. But we have nine months for that. What’s important for now is that she’s alive, news that Saul greets with a big grin.

What did you think about Homeland‘s Season 2 finale, and what are your predictions for Season 3? Also, below the poll find a video of show boss Alex Gansa discussing the finale.

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  1. Jackie says:

    I thought it was great – still processing!

  2. JAO says:

    So amazing. Can’t think about what this means for next season!

  3. Elena says:

    I thought it was a pretty awesome finale, though the show really surprised me by not killing off Brody. Both season finales I expected them to kill him off, but the show finds a way to save him. I have no idea what they plan to do next season, but I hope whatever happens, Quinn will come back. That guy is just way too awesome to lose! I love Rupert Friend in that role.

  4. Laws says:

    I love Saul. When he called Carrie, when she was presumed dead, my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

  5. Maureen Tait says:

    Amazing finale! Who else now assumes Saul is the bad guy?

    • Dr15 says:

      The prayer he was saying was in Hebrew (his character’s Jewish…) – it’s a mourning prayer. I’m assuming that’s why you think he’s the “bad” guy…

    • Tony statz says:

      Was he speaking Arabic or Hebrew? I think he was the bad guy!

      • Christie says:

        He was speaking in Hebrew. Even if he were speaking in Arabic, being able to speak the language does not automatically mean you are a terrorist!

        • matt says:

          Im afraid it does mate, sorry.

          • anne says:

            how idiotic is that. You speak english. Should that be enough to hang you? However, you would do that yourself through the words you utter. Arabic speakers are women, men. children. They are nurses, mothers, sons, daughters, teachers, doctors, bakers, architects, street sweepers, farmers etc. As are we all. I am fortunate enough to know many Arabic people, I have worked in the region briefly and also speak a small amount of Arabic. Enough to get to know people and not your media stereotypes. Perhaps less of the media crap and more personal experience might do you good? I am appalled at your wholesale blinkeredness.

      • Alichat says:

        He was speaking the mourner’s Kaddish.

        • Ay jay says:

          Saul is my guess for being the bad guy. The main reason being the lie detector flicker when asked about the razor blade incident. (He passed the second time because he could prepare his answers. the same reason he failed his most recent one: he couldnt prepare) Secondly, when he says that Carrie is the dumbest smartest person he knows, this was following a comment about him being alone. I believe he knew that Meera would return after his attack. The icing on the cake is that he is not broken up over the attack at all. The cherry on the icing on the cake is that he spoke the death prayer for the razor blade death and the attack–> because they were of his doing.

    • Rachel says:

      I believe Saul is the bad guy but I live him. I thought he thought Carrie was dead and felt he had saved her from a terrible life with Brody when he rigged Brody’s car

      • RobMF says:

        My assumption was that it was Quinn who was the bad guy. His refusal to kill Brody and saying he only kills “Bad Guys” felt like foreshadowing that he had something to do with the bomb. The fact he just randomly disappears after that doesn’t help matters. Because remember Estes was the other guy who had something to do with the drone strike. Plus Quinn had the video of Brody at his hands and they laid heavily on the fact that someone had to be giving Nazir information.

        • DL says:

          I totally agree. Also he’s proven he’s one sneaky bastard. He tailed Brody, a trained US Marine, without being detected, and easily broke into Estes’s house. I think if anyone has the skills to move the car undetected, it’s Quinn. Not to mention he basically told Estes that he would murder him if Estes tried to get rid of Brody, the perfect patsy, who was necessary for the plan.
          Of course, the hole in that theory is that Quinn probably wouldn’t have followed Brody out to the woods in the first place if he was planning to frame him for the bomb all along. Still, it’s possible he came up with that plan on the fly. He would have had access to Langley himself and would have been able to set the bomb in a car of his own choosing, but maybe as he was out there in the woods watching Brody pray, he realized there was a way to ensure the bombing didn’t come back to him.

        • Holly says:

          This is my guess as well now that I’ve had a chance to think about the finale. I wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn and Carrie don’t get involved next season. He seems to have feelings for her based on what he said to Estes. General comments- I picked up on Estes a while ago (being shady) and wondered about Saul, even at the end if this episode when I thought he was speaking Arabic.i wasn’t until I read comments last night that he was speaking Hebrew (I was puzzled until then). So I think he’s still a good guy. Great episode. The scene with Carrie and Brody in the woods near the border when she ends up dropping him off was some awesome acting on for both actors. And the Estes/ Quinn scene was stood out.

          • Zandra says:

            ugh my phone…. Should have said “it wasn’t until I read comments last night that I realized he (Saul) was speaking Hebrew. I was puzzled by this scene until then.”

        • Rhonda M says:

          Totally agree. I think Quinn used Brody as a patsy. The showing of the suicide tape. All very convenient

      • DL says:

        Saul had no opportunity to rig Brody’s car. He was burying Nazir at sea, remember?

      • kirads09 says:

        I agree. My running theory right now is it was Saul behind the blast. When you think about it solves all of his problems. Brody out of Carrie’s life (for now at least). Estes gone. Wifey returning. Carrie back with him at work. I have always felt Saul had some sort of hidden agenda and still do. But this is Homeland and they never fail to shock the crap out of me. Who knows. Guess we’ll find out Season 3.

    • Mp says:

      (Thanks for the great coverage of the episode.) As for speculation, someone on the inside has to be working for the bad guys. Someone moved Brody’s car. I’ve been eyeballing Saul for a mastermind terrorist all along, but I think making Saul look like the bad guy is just misdirection for suspense. He’s being made into the Jewish savior of America. An outcome I like even less.

      • DL says:

        Wow, bigoted much?
        First off, clearly Carrie is the hero of the show. No one is making Saul into the savior. It’s pretty obvious Saul will believe Brody is responsible (and probably blame himself for the bomb, since he mistakenly believes it was him who convinced Estes to back off Brody and not Quinn). Carrie will be the one who proves Brody was not responsible, revealing to everyone else (Saul included) that there is still a serious threat that hasn’t been detected.
        Second, why does it matter if he’s Jewish? If he did become the hero, it would be because of his strength of character, not his religion or cultural background.

    • DL says:

      There’s a huge, gaping hole in the theory that Saul is a bad guy: Lebanon.

      First, if Saul was working for the bad guys, he never would have brought in Carrie, and then later, after his conversation with Carrie on the rooftop, greenlit the plan to assassinate Nazir. Remember that Nazir would have been dead in Lebanon if not for Brody’s last minute warning. So that kills the theory right there. But to add further credence, Saul also would not have smuggled Brody’s confession video out of Lebanon under the nose of the Jihadist-sympathizer airport security guy.

      Additionally, it makes little sense that Saul would be saying the Hebrew mourning prayer for people he was complicit in killing, not if he’s a terrorist. Jihadists believe killing infidels is righteous and sanctioned in the eyes of God, and he would feel no need to mourn their loss.

      As for Aileen, the girl who killed herself with the shard of wine bottle, if Saul had intended for her to kill herself, why would he not reveal his true nature and his approval to her in her final moments, thus validating her sacrifice for the cause? Instead, he was genuinely distraught when he spoke to her before she died.

      I also completely disagree with the “smartest and stupidest” comment. Saul and Carrie were quite clearly having a conversation about Brody. And the way Saul delivered the line was not cryptic or mysterious in any way. He was very obviously referring to Brody.

      And addressing the thought that Saul somehow orchestrated this for self-interest, in order to take over the CIA, we have never once seen any hint of self-interest in him. He put the agency and the work that he was doing over even his own wife. He has always acted selflessly, and shown compassion, even to terrorists like Brody and Aileen.

      Think about it, people. This theory makes no sense. Put it to rest, guys.

      My thoughts on the mole are either that it’s Quinn (perhaps working for F. Murray Abraham’s Dara Dal), or Virgil’s sidekick, “the Mute.” Could be Virgil too, but he seems relatively trustworthy, and he’s so close to Carrie that she would have picked up on it by now.

      • DL says:

        Correction: Aileen killed herself with the reading glasses, not a piece of wine bottle. :P

      • Alienate says:

        Excellent post. Saul is not a mole. I also think Quinn came on the scene too late to be the mole. Your thought about Virgil’s sidekick is plausible. Our best lead now is who would have access to moving Brody’s bomb car?
        How long do we have to wait until season 3?

    • ben says:

      The show has given us ample proof that Saul is not the bad guy. It makes no more sense than Carrie being the bad guy. I guess some people just don’t want to believe it.

    • Bobby Galloway says:

      I have suspected Saul as the mole for a long time.

      • Erika says:

        I’m trying to figure out why Saul kissed Hamid on the cheek and greeted him in Arabic before interrogating him. Hamid committed suicide with a razor, and Aileen used Saul’s glasses to commit suicide. Both were terrorists who committed suicide after meeting with Saul. Also, was Saul required to be at Abu Nazir’s funeral? Weird. Not sure if Saul is the mole, but it’s possible.

    • Tom Wilson says:

      Saul gave that Muslim prayer! He’s now a “Badguy” suspect. What a great series!

    • Carol says:

      Saul must be the bad guy. Who else could it be? Carrie or Brody??

  6. Jenny says:

    Amazing season finale! I’m so heartbroken for Brody. Guy can’t catch a break! Even after he was pardoned and all, it all came back to haunt him. Al Queda took down Langley, Walden, and Brody all in one. Brody/Carrie goodbye scene was gut wrenching. I wonder if we’ll see Brody at all next season.

    • Dawnmac says:

      I have a hard time with your statement, Brody is not a good guy he is a traitor who turned to save his own ass. He doesn’t deserve a break and the hell he is putting his family through unforgivable.

    • Germaine says:

      How can Brody be a good guy??? The man is a murderer!!! That can’t be excused.

      • Andy says:

        Hitler was incredibly kind to his dogs, however this did not make him a kind man. Everyone has fragments within their personality. Nobody is defined by a single act or moment. Brody is a good man who has been damaged by things beyond our comprehension and is trying to rehabilitate himself. Although some of his actions are reprehensible, his inner struggle is quite heroic … IMHO.

    • LouDC says:

      Gotta be kidding! Brody murdered four people in cold blood. Okay, the first two were ‘under the influence’. But not the next two! He had to kill the Veep to save Carrie but he didn’t have to enjoy it so much. He killed the bombmaker because he was making too much noise.

    • Alan Marcus says:

      You are forgetting some important info we know about Brody that few are focusing on

      He is a murderer He killed Walker He also was an accessory in the murder of Walden

      Are we forgetting that Carrie was already fee from Nair when Brody was with Walden There was no reason that he would stop Walden freom getting help unless he STILL WANTED HIM DEAD

      I watched the scene where Carrie and Brody are together in the office accross from the ceremony

      When he asked Carrie “what changed your mind” ( being with him ) and she answered “you did” — Brody got a weird look on his face and he glaced toward the window Carrie asked him what was wrong u llok sad aqnd he said “just the opposite”

      The look on his face was anything but happy so there is a good chance he knew the explosives were in his car and that “someone” was going to be able to move it from the parking lot to where it exploded

      Brody is a BAD GUY no matter what and worse than that he may STILL BE A TERRORIST and he may return next year as a BAD GUY involved with the terrorists that moved the car

      When you think about it — what part can Brody play if he is hiding out He is the #2 star and he will be active in 2013

  7. Nikki Brown says:

    So the question is whether Brody was involved in the bombing or not. Pretty ambiguous, except for his noticing his car parked right outside the building a second before the bomb went off. Obviously, we are meant to remain in doubt about Brody, despite the fact that we are led to root for him, because we root for Carrie. So now the tables have completely turned. In Season One, Carrie was the only one who mistrusted Brody. Now in Season 3, she will be the only one who believes in him. I imagine much of Season 3 will involve Carrie’s trying to piece together the plot, and once again facing naysayers as she does it. Would love to hear others’ predictions on how Season 3 will play out. I imagine Quinn will factor in it a great deal, as he is now everyone’s hero.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Just remember when he is recounting his meeting with Nazir to the CIA, he leaves off the end of that encounter where they are praying together. They even ask hi if there is anything else and you see that scene play, and he says “No”. Something is wrong and I don’t believe he is innocent. Not sure if Saul is the mole or not. I have suspected him in the past.

      • ssd says:

        Well Brody also goes back to his house to get a “suit” for the Homeland Memorial. The suit was also not found in his house when the secret service search for it. He conveniently lies to his family on every occasion except when he finally goes to to the Memorial. Nasir/Nazir tells Brody he is critical to the plan! He trusts him because allah trusts him. The perfect way to build trust: let them capture Nazir. Nazir tells him, I trust you because he knows he is going to die. After that it’s all Brody. Brody is also conveniently away from the blast radius when it explodes. The terrorists removed a big package from the tailors building. I am not sure it was just C4 in that big box. The CIA recovered “C4” from the tailor which is being matched now with the explosion. So is it the big box C4 or a nuclear device which is still going to be used sometime in season 3?

        Saul isn’t the bad guy as he comes home from Beiruit and brings the video straight to Carie. So where is the malice? He tires calling Carie after the incident. He truly isn’t being set up to be the bad guy. You have to set-up the fall guy all the time. Otherwise it’s just going to look like you decided to turn some other direction.

        Brody also tells Mike to take care of his family like he always has over alcohol. This is again an indication that he isn’t planning on being around at all. He could have split up with her and still visited his kids. So it’s all there. It’s all Brody the bad guy. Carie messed up this one. She will be the only one claiming he is innocent. She will come around after everyone else is convinced in Season 3.

        • Marty says:

          I dont think that Brody knew about the bomb. He had a sense of relief that it was all over after Nazir’s death, but did not expect that Nazir had another plan. Remember, he does not want to kill innocent people. He loves his family but the anguish of being a somewhat double agent took a toll on him. He had to lie to his family to protect him. Remember after the meeting with Nazir, he called Carrie to have his family moved for their safety. Yes the family will be upset as they do not know what is going on. They did not realize the intensity of the situation that they were in.

          Also, his comment to Mike was to take care of his family again for ‘awhile.’ He said that he ‘can’t do it right now.’ This was a different indication as he had in the season one finale. In season one, he was getting his house in order as he expected not to be back. This statement indicates to me that he plans to be involved in his kids lives directly and indirectly with Jessica.

          With the announcement of Mike’s character not being a regular in season three will be an interesting twist as what is going to happen to him and the family. The CIA may feel that they will have to protect the family, atleast for awhile, because they will be harrassed a great deal bc of what happened. So they will have to prove Brody’s innocense. Mike’s career may force him to distance his self from the family.

          Also, I know that everyone like the Brody/Carrie and the Mike/Jessica deal, but I feel that all relationships will be over. Carrie is CIA. She is good at what she does. She fights bad guys. I feel that Brody will let her go and do what she does and not interfere. After all that happened, Brody may end up getting a clean break. wow

  8. Courteous Vampire says:

    I hated this season, but that was a great finale.

  9. Ed says:

    no way saul is involved. he wouldn’t have let carrie go

  10. Care mcgown says:

    Sorry but felt like a romance novel. Very disappointed

  11. Joe says:

    I had to come in here to see if Saul was speaking Hebrew or Arabic at the end…I didn’t know and wasn’t sure if they just revealed him to have organized the plot to frame Brody there. It could work that he did that. Think about it…he was telling Carrie she was going to be promoted before she was actually promoted…did Saul know he’d be running the show then…was he plotting the attack on the CIA and Estes?…It’s not as clear as you think that he’s still a good guy just as it’s not entirely clear that Brody is innocent. What I will have a problem with is if the CIA doesn’t have tape of who moved Brody’s car to the position it was in when it detonated. If they don’t mention that next season and explore that, this show will be acting like we’re all morons. Of course there’s got to be footage so we’ll need to know who put the car in that place before the explosion. They better not let that slide.

    • Patricia says:

      I thought he was speaking Arabic but according to EW he was saying a Jewish prayer. I still think he is the mole

    • Ed says:

      good point on the footage of the car being moved. i still believe that there is no way in hell saul would let carrie die like that. until they actually come out and show us that saul is a terrorist i will not believe that he is

      • Joe says:

        Ed – While I agree with you, it did sort of feel like Saul had everything to gain from that explosion the way it was set up. He’s the defacto head of the CIA, his wife is coming home…if he were a terrorist, would he really risk the plot just for Carrie. He basically tore her to shreds in the hall before they parted…maybe he was hoping that would shake some sense into her to save her because he knew he was going to use Brody….This finale really helped the show, in my opinion, because right now it feels like either Brody is using Carrie to get what he wants or Saul is…

      • DG says:

        If you watch it again Brody gets out of the car with the keys in his hand. He then shakes the hand of an unrecognisable military man. Could he have transferred the keys then?

        • peace&luv says:

          Good point about the keys DG..maybe Brody knew something about the attack but didn’t think he was going to be exposed so openy with that tape..

    • george Connors says:

      yeah like they kept bugging Brody’s phone? Or you mean the same cameras that were in the Vps house? There arent many cameras in Homeland…………

    • Alichat says:

      Thank you! I was just about to post a comment concerning the video footage. There HAS to be footage of someone moving Brody’s car up onto the sidewalk. I mean Homeland makes some big leaps…..like uh, having the funeral at the CIA….but that would be a big glaring omission.

    • TheBeach says:

      My feelings exactly. There are cameras everywhere in D.C. and they should explain that. The main thing that didn’t ring true to me was that with the huge number of VIPs at the Vice President’s funeral, the whole area, including the parking lot, would have maximum security.

    • K says:

      I also thought all these things. but one thing that makes me wonder is even if Saul knew he’d be in charge why mention the promotion to Carrie if he knew she’d die in the explosion since she already said she’d be there? Although he could have mentioned it to convince her to pick the CIA over Brody and therefore maybe she wouldn’t go to the memorial to meet up with Brody, thus Saul trying to save her from the explosion. I really have no real clue though it could be anyone

      • cathiecat says:

        Keep in mind Saul asked Carrie to come with him to the carrier for the burial. She said no, she was meeting Brody. So it is plausible that Saul was trying to save her from something he knew was about to happen.

    • Greg says:

      Good points. But wouldn’t the cameras in the area have been destroyed by such a massive explosion? Maybe the eye in the sky got it but close enough to identify the person.

  12. Tim says:

    ok, so some as of yet unknown working for Nazir moved Brody’s car, and set the bomb off by a timer or something? so Nazir still has a team in place, obviously…

  13. Bet says:

    Best hour of television ever.

  14. Coach says:

    At first I thought the charge that Saul was dirty was absurd. But the evidence is mounting. Calling Carrie the smartest and dumbest was him telling her she was missing the obvious: his terrorist status.

    • Ken says:

      There is no way in the world that Saul is a mole, a terrorist, or a bad guy in any way. Where are you people getting this crazy theory?

      • Gerber says:

        It’s possible that Saul is neither a terrorist nor a bad guy, but that he has become an over-zealous, vigilante type CIA agent who is somehow complicit in the plan which resulted in the bombing of the Walden memorial. We know Saul has been suspicious of Quinn since Quinn first appeared on the scene. Saul is also aghast at Estes’ plan to assassinate Brody and considers Estes corrupt. But he also thinks Brody is a former and potentially future terrorist who may or may not have reformed, but should not to be trusted under any circumstances. So Saul may have hatched a plan to get rid of Estes and implicate Brody, eliminating him as a threat to the nation and a threat to Carrie, for him he truly cares. The plan may have gone awry and the mass casualties of the bombing may be an unintended consequence.

      • Robert says:

        Have you considered Saul’s wife? Why is she suddenly back in the picture? And why is she where she is anyway?

      • T says:

        Seriously. I don’t get all these “Saul is a mole” theories. The evidence is mounting? Really? Because it’s glaringly obvious he isn’t the mole. In fact, making Saul the mole would be jumping the shark after all the evidence against it.

        I think the mole is still the guy who got shot in Gettysburg. The only thing I had against that though was the fact that it was so obvious he was the mole. But then Carrie actually tried to call him out on being the mole and she was wrong – so in that happening, it actually makes it “less obvious” that he is the mole.

        And therefore he is.

        My theory anyway. ;)

      • Alan Marcus says:

        We have no evidence whatsoever as to who is the MOLE We knew there was one last year and he/she was at work again in 2012

        One thihg for sure — The MOLE has to have been active in both seasons so there are only a few characters who appeared in 2011 and 2012

        Saul and Carrie are the only ones of any imortance who fill the bill so that neans it’s Saul

        I cant believe that but I cant come up with any other candidates I thought it might be Estes but now we know he wasn’t

        Who else other than minor characters were around for both seasons ???

        • Jacqui says:

          or is it carrie? she is the only one nobody suspects and that would be the greatest twist of all. she speaks Arabic. is she manipulating Brody? where did she go on that morning at the log cabin? did she go off to get a copy of Brody’s car keys? She arrived at the service after he did eg giving her time to move his car. or at least giving them to someone else.

  15. motait says:

    Many things made me believe Saul was the bad guy. We knew there was a mole in the CIA and, in an interesting twist, he was the only one who wasn’t in the building when it blew up. I think he kept checking to see if Carrie was alive or dead because he really wanted her to be dead. He knows she is the one person who truly knows him and will eventually figure him out. And while it may have been Al Qaeda that released the video of Brody to the press, it could also have been Saul who, with the exception of Carrie, Brody, and Quinn (and, of course, Virgil and “The Mute”), is the only “living” person in the CIA who knows of its existence. And last week, when he made it seem that he wanted to get to Carrie, but maybe he wanted to get to the plant to help Nasir escape.

    • fefseji jioj says:

      You’re so right!! Actually Saul needed Carry to be dead, because he knew that, alive, she would later be the one hunting him down to clear brody’s name.

    • tamim says:

      If Saul is the real mole, I wonder if Carrie is Saul’s Achilles Heel? They made a lot of finding someone’s weak point a while back. I don’t think he wants Carrie dead, but he doesn’t want her with Brody either because, well, he didn’t stay turned. AND, if by some strange chance Brody did stay turned, then Carrie is his Achilles Heel as well, so he wouldn’t want Carrie near for either reason. Carrie may also be his eventual method for reveal as well as a way to keep the truth hidden. If he is the best friend of the best analyst, then he stands a much better chance of steering the investigation the way he wants it to go. And, when he finally needs to “tell the world” he can show his cards to Carrie.

      The evidence that Saul is not what he seems is mounting. He has reacted a little too emotional a few times. Also, in the prison, it was obvious the girl (name fails me) was seriously troubled – and Saul is supposed to be a good read, a hard agent, he didn’t get where he is by being a total softy. So why would he leave, not one, but two potential weapons in a room and allow the guard to stand outside. She could have used the bottle of wine or the glasses. If Saul is a mole, then he recognized that she had to go because she had access to very important information and she was willing to give it up for a window. Also, she was put in a pretty rough place, even though she initially helped out. Saul should have known what a crap-pot that place was. She was put in a harsh place to test her resolve, she cracked, she’s allowed to kill herself.

      • DL says:

        Doesn’t really make sense, in my opinion.
        If Saul had intended for Aileen to kill herself, why would he not reveal his true nature and his approval to her in her final moments, thus validating her sacrifice for the cause? Instead, he was genuinely distraught when he spoke to her before she died. Even if there were cameras, he was right up close and personal with her. He would have been able to give her some sort of “wink” to let her know they were on the same team and that she had done the right thing.
        Furthermore, Aileen didn’t care about the window. She intended to kill herself from the beginning and was using the interrogation as an opportunity to enjoy some last amenities (sunshine, food, wine) before hardening her resolve and doing the deed. Remember that Saul got approval on the window, after all, and then she gave Saul false information. Obviously she wouldn’t get her window if her info was crap. And besides, if Saul was working for the bad guys, he would have a) known that her intel was false as soon as she gave it and b) been aware that she had no knowledge in the first place and probably would have sent a lower ranking person to interview her. He never would have bothered playing that game with her if he was sympathetic to Nazir.
        Another thing is that if Saul was working for the bad guys, he wouldn’t have brought Carrie to Lebanon earlier in the season, and then later, after his conversation with Carrie on the rooftop, greenlit the plan to assassinate Nazir. Remember that Nazir would have been dead in Lebanon if not for Brody’s last minute warning. So that kills the theory right there. But to add further credence, Saul also would not have smuggled Brody’s confession video out of Lebanon under the nose of the Jihadist-sympathizer airport security guy.
        I think the “Saul as terrorist” theory has more holes in it than a slice of swiss cheese.

        • Bobby says:

          DL, I think you are right on. I think Brody could have had something to do with the explosion. When Carrie and Brody get up to meet during the memorial, Carrie is seen walking through the building. However, Brody is seen walking OUTSIDE the building. This could have potentially given him time to move his car. Also, when they finally meet in the office, he has a “sad” face. It could be him regretting moving his car into position. He then points out his car has moved to make Carrie think he’s innocent. It’s odd he would notice it otherwise considering the position of the blinds.

      • DL says:

        Also, I may not be remembering correctly, but I’d think the wine bottle was removed from the room, and I’m pretty sure the wine glasses were the plastic kind. The only weapon she had to kill herself was the pair of reading glasses, which were easy to overlook.

    • Cee Eff says:

      Your theory is almost identical to mine. This show is good enough to hold my attention while I wait for the other half of the season of Breaking Bad, but I must say on several occasions these Homeland writers get very conventional and telegraph so much stuff OR go laughingly implausible — I feel as though I need to go get a job writing for a TV series. At any rate I sure hope Homeland isn’t about to go all “Saul is Mole” on the audience.

      • gregk says:

        Also can’t wait until final season of Breaking Bad; still the best on TV. Although Homeland’s first season rivaled BB, the subsequent seasons for the latter just got markedly better and better. Very few weak episodes, with sly humor from a wealth of terrific character actors (better call Saul, the antithesis of Homeland’s Saul). Not sure if Homeland can improve, and it could use more “comic relief” to offset the overbearing emotional scenes (and juggling potatoes does not cut it!).

    • Gerber says:

      I don’t think Saul was calling Carrie to make sure she was dead. Saul and Carrie are portrayed as having genuine caring and affection for each other.

  16. shuayb says:

    This is Homeland. Saul could definately be involved somehow.

    • Mp says:

      Okay, I’ve got it. The perfect plot twist. Saul is the mastermind terrorist working with the Muslims to blow up Langley, but as the ultimate plot twist, yet very realistic, we find he killed everyone to get the US to commit to a retaliatory war to fight in behalf of Israel and defend his Zionist objectives. Creating the incident in his mind was a necessary evil, sort of like a crazy Mossad agent gone berserk. We’ll probably find him ranting about it while everyone else looks on at him in disgust.

  17. dana says:

    Brody did it so the next season can be about Carrie trying to clear his name, then realizing that he did and then going to get him.

  18. motait says:

    Plus, he was telling Carrie she was being promoted to this higher position without clearing it with Estes. He may have known that he would be running the show because of the plan to blow up the building. When he said, “You’re the smartest and stupidest person I know,” I think he was pointing out that she has been standing in front of a terrorist this whole time but lets her emotions blur her ability to see them for who and what they are truly capable of doing. But now she knows that someone is responsible and it’s not Brody. And anyone else who may have been the CIA mole is likely dead, so who else could have been behind this attack?

    • Tim says:

      Saul had a big card to play with Estes, being wrongly held for three days, he could strong arm him into gettin Carrie the promotion, so this seems an easy prediction for him to make, he’s in the driver’s seat…

    • alan marcus says:

      Saul did not know that Carrie and Brody would leave the service

      If he know about the attack he would have insisted in some way that she accompany him to Nazir’s burial at sea


      Brody is the 2nd most important character

      The only way he can take a MAJOR ROLE in 2013 is as one of the LEADERS in the TERRORIST cell that took credit for the explosion that killed over 200 people What will he be doing if it’s about Carrie clearing his name BRODY will be as important and involved as he was in 2011 2012

      He is a TERRORIST (maybe – lol)

  19. Trenton says:

    This show was sooo brilliant… all season lulling us in to a false sense of security on so many levels. Very first episode we see the suicide tape…only to see it used perfectly as a frame job. Obviously there is a mole b/c one just doesn’t waltz up to CIA hq and play chauffeur. People are going to think Quinn is the mole b/c he told Estes that Brody lives…needing him to be alive to be the fall guy. But why would he pretend to almost kill him? No need. My guess is Brody is going to end up going to the middle east to help Carrie hunt down the people who did this. He probably speaks the language since he was around it for so long…or at least enough to get by…He could be a source for her that she keeps a secret.

    The CIA will know, at least Saul, that it could be a frame job. But they told next to no one about the video…so ass covering might ensue. I just don’t see it being Saul that is behind it all…but there is someone with power or close to it that Im assuming we have seen before. But again it was brilliant.

    I just want Brody to get one season playing the hero b4 he dies…and anyone think he got her preggers?

  20. Lorrie Kazan says:

    I miss the more psychologically-oriented first season. This finally required so much suspension of belief. There were some brilliant twists and turns but I’m tired of death…maybe it’s just me. Brody can hide in Canada?

  21. Jessie says:

    Homeland does it again. Such an incredible finale. My asthma started flaring because I forgot to breathe while watching it.

  22. Michelle says:

    Could it have been Quinn??

    • Midori004 says:


      I’m shocked no one brought that fact up, they were hinting at that all season, then he isn’t heard or see from for the last bit of the episode. Would make sense he’s the mole, and wanted Brody alive to frame him.

      • Helen says:

        It is the smart move from writers to have all under suspiction. If Quinn was planing bombing, he would never go to Estes knowing Estes will die any way. It could be still Nazir’s plan all the way. he could have himself killed just to accomplish revenge and blame Brody doing it (maybe he knew Brody started to work with CIA)

  23. Alichat says:

    I loved that they did a cold opening. And, even though I’m not a huge fan of Brody & Carrie, I loved their conversations about the future. And Brody being absolutely willing to let her go if she wanted to stay in the CIA. It’s the type of conversations and relationship I really wanted Brody to have with Jess….to rebuild with Jess. I kept wondering if that video would appear again. It seemed too easy that no one in Al-Queda would have copied it. Oh and complete side note, I’m so glad they CG’d Danes’ pregger belly out of the cabin shot. When they put that scene up last week as a sneak peek, they still had her belly in the shot.

  24. Coach says:

    Carrie told Brody the cabin in Canada belonged to June.Not for nothing but who is June?

    • Alichat says:

      June is a friend of Carrie’s. Carrie said she has a friend, June, who will meet them at the border and drive them to Montreal. The cabin belongs to Carrie’s family. And can I say I love that Carrie had an insurance policy.

    • Alichat says:

      Ah…my bad….missed the line at the end where Carrie said June has a summer cabin in Selby. Still…no idea who June is.

  25. Michelle says:

    Really surprised at how many people think Saul is behind this. Besides the fact he was reciting a Jewish mourning prayer, he seemed genuinely concerned about Carrie’s well-being and I can’t see him putting her life at risk. I have a feeling that whoever is behind this (and I’m assuming Brody is telling the truth and has been set up) is someone we possibly haven’t seen, but will become a major player next season. Though one thought did cross my mind – could Dar Adul be involved somehow? F. Murray Abraham is a well-known actor, but his role was pretty minor, which has me wondering whether there’s something bigger planned for him in the future.

  26. bellevuearts says:

    Anyone else think Quinn was behind the attack? He kills the bad guys. Estes? The surviving Waldens?

  27. Midori004 says:

    Perfect finale, clearly sets up a storyline for season 3. They need to find the mole/terrorist, and it is very likely Quinn. Which would explain why he didn’t kill Brody and then who released the video. Claire can get her old job back because Saul is in charge. They had an explosion to make up for last year’s not going off and fans complaining. Brody isn’t needed, but he not dead in case they need to use him in the future.

    Very nicely done.

  28. Zombie says:

    1) Quinn refrained from killing Brody only after he saw him praying. Could that be the sign needed to corroborate that Brody was still on their side and was about to fulfill his ultimate mission?–Assuming Quinn is the mole.

    • tamim says:

      Maybe not a sign that he was still willing to help, but at least a sign that he was still a member of the faithful and might be re-approachable one day? Someone earlier had a good point that F. Murray Abraham is a really big face for such a tiny spot. Quinn has disconnected from so much, he could be just as washed as Brody. Also, the hit might have been appropriated by the terrorists, but not actually done by the terrorists. Quinn and co. may have just been cleaning house. I would like to see if any of Carrie’s old team are alive when the season starts. If some of the good ones are still around then this was an old fashioned house cleaning and not a foreign plot. BUT, it would still be PR for overseas stuff. Very interested to see where things go. Claire won’t be preggers anymore so they can do more location shots. I think part of the hum-drum of this season was the need to cater to her condition.

  29. Tim says:

    so how did the bomb go off, Nazir was long dead? WHO got it in Brody’s car, and then set the timer, etc., so coincide perfectly with the funeral fully packed with people?

    • Zombie says:

      Maybe the bomb was placed there when he was taken to Nazir’s hideout. Maybe his car was moved by one of the Army officers he saluted after he parked.

    • mercfan says:

      Even if he was still alive, Nazir would not have been the one to set off the bomb anyway. There was a 2nd cell. Either to back up the first cell if they failed or the first cell was really a diversion.

      How did the first cell get caught (when they were going to blow up the Troop reunion with their families)? That could have been a part of the plan – the first attack was a ploy – they planned to have the first cell caught so the FBI would dropping their guard.

      Remember Nazir’s speech to Carrie – Americans would not be all in as his people were – why would you work out in a gym – if you were going to sacrifice yourself for the cause?

  30. RobMF says:

    How do people think that the headliner of the show would be killed off? I know it’s a lot about Carrie, but the show is just as much about Brody. Why in the world would he of been killed off in the season 2 finale? That would be like if on Dexter, they killed Dexter in the 3rd season.

    • *cough* Sean Bean, “Game of Thrones” promos, episode before the first season finale *cough*

      • apollopriestess says:

        Having read ASOIAF since the beginning, it was heartbreaking in the book, because he was a good man. His death was a catalyst for starting a war. Saul is not the mole, and Quinn is black ops, he is a ghost. The mission was completed so his disappearing made sense. I would say more, but I need to think about this some more.

    • Ken says:

      Plus, the well-publicized fact that Damian Lewis just signed a new five-year contract to continue in the Brody role. Duh.

      • ben says:

        @Ken – along with the very same ‘well-publicized fact’ that David Harewood had as well? I doubt Lewis has signed that contract, since we know Harewood didn’t. I think that was a false rumour planted intentionally.

  31. Mark says:

    I think it has to be Saul or another unnamed character. For one, he was really upset with the fact that they wanted to assassinate Brody, while at the same time, criticizingCarrie for still wanting to be with him considering he is a known terrorist. What is up with that?
    So, it was part of the plan, have Brody alive at the time of the bombing at the CIA, so they could frame him with the taped confession video. Therefore, it would throw off any investigators into looking deeper to see who could have caused the attack, since it was OBVIOUS that Brody did it.

    • Midori004 says:

      Saul is a man of faith and of his word. Brody helped us out and shouldn’t be killed without a trial, that’s against the American way and Saul knows that.

      At the same time Claire is an idiot and Saul is right. Brody is a terrorist, and you cn’t marry a terrorist.

  32. Ryan says:

    Slow start, but ended well. Quinn’s threat to Estes was the best line.

  33. I was a huge critic of the season but the finale definitely had some TREMENDOUS moments. That SCENE had me speechless/breathless/muttering “no effing way”, although some questions did start nagging me almost immediately: how can it be that easy to move a car that close? how can it be that easy to have the car THAT loaded and not be detected by anything when it entered (or enters) Langley? and how were Brody and Carrie able to make it out of there in the first place?

    I thought Mandy Patinkin’s acting was… amazing. I mean, I was literally in awe everytime he was in scene in this episode, and everything he did was just so great. I also admire the fact that all the prayer deaths, no matter who was reciting them or for whom, were done so poignantly… I almost wish they hadn’t edited in scenes of Brody and Carrie making out during one of them but, meh, you can’t win them all. And it was setting something big up…

    But yea, there are a lot of questions that need answering. Some of them have to do with the direction of the show, but some of them still involve this reality the show exists in (I’m sorry! I’m willing to accept a lot of things for the sake of a drama but it’s when it becomes overwhelming that I feel the need to speak up). I’m curious to see what the Saul-led CIA will look like, and what kind of agents he brings in… and whether Carrie has a position at all, considering her (REALLY SPOTTY) past with Brody, who we’ll probably see is now number 1 on the most wanted list. I’m curious to see if Dar Adul (or whatever his name is) and Quinn play any roles in the new CIA, and whether we’ll see Quinn beginning to doubt himself for not taking the shot. I’m a little disappointed that we’re going to still have to deal with the former Brody clan because, honestly, I could’ve done without them.

    But the questions are… who plays a full tape like that on television anymore? why do I get the feeling the Brody video was edited? how ARE the writers planning to have Brody remain anonymous in Canada when we have a scene set in India (with Meera) showing the video has gone global? So many questions… nine months we’re going to have to wait?

    Last note: so we can all agree THIS is the episode being submitted for Mandy Patinkin’s imminent Emmy nomination (and most likely win)?

  34. TheBeach says:

    Question…since this was a funeral/memorial service for the Vice President, why wouldn’t the President be there? He has hardly been mentioned throughout the series.

    • fiyero says:

      Seriously! And, the fact that NO ONE has put together the fact that Brody was the one who wanted to kill the VP and was with him when he died!

  35. Mark says:

    I’ve actually been to the CIA headquarters at Langley, and the security measures just to enter your vehicle aren’t that strict. But still, you would think that they would have some type of technology to detect that. But still, we can’ t assume too much, or else the author’s couldn’t run wild with their creativity.

    • But, even then, the event happening at Langley that day was a high-security event, with full attendance by a significant number of CIA employees, the widow and son of the former Vice President and, according to the brief news snippet we heard, some other high ranking officials… Secret Service and military personnel were clearly present at the event, so the security measures MUST’VE been somewhat more detailed? At least, in theory?

  36. Helen says:

    There could have been a lots of copies of this video with Brody. Do you Believe Nazir kept just ONE? It was his plan all alone to show American marine doing bombing and admitting it on the video.

  37. kavyn says:

    Wow can this episode go any slowe- OHMYGOD.

  38. Ruby says:

    I believe with every fiber of my being that Brody was involved in this and he played Carrie like a fiddle to get himself out of the country. I absolutely refuse to believe that Saul is in any way involved, and if it ever comes down to that, it will absolutely ruin the show for me.

    • CS07 says:

      I still suspect Brody too…If Brody wasn’t apart of it what’s his purpose on the show, why keep him around (just being Carrie’s love interest isn’t enough)? During the funeral, in the office with Carrie, Brody’s look on his face is a sad look, not “the opposite”. Her feelings for him are moving faster than he expected. Brody says that Nazir would die 1,000 deaths to make this day happen. It was always the CIA. Everything else was part of the plan. He just says it in a way to make Carrie believe him.

      Saul seems to know Carrie isn’t dead, he leaves her a voicemail saying he’s looking for her and to please call him back. When his wife calls and asks about Carrie he just says “Gone”.. most would just think he’s saying dead but I think Saul knows she is helping Brody flee and thinks she made her decision to leave the agency for him.

    • lara says:

      That’s a weird thing to say…it’s a TV show, not real life. Anyone can be the good guy, anyone can be the bad guy – it’s just what the writers decide. As long as they make it credible and logical, there’s no reason that is should destroy the show.

  39. fiyero says:

    Such an awesome season finale! I am suspicious of everyone – Saul, Quinn, Brody – and that is the way it should be! So excited that Estes is gone and am really excited about the turn the show will take.

    • CS07 says:

      Quinn could be involved… he knew Brody wore a suicide vest yet now that he helped catch Nazir he’s automatically a “good person”? Maybe he saw Brody praying and decided to frame him for the attack, thinking he would get killed in the explosion. I don’t see how Saul could have released Brody’s tape, the timeline doesn’t fit.

      • lara says:

        Saul wouldn’t have had to release it – I’m sure that the CIA had copies of it, and a select number of people at the top knew about it. I think that Quinn simply decided to respect the CIA’s promise to Brody, which was that if Brody helped the CIA, they would spare him. I think that next season will have Quinn and Carrie working together to find evidence for Brody’s innocence.

      • Robert says:

        What about Quinn’s handler?

      • gaypuppysf says:

        I thought it was just assumed that the terrorists released the tape. They have the tape after all and they wanted to take credit to turning an American marine against his own people.

  40. Gail says:

    Dana didn’t seem all that upset that her former boyfriend and his mother were killed. If they hadn’t broken up she most likely would have been at the service and killed.

  41. James says:

    I liked it a lot. love the progression of Brody and Carrie. it is very sketchy though, who could the bad guy be. is it Saul? is it Quinn? is it Mike? or could it be Carrie? their is no way in gods green earth someone especially Brody a turned terrorist could smuggle a car bomb inside Langley especially one that would cause an explosion like that. I kinda of wonder if it is carrie because she drew Brody away from the ceremony. on the other hand i doubt it cuz it wouldn’t exactly add up. can’t wait for next seaon. Awesome Show

  42. KC says:

    My husband and I have always thought that Saul might not be the good guy – hard to say.
    There have been more “24” moments in this show this season than I’d like to see….the explosion – it is amazing that they knew to go after Brody when if that bomb was capable of taking down the building and causing damage across the way knowing it was his so quickly just not quite plausible. Saul did have the tape of Brody confessing…that got out there awfully fast as well. Isn’t Langley pretty heavily guarded? Getting a vehicle full of explosives might not be that easy. Then the vehicle is moved next to the room where they are doing the service…and it’s the ONLY vehicle there. They carried in 2 full bags of food and yet she has to go make a croissant run first thing in the morning….
    Even with that (and more earlier in the season) good show tonight. I love Damien Lewis; he’s why I ever started watching.

  43. Ronald CONTRERAS says:

    They can clear Brody’s name by saying the news released on TV claiming he was a terroist, was taken when he was a POW. As far as the ending to this season it was great. I think the CIA should recruit Brody for season 3, and use the negative press released about him in season 2, finale as a gateway for the CIA to infultrate the terrorist. Then clear his name at the end of season 3.

    • Jesse says:

      They can’t say it was recorded during his capture because he was in his military dress uniform. You don’t wear that into combat when he would of been captured.

  44. Chloe says:

    For me this episode was quite disappointing. The only good parts were when Quinn threatened Estes & when the explosion took place. I don’t think Saul had anything to do with the explosion, the fact that Nazir had to use Carrie to get Brody to give him the serial number shows that he knew that Brody wasn’t on his side anymore. I’m just wondering where Quinn is..

  45. Cindy says:

    Of course Saul is not a terrorist. People are insane or silly. He guy who slipped the razor blade was Brody. Saul is not the terrorist. Hope Quinn comes back. I am sure Brody will be back, maybe. I think it was good. Saul had nothing to do with the bombing. Silly

  46. NN says:

    The fun for next season will be counting how many episodes it takes for Brody to reappear.

    I think its time we all accept the fact Brody will probably outlive everyone on the show, I just hope the writers can now write Jess, Mike, and Brody’s kids out of the show so we don’t get stuck with another Betty Draper but somethings tells me were still gonna be stuck with the them.

  47. M3rc Nate says:

    Genius considering the CIA will have to fill its ranks, and that means all new cast to play CIA agents/analysts etc, and who knows which of the new group will be bad or good. Let alone its the perfect time for other intelligence agencies and terrorist organizations to plant a mole or double agent in the CIA’s ranks.

    I first think “well who is going to be the big bad guy now”, but with SO much happening, and how the show was to begin with, i dont think there needs to be a bad guy. The CIA will be realing, and Brody will be on the run, and i assume the show will protray his family still and their experiences, so with all that, i dont think they need some A plot bad guy arc like Nazir.

    As for Quinn, i have no clue lol. He could be awesomely good (only kills bad guys) or he could be deviously bad. The biggest scene to make me think he isnt bad though is the scene where he is setup with his M21 rifle to shoot Brody. He wouldnt have been a trigger pull away and change his mind if he was bad and wanted Brody alive.

  48. With all said and done… i only hope for one thing, that after ending in such a high and twisted note, the next season should pick up with the same note, most of the shows do end on a high note only to begin with some different theme…we need to follow it, the Choice was awesome, it was so real idk abt u guys but to some extent i instills fear…the kind of fear one gets from the 911 attacks or any other terrorist attacks, compared to other terrorist related shows such as the British one “Strike Back” , Homeland was able to bring a more vivid picture of what it is like.

  49. Ray25Lu says:

    Here’s the real deal. The mole isn’t Saul…and it isn’t Quinn, I’d be surprised if Quinn even came back. His arc seemed to be complete. He was only there to do a job for Estes and he refused, so now he’ll move on. It wouldn’t have made sense for Quinn to be the mole anyways. People are saying that that’s the reason he didn’t kill Brody, but if that’s the truth then why go all the way out to the jungle with a big ass gun and watch him if your plan is to do nothing? You could clearly see that he made that decision because of Carrie.

    I think it’s very unlikely that Saul is a bad guy. This show has excellent writing and writes in their plot twists carefully, and they can’t just make everyone bad. Saul has been the voice of reason and the heart of the show to date, and we wouldn’t want to lose that. Then I saw a comment of someone saying it’s Saul because he hinted to Carrie when he said “You’re the smartest and dumbest person I know” meaning that he was telling her that he was a terrorist and she couldn’t see it. Uh…no! The show is also about relationships and emotions, and Carrie’s and Saul’s are very important to the show. He was of course only referring to her wanting to be with Brody.

    I swear yall be coming up with some stuff tho lol

  50. I could have sworn that this tape was released by a terrorist organization; they said for every action there is a reaction (meaning revenge for Abu Nazir’s death)that Brody taped for the first unsuccessful bombing;.No one knew about the tape except Saul, Quinn, Estes, Carey and Brody. Who would have released it so soon after the bombing this time?This may be the way the terrorist claim the orchestration of the bomb and taking credit for it as well as taking down Brody in revenge for him turning on Abu Nazir’s . I find it hard to believe that Brody would have another vest hidden up in his closet, although there could be one stashed somewhere. As for Saul…I have always loved him in any role he has played. I don’t think he would be involved in any of the plotting; he was after Brody himself,but was vehemently against Quinn taking him out. He knows about Estes and Walden’s drone strike and cover-up and wanting Brody gone. I have a feeling that he will get Carrie to admit that she helped Brody escape, and he may even support her in keeping him safe and finding who really did it, which will be a conflict for him that can be used nicely in the 3rd season..Actually, I like the family involvement as a side plot; it helped build up Brody as not just a terrorist, but someone who could love his family.I do think it was a bit much that she drops him in the woods; no map or directions, just that her friend’s cabin was a 20 mile walk. So what was he supposed to do when he gets there? Catch a fishing boat to no where, with his face plastered all over the international news? They did use Dana to help illustrate that he was getting dressed sans vest to attend the memorial. Right now I am in love with Saul…He is tough but a guy with a big heart; I believe he is a bit in love with Carey in his own way.And as for Quinn…He is a real bad boy; just the kind I like! I found the prayers for the dead, the Jewish kaddish as well as the Moslem ceremony for Abu-Nazir to both be very moving; it illustrated that both sides believe that the souls were released to God.I can’t wait for next season; and Dexter, too!