Dexter Season Finale Recap: Crappy New Year

Episode 712If you have yet to watch Dexter‘s season finale, avert your eyes. All others, proceed…

Remember when Deb falling in love with Dexter seemed like the worst choice she could possibly make? In this week’s episode of Dexter, she takes some action that makes her wrongheaded romantic affection for her adopted brother seem precious and quaint in comparison.

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In other news: Hannah proved a shifty little minx once more, Battista retired and Doakes is back! Put up some plastic sheeting and don your sleeve guards, because we’re about to review the major developments that took place in the Season 7 finale, “Surprise, Motherf—er!”

SOWING THE SEEDS (OF LOVE?) | During a jailhouse visit before her arraignment, Hannah confessed to Dexter that she’d spiked Deb’s water “because she was trying to keep us apart.” (I’m not exactly buying it, but we’ll let that sit for a little while.) It’s a tender, totally wrong scene between two people with fundamentally messed-up emotional responses, and it’s painful (in the best way!) to watch. “You had a choice. You were supposed to choose me,” Hannah says with a greenhouse’s worth of hurt in her voice. On the verge of tears, Dexter admits that he misses her but that he won’t tamper with evidence (Sal’s poisoned pen) or sacrifice Deb’s safety for his girlfriend. She kisses him goodbye, bites his lip until it bleeds and then calls Arlene – who slips her a pill at her arraignment. Hannah swallows it and goes into convulsions in the paddy wagon back to jail, which makes a detour to the hospital. While no one’s watching, Hannah escapes… and later we see her leaving a pot of flowers – is it aconite? Something else? Hard to tell in the dark, so weigh in with your guess in the comments —  at Dexter’s doorstep.

GET IT, GIRL | LaGuerta arrests Dexter for Estrada’s murder, and she does it all the way: showing up at his apartment with two uniformed officers, marching him through Miami Metro in handcuffs, asking Deb to recuse herself from the investigation, etc. For a minute, it seems as though LaGuerta’s got him – until Masuka comes through with some evidence that makes it look as though she’s framing him in order to clear Doakes’ name.

This kicks off a very bad time for the over-eyelined lady cop; pretty much everyone in the department (including Batista and Matthews) tells her that her career is just about done and she should apologize to Dexter in hopes that he’ll argue for leniency with the higher-ups. It seems for a while like she’s going along with it, until she begins opening the mail she’s neglected during her frenzy to exonerate Doakes. Though all I ever find in piles of old mail is overdue Banana Republic bills and expired coupons, she stumbles upon some crucial surveillance footage Mike ordered before he died. Game on!

During a meeting in LaGuerta’s office, Deb denies being at the church the night Travis Marshall died. LG’s all, oh yeah? as she plays the security footage from the filling station where Deb bought the gas that eventually set the place ablaze. “This is just the start of a much larger conversation. Count on it,” Maria warns. Deb gapes like a fish hauled up on shore, lamely mumbles that she forgot that she brought Dexter dinner that night and then then hightails it to meet with her brother.

NO WAY OUT | Throughout the episode, Harry appears and suggests that Dexter grab Harrison and Deb and get the heck outta town. This is the situation, he insists, Dexter always knew would arrive one day. But Dex stubbornly asserts that the “fake life” he’s pretended to have for so long has become real, and he doesn’t want to lose it. The only solution, then, is to eliminate everyone who knows who he is and who might want to turn him in. He believes Hannah when she says she’ll keep his secret because she loves him (and I believe it’s nice to go into the final season with the intriguing blonde still alive and armed to cause trouble). That leaves Estrada and LaGuerta – who jumps to the top of after Dexter breaks into LaGuerta’s home and finds that she’s thisclose to requisitioning his and Deb’s cell phone GPS records of the night Travis died – LaGuerta herself.

Dex tranqs his mother’s murderer at a park; once he wakes up, Dex uses him to lure LaGuerta to the shipping container from the previous episode. The old criminal’s purpose fulfilled, Dexter seems to be losing it a little as he says he used to think he was a special kind of killer, but now he’s just – as frequent flashbacks remind us Doakes once called him – a “creep motherf—er.” Dex fatally stabs Estrada, then injects LaGuerta when she arrives. His plan is to make it look like the pair shot each other – which, if you’re scoring at home, means he has to shoot his former boss and officially obliterate Harry’s code – but Deb’s arrival tears all that asunder.

She enters with her gun drawn and, after realizing what Dexter is about to do, aims it at him. Just then, LaGuerta wakes up and instructs Deb to shoot her brother because it’s the only way to stop him. Poor Deb is a hot mess of shaking and crying and barefoot and sparkly (she came from Batista’s New Year’s Eve party and kicked off her shoes at the shipping yard) and just as Dexter drops his knife and uses Hannah’s line – “Do what you gotta do” – Deb turns to LaGuerta and shoots her in the chest. (Side note: Woah. This scene was so tense, I was wishing for a little Xanax in my Fiji Water.) Deb runs over and hugs LaGuerta to her as Dexter watches, and we later see the shellshocked Morgan siblings winding a path through a beachside New Year’s celebration. “Who is Deb now? Who am I?” Dexter’s voice over intones. “Is this a new beginning, or the beginning of the end?”  Nicely played, Dexter.

Now it’s your turn. Do you agree that the season finale – and this season overall – was a pleasing return to form for the Showtime series? What are you hoping will happen in the upcoming final season? And does anyone care about Quinn and the stripper that broke his heart? (P.S. Not me!) Sound off in the comments!

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  1. rachelle says:

    1. This episode was amazeballs. kept me on the edge of my seat and had me sick with anticipation, dread, and uncertainty.

    2. As much as I love Hannah and Dex, I believe that Hannah poisoned Deb. It doesn’t make any sense for Deb to have crushed the pills and put them in her own drink. There is no way that she could have predicted what exact amount of pills to put in her drink to make her only crash the car without killing herself. There’s no way she could’ve known that she wouldn’t have died or become paralyzed. There’s no way she would have taken the chance that she might kill someone else in the process. We’ve known Deb for 7 seasons and it’s very obvious that while she does crazy stuff to protect her brother, she’s VERY reluctant to hurt others in the process. At the very least, it tears her apart, as we saw with LaGuerta’s last scene in the finale. I know that it’s kind of ambiguous as to whether or not Hannah poisoned Deb, but I don’t see it being ambiguous on Deb’s part that she did not poison herself. Hannah is very manipulative and a damn good liar and she’s proven it again and again. Yes, it’s cheap writing to have had her actually poison Deb, but a zebra can’t change its stripes! I, for one, never expected Hannah to all of a sudden change her ways. Hannah has always looked out for her own survival at the expense of anyone else’s. Why would she all of a sudden stop doing that?? Especially now that she’s in love and has something worth protecting??

    Idk if I’m making sense, but I hope someone gets me!

    • Jeremiah says:

      I personally believe that Deb accidentally overdosed on the pills and then afterwards saw an opportunity to blame Hannah. I can’t imagine those pills are tasteless and thus someone actually getting away with slipping them into her water seems a little off to me.

      • lara says:

        Then how would they have shown up in the water if it was just an accident? Someone definitely intentionally poisoned the water.

      • Abby says:

        I just don’t know…if that was true, why didn’t Hannah tell Dexter this. She full on admitted to him tonight that he was supposed to choose her, and that’s why she tried to kill her. If Deb set her up, she would say so – she let her teenage boyfriend take the fall, she got Arlene to get her out of jail…she’ll do and say anything to win.

  2. Tenae says:

    No matter what anyone says, they left us with a huge cliffhanger at the end of the season finale. Think about it: season 8 will be the last season. In order for dex to make it to season 8 LaGuerta had to die.

    This is what we have to look forward to: with dex now realizing that he doesn’t have to kill but he does it out of personal choice. That’s huge for dexter bc he never really thought about why he killed, he just blindly believed it was a need. So, how does that change his code for next season? Also, one LuGuerta’s and Estrada’s bodies are found, how is that going to play out? Will ppl now be suspicious of dexter? Cause it’s too much of a coincidence that they both died on the eve (for lack of a better word) of dexter’s arrest.

    Also, he’ll have to get the DvD and the files and warrant captain had. Then there’s Hannah. Could she possibly be a villain in next season? I know she wants revenge because the look on her face when she put the plant at dex’s door suggests that on my opinion. I’m sure I’m missing a couple I things…

  3. Jared says:

    I think we all need to sit back for a moment and remember one very important detail about all of this…IT’S A FREAKING TV SHOW!!!! It’s supposed to be for entertainment purposes only!! You people act and criticize its storylines and authenticity likes its supposed to be a reality show! Get over yourselves.

    Now that I’ve got that off my chest, lol.

    The finale was amazing. Hands down one of its best seasons yet! Can’t wait for next year’s final showdown!

  4. NN says:

    I feel like La Guerta’s murder is the moment Dexter and Deb crossed the line much like Walters murder of Mike on breaking bad, we have finally seen them go to far and it will only spiral out of control from now on.

    I always thought it would be bittersweet for the show to end with Dexter, after all his crimes’ to be arrested for a crime he didn’t commit like Louis murder, but now im thinking this sets up Dexter taking the fall for La Guerta’s murder, thus saving deb.

  5. JJ says:

    I think it was the same kind of flower that Dexter had been previously given from Hanna….

  6. Thomas P. says:

    Honestly if the writers really want to shock people have it where deb shows her true colors as a murderer and when in fact that harry didn’t commit suicide deb actually poisoned him cause she felt like dexter was all hers

  7. Nelly-Nell says:

    I really loved this season finale … It showed how much. Hannah really loves Dexter because she wants him. 2 see Deb for who she truly is… I really didn’t. See that ending coming but bravo. We. All know now how Deb is not letting anyone come between her & Dexter

  8. Much better than the last season. Overall, a great show!!!!

  9. lara says:

    I think this brings up a potential for Deb to also become a killer. If she’s capable of killing a complete innocent, isn’t it possible that she will one day kill a murderer? Personally, I think the series will end with Deb killing Dexter.

  10. Thomas P. says:

    And remember also people tend to forget dexter was going to kill Quinn in season 5 cause he was onto him so with laguerta is nothing diffeerent

  11. Abby says:

    Deb wasn’t just protecting Dexter. Her ass was majorly on the line – if she killed Dexter and not LaGuerta, there’s no way she could trust someone like LaGuerta not to throw her under the bus anyway over that security tape. Once LaGuerta wins, she starts planning her next victory. (Or, did.) What will be interesting is how they handle the fact that they can’t kill LaGuerta with Hector’s gun, as planned – Deb’s bullet did the deed, and if LaGuerta just goes missing…holy suspicious. How do they cover her death, and will the cops at Miami Metro be on to Dex or both? Will it pull Angel out of retirement, perhaps? Will Dexter turn himself in to save Deb?

    Then you add the seriously bananas emotional trauma Dex and Deb will both be going through after this, AND the fact that Hannah’s on the loose again? Season 8 is gonna be real good. Definitely felt like it was setting up for the end though, which potentially makes me sad – the show really came back this year! But is it better to go out with a bang or see if you can make more of a good thing?

    Also, whatever happens, I’m not Team Hannah. She has to die. Even if Deb has suddenly gone to the dark side, if she dies my heart will literally implode.

    • Trenton says:

      It’s not going to be in the bag that season 8 is the last. The ratings this year were the best they have ever been…which for any show that is 7 years old is no small feat barring a series finale. If season 8 opens huge my guess is they will discuss going another year…especially if either of their new series bomb. This, however, might not effect what happens during season 8. The writers obviously have a plan and will follow it through, but again if Deb or Dex die…season 9 could be the aftermath which could be an interesting season. If Dex dies we could get a season 9 with Deb doing curse laden voice overs and you know how funny that could get….”Quinn, what a fuc* nugget”

      I don’t get why everyone is saying deb is evil now or going to go darkside. She was protecting her brother. I think in her mind if Dex killed LaGuerta then for a person like him to do that there would be no coming back he would turn in to something horrible maybe worse than Rudy/Brian/ITK. She didn’t want that to happen…so she did it herself…and it wasn’t really even a choice for her it was more like a reaction….I could see her say, “I didn’t mean to shoot her, I was going to shoot you and it just happened my arms veered right and before i could stop myself she was gone.”

      • Abby says:

        I said “if” she’s gone to the dark side. I know she has a good heart, I know this will eat her alive. But sometimes once you cross a line, you can’t go back…it’s all an “if,” though. And I was merely commenting on how my heart will implode IF Deb dies – much more of an implosion than Rita’s death, and that one left me numb! But I stand by it – Deb was also protecting herself, not just Dexter, because LaGuerta could NEVER be trusted. Ever. She always had someone’s number, and if Deb shot Dex (which was unlikely from the moment she stepped into the container) there was no guaranteeing that LaGuerta would protect her, considering the security video she had from the gas station (which Deb better get her hands on, fast).

        And IF Showtime goes for a Season 9, I kinda hope that Dex takes the blame for everything and fakes his own death. We’ll see, it’s all an if…

  12. KennyA says:

    Has no one noticed that debs dress didn’t had blood on it? she hugged laguerta?? other than this, it was a great season finale!

  13. D-Rob says:

    The only problem I have with the finale is LaGuerta going to the shipyard without backup. That just doesn’t make sense for an investigator to do, especially if she suspected Dexter to kill Estrada.

    • Indi says:

      THANK you.

    • rachelle says:

      well, she was wrong before. I’m sure she didn’t want to look like she was crazy town banana pants if she was wrong again. it’s not like Estrada indicated at all that Dex was with him.

    • Pat D. says:

      I thought about it at the time too, and it kinda bothered me, but what rachelle says below is sort of what I accepted as the reason why she went alone. Also maybe a bit of ego, wanting to take him down by herself. She probably wasnt thinking rationally following the plea for help from Estrada and being the same day she just got chewed out and humiliated at work.

  14. Jackson says:

    I personally think that the next season will result in hannah killing deb and then trying to make dexter run away with her. Or that the biting of the lip was an act of hatred and that maybe she’s going to kill dexter and deb. I don’t see hannah’s escape being the end of her character, she has been too crucial in this season to not be there next. Really excited to see what happens next season, i just hope they answer all the clearly unanswered questions that were left in the final 5 minutes of the finale

  15. Keeg says:

    You’d be a fool to think dexter and Debra would forget about ballistics in their clean-up

  16. MH says:

    I actually have a problem with the Hannah poisoning Deb angle too, for a couple of reasons. No, it doesn’t make much sense and leaves way too much to chance. As Hannah put it: “I never make a mistake”. Also, unless the writers are completely off their rocker here, that drug is VERY unlikely to kill Deb unless she was drinking alcohol at the same time which doesn’t make sense in a bottle of water. Was she hoping for a car accident? Again, I don’t think that’s likely.

    Overall, this was much better than the last two seasons and a respectable return to form, though not quite all the way.

    • rachelle says:

      Even if Hannah never makes a mistake, it doesn’t make sense. I think the better thing to say is she never INTENDS to make a mistake. Deb’s poisoning seemed spur of the moment since Han used something from Deb’s house. Han had no way of predicting that Deb would indeed die, rather than become paralyzed or mildly or severely hurt. She wasn’t using something that she was used to, that she’d relied on before, or that proved to have worked before. Her track record supported her lie of never making a mistake, but common sense doesn’t. The exact results of the overdose were unpredictable. Han took a chance and the odds went against her.

  17. Fresh says:

    ummm Debra shot laguerta with her gun, there is no way dexter can remove the bullet and shoot laguerta again. The ballistics wont add up

  18. Erin says:

    First of all I can’t get enough of this show… Now I have nothing to look forward to on Sunday’s. I didnt want it to end…. But what a way to go… Wow! I just can’t figure out how Dex and Deb are going to cover this his up… Debs bullet is in LaGuerta, not Estradas…. I cant imagine how this is all going to end and now we all have to suffer until next October.

  19. ellen8 says:

    I doubt that LaGuerta’s body will be found. Dexter has a way of quickly cleaning up after his kills. Usually we see the beginning of the kill, then the next scene has Dexter appearing where he is supposed to be. I doubt that Dex just left Hector and Maria’s bodies in the storage container.

  20. I thought this season was amazing and the finally – jaw dropping. I honestly didn’t expect Debra to shoot LaGuerta over Dexter. Not that I thought she would kill Dexter but I thought she would mame him and taken him in. This not only brings the 2 characters closer together but it will tie them together in the end. My guess is that they both die together in the series finale. There is no more happy ending for Debra after this – I don’t see that happening. Unless Dexter dies and she becomes a serial killer after his death. This was great television. I’m so upset that I have to wait a year to find out what’s next.

  21. jvassalo says:

    Let’s just face it.. all (or most of us) that can’t buy Hanna’s poisoning either a) love Yvonne fantastic acting making a serial poisonist likeable and a little fragile or b) we all miss Sarah Walker and Chuck like hell or c) both :D

  22. boxim says:

    I think Hannah was lying to Dexter about poisoning Deb, Deb I think it will be revealed next season that Deb is an addict.

  23. RyanH says:

    I could go on for so long about why last nights season finale didn’t make much sense, but I value my time. I’m just gonna say at least some incompetent people enjoyed it, so it wasn’t a total failure.

  24. tara17 says:

    I enjoyed the whole season and the overall finale. Gave it a C since not thrilled about ending: too many major cliffhangers.

  25. N says:

    Random Thoughts

    – Now that shes killed someone, will Dexter now find Deb more Attractive?
    – ballistics will most certainly show Laguerta and Estrada were killed by some else right
    – With LaGuerta’s Murder, i highly doubt Angel is going anywhere now
    – who are the leading candidates to replace LaGuerta, Matthews, Angel, dare i say Deb
    – Was Harrion’s “I Want Hannah ” a out of place considering we have only seen the two together maybe twice
    – Anyone else disappointed Hannah did poison Deb
    – was there any purpose at all to Quinn’s storyline, and is him and Jamie together a recipe for disaster for everyone on the show.
    – For the handful of episodes he was in, Mike Anderson has had a surprisingly big effect on the show, who would of thought.

  26. chlorochrome says:

    There was some, albeit subtle emphasis on the plant that Hannah had previously bought Dexter: the one on the desk in his apartment. Perhaps it’s bugged…?

    Also worth mentioning is that Harrison is presently asleep in a back room at Angel’s NYE party: Hannah may well kidnap him…

  27. chlorochrome says:

    … and of course, Lumen (Julia Stiles) could resurface in some guise.

  28. Brigette says:

    Amazing episode. One of the best seasons ever. Give Jennifer an Emmy. And hey, maybe the show? And no, I could care less about Quinn and all his strippers and babysitters and I already know I will be fast forwarding through all his scenes next season.

  29. cjeffery7 says:

    – on the whole, the episode was a little iffy, but the implications it sets up leading into season 8…
    – how messed up is deb going to be because of this? would dexter ever kill deb? i personally don’t think so, but i wouldn’t put it past deb to turn dexter in, and by extension herself. that is if recent events haven’t just totally f***** her up in the head so much that she can’t be an even remotely moral cop/person anymore.
    – i know laguerta has never been a likeable character but she didn’t deserve what happened to her. in the end her investigation was thorough and warranted (aside from being completely accurate), but she didn’t deserve to die just because dexter played the game better. actually, laguerta played the game better, she just didn’t have the trump card of being willing to ruthlessly murder other people that threatened her.
    – when the F is quinn gonna do something interesting again? ever since he broke up wtith deb he’s been so f****** annoying. i could do w/o quinn next season.
    – on the question of who poisoned deb… it could go either way. i hope it wasn’t deb, but im not totally convinced it was hannah either. i’ll just wait until next season instead of arguing about it for 9 months.

  30. northerly says:

    whats the chances of batista continuing maria’s work and catching dex?

  31. Mary Ann says:

    I read through all of the comments here regarding Deb’s bullet being used to kill LaGuerta. Why did no one consider that the bullet probably went through LaGuerta, in which case it would be easy for Dex to recover it and plant a different bullet in its place?

  32. flash087 says:

    The writers are too smart not to leave a twist.
    Two quotes that make me think Deb poisoned herself are:
    Deb ” I would do anything to protect Dexter”
    Hannah: ” I have never failed in my attempt to kill someone”
    Forgive me I know their not exact quotes, but the meaning of them is close.

  33. Kate says:

    I think Deb intentionally crashed her car, then took Xanax, and had already spiked her own water. The writers left this vague, and can go any way they want with it, however.

    My predictions?

    Deb won’t go to the “dark side.”

    Dexter will kill Quinn.

    Deborah will live (someone has to raise Harrison).

    Dexter and Hannah will not ride off into the Argentinian sunset.

    Dexter will die–probably at the hands of Batista.

  34. Jeff says:

    Surprised by all the positive responses for the finale. Season 7 overall was a real downer for me. There were only 3 or 4 solid episodes IMO. A lot of poor writing and the ending to the finale was horribly written and felt rushed. So many flaws….

    Why would Dexter, someone who is so careful, ASSUME that La Guerta would show up to the container without backup? Dumb writing.

    Dexter shows up to the party in his killing clothes. Really? Deb hugs a bloody La Guerta in the container then shows up to the party wearing the same dress. How dumb do they think we are? Neither one has a solid alibi. I mean, they could have tried to make it look like Deb stumbled upon the scene of Hector and La Guerta and tried to spin it somehow to make it look like LG shot Hector and Deb shot LG in return, but, they didn’t call it in. They just left and went to the party. I really don’t see how they can pull this off without it looking stupid.

    I would have been fine with Deb shooting Dexter in the container and the series ending there.

  35. Kelly says:

    What happened to the phantom arsonist – did I miss his demise?

  36. JK says:

    I didn’t see this mentioned so far: Dexter and Deb have the same father so they are biologically half-brother and sister. Harry fathered Dexter during an affair with Dexter’s mother when she was a police CI for Harry. She had to be a police CI or go to jail for her drug use. Dexter was told this by the lady who worked in the police evidence area and who knew his father. She died of cancer in a previous season with Dexter at her bedside.

    • GG says:

      Re: Harry being Dexter’s father….I’m pretty sure this was never established, only that he had an affair with Dexter’s mom while she was working with him as an informant (which is why Estrada had her killed) .  Because of that he felt guilty and adopted Dexter, so they are not half siblings or blood related.

      • Tenae says:

        Sorry what I meant was it was established that dexter’s dad is Driscoll in season 1. But that could turn out to be wrong. A lot of times in finales, things we thought were true were not.

    • Tenae says:

      Dexter and Debra don’t have the same father. Dexters real dad is some guy named Driscoll and Harry is Debra’s real father. Have you even been watching the series??

  37. Daniel says:

    What about the dress? Deb was using the same dress back in the party. Right after she hugged Maria’s full of blood body. What about that?

  38. VelmaK says:

    I know it’s annoying to some to read yet another one of these posts… but I gotta say it. I don’t think Hannah poisoned Deb, either. For all the same reasons already posted, it just doesn’t make sense. I’m not sure Deb considered all the effects and perhaps the timing of the car accident was a fluke. It sure seemed like an amateur did it, which Hannah is not. I also agree that if she wanted her dead, she could have done it with a untraceable poison and the accident could have been a freak one. Moreover, the convenience of Dexter seeing a perfect blonde hair on the bathroom counter right under the xanax bottle, seemed a little too perfect.

    As for the plant… admittedly, it was dark and I didn’t see it well, but I’m wondering if it was a black orchid. It seemed to stand up like one. Black Orchid is the name of an old superhero who had the master ability of disguise. Also, the black orchid is from a few distant countries, which could be a sign for Dexter.

    I was hoping before his death, that Isaak would have killed LaGuerta. I don’t think Deb killed her in “cold blood” i.e., planning it. I think it was a reaction to shock and confusion and unable to choose the right path. I thought JC was amazing this season and that scene proved it.

    • Judy Scott says:

      I agree it’s far more likely Deb set up the car accident. Just too sloppy for Hannah. Also, all the posters who keep insisting Deb could have been killed, hello! Have you never heard of cruise control? Jumping from a moving vehicle could easily result in a broken wrist. It was a 1-car accident and they didn’t show it on camera. My money’s on Dexter finding out next season Deb did it herself, to break up him and Hannah. Something like “I should have taken more xanax …” he’d figure that out right away!

    • Andy says:

      I agree. Hannah poisoning Deb is not good plot. She did not kill or try to kill Deb. They should have let that wonderful love story develop and even made Dexter try to protect Hannah at all costs

  39. GG says:

    ^^yes, I thought it looked like black orchid too^^

    A major peeve this season was the carelessness in Dexter’s character, he has killed countless serial killers and all of the sudden he throws caution to the wind…doesn’t consider La Guerta might be tailing him when Estrada gets out of prison?  He doesn’t bother wearing a disguise when he goes to Estrada’s ex-wife or is standing a few yards away from him at the park?  And him and Deb did not stop to think that arresting Hannah might not be such a good idea considering she could potentially dish dirt on them to save herself?

    I have been a fan of Dexter since day 1 but honestly, I think the plots this season led more to a end to the series, something along the lines of Dexter helping break Hannah out of prison and fleeing with her out of the country, leaving Harrison with Deb.  This turn in the season finale opens up a lot of possible directions though. 

    Lastly, re: the dress, seems an oversight in editing. They could have filmed those scenes out of order, remember…Deb running to La Guerta and hugging her was unscripted.

  40. Mike says:

    Sorry, this season was awful. Just awful. How many times is Dexter gonna fall in love with a blonde haired girl who is psycho and a killer? Lumen, Hannah, Lila was not blond but she was crazy. This woulda been different had it not been for his 2 other serial killer girlfriends. The season started off so well but the whole Hannah thing was terrible and I am sorry, there is no way Deb would’ve shot Maria. I don’t care if you love or hate Maria, Deb would not do that, she wouldn’t have shot Dexter either. i think this woulda been better had Deb arrested him. They better go balls to the wall for next season cause this was the weakest one imho, followed by season 3.

  41. Justin says:

    I hope they introduce a antagonist and more intensity in Season 8. A villian who mirrors Dexter in ways (unlike his brother Brian) of having to witness a tragedy.
    The final season should explore how worst his dark passenger have gotten, where it all started with a harlequin-figure back at where deb and dex are cleaning the evidence of LaGuerta. As they were following Dex’s plan which was to make it look like a estrada and laguerta shot each other, Deb suddenly see the Harlequin (all hunch back witha heavy preverting and disgusting breathing) standing at the opening of the container and sickly said, “Me..saw You.” The harlequin flees and dexter persue him, but soon the harlequin appears nowhere in sight. Startled and aghast, Deb and Dex hears a container crane working, lefting the one where Estrada, LaGuerta, Deb’s Gun, Dex’s Knife…etc basically all the evidence that trace back to them and placing some place else. They see it was the Harlequin operating it, and now lifting a new container, the harlequin rapidly with acrobatic abilities drop himself atop of the container and pry open the doors which pours out masses of decaying, odious liquifying grease of past corpses on Deb, Dex, and LaGuerta’s cars while he queerly dance on top laughing “You’ll Never Find Them Before They Will!!!!!!!” (and by They, he means every police department in Miami) Then alarms sounds off, Deb and Dexter run into their own cars and flee. They go to Deb’s house and wash off their cars, she then breaks down as the grease of the bodies writhe off, feeling fear, regret, and guilt. Dexter is furious. with questions he ponders on “who was the harlequin? what game was he playing?” He know he has to go back and find the container or else it’s over, but it gets worse. Miami Metro were notify with the distrubence back at the Port where LaGuerta’s car is dicovered by a worker whom witness what happen, and also informs them that a container was missing, or misplace somewhere. Also, there were calls about two speeding cars cover with the same muck that’s on Laguerta’s (but they can’t distinctly identify the tag numbers or driver’s) Dexter goes back and is pulled over by police, due to the headlights, as he gets out he discover that a nocitable amout of muck was on the tires, so Dexter assaults the officer for a distraction and is sent to Sheriff’s department where he is held up. After an hour, dexter hears slaughter in the distance of his cell, shrieking and groaning…then a fire-alarm sounds as water sparkle down from the ceilings, at the end of the row of his cell, there the Harlequin stood with Estrada and LaGuerta’s corpses draged down the hall. Dexter sees how tall he was (nearly 8 feet). The Harlequin open Dex’s cell and now blocks the opening, standing in the way. “Who are you?” dexter said. “The one of whom he ask he is…” the harlequin says and Dexter noctice the Harlequin is no one, just a disrage, psychopathic sadist who loves mind-games they just cross each other’s paths at the wrong time and place. “You think you know the art of tribulation…..diseased by the living darken parasite compressing the sphygmic of the heart, clenching unto the oppressed brain affirming to the silver knife. You think you know games…is that why you attired your very being into this Mask: The Harlequin. The gallantry and games being bravely untaken by one who dosen’t even know what he’s bargaining for. You see, I am the master of the Gallantry and Games, and I will get you. You’ll be my sole pround posession as I can look back at today and see how the Man with no Mask hunts by night to Mask of what I’ve done to a Man with a Mask who hunts freely by day to Unmask what you’ve done….” here Dexter pause as he realized “or what I’ve Done.” ( As he see LaGuerta and The man he wanted all his life to take out and to see how it affected Deb, and how it could harm Harrison) “I will expose you someday, I will get someday, you hear me. I will get you on my table. You want a Game. You got one.” Dexter finished, the one on one battle. “I look forward to our Game” the Harlequin replied with his deep, disjusting tone. and walks away. (This might be Dexter’s worse decision, letting him go for a game he wants) As Dexter walks through the building, he sees the carnage the Harlequin done, every police is dead and there are countless pictures of Dexter’s past kills and association with them, evidences of him, every tv in the building plays rewinding tapes of Dexter commiting the murders. He realized his whole life was being recorded and watched by the Harlequin.

    That’s how it should go. Well, just an opinon, if the writer’s of Dexter got something better. Bring it.
    What do you guys think should happen?

  42. Efrain says:

    I think Dexter will die at the Series Finale.

  43. Dark_Ansem says:

    a few questions…
    1st of all, did Hannah have some dreadful disease she could pass to dexter?
    2nd, do you believe we will see her again, perhaps as vengeful and wanting to kill dexter? I have a feel of dread about her, that she is going to mess everything up.

  44. Andy says:

    I loved this season until the last 2 episodes. An amazing love story has been developed. Everyone I talked to loved the Hannah character and felt this is the best thing that has happened in this series so far. I am not talking about couple of people sharing this opinion, but more than 20 people I spoke to, in real life and hundreds of comments online reflect this opinion. Hannah is the best thing that has happened, and they should have let this amazing love continue.

    Why make Hannah try to kill Deb?? It could have easily been that the bottle was tainted because Deb was taking too many pills and sipping water while spying on La Guerta, OR Deb being too jealous tried to framed Hannah and Dexter finds that out later.. Hanna is the only person he came close to trusting and that could be the turning point.. After 9 amazing episodes, in the end to ruin this love is stupid. All the respect that we as fans have for the writers is lost now.

    The second option is – Hannah did try to kill Deb, but it is for their “true love”. It should have been ok with Dexter. After all he killed Hannah’s father and she understood and accepted that with tears. That is true love from her part. When she talked about “you could have killed me”, at the nursery right before the arrest with teary eyes – that is an amazing love story that was developed all season, WITH chemistry! Why waste this???

    Deb should be dead. I cannot wait. That horrible bitc*

    Well, an amazing 6.75 seasons ruined by last 2 episodes. How sad? Poor plots, confused writers.. lost characters.. can they recover from this slump and produce an amazing season 8 is the million dollar question!

  45. Andy says:

    At the very least, Dexter could have forgave Hannah for trying to kill Deb, and NOT turned her in.. After all he killed her father.

  46. Andy says:

    They could have ended this season in a wonderful way:

    Dexter and Hannah riding off into the Argentinian sunset!!
    (Only Deb knows the truth.. Dex resigns and leaves.. La Guerta still suspicious.. )

    And then FINAL Season 8 opens in Argentina.. with Hannah and Dexter making love, hanging out in the garde, Harisson all grown up in his teens.. (Dexter and Hannah looking a bit mature..).. and Harisson finding the truth..

    Now the real twist is the Harisson role can be played by dexter too.. There will be an old Dexter and a young Dexter.. some local kiss in south America.. (lot of bad drug dealers there that need to be weeded out anyway!) and the season could end with Old Dexter dying.. and Young Dexter talking the torch..

    In other words “Dexter looking” Harisson coming back to Miami and walking into the Miami metro and applying for a job- as a blood analyst. ;)

    Wow.. I am good!! :) :)

  47. dani says:

    Dexter was willing to die to stop Deb’s hands from getting dirty with LaGuerta. He knew what he put her through and told her to “do what ya gotta do” to ease some of her guilt over keeping his secret.

    While Hannah’s confession was a little off, Deb poisoning herself makes absolutely no sense at all. She was determined to make sure that Hannah copped to what she did? Why would she run the very real risk of dying simply to get one over on her? That’s ridiculous and completely OOC.

    The writers have set it up since day one that Deb and later Harrison are Dexter’s no go areas. He was head over heels for Hannah but she still couldn’t compare to his love for Deb.

    Deb is always going to come first, however many Lila’s, Rita’s or Hannah’s enter the picture. The only one who can legitimately compete with her is Harrison. Dexter killing Deb would be the moment when they turn him from Batman to Bundy or whatever and sever the empathic link between him and the audience.

    And I’m not really a fan of the incest angle(seriously, you can say it ain’t wrong but how many of you would start bangin your sibs if you found out you were adopted?)

    However, considering their screwed up background and Dexter’s disassociation from morality and Deb’s dependence and subconcious need for affection from him, I can see how it would make sense.

    It’s probably the one pair that they could really get away with going down that route.

  48. dexfan says:

    I’m sure that dex would neva eva kill deb!
    Why would he? Even if deb is tryin to frame hannah.. BIG DEAL..!
    its obviously for da betterment of dex and harrison.. hannah was nothing bt a big question mark during da entire season.. weather or not shez playin along dex to kill him or not.. bsides doesn’t evn make sense for her to roam around da person who tried to kill her.. harry has been warnin dex about hannah since da vry begginin..i dnt thnk itz fair to overlook da sacrifices made by deb on keepin his secret.. bcoz she truely understood him.. if shez framin hannah for her poisonin itz obviously justified.. v r infact alwayz goin to b on dexz side(atleast i am.. i am in awe of him nd his stupendous brain)
    It was a major turn for deb too.. I’m sry i will stay on debz side bcoz i find hannah a little wacky… newayz laguertaz dead nd nuthn cn happn abt it.. laguerta did ask deb to shoot dex which was not at all possible for deb given shez dexz sis nd I’m sure this wud hv been da case evn if she didn’t hav love for dex in hr heart… v cannot forget da endless times dex too has framed da gud bt ppl who were cumin cose in dexz secret.. so why should it b any different for deb to frame. hannah? Besidez hannahz not worth all of da sympathy neways…m so excited for season 8!!!!

  49. hotinsurance says:

    is sergent doakes back?

  50. sylandrah says:

    I think the finale was amazing! Of course there were a lot of loose ends that the writers left in the episode making me angry at their idiocy.
    But in the end although it was predictable I think it was a good decision that Debra shot la guerta. It makes sense in a twisted way.

    And as for the Hannah poisoning Debra thing there is definitely something fishy about it, though I’m more inclined to believe Hannah did it because Debra doing it to herself makes absolutely NO SENSE. I mean seriously what show have the rest of you been watching?

    And all the supposed “Shippers” back off please. This is not “gossip girl” or any other petty teen romance show.
    This is a show about a serial killer and not his lovers.

    I personally believe the ending will be a bit tragic, because frankly there is no other way for it to end.

    I really don’t care if it’s disgusting or iffy to SOME people but I believe the Dexter and Debra love is actually a good relationship. It can be purely emotional and the fact is, they have been through a lot together.
    Oh yeah and there is no way Dexter will kill Debra. That’s ridiculous. If he did have to, he’d probably kill himself first.