L.A. Reid Departing The X Factor

la reid x factorAnother “Over 25” has fallen on The X Factor — and this time, it’s L.A. Reid. When Fox’s other reality singing competition returns for Season 3, the major-label exec and noted record producer — who threw a hissy fit when he was assigned the oldest group of contestants during the show’s current installment — won’t be on the panel.

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“I have decided that I will not return to The X Factor next year,” Reid told Access Hollywood, citing his job as chairman and CEO of Epic Records as the reason for his exit.

“I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected and it saddens me a little bit, but only a little bit,” the music mogul explained. Reid added that he feels “a huge responsibility” to the acts at his recording label, so “it’s kind of time for me to stop doing the ‘me’ show.”

However, “I’m not ruling ever coming back,” he added. “I have a job to do and once I get some work done and get some momentum then maybe I’ll revisit the idea a little later.”

As for who should fill his vacant seat next season, Reid had a suggestion despite having “nothing” to do with the decision: Jon Bon Jovi.

Will you miss L.A. on The X Factor? Or was it time for him to go anyway? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. gailer says:

    This show just sucks. lol

    • Lili Ann Noln says:

      LA turned Randy Jackson into a genious. After all, he somehow managed to survive for 11 seasons! He must be doing something right, right?

      • Jo says:

        I agree. This guy, no matter what people think of him, is a musical genius when it comes to creating stars. He’s signed Usher, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Pink, Rhianna among many other artists. Say what you will about the artists he signs, but they can all sell albums, which has him rolling in the money. If I were a contestant on any talent show, I would pray I have him under my wing, as this is the guy you want to make your carreer happen! He’s got wayyyyyyy more pull than Britney Spears and Demi, etc…

        • Jason says:

          But he tried to turn Pink into Britney Spears. It was not until she stood up for herself on her second album by pushing to work with Linda Perry (her Idol) and going in a more rock direction that Pink really took off. He’s lucky to have found a few stars. That definitely does not make him a genius. The acts are genius he’s just lucky to sign them and be in a position to push them with money. He seemed like an idiot on the television show. Does he write music?

        • Ricardo Carelse says:

          He is a great person and did a job well done. He looks in a persons heart for the truth and then makes his dicision. I am sure he did the same for himself by lieving the show. Xfator lost gold I wish he could stay but I do understand his heart.

  2. Gee, I’m gonna miss his undulating hand covering his face while he comments on the acts. You’d think after two years they would have learned to reposition the camera for him.

  3. SK says:

    Don’t do it Jon Bon Jovi – X Factor is NOT a top notch show. Mediocre ratings at best – Cowell controls everything IMO. You are an icon who does not need this crap show.

    • Templar says:

      Right. Jon Bon Jovi is nominated for his second Golden Globe for the song Not Running Anymore, always has a top 10 grossing tour and proved to be more popular than Springsteen on the 12-12-12 Telethon. Why would he get mixed up with a crap show like X-Factor or deal with that prat Simon Cowell? He doesn’t need it, he’s approaching National Treasure status.

  4. Jeff says:

    The show still sucks…but he’s def one of the worst parts of it…so, happy to see him go. Now just get rid of Khloe and Mario too

  5. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Don’t care. I would never watch anything with Britney Spears on it in the first place.

  6. mia says:

    And his hissy fit does have another level :P

  7. Billy says:

    FINALLY!!!! (i also don’t believe he quit I think he got fired)…he’s the wrorst judge/mentor…now if they could get rid of Demi and Mario it will be way better…they should replace Demi with Sharon Osbourne she has the experience and personality needed and L.A. needs to be replaced by Bruno Mars or Ryan Teddar and if they do that they might have the best judging panel…in my personal opinion

    • Jason says:

      SHaron Osbourene? She was awful on AGT. Says the same four things ovewr and over. It’s time to think out of the box. Courtney Love!!!! Now that I’d be glued to the screen for!

  8. lolwut says:

    Just let it die already, You can change hosts and judges and sets. You can tweak the format. But you can’t make a show successful if the viewers aren’t interested. This show sits about 4-to-5 million viewers behind The Voice every week. If you’ve got to reboot a show every single season, that means there’s something very wrong at its core. The interest just isn’t there. It’s kind of a running joke how much of a flop this show has been.

    If I were Simon, I’d wash my hands and walk away. And don’t think L.A. Reid will be the only one leaving. You can be certain next season’s budget is getting slashed and Ms Spears probably won’t take a pay cut. FOX, save your money. Let it go.

    • Russ says:

      I think people are tired of singing competition shows. AI was on for 10 season before x-factor even started and not even half of AI’s winners have seen success and now with Voice whose winners also haven’t been successful, there is just no room for X-factor and the bad drama they try to produce.

      • teatime says:

        This has nothing to do with Idol. Every Idol winner, most Idol runners-up, and many other Idol contestants, have had more success than anyone from X-Factor or The Voice. Hopefully that will change over time since there are many great contestants from these other shows who also deserve success.
        X-Factor is getting trounced in the rating by The Voice because X-Factor tried to be about a rivalry between the judges instead of about giving us entertaining performances.

    • Lili Ann Noln says:

      They need a country superstar to judge. Someone who can draw the Middle America (that’s Blake Shelton’s role on The Voice). I think they’ll have to hire a singer to replace L.A. He may have signed all these people but he didn’t became a TV star like Simon did, so he was fired. They probably told him that during the crazy “you’ll mentor the overs” phone call.

      They should bring back Paula, hire a country superstar and replace LA with will.i.am.

  9. Danny says:

    It looks like Simon just lost one of his yes men. He’ll find someone else that’ll put up token resistance when Simon deems it necessary.

  10. Lili Ann Noln says:

    I knew it. They’ll fire everybody but Simon (of course) and keep replacing them until the show becomes a hit. My bet is that they’ll keep Demi – because she’s cheap, find someone to replace Robotney as well. I think they should fire Mario and keep Khloe (she is terrible, but 100% better than Mario). A new couple of hosts would be nice. Some hot girl and a man smarter than Mario, which is not that difficult, to be honest.

    • me says:

      lol are we watching the same show? Khloe is ATROCIOUS. I’m embarrassed for her when I watch. I can feel her self-consciousness and these faces she makes like shes sucking on a sour lemon. Its brutal. At least Mario is fake enough to read his lines with some intonation. And her VOICE – gawd, she makes my ears bleed. She just sucks. But you’re right. They need two new hosts. I honestly would have liked to see Corbin Bleu (he was in talks to host but they opted for Mario instead) – he seems more fresh, maybe more natural?

      • Lili Ann Noln says:

        She is bad. But I love a train wreck. We need a Paula Abdul on every single competition show.
        I hate Mario. He is SO fake… Steve Jones was good to look at. Mario (fully dressed), sorry, he is just ok.

  11. Jonah says:

    Viewers like underdogs… they like stories with an emotional connection. Idol and the Voice has these. X Factor may have a bit of this but on the other hand, whenever I tune in, I see spoiled brat contestants or just unlikeable personalities in general and I tune out. I’m guessing a lot if the public feels the same way. It’s just not sticking.

    • Lili Ann Noln says:

      There were TEN bullies for each underdog on this season of The X Factor. And it wasn’t even fun like Hollywood Week of Idol uses to be.

      One of the underdogs they chose to the live shows CAN’T sing. Paige is hot and that’s it. Who else was an underdog? I loved Jillian but she was eliminated early. Beatrice was great, some of the 5 girls are underdogs.

      I hated this season because there’s nobody to root for. Last year we had Melanie, Josh, Chris, Rachel… all underdogs. I know Carly has a monster of a voice and that Tate is goofy and that the girls seem nice, but I don’t care who wins. I’m not excited to watch or download their performances.

  12. greysfan says:

    WOOHOO! This is music to my ears. He really gets on my nerves with his stupid comments. You know what the problem with X Factor USA is the judges are too sure of themselves and the editing of the show is beyond a joke. They need to take a good long hard look at the UK and Australian franchises of the show to see how its done. If they can do that then they might actually be able to improve the show but if they keep changing it for the US then they are bigger idiots then i thought. I think they need to get rid of the hosts too. Give us someone good instead of morons. There was nothing wrong with who hosted the first season of X Factor.

    • greysfan says:

      And what i mean by this is the bratty bitchyness they showed all throughout the auditions. That is not what this is about. It was just WRONG WRONG WRONG! Not to mention the way they keep showing the behind the scenes shots after the performances. Cut that out too! Not to mention the stupid leaderboard. Its tacky and ridiculous. I really thought Simon had more brains then this considering this is HIS show.

    • Tess says:

      The sad thing is that Simon thinks the UK version is a failure right now because the ratings have dropped so much there – but it’s still a million times better than the US version and if that show were on here, the ratings here might be better than they are.
      And yes, anyone who complained about Steve Jones last year is probably wishing he were back on this season rather than what they replaced him with.

    • Lili Ann Noln says:

      The leaderboard needs to go! I have my own leaderboard at home – for the WORST HOST of the week. Khloe and Mario are very competitive for the title. I honestly can’t say who will win since they’re both “in it to win it”. The losers, however, are clear: the viewers.

      They also need to choose the best contestants. CeCe, Paige, Emblem3, Jason, Willie, Arin: they’re SO weak… I think “Simon from Idol” would never say Yes to these losers. The stage is horrible, the studio could be more iluminated.

  13. Josh says:

    Oh please Idol sucks anymore its the same crap every year a guy wins who plays the guitar the only winners who deserved it latley were David Cook and Scotty stopped watching when it was obivous Boring Overrated Phil was going to win

  14. Sara says:

    Oh thank god. He was, for me, the downfall of the show both seasons. Can’t stand him. Frankly, I’d be happy with just Britney, Demi, and Simon.

  15. Brandon says:

    He’s my least favorite part of this trainwreck (so bad I can’t stop watching) show, so good riddance!

  16. dj says:

    I think it’s a case of a charming rat leaving a sinking ship. He doesn’t want to be associated with this joke of a show that doesn’t work and isn’t getting the ratings it’s supposed to despite every trick Simon has tried ($5 million prize, superstar Britney Spears as a mentor, Pepsi commercial, etc.)

  17. X-lackluster says:

    The ship is sinking! I’m surprised everyone involved isn’t srambling for a life boat.

  18. Alienate says:

    Sinking ship. Yup.
    The Voice found a way for the four Competing Judges/mentors to remain uplifting.
    X-Factor judges bicker and then use their votes to remove the other judge’s MOST talented acts. It defeats the whole purpose of the show.
    There are many more problems with X-Factor, but the above is Major.

  19. Jason says:

    I like Kloe

  20. Jason says:

    I’m gonna produce your show for you SImon.Now that LA is gone. Get rid of Britney, she’s awful. Replace her with someone who can do the job better a whole lot cheaper. Keep it at 3 judges. Take the money you save on Britney and LA and hire four new mentors. The judges shouldn’t be the mentors. It leads to obvious favortism and fake comments. No one cares what you have to say when they don’t believe you. Idol worked because we didn’t know what you would say because you had no favortism. I know the mentor think worked in England but here it just seems like you are trying to rip off the Voice because they came first here.

  21. Nina says:

    Now we just need to get rid of Britney, Demi, and Khloe. Britney never adds anything helpful, Demi acts like the show is all about her, and Khloe… she’s just embarrassing.