Parenthood's Winter Finale: Who Got a Christmas Miracle? Who Suffered Major Heartbreak?

Parenthood Season 4 Spoilers“Christmas is magic. Christmas brings miracles. It’s easy to be what they call a ‘naysayer,’ but if you keep looking and truly watching, you’ll see.”

And so it was during Parenthood‘s final episode of 2012. Of course, Zeek Braverman, who spoke the wise words above, was ostensibly just discussing the belief in Santa Claus. But sure enough, the sentiment ended up applying to the much more pertinent issue at hand: Kristina’s battle to survive after falling gravely ill during the holidays.

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Here, we break down the miracle that was the cancer-battling Braverman’s recovery, as well as everything else that occurred — and broke our hearts — in the highly emotional hour.

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE | Kristina’s brave battle with breast cancer took a near-fatal turn when a seemingly minor fever and cough sent her into septic shock. Close by his wife’s side, Adam learned that her prognosis was not good and that all he could do was sit and wait. In a brief moment of lucidity, Kristina asked Adam to fetch her computer, which contained a video she’d recently recorded for the family. Though he assured her that it wouldn’t be necessary, Adam later had Zeek bring it to the hospital… and then came the tears. “I may not always be with you the way that I want to be, but I’ll always be by your side,” Kristina assured her three children in the sad, could-be coda. But only Adam would have to brave the video for now, as the following morning he awoke to an alert Kristina, who, after a few more days as a patient, would be OK.

REBOUND OR ROMANCE? | In less miraculous news, Hank and Sarah hooked up! (Sorry, Mark. No, really.) After a long day of shooting Santa pics at the mall (it seemed strange to us, too), the “friends” went out for a post-work drink. “I feel so good,” Sarah confided, even though her life had all but fallen apart last week. “And I think it’s because of… you.” After swapping smiles and a brief hand hold, the two were in bed together — and it was awkward. Hank mumbled something about that sex thing never needing to happen again, but the pillow talk was interrupted by a call from Zeek about Kristina’s crisis. Later, Hank showed up at Sarah’s folks’ with a present and an apology of sorts. “About what I said before, that we should make this a one-time thing,” he mumbled, in typical Hank fashion. “If that’s what you want, I’m good. But I just want to clarify: That’s not how I feel. I feel pretty much the opposite. You’re not horrible, that what I came to say. You’re incredible.” Cue kiss.

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HOLIDAY HEARTBREAK | Sadly, our favorite Parenthood lovebirds took a turn for the terrible, when Ryan’s struggle to readjust into everyday life took its final toll on his romance with Amber. After learning from Julia that he’d quit his construction job, Amber suggested Ryan go smooth things over with her uncle. Unfortunately, that led to Ryan disappearing for hours on end only to pop back up drunk in Amber’s car — which he’d apparently wrecked somewhere along the way. The fight that ensued was ugly and ultimately revealed that Ryan felt Amber was trying to change him, that she couldn’t truly accept him. Sober and somber, he too dropped by Zeek and Camille’s to straighten things out with his girlfriend. “You should never be treated that way,” he acknowledged. “I’ll do anything. I want to fix it.” But Amber was not able to move past the issue. Citing her mom’s longtime struggle to fix her father and how it ultimately just brought Sarah down in life, Amber decided to part ways with Ryan… at least for now. “I love you. I’m in love with you,” she cried. “I think we just need time apart. I’m sorry.”

EVERYTHING ELSE | Reeling from Kristina’s brush with death, Crosby and Jasmine decided to have another baby; Haddie finally made it back home after weather delayed her initial trip.

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  1. Androme says:

    Why does this show hate Jason Ritter?

    • Sasha says:

      He just disappeared so suddenly didn’t he? That storyline just really irks me. I hope he can find a show of his own. I really adore him and want good things for him.

    • Anthony says:

      Didn’t he get his own show?

    • ABBY says:

      This show doesn’t hate Jason Ritter, they have a large cast so don’t put him on contract but they keep bringing him back whenever he doesn’t have his own show going on because (I’m thinking) behind the scenes they love Jason Ritter.

  2. mia says:

    I was shocked that Amber had the awareness to see her mother in her own decisions….and it was incredibly mature of her to do what she did. I’m hoping that Ryan can put in a lot of hard work on himself and they’ll get back together. I love those two kids.
    And omg the tears this episode! I cried like three times.

    • J. Norman says:

      I don’t know if Amber will get back with Ryan – (actually, I hope not) – but its not hard to understand why she could see and ward off an early following of her mothers footsteps.

      Let’s be truthful. Has Sarah made on good decision since this show began – that is, beyond recognizing that she would be better off living with her parents?

      Looks like she was terribly torn up by the breakup with her fiance Mark.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      I see it a bit differently. The guy is SO incredibly FRAGILE! He couldn’t even go and talk to Joel after breaking a window! I wouldn’t be surprised if he went and killed himself. I was shocked she broke up with him that fast, and on Christmas Eve no less.
      Under ordinary circumsatnces, it would have been awesomely mature!

  3. mia says:

    And I’m surprised to find myself actually missing Haddie

  4. Fabian says:

    Okay, they didn’t tell Haddie about the cancer coming back. Shouldn’t there have been some sort of confrontation over this fact?? But now she just comes into the room all happy? I am really angry that they glossed over that situation.

  5. Dick Whitman says:

    Ugh, Sarah. Look at your life, look at your choices.

  6. dlferriola says:

    It was an incredible episode and tears flowed from me. I really like Sara with Hank so much better. They fit together really well & I hope he becomes a series regular. Jason Ritter keeps getting his own shows & has to leave. Wish him luck this time. Amber was so brave & did the right thing. Christina has done some amazing acting w ith her storyline, as has Adam. This show has been amazing this season.

    • columbiafire says:

      I never liked Sarah/Mark-no chemistry there! I LOVE Sarah/Hank, though the transition is awkward, rebound’ish even. I look forward to seeing how it plays out, but she was ENGAGED. How can they prove that Hank is not just a rebound?

  7. JJ says:

    I am SO mad that not only did the show break Sarah and Mark up, but that they made it seem like he was absolutely nothing to her. Jumping into bed so quickly with Hank? What the heck.

    I adore Mark and he is so good for Sarah, why’d the show have to mess at up? I thought after last week they would only be on a break for awhile but eventually find their ways back together, but the fact that they had Sarah jump ship to Hank so quickly disgusts me. It’s like the show is trying to say the whole thing with Mark wasn’t real. Grrr.

    • Yeah, didn’t take Sarah much time at all. She really didn’t even seem to question her actions either, so I’m just over it. Mark was so in love with her, and the way she treated him was just wrong. Sarah sucks!

      • Jim Suszek says:

        I agree 100%. I think Mark and Sarah were perfect together and Mark was so in love with her and would do anything for her but Sarah betrayed Mark and Mark had no choice but to leave. I hope the writers realize their mistake and fix this. Hank is a terrible person and butted in where he didn’t belong. Personally I don’t like Ray Romano at all. The characters he plays just flat out stink. Bring back Mark and dump Hank

    • Rachel says:

      I totally agree! As soon as they showed Sarah and Hank together in bed, I literally said out loud “Nope. Hate it.” I liked her with Mark so much better. He wasn’t someone she had to “fix” and deal with baggage and she deserves that! I hated that they put her and Hank together so quickly.

    • I so agree JJ about Sarah and Mark!!! For goodness sakes he is NOT a teenager or that much younger than Sarah!!!! Hank is a mess himself and Sarah really doesn’t need more of ghat in her life!! So waiting for Sarah to realize how good Mark is in her life!!!

  8. Josh says:

    It’s really weird to say, “I love you.” and then say “come back when everything is better.” I have a feeling Ryan isn’t going to live to see the end of the season.

  9. Sara says:

    I want the Kristina storyline to just go away…it’s too sad. I can’t watch my mom cry every week watching this. Proud of Amber but definitely hope Ryan can get his stuff together. I think he could be so good for her, and she for him. And you know I was really upset that Sarah and Mark broke up but I feel like Hank is better for her. I dunno. I want both Jason Ritter AND Ray Romano on the show. Lol

    • April says:

      I too want Kristina’s story to move on past cancer. She’s actually irritates me. As a young mother who was diagnosed with cancer at 32, I NEVER treated anyone the way she treats characters in the show – especially my husband! Not saying I never felt scared or angry, but I didn’t take it out on others. Everyone reacts differently, but how about some tolerance and compassion for the folks that love you!

  10. Blinged Up says:

    I just discovered Parenthood this season because I wanted to watch the Ray Romano part. I did not plan on getting hooked, and I have! Since I’m a Ray fan, I am happy to see Sarah with Hank. I hope he stays on the show.
    It was a little too sad tonight, but I’m really loving this new favorite show of mine.

    • Allen says:

      That’s really ironic because Lauren Graham’s character is really secondary to the essence of the show.

      Take out Sarah Braverman and Drew Holt (but not Amber, of course), and this show is still the same. Sarah’s plots are just filler, the show hoping that Lauren Graham’s name-recognition helps the show’s ratings.

      • Niki says:

        well, it definitely helps the ratings very much, so….but I agree with you, she does not have good storylines, especially this year’s too forced.

      • ABBY says:

        I agree, I actually came to this show for LG but now if I have taped it I usually just skip over her scenes to get to the other Braverman stuff.

      • Meg says:

        But there’s one in every family. There’s always that one person who’s just a little bland when it comes to the rest of the family drama. I think that’s what makes the show so real–it’s not a balanced storyline or even a balanced family. Sometimes others contribute more, sometimes you’re the center of attention.

      • Lauren says:

        Disagree, I’ve always liked her storyline

    • Sg. Grant says:

      See, I’ve hated Ray Romano in just about everything he has ever done, but I absolutely love him in Parenthood.

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree never been a big Ray fan but LOVE him on this show! Sad Mark is gone. Agree with someone’s earlier post that I like Hank and Mark on! But don’t agree with someone when they say Sarah is a filler. I love her!!! Lauren is the reason I started watching!

  11. Allen says:

    Every show has its flaws and plot oversights, but Parenthood has built up so much good will and character that it doesn’t matter.

    Tonight’s episode was sappy, but I cried so much during the hospital scenes — the video, Adam & Zeek. This show is just so powerful, in the most real and greatest way.

    Jason Katims is a genius and I hope he knows that we appreciate it.

    • schu says:

      This! Adam and Zeke made up for all the flaws this episode really did have. Why was all this happening on Christmas Eve, even if Haddie didn’t know her mom still had cancer, her mom still JUST had cancer, no way she would ever wait to come home until Dec 24th. But still the show keeps me hooked every week. It will forever be my favorite.

  12. Mary says:

    Can hardly wait for the show to return. One of the best on TV

  13. sana says:

    i, too, have discovered Parenthood rather lately, and i’m loving it so
    much. i agree that Sara has forgotten Mark so quickly, but i like her
    with Hank so much that i don’t really care!

    as for Adam’s family woos, i hope that Christina lives, she and Adam are the heart and soul of the show, but the continued drama drains me out. give them a break!

  14. Sg. Grant says:

    I really hope the Mayans are wrong. If the world ends in a few days and I don’t get to see more Parenthood, that will suck. Ohh and the death part, too.

  15. M3rc Nate says:

    Is it bad when i saw the promo for this episode and when watching this whole episode i keep chanting “please die, please die” crossing my fingers for luck. God i hate her character. The most neurotic female character on TV, and all her character ever does when talking is talk at the same time as the character she is talking too, especially her husband. They cant actually communicate they just talk at each other at the same time and start yelling. SO ANNOYING.

    I feel a bit bad though because the actress who plays her was on LLS-w/Craig Ferguson and she was awesome and totally normal, so shes obviously a great actress. But god i wanted her to die like i wanted Shane to die on TWD.

    • Annika says:

      You need therapy.

    • Kate says:

      While I think your take is a little extreme, the thing I hate most about this show and stopped me from watching seasons 2 and 3 was the everyone talking at the same time crap. It’s so irritating and I still change the channel whenever it happens, and Christina is for sure the worst offender.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol well it wasnt from a evil place, but i honestly was hoping that character would die, 90% selfishly cause i hate her neurotic self and the talking at the same time (your right shes the worst offender, i swear all her scripts must say “your lines here are said while other person is reading their lines”). But i also thought it would be a rare twist for a show like Parenthood, especially on a christmas episode, to have her die. I would respect that decision, seeing the husband lose his wife and how they would write him having lost her and how the family would react/be affected and him trying to date a few seasons down the line with the kids he has.

    • Alex says:


      • April says:

        Not all women! Just the incredibly egocentric ones that have to micro-manage everything! She was annoying before diagnosis. Now she’s taking it to a new level, and nobody will ever smile again! Not all patients are as hateful as she is, and it’s time to move on to a new story line.

    • JP says:

      You are not alone — I too was wishing Kristina would just die already in that hospital scene. If only to get it through to Mad Max’s brain that his mother’s life is more important than some damned train set. I want to wring the kid’s neck and Kristina’s for being so patient with him. If I were Kristina and languishing on my deathbed, I’d sure leave a better message for Max–like “you helped kill me, you rotten kid. Stop thinking you’re the center of the world.” On the other hand, the scene with the video message to the children made my eyes tear up and feel for her long-suffering husband, I am at the same time annoyed by Monica Potter’s monotonous delivery and weak little voice and wouldn’t miss listening to it ever again. But, annoying as she can be, I was still crying buckets over her video message. Just like real life, I guess. I can cry over certain real life people and their problems, but be annoyed by their habits and less than human failings.

      • Daniel says:

        Max has Asperger’ dare you say that! Children with asperger’s don’t know any better….Its not his fault that his brain is wired that way! you should be ashamed for saying that!

        • JP says:

          Max is a character on a television show, not one of the many children with Asperger’s I have met in my lifetime. I have sympathy for the real children and their parents. I simply do not like Max, a character in a television show, not a real life person. I wouldn’t fault Max if he was a real human being and treated his parents like they were orbits around his universe. He is not. That is why I dare to say I don’t care for Max’s behavior on the program no matter how true the real behavior of a child with Asperger’s, and, as I said in my post, “if were Kristina (another character on a television show) on my deathbed,” I would be more apt to say something very different to Max on the video, especially after I was rushed to the hospital and found out my son was more concerned with a toy train than the fact that his mother might be in pain and close to death. We are talking about a television show in this forum. We are talking about actors and how the scripts are written. But thank you for your thoughtful response.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Daniels response is typical American coddling and hyper-political-correctness, ignore it.

            Now personally i haven’t commented on Max and how insanely annoying, rude etc that he is because i dont know Aspergers well enough (at all) to know if better/different parenting could improve him, his social skills or what he cares about (his mom not dying instead of trains). For all i know no matter your parenting or help you get him, he could never think in the way you’d want him to think, OR hes a not very realistic portrayal of Aspergers (or he is, but how his parents are raising him isnt helping its actually hurting his social growth). Basically i just dont touch subjects i dont know enough about.

          • columbiafire says:

            I agree with Daniel, that is a terrible thing to say, even if it is about a fictional character. M3rc Nate: no, it is most certainly not “typical American coddling and hyper-political-correctness.” You obviously don’t know anything about autism. Shame on you both. Do everyone a favor, & do some research. Max’s behavior is quite realistic.

          • columbiafire says:

            Further, JP should stop hiding behind “Oh, it’s just a tv show.” Have a heart, dude. It’s meant to be a representation of life (like many art forms). I think Kristina knows her son well enough to know what his reaction, or lack thereof, might be. She wouldn’t change anything she said. Also: haven’t we all used something similar to toy trains to take our minds off of something with which we couldn’t deal well? Plus, keeping routine would actually help Max (someone with Asberger’s) deal with what is going on.

      • Meg says:

        I feel like Max, in response to his mother’s death, would have a “My mother is a fish” kind of moment. (As I Lay Dying)

    • Lauren says:

      Completely disagree! I don’t find her character neurotic or annoying at all! This is actually one show where I like everyone and don’t wish anyone death, haha

  16. Mary says:

    The directors decides how they want an actor to play a scene so why not rant at them.
    Anyone who has had or died from breast cancer would find your comments lacking compassion and truly juvenile. Hopefully you or yours won ‘t have to find out how devastating it is. This character has had to deal with a high functioning Austistic son. Try that on for size. You would be a bit neurotic also.

  17. JB Smooove says:

    they say winter finale like its coming back. from what i remember, they are only doing 13 episodes and then making way for smash. hope im wrong…

  18. Rachel says:

    I join those of you who are disappointed that Sarah and Hank are getting together. I predicted it from the first time Hank was introduced (although I do like the actor, Ray Ramono). Hank is morose and has a difficult time enjoying life ( by his own admission). He is another man that Sarah will have to take care of – to try to fix and make happy. I had really hoped that she had grown beyond all of that.

    • B says:

      I think Mark hit it on the head last week in that Sarah feels this need to sabatoge any sort of happiness she might have… she probably doesn’t even know why she does it. Mark was good for her and she just couldn’t stand it. I don’t think Hank will bring her any sort of lasting happiness.

  19. LOL says:

    They should’ve killed her (the cancer-filled women) off. This family deserves it. Once again, the writers can’t pull the trigger on an impactful storyline.

    • Allen says:

      If you want that, you’re missing the point of Parenthood. Plus you can’t even identify Kristina’s name or character.

      Plus, this story arc with Kristina is based on Katims’ wife, and she survived. Even though this show is very real and grounded, sometimes seeing that miracle happen is what we need to see. Death will be an element of this show, but it would be soul-crushing for the million of cancer victims and survivors who love and support this show to see it happen to Kristina.

    • Lauren says:

      You’re wrong – it’s very realistic and well done. My father had cancer and it reminds me so much of that time.

  20. Trisha says:

    I read online that the season finale is on Jan. 30. That will be the last episode of this season. Huge freaking bummer. Smash sucks. No word on if it will be renewed for next fall yet. crossing fingers and toes!

  21. Avril says:

    I really liked the Sarah and Hank stuff (I loved Mark but realized him and Sarah probably aren’t right for each other) and Zeek with the grandkids. The rest of the story lines felt mehh, in my opinion. I feel like Amber gave up on Ryan pretty quickly….Like, the first big mistake he makes, she freaks out and tells him they need time apart. When your loved one is hurting and needs help, it seems like you should stay with that person through his/her foray into therapy, and if they’re not taking it seriously or seem like they’re not committed to improving, THEN it makes sense to break things off. Idk, thought it was weird she bailed just like that, especially after coddling Ryan like a baby for the previous episodes she was with him. Anyone else think Peter Krause is a not-so-good actor? He’s so stiff and robotic, even in really emotional scenes. Half the time it looks like he’s trying to stifle a laugh. It’s kind of distracting. Sorry to be the complainer, but I’m tired of giving this show free passes for every flaw…

    • tp says:

      This wasn’t the first time Ryan flew off the handle. He beat his friend to a pulp. I know he is young to be experiencing PTSD but she is too young to take that on. She lived through her mom trying to fix her dad and is smart enough to know she can’t handle Ryan and his problem right now. He has to want to help himself before she can help him.

    • davey says:

      I don’t think Krause is a bad actor, he is acting a character who is stiff and can’t show his emotions easily.

    • Meg says:

      Watch Krause in Six Feet Under. See if you have the same thoughts.

  22. Peta says:

    I completely agree that Sarah jumped way too fast from Mark to Hank. I think one of the good things about this show though is that it shows all the flaws that people have. A lot of people when they end a serious relationship rush straight into a new one. I don’t agree with it, but it is realistic. Especially since it has been building to a Sarah/Hank relationship all season

  23. Paula says:

    I remember a spoiler about a pregnancy and originally thought it would be drew & Amy…… But now I’m kind of thinking Amber & Ryan!!! I have a feeling well be seeing more of Ryan.
    Also – I already miss Mark…… So boo hiss to that break up.

  24. Margie says:

    I liked the episode, but there were a couple of things in the hospital scenes that really bugged me. 1st, Why did they have Adam even bother to wear a mask in the room and then take it off when he talks to Christina. I mean, he’s spreading his germs all over the place. 2nd, there’s no way all of those people would have been allowed in that room without masks on. She still would have been very likely to catch something.

  25. tp says:

    I really liked Mark but he was wrong for Sarah. They were at different places in their lives.

  26. davey says:

    I love Parenthood but I hate the Hank-Sarah relationship. I can’t wait until Romano is off the show. Not a good actor for this role and not a good match for Sarah.

  27. davey says:

    I don’t know how expensive Parenthood is to run, but it is one of NBC shows this season that increased viewership. They would be crazy to let it go for some new awful crime-mystery-doctor-fantasy show.

  28. Katie says:

    I really enjoyed this episode and I mean lets be honest this WHOLE season
    I think Ray Romano is great! I mean I was a little iffy on the hank/ sarah storyline but I think that its amazing. I also love amber and ryan my favorite couple on TV I hope they just get back together immediately. I love the storyline with Monica Porter, she’s doing a phenomenal job. Also this new baby storyline is great. In my experience usually a show centrals around one of these great storyline but Parenthood gives you a little bit of everything as much as I also love Smash I think I’d give it up for more parenthood.

  29. Kristine S. says:

    Sorry, but I pretty much loathe Cristina so I was hoping that she would die. Had there been a way to take Max with her then all the better. Adam and his 2 tolerable kids would be much more enjoyable to follow storywise
    Love Amber. Let’s get her more time each week.

    • Brad says:

      Kristine I loathe you for your comments so I hope you die as well. Seriously? You hope a tv character that so many cancer victims ,survivors,and loved ones are rooting for dies? A true Parenthood fan roots for this family to get past all of its trials because we see in them our own family. The beauty of the show is how connected they make us feel toward them. I have people in my family that might annoy me at times but would never wish death on them.

      • tripoli says:

        Wow, way too take your comment way too far. Christine is wishing for the death of a fictional character. Sure, its not the nicest comment but she’s entitled to it. Your retort of wishing death upon her is just rude and inappropriate. Get a grip.

      • Kristine S. says:

        Kristina is not a real person. Her fictional character annoys me to no end. I personally think a storyline of dealing with her death would make for better TV. I find it amusing that my comment wishing Max to die didn’t offend your delicate sensibilities as well. LOL.

  30. Terry says:

    I like Jason Ritter, but the pairing with Ray Romano works much better I think.

  31. eyesinkpop says:

    Honestly, I’m looking at this in the mind of a parent…Mark seemed like he wouldn’t be a good stepdad (have we forgotten about Drew having sex) but Hank seems more mature and thts wht Sarah needs somebody mature. So yeah I’m on Team Hank

    • JJ says:

      Is it just me, or is Mark way more mature than Hank? Hank is manipulative and always broods about his ex wife and his daughter. He played little kid games trying to get his daughter to not leave and he took Sarah along for the ride, even though he knew full well she had important plans. He just makes her feel bad about it.

      I don’t think Mark has done an un responsible thing since he joined the show. I don’t know what you were watching when Mark handled the Drew sex situation, but he handled it perfectly. If anything, Sarah was the one who handled it badly. If anything, he is the responsible one between him and Sarah.

      In full sarcasm: I can’t wait until Hank guilts Sarah into even more bad decisions. Relationships based on guilt are so strong and loving.

  32. Line says:

    I don’t like what’s going on with Sarah…remember she used to cry all the time, but now her fiance leaves her and not a single tear!? What is this?? This means she didn’t actually love Mark doesnt it? She did her boss and is making out with him after her fiance left her…she wanted to have a baby with that man and not a single tear.
    I am really annoyed by Sarah’s storylines right now..and I need to say, I only started this show for Lauren Graham, now I enjoy her character the least!

  33. Kat says:

    Please tell us Mark (aka the am-az-ing Jason Ritter) comes back before the end of the season. Though after her sleeping with Hank so easily, gonna take a miracle probably, which is such a shame as I think Mark is the one who clearly really loves her. And gets her. What he said last week about how she’s afraid to let herself really be happy…SPOT ON. My hope is she finds out she’s pregnant or something and it brings them back together. I just love them as a couple and think they are much, much more interesting to watch together then Sara and Hank. As while Ray R. is quite good on the show, that relationship is so one we have seen before and just don’t have as much stakes in. Please share some good Mark scoop soon!! Tell me there is hope!

  34. Kat says:

    Also, I agree, Mark acts way more mature then Hank. Hank is such a baby about so many things in his life and irresponsible and selfish too often. Mark was even willing to give up on the idea of having children for Sarah, that’s how much he loved her! And he forces her to be a better person I think, or to aim to be the best version of herself, which I think is always a really clear sign you’ve found someone to share your life with. Here’s hoping Sarah sleeping with Hank so easily is her just trying to cope with losing Mark…which, let’s face it, is totally a Sarah kinda thing to do. Denial and avoidance when it comes to her personal life.

  35. sm galloway says:

    I have to admit, I’m really hooked on the show due to the Amber/Ryan relationship. I might fade out as a viewer if Matt’s character has been written out for good. As an aside, I hope the writers give Amber a little more to consider with Ryan. What Amber has to start with in Ryan’s character and quality is far more than Sarah had to work with in her husband. The men are comparable, but not. I’d hate to see Amber learn habits of bailing too quickly on a relationship when it is less than charming, and to totally cut off a veteran who has no family seems a little harsh. I think Ryan needed to find a job on his own, the pressure of her family’s charity was too much on someone feeling depressed and insecure. I really hope we see Amber give Ryan strength, not necessarily in a relationship, but in friendship.

  36. Fantastic episode — all the stories were great, and it was very moving. Monica Potter is doing an epic job this year. While I was sad to see the Amber/Ryan split, it was a great thing to do for her story; I hope the character of Ryan sticks around and gets his act together so they can give it another go. Ray Romano needs to stay on the show forever; he’s every kind of awesome, Sarah/Hank is the best dynamic she’s had on the show since it started; and Hank brings a ton to the story all on his own. I loved his interactions with Max and Drew.

  37. Jeri says:

    Love this show and all the characters, especially Kristina. The show wouldn’t be the same without her. Sarah does make mistakes (everyone does) and I know my family isn’t perfect & interrupts each other at times. Go Bravermans!

    Just wish this show would get in the top 10. Don’t want to lose it.

  38. Robin says:

    I have such love for this show…it makes me cry…things are just too real and its just too much sometimes…Sarah makes me mad…and I’m very unhappy with the choices she’s made. Her story is the story I care about least really though. I hope Ryan can get his act together, so he and Amber can be happy together. I hope there are some nominations for things for the cast, and writing. and there best be getting another season…and hopefully more than 15 episodes next season! Best drama on network TV hands down!!!

  39. tripoli says:

    Just wanted to give a little praise to Craig T. Nelson. He was pretty awesome in this episode.

    • Meg says:

      And perfect. “I have fourteen people in my family that are coming by and I just wanted to know if you don’t see what you really see.”

    • Rain says:

      This! I held it together through the show up until Zeke told Adam to tell Christina he loved her and Craig had the perfect teary eyed look that just broke me!!

  40. Lynn Makler says:

    As a breast cancer survivor the day I stopped watching was the day they gave Kristina breast cancer. Totally predictable totally overdone and totally too hard to watch. Nobody who has lived through it wants to relive it. Kill her or don’t, but please be done with it.

  41. Lauren says:


  42. kelly hughes says:

    Love the show! So much better then all the reality cheap entertainment.

  43. Loz says:

    OMG I’m missing Parenthood. Ugh, I can’t wait for this season to start already. I heard Feb for it to come back (I live in Australia). The one thing I won’t like though probably is the fact that Mark is no longer there and stupid Ray Romano has taken over as Sarah’s boyfriend, noooooooooooo. I liked Mark & Sarah together was rooting for them to get married. The proposal last season was cute. Sounds like this Kristina stuff is going to be a tearjerker. And where’s Haddie? Is she at a uni or something?

  44. Annie says:

    Oh Loz, I hope it’s back next month! It sucks that us Aussies have to wait so long for our favourite American shows after they have screened overseas. I am having serious withdrawals from Parenthood!!

    • Loz says:

      I have heard Feb that it comes back but you never know. Parenthood is the only one of my American shows that hasn’t been fastracked and its really annoying me cos I like it so much.