Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on the Big Death, Elena and Damon's Struggles and More!

O Come, All Ye FaithfulIf you have yet to watch Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Tyler’s war against Klaus on The Vampire Diaries claimed its first major casualty during Thursday night’s midseason finale. The Original retaliated against his hybrid’s rebellion by drowning Tyler’s mother, Mayor Carol Lockwood — not to mention killing all 12 hybrids in Tyler’s pack.

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The devastating loss caps off what has been an impressive maturation arc for Tyler this season. But now that he’s on his own, he’ll be reeling. At least he’s not entirely alone — the tragedy secures him a place in The Society of Orphaned Children, a fast-growing Mystical Falls club that already includes Elena, Jeremy, April and Matt (who’s practically an orphan).

So how will Tyler cope with the death of his mom? What do Klaus’ actions mean for the increasingly complicated Tyler/Caroline/Klaus love triangle? On a different note, will Elena, now set free by Damon, really be able to stay away from the elder Salvatore brother? And how will April deal with finally knowing the truth about Mystic Falls’ strange happenings?

We took those burning questions and more to executive producer Julie Plec. Read on for all the scoop!

TVLINE | Why was it important for Carol to be the big casualty?
It definitely felt like the consequence of a revolution has to be either the captain that led the charge or one of the people closest to the captain. It was Tyler or Tyler’s mom. But somebody was going to have to pay.

TVLINE | We didn’t actually see Tyler react to the death. How will he deal with it?
[When] the next episode picks up, a little bit of time has happened, and we’ll see that Tyler’s not handling it altogether too well. He’s keeping to himself, refusing to show his emotions and stewing in his own grief and anger, which is making it difficult to help him. It’s sad for Caroline, who just wants to be there for him.

TVLINE | He’s lost his dad, his mom and Uncle Mason. Is there any family that’s going to come out of the woodwork? Or is he on his own?
At the moment, he is left, sadly and tragically, alone.

TVLINE | Did Tyler just let Hayley go after that betrayal?
His first order of business was to get there and try to stop [Klaus]. Of course, we saw he was too late. After this, if he could find Hayley, he would probably give her a piece of his mind — if not a heart pulled from the chest. But she’s skedaddled. We won’t be seeing her for a while.

TVLINE | Klaus did some really horrible things in this episode, to say the least. How will that affect his budding, sort-of relationship with Caroline?
It’s definitely a fairly severe setback. I don’t think Caroline’s going to be looking at him with her goo-goo eyes anytime soon. But as we’ve seen with Klaus, he always has a way of getting under people’s skin for better or for worse. I wouldn’t say it’s the last we’ve seen of a connection between them. It’s the last that she’s going to want a connection between them.

TVLINE | Moving on to Elena, is the sire bond really broken?
No, Damon’s choice of words was really indicative of what he wants in this moment. He could have set her free and said, “Never see me again, never talk to me again, never think of me again.” He could have done all those things. Instead, he just sent her packing back to Mystic Falls. She has to go home. She has to listen to him. She’ll be sitting at home, wondering what he’s up to, and he’ll be sitting at that lake house, regretting his choice, yet knowing it’s the choice he had to make. So it’s lots of sad longing to be had between the two. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Elena’s feelings for Damon could still be real despite the sire bond. Will we get a definitive answer to that?
Until the sire bond fundamentally doesn’t exist – which as long as Elena’s a vampire, it seems to be that’s going to be in play – we’ll have to ask ourselves those questions. But the journey of Elena trying to get to the bottom of how she feels and expressing herself to him is going to be part of the ride. ‘Cause she, in fact, really believes what she feels is 100 percent genuine and real. She feels like she’s got the evidence to back it up, in that there wouldn’t be a sire bond to begin with if there wasn’t some kind of love there. It’s a tale of a couple who wants to be together and realizes that they shouldn’t, yet really wants to. [Laughs] So what do they do?

TVLINE | I was curious about something Professor Shane said about the cure for immortality. If one is made mortal again, wouldn’t he or she revert back to a dead state?
All these conversations about the cure are meant to have the audience asking those kind of questions. What does it mean? What form does it come in? What will it do to the people who take it? Can it be used as a weapon? Can it be used as gift? Is it one of those horrible Twilight Zone things where you take it and then you age to the age that you were and you’re dead? You never know. There’s a lot of different ways this could go, and our hope is to keep people guessing.

TVLINE | So clearly April takes out Rebekah’s stake, thank goodness. But what’s she going to do with all this new information that she has now?
[Laughs] April is going to be like that one person you’re like, “Shoot. Why did we let her live?” [Laughs] She’s angry. She feels manipulated. She feels lied to. And she’s not going to take it lightly. So she’s going to be a little bit of a problem in the next episode.

TVLINE | As angry as she is, I can only imagine how angry Rebekah is after being staked yet again.
Rebekah, who’s queen of betrayal, has perfected the art of revenge beautifully and really takes some of our team to task in a great, wicked way.

TVLINE | Does she go after Klaus?
No, no, no. She’s saving Klaus. She’s saving Klaus for another time, another day. First thing first, she’s trying to get back at Stefan.

Stayed tuned to TVLine for lots more Vampire Diaries scoop! In the meantime, hit the comments with your thoughts on the bloody episode.

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  1. Voz_76 says:

    Funny that Silas had a wife & child … And when the pastor killed the council it was 12 & then when Klaus killed the hybrids it was 12. 12 per person to channel enough dark magic to bring them back???

  2. Jake says:

    If anyone read books. Damon becomes human again. Boom riddle solved. Goodnight

  3. JA says:

    Was anybody else creeped out by Elena’s devoted stares at Damon all episode? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Delena, but it’s as if the director says, okay, so you’re sired to him now, so stare at him like the Buffybot stared at Spike. It’s like now that the actors know and the audience knows, she’s almost brainless or hypnotized around him rather than truly herself. I want her to be with Damin, but not like this. Here’s hoping she gets some of her frustration and fire back now that she’s forced to stay at home and wait for him to get back.

  4. Fangirl says:

    Ok, maybe I’m missing something here, but why didn’t Elena end up sired to Stefan if she was in love with him when she died? Getting irritated with this magically appearing sire bond and its complications…

    • JA says:

      She was sired to Damon because it was his blood that turned her AND she had preexisting feelings for him. Presumably she would’ve been sired to Stephan had it been his blood that turned her. (And wouldn’t that have been boring…)

  5. anon says:

    I am I really the only one who wants more Meredith?

  6. lorna says:

    Over rebekah. Love the actress but either keep her dead or alive.h

  7. Blair says:

    Loveeed Klaus this episode, incredibly amazing
    Damon and Elena WILL find a way to be together <3
    Stefan and Elena: boring!
    Very interested about Professor Shane's story, and also Silas one

    • Diana says:

      That is sad how people disregard everything Stephan does for the love of his brother and Elena. Everything he has done to save Damon. He would have been dead if it wasn’t for him giving himself to Klaus just to get blood to save Damon’s life when he was dieing. And all he does for Elena and she repays him by sleeping with his own brother. She could have chosen anyone else but his own brother!! Ouch family isn’t what it should be anymore

  8. Blair says:

    What about Meredith? Kinda like her
    And poor Carol! Even though it was matter of time for her to die. Still happy that the Originals will return!!!

  9. Jon says:

    Can’t think of anything to disprove this, but I think Katherine swapped herself in for Elana sometime after the first Damon/Elena sex, but before she drank the blood (Not sired!) and Jeremy kept trying to kill his sister (she’s not my sister, she’s responsible for everyone being dead, etc.).

  10. Hallie says:

    I am not a fan of elaina/damon or stephen so i don’t care who she picks i just wish she would pick one. I am glad though there will be fallout between the salvetor brothers it seems that damon does all this horrible stuff and stephen excuses him. Maybe stephen will see demon for who he is and i am liking the stephen/klaus interaction i can see how these two were friends

  11. sally says:

    So at which point was klaus convinced to kill all his hybrids??? Did he know all along they were being taken away from him? Why wouldn’t he try to stop it? and…is he actually in league with Shane because those 12 murders are part of some spell or some sacrifice thing for bonnie to start becoming evil???? I don’t get how klaus knew to go and kill them all…or why he wouldn’t just want them to keep being sired to him…

  12. Nay says:

    I truely think Elena is in love with Damon. I know the sire bond plays a part in it but Tyle told Elena the sire bond effects their actions not the way thy feel. ex. Tyler hated klaus but he still did what he was told. Elena had undeniabled feelings for Damon before she turned but between beeing a vampire and w/ the bond, it just amplified those feelings. I do understand why Stefan is heart broken I mean who wants their brother to sleep with their ex and he does still love Elena..but I do feel he’s only thinking about his self yeah he admits he understands how Damon feels but yet he still asks him to tell Elena to stay away from him forever. The bond needs to be broken because Damon deserves to know the truth how Elena feels. I always felt Elena was unconditionally in love with Damon but was too worried about Stefan to ever say it I mean you could tell by the way she looks at him like he sees through her and he makes her change in many ways and like Rose says “makes her questi and challenges her beliefs” And yes Stefan will forever be a great boyfriend and “his love is pure” and I love Stefan for that. But ima a delena fan so tbh so I do hope they end up together,I feel that Damon only acts the way he does because he has been alone his whole life he never met anyone to make him change other than Katherine and Stefan won her heart no questions asked and I feel he didnt intentionally fall in love with Elena it just happened that’s three first time in a long tine that gee started feeling again and he changed for her and wanted to fight for her fair and square and for the first time Stefan was loosing even before she turNed. I just hope they develop elenas character I feel she needs to be stronger and shouldn’t be taken for granted, because thats how all the characters see her. I WWII pulls love to see Caroline with klaus though I think he really genuinely wants to be with her. He knows she lies to him over and over again yet he doesn’t kill her…but it were anyone else he would ripp tgeir heart out in seconds..they make a cute couple I think she would be the one to change in or get a better side out of him. I do wish she hadn’t told Stefan I understand he did alot for her in the past and saved her but she went against her best friends wishes and opened her mouth. But she thought she was doing whats right but yeah I can’t wait for the premiere January 17

    • Diana says:

      Please don’t disregard everything Stephan does for his brother. He gave himself to Klaus to save his life and lost Elena at the time too. Everything he does he does for love of the both. She is wrong to repay him with sleeping with his own brother. Family should show a bit more morals to the audience.Sleeping with brothers is just nasty

  13. Naazneen says:

    An arguement can be made for how each brother has put each other and Elena first. Stefan has done a lot to make Damon happy. Damon has done a lot to try and do better by his brother. Both are flawed characters. The reality is, Stefan got Elena first (from a dating perspective) but Damon has also always been in love with her.

    Now, she is in a position to return that love. Asking Damon to walk away from that is like asking him to die. Is it the right thing? Possibly no. But Elena loves him back. And Stefan knows this. I feel bad that Stefan is being hurt so badly. But we all knew this day was coming. Elena and Damon are like magnets. They are attracted in ways that is almost primal.

    The storytelling now has unformately made it so that Stefan is treating Elena like a broken toy/project/hobby. Its only driving her into Damon’s arms. I have no doubt Stefan loves her. I think its time we see him move on with someone else – even if in the end it comes back to Elena.

    • Diana says:

      The whole show was suppose to be about Stefan and Elena from the beginning the true love. it was suppose to prove that this time unlike in the past time it would be real. We already had a glance on Elena’s twin ancestor Amelia Gilbert SLEEPING with BOTH DAMON AND STEPHAN.. The story of her falling in love with the both only repeated itself. It was suppose to be that the love was tempted but strong enough to hold for Stephan and Elena and now it’s all corrupted with her sleeping with both brothers. That’s just nasty to think she slept with both brothers again in the past and repeated itself. The series was destroyed when the brothers slept with the same girl AGAIN. Stephan saved Damon’s life by giving himself to Klaus for his blood to save Damon from dieing and lost Elena for his own brother. Damon needed to move on and let Elena and Stephan be happy. He messed up big time. He should have died instead of back stabbing his own brother

      • Naazneen says:

        This isnt all on Damon. He has loved her for a long time. But she has also rebuffed him for a long time. This time, Elena has been the persuer, not Damon. So she wants him just as much as he wants her.

        You cant help who you love. Stefan cant help loving Elena despite the fact that she is now in love with Damon. Damon cant help loving Elena despite the fact she has chosen his brother numerous times in the past. It is what it is.

        I dont know if i see Stefan and Elena as “epic” love. I see that they have been through a lot to be together and that right now, it hasnt worked out. Her relationship with Damon – which really has been a long time coming – needs to be explored as well. Perhaps Stefan and Elena get back together. Or perhaps this proves that Stefan and Elena have run their course.

        Delena fans might see the point of the show being the final consummation of a very long, slow burning atttration between Elena and Damon. The Stelena fans might see the show as the steadfast, loyal love between Stefan and Elena. Like i said, an argument can be made by both fandoms for either.

        In all honesty, the fact that Elena slept with both brothers – just like Amelia – is in my mind more about the show coming full circle and showing the parallel’s between those two fates and less about it being a repeat of what had happened before.

        Im sure this triangle is far from over. But i cant say that im not happy that we finally get to explore the dynamic of Elena and Damon as a couple (if we actually get there).

      • pinkiifluffy says:

        yep..damon should die..but i guess Elena should be left alone and Stephan is better off with Rebekha!

  14. Love vamps says:

    I think Elena should stay with Damon and prove to Stefan and every one that her feelings are true.plec should do something and write a story for us to like it not for herself
    Elena’s gonna stay with Damon cause he’s the right and perfect choice.he tried so hard to get to her and she should not ignour this

  15. pinkiifluffy says:

    Damon is such a back stabber..cause stephan did everything for him…and he even gave himself into klaus coz of damon..but damon always lied to stephan and back stabbed him..Elena is a two faced one..i hate her so much…caroline and stephan are the best charcters of the story..i guess staphans better off with rebekha than elena cause Damon should die and Elena should be left alone..suffering..

  16. jordan says:

    I believe that Elena is only sired to damon because of claus and not because of Danone blood. Claus is always trying to get even with everybody on the show why not even by making elana believe that she is in love with Damon and not stefan. she may have had feelings for Damon when she was a human but the feelings were never as strong as when she had with stefan, the elana we have been introduced to would have thought about stefans feelings and would have waited. If you look closely, throughout all of the seasons they have shown a bit of forshadowing for what us to come to our favorite characters. The mystery of it all is the best part of the show. They can turn the direction and destiny of each character and we wouldn’t even be able to guess what’s next. It almost seems like elana is turning into the new Katherine.

  17. jordan says:

    Elena**** klaus**** sorry for spelling the characters names’s wrong

  18. Google says:

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