The Voice Semifinal Results Recap: Did the Right Singer Get the Boot This Week? [Updated]

voice cassadee nicholas trevin“Sometimes when we’re at our most vulnerable is when we truly let people in to figure out who we are as artists,” declared Carson Daly at the top of The Voice Season 3 results telecast. Naturally, the super-efficient host’s use of “we” got me wondering if I’d somehow missed an important biographical detail from his past.

Was Carson ever in one of those post-NKOTB boy bands that never quite ignited the public’s imagination? (That would imply the guy gets, or has gotten, jiggy!) Does he moonlight as an acoustic troubadour, playing coffee houses up and down the California coastline? (That would suggest he wears his heart on his carefully pressed sleeve.) Oh wait, maybe he views hosting a reality singing competition as an art form. (But, really, only Cat Deeley can make that claim.)

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Only Carson himself (or maybe Wikipedia) knows the answer. But me, I’ve got more important tasks at hand — no, not reading the Voice‘s wardrobe department for slapping another heinous scoop-neck blouse on Trevin Hunte — but rather, bringing you the intel on which three contestants will be competing in next Monday’s finale. Without further ado…

Sent to Safety (in chronological order)
Terry McDermott
Cassadee Pope
Amanda Brown (Yes, you may say I’m a dreamer…maybe totally deluded…but I’m not the only one!)

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Final Two Standing in Limbo
Nicholas David
Trevin Hunte

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Trevin Hunte

Yes, folks, barring Cee Lo committing an act of open warfare against Nicholas, you won’t be hearing a treacly old ballad on next Monday’s finale. Which is all well and good, seeing how Trevin performed enough of ’em over the course of Season 3 that they’d all fit very nicely on a disc called Now That’s What I Call Music I’ve Heard 247 Times on Reality Singing Competitions (Vol. Kill Me).

And lest you think I’m being overly tough on the teenager with the monster voice and a penchant for denim vests, check out what he foisted on his unsuspecting public throughout his Voice “journey”: Beyonce’s “Listen”; Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love”; Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”; Laura Branigan’s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”; Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman”; Whitney’s “The Greatest Love of All”; “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls; and Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Only Usher’s “Scream” (a hot, buttered disaster) and Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine” (too painful to be revisited with adjectives) broke Trevin’s saccharine streak. Truly, he was the right contestant to go home — albeit two or three weeks too late, if you ask me.

I just wonder how Trevin would’ve grown — and fared — had he been paired with a mentor who’d stretched the boundaries of his artistry with younger, hipper fare. WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

As for the telecast’s multitude of performances — pack ’em in, I say, and spread the alumni love! — let’s do a quick rundown:

* Juliet Simms’ “Wild Child” | I could’ve lived without the black vinyl romper with odd fluffy train, but Season 2’s should’ve-been champ rocked pretty hard, even if the truncated live version didn’t have a chance to build to the same roaring conclusion as what I bought on iTunes earlier today.

* Terry & Cassadee: Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks” | Was it just me, or did Terry seem like he’d rather have been anywhere — even the Sprint lounge being interviewed by that nincompoop Christina Milian — than on stage for this duet. Cassadee, for her part, sounded great — and her green sequined dress was the outfit of the night.

* RaeLynn’s “Boyfriend” | Admittedly, the drawling kewpie doll Lolita haunted my waking nightmares throughout Season 2, but gosh golly darnit, her first single is as tart and addictive as a Sour Patch Kid, and her performance was loads of fun. That, plus the bonus fact that she cowrote it with fellow Voice grads Hailey Steele and Nicolle Galyon, prompted me to download it on iTunes right after the show.

* Chris Mann’s “Roads” | Dude has higher VPM (vibrato per minute) than a cell phone permanently stuck on vibrate, but I guess if you like Josh Groban music paired with Ben Stiller’s Blue Steel expression from Zoolander, then you’re more the target audience for this than I am?

* Nicholas & Trevin: Mariah Carey’s “Hero” | I’m just going to pretend the guys sang “Heartbreaker” or “It’s Like That” or “Emotions” because I just cahhhhhhhhhn’t (and in fact, I WON’T!) with another reality singing competition cover of “Hero.”

And with that, let me turn things over to you:

Did Trevin deserve to get cut? If not him, then who? And who’s most likely to take home the Season 3 crown next week? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and for all my Voice news, interviews, recaps, and exclusives, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. modo1013 says:

    I personally, don’t care for Cassadee’s singing. I’ve lost interest and stopped watching since the night Amanda was booted off. I’m rooting for Nicholas David to win. Shelton will be even more unbearable if either Cassadee of Terry win this thing.

  2. David7118 says:

    I’d love to know what happened between Terry and Cassadee. He looked really p.o.’ed at her and when their duet ended he walked away from her before coming back for a very brief and very insincere hug.

    • Tara says:

      I kind of thought the same thing, but I don’t know the song very well. Maybe he was supposed to be distant from her. Or maybe he wanted her to stop flirting with him (which I can understand… if he were the lead for a band, he wouldn’t be used to this kind of thing).

    • Are you on crack? With the cutesy nose bop? Go back and watch. He squeezed her arm after the hug. It was pretty cute and genuine. They had pretty good chemistry–better than the awful song with Dez.

  3. Samantha says:

    I’m going to assume you’re drunk because Wild Child and boyfriend were HORRIBLE.

  4. Me says:


    Soooo glad it worked out as it should have this week, Trevin was DEFINITELY the weakest performance.

    I feel the opposite of Michael for the Little Talks duet. Terry’s voice suited the song and showed that he can do more current stuff, Cassadee sounded horrible on it, not the style for her at all. And the Hero duet…..YIKES. I love Nicholas but man…that duet was a mess.

    I remember Juliet being a WHOLE LOT better than she was last night when she was on the show last season. The first verse that was in his like baby voice sounded horrible and then she just screamed the rest of it. I was a fan of her last season but I will definitely not be buying that song.

    Raelyn is still horrible. That song was awful.

    I’m SOOOOO happy for Terry and Nicholas \o/

    (Also, I kinda can’t believe that I saw people on Twitter using that stupid phrase “thrown under the bus” when talkinga bout Trevin. Um. Trevin’s the one that chose to be boring every week, and he had the worst performance on Monday, it’s no one’s fault but his own).

  5. Julio says:

    The right person went home.

    Juliet’s song was a hot mess. And I loved her last year, thought she should have won.

    Raelynn’s song was catchy. Liked it a lot.

    And I LOVED that Terry and Cassadee were covering Of Monsters & Men’s “Little Talks” — until the song was over and they cut to the actual band in the audience. YOU HAD THEM THERE AND DIDN’T HAVE THEM PERFORM THEIR OWN SONG? BOO, NBC, BOO!

  6. Kari says:

    I don’t understand why they wait unitl the very last second to announce who is going forward. The poor sap who is leaving doesn’t get a chance to have a goodbye package to reimind us all why they moved forward in the first place. It was definitelyTrevin’s time to go (bless his heart) but he deserved better to be kicked to the curb like that.

    • dj says:

      I agree. There was no time to react–the credits were rolling.

      • Samantha says:

        Yeah they should cut the questions before they announce each person. Those combined with the long pauses just waste time. If they cut the questions they’ll have time for the last person!

  7. Chris says:

    If Amanda was in the final 3 instead of Terry I would be very pleased, but that would be splitting hairs. This is an excellent final 3 and I am looking forward to next week. My heart wants Nicholas to win but my brain says that Cassadee deserves to win.

  8. Blank Slate says:

    And what was the deal with that cardboard robot Chris Mann plugging up himself like a plumber with bathroom issues? Is he a singer or a product placement? SO turned off by him and his voice and his face.

    Terry looks like Jodie Foster in drag. No offense to the talented Jodie Foster.

    Wild Child Juliet looked like Ozzy Osbourne without a wig. Those cages. Those outfits. WHY? Damn you all, Just sing and feel and let us in. The more tchotchkes you need on stage means you’re trying to distract us from your lack of genuine talent and stage presence.

    These talent show/mills have seen their day. It’s time to send them out to the cornfields.

    • scootermcgavin says:

      Chris had to shamelessly promote himself because, despite Christina’s claim, he is actually the least successful contestant that got a record contract after The Voice, so begging is the only way he can get anyone to buy his music. Just look at the iTunes chart, Chris could not even crack the top 100 with the song he performed while RaeLynn is currently at 24 and Juliet is at 48.

  9. Leela says:

    I just can’t with: Juliet Simms “I just inhaled helium/Stevie Nicks goat bleat, Cassadee’s shouty delivery, anything to do with RaeLynn, Chris Mann’s melisma, Trevin’s pitchiness, and Nicholas’s limited range. Terry had better win next week – although I’d much rather be seeing De’Borah, Cody, and Amanda in the finale.

  10. Missie says:

    Regarding the iTunes rules change (ie, votes being cumulative in the final): I think the balance is too skewed – perhaps double the votes if the single makes it to the top 10 instead of multiplying them by 10. That still gives singers room to make up the difference. Still, I have to say that apparently I’m in the minority, because I LIKE that the show actually tried to address the issue of someone having a “moment” early in the season and the audience forgetting about it by the time finals rolls around. Change the weights, perhaps throw out the highest and lowest weeks, and then you’d reward people for consistency while adding some suspense back into the final.

    • scootermcgavin says:

      Multiplying by ten seems fair to me, you can vote up to ten times by any method, but no one is actually going to buy the same song ten time, so I agree with the times ten multiplier. My only problem is getting into the top ten can be a bit arbitrary because some weeks only 10k downloads will get you in the top ten while other weeks it may take you up to 50k.

      • Brenda says:

        You don’t buy the song but one time for $1.29+tx, then you download the other 9 copies for free.When you go to d/l the 2nd one, ITunes brings up a bos saying you’ve already purchased this song…would you like to continue& gives you options to d/l or cancel. You can always go delete the other copies later. For those that don’t have Sprint, it does give you the ability to get 30 votes for your favorite and it does help raise the song up the chart which can make a huge difference in the outcome.
        Terry has had 2-3 songs in the top 10 rock genre for most weeks and Nick charts on Pop or rock most weeks.It’s x10 whether it’s in top 10 of your genre or overall ITunes sales.Yesterday, Terry had 3 in top 10, Cass had 1 and Nick had 1.
        Still hope Terry wins this!

        • teatime says:

          The top 10 rule should only be for the overall chart. The number of sales needed to get into the top 10 will be different for different genres. I believe every time they have said who was in the top 10 they were in the overall top 10.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Last year it would’ve won it for Juliet. This year it cost Amanda from the finals, what would’ve happened there who knows though.

    • teatime says:

      It’s a tricky question. I agree with them using iTunes sales as part of the vote. That’s a good move. They need to figure out what formula will make sure artists will place well if they sell well. But they also need to see to it that just one or two big performances do not make it impossible for anyone else to catch up. Perhaps the current formula is fair. All 3 of these contestants have had good sales. If any one of them really has a great performance next week maybe that will be enough for them to pull ahead in overall iTunes votes.

  11. carl says:

    trevin got so much potential . but for whatever reason cee-lo keep insisting this kid should sing female songs . love you cee-lo , but i totally disagree with the direction you choose for this young fella.

  12. njm says:

    Cassadee’s song is still #1, while Terry fell out of the top 10. Remember the ITunes rule…it seems there’s no real way for her to lose. This is fine by me, but it does make the finale less climactic.

  13. njm says:

    Plus, her Youtube video has nearly 600k views. The other two finalists are tied with 180k. That also bodes ill for the guys.

  14. mockingbird says:

    Earlier there was some skepticism about the Cassadee “conspiracy” stuff, and I actually agree that her singing has been not-bad in some performances. But whether or not there was any messing with the iTunes votes, it’s actually quite clear why it’s so unfair for Cassadee to have been included in this season’s Voice. She was the lead singer of an established band, and even a few weeks ago I read she had 200,000+ followers on Twitter. In other words, she has an established fan base, which she was able to build over years, while everyone else only had weeks to gain a following. She should never have been allowed to compete, as it has alienated a lot of people who used to be avid Voice fans.

    I think it’s fine to give a “second chance” to performers who have been in the industry for a while and never broke out — that’s the case for backup singers like Amanda Brown or more obscure musicians who never landed a record deal. But Cassadee said she was living off the savings from her previous band, and she had time to try out a solo career with the contacts/opportunities she already has. The fact that Cassadee has so many advantages over the other performers is making people cynical about a show that otherwise does many things far better than other singing competitions.

    My sense is that the producers wanted to make sure the show launched a star, and preferably one who was not African-American to break the pattern from previous two seasons of the Voice.

    • scootermcgavin says:

      Tony Lucca had over half a million Twitter followers before going on The Voice and still only came in third (and need help from his coach just to make it to the finals). Cassadee may have the most Twitter followers this season, but 200k is a very small percentage of 11 million the show averages (less than 2%). She may had more built in fans coming into the show, but all the contestants have had plenty of opportunities to show they were better that her.

      And I doubt the producers only picked Cassadee solely because they wanted to make sure the show launched a star, My guess is the producers thought, Dia and Juliet did well, what female Warped Tour veteran can we cast this season? Cassadee is not the first artist on the show to have minimal amount of success before The Voice and I hope it is not the last because these “professionals” make the show much more entertaining than the other amateur shows.

    • teatime says:

      None of these shows is just for amateurs. The Voice least of all.

    • Brenda says:

      All 3 finalists were previously recorded with prior bands…Nick was using his real name then so search Nicholas Mrozinski and see my previous post for Terry’s bands. You can find all of their music on Itunes by “searching” their names if you’re interested.
      Terry grabbed two generattions of rock fans by auditioning with the Who and sticking with rock but his albums with both bands are more current music and he WROTE the music and lyrics…not a one-trick pony & he’s sung Blake’s country song, great group contemporary in Rhythm of Love, and has an alternative song posted with his Voice performances. #justsaying

  15. mary says:

    so true!!!! Trevin should have been gone long ago. I never got the adoration he got from his coach???? what??? don’t care for the I tunes aspect. casadee should go next. if she wins I will know this is a fake. the I tunes…….money talks. its so open to corruption.

  16. ms. roz says:

    maybe i’m off subject but how do we really know who the public wants to win, being able to vote over ten times is just plain crazy, who is going to sit and vote for two hours straight, i don’t get it.

  17. Chicago7 says:

    I was a Trevin fan. This competition is called The Voice and he has a gorgeous one. A lot of these singers sang pieces intended to showcase their voices. Why pick on Trevin for doing ballads? With Trevin out I’ve lost a lot of heart for this show. But I still like Nicholas so I guess he’s my pick now. Terry is a doll but his voice is unremarkable. And Cassidy, who I believe will win, is ahead because her coach turned this rock singer, who was not getting a rock following, into a country singer doing emotional, personal songs (and we’re calling Trevin saccharine??) and is appealing to his own considerable fan base to support her. After this is over, she will have a ready-made country base but isn’t a country singer and has no heart for it. When she reverts to form, will she be able to make herself appealing to rock fans? Who knows; she didn’t on the show. I’m not confident she has a big future.

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