Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview: 'I Do the Hand-Grabbing! That's My Job! It's Always Me!"

Last month, BBC America dropped a preview for Doctor Who: The Snowmen that gave us a glimpse of Jenna-Louise Coleman as our titular hero’s new companion Clara (not to be confused — or perhaps especially to be confused — with Coleman’s prior Who character Oswin, from “Asylum of the Daleks”).

The latest trailer for the long-running franchise’s Christmas special, however, features something that took me a little by surprise: What appears to be the start of a big ole smooch between the Doctor and Clara. (It’s brief, and possibly misleading, but it’s definitely there at the :25 mark.) Plus, you’ll hear a variation on Game of Thrones‘ “winter is coming” tagline. And you’ll feast your eyes on what looks like a spiral staircase to…heaven? (And by heaven, I obviously mean the TARDIS.)

Doctor Who: The Snowmen premieres Dec. 25 (9/8 c, BBC America). Check out the trailer below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. amy says:

    Yay, Richard E. Grant!

  2. Adam Bramble says:

    Christmas Can’t Come Fast Enough!!! I Miss Doctor Who so much!

  3. slizabeth says:

    I guess it wouldn’t be the start of a new companion’s story without her kissing the doctor under crazy pretenses!

  4. Alan says:

    obviously a mislead because trailers always lie. anyway i really wish my college semester would end quicker because i need it to be christmas day right now

  5. Emily says:


  6. Jake says:

    I’m so excited for this episode. I’m ready for a new companion, and new stories. Can it be Christmas Day yet?

  7. Renee says:

    That’s a meanass looking snowman.

  8. Eric says:

    I STILL miss David Tennant.

    • Lydia says:

      When you see a trailer like that and THIS is all you have to say, I just feel sorry for you. You’d be a lot happier if you just Let It Go. He regenerated. Life goes on.

      • Emily says:

        On that note, I’m starting to get really curious about when Matt Smith will bow out and who would be the next Doctor.

      • Alan says:

        thank you. the fact that some people are still complaining about him leaving amazes me when we have someone as good as smith in the role. people need to let things go

    • Michael Boon says:

      I quickly decided to miss him while he was on…..the off switch came in very handy. An awful portrayal of The Doctor, to go along with the even worse writing of Russell T. Davies and millions of obnoxious Tennant fangirls. Thankfully, Moffat and Smith came along to rescue this classic show. Now a must see!

    • Bob says:

      I still miss Tom Baker, but life does indeed go on. I liked David Tennant a lot. Matt Smith is very good, but it’s definitely time for another regeneration.

  9. Britta Unfiltered says:

    One of these days I’m actually going to try this show. One day. One day…

    • liddad says:

      Even as a community fan, you’ve not watched DW?
      I find that amazing.
      Then again, I live in the UK, where DW is shown with no adverts on the BBC and almost a 6th of the country tune in week-to-week.

  10. Sam says:

    Haha love the part he asks ‘Clara who?’ and she replies with ‘Doctor who?’ :D

  11. Billy says:

    I have a theory that neither Oswin or Clara are the actual new companion for The Doctor since the companions are usually from modern day Britain…I think that maybe they are both closely related to the new companion but not the actual one…With the actual companion being Oswin’s mother who was mentioned multiple times in the Asylum of the Daleks…I know it’s crazy but its Stephen Moffat were talking about here so anything is possible lol

    • James says:

      Either maybe Clara is from modern day, and she time travelled there, or they are mixing it up and having a Victorian companion, and how she reacts to all the things they would see

      • Alan says:

        only the recent companions are from the modern day, there are many companions who are from other time periods it will be nothing new if and when clara joins him

  12. Cassandra Elise says:

    Oh, of course. Let’s continue the obnoxious tradition of having the female companion snog the Doctor. Because only a woman in love with the Doctor would be brave enough to travel with him. *rollseyes*

    • Alan says:

      im convinced its a fake out on moffats part. he has to know there has been serious over use of that in the past so im thinking its going to be similar to donna kissing the doctor i.e. not a romantic situation

    • Bob says:

      Hey, even Captain Jack “snogged” the Doctor.