Grey's Anatomy Recap: The Other Shoe Drops

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Derek and MeredithGrey’s Anatomy closed out 2012 with multiple bangs, a few whimpers and a handful of highly anticipated relationship turning points.

Let’s revisit the highlights from “Run, Baby, Run.”

WEDDING BELLE BLUES | Bailey is a pre-marital mess. On the eve of her nuptials to Ben (a.k.a. The Most Perfect Man in the World), Seattle Grace’s onetime “Nazi” is taking all of her anxiety/trepidation/stress out on her co-workers. And when she’s not barking at them, she’s awkwardly casting them as bridesmaids. (“Just put on a dress and don’t sit down,” she instructs Callie and Meredith.) Webber, meanwhile, challenges Bailey to examine the real reason she’s in full-tilt, basket-case-mode. “Overwhelming doubt is a problem,” he opines. “A little bit of doubt is a sign of an intelligent adult.” Later, while whisking her off to the ceremony in his fancy stretch limo, Webber gets a call that his ailing wife Adele has been rushed to Seattle Grace with a nasty case of the blood vomits. Bailey, already looking for any reason not to get to the church on time, makes a beeline for the hospital, peels off her wedding gown and preps Adele for surgery. The wedding will have to wait!

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BABY STEPS | Mer and Der are treated to an exclusive first look at their unborn baby, courtesy of a Rachel Dratch-looking OBGYN. But Mer, still jittery about her “unstable uterus,” remains steadfast in her decision to keep her uncooked bundle of joy under wraps. “I’m probably going to miscarry anyway,” she reasons to Derek, who is anxious to tell his sister, Izzie with an “L.” “This baby has an uphill climb. I’m just being realistic.” Mer later lifts her self-imposed gag order and blabs all to Izzie with an “L” after she selflessly donates some of her leg nerve to help repair Derek’s hand. (That sound you hear is the ice thawing on their strained relationship.) BTW, the super-sweet scene where Meredith visits a post-op Derek at his bedside was a thing of effortless beauty, no?

D-DAY AVERTED | Cristina discovers the real reason Owen filed for divorce was to increase the gang’s chances of landing a big settlement, thereby alleviating the guilt he felt for the role he played in the crash. “A bunch of people made it possible for a bad plane to take off,” he cries out to his estranged wife. “And I am one of those people.” That emotional catharsis pushes all of Cristina’s sympathy buttons, sending her into Owen’s waiting arms (and lips). Reunited!

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DATE NIGHT DRAMA | Still vulnerable from their split, Jackson and April think it unwise to attend Bailey’s nuptials together and risk reawakening all that sexual tension. That decision triggers an amusing game of musical dates that pairs April with Smash Williams, Jackson with intern Stephanie and — unbeknownst to them until it was too late — Alex with his nemesis/inevitable future love interest Wilson. Awkward! (Side note: Steph and Wilson’s extreme makeovers. Discuss.)

IF THE SHOE DOESN’T FIT | While prepping for Bailey’s wedding, Amputee Arizona grapples with another downside of her new normal: She can no longer wear heels. Callie initially approaches this latest crisis with humor, compassion and flattery. “You are so beautiful,” she assures her. “People stand next to you and immediately feel bad about themselves. It’s a public service that you’re a couple of inches shorter.” The pep talk lifts A’s spirits… for a few hours. She later resumes her pity party, vowing not to attend the wedding at all. And with that, Hurricane Callie strikes — and it is a most perfect storm. The glorious Debora Cahn-penned diatribe has been repurposed below in its entirety:

I’m over it. You are exactly the same person you were before just minus a leg… I have been supportive for months. But there comes a point where you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living. OK, so you have one leg. It’s a wedding. And weddings are sweet. And beautiful. And nobody’s going to notice a stupid leg because everybody’s going to be looking at Bailey. And maybe for one night our lives can be about something other than that damn leg. My whole life is about that leg. I haven’t had sex in five months because of that leg. Enough about the leg!

The speech seems to rattle Callie (Sara Ramirez’s “Oh, crap, did I go too far?!” reaction shot FTW!) more than it does Arizona, who takes a moment to fully digest the lecture before slowly sliding her prosthetic foot into the waiting flat. Arizona’s back!

What did you think of Grey’s Anatomy‘s December finale? Hit the comments!

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  1. Brenna says:

    loved that owen and cristina ending, been waiting for it for a very long time

  2. GoGiants says:

    Ugh. Christina needs to leave Owen. They might have good sex, but they don’t want the same things and he’s been horrible to her. She can do much better than him, she needs a man who respects her desire to not have children.

    • tvJunkie says:

      ^This. I def agree!

    • Ashleah Youn says:

      I don’t know. I think Christina’s relationship with Dr. Thomas may have had her re-think her stance on not having children. Dr. Thomas was like a father figure to her. He taught her how to teach someone, how to raise a great surgeon. She may want kids now. People can always change their minds.

      • GoGiants says:

        I hate your sort of response–as if every woman, if just spoken to correctly, desires children but just doesn’t know it.

        From what Christina has said, it is part of her core being that she doesn’t want children. I understand that, having never had a single maternal urge in my life (I turn 40 in two months and no clock ticking, no urge to nuture a baby). It isn’t something that a woman, with Chrisina’s expressed views changes her mind on.

        Owen has no respect for her core views and how she wants to live, she needs to leave him. He’s petty, vindictive and not a nice person. Even his divorcing her isn’t about love, it’s all about dollar signs, pretty disgusting. Shows what he values.

        • ben says:

          Christina isn’t real, and if Shonda writes her a change of heart because her story arc on the show, this doesn’t in any way speak poorly of your own choices in life.

          There are also women who are convinced they don’t want children and one day change their minds. Christina’s character can’t speak for every possible person. Don’t “hate” on others because they have a different view.

          • Dawn says:

            Oh thank God someone said this. Every character is just that. Fiction. It’s Shonda’s story and she can write it anyway she wants. People that want to denigrate her because they don’t like what she writes should come up with a contract and write their own scripts. I for one am happy they’re back together and we have no idea how Shonda plans to write their future. Que sera, sera.

          • GoGiants says:

            I know Christina isn’t real. And I know of no women like myself (or Christina, from what the character has said) who change their minds. You don’t go from knowing you don’t want kids to hearing a clock ticking. Maybe, a teen girl goes from one to the other, but rarely a smart woman well into her career and adult years, as Christina is. For one, in American society, it is tough for a woman to admit, even to herself that she has no maternal urges.

            People assume there is something wrong, that the woman will ‘grow out of it.’ That’s just incredibly patronizing.

          • me says:

            I don’t think this is supposed to be seen as patronizing. I think it has less to do with this feminist movement about how “women aren’t only good as baby cooking machines”, and more to do with how much Christina loves Owen. We don’t know what is coming for them, if she even has a complete change of heart, but her just reconsidering wanting children isn’t unrealistic. She loves him. She’s had recent experiences that shed light on bonding with a parent-like figure, so this wouldn’t come out of left field. It may seem like its a cop-out to you based on your personal life experiences but that can be said to a lot of people who can’t relate to certain characters for who make life choices that don’t mirror their own. Bottom line, most viewers like to see couples find their way back to each other and honestly, its so heartbreaking seeing them NOT together so yes, I am hoping they find a compromise to this solution even if its as “patronizing” as Christina agreeing to have children with the man she loves (and who loves her enough to divorce her so she can get more money from his “mistake”…its not disgusting, its selflessness).

          • April says:

            Wow GoGiants…you don’t know of any women who changed their minds? I’m sure your circle of friends and relatives is representative of the Billons of women who live on this planet. It is absurd to use the argument “no one I know…” because the fact is the ammount of people you know is hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the ammount of people in the world. Just because people in your circle don’t do it doesn’t mean nobody does. Stop taking it so da*n personally. This isn’t about you.

          • Pearl says:

            You guys are being so lame. Come on! So you can only be an amazing professional if you don’t want kids? Or if you don’t want kids now, and you change your mind in the future you’re patronizing yourself? REALLY? You can’t change the way you see life after being in a traumatic event where you almost died, and then finding a father figure that ends up dying like your own father? Don’t you remember? This is the second time that she sees one “father” die in front of her eyes. This woman suffered the hell,and she’s older now, and she has a new way of see her life, and her career. So why can’t she want have kids? She’s not changing because of Owen, she left him, she moved out, and THERE she had a new take on life, she learned new things. THERE she decided to come back, and try again with Owen. She didn’t even said she want kids now, but if she wants, it’s okay. She didn’t change her beliefs because of a man, she changed because of her path, and her choices, and her learning of life. So be it. Let her be a mother. It’s not patronizing. It’s not saying that every woman wants to be a mother. It’s not saying that women have a biological clock to want kids, is just saying THIS woman changed after her life history and thats what she wants now. She’s entitled to have a choice to not have kids, so why can’t she have the choice of have them? It’s hipocrisy. Let her live, damn! (and yes, I know it’s just a show, but these arguments about a woman on tv changing her mind about kids be a patronizing thing and a way to teach women that they have to be moms is such a stupid idea)

          • Elayne says:

            I can tell you I am one of those people who felt no maternal instinct and when my husband and I were talking marriage, told him I don’t want kids, can you live with that? He said yes and we married . I turned 30 and started to have a change of heart . Another year goes by and I know I did so then my husband and I had some long discussions and decided to have a child . We have a little girl now and I adore and love her and don’t regret my decision at all . But I still work full time . I could NEVER be a stay at home mom . It isn’t in me, it’s just not enough for me to be happy.

            So there you go, it happens.

          • broncfanwa says:

            maybe everything that’s happened to BOTH OF THEM over the past year will help them to change and grow into people who can compromise about the big things as well as the little things. maybe Christina will never be a person who wants children (or maybe she will) but maybe Owen will become a person who can be a great father to a St. Bernard.

            Humans evolve, love is one thing that can help that evolution take place, and changing your stance on the ideals you cast in stone as a child is not necessarily sacrificing your “personhood” whether it’s by Owen or Christina. Get a grip, folks, just because Christina MIGHT change her mind, that doesn’t invalidate YOUR decisions!!

          • Jessica P. says:

            I can’t speak for GoGiants, but I know that I would find it a refreshing change if, for once, a _male_ character was the one who was expected to compromise re: what he thinks he wants for the sake of his relationship, specifically on the question of having kids. This entire thread has been about how Cristina (and there’s no “H” in her name, people; there’s never been an “H” in her name) could/should/might/has to change her mind about having kids. No one has come close to suggesting that quite possibly _Owen_ could realize that it’s more important to him to have Cristina as his partner than it is for them to be parents. It would be interesting and unexpected of Shonda to tell a story where Owen’s the one who has the change of heart. Because the story where it’s the woman who comes to the realization that she wants kids because she Found the Right Person or whatever has been *done to death*.

          • Ninna says:

            Cristina might not be real, but she’s a role model seen for millions.

            ‘There are also women who are convinced they don’t want children and one day change their minds. ‘- and some, not all obviously, later regretted they have changed their minds. Saying they should have path their initial instinct. That’s sad.

        • Alex says:

          Totally agree with you.

        • GoGiants says:

          Divorcing her so they can cash in more is disgusting and greedy. It’s what the lowest of the low do, money-grubbing.

          • SusieQ says:

            If he doesn’t divorcer her they can use it as a conflict of interest and not get a dime. It’s not MORE money…also I am one of the women that never wanted kids ever and no desire when I married. I changed my mind and I’m now having a baby. So it does happen.

          • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

            It’s not about him making cash, or Cristina… it’s about the other people in the crash being taken care of. He feels that his mistake led to this point. He’s trying to make it right for all those involved, not trying to win a big check for his future ex-wife.

          • I don’t really think they are after the money. They want justice and for this not to happen again. If the case is just thrown out because of a conflict of interest then that will never happen.

        • Jkk says:

          She said, “people can change their minds” not “all women really secretly want children and so if you wait around long enough they will finally admit it.” Get a grip and project your issues somewhere else.

      • Anna says:

        I really hope not. It is nice to have one Grey’s character who doesn’t want kids. Sometimes women don’t want kids and don’t change their minds. I’m game for Owen and Christina to get back together. Owen can be a great surrogate uncle/babysitter/whatever. I think that Owen can be more happy without kids than Christina can be with them.

        • Jessica P. says:

          THIS! You’re the first person to suggest that maybe, just maybe, Owen could/should be the one to compromise/change his view. Thanks for saying this.

          • twilight123 says:

            YES! I have to believe that this is the only way the story is going to work out. Cristina is NOT having kids. That is a core part of who she is. And I think it would be refreshing to see her husband have to compromise for her, instead of the always played out trope of wife compromising for husband. Also, I never understood why Cristina is seen as selfish for knowing herself and knowing she doesn’t want to be a mom. Why would anyone expect her to sign up for a life that would make her miserable (not to mention her future child miserable) just to keep her husband happy? Either he would have to learn to be ok being a uncle/babbysitter/god parent/etc or he needs to not be with Cristina. Those are the two choices, as I see it.

          • Ninna says:

            twilight123, thank you 1000x. you said it all. Sad to see that women still advocate without questioning properly the part reserved to them by society, not always for their wellness.
            I for one, might condescend that she give him the kids but it must be him to take front seat on taking care of them and let her have her career as men do all the time. It’s not my first preference but better that than nothing.

      • sara says:

        Yeah. A father FIGURE. Maybe encourage her to teach, to mentor, to have an impact on another surgeon’s life and the lives of the people they save.

      • vanessa_tw says:

        Yes, Cristina’s thinking she may be raising a smart kid who ‘ll be a brilliant surgeon just like her , she want Owen to have chance to be father , not like Dr.Thomas was left alone

      • Run fast says:

        Why does Christina have to change her mind…why can’t Owen change his?

        • Ninna says:

          Finally!!! Why the option of being her caving in is much more defended than the other way around?
          He knew she was a free kids woman before marriage, she made it clear, he didn’t, so he has to man up and suck it up

      • Ninna says:

        You didn’t understood Dr. Thomas message to Cris. His message was, if you want to be great and you have the potential for that, don’t distract yourself with ANYTHING, no chit-chat, no friends, no hobbies, no pets, no children AND no demanding husband. In between READ A BOOK, not raising up a family. That was his advice. Be him, invest in her career, not in kids. If his example of life will be accepted by her or not is another talk.

      • Denise McNamara says:

        ^ Now this I agree with, the storyline could twist this way.

      • Cristina says:

        I was looking up my name and my mans name we are jimmy jw Bailey and Cristina and I seen you have the some name my man don’t no he’s dad are more baileys we have to kids Debra and Lil jimmy you guys will be ok jimmy and I are going on 17yrs on 1-27-13

    • BrowncoatWhit says:

      Yeah. Owen needs to dump that self-centered narcissist, who refused to respect him enough to even DISCUSS the issue of abortion (when the man was likely willing to agree to it if he understood her emotional and medical reasons), and who has consistently failed any degree of basic communication with him. The man would have quit his career just to take care of her after a trauma and roast chickens for her, but she apparently fled like Bambi without even a goodbye…

      I love Cristina — but seriously? She’s the one who’s been horrible to Owen, NOT the other way around! He has been nothing but respectful and supportive to her. If their genders were reversed, no WAY would any woman I know be supporting Cristina’s treatment of her spouse!

      • GoGiants says:

        What is there to discuss with abortion? To talk her into a pregnancy and kid she doesn’t want? Blech.

        He’s abused her, cheated on her, refused to accept her views on not wanting children. He’s a jerk, plain and simple and should have been on that plane. That would have been a happy ending for me.

        • sara says:

          I could believe that he kept going on about “who doesn’t want kids!” in their therapy sessions as if there is something wrong with her for not wanting to house a child in her body, changing it permanently and then trying to emotionally manipulate her into keeping it because he wanted it.

          • GoGiants says:

            Yup. As I said above, I get where Christina is coming from, being a nearly 40 year old woman who has never ever wanted a baby/child. And it isn’t because I am selfish or mean, etc. Some women just have no desire for pregnancy or to raise a child and all that entails. Cats, fine. Yes. But not a child.

          • Ninna says:

            Yes, it was only left to told her she was retard or a mean person bc she didn’t want kids. How disrespectfull and abusive. And the look of sickness on his face because she was telling him the absolute truth that she always had been clear about not wanting kids from the beginning.

          • twilight123 says:


      • sara says:

        Wait, when did Owen ever care about her emotional or medical reasons? She said she didn’t want kids before they got married and he assumed she’d “grow up”. That’s not in any way respecting her. He didn’t even care enough to talk to her about her PTSD and just used it as a way to get his hooks into her by getting married when they wanted different things, hoping that if he just talked about what HE wanted and HIS dreams that she would change his mind because his vision was so spectacular.

        • GoGiants says:

          Owen comes across as one angry guy. At first, it was the PTSD, understandable. But he hasn’t grown a bit since then. Quick to anger, to pitch a fit unless he gets his way. Completely unrealistic that he’d be Chief, given his poor people skills.

          • bigdede says:

            I so agree. He is always angry. He has horrible people skills and he went and got that annoying April back to teach her and I haven’t see one scene with them together since. Why he bring her back!

        • Alichat says:

          I’m sorry, but I’m sick to death of people saying Owen is horrible because he wants kids and was hoping that Cristina would change her mind. Cristina knew Owen wants kids, and apparently was hoping he’d change his mind too. They BOTH are at fault. BOTH OF THEM. They both married the other knowing that they wanted different outcomes when it comes to family. NEITHER of them addressed the issue or talked about it. Neither of them faced the situation head on, and made a decision about their relationship UNTIL it was too late for someone to be really, really hurt. Meaning, they didn’t address it until Cristina was pregnant, and she made the decision to abort the baby, leaving Owen with the decision of ‘be with me when I abort your baby’ or ‘don’t be with me when I abort your baby.’ Then they never talked about it. And then they imploded. They are both intelligent, strong-willed, damaged, loving, and complex people…..and this is why their relationship is such a roller-coaster. It’s not as easy as “he’s a jerk and a horrible person” or “she’s a selfish b*tch.” I think the complexity of their relationship is why it is so good to watch.

          • Spro says:


          • me says:

            THANK YOU. preach!

          • Carly says:

            She made it 100% clear she did not want a child. They didn’t talk about it because there was nothing to talk about. It was unwavering.

            And, I mean, he then cheated on her so that was a pretty low move. Actually…horrible is EXACTLY the word I would use.

          • Ninna says:

            NO ONE said here Owen is horrible because he wants kids. He was entitled to them bf married a girl he knew didn’t want them. He’s horrible because of the way he handled things. Don’t mix things to get credit where he doesn’t have any.
            And yes, he was hoping to change her. It was him who told so, not us.
            Cristina DIDN’T KNOW Owen wanted kids because he didn’t bother to tell her, bc in due time he was expecting to twist her on his way. It was his way or highway thus the cheating.
            She told in front of witnesses in 6.19 that she didn’t want kids, what was the episode he made clear that a family was his desire?….But as Owen lover don’t have any credible argument, they invent, I see!

      • Ninna says:

        ‘Yeah. Owen needs to dump that self-centered narcissist, who refused to respect him enough to even DISCUSS the issue of abortion (when the man was likely willing to agree to it if he understood her emotional and medical reasons), and who has consistently failed any degree of basic communication with him.’

        She didn’t discuss the issue with him bc he didn’t accepted her calls for two weeks…TWO WEEKS…she had to make another appointment bc he didn’t bother to actually TALK to her showing that he was THE role model in basic communication in the relationship.
        No matter what she had told him the outcome would had been the same, him kicking her out of house because she refused to bend to his demands. The only self-centered narcissistic here is Owen who wanted a great medical career, despite his claims that’s more to life than that, and expected to have someone who sacrificed herself to make come true HIS dreams, independently if that would destroy her or not. He wanted EVERYTHING at expenses of his wife. Yes, he’s that kind of creature who doesn’t have to make choices in life like the others. He’s a man after all, and is entitled to everything!!! If he wants kids so badly, be a stay home daddy or take a less time and energy consuming job to take care of them like woman who want them do. Until I see that, he’s a selfish bastard.

    • sara says:

      SERIOUSLY. And one that doesn’t take advantage of her every time she’s emotionally vulnerable or, you know, talks to her.

    • My2-cents says:

      I too wish Christina and Owen would just break up for good and move on.

    • Vel says:

      She’ll eventually change her mind about having children. Baily and Meredith and Callie and Arizona are all surgeons with children. There is no reason Christina can’t and won’t have at leas one.

      • Ninna says:

        C/A/M were 3 taking care of Sofia and sometimes they had to fight to have free time individually or as a couple.
        Mer and Bailey are precisely the examples of women who struggle to keep both work and family and have to abdicate somehow in their careers. They are not the best example to support this theory.

    • CJ says:

      He can do so much better than her, he needs a woman who respects his desire to have children
      (My point being that you may be right about them being finally incompatible, just that it’s wrong to blame one more than the other).

  3. Diana says:

    Dude, pity party? Really? Wow. I’d like to see how you feel about yourself if someone cut your leg off.

    Other than one scene in 9×03, we have not seen Callie attempting to understand where Arizona is coming from. I get using tough love, but making it all about Callie and her sex life and blah blah blah, while Arizona is sitting there telling her how self-conscious she feels…no, that’s not an “Emmy” moment. Callie disregarded Arizona’s pleas maybe 4 or 5 times in that scene.

    I just don’t get how that was supposed to be a “beautiful” moment. Callie belittled her wife and her concerns and made it all about herself, how “her life” is all about the leg. Well, Arizona’s only 5 months post-amputation and it’s hardly fair to expect her to get over it because Callie wants sex, especially the very first time Arizona is expected to dress up and go out in public beyond work. Arizona’s whole life is now different and so far we have seen zero attempt on Callie’s part (on-screen anyway) to understand that.

    I used to adore both characters equally. Now I feel like pod!Callie from season 7 has returned, and I am not a fan.

    • Maybe says:

      Are you kidding me! Callie is supporting AZ to the fullest! She’s trying to make her fell fuvkin’ better! And Callie doesn’t want sex. She wants her wife to be happy again… Duh!

    • Ana says:

      Disagree at every level. Callie has been giving Arizona space and support. She has been carrying the guilt for saving her wife’s life, (guilt!). She has stood quiet in the face of her verbal abuse, emotional distance and spousal neglect. And that has helped Arizona none. She was stuck in a rut and Callie had become the unwitting enabler. She had to do what she did and it was perfect. Yes, Arizona has gone through something traumatic. But she needed to understand that even though her comfort and mobility have been compromised, her value as a person, as a wife and mother were still intact.

  4. N says:

    Avery: Meet you in the locker room! (To Stephanie)

    • bigdede says:

      I so hope they hook up and stay hooked up. Get Avery away from annoying April, PLEASE!! She actually looked cute today.

  5. JJ says:

    this episode was only okay. I expected a little more, but that’s probably because of all the build up from interviews and such.

    I enjoyed the Lizzie Shepherd scenes. Glad to see more of the Shepherd side of the family. Meredith confiding in Lizzie at the end was really sweet!

    Derek was beyond cute with his bedside flirting with Meredith. Also glad that Meredith and Cristina are growing beyond their friendship.

    Happy for the “crowen’ fans. I never thought they made any sense as a couple. They just don’t fit to me. Also, I think the way KMK kisses is… well, um, a bit much? To me it doesn’t come off as passionate, but w/e.

    Callie’s speech was great! Glad she finally got all of that off her chest. I wish their was more AZ teaching Alex scenes. I miss those. I miss Alex scenes in general, especially without all those interns.

    I’m over all the intern stuff. I feel they are taking up wayyyyyy too much screen time. I hope it doesn’t continue.

    Bailey’s wedding stuff was a tad predictable.

    Adele stuff was no surprise seeing that all the media spoiled that already, which pretty much means the winter ‘cliff hanger’ wasn’t really a cliff hanger.

    Hope the next part of the season picks up. Can’t wait to see a pregnant Meredith!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. soxfan says:

    FINALLY!!! Owen & Cristina reunited! Well, somewhat for this one episode anyway. We O/C fans have been waiting for more than a YEAR for this kiss – holy chapstick!!! It is about time that Cristina spoke up – that wasn’t just a baby step for this character to take, it was a major leap forward!!! Yeah Cristina … & I loved the look of total surprise on his face when she told him she wanted to try marriage to him again. He was right – she left the marriage a long time ago & in my opinion, it was the moment she removed her wedding ring & put it in his hand … but we’ll fast forward for now.

    I do believe she got his answer of not wanting a divorce when he put that lip-lock on her I tell ya …. whoa!! I could just tell Owen wanted to tell Cristina just how beautiful she looked when she walked into the room & Sandra Oh did look stunning in that black dress, she really is a very beautiful & tiny woman. I was waiting to see the dress & his clothes on the floor before the end of the episode – well, maybe that will be part 2 when the show comes back on the air Jan. 10th!!! For now, I’ll take the whole fabulous scene!!! Happy Holidays to All & to all a good-night!! :-)

    • GoGiants says:

      Aside from sexual chemistry, what do they have in their relationship? He manipulates and pitches fits every time he doesn’t get his way? What they have is lust, not love. They would have been believable as a one-night stand, but as a couple, it is scary to imagine a woman putting up with a mean-spirited, manipulative man like that for any length of time.

      And she doesn’t want what he does.

      And his reason for the divorce is a financial one. That’s not love, well, maybe love of dollars.

      • me says:

        I think you missed the point of the divorce-plane crash settlement. It is possible to spin everything negatively to make Owen out to be a bad guy but then you’d have to be fair that Christina also has some blame here. When it comes to children and women’s rights, its always the women’s side thats defended more but that’s as much a form of sexism as anything else. And this is coming from a 23 year old female that although young has never had a maternal instinct either. I feel like Owen’s done a lot to stand by her and protect her in ways that she will never fully know – thats love and regardless of what their stances are of other things, theres no denying they love each other. And this “love of dollars” doesnt even make sense since the divorce would have led to CRISTINA winning more money, not Owen. This was him attempting some form of penance. Just ease up on the Owen hate just because Cristina is going to change her mind about having children and you never did.

        • Carly says:

          Did everyone forget Owen cheated on Cristina orrrrr……….?

          • Ninna says:

            To revenge on her, to hurt her back for being a free kids woman something he knew before marriage and married her anyway. For na abortion he was there supporting too. And didn’t show any sign of regret or shame til was caught. kept trating her like garbage after that…and…lets not talk about S6…
            Cristina isn’t perfect but him…good lord…she’s too good for him.
            The seeds Shonda has been planting in the romantic little heads from episode 8.20 are already bearing fruit. How quickly people forget!

          • Ninna says:

            Carly, that was justifiable bc the poor poor guy had a bad wife who had the gall of not fulfilling all his demands like a good slave…so…she deserved it. It’s totaly acceptable. Besides that he’s a man. When she had Parker after she had put a period on their relationship everyone pointed her the finger calling her all sort of things but when he cheated on her while in the relationship he was easily forgiven.

          • me says:

            I’m not too sure what the posts above are trying to say lol so this isn’t really in response to them. But in response to forgetting about Owen cheating, no, I didn’t forget. I was right there with everyone saying this is the end of Owen and Cristina, cheating is the ultimate betrayal, you cant bounce back from that. But you have to remember that Cristina ABORTED their baby without so much as a discussion with Owen. She did this knowing full well that he wanted children. Owen cheating did not come at a time where they were in a wonderful, happy place in their marriage. That in no way does it make it excusable but to those with a heart, this should make his actions understandable. She did something to him that HE felt was the ultimate betrayal and inexcusable. Him doing that to get revenge was low, petty, and extremely hurtful. But as in all forms of conflict, people emerge from the other side with experience, maturity, and a shred of knowledge. Owen come out of this realizing he screwed up bad and above all, he wants her back. The writers wrote the Cristina-Owen story in a way where they BOTH contributed to the downfall of their marriage – thus they BOTH deserve forgiveness and a second chance to be with each other.

          • Ninna says:

            ‘ She did something to him that HE felt was the ultimate betrayal and inexcusable.’

            The problem here is that he had NO right to feel it as the ultimate betrayal and inexcusable bc he KNEW, and married her anyway, she was a free kids woman. Adding to that he went with her to the abortion against his will, but he went anyway. So…NO…it’s not understandable that he later cheated using that as excuse. If he hadn’t been so selfish to the point of thinking she’s a toy for him to play he would have understand this and definitely should have expected that if some day she would get pregnant by accident she wouldn’t have it, not the other away around. Adults don’t use sex outside marriage to solve their problems, there are other methods. The method he chose says a lot about him. Think about that. That is what people refuse to see bc they’re in love with him.

            I agree the writers wrote the Cristina-Owen story in a way where they BOTH contributed to the downfall of their marriage but not in an equal way. Owen has contributed way more since S6 to this debacle. So much so that the writers had to reinvent a new Cristina in S7 to justify Owen’s faults.
            Now, I agree that pain is a good opportunity for people learn and grow up.

      • Sophoia says:

        I think you completely missed the point. First, both of them have made mistakes in that relationship. Owen is not less at fault than Christina. And frankly, it does not seem that strange to me that she could love him. If Shonda can do one thing, it’s write about complicated people. Real people are complicated and relationships are complicated. Love is complicated. You don’t just decide that you do or don’t love someone. You can decide about many things in life but you cannot control your feelings. And I think that’s what’s going on here. They love each other even though they probably shouldn’t because they don’t want the same things out of life. But they cannot do anything about it. It’s as simple as that. They’re just in love.
        And when it comes to the financial side of things, I think that Owen is far from selfish. If he does not divorce Christina, it will put the whole law suit in jeopardy because of his ties to one of the victims. So not only Christina wouldn’t get anything but neither would Meredith, Derek and Arizona. He’s not divorcing her because he wants to get his part of the settlement, he just puts the welfare and future of the victims before his own interest. What’s wrong with that?

        • GoGiants says:

          They are NOT in love. It’s lust and that is why they don’t want the same things. The sex is great, but they have no compatibility in other areas.

          He’s divorcing her so they can get more money–it’s all about money. That is called GREED.

          • Elayne says:

            As someone said, Owen is divorcing Christina so the INJURED PARTIES get the money, not him. If they are divorced before the settlement, he gets nothing. The people on the crash aren’t greedy, they didn’t not settle so they could get more money, they didn’t settle because Derek couldn’t live with thought that the plane company wouldn’t get exposed for their crappy product and others could end up going through the same thing.

        • Ninna says:

          ‘ I think that Owen is far from selfish. If he does not divorce Christina, it will put the whole law suit in jeopardy because of his ties to one of the victims’

          Why not put everyone in jeopardy? Did any of the others thought about him when they signed the lawsuit papers? What he wants is to ease his conscience. It’s love for his peace of mind. That savior complex and survivor guilt which eates him alive will be his dead cause one day.

      • Jan says:

        Do you even watch the show? If so you are not getting it. The divorce because of the lawsuit is not because of money, It is for the justice for the survivors and also justice for the deaths of Lexi and Mark.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m okay with Cristina not wanting children. I’m okay with Owen being hurt and angry over the abortion. Cristina is a surgeon. She should know that if she is certain that she *never* wants kids, there is a way to prevent it, permanently, with tubal ligation. Yes, I know, there are rare cases where women get pregnant after a tubal, but that proportion is small. Abortion as birth control is abhorrent.

      • Jess says:

        For someone who doesn’t want kids I can’t understand why they weren’t more careful. And I agree using abortion as a form of a birth control is just plain wrong.

  7. sara says:

    I like where they’re going with a lot of the storylines but damn, does Cristina ever need to leave Owen for good. Everything that happens to her always becomes about him.

  8. Lauren says:

    That was an awful speech by Callie. Arizona is NOT the same person and belittling what she feels because her life has been changed forever was so selfish and lacking of any sympathy for the woman she claims to love. The bedroom scene was great, but it appears the writers don’t know what version of Callie Torres to write. Marriage is for better and for worse. Callie doesn’t get to just pick and choose which parts of marriage they are going to live.

    • Tina says:

      I think you have to look at both Women’s circumstances, I understand that Callie should be a bit more understanding to Arizona, but at the same time I still found it very immature of Arizona, who is a doctor to be mad at Callie at the beginning of the season for removing her leg, it was either that or let Arizona die, I think what was so great about that speech, from my interpretation, is that Callie was trying to say that she is supportive of Arizona’s adjustment to having only one leg, but that nobody looks at her differently because she is still the Arizona that she loves and everyone loves, so there is no reason to be whining about people staring at her. This is of course my interpretation.

    • lorcame says:

      You are totally right. Horrible what Torres said about Arizons,to Bailey. She doesnt truly love her. Saying those things is a stab in the back is what it is

    • Ana says:

      So, are you implying that she is less of what she used to be? Because if you pay attention what Callie is telling her is that she is just as beautiful, as valuable, as needed and as loved as she was before. Arizona feels like she is less now than before and you think that Callie should go along with that?

  9. This is the second time you have referred to Arizona’s feelings about losing her leg as a “pity party.” This type of terminology is incredibly insulting to those who have dealt with the swirl of emotions surrounding losing a limb. It is belittling and you really need to watch how you phrase things in your recaps.

    • Kendall says:

      Talk about a pity party.

    • Ana says:

      I see people without limbs running races, raising families, striving and thriving. Why is it ok to cuddle someone into believing that their lives are over because of a disability. Even the term ‘disabled’ is becoming passe because they see themselves as differently abled. Not less. Just utilizing different strengths. And they do not want to be considered less than anyone because they are not. That’s the point that Callie was making. Arizona wanted to miss the entire wedding because she couldn’t wear heels! How is that ok??

  10. tiff says:

    Shonda and the writer made Meredith tell a lie about Lexie to Lizzy. Lexie would have walked through fire to save Meredith. And Meredith knows Lexie was not like the other Greys. Lexie was the only Grey who give a darn about Meredith and truly LOVED HER. Lexie would have gave her life for Meredith “IN A HEARTBEAT”. Why does Shonda and the writers continuously write stupid stuff when referring to Lexie, totally dissing her memory.
    (Killing her wasn’t enough for Shonda) I’m tried of them disrespecting Lexie memory. She deserve better for “Goodness Sakes”.

    • Julio says:

      I think it had to do with the fact that Lexie was her half-sister and that they weren’t raised together like Dereck and his sisters. Also I don’t think that Meredith is ready to talk about Lexie to a stranger.

      • bigdede says:

        This. I don’t think Shondra is disrespecting Lexie but Meredith wasn’t raised with Lexie. Meredith wasn’t the type to share. Meredith didn’t even really share with Lexie. Lexie (because of her mother) was an open person who would do anything for Meredith. That’s how Lexie was raised. Meredith wasn’t and Meredith wasn’t about to tell a stranger about Lexie. She has never any let Lizzie see Zorah so do you really think she would open up about Lexie?

    • EiN says:

      I find it annoying that they’re dragging out this plane crash story while at the same time practically making it seem like Lexie and Mark never existed. It actually made me mad when Owen was talking about being responsible for “[Christina], Meredith, Derek, and Arizona getting on that plane” but didn’t bother to add Mark and Lexie to that list.

      • Lizzie says:

        That happened with George, too. Maybe they didn’t drag his storyline but it was like he never existed. And, 3 seasons later his mom comes into the hospital and we have something like a George memorial in that episode. So, in 3 seasons maybe Shonda decides to bring Thatcher or Molly back :( RIP Lexie (see what Shonda’s doing to us. Making us cry and complain about fiction al people :'( )

  11. Wallace says:

    Loved Neve Campbell. I didn’t think I would but she was great. Bring her back.

  12. Please please please BRING BACK NEVE CAMPBELL i actually loved her bossiness, so you hear me Shonda bring her back maybe for the birth.

  13. TayMads says:

    Even though I understand all the criticism for calling Arizona’s depression a “pity party” I understand why they are calling it that. Not every single amputee in the country gets depressed and whiny because they lost a limb and Arizona has NEVER come across as a character that would do this. She has always been an optimistic character and has someone who always looks to the brighter side of things instead of the darker. Yes it is wrong to call it a pity party but to be honest that is what it is. At some point, you have ,to get past the fact that you have lost something you will never get back. Just because you are depressed does not mean you take it out on other people and become whiny. I’ve never lost a limb but I know people that have, some more recently, and they are nothing like Arizona and the way she is acting. It is not like on the show it happen yesterday, it has been five months now and I think its time for her to take steps so she can move past it and be happy with the fact that she is still alive and has a family that loves and appreciates her.for who she is not matter what she looks like.

  14. Kendall says:

    Is anyone else like me only really against the potential Cristina/Owen reunion because you really want to see scenes of Alex and Cristina trying to live together? I mean, come on, don’t tease us like that, Shonda!

  15. Jessica says:

    I liked it. If 50 percent of the intern screen time was removed, I would have liked it a lot better.

    • Maybe says:

      Then, Alex, Jackson and April wouldn’t have time in the episode because their Storylines in the episodes, revolved around the interns…

  16. Lauren says:

    Baily not going to her wedding was so predictable and annoying.

  17. dude says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t buy that Bailey wouldn’t call her husband-to-be to tell him that she was going to miss the wedding? Or to at least call him to say she’s going to be late. Like she was just going to leave him hanging like that?

    • Bella says:

      Chief’s wife was dying. Adele was Bailey’s friend so she was worrying. I was mad too that she didn’t call Ben, but I don’t think she had time. I expected the chief to call, but now that I’m thinking about it again, what would he say? :
      “Hey Ben, it’s Webber. My wife’s dying and Miranda’s in surgery with her. So, don’t expect to see her at the wedding. Bye”

      • Still A Fan says:

        I think she would have time to call from the limo when they were on their way to the hospital. You know there was a phone available. However, from a storytelling standpoint, it was much more dramatic to have her be there with the Chief and then change out of that wedding gown without a second thought while everyone else is clueless.

        • Bella says:

          Yeah, she could have phoned to him you’re right. But Shonda wants drama, I guess ;) Also, maybe she was too shocked and shaken up by the news of Adele coming into the hospital dying :(

  18. Jalinne says:

    I’m a huge fan of the show. Have been for 8 years. Some of you need to back away….you’re too invested. Lexie being killed off was necessitated by Chyler Leigh asking to leave. Shonda didn’t do it to hurt your feelings. Get over it and enjoy the ride.

    • tiff says:

      Yeah we are invested that what you do with a show you LOVE. She didn’t have kill her. she could have just let her leave like Izzie
      Beside this was a way for Shonda to take the show back from the fans. She said this on Oprah last Sunday. She has forgot that because we the fan watch her shows there still on. Private Practice for example. The 18+49demo make the rating for her show.
      Yes I know its her shows and she can do whatever she want with it but she really doesn’t need to diss the fans especially the loyal ones like me who are still here..
      PS When she kills your Favorite Charactekr send me a tweet and we will chat about it.

  19. Bella says:

    Am I the only one who cares about Alex? I mean, everyone talks about 1) Crowen 2)MerDer 3)Japril 4)Bailey/Ben 5)Chief 6)Calzona 7)Lexie/Mark’s deaths 8)The interns (and how much they hate them). I wonder if I really am the only one who likes him (correction: LOVES him ). I feel like everyone’s forgetting Alex and his possible happy ending. So, is there anyone else there?

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m with you.

    • Linderella says:

      I’m with you as well…but in my “Grey’s World” Izzy comes back. And we know that’s not going to happen.

    • jess says:

      I LOVE him too, He’s the reason I watch. The writers, however, hate him. I’d love to see more about HIS family. I’d love to see HIM as a great teacher. I’d love to see HIM with someone who actually, you know, likes HIM. But it’s always the same crap. And they can’t find one ADULT to cast as a long term love interest for him. Seriously?! WTF?!

    • Louise says:

      He was crying in 9×10 promo, along with Jo Wilson. :( I hate to see my Alex cry. :(

    • Still A Fan says:

      I am a fan of all the originals. Loved Alex today trying to teach his intern like Arizona taught him but without the warm fuzzies. We need more Arizona and Alex heart to hearts. I trust his happy ending is coming as he is clearly growing up. He stopped sleeping with interns, he bought a house, he cares about his patients and teaching his interns. Subtle but awesome!

    • Lizzie says:

      I agree. Alex is, was and will be my favorite character. Ever. And I also want him to find a happy ending. But I guess that won’t happen very soon because I checked the 9×10 promo again (thanks Louise ;) ) and he was crying. Ugh Shonda. I guess you hate to see him smile, right :(….

  20. Lisa says:

    I didn’t read all of the comments, so maybe this was already discussed…… but the thing that bothers me the most about the Cristina &kids situation is that she is a grown woman and a doctor – it is appalling that someone like her would find herself “accidentally” pregnant TWICE – if she doesn’t want kids ever – why doesn’t she have her tubes tied or a hysterectomy – it’s not like she’s stupid – if she absolutely positively doesn’t want children ever she could insure that she does not become pregnant – it is absolutely ludicrous for her to have become pregnant a second time. In addition – although I feel women should have the right to an abortion (I am not for it personally) it should not be used as after the fact birth control …………

    • Lizzie says:

      I think Cristina is not 100% positive about not wanting a baby. After all, when she lost that one back in the start of the show, she cried tears of grief. Because the baby died. That’s why she never thought about it, I guess.

  21. Ana says:

    Neve Campbell. Enough said. She has to come back. Shonda would probably prefer her buddy Debbie Allen but Lizzie totally fits. She’s perfect with Mer and Derek. She would bring a balance to the show. Although I loved the Calzona and the Callie/Bailey interactions, my favorite moment was Lizzie gushing over the ultrasound and saying “we’re having a baby!” I want Lizzie as my sister…

  22. jenzo says:

    I’m pretty sure Shonda always meant for Cristina and Owen to have a baby. Towards the 5th season finale, it was supposed to be revealed that Cristina was pregnant and the 6th season was going to be owen and cristina raising it. However, Shonda changed her mind and said it wasn’t the right time for Cristina. Hence, the reason for the the love triangle with teddy storyline. However, this season has shown how Cristina has slowly changed. Which means,This might be the year of the babies. Shonda even said it was the “season of romance”. If Cristina wants to try again, there has to be some different component for C/O to work, right?

  23. mcyummy says:

    I don’t see it as a pity party. I see it as Arizona crying out for her wife to love her again, and make her feel beautiful. They both built up this wall of fear with each other. Did you see the look on Arizona face when Callie kissed her cheek and then turned away to go to sleep? She wanted more. That’s how I saw it. She wanted her wife to not only tell her she was beautiful but show her she was beautiful too. I think they are both victims of fear in this situation. Arizona suffering from low self esteem and Callie being afraid to upset Arizona. Arizona doesn’t feel beautiful for her wife right now and she’s crying out for Callie to make her feel good about herself, sexy and confident again. I know if that happened to me, i’d be uncomfortable in my own skin for a while. But I don’t know, because it never happened to me. So I refuse to judge anyone’s actions that it “has” happened to. Because they would know.

  24. ronalie says:

    I really love grey’s anatomy..and meredith and derek!!perfect couple so sweet (: I’m so. Excited can’t wait to see meredith as pregnant woman (: !

  25. kelly hughes says:

    Love Alex! I really dislike Aprils character, I was glad when she went back home then Owen had to go and bring her back ughh!

  26. Tharaka says:

    Shonda you are the best, Awesome story telling!!!! my favorite couple is Callie and Arizona, so natural and don’t feel bad at all to watch it, Shonda please don’t kill them.

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  28. Wendy says:

    She is a doctor if she didn’t want to get pregnant she knows how to not…. Yet she has TWICE I would say there is a psych issue.