Gossip Girl Series Finale Spoiler Alert: The Real Gossip Girl (Kinda, Sorta) Unmasked!

Gossip Girl‘s six-year run comes to an end Monday, but not before viewers get an answer to the question for which the CW soap will always be known: Who the frak is Gossip Girl?!

To help you prep you for the main event, a two-hour farewell that includes a retrospective with the cast, TVLine’s elite detective squad narrowed the list possible suspects down to 13.

PHOTOS | Gossip Girl Finale First Look: Weddings, Comebacks and Scheming — Oh, My!

Yep, one of the faces you’re about to see belongs to the elusive scoopmonger.

Scroll through the gallery below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Which do you think Gossip Girl is?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Anne says:

    Jenny, played by Kristen Bell in the flash forward.

  2. Canadian-JBS says:

    For the past little while, I have had a speculation that GG would end up being Dorota, and now based on this week’s Ask Ausiello, I am more certain than ever before because of the “polarizing” twist that is more shocking/divisive than the love triangle. Think about it. Who has been the most loyal to Blair throughout GG? That would be Dorota. Hence, it would most likely be polarizing to Blair that the one person who has been most loyal to you also be the one who’s been dishing out all the gossip about you and your friends for the public to read. And to those who say it can’t be Dorota because of the loyalty to Blair? There’s the divisive part of the equation solved.
    And if it can’t be Dorota, then I hope, to give the little guys and all the lonely boys out there a victory, that Gossip Girl is Dan.

    • xoxogg says:

      it should b dorota, but i dont get y dorota post negative comments about blair.

      • Canadian-JBS says:

        Now I’m not the biggest GG fan, so bear with me, but I get the impression that Blair is a HUGE BITCH to select/most people (her minions, Dan, etc.) As such, Dorota could be GG and if Blair asks why she is GG and why she posted all the negative comments about her and the rest of the UES, Dorota could say that since Blair acts all Holier than Thou to most of the world through her actions, then being GG and posting all the negativity is fair game because Blair has arguably acted just as bad and with no trace of guilt or remorse… just like GG has.
        Is this the best explaination? No. But it’s the best I’ve got. But as you said, GG should be Dorota.

  3. Sara says:

    Gossip girl might be the most predictable show I’ve ever watched, but the writers gotta have it for confusing us with GG’s identity. I do not know at all, I’m guessing it would be Dorota..

  4. Brandy says:

    I dont think its georgina or Serena as theyve had thier turns as GG and took over for the real GG,i dont think its nate cause he wants to out GG,has been trying to find out thier identity &GG helped him find Serens_but it would give him an intersting sl for once,I dont think its Penelope_she hasnt been on thier show in years and imo it would be lame,Dan maybe cause according to spoliers” he knows who GGis,has for a ling time,but has to cover for them to protect someone he cares about”,Juliet hasnt been on the show for a while and idk if she stayed in ny after or lived in ny before,idk how she would know all this or why she would be GG since she already got revenge on Serena so I dont know if its her, Darota I dont think its her,Vanessa I hope its not her never liked her and shes been off the show for a while and not in ny so I doubt its her,Eric,maybe but hes been off the show for a while so maybe not,same goes for Jenny.But they did bring Eric &Jenny back ,maybe for more than a wedding? They brought Juliet back too and I dont why unless shes GG.Kristen Bell maybe, they brought her on for a reason and maybe GG is someone in the background.I dont think its Chuck,Blair,Dan,Serena,Nate cause theyve all had gg blasts about them and why would they do that to thier friends/lovers?Im gonna guess Kristen Bell, or Jenny or Juliet or Eric.It has to be someone who has been there from the start,knows these people,have an axe to grind with them and Im sure its a female cause a female voices GG so Chuck,Dan,Nate would be out.But then how would Kristin Bell know these people if shes being introduced now? Unless she went to school with them.Juliet only came in season four and was only around half a season, so unless she went to school with them,how would she know them or thier secrets cause she knew Serena first,then met Nate in season four.

  5. Aoife says:

    Vanessa just because I completely forgot about her! haha

  6. wi says:

    Do the people that reason “X is not GG because why would they hurt someone they love?” actually watch the show? They all do exactly that, even if they are not GG herself.

    I am voting for a “Murder on the Orient Express”-type of solution: They all did it. They were all GG.

  7. Sara says:

    Kristen Bell.
    These are my hopes. Actually no — just Jenny or Kristen Bell. I think Dorota and Blair are too close for her to say stuff so personal and mean.

  8. Reba says:

    Dorota would be the best bet. The maids and nannies of NYC know EVERYTHING!

  9. aeg says:

    I’m officially thrown for a loop. For a while I thought it was Dan, but now I’m not so sure. I kind of hope it’s none of the core five characters, not because it would make me like them any less but just because it won’t make any sense in the grander picture of the whole series. (They’ve all been skewered, to some extent – perhaps Serena less so that Blair, Dan, Nate and Chuck. Which makes me wonder if Gossip Girl was actually trying to help Serena in some very twisted way).

  10. Kalee says:

    What? Nelly Yuki isn’t on here? If I was a betting person I would have lost already.

  11. I personally would love if it was Blair. I mean, every episode title is a reference to a film. Blair dreams in films, which they brought back to remind us of in episode 9 with the final (and frankly hilarious Bart bass on the rooftop scene), and the final episode is New York i Love You, XOXO (reference to both a film and to Gossip Girl). Plus she has a variety of minions who always told her everything that was going on, a lot of the shots in early seasons where anything was sent to GG were her minions on their phones, and multiple characters have even commented on how Blair thrives on drama – she enjoys manipulation, deception and sabotage far too much, plus she was the only one who didn’t seem concerned the Serena had dropped off the face of the earth at the start of season 6, almost as if she knew where she was. Plus it would be the greatest sabotage of them all because she’s the only character who has had a substantial relationship with every other character on the show. Her love for Chuck, her fling with Dan, her relationship with Nate, her BFF status with Serena, her rivalry with Jenny, and her jealousy of Georgina when Georgina swept in and became Serena’s BFF prior to season one. While other characters have had relationships with eachother, hers seem to have always been that bit deeper than the rest.

    But it’ll probably be Dan, cause conveniently he’s a writer (though how no one would have matched his writing style with not one, but two books that he’s written, I’ll never know,) and has been the outsider all along, trying to get in with the inner circle. What better reason to stop trying to cause friction from the outside than because you’re now on the inside.

  12. Kyl says:

    I’m more than convinced Nelly Yuki is Gossip Girl!

  13. Beth says:

    I’m really hoping for KB or Dorota, just because that’s what I’ve always thought. The only ones I really don’t want it to be are the NJBC. Although at this point, it seems most of us just want to know and move on (aka watch the early seasons over and over)

  14. Megan S says:

    Just thinking logically here… So Juliet wanted Revenge on Serena… Serena reappears and gossip girl begins in Season 1… After Ben is released from prison, S4 (?) Juliet disappears right?? In S5 we learn Georgina has hacked the real GG as she has gone MIA for an extended period. Surely this would be Juliet as Juliet has no motive after Ben is released and calls her off, but then when she finds out its been taken over, gets angry as its her site and wants it back? I’m not saying it would be as good as say ERIC! Or Vanessa, but still. Don’t think it’s Dorota, English is her second language and the posts have been written in a Gen Y way with good clarity, she gets a little confused sometimes…why wouldn’t Penelope just take over Blair as Queen B if she was GG.

  15. Sg. Grant says:

    It was initially Kristen Bell, but it has been Dan for some time now. It’s his plan that is working.

  16. onlyakb says:

    Kristen Bell, really looking forward for her cameo, but I don’t think she is actually Gossip Girl, I think she is more like a reader of GG, cos really if it is her, it would be too cliche? Dan and Serena are obviously not, okey maybe not obviously not , but not likely, Blair, Chuck and Nate not likely either. Now Penelope, would be a bummer, Georgina> well she was already for a brief moment. Jenny would make sense, so it would Dorota and Eric. though from those 3 Dorota seems more likely as the other two have been shipped away. owww Juliet, dono about her!!

  17. Carda says:

    I had a feeling that it could be Nelly Yuki, strange that she’s not on the list!

  18. Nicole says:

    I think its Dorota. She always calls Dan “lonely Boy” and that has been GG’s nickname for him from the start. Plus she would have access to all the characters secrets because no one would suspect the maid was a spy.

  19. Becks says:

    Jenny please

  20. The Right One says:

    It’s Dan. Go back and look at the very first episode.

  21. Dean says:

    My money is on Dorota that’s why she’s a maid to really get the scoop

  22. Erica C. says:

    I can see many of way the guesses are leaning toward certain people.

    Love how Rufe and Liliy’s son disppered, and never came back.

  23. Katie says:

    I wish CC had done everyone over and it was actually the queen, with a capital B, herself. Would need some severe William trickery though to have done a death cover up. Seriously doubtful, but would be amazing if it was!
    It would just give GG a complete, been there, done that, got the T-shirt, to absolutely all her victims.

  24. xoxogg says:

    it wont b blair or dorata bcuz gg posted b’s diary in end of s5.
    not s or georgina. they r the gossip girl 2.0,i .e not the original one.
    definately not nate, spectator rivals gg.
    not dan. jenny sent post of him sleeping with s in season 3(or is it 4)
    not jenny, gg post that asher is gay in s1.

    gosh!!! i dont no who’s left that i care enough about!!!

  25. jaidee says:

    I think GG is Dorota..

  26. F.l says:

    The entire show was a book written by dan. He’s kinda gossip girl. Thats why we are going to see them back 6 years ago. All that happens after was just his book

  27. Hannah says:

    Vanya, Dorotha’s husband and S’s doorman

  28. Lauren Mulraney says:

    Errrr it’s tots going to be Nelly. Duhhh

  29. S says:

    The only people that it remotely makes sense for it to be are Dorota, Penelope, Kristin Bell, and maybe Eric and Dan.

    Serena & Georgina have both played Gossip Girl temporarily, and commented about how impossibly time consuming the job was. Nate’s looking for Gossip Girl, so it can’t be him. Blair & Chuck (& Serena) have had their lives completely ruined by surprises from Gossip Girl, so it makes no sense that it would be them. Vanessa, Juliet, and Jenny weren’t connected with the crew when Gossip Girl started. Although you could argue that Jenny was looking forward to the high school her brother was at and she’d be going to though, but I think she’s also had really damning info about her show up.

    It would make sense now for it to be Dan based on where his character is, but I don’t really see that as having made sense earlier in the series. Eric and Dorota are also possibilities, since they haven’t been royally screwed by GG, but have been connected to the crew the entire time, but I think they’re both unlikely.

    So that leaves Penelope, or an unknown character, i.e., Kristin Bell. I think Penelope would make a lot of sense – she always wanted to be Queen, and there’s never been any implications that she’s had life-ruining secrets revealed, but she’s still fairly well connected to the gang. Plus, she has the right personality for being someone who sends out nasty info about her ‘friends.’ And a completely new character would make sense, but then there would have to be a good explanation for GG’s motive the whole time.

  30. Leah says:

    Omg, i seriously doubt it will be Dan. its called gossip GIRL!!! lol. I have a feeling its either Jenny or Dorota!!!
    Possibly Juliet but i doubt it.

    • aeg says:

      I don’t think the ‘girl’ part matters. It’s an anonymous source on the internet – they can adopt whatever gender they want.

  31. Bethany says:

    Nate has never sent anything in to gossip girl. It is Nate. He is the only one who has been so mad at Serena. Or it is LILY. Haha.

  32. Bethany says:

    Here is my take. Remember the episode where dan and serena are making out and a girl walks up the steps and tells them to get a room or something like that. They were on school property. It was a girl, gossip girls voice. Couldn’t have been a bay.

  33. Jessii says:

    i think its jenny or dorotha :)

  34. airun says:

    sorry to disappoint but it obviously has to be kristen bell. she can’t just make a cameo and NOT be gossip girl? otherwise why would they choose her to be int he series finale? it’s like if bob saget were to make a cameo in “how i met your mother” and play a random character when everybody knows he is the voice of the father!!! it wouldn’t make any sense. it’s two hours long also so the writers are able to include some sort of semi-elaborate story line that connects kristen bell to the characters. i’m SURE that it will be kristen bell because it’d be stupid if it were anyone else. not to mention, if it were one of the main characters it would completely contradict at least ONE story line from previous seasons since they have literally done everything possible in this show. it just makes 110% for it to be kristen bell! come on!

    • aeg says:

      It isn’t uncommon for a person with a special significance to a TV series to make a cameo but not in the way you would necessarily expect. Good examples are Bill Lawrence in Scrubs and Mark Schwahn in One Tree Hill (I don’t know whether you watch either of those shows, of course, but they were the first ones that came to mind). Cameos often aren’t even speaking roles and, if they are, they still tend to be very short. I’m not saying that Gossip Girl definitely won’t be Kristen Bell, but the fact she’s making appearance doesn’t mean that she will be either. It’s perfectly reasonable for her to have a cameo and not be GG. The fans have been listening to her voice for the last five and a half years and they hold her very close to their hearts. Her appearance ultimately may just be a little easter egg for fans (hell, Alfred Hitchcock did it all the time). By the same reasoning, Bob Saget could make an appearance in HIMYM as anyone, he wouldn’t have to be future Ted (in fact, that would make NO sense – Josh Radnor looks nothing like him).

  35. Aoi says:

    It would be pretty annoying if it turns out to be Bart (since no one mentioned him)! Now that he’s dead.

    • Spira says:

      It kinda makes sense because in the last episode, GG didn’t give a voice-over sign-off. i also remember that he told Dan how proud he was of Dan’s ruthlessness or something along those lines in this season. But yeah, Bart Bass as Gossip Girl would be a bummer. Pretty sure it won’t be him. The fandom will not accept it! :P

  36. CassyG says:

    I have a feeling it will be Nate. But only because when him and Serina had access to Gossip Girls emails they stated that Nate was the only one who had never sent a blast to Gossip Girl …. Possibly because he was the one receiving them?

  37. Kuryn says:

    I just want little J to come back!!!!!

  38. Madalo says:

    what if its Dorota???

  39. Cess says:

    Am i the only one who think that GG is Nate?:D

  40. Cd says:

    for some reason, i just think it’s dan or serena. not sure why. just a hunch.

  41. Mika says:

    I believe it is either William Van der Woodsen with an unknown maybe another love child, he is sleeping with Ivy for goodness sakes, he schemes well and collaborate well with.accomplices. And because he always seem to worm his way into weird situations and he’s always been jealous of the whole up east side thing. Also 75% of GG blast have been about Serena, And 85% of the GG info has been gathered by witness sharing info to her not her running around chasing people around, think back to the episode when Serena was outed by GG of who posted what and almost 90 percent of the dinner party was guilty. My other deductions is, William never seems to stay in the same place he’s always in constant movement…WHY??? I believe he setup GG to show how destructive the Uppr East Side is, plus I always wanted to know what Lily’s sister saw in William when she was a cynical hippie from the Uppr East Side and hated that type of life.

    Or Chuck he’s mysterious and he always seems to have tabs on everyone. Plus the only time GG has ever went on a hiatus is when Chuck was shot and hiding out overseas…coincidental hardly…

  42. Dana Fansler says:

    It’s Blair who is Gossip Girl

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