Dexter Season Finale Recap: Crappy New Year

Episode 712If you have yet to watch Dexter‘s season finale, avert your eyes. All others, proceed…

Remember when Deb falling in love with Dexter seemed like the worst choice she could possibly make? In this week’s episode of Dexter, she takes some action that makes her wrongheaded romantic affection for her adopted brother seem precious and quaint in comparison.

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In other news: Hannah proved a shifty little minx once more, Battista retired and Doakes is back! Put up some plastic sheeting and don your sleeve guards, because we’re about to review the major developments that took place in the Season 7 finale, “Surprise, Motherf—er!”

SOWING THE SEEDS (OF LOVE?) | During a jailhouse visit before her arraignment, Hannah confessed to Dexter that she’d spiked Deb’s water “because she was trying to keep us apart.” (I’m not exactly buying it, but we’ll let that sit for a little while.) It’s a tender, totally wrong scene between two people with fundamentally messed-up emotional responses, and it’s painful (in the best way!) to watch. “You had a choice. You were supposed to choose me,” Hannah says with a greenhouse’s worth of hurt in her voice. On the verge of tears, Dexter admits that he misses her but that he won’t tamper with evidence (Sal’s poisoned pen) or sacrifice Deb’s safety for his girlfriend. She kisses him goodbye, bites his lip until it bleeds and then calls Arlene – who slips her a pill at her arraignment. Hannah swallows it and goes into convulsions in the paddy wagon back to jail, which makes a detour to the hospital. While no one’s watching, Hannah escapes… and later we see her leaving a pot of flowers – is it aconite? Something else? Hard to tell in the dark, so weigh in with your guess in the comments —  at Dexter’s doorstep.

GET IT, GIRL | LaGuerta arrests Dexter for Estrada’s murder, and she does it all the way: showing up at his apartment with two uniformed officers, marching him through Miami Metro in handcuffs, asking Deb to recuse herself from the investigation, etc. For a minute, it seems as though LaGuerta’s got him – until Masuka comes through with some evidence that makes it look as though she’s framing him in order to clear Doakes’ name.

This kicks off a very bad time for the over-eyelined lady cop; pretty much everyone in the department (including Batista and Matthews) tells her that her career is just about done and she should apologize to Dexter in hopes that he’ll argue for leniency with the higher-ups. It seems for a while like she’s going along with it, until she begins opening the mail she’s neglected during her frenzy to exonerate Doakes. Though all I ever find in piles of old mail is overdue Banana Republic bills and expired coupons, she stumbles upon some crucial surveillance footage Mike ordered before he died. Game on!

During a meeting in LaGuerta’s office, Deb denies being at the church the night Travis Marshall died. LG’s all, oh yeah? as she plays the security footage from the filling station where Deb bought the gas that eventually set the place ablaze. “This is just the start of a much larger conversation. Count on it,” Maria warns. Deb gapes like a fish hauled up on shore, lamely mumbles that she forgot that she brought Dexter dinner that night and then then hightails it to meet with her brother.

NO WAY OUT | Throughout the episode, Harry appears and suggests that Dexter grab Harrison and Deb and get the heck outta town. This is the situation, he insists, Dexter always knew would arrive one day. But Dex stubbornly asserts that the “fake life” he’s pretended to have for so long has become real, and he doesn’t want to lose it. The only solution, then, is to eliminate everyone who knows who he is and who might want to turn him in. He believes Hannah when she says she’ll keep his secret because she loves him (and I believe it’s nice to go into the final season with the intriguing blonde still alive and armed to cause trouble). That leaves Estrada and LaGuerta – who jumps to the top of after Dexter breaks into LaGuerta’s home and finds that she’s thisclose to requisitioning his and Deb’s cell phone GPS records of the night Travis died – LaGuerta herself.

Dex tranqs his mother’s murderer at a park; once he wakes up, Dex uses him to lure LaGuerta to the shipping container from the previous episode. The old criminal’s purpose fulfilled, Dexter seems to be losing it a little as he says he used to think he was a special kind of killer, but now he’s just – as frequent flashbacks remind us Doakes once called him – a “creep motherf—er.” Dex fatally stabs Estrada, then injects LaGuerta when she arrives. His plan is to make it look like the pair shot each other – which, if you’re scoring at home, means he has to shoot his former boss and officially obliterate Harry’s code – but Deb’s arrival tears all that asunder.

She enters with her gun drawn and, after realizing what Dexter is about to do, aims it at him. Just then, LaGuerta wakes up and instructs Deb to shoot her brother because it’s the only way to stop him. Poor Deb is a hot mess of shaking and crying and barefoot and sparkly (she came from Batista’s New Year’s Eve party and kicked off her shoes at the shipping yard) and just as Dexter drops his knife and uses Hannah’s line – “Do what you gotta do” – Deb turns to LaGuerta and shoots her in the chest. (Side note: Woah. This scene was so tense, I was wishing for a little Xanax in my Fiji Water.) Deb runs over and hugs LaGuerta to her as Dexter watches, and we later see the shellshocked Morgan siblings winding a path through a beachside New Year’s celebration. “Who is Deb now? Who am I?” Dexter’s voice over intones. “Is this a new beginning, or the beginning of the end?”  Nicely played, Dexter.

Now it’s your turn. Do you agree that the season finale – and this season overall – was a pleasing return to form for the Showtime series? What are you hoping will happen in the upcoming final season? And does anyone care about Quinn and the stripper that broke his heart? (P.S. Not me!) Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Rachel says:


    • Jonah says:

      I agree. And the ending (Deb shooting LaGuerta) just opens up the possibility of Dexter killing Deb and running off with Hannah. Afterall, Deb killed an innocent person so now she meets “the code”

      • lara says:

        Nope. He would never do that. Dexter loves Deb more than anyone else.

        • Rita Altucher says:

          Dexter is not blood related to Deb. He may just yet wind up running away with her. After all, there have been no two people who have looked out for each other and protected each other. They are totally in love, but Dexter does not realize this yet.

      • T. says:

        Do we watch the same TV show ? We know he’d never do that, she’s his sister.

      • Jared says:

        Dexter is absolutely not killing Deb after what she did for him, and even if by some crazy chance a circumstance arises where he might consider it, it wouldn’t be because she ‘fits the code’. If Season 7 established nothing else (and it established a lot, in addition to opening up the door for dozens of new exciting questions and possibilities), it is that the Code of Harry is dead and buried as the ultimate guiding tool for Dexter. Two episodes ago, he handed off a killer who did meet his code (the Phantom Arsonist) to the police so that he could kill Clint McKay (a grade A scumbag, but not a killer as far as we know). This week, he was willing to kill a complete innocent in LaGuerta in order to protect himself and his sister. It’s clear now that Dexter’s “code”, such as it is, now consists of only one unbreakable principle – Don’t Get Caught (and and that now extends to Deb as well). To suddenly turn around and kill Deb under the tenets of the Code would be beyond hypocritical and asinine.

        Hannah still has a role to play (if she runs of to Argentina and isn’t heard from for the rest of the series, I will be stunned). There’s even a very remote chance that she and Dexter could still have a future together. But even that highly unlikely scenario won’t involve Dexter killing his sister. The finale made it clear that when faced with a seemingly impossible choice between his own freedom/happiness and Deb’s, Dexter will choose Deb … and Deb will choose Dexter. That’s not necessarily in the romantic sense, although that’s clearly still on the table. For better or worse, Dexter and Deb are bonded now – by blood, by love, by circumstances – call it what you want. After everything that’s happened, it’ll take more than Hannah to break that bond now – and certainly far more than the now-defunct Code of Harry.

      • Brigitte says:

        The thing that I keep thinking about is that the number 1 rule in the code is to not get caught. So even though LaGuerta was not a criminal, she was about to catch him. Would make it plausible that he would kill her. Weird that even Harry doesn’t remember that rule anymore.

      • Moonpie says:

        He can’t kill deb for doing what he was about to do. Killing an innocent.

        Oh, and Doakes wasn’t a surprise appearance- he was on the “next week on Dexter” sequence.

      • LaCeda says:

        No, Dexter would never kill Deb in order to save himself. And , oh how she’s proven her loyalty to him. It’s been a lot of talk about how to clear the murder scene without implicating either Dex or Deb. In my opinion, I think the smartest thing to do is not have a murder investigation, but simply have LaGuerta disappear. Use her phone to send an email saying because of recent developments she needed to take some time off and rest and regroup. It won’t hold for long but at least, it won’t be handing investigators suspicious evidence, and a place to start.

        • This is not Bonanza Hollywood Happy Ending material, so I was equally shocked about the state of affairs this season left us with… Harry’s code is definitely broken and cannot be ‘morally’ reapplied by Dexter; and Debbie has crossed the line and is now a criminal. What about Quinn shooting this dude and get the stripper to shoot him in the arm so he could plead self deference? Hannah is on the lose and she takes a dim view on betrayal, so do expect adversity coming from her side: she placed what looked like a rare black orchid (or belladonna?) before the door – not a sign of love and peace. Dexter and Debbie are doomed and I cannot imagine them sailing into the sunset and living happily ever after: “All error and evil contain within itself the seed of its own destruction.”

      • Shane says:

        Except that his code requires the killer to likely kill another innocent which Deb is not likely to do.

      • Shawn says:

        Please tell me you’re joking, have you ever watched Dexter? Because what you just said was absolutely insane.

    • Mark says:

      6 seasons too late in killing LaGuerta/worst actress ever! The show does not follow real police policy fo obvious reasons. I’m curious to see how the fact that Deb shots her with her service piece which all departms should have the ballistics on therefore after the bullet is removed from laguertas body they will know who shot her (but of course the bullet will be destroyed and ballistics unatainable, what else). The bets scene would have been both these terrible actors killing each other (laguerta character and Deb character). Very bored writers as evident from this lst season. It was painful watching this past season with Dexters sister knowing he is a serial killer. Its a shame it will end insulting the audience with the bs rationales they will try and fool the audience to make it appear credible. Too many wirters …Shall we guess which fake blonde skank the producers cas next season. That last one that got away was a disaster. Man did she suck as an actress. About as phony as the wig Dexter wears!

  2. David S says:

    Finally. This was long overdue.

  3. Patricia says:

    Damn cablevision I missed the first half hour bc of a glitch but the finale was so powerful, poor deb what happens now? How did she clean up so quickly she was hugging a bloody laguerta. Jennifer definetly needs an award, she was amazing

    • Rita Altucher says:

      You are right! Deb certainly should be mentioned, at least, as a contender for an award. She acted brilliantly this past season. It is unfortunate that we don’t see her doing more acting in other venues.

  4. Pat D. says:

    Wow. Just wow. They really got back on the ball with this season, with a suitably awesome finale, helped in no small part by the return of everyone’s favorite eternally pissed detective. Just makes me even more sad that he was killed off so soon in the series, LOL. Also—-if you watched the brief analysis after the finale was over, they said that scene with Deb running to the body wasnt scripted. Bravo, Jen.

  5. Lisa-Marie says:

    My heart was racing the whole time… Now’s that’s quality television.

  6. Andrew says:

    about time that bitch has had it coming since esme

  7. Pat D. says:

    One problem I did have though—I still am not buying that Hannah confession to poisoning Deb. It makes no sense. She knew she was never going to scare Deb, so why wouldnt she go for the definite kill rather than just a chance? Kinda big flaw IMHO.

    • ryan says:

      Pat, didn’t Hannah catch wind through Dexter that Deb was on her way to visit that Arlene girl a second time to arrest her? That was probably Hannah’s attempt of helping her friend. I may have my facts wrong though.

      • Pat D. says:

        Hmmm, maybe, but that wouldn’t have stopped Deb from continuing to make Dex + Hannah’s lives a living hell, which was Hannah’s explanation in the visiting room to Dexter. Its just odd, thats all.

        • lara says:

          How would Debra’s being dead not stop her from interfering in their relationship? It makes perfect sense to me – Debra was the only thing standing in the way of Hannah’s freedom and relationship. Also, even if Hannah didn’t tell Dex, she certainly would have confronted Deb when they were both alone.

          • Pat D. says:

            Ummm, the point being that Hannah didnt make sure Deb would die. Which is why it doesnt make sense: Hannah has clearly killed everybody she went after with certainty—at best in this situation, she had a “chance” of Deb dying in a crash, and unless Deb actually died, nothing really would be accomplished. Deb would still come after her.

    • DL says:

      I thought it was pretty simple. If Deb had died by poison, Dexter would have immediately known it was Hannah. I’m sure Hannah was thinking Deb would die in the accident, but it would look like just that – an accident. Without Deb alive to say that she didn’t take the pills, Dexter would’ve assumed she actually did dose and drive due to the ridiculous stress he had put her under.

    • bluefairy says:

      I’m not buying Hannah’s confession. I still think Deb poisoned herself. Hannah pretty much hinted on that while talking to Deb:
      Deb: “confess what you´ve done”
      Hannah: “I will if you will”
      Deb: “my conscience is clear”
      Hannah: “all that Xanax…you must have trouble sleeping at night”
      Sure, it is open for interpretation and it was meant as a cliffhanger, but i still prefer to think that Hannah lied to Dexter because she saw he trusted Deb so much that he would have never believed her version.

      • Mila says:

        I agree with this one… I’m sure Deb poisoned herself because it was the only way to make Dexter leave Hannah, if she tried to kill Deb. Why Hannah confessed? because she knew he wont believe her so why even try? you think I’m guilty, ok, I’m guilty.
        So I’m 100% with you bluefairy. and BTW, I never thought people would think otherwise. This version (people believing Hannah really poisoned Deb) is a surprise for me.

      • Criseli says:

        I think you are justifying Hannah because you want the relationship between him and her to work. Debra did not poison herself..her character has never been sneaky. (That would’ve been a MAJOR flaw.) What Hanna is saying Debra should confess is that she protects her serial killer brother..hence the whole “hypocrite” scene.

        • Louise says:

          But it is an interesting angle though. I thought it was extremely silly of Hannah to leave a bottle of poisened water in the car. She used to be so clever before in leaving no traces. On the other hand, Deb could have been killed in the car crash. Would she take that risk?
          (I also thought it was really sad that LaGuarda had to die. She was totally right about Dexter and hurt by Dexter before.)

    • Joe says:

      its what she wanted to have happen to sal price, deb die in a car accident not poison. only problem was the accident didnt kill her just hospitalized.

    • Smigar says:

      I thought it was pretty obvious that Deb “poisoned” herself to get Dex to leave Hannah.

    • LaRay says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Dex mentions the fact that Xanax (Alprazolam) is a very fast-acting drug. Which means Deb was sure to black out before she finished drinking the whole bottle of water. I can’t imagine the careful Hanna we’ve come to know would take the risk of leaving poisoned water in the bottle. I mean this is the same Hanna who had the foresight not to embalm her husband’s body, and now we’re supposed to believe she would make such a rookie error? And 40% Xanax makes water look murky. And why would she leave a poisoned pen around lying around her house for a whole evening and night for Dexter to find.

  8. A L says:

    It was alright. There were many paths this episode could have taken, unfortunately I think it chose a safe one. It actually speaks levels about sloppy writing when a lot of people really thought Debra poisoned herself to get rid of Hannah. It certainly would’ve been more interesting for me as it would’ve changed the direction of the entire episode.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I’d say it was good, (little higher than alright) but your totally right. I agree with the original article author who says “we’ll see” in regards to maybe Hannah just took the blame because then wasnt the time to be “IT WASNT ME DEXTER! I DIDNT POISON DEB!”. I hope im right, because if not it truly was sloppy. And how could the writers not know that, they also wrote the line that Hannah said “Why wouldnt i just kill her? How could i have been so sloppy? This sounds bad, but im way better than that”.

      I also agree the episode had a lot of possible directions (however i couldnt see one for LaGuerta that didnt end in death, once she started her crusade she was doomed like Doakes). Im hoping they get a full season to end the show when it happens, i hope they get a season where he is on the run or in some form or another he isnt in Miami.

      What sucks most for me personal is the lack of Rita. IMO she brought so much heart to the series, and cause she was in Ep 1 you connected with her the same with everyone else in Ep 1. But now that shes dead, no love story feels as true or connected cause they are new. It would take seasons (at least 2) of Dexter with a great actress (like Yvonne) for me to connect to the character and want them to truly be together. And with Rita being gone, you never got the ultimate: Rita finding out the truth about Dex.

      Hopefully Yvonne is back next season, she was FANTASTIC. Idk in what capacity or what part her character would play..but she alone made this season amazing.

  9. S says:

    It was a good finale. I can’t say I didn’t see this happening but it would have been more predictable if it were Dexter so I’m glad it was Deb.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol considering Deb’s emotional instability…i cant imagine that she will be anything other than a emotional clusterf*ck. I mean she broke down to pieces this season just finding out about Dexter…now SHE is the one that murdered a innocent woman she has worked with for years? I wonder if they have to time jump the next season like 6 months so she can be stable or if next season will just be the spiraling downfall of Deb leading to her …death, suicide, retirement…something.

  10. jace says:

    hannah being the one who really poisoned deb was seriously new levels of dumb, weak, rushed writing.

    • lara says:

      Not really. It made much more sense considering Deb was close to getting Arlene to testify and Hannah had a history of manipulating and poisoning. On the other hand, Deb had never manipulated to that extent and wasn’t exactly suicidal. I think we all were just over-preparing for twists and surprises that weren’t there.

  11. Lilly says:

    I didn’t enjoy much about the ending. The flashbacks with Doakes were awesome, but the plotline sucked. How the eff are they going to explain any of that in any reasonably plausible way so the investigators buy it. I wouldn’t. So are we to assume Dex and Deb took care of the unwanted before hitting the party? Please. Whatever.

    • Blabanandon says:

      You probably shouldn’t assume anything, then you ,ought be able to enjoy it a little more. There’s still another season soooo

    • RobMF says:

      They think she already tried to frame Dexter once, they can make it look like she was trying to again and it went wrong. She shot Estrada, and Estrada shot her. Both dying.

      • mpisanelli12 says:

        Yea but how will they get rid of the evidence of Deb’s bullet? The fact that Deb called into the station to locate LaGuerta is now recorded. And now a judge is informed about the gas station security tapes.

        • Bazinga says:

          My guess is that Deb knew that LaGuerta had a thing against Dexter. She could claim she got threatened earlier in her office. She checked on her whereabouts, and thought it was odd. When Deb showed up, she saw LaGuerta had shot Estrada. In self defense, Deb shot LaGuerta.

          Of course, them leaving the crime scene to go to the party kinda ends that idea of a way out.

  12. Bonnie says:

    LaGuerta had it coming. Season 8 Dexter is going to learn Deb poisoned herself. In the end Dexter is going to have to do what he said he never would kill Deb and run off with Hannah.

    • Danny says:

      No. Hannah admitted poisoning Deb.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        That dont necessarily mean anything considering her character survived and got free. Maybe she didnt want to argue with Dexter in that scene considering she couldnt prove it. Maybe it was a card she wanted to play, just letting him think she did it. Point is, its not 100% fact until i read the show runner or one of the actors/actresses say “No, Hannah really did the poisoning”.

        Lol isnt that crazy? How she had it coming cause of what…she was right and had found out about a serial killer? Crazy how we are on Dexter’s side and also not on the side of the “good guys” like Doakes and LaGuerta. (Granted their personalities come into play…they just happen to be the most annoying, blood boiling characters?).

        • DL says:

          Laguerta has proven herself to be a conniving, dishonest, at times amoral person. She has always put herself first and has been willing to hurt anyone she has to in order to get ahead. That said, no, she’s not a killer. She didn’t deserve to die. But she has been quite despicable at times, and it’s no surprise many fans are pleased to see her go.

      • summer says:

        no she never admitted to it. she also didn’t deny it either tho.

    • Wow… that could be a great story. I don’t know why but I’d love to see both dexter and Hannah together somehow.

    • joy pappas says:

      i don’t think Dexter will make it out alive, and not locked up. that would make a bad example to follow for future serial killers, but i do wish the show would stay on many more years. I liked Dexter being methodical, and all the plastic wrap. he just should not have put the bodies in plastic, but scattered them, writers–please do not change what you plan to do because of fans. we want to be told, not do the telling

  13. ks. says:

    Wow! I cannot say that the ending is not unexpected, but the delivery and execution is unbelievable, made the more powerful from Jennifer’s unscripted raw outpouring of emotions! The contrast between Jennifer’s happy-go-lucky portrayal in the beginning and her now ever-burdening conflict between her guilt, her loyalty to her family, her sense of right and wrong, and her self-identity really demonstrates the evolution of her character, and prove her detractors wrong with her acting chops!

  14. YStrahovski says:

    That really sucked how Hannah did poison Deb. That’s an asspull of bad writing right there. Especially for a Dexter/Hannah shipper.

    • BooHoo says:

      And that’s why people shouldn’t make a ship out of a show that was never and will never be about shipping.

    • lara says:

      That’s why you think it’s bad writing. You can’t believe that a person who has been a serial killer since they were 15 would kill someone in the way of her freedom and relationship. Shippers ruin everything.

      • As much as I admire Yvonne Strahovski’s performances and even though I thought it would have been nice if Dexter’s vision of growing old together with Hannah as his wife, I don’t consider myself a shipper so much as a fan of Dexter the character and wanting him to have a happy and uncomplicated life. I would sooner make a bad writing accusation about how LaGuerta was suddenly no longer an incompetent investigator instead of the poisoning, but I agree with what others have said. I just don’t buy that she would admit to loving him while at the same time choosing to murder someone he cares about. It just doesn’t sit right or add up. I don’t care that the characters didn’t end up with each other, no one believed that would happen. But I do care about nonsensical plot developments lessening my enjoyment of the show.
        I’m still hopeful that Hannah comes back next season and admits that her confession was only to spare his feelings. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.

      • LaRay says:

        No, it was bad writing because they set up a meticulous and super-careful Poison Ivy character and then made her commit a rookie error. And the writers will use their usual excuse “Hannah was emotionally involved this time, she wasn’t thinking clearly, so she made an error”. That’s the excuse they trotted out for every dumbass move Dexter made in Season 6.

  15. S says:

    ^ Doakes was my fav part of the episode. I’ve always loved his character.

    • Pat D. says:

      Doakes was always awesome. Just think of how much better season 6 would have been with Doakes instead of Quinn (who has never done much of anything for the plot IMHO). And although I am in the minority in really enjoying season 5, I bet Doakes instead of Quinn would have made that season more enjoyable for everyone.

      • Adam says:

        Along those lines….the Quinn/Nadia subplot was an unconvincing, unnecessary distraction. On top of that, it wasn’t even really resolved….did she really dump him and leave town or did the brotherhood have her deported or murdered?

  16. Anon says:

    So the writers really intended for it to be solidly clear in the episode before the finale that Hannah did in fact poison Deb? It’s very telling when the most talked about theory was that she didn’t actually do it, that Deb did it herself.

    • ks. says:

      She did not flat out admit that she did it, so I would still leave open the possibility that Deb was reckless enough to overdose herself. At that point in the conversation, she might be more interested to find out who Dexter would have chosen, and if not her, why not. She was more interested to know if Dex was her eventual destiny she dreamed of since her younger days or was that her wishful thinking. If she flat out disagreed with Dex’s hypothesis, the conversation would have taken a different direction and she would never know the answer she desperately needed to have.

  17. S says:

    ^ Um No I don’t care if Dexter is finally in wuv or not him killing Deb would be too OOC imo

  18. Kate says:

    WAY too many holes in the plot: Dexter able to kiss Hannah at prison, her friend slipping her meds at court–these things could not have happened in reality. And didn’t Deb call the dispatcher to find out Dexter’s location at the docks? That becomes police record. Oh, and Hannah conveniently slipping out of the hospital? Right…

    I also don’t buy that Deb could’ve killed LaGuerta, even if she had to “choose” between her and Dex.

    I’m a Dexter fan, but this series is really shark-jumping. I’m glad season 8 will be its last.

    • Deb called for Maria’s location, and then called Dexter

    • rob says:

      I agree. Love the show, but it’s a bit muc. season 1 and 2 were unbelievable. 3 and 4 very good. 5 was the worst, I think, and 6 and 7 have had good parts and parts that were not true to the plotlines. still entertained though, so I guess thats all I can ask

    • Jon says:

      Well said Kate! I couldn’t agree more!
      Dexter has 100 % jumped the shark! I actually thought it jumped back in season 5 but this Finale was serious shark jumping! Also isn’t everyone going to know it was Dexter when they find Estrada and LaGuerta in a shipping container?
      Too many holes! This should have been the last season as they had the chance to end it’!
      Now what??

    • Sam says:

      this show has never been realistic. Tons of police inconsistencies even in season 1 like almost all police shows. The biggest this season is miranda in the street not during interrogation like what cop would ever do that.(all shows do this cuz they think its cool) Dexters job and his supper science ability is also very unrealistic. Think of dex as kinda like serial killer batman.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Cops read Miranda in the streets routinely and then make suspects wait in interrogation roomsforhourswithout food or water hoping they willtireand forget those rights, so they can get confessions.

        • Sam says:

          I am talking about when they arrested the bull guy and as they were arresting him they were reading him the miranda rights.(he got let go because of this) Don’t they have to read from a card and I would think filming it is important? That was kinda just a tv plot shield to let dexter get him. Waiting to forget is common.

    • thomas says:

      This show has never been exactly “realistic.” Dexter has been able to squeeze out of every situation and everything works out perfectly, but it is entertaining

      • EXACTLY.

        If we wanted realism, then the main question we should’ve asked all those years ago is why all the serial killers in the world suddenly descended upon Miami… and died. Had all their killing streaks and rituals and devotions go kaput when they got on Miami Metro’s peripheral vision.

        But it HAS been entertaining.

      • jmh1982 says:

        Exactly :). It’s fiction, not a documentary.

    • lara says:

      HAHA – it’s funny that these things are plotholes, but the fact that Dexter has been able to secretly kill hundreds of serial killers over decades isn’t. Why wouldn’t Dexter be able to kiss Hannah at the prison? Why wouldn’t Deb choose Dexter over LaGuerta, when she has always chosen him over everyone and everything else? And, Deb didn’t call for Dexter’s location – she called for LaGuerta’s. She could easily say that she thought that LG was acting weird earlier, and wanted to make sure she wouldn’t do anything crazy.

    • Jason says:

      I agree. The chances of a prisoner slipping out of a hospital are practically none. In fact, most escaped prisoners are caught in days. The kissing abd the blood from the kissing. I can’t.

  19. Travis says:

    I, for one, still think Hannah may not have poisoned Deb. maybe it’s delusional on my part, but she seemed to search his eyes before admitting it. Like perhaps she accepted there was no convincing him so she confirmed his fears as a surrender. It would be an interesting twist for next season if that were revealed and how it could impact his and Deb’s new relationship. Plus, it could open up the possibility of them being together in the end. Just a thought.

  20. Danny says:

    Maria had it coming. She was screwing up the plot. Too bad that rat/killer/slut Hannah will be back next season.

    • Jason says:

      What exactly makes her a slut? Or is that just how you refer to women you don’t like?

      • ABBY says:

        I personally don’t think the sluts comment is necessary but we are talking about a character whose established history is that she did half the men in the police department mostly to advance her career (a lot of comments on this have been made throughout the series). And there was that time she had the affair with the Lieutenant’s fiancé, not even because she had feelings for him but because she wanted to make her unstable so she could take her job.

  21. S says:

    Who cares if Deb poisoned herself? Hannah is still a killer and Deb is still better and is his family. Dexter hurting Deb would be so ooc its not even funny and running off with Hannah would be the worst ending ever

    • Criseli says:

      I totally agree with you. I cannot believe how many people believe Deb poisoned herself and rather see Dexter end up with Hanna. Deb is the one person who has stuck by him through everything!! How could people want him to show disloyalty to her of all people for this other woman..who is not trustworthy. First of all, when Hanna said to dexter that she is smarter than that, it was a manipulative tactic to throw him off. Then when he went to visit her at prison and realized he knew she had no choice but to admit it, but played the love card..”I was doing it because she was in our way” again to throw him off. She tried to kill Debra for the same reason dexter had to kill laguerta’s..she wanted to protect herself cuz she was about to get caught. I can’t believe how many people are convinced otherwise.

  22. Anon says:

    Does anyone else still think Deb poisoned herself? Yes, Hannah admits it to Dexter, but then later at her arraignment she says something that’s a bit off to Deb, which made me believe she knew Deb poisoned herself and she was letting Deb know she knew.

    Hanna probably didn’t want Dexter to even consider his sister was capable of that kind of manipulation. This theory that’s been floating around the internet was never brought up by Dexter’s character. I totally believe Deb poisoned herself, and since it was deliberately made vague, hopefully the writers will decide to reveal the truth in season 8, beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Also: Deb and Dexter need to break into Laguerta’s office and steal the DVD ASAP. And I really want Dexter to make the evidence implicating Hannah in Sal Price’s murder to disappear. But that’s just me.

  23. JenCarpenterFTW says:

    I guess I don’t know what everyone else is seeing, it was very clear to me that Hannah poisoned Deb. Who drugs themselves and then goes for a drive where they could die? Obviously way more ways to try to frame someone without almost dying. I think even if the shows producers and writers say it’s a fact Hannah poisoned Deb there will be a disbelief that a cold blooded murderer attempted to take another victim. Hannah as a poor innocent victim? LOL, thanks for the laugh all!

    • Pat D. says:

      I think that Deb realized it would take a serious life-threatening incident to her to get Dexter to turn on Hannah. Thats how I always rationalized it, anyways. But think about it from the doubters point of view: What would Hannah accomplish by not making certain Deb was dead, and only going after her with a “chance” of death? She certainly wasnt going to merely scare Deb off the trail.

      • Criseli says:

        She couldn’t poison her thoroughly because that would’ve left evidence.And Dexter would have known for sure. It was the exact strategy she used with Sal. Her plan didn’t work as she intended there either. She had hoped for an accident on the road there too.

        • Pat D. says:

          But either way, Sal would die. There was a pretty good chance Deb would survive a car crash, and that would do nothing but get Hannah in trouble.

      • Judy Scott says:

        Agreed. And since they did not actually show the 1-car accident, it would not be impossible to dose the water (for Dexter to find after speaking to him) jump out of the car after wedging something in the accelerator (thus breaking her wrist) then crawl back in via passenger door and take more Xanax. I think that one line of dialog from Hannah does not adequately clear up the issue.
        I also think the “perfect” shocker ending would have been, when faced with a Hobson’s Choice between La Guerda and Dexter, Deb shot herself.

    • blabanandon says:

      thank you! completely agree with you. not sure why everyone is still stuck on this theory, but it also seemed implicitly clear to me that Hannah poisoned deb. considering her character, I find it hard to believe deb was blatantly lying to dexter when she told him she only took 1 pill.
      I think people are in love with the IDEA of Hannah and dexter being together; however unrealistic it may be. think about it. when dexter (correctly) assumed and confronted Hannah with his suspicions, she turned the argument onto dexter and his lack of trust. she also used her knack for faking emotions to deliver a believably stricken reaction to dexters accusations. all the while, she knew that she had poisoned deb and she lied about it. when you take this into account, what dexter does to hannah in the final scene of episode 11 seems less tragic and more deserved. it is also very clear to me that – though they may be picturesque – the toxicity of Hannah and dexters relationship is an impassable obstacle.
      I thought the finale was a great ride. a nail biting hour of tv that kept me on the edge of my seat…exactly what I hope to achieve from a television show like this. have to give a mention to Jennifer carpenter and Lauren velez. spectacular performances from both of these women

  24. Luther Lowry says:

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned this – so I will. Once they pull ballistics on Laguerta – won’t they immediately tie her death back to Deb’s gun?? I didn’t see Deb switch guns, nor did it look like they disposed of the bodies afterwards – most likely going with Dexter’s original plan…. something just doesn’t sit right with me about that scene…

    • Bill says:

      This is exactly what my first thought was after this scene. Cops have to account for every bullet they discharge and Im pretty sure in a police homicide they’d run ballaistics….Unless Dex did one heck of a clean up Deb is gonna be taking up Hannahs cell instead.

    • Anon says:

      Thanks for mentioning this! I thought so too. Maybe Dexter and Deb will have switched Laguerta’s gun for Debs? And maybe they’ll write it off to some sort of mixup at the precinct? That Deb and Laguerta must have “accidentally” picked up each others’ guns…Either way, this did cross my mind. Wonder if the writers will figure something out.

      • Judy Scott says:

        You forget, Deb will probably be put in charge of this homicide, and Dexter will be assigned the crime scene investigator. Easy to fix any loose ends – and the Dept. will accept the results of their “investigation” (except possibly Angel)

    • Trenton says:

      My understanding is that with guns…most of them use 9 mm bullets and for a tv show that would be simple enough to explain away…its the casings that can be tied to a specific gun. All dex would have to do is grab the casing and fire a shot from the gun he intended…. Cleaning up that crime scene will be a lot easier than fixing what is going to happen to Deb.

  25. evan says:

    Loved the finale. But I am really upset that the writers expect us to believe that after 7 whole seasons of Dexters’ victims being knocked out for multiple hours….la guerta is out for a few minutes. idk, maybe I’m just a bit picky.

    • Dexter said he gave her a small dose, so that it wouldn’t be detected in her system.

    • rob says:

      dexter only gave 1/2 a dose bc he said he didnt want it to show in the blood bc he didnt plan to get rid of the body. that part was actually explained

      • evan says:

        Ahhh gotcha. Must’ve missed that part.

        • Emma says:

          What got me was that it doesn’t make sense that Dex would shoot Estrada first (which we know he did, since we heard the shot) instead of shooting LaGuerta. Estrada was already dead, LaGuerta wasn’t, and Dex knew she’d be waking up soon. Why waste time shooting the dead guy first?

    • LaCeda says:

      Dex said in the scene, that he only gave her half a dose so that it couldn’t be detected in her blood during autopsy. And I’m still weary of Hannah’s confession that she poisoned Deb. I’m remembering the scene where Deb admitted to Hannah that she was willing to do anything it took to keep her and Dex apart. I still believe it’s possible Deb did this and Hannah lied to Dexter to make it “ok” for him ( lessen his guilt about turning her in).

  26. The whole Debra poisoning herself theory was silly in the first place. She wouldn’t have put civilians at risk by driving a car knowing she would pass out in it. Hannah doing it is more logical. Loved the finale and can’t wait until next season.

    • JP says:

      Either Debra or Hannah poisoning Deb is illogical. Neither situation makes sense for the characters, it was just sloppy and rushed writing.

    • Trenton says:

      It is entirely plausible. You are assuming she took the meds and waited for it to just happen, if she planned it all out. She found an empty area no pedestrians…took the overdosed amount of pills immediately b4 wrecking her car. She would fall asleep soon enough, no one could say its not what happened b/c they would show up in her system…..Its really not that hard of a situation to create…I do wonder how she isn’t charged with a DUI however.

      • John says:

        The drugs were found in Deb’s water bottle. She didn’t drink the whole thing right away. So the effect would’ve been a little slower than if she would’ve taken the pills at once

    • Suz says:

      Deb had not been sleeping. She accidentally OD herself and didn’t realize it as she was popping so many pills. If she’s not eating, not sleeping (Dex anxiety), goes running late at night and before any action she pops a pill, then takes a pill in morning thinking her last pill was the day prior.

      She’s an addict.

    • liddad says:

      Deb didn’t know about the “passing out behind the wheel” plan that Hannah had told Dex about, as Dex hadn’t told her. So yeah, it’s almost impossible, since if she’d framed Hannah, she wouldn’t have known to do that.

      That’s one of the things you have to watch with this show. It’s the same reason people hated Season 6. They don’t realise that some characters don’t know things that other characters know, and that has major implications on the plot.

  27. Doakes stuff was cool. Deb killing LaGuerta and running to her was also good writing. The rest…meh. It ends next season and as much as I love Dex, I wanted to see it in a way that would obviously conclude to his imprisonment. Him running off happily ever after just doesn’t make sense.

    • Pat D. says:

      The Deb running to LaGuerta part wasnt scripted—it was mentioned in the short recap between Dexter and Homeland. That was all Jen.

  28. Tdog15 says:

    I think dexter should have been the one to kill her. It would of made him a bad guy and set up his downfall for either an arrest or death. This show needs to end in one of those ways.

    • Nick says:

      Both Deb & Dexter need to die or go to prison next season. With all the crimes and massacres happening right now, the idea of getting away with murdering a cop is just too sickening. Laguerta was annoying, but as Harry said, she was an innocent. Vigilantes getting away was one thing, but cop-killers? I’ve loved this show & these characters for a long time, and i never liked laguerta, but this is too much.

  29. Emily says:

    I´m sorry but i didn´t like this finale. Deb killing Laguerta to protect Dexter was a highly speculated outcome so that wasn´t suprising. Nothing else in the episode was. And Hannah breaking out of the hospital? How was she supposed to do that? Dex and Deb both now need to be put to justice.

  30. kavyn says:

    So many things I hated about this finale. But the biggest complaint has to be the last moments of the show. Instead of setting Dexter up as the big bad, they killed off the only person that made sense leading his investigation. They gave us nothing to salivate over for next season aside from Hannah escaping, but really does it matter? They’re setting Dexter and Deb up to be together in the end.

    I’m genuinely upset, because this was one of my favourite seasons and they messed up the final episode. Laguerta’s death was there just for the people that hated her character, but she was necessary to make the final season amazing. Oh well…

    • Emily says:

      Yes. I for one don´t care about Hannah at all, and i hate how Deb has now turned out, so there is really nothing for me to look forward to in the last season. Meh.

    • Anon says:

      Oh God, Deb and Dexter can’t end up together!!!!!!!!!!! That’s too close to some freaky incest-like stuff going on and that’s just eeeeewwwwwwww.

      Well, it IS Florida…

      • Oh stop. The only reason incest is wrong is potential harm to offspring. So if the ‘siblings’ aren’t related by blood… no reason not to.

        It will be interesting to see what this does to the Deborah character. She has to be absolutely destroyed – remember, she’s ALWAYS been a believer in doing the right thing and the law that she upholds.

        • JK says:

          Dexter and Deb have the same father so they are biologically half-brother and sister. Harry fathered Dexter during an affair with Dexter’s mother when she was a police CI for Harry. She had to be a police CI or go to jail for her drug use. Dexter was told this by the lady who worked in the police evidence area and who knew his father. She died of cancer in a previous season with Dexter at her bedside.

          • n8 says:

            Did you even watch the earlier seasons? Harry had an affair with Dexter’s mother, he didn’t father any children with her though. Dexter and Deb together would be weird because they grew up thinking they were bio siblings but they are not related in the slightest.

            Also, Camilla (the one who is dying of cancer) reveals to Dexter that his brother was the Ice Truck Killer, which he already knew, not that Harry had an affair. She also didn’t die of cancer, Dexter killed her to ease her pain.

            I think you need to re-watch season 1-3 cause you missed a lot….

      • Trenton says:

        K incest is wrong b/c of the potential harm to babies, but its also just wrong. It’s like the one place where nature and nurture agree. Deb and Dex aren’t related so its not really incest…But they were raised as brother and sister so that would be creepy except possibly that Dex was for such a long time a shut off person who kept everyone at arms length. So maybe in that area they never truly had a brother sister relationship so from that lens its a little less creepy. It always goes back to the pilot where one of the first things he ever said was, “If i could love anybody it would be Deb.”

        • I’m really not a fan of Debra having feelings for Dexter because it’s pretty damn gross, but while you may perceive incest as “wrong”, the whole nature/nurture thing is off base. Animals always inbreed. It’s especially prevalent at poorly-organized puppy mills and other human-controlled animal breeding sources, but it also happens in the wild. The people studying the Tokitok pride of lions believe that the lioness they call Nimue has a crook in her tail because of inbreeding. On Meerkat Manor, Yossarian got her niece Pancake pregnant. Even organizations trying to breed endangered species are sometimes forced to put related animals together and make the determination of whether or not their genetic material is varied enough for it to not be harmful for future generations of the species. All of this stuff is well-documented. There’s even wild stories about married couples discovering they were related to each other years into their marriage. Inbreeding is really bad for nature, but definitely not against it.

    • Kim R says:

      I was with them up until the end. What they have done to Deborah’s character is not believable for me. It was bad enough they had her helping torch the church after seeing with her own eyeballs Dexter’s DP, but throughout the season she has continued on her extremely hypocritcal journey. And to shoot Maria at the end? I now don’t care if she is in the next season at all. She has no credibility left with me. That is the only aspect I’m disappointed with.

  31. Michelle F says:

    Caitlin- totally agree. I didn’t like this episode because the writers are trying to make us dislike Dexter. Up til now we could still root for him because of his code. They’ve taken that away- probably to make his downfall next season easier to swallow. I don’t want to hate dexter!

    • kavyn says:

      They only killed Laguerta to appease the fans of the show that hated her. It had nothing to do with making Dexter a villain. If they wanted to do that they would have had Dexter kill Masuka or Batista.

      • Anon says:

        Not Batista!

        • Criseli says:

          I think Batista will be the person to actually catch Dexter and Deb next year. He still cared for Laguerta and he’s always been a good, honest cop. He has an emotional connection to Deb, so it will make everything way more intense.

    • LaCeda says:

      I don’t believe they intend for us to hate Dexter, just recognize him as “only human”. After all, what did he do, that any of the rest of us would not do? It’s just human nature to protect ones self. It was him or her, what real choice did he have?

    • b. says:

      I have to agree! That’s what I was thinking, I’m going to start hating Dexter?

  32. Dexter Morgan says:

    Shocked that so many people found this finale to be good. Very subpar. They’ll follow the same formula next season as this one…take a shocking scene, let it sit with the viewers a bit, and then reveal some absurd storyline for Dex and Deb to get out of it so that the final season (next season) can continue. It’s shock us now/fill in the story later.

  33. Dave P says:

    Looks like all of us have had similar thoughts going through our minds. When Deb bought that gas I knew it would bite her. I am not crazy about the ending either, but the writers clearly have us “thinking” and even with all of the talk of “shark jumping”, we will be looking forward to season 8.

  34. Julie Anne says:

    I think Deb set up the poisoning Hanna does not use Xanax but rather natural poisons.. but she knew Dec would not believe her

  35. Anon says:

    I really hope Batista comes back next season. Even though he’s retiring, he is the absolute most awesome character. Let Quinn retire and fade quietly away. Quinn sucks.

    • Drew says:

      Amen to that! Quinn has done nothing but annoy me, ever since the first episode he appeared in. And the writers have had so many wasted opportunities to off him. Gah!

  36. b. says:

    Loved the finale! Last two episodes I expecting LaGuertas demise but midway thru the final I changed my mind. Thinking the storyline was going to rollover to season 8, wow I was wrong! Deb offing LaGuerta was intense and superb acting by Jennifer! Still can’t believe she wasn’t nominated for any awards! Ok, my only complaint is when we see Deb n Dex walking thru the fiesta, shouldn’t Deb have some blood on her? She ran and hugged a pretty bloody LaGuerta but that scene was spontaneous. So? Maybe I’m being to picky.

  37. Matt says:

    You can nitpick all you want, but there’s no denying that was an excellent season finale. As for Hannah actually poisoning Deb, I think that’s totally in keeping with her character — if she actually did it, and there’s certainly a level of ambiguity there. Hannah has demonstrated again and again that she is, first and foremost, a survivor, and she’s confident in her abilities, so her deciding to poison Deb is understandable. But it’s also possible Deb was trying to frame Hannah. Just let it play out. My absolute favorite moment of the episode, though, and a moment that I think really elevated the series as a whole, was the flashback to when Doakes and Dexter have that donut scene, and Doakes really starts to suspect Dexter. That, as an answer to the question posed by Harry, ‘How did we get here?’ was such a fun moment that really tied together the series across seasons. Can’t wait for season eight!

  38. James says:

    Yay: Hannah lives
    Nay: Deb still lives too… (messes up Happy Dex and his plans, is annoying as hell too)

    I’m still sure Deb poisoned herself to break Dex and Hannah up.
    hoping for an “Argentina Happy End”…

    Battista retired, but will come back to action after LaGuerta’s death.
    Quinn and the Stripper will be seen again, just before his demise.
    Either Hannah will face off with Dex or she’ll take care of Harrison after Dex/Deb/Battista off each other in a final face off shoot out…

  39. Ken g says:

    What if Deb intentionally crashed her car, then drank the poisoned water….?

    • Nick says:

      This makes the most sense. I dont know if the writers changed their minds at the last minute & decided to blame Hannah in the finale, but i really dont buy Hannah poisoning Deb. I like Hannah better at this point – at least she is not a hypocrite. I hope she was just humoring Dex in prison because she knew that any accusations against Deb would fall on deaf ears & might just alienate him more.

  40. DR says:

    Everyone is missing the fact that deb is now a killer – she killed an innocent. She now meets Dexter’s code. Doakes was killed by Lila – she was protecting Dexter. Dexter then kills Lila for killing Doakes. Debs life could be in danger next season.

  41. Nelson says:

    That ending was absolutely terrible. The scene where Dexter poisoned and captured Estrada in the middle of the park with people around was so friggin hokey. This show has lost it. The last 3 seasons have sucked.

  42. Jerri says:

    This could’ve gone a ton of ways. Definitely a tense episode, especially the final showdown. I”m not so sure about the Hannah bit though, how did she escape? Was there no guards by her room/where she was being held, since she was a prisoner at the time? And why wasnt she handcuffed to the bed?

    This would’ve been an interesting series finale if Dexter would’ve stabbed himself with the knife so Deb wouldn’t have to kill him.

  43. s says:

    I can agree these last 3 seasons haven’t been all that great. Season 4 was amazing but its just been going down hill since and it didn’t have to either. I felt like they wasted a lot of potential with certain characters like Louis and Issac. Shame. Hopefully the last season will go out with a bang.

  44. mpisanelli12 says:

    Season 7 for me was very entertaining, and suspenseful. Actually I found myself screaming at my tv more than any other season, however I think the ridiculous storyline and the multi plots are now becoming overboard. In the earlier season’s you have one major serial killer and each episodes “bad” guy that Dexter is trying to kill. Now you had so many sub plots, that writers can no longer account for any type of realism with getting away.

    The amount of people informed now about dexter (Matthews, Batista, The Judge, the dispatch from Deb tracing LaGuerta’s location, Hannah) Let alone all the evidence just makes it unrealistic for season 8. It also makes no sense to me how Deb and Dexter can cover up the ending, because LaGuerta would have no reason of shooting Estrada, since she got him out of jail. Deb and Dexter’s cell phone can now be traced to the shipyard. Deb was barefoot, and had LaGuerta’s blood all over her.

    It just pisses me off how what could have been a great season, can be ruined by over writing.

  45. Darcy cole says:

    I’ve heard in the dexter books, Dexter kills Deb. this seems a likely end to the series..maybe something clicks inside Deb after her first kill…maybe Dex will see the need to stop her! He really hasn’t broken his code so far right? Also..I don’t think Hannah poisoned Deb…I liked her character..oh ya the real elephant in the room is that kid Harrison! Is he autistic? Or just the worst actor!! Not a peep outta that emotion!! Awkward scenes with him! Useless character. Sorry!

    • s says:

      If he feels the need to kill Deb then I guess he’ll also have to go find Hannah and kill her too. It would make zero sense for Dexter to kill Deb but then run off with another killer just because he’s all of a sudden in ‘love’

    • CS07 says:

      The actor that plays Harrison is what, maybe 3 years old? How can you say a 3 year old is the worst actor?He’s just learning to talk. Harrison’s role is Dexter’s tie to ‘normal’. He’s not a main character and shouldn’t have any story arcs or any dialogue. His role is, essentially, to be a prop in Dexter’s life.

      Deb also finds out about Dexter early on in the books, just because it happens in the books doesn’t mean it happens with the show.

      • A says:

        I definitely agree, he’s just a kid although I do get where the original comment is coming from. I mean does Harrison ever walk or run around? He’s always sitting or being carried and moves around so slowly, barely any sound being made. I also can’t ever remember hearing him cry. But then again maybe that’s the way the want him to be so that he can take after Dex’s personality.

    • Anon says:

      Okay, dissing Harrison is not cool. The kid can barely talk, give him a break! Plus, little kids often steal the attention away from adults — in fiction and in real life. If the kid was shown doing cute things, we’d all go “Awwwwwwww, how adorable” and the show wouldn’t be called Dexter, it’d be called “Harrison is a Wittle Cutie Pie”

      I think it’s funny how Jamie is pretty much both mom and dad to Harrison. I hope he pays her well.

  46. Trenton says:

    I don’t see Dexter ever killing Deb. It’s one thing for him to take out Lilah after she killed Doakes but quite another for him to off Deb. Dexter would kill himself b4 he killed Deb. I think whether or not Dex finds out that Deb set Hannah up is mute…she did it to protect him and Harrison…and he knows that. He said to Hannah we both knew that either one of us would end up in jail or dead, and she said I thought it would be you. I think the plant isn’t a warning…its a goodbye / come find me when you are ready note.

    My biggest fear for Deb is she is going to go the way of Harry. She might just kill herself. I think Dexter will maybe see it coming and beat her to it…fake his death leave her Harrison and go find Hannah or actually kill himself. It would be a full circle thing w/ Deb attempting what Harry did…and whether or not it was Deb or Hannah that did the overdose its done so that is something that has been established and could happen again…I could even see her say it to dex in a state of shock, “Sometimes i wish i would have taken more pills the first time.”

    With this ending I really don’t see Dex and Deb ending up together…its more like they used that situation her feelings as a shield to protect Dexter from her turning him in…

    The other side of the Deb killing La Guerta and not Dex is that it allowed Dex a way out. I’m not sure he could have done it…He, for all that he is, isn’t a Walter White figure. He isn’t the type that gets more and more evil…and the look on his face after he killed Estrada reminded me so much of Lumen when she offed Johnny Lee Miller…I still think he could lose his need to kill……lastly after soooo long a time Im wanting to know if they will ever revisit what Brian, his brother, was going to say right b4 Dex killed him. It seemed like it was something important to the overall plot….

  47. A says:

    Was on the edge of my seat. My God, Jennifer Carpenter is beyond amazing as Deb. Every time she cries or gets emotional you really just can’t help feeling how she’s feeling. As much as I find LaGuerta annoying she never deserved this fate.
    I love the show and I don’t know if its just me but I often wonder to myself even though I know its all fake, why the hell am I rooting for a serial killer? I know its a show, it just makes you think about how much we get invested in TV shows

  48. Aria says:

    Awesome season, awesome finale. I have some trouble buying Hannah’s escape (where did those critical, conveniently-placed scissors show up from?), and I believe Dexter already kinda sorta broke the code when he killed Hannah’s dad. But overall, this has been such a great season!

    • ohlala says:

      i agree that the code-breaking wasn’t too punch-packing, especially considering the first rule of the code is “don’t get caught” – he was acting out of self-preservation, and protecting deb, something that indeed is logical for him. as for the scissors, it’s a hospital and nurses do silly things like leave things lying around, or so we must believe.