Billy Campbell Exits The Killing Season 3

campbell300 The Killing will be back, but sans one major player.

Billy Campbell, who played Seattle city councilman-turned-paralyzed Mayor Darren Richmond, will not be returning for the AMC series’ third season, Variety reports.

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Additionally, lead stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are very likely to be back on the case, but Brent Sexton and Michelle Forbes’ grieving parents will not appear in the upcoming season.

After being cancelled by the cable net in late July, the murder-mystery drama was resurrected in November through a potential deal with Netflix, in which the streaming service would share the production costs. The agreement gives AMC the right of first refusal on the new episodes.

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  1. Jake says:

    seems reasonable, only characters that should be back are Linden and Holden anyways since their should be a new case and new characters.

  2. KevyB says:

    Another one escapes the television Titanic!

  3. This is why, despite loving the show, the new season concerns me. Every character that made the show great will no longer be on the show.

  4. Dean says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with the show and the only characters that made it great for me were Linden and Holder. If they’re doing a new mystery, it wouldn’t make any sense for everyone tied to the Rosie Larson case to come back unless they can somehow weave them into the story. Otherwise, the characters just become extraneous.

  5. Midori004 says:

    Smart man!

  6. Tikkanen says:

    So glad the Congressman Richmond’s election filler is gone.

  7. ´So is the show officialy coming back or it’s just a posibility?

  8. BTM says:

    A shame, really. Richmond seemed to be the character with the best heart in the series. Even as a stranger to the Larsen family, he humanized the story the moment he refused to let a family tragedy become a talking point in his campaign. Made the show more interesting.

    • Emily says:

      And then he sold out. Sometimes that makes sense, but it was so heavy handed it just felt like a twist for the sake of being a twist. No shame in his exit.

  9. Superhero says:

    Good. The political storyline always felt completely out of place. I still have no confidence in a third season being good with Veena Sud involved, but hopefully by kicking both that and the Larsen family crap to the curb, it will at least improve somewhat.

  10. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Not sure why anyone would be upset. They will be moving on to a new case and since he wouldn’t be a suspect there would not be a lot of reason to include him other than as the mayor. I don’t know why people feel as if they need the exact same characters every season. Change is good.

  11. Mike says:

    Definitely didn’t need the parents or anybody related to the Rosie Larsen case back. They were great in their arcs, but it’s time to move on! As for Campbell, I was kind of hoping he’d be back but I guess his major role in the show has ended as well. Wouldn’t hurt to throw in some references to him here and there though.

  12. Susan Green says:

    I LOVE this show! But I live in Seattle and it DOES NOT rain that hard all of the time!

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I remember drizzle from my childhood in Seattle. Lots and lots of drizzle and a fair amount of some pretty thick fog. It did always seem to constantly be pouring on The Killing. Were they faking it or is that normal Vancouver weather, I wonder? Seemed like it always pouring on the X-Files too.

  13. Singingal says:

    That’s because they actually film it in Vancouver. But they must only film it when it’s raining, because as a life long Vancouverite I can tell you it isn’t that bad!

  14. Chicago Dan says:

    Totally makes sense – only Holder and Linden should continue. Bring in a whole new cast (there are plenty of great character actors out there) and a new, single-season mystery. Hopefully, it turns out well and we get additional seasons.

  15. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I think it would be weird if they kept any of those characters on. It would feel tedious and wouldn’t make any sense to have them hanging around. I really hope that show cuts down on their red herrings next season and figures out how to pick up the pace of the plot.

  16. kate says:

    considering that Linden and Holder were the only reasons to watch all the way to the end, this doesn’t bother me. I’m SUPER!HAPPY the parents won’t be back – the mother especially was more annoying than anybody.

  17. Simon Jester says:

    That makes sense. His storyline had already wrapped up. They can always bring him back for a guest appearance if they ever visit the mayor’s office.

  18. Ruby says:

    Aw, I love him so much though! I hope he finds something else where he can play a prominent role.

  19. Doug-H says:

    I wonder if they’ll write a one season story??? I can see ditching the mayor and the Larsons.. that case was solved.. ( stupid sister/aunt) Parents and mayor are not needed and not worth the money for a look-in…

    I wonder if Linden’s kid will come back from Chicago???

    I liked season 1 and was happy season 2 was there and it was much better and tighter… If a season 3 happens, will it be over a 2 week period??? With all the stuff that went on, you sometimes forget that seasons 1&2 were less than a month of actual time…

  20. Shy says:

    Too late. Grieving parents and boring politician should have gone in season 2. I can’t return to watch the show even if they will have news case.
    Knowing Killing you might expect that they will find another murder that can be resolved in 3 episodes but our stupid detectives will resolve it for 13 episodes. And at the end of every episode they will give us suspect. And then in next episode they will tell us that we are stupid and that suspect in innocent. And then they will introduce new suspect…
    I will not fall in that trap twice.

    • No wonder America struggles says:

      Please don’t watch it. It is not written for you. Let those of us who enjoy well-written television with finely-drawn characters existing in an environment full of atmosphere enjoy it. Plenty of network television for shorter attention spans. They miss the entire point of the show!

  21. n8ball78 says:

    I’m so glad this show is coming back for another season. (Hopefully) I know AMC has the rigjt to refuse the whole series before airing them but I’m sure the writers will pull off another great stary. I never understood al the internets hate and disapointment with the show. Yeah they promised a answer at the end of season 1 and failed to deliver but things always change. They saw the great numbers in the ratings and decided to milk it out. Who really cares it was great tv. Big deal they lied to you toughen up. Season 3 hurry up and get here. I for one will always watch this show but am kinda upset the mayor isn’t coming back. They should have atleast gotten him for the first episode and killed him off

  22. Arthur Kent says:

    This series was excellent! My youngest son got me hooked on it in March 2012, right before Season 2 began. I was able to watch all the episodes from Season 1 via Comcast’s On Demand, and I was glued to my seat with each episode I watched. In fact, at times I watched 3 episodes in a row!

    My Sunday evenings from late March 2012 through June 2012 were the best, as AMC had The Killing, and then Mad Men, back to back. Truly a great way to spend 2 hours!

    And, all this complaining about how Season 1 ended, without revealing Rosie’s true killer, was all hogwash! Remember, that is the way the equivalent Danish series ended, and the American series basically followed it. What the Danish folks did, though, was air Season 2 about 7 months after Season 1 ended (due to audience demand). Maybe that is what AMC should have done, although it could have “conflicted” with Breaking Bad and THe Walking Dead.

  23. Cat says:

    Linden and Holder make this show… Saw the first two episodes of season 3 and I am satisfied. This show was the best show on TV.( I’m hoping for season 4 and more)as long as Linden and Holder are the same main characters on the show solving cases, then I will continue to watch it…. New cases, new people ..why would you bring back people from the Rosie Larson case..since that case was solved! There are many more fish in the sea (characters and stars) to make this show GREAT!