The Voice Season 3 Semifinals Recap: To Die Four

nicholas davidThe Voice‘s Season 3 semifinals featured the Top 4 contestants travelling to faraway lands — and I’m not talking about their American Idol-esque hometown visits.

Trevin Hunte went all the way to heaven (where angels wear baby blue nightgowns and play classical instruments). Nicholas David sojourned to Miss Havisham’s burnt-out Amish-country vacation house (where a sad red wagon waited longingly for a little boy to come and play with it). Cassadee Pope flittered away to Faerieland (“Because she is made of PURE MAGIC!” cried her mentor, Blake Shelton). And Terry McDermott detoured at a vast cathedral before he continued on his way to Mordor.

(Go ahead…say “MORDOR!” in your boomingest, British-iest Christopher Lee accent. We can pick up this recap when you’ve finished.)

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All that is my roundabout way of saying the semifinal set pieces were a wee bit over-the-top. But hey, with four talented folks competing for three spots in next week’s finale (one of which really shoulda gone to Amanda Brown), you can’t be surprised that they pulled out every stop. We saw yet another Gospel choir. We saw extreme closeups of Blake resting his chin in his hands, his face gazing into the light emanating from Cassadee’s soul. We saw Nicholas’ wife getting an ultrasound! The only thing that got left out was Trevin Hunte leading a brickbats- and torches-wielding throng into his mean high-school chorus teacher’s classroom. (Maybe producers are saving that feel-good footage for next week’s finale?)

We now interrupt this broadcast to present — without comment — Cee Lo’s response to Carson Daly’s question about how what he wants Voice fans to take away about his final two contestants, Trevin and Nicholas: “I want them to be remembered as really great friends of mine, and the future!”

Carson didn’t really respond to that ridiculata with a “well said,” did he?

Don’t answer that…let’s get to grades for this week’s performances…

Trevin Hunte: Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” | Why has The Voice been leading us to believe Trevin’s a New Yorker when he’s been living in Georgia since he was 11? Did I miss the newsflash? Or did the show’s producers think his tale of being told to give up on his dreams by a teacher would somehow tug harder on the heartstrings if we believed he came from Queens rather than what looks like a lovely Atlanta suburb? Whatever the case may be, this was one instance where I wish we’d gotten less hometown visit and more behind-the-scenes insight into Cee Lo and Trevin’s unfathomable song choice. Not since his blind audition has the kid credibly covered a song from the last two decades, and instead of using his penultimate live show to try to establish some post-Voice credibility, he goes and covers one of the most mawkish, sentimental ballads in the American songbook. Even more troubling, “Wind Beneath My Wings” ranks alongside “Scream” as Trevin’s worst vocal of the competition: His pacing seemed rushed, he went sharp on almost every big note in the second half of the track, and didn’t really seem emotionally connected to what he was singing. By the time he reached the “fly, fly, flyyyy” portion of the ditty, I began devilishly rooting for Cee Lo’s pink parrot to come swooping onto the stage and drop a critique right in the center of the stage. Instead, Xtina rambled incessantly about all the times she’d sung “Wind” during her childhood. Then again, at least she stopped short of singing a few bars and then imploring us to pick up copies of Lotus, in stores now. Grade: D+

Nicholas David: Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” | Nicholas, in typical fashion, barely missed a note while pairing up his warm, buttery tone with a ’70s-era pop-soul anthem. Okay, I could gripe that once again, Cee Lo’s song choice left Nicholas looking like a groovy nostalgia act — Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love,” from 1985, is the newest song he’s tackled since the live shows began — and far from the kind of current artist who’s ready to cast Ke$ha from the Billboard charts and back from whence she came. (FYI: I’m not saying oldies can’t be goodies…I’m just advocating a little variety!) But I’ve got to admit that the Minnesota hippie infused his performance with added emotional heft this week — no doubt in part because his wife and family were offering tearful support from the front row. That extra aggression in Nicholas’ delivery brought to life the urgency of his message, even if it might’ve taken a little toll on tone in a couple spots. It’s just a shame the show’s director chose to spend what felt like a third of the performance in extreme closeup on the Mrs. and her wriggling toddler. We’re not suposed to be voting for “Best Family” — as if having a spouse and children somehow implies you’re more worthy of a record deal — but rather, The Voice. Which is why that overbearing, “look! he’s doing it for his wife and kids!” vibe was the equivalent of going to a romantic movie and having someone repeatedly slap your shoulder and yell, “I think it’s really gonna work out for Wall-E and Eva! I really do! Those crazy kids! So romantic!” Or to be more direct, the camera work was unnecessary, distracting, and borderline hostile. (Side note: Who else is dying to know more about the behind-the-scenes tension Cee Lo alluded to in his critique?) Grade: B+

Cassadee Pope: Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy” | I realize that Blake’s immense popularity is probably worth a 25% uptick in votes for his contestants, but the show simply gorges on the Cassadee-Blake connection like a 5-year-old shoveling down Halloween candy. It’s all cute and sweet — until it turns into a sudden and all-consuming urge to vomit. I mean, did Carson need to tell us Cassadee was tackling “a special song hand-picked by Blake” — as if it was a diamond engagement ring her coach had personally mined in Northwest Canada, and then cut, polished and set with a little help from his old friend Neil Lane. And don’t even get me started on Blake’s hyperbolic hoo-hah about Cassadee’s ability to connect with her lyrics like no one who’d ever previously graced the Voice stage. (Cue RaeLynn, foaming at the gums with a lasso, a bullwhip, and a microphone, ready to exact unspeakable revenge on her former mentor.) If everybody would dial it back just a hair, chances are we’d all be able to appreciate and enjoy a little more Cassadee’s very real improvement as a vocalist this season. “Stupid Boy” (which in this instance sounded more adult contemporary than country) put Cassadee in storyteller mode while reinforcing the idea that she’s got serious chops; her signature high notes never flirted with screechy or threatened to veer off pitch. Would it be too Blake of me to call this her personal best this season, or to say this is the closest I’ve come to downloading one of her tunes onto my computer? Grade: A-

Terry McDermott: The Beatles’ “Let It Be” | If I’m gonna give Carson grief for his lead-in to Cassadee’s performance, I’d better call him out on how he introduced Terry’s choice of “Let It Be” as “one of the most loved songs that unifies us all.” (“Let It Be”: It’s like the Dead Sea…only you can play it on your Bose system!) In all seriousness, though, Terry’s performance once again proved to be the trusty (and sorta blandly seasoned) starch to the telecast’s main courses. Aside from a pretty falsetto run at the very end, and a little riff on “Mother Mary come to me,” Terry colored well within the lines of the thousands of “Let It Be” that came before him. Don’t get me wrong: He’s got a nice voice. He did a good job. He hit most of his notes as easily as Kim Kardashian finds the paparazzi’s flashbulbs. And he had by far the most entertaining hometown visit package (unlike Idol, The Voice didn’t feel the need to put subtitles under his Scottish aunt and uncle — yay for progress!). But unlike Trevin (who at least tried and failed with his Usher cover) or Nicholas (who turned “Over the Rainbow” on its head with a new arrangement) or Cassadee (who’s covered both male and female artists), Terry only knows one way to hit the ball. And eventually, type of play usually leads to a strikeout. But enough of my cranky take. Let’s balance it all out with a gallon of corn(y) syrup from Blake: “In my absolute heart, I believe that was musical perfection.” Grade: B

Uff to the da! With that, let me turn things over to you:

Who were your favorites from The Voice‘s semifinal performance telecast? Who’s most likely to get booted come Tuesday night? Are you surprised there are three contestants going to the finale? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Samantha says:

    I think we’re going to be saying goodbye to Trevin tomorrow. Terry’s been higher in the charts than Nicholas but people really love Nicholas. Cassadee is going to win though which isn’t any kind of fair.

    • njm says:

      The show has rules. Cassadee played by the rules. When you come up with your singing show, you can determine what is “fair.”

      • Samantha says:

        She had fame. She chose to walk away from it. Not fair in my eyes but I do understand it’s fair by the show rules. I hope that changes next season. She’s mediocre at best.

        • JBSFan101 says:

          Did you voice these same concerns about Dia Frampton and Juliet Simms – neither of which went on to win, despite having been in relatively successful bands and having a built in fanbase prior to the show?

        • gailer says:

          What fame did Cassadee have?

          • Trent says:

            Thank you! Hey Monday might have had a cult following, but I had never heard of them or her before this show — and I listen to a lot of different musical genres.

            My question about Cassadee is, how has someone who’s supposedly sung in a band for years improved SO dramatically over this season? Is Blake just that good a coach? Because her first Voice performances were a pitchy mess, but IMO she was the best performer last night.

        • njm says:

          You act like Hey Monday was some huge band. They were a show opener that sold a few hundred thousand albums at best. Terry McDermott’s bad Driveblind also performed with some notable musicians.

          How much success is too much? What kind of ridiculously blurry line are you trying to draw? Was Amanda Brown’s stint as an Adele backup singer too much stage experience?

          The point is that if Cassadee was as successful and famous as you say she is, she wouldn’t need the show.

          • rachelleet says:

            Bahahaha – when I read driveblind I was thinking of driveshaft…and then realized that he kind of looks like Charlie!
            Also – I agree with you. Hey Monday was not this huuuuuge band. They opened for Fall Out Boy (after they had their hits…). She is just clever, and VERY smart for going with Blake. The people that team up with him usually go far because the other teams are too stacked with good singers.

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Hah yeah I keep thinking he was in Driveshaft too!

            Wait. Actually though wasn’t he?

          • Lydia's Bones says:

            Hey Monday had an album in 2008 that sold 100,000 copies. They had no Top 40 hits. This is not success, people! There’s a reason they were dropped by their record label. And trust me, before this season of The Voice started if you had polled 100 random people and asked “Have you ever heard of Cassadee Pope?”, there’s a good chance that not even one of them would have replied “yes.” The goal of this show is to take a singer who is not a household name and turn them into one. Mission accomplished.

          • Hannah says:

            They had a song on ‘Glee’ . . .

          • Shelley says:

            It’s pretty simple to do the math. Hey Monday has 831K facebook friends and 93K twitter followers, Cassadee headed into the Voice with 150K FB friends and 300K followers. Compare that with a range of 20-50K facebook friends for the other contestants and you can see her massive advantage. It’s really hard to see how anyone could possibly beat her.

    • Aylin says:

      Agreed, Samantha. ‘Hey Monday’ is far bigger than the bands of Dia and Juliet. Even Cassadee’s earliest covers went Top 10 on iTunes, back when she was a pitchy mess. Her Battle Round wasn’t even shown. So how else did she pick up such a huge fanbase so quickly, when other flawless performers like Amanda and (at the time) Trevin did not even come close sales-wise.

      • John C says:

        Maybe she got a big fan-base because she’s good looking. Good looking people get away with more. That’s life.

        • Lois Benton says:

          I don’t think your theory quite works, in this competition,anyway. Amanda was the most beautiful of all the contestants from the blind audition on and she’s gone, unfortunately.

      • Chris says:

        Never heard of Cassadee or Hey Monday before The Voice, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing that she is extremely talented, as well as the most marketable contestant in this year’s bunch. She earned her place in the top 4 and would be very deserving winner.

        • Aylin says:

          I agree that at this point in the season she comes across as talented and marketable, and of the four, I think she deserves to win. However, early on, both of these things were questionable due to pitch issues and Avril Lavigne copycat tendencies. Without the fanbase, I question whether she would have made it past the first few weeks (keeping in mind that she charted every time, even with some terrible early song choices). I’m not questioning her talent, because she has proven herself since, but did we really see her shine until the last few weeks?

    • Beth says:

      I have to disagree, Cassadee puts emotion and soul into her performances. Hey Monday seemed to be one of those bands that had a small but loyal fan base. What is unfair about that? Perhaps they missed her beautiful voice and can now see her doing something different, should that disqualify their votes? No. Jermaine Paul was Alicia Keys backup singer, should he not of won because maybe her fan base rallied behind him?

    • Lydia's Bones says:

      I don’t see how Slezak could possibly give a higher grade to Nicholas’s performance over Terry’s. Nicholas missed a few notes! And has anyone else noticed that he sings with his teeth??

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        Anything he missed wasn’t a painful miss though and inthe midst of the most emotional connection of the night and well toned.

    • allie08 says:

      never heard of Hey Monday or Cassadee Pope before the Voice so I am not sure what kind of fame you are referring to. Perhaps Nicholas should also be out since he had a little following as well at the local bar? It’s about time someone who wins has a shot at marketability. Trevin is raw – I think he has talent but he needs some grooming for a few years. Nicholas is great but he doesn’t have mass appeal. Terry is a nice guy with a solid voice but I don’t see him doing anything current or relevant. I like them all… but I’d really like the show to have a break out star and I think Casseedd is the only one who can do that this season.

    • gailer says:

      You were right! Yea, I was wrong! I thought Trevin would be saved by America.

  2. gailer says:

    who was michael saying was off key?

  3. Edward says:

    I thought Nicholas took it HANDS DOWN tonight. His song was totally amazing from start to finish; the guy just drips soul and personality. Trevin was a disaster, going flat so many times on “glory” notes that I finally stopped keeping count. Cassadee and Terry were their usual boring, colorless selves. I totally HATED Cassadee’s song, “Stupid Boy”. It was bland and….. well….. stupid. Trevin will go home tomorrow; Nick for the win.

    • Nina says:

      I love Nick but he was going off key whenever he goes for a high note. My husband came down and start complaining about the guy singing on TV (Nick) that should stop butchering Joe’s (Cocker) song, . I still love Nick though.

      • Edward says:

        Honestly, after watching Trevin sounding like a feral cat, I thought Nick sounded incredible…. I didn’t hear him go off on a SINGLE note. And he definitely gave Joe Cocker a run for his money!!!

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        Are you sure Nick went off? I thought only barely once when he came in modulating a tone and it caught the wrong part of his throat to start by accident.

        Trevin definitely hit off a number of times, sadly, some of them in somewhat important ways where you couldn’t just forget about it.

        Nicholas was awesome, it may well have been the best of the night. I did think Cassadee did a very good job tonight thought and Terry was pretty good too.

      • The song hit above the top of his range. He missed a number of the high notes. But he was obviously putting a lot of emotion into it.

      • Lois Benton says:

        Nicholas wasn’t off. A roomful of musicians who watched the show with me think he was amazing and in-tune solid. He is in his own universe, however. No doubt about that.

    • Stephen Tan says:

      Edward, you must be quite biased in your judgement. Even from as far as Borneo island, I can see the difference in the quality of Cassadee from the mediocrity of Nicholas and Trevin.

      • Edward says:

        So…. Stephen Tan…. let me get this right. *I* am biased because I happen to like the way that Nick sings, but YOU are not biased for liking Cassadee?? Get real, moron.

    • Nancy Wilson says:

      I think the behind the scenes conflict between Cee Lo and Nicholas had to do with the shameless pimping of Nicholas’s family. It was all too much. Hippies don’t like hype and maudlin sentiment.

      • tnsmoke says:

        I actually WAS turned off by the whole family video stuff for Nick, especially the close up of the ultra sound on his wife’s belly….just thought it wasn’t needed to pull in the Kleenex crowd.

      • kim says:

        true didnt like the over the top take on the family nick is so good without that

  4. Linda says:

    I think Terry & Nicholas were the best tonight. Don’t understand why everyone likes Cassadee so much. She’s just an “ok” singer, kind of like Taylor Swift.

    • gailer says:

      Probably country fans voting for her. I see 3 guys left tomorrow.

      • njm says:

        And her song is #5 at ITunes already. When it’s #1 at 10am tomorrow, please remember this post.

        • njm says:

          And it’s already #1…say goodbye to one of your 3 guys (Trevin, likely).

          • gailer says:

            will see tonight, America tends to vote for guys like Trevin, not a fan but I fully expect him to be there at the end

          • Hannah says:

            Everyone but Trevin made iTunes Top 10 and is getting a 10x boost. As unfair as it is to boost the iTunes scores of only the Top 10 (arbitrary cut-off much?) because it means some people’s votes count more than others (why not make ALL iTunes purchases worth ten votes?), Trevin didn’t get this boost, and the boost is so substantial that he is almost certainly going home.

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Probably so. Last week he just barely got the boost and made it and Amanda didn’t. THis week looks like he is the goner.

    • Nina says:

      Because she’s very good! Plain and simple!

      • sara says:

        no, she isn’t. She is far from “very good.” She is a mediocre singer, nothing more. She just happens to be pretty. Oh the irony if she wins.

        • njm says:

          Wow…be more judgmental and trite. You are pathetic, nothing more.

          ….oh wait, that doesn’t feel good or seem justified, does it?

    • GMom100 says:

      I totally agree! Even though I’ve been a fan of Terry’s since day one (literally), Nicholas has a beautiful, soulful voice. Cassadee’s voice IS mediocre just like Taylor Swift’s. Which goes to show you don’t have to be a GOOD singer to win a singing competition. I think Trevin will be leaving. Also, I agree that Amanda should still be in the running.

      • Edward says:

        Well, there ARE a lot of mediocre singers now with hit songs…. but many of them seem to be one-hit wonders. Cassadee could end up exactly the same.

      • JohnDoe54 says:

        I’m sorry… I hate when people are rude on website commentary but comparing Cassadee’s voice to Taylor Swift’s is completely unfair. There is a quality and detail to Cassadee’s voice that are far beyond Taylor’s. So offended.

    • iamraven07 says:

      Cassadee has proven, as the weeks progressed that she is a great singer. She may have vocal issues from the beginning of the live shows, but she picked up from that and has since been improving a whole lot. She showed variety (doing pop rock, country, male and female songs) more than any of the other three semi-finalists. She connects with the songs thrown at her really well. Adding all that, she’s been an amazing contestant on The Voice.

      I had Amanda Brown as my Season 3 champ, but with the four of them remaining, I want the win to go to Cassadee.

      • Kate says:

        Cassadee doesn’t have a huge voice- that doesn’t mean that she’s a bad singer. She’s on pitch, her placement and her range are very solid.She knows her stuff. Her phrasing is spot etc.etc….musically she knows who she is and the fact that she’s gorgeous- that’s a bad thing HOW? She’s likeable and the interpretations of the songs are polished and make sense…I don’t get the criticism…really. I don’t.

    • kim says:

      true i find cassadee so boring to watch……

  5. Elena says:

    How was Terry’s performance a B?? Really? Even if you think it’s too in his wheelhouse (I thought it was different enough from his usual), he was pretty much vocally perfect on it. That was not an easy song to sing at all. That grade isn’t a fair or accurate one, in my opinion.
    Anyway, Cassadee and Nicholas were pretty good as well, so I think bye bye, Trevin for tomorrow night’s elimination.

    • Emily says:

      Absolutely agree. However biased against Terry you are, you should still grade fairly. It was an A performance, and he absolutely killed it! he was amazing! Cassadee was very good too as well as Nicholas, and Trevin will go home.

    • Rachel says:

      It was a B for Boring. It was on pitch, but it was overall just mediocre.

  6. Josh says:

    I don’t understand the terry love he sucked last week but Amanda is sitting at home instead cause in part due to jealous women haters who only vote for guys

  7. analythinker says:

    iTunes chart for now: Cassadee #10; Terry #15, Nicholas #37; Trevin #132

  8. Margie says:

    Michael’s lost his mojo this season. Maybe there are too many reality singing shows.

  9. AJE says:

    I think your grades are right on the money.

  10. dj says:

    Cassadee did do well tonight, but I liked Nicholas better. I thought Trevin missed too many notes, and Terry was forgettable. His home visit package was the most fun, though. I loved how he surprised his son and how his relatives surprised him.

  11. jw says:

    With Amanda gone, this show is dead to me. And that list is super lame.

    • Lazette says:

      Me too. Amanda’s performance is the only one that I’ve looked forward to seeing and with her gone I don’t care who wins. Nothing personal against the ones that are left, but she (Amanda) is a true entertainer as well as a great singer, and there is no one left in the competition who has both of those talents.

  12. Davey says:

    I didn’t watch without Amanda and it looks like I missed nothing. Why didn’t they just eliminate one singer last week?

    • Jamey says:

      Agreed!! I didn’t watch tonight and won’t the rest since Amanda left, but I will read your recap! I quit watching DWTS and AI because the good ones don’t make it to the finals. So bye bye Voice. I realize 10 homes are nothing for you but none of our group will watch though we have at least one Nielsen fam)…lol Plus, my country friend will not be buying anymore Blake music….

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Yeah that is a shame because I think Amanda 100% for sure would’ve survived this week to make the top four for next week if they had done it that way. I do think they do the 2 gone too much on the non-Idol shows, although at least it is not the ridiculous 4 gone!

  13. victoria says:

    Cassadee wass steller tonight best hands down

    • Edward says:

      I have to disagree. I like her OK, but she is FAR behind Nick in expression, stage presence and overall artistry. He is a master, she is an apprentice.

      • kim says:

        how true i been thinking for the past two weeks that nick should have a hoilday dvd out id buy it i love his voice and swag

  14. Ray says:

    How could anyone say Cassadee is a mediocre singer after tonight? Some of those notes she hit were amazing and the best on the show tonight. Her song was boring though but she sang the hell out of it. And she would out sing Taylor Swift any day. Trevin was the obvious worst tonight. His pitch was way off.

  15. Chris says:

    Nicholas and Cassadee were pretty even. Both are amazing at interpreting a song in a way that makes you feel it with them. Would like to see them finish 1-2 in either order.

  16. Kathy says:

    I thought Trevin was not only off key, he was singing the song way too fast. And seriously, Howie Mandel had the same outfit as CeeLo. Cmon.

  17. Gabrielle says:

    I think Cassadee will win….I’m not a fan of her or her voice. I don’t think she’s that good of a singer. I’m hoping for Terry to win this though. I thought he was the best tonight.

  18. megs says:

    I’m sorry, but the biggest thing I took away from this episode was that song that Cassadee sang. THAT SONGGGggGgg! Never heard of it before, but holy moly, I was crying after the first line. Guaranteed she makes it through if only based on iTunes sales.
    Her, terry, and nick are already in the top 15 or 20 on iTunes. Last I checked, Trevin was 70…like him, super sweet kid, but he should go tomorrow. I’ll be happy with any of the other 3 winning.
    GREAT song choice by Terry- the Beatles will always win in my book.

  19. S7 Fan says:

    10:55, Cassadee is #1, and Terry is #3 on iTunes. Our hometown guy Nicholas is #12. C’mon Nicholas! It was fun seeing the Mall of America segment. I even saw people I know in the crowd. Oh, please, let Trevin go home tomorrow night.

  20. dani says:

    Trevino hit some awful notes but he’s got a very flexible voice. I don’t know how in the world Michael gives Terry a B. He is so pedestrian to me.Nick would have killed it on Let It Be. I just don’t feel Terry has been into this show at all.Whereas Nick gives everything he’s got week after week. And I would very much like to know what kind of internal conflict Ceelo referred to with Nick about song choice. Cassadee is technically well trained but she didn’t have one tear drop in her eye after singing that song
    Aside from that I just absolutely don’t like her music. Now Terry, the most interesting thing I heard him sing all season was that snippet of Teenage Wasteland. Go Nick you are my face for being so real.

    • MC says:

      ITA. Terry’s Let It Be was technically good, but very dry to me. The emotional content was missing from a song that is rooted in strong emotion. Nick would have done it better; that would have been a treat.

      • mdutchone says:

        My husband and I even thought he missed some notes. He’s been going downhill ever since Maybe I’m Amazed, in my opinion.
        Trevin was a trainwreck, Nicholas, whom I love, left me lukewarm, and much as I hate to admit it, Cassadee was the best of the night. I’m not a fan of her voice (too chipmunky) and I don’t like the way it seems pre-ordained that she’s going to win, or Blake’s over-the-top gushing, but she’s improved a lot and seems to no longer be pitchy. I also think she may be the only one that’s marketable (now that Amanda is gone), as she sounds just like a lot of other generic singers that sell well and is pretty to boot.
        I will say that Blake has been excellent as a coach – his song choices have really helped his people connect to “America” (if not necessarily me), whereas Ceelo has not helped his contestants, Adam has had a few inspired choices, but dropped the ball on others, and Xtina’s choices I can barely remember…..

  21. dani says:

    face=face and I don’t know how Trevin’s name ended up Trevino!

  22. teatime says:

    I am disappointed Nick sang another old classic. I wanted him to sing something newer or at least unexpected one of these weeks. He has a tremendous voice and unique phrasing. I would like to imagine he might give us some new and interesting music after the season is over. But it is difficult to imagine that when someone keeps singing only songs that are decades old. I’ve thrown him some votes most weeks. I’ll do it again this week. But I have never had him as my favorite because while I love his voice he comes across as someone who would just put out an album of covers after the show. So I have never gotten invested in caring that he make it to the finale. That might be completely unfair and maybe he is just being given the songs to sing. Perhaps he has all sorts of interesting ideas for reworking current songs from other genres or for singing some newer lesser known soulful songs but he has just been misdirected every week. But as a viewer I am going by what I see and hear every week.
    I can’t say I am disappointed Terry sang another very old song. I expect nothing else from him. Rock is not in fact dead, despite some hand wringing I have heard to that effect in recent years. There are boat loads of rock songs from the past 20 years Terry could have been performing on this show from week to week. According to some posters here, he has been in a couple bands. If those were not cover bands then he presumably has a more current rock background and identity. What is it? Without looking him up on youtube I have no idea. I probably should be a Terry fan but instead he is one of the contestants I forget about as soon as the show is over each week.
    Cassadee was very smart to sing another slow country song. She sings them well and they give her another dimension than just the Avril-Lavigne-rocker-chick.

    • dj says:

      Ceelo mentioned in his comments to Nick that Nick had not liked the song choice. It was Ceelo’s pick, but Nick went along with it. So I don’t think it has been Nick that has wanted to do these old songs.

      • teatime says:

        It is so disappointing that the mentors have so much influence over the song choices. I would much rather hear whatever it is that the contestant wanted to do. That way if they lose votes at least it will be related to their own vision. Plus allowing the contestants to have more influence should result with a less predictable TV show.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          considering most people invited to audition have seemingly had some performing experience it strikes me that having their coaches calling the shots is really disrespectful, unless the singer and coach are mutually collaborating on song/arrangements/staging/clothes choices with the deciding vote being the singers…it would be great if contestants were encouraged to sing/play original material, too

      • DianeD says:

        I think you are exactly right. He obviously wanted to do something else and Ceelo talked him into sticking with a “heartfelt” classic song. The most recent song Nicholas has sung on the show was in the knockout rounds where HE chose to sing “Put Your Records On”…a 2006 song (originally sung by a female artist). It’s my favorite iTunes song of his and gives me hope that he has a legit future as a recording artist. He may not be a Top 40 (pop) star, but maybe Adult Contemporary? Personally I don’t think he’s necessarily the best singer on the show, but I like his voice the best. He’s the only artist from the show that I’d look forward to purchasing their albumn in the future. Cassidee will probably win, but I hope Nicholas will go on to have future success.

        • Julio says:

          Not exactly true. Nicholas also chose “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Last week each contestant performed a song the coach chose and one he or she chose himself or herself. “September” was Cee Lo’s choice, “Rainbow” was Nick’s.

      • Tom22 says:

        fwiw I didn’t like the song choice either. it wasn’t that what we heard wasn’t fine but it was that the song doesn’t have anywhere else to go…. need verses and a chorus. It’s really in the narrative verses that Nicholas does his stuff that wows me. i.e. lots of use of rests in clipped quick syllables, working into more of a croon less clipped, almost as if the character is testing letting go of his emotion, gradually.. a triplet hear and there bubbling out, stetting up the pouring out of emotion in a chorus.. but then regrouping again back to a little more restrained in the next verse but with more broadly confident in the character expressing themselves, and able to show affectations in verses.. musical equivalent of chuckles and raised eyebrows etc.. before hitting the chorus again emotionally yet emphasizing that story he told us once before with more support that he’s given in the verse to support that emotion….
        Our ears are tuned to that stuff just as we can hear the difference in tone of peoples spoken tones of voice when they are asking a question or being sarcastic or friendly etc with the same words.
        A straightforward , one dimensional message in a song that does not contrast different human emotions isn’t very interesting to me.. and all the songs by contestants last night fell into that trap.. but Cascades’s song much less so.

    • Ilastra says:

      With regards to Terry, rock is not dead and there lots great new songs out there. The problem with new songs is that average person has not heard them. In general people are not watching to be exposed to new songs. I understand the desire to have Terry choose newer songs, but I understand there are reasons not to. Classic rock radio plays new songs regularly (or at least the one I listen to), but few people listening to The Voice would be know them.

      • tnsmoke says:

        Spot on! If you look at the iTunes rock chart it’s FULL of classic rock songs. Every song Terry has sung on The Voice is still on that chart, and every week he has at least 2-3 in the top 10. On payday I am going to buy ALL his Voice performances and burn them onto a cd and have myself one AWESOME rock classics cd! And add them to my MP3 player.

    • bourbonballadier says:

      Nicholas has several albums out of his own material. Speaking of something “new age,” one of his avenues appears to something he calls “soulectric,” like sticking Bill Withers in front of Radiohead. YouTube “Nicholas Mrozinski Across the Universe” for a memorable Nicholas Beatles cover. As for the song choice disagreement, I understand that Nicholas wanted to do Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic,” which would have been stellar.

  23. Nancy says:

    In my opinion, the most interesting thing about Cassadee is how much her vocals seem to have improved over the course of the competition. I wasn’t a huge fan at first because I found her vibrato excessive and somewhat irritating; a flaw which affected me even more than her tendency to fall flat in her lower register. With her considerable experience I also didn’t see her as a viable contestant, since recognizable growth can play an important role in motivating viewers to vote and the judges seemed willing to give her title of “ready made artist.”

    Yes, some of her song choices were painfully obvious and sounded like they came from a list of songs from an early One Tree Hill soundtrack. Sure, her definition rock sat too comfortably in that pop/punk/rock chair which should have stayed in the dumpster next to Britney Spears’ hair, the “M” from MTV, LiLo’s career, and everything else that died by the end of 2010. But what do you really expect from a girl who had her first taste of success as part of an opening band for Fall Out Boy (a member of which actually guest starred on One Tree Hill)?

    The reality is that the girl has proved that she knows her voice and how to control it while, to the utter amazement of her coach, effectively telling a story through her connection with the audience. That is more than can be said of her fellow finalists. Trevin has been losing control of his voice since the start of the live shows, and though often clear and on pitch Terry hasn’t expressed anything in his face besides “I’m slightly terrified right now but trying to hide it” and “it’s taking everything I have to hit this high note while preventing my testicles from receding back into my body.”

    I would have loved to have heard more interesting song choices from all of the contestants this season, the sole exception being Amanda Brown who constantly kept me guessing. Most people seem to be wishing that Nicholas had performed some more current material in order to prove that he is a contemporary artist. I enjoyed Blake switching up the genre’s for Cassadee, but since there was never much doubt as to her relevance in 2012 it would have been great to hear her reboot a classic and show some versatility. Specifically, I think Joni Mitchell would have been a great artist for her to cover since Joni also shines in her upper register and, as Nicholas’ progression has demonstrated, people love them some classic hippie soul vibes.

    Since no contestant remaining has shown that perfect balance of execution, artistry, and marketability, the title should go to the contestant with the most possibility. If given material with the right amount of depth and style, Cassadee could prove to be the Voice’s first successful pop artist.

    • analythinker says:

      I completely agree with you.

    • Julio says:

      The “One Tree Hill” dis would be more credible if Jana Kramer weren’t KILLING IT as a country artist. Her first single is the highest-charting debut by a female artist on the country chart of all time. And she can SING. Saw her live on Friday, great show.

      • Nancy says:

        I see your point and agree with you about Jana Kramer, but I will point out that I said -early- One Tree Hill soundtracks. There are a few musicians featured on the show that are still putting out successful records, like Gavin DeGraw, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still still have some OTH tracks on certain playlists, like the version of “When the Stars Go Blue” by Bethany Galeotti and Tyler Hilton. Actually, after considering your comment I would say that the “One Tree Hill artists” that overlapped or were rooted in the country genre seemed to have more staying power within the music industry, but that’s probably because the generational evolution of country music is more subtle than that of the rock genre. My comment was really more focused on the “alt-rock” nature of the shows earlier seasons, where a band like Hey Monday would have definitely been found in Peyton’s iTunes library somewhere between Avril Levine and Taking Back Sunday, but wouldn’t be seen as anywhere near the current trends of the genre. Personally, I don’t think anyone is looking to revisit that musical niche, so Cassadee would be much better off following the lead of someone like Jana Kramer and embracing country music fully, or taking the riskier approach of a more experimental and artistic approach to alt-rock in the vein of artists like Gotye, ZZ Ward, or Ellie Goulding, who is also a soprano and has a similar vibrato.

    • Hannah says:

      Nancy – will you marry me? This was hilarious.

    • Tom22 says:

      I wonder how much Blake had to do with it? I believe the push to “stretch” herself into the country songs really opened her up to letting go of certain posturing’s and not being afraid to sing things with what she might have thought a more straightforward tone … ditching certain vocal coloring that might have got her into trouble with tonality and bringing a bit more open hearted emotion to all the songs she sung before with only passion and less vulnerability?

      Or those can just be words… but still , I think she grew a lot because of some songs she was encouraged (allowed?) to do.

      Nice to see a reality show actually getting it right sometimes. Its a shame Adam overdid that staging for Melanie.. one or two less plywood cut outs in the surely would have meant a few percentage more votes.. possibly enough to have made the difference if voting was close.

      • Nancy says:

        Yeah I completely agree with you about how the material she was given might have dictated the way she approached a song vocally. I wonder with shows like the Voice and the X Factor how much of a role the mentors have in improving a contestants technical approach to singing. It seems like that challenge lies solely on the vocal coaches, with the mentors influencing the more artistic decisions. It could be that the ballads Blake chose for Cassadee forced her/the vocal coaches to soften her vibrato, or it is possible that the vocal coaches independently realized that the vibrato she was using was overwrought and outdated and therefore broke her of that habit. Either way, I think it speaks to Cassadee’s maturity and dedication that she was able to put in the work and take advice in order to improve technically.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        I think you are quite possibly correct in that.

  24. Raven says:

    I am hoping the top three will be Nick,Terry and Cassadee. Amanda should have been there. I have been a big fan of Trevn’s but he was awful tonight and has had a few bad weeks. Xtina offered to take him on the road with her and under her wing. I think that is what he needs the other three are ready to record now!

  25. Allen Sands says:

    Terry was a A + tonight I thought Trevin had this before I see him going home tomorrow.
    Nick the dude can sing

  26. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Well I think three had the sort of night they needed.

    Cassadee Pope arguably needed a great couple nights here to ‘legitimize’ her quite possible win (it is not quite guaranteed yet though) and she certainly accomplished the first part tonight (although I’ll probably always wish Amanda had ultimately won). I’m not a fan of country but she makes it more than palatable and it tends to give her more depth and avoid the chipmunk tone which she can be prone to, at times although less so recently, on pure pop that is not Avril.

    Nicholas just brought so much heart felt depth, man. They were saying only Cassadee can do tht but man I think Nicholas has done it even more times. Cool cat man. Well done. Has he ever missed a note either? A strong night that he needed to keep going on.

    Terry had a really good night. It worked well. He has been fully back the last couple if nights and avoided pretty much the pitch issues on any notes. Really well done.

    Trevin is an awesome guy and he sure does have a voice but something about it didn’t quite grab me as much as the other three tonight. He really needed his absolutely utter best this week but was merely fine and fine won’t cut it at top 4 and I could swear he hit under a number of important notes there while the others were nailing everything critical. He does have a voice and is an awesome guy and wish him the best though. And you keep forgetting that he is not like 28 or 33 but only just 18 and came in with little training.

    Did miss Amanda not being there.

    Should and will advance: Cassadee, Nicholas, Terry (and spirit of Amanda floating about the grounds)

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      I’ll give it to Saint Nicholas. But Cassadee really did have a strong night. And Terry was quite up there too. Trevin didn’t have the something this week and he was under a bunch of notes including some and in some ways that were a little hard to overlook.

  27. Lois Benton says:

    NIcholas is fantastic and a genius. Cassadee was the best she’s been and looked lovely. Terry changed up Let It Be a bit, but still it seemed bloodless. And poor Trevin nearly jolted me out of my seat with some of his off-key notes. And except for Cassadee the song choices were so bad that, if there more weeks left in this competition, I would have to rethink my watching it. Good for Nicholas, though. He’s been saddled with some terrible, some overexposed, songs and still does something wonderful to each one.

  28. Giving Terry a “B” is a travesty. Seriously, dude. Why do all the Amanda fans hate on Terry? Because he sings the songs she murdered the way they are supposed to be sung? Get over it. Sorry if Terry knows what a beat is and Amanda didn’t. I don’t want to hear somebody try and change Let It Be. If you can sing the song and do it better than Paul, more power to you-and how many of you are there in the world? Oh yeah not many. But If you can’t, DON’T sing it. Terry has proven twice now that he can do Paul but with a better range. The Beatles are untouchable, if you can even walk in their company you are pretty amazing.

    Right now everybody is singing covers, don’t blame the artists for that. And it seemed like word on high said everybody had to do a ballad. In a world that can stand Trevin butchering his way through Wind Beneath My Wings, Terry’s Let It Be was incredible and more than worth sitting through a few watches.

    Nicholas tried really hard and overflowed with emotion, but it was just so staged…oh look his wife and fussy disinterested child. I’m not falling for that NBC producers. Plus, the song was outta his range. I felt bad for him because obviously there was some disagreement with CeeLo. But it was pretty clear it was a Team Blake night and the producers were throwing CeeLo the only bone he would get by making it a 3-person finale instead of two and leaving him sitting with Adam and Christina rethinking those “I’m the best coach” comments.

    • Hannah says:

      So you don’t like Amanda because she took risks, but you like Terry for singing songs as written? Exactly the point Michael made in his last video with Melinda…

      • I didn’t like Amanda because she didn’t understand how the songs she was singing are constructed. She was totally off the beat of Dream On and that on-and-on-and-on beat is so hardcore you feel it in your bones. You can call them “risks” I call them mistakes. She was all over the place in artistic vision and her idea of sometimes being a “rocker” was misguided. There was a reason only CeeLo turned in the blinds. She broke Valerie as a song by nervously jumping from one style to another. She never came across as authentic. Can you imagine her fronting a band!! Ha! Let’s see her jump off the drum riser and really rock it. Never gonna happen because she thought that rock sounded better with a bit of R&B mixed in and a lot of shrieking.

        Terry knows these songs. He doesn’t overdo the melody with extraneous crap–and that is harder to do. Nobody was comparing Amanda to Aretha Franklin they were comparing her to a just starting out Kelly Clarkson. Terry stood up there with Roger Daltry and Brad Delp and Paul McCartney and he did it right. He sang all the parts of Baba O’Riley all by himself! He even made the silly One Republic song swing with the rhythm as it should have in the original. He understands how those songs are built and what made them great. And it wasn’t vocal runs or shrieking.

  29. Gale says:

    I thought Christina’s and Blake’s comments about Cassadee were hyperbolic but pretty accurate. She has a way of communicating lyrics that make the song come alive. She has earned the title IMO. Trevin overhang that song and in so doing lost control of the pitch and melody. Nicholas sounded good but looked so awkward, pacing around with his eyes shut. There is something rather generic about Terry’s performances. I agree that Amanda was robbed – she should have been a runner-up.

  30. Gale says:

    I meant to say oversang!

  31. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Man Howie Mandel looked like a huge douchebag with his gangsta hat on and his ears tucked up under. Used to like that guy but damn. What a tool. Trevin was awful. Liked the other 3 and I assume Cassadee will probably win at this point.

  32. Portia says:

    Terry botched the lyrics on Let it Be. Three times! Don’t throttle me, Terry fans. I like him. But that the song surely IS sacred, though. I can’t be the only Beatles purist (obsessive) who noticed…am I??? I still think Bono is a way to go for Terry. Pride (In the Name of Love) for the finale, anyone?

  33. kavyn says:

    All Terry’s performance did was remind me of the performance Kinfolk 9 did of “Let it Be” on The Sing Off. And I agree with Michael that it seems like people care more about artists being “unique but consistent” now instead of cheering on people that take risks and sound good doing it.

    Terry has been consistent but it’s sort of a downward consistency. He still sounds the same but every week he just kind of goes lower and lower for me. Maybe it’s because he always sounds the same, or maybe it’s because he’s doing worse every week. I don’t know which it is, but I lose more and more interest for Terry every week the show goes on.

    I can’t stand Trevin at this point. He should not have even made Top 6 with his latest performances, let alone Top 4. His performance tonight was terrible and the song choice was so cheesy.

    I think most people that were focusing solely on voice and talent expected the Final Four to be Amanda, Nicholas, Cassadee and either Terry or Melanie. But it appears those people that “stick” to an artist from the beginning don’t let loose, and in the end it’s all about the editing and whoever has a “good enough” voice to not leave the viewers’ ears bleeding (which with Trevin is arguable). It’s the same case with XFactor.

  34. BOOYA says:

    This is why I don’t like double eliminations. I would rather have Amanda, Melanie, even Dez or Cody over Trevin and Terry.

  35. Mel1953 says:

    Trevin has a great voice but showed conclusively tonight that he has no business at this point trying to compete with the other 3. He’s an amateur competing with professionals.

    I have been a Nick supporter the entire competition but Cassadee really sold me tonight-“Stupid Boy” was a brilliant choice and was the only performance of the four that I downloaded. I am still rooting for Nick but am now ok with a Cassadee win. With the right material, she could be the show’s first real star. “Stupid Boy” could be her “Home”.

  36. Mel1953 says:

    Let me also say that Nick cleans up well!

    • Becka says:

      I’m sorry, but Nick looked so darn 70s that he looked like a member of the Bee Gees….I don’t think that’s a GOOD thing…

  37. wagthedog says:

    No Amanda = No Good. Sorry show, but you’re dead to me for the rest of this season. Much rather check Amanda’s twitter and see what she’s up to.

  38. NedPepper says:

    Wow, the show lost any interest without Amanda or Melanie. And I’m not saying Melanie was the greatest singer on the show, but she made it interesting. And Amanda was just a pro every time. In any real talent show, she’d have already won this thing. Instead, Avril Levinge’s not quite as pretty or talented clone is going to win. I’m still hoping Nick pulls it out just to beat the script.

    • jazzy says:

      Amanda needed to go home, there is nothing that sets her apart as an artist. She sings very well, that is not enough. There was nothing defining about her. She sang a little of this and a little of that with no feeling. As X-tina said, she was always trying to wrap her mind about who Amanda is as an artist. Amanda doesn’t know. She’ll be great at Feinstein’s. Perhaps as she continues to perform she will evolve as an artist and have something to say.

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        agreed…good technical singer but unemotional…liked her Natural Woman for her reigned-in first half but as soon as she attacked the rest of the vocal it left me cold…too bad Nicole hadn’t advanced in her place

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        And yet she gushes when Cassadee does a little this and a little that…. and what sets her apart??

      • NedPepper says:

        Amanda on the results show with Ne-Yo is all the proof I need to show you how wrong you are. She held her own, looked like a star, and rocked it. And I absolutely love the fact that she can rock out on classic rock songs. She is not a clone of anyone. She’s unique, talented, and absolutely deserved to win. And X-tina’s issues with her have nothing to do with her performances. I’m not sure what has gotten in to Christina, but she was hell bent on getting rid of Adam’s final two and went all J.Lo/Haley on Amanda. I think it has everything to do with Xtina’s ego and the failure of her album. Now she’s jumping on Cassadee bandwagon because she wants to look smart and recover her broken ego for the fact that she made poor decisions this season, her team was awful, and she’s embarrassed at her recent failures to reivent herself. It’s not hard to psycho analyze her. It’s all in her face. And the “I’ll be your co-coach” comment to Cassadee. And the “let me take you under my wing, Trevin.” Somebody is feeling irrelevant and wants to feel like she’s had a PART in the winner. What a sad ego driven meltdown for Xtina this year. I always liked and defended her, but she has proven herself to be a petty person.

  39. polly says:

    get over urself people, amanda is gone.. some people just cant face reality i guess

  40. NedPepper says:

    For the record, Terry was stiff, boring and woefully mediocre on Let It Be. It’s hard to strip emotion from that song, but Terry certainly pulled it off. He sings in two notes and almost no emotion. Without a band behind him, he is just a mediocre dude with a clear high note. That’s it. And Trevin’s playlist for this season is like turning on your Grandmother’s IPod. Just….blech. WInd Beneath My Wings? Does anyone remember when the Voice was cool and actually had two lesbians, one of them bald, in their final four? And they covered recent songs that American Idol wouldn’t touch? Where did that show go?

    • Blow says:

      How does having 2 lesbians in the final four make something cool? Not gay bashing, but wtf is that? You can’t be cool if you don’t cater to lesbians?

      • NedPepper says:

        The show had edge. It wasn’t trying to be American Idol. Last night’s show was very Idol-y, in the worst possible ways. The inspirational theme. The home visits. There was a time Blake and Adam drank while they judged. The show wasn’t afraid to say, “this is who this singer is and what they’re about, the end.” There was no pandering to certain parts of the country. Beverly and Vicki’s sexuality was actually a NON-FACTOR. That’s what made it cool. (Is there a reason Cody couldn’t just come out? Are we in Idol territory of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, we don’t want to upset our backwoods, religious viewers, once again like American Idol?) And if Cody isn’t gay….well my Gaydar is offically dead and non-functioning. Although it revs up big time for Mr. All American Pretty Dez. Sorry, ladies. If my gaydar is functioning, he’s probably not interested. (Although I don’t think he’s ready to come to terms with that.) ; )

  41. EVPandHC says:

    I’m coming around to Cassadee. Who knew? That performance was heartfelt and deserving of that ‘A’. She really worked out her pitch issues. Now that Amanda’s gone, I feel like Cassadee is the most deserving left. If you told me that weeks ago, I would’ve laughed.

  42. EVPandHC says:

    Trevin was so off key. I’m surprised he’s still around in the competition. Same goes for Terry. He cannot stray from rock oldies. He needs to show he can do other genres because it’s getting really boring hearing him do the same generic thing. I know I said the same thing about Cassadee, but at least she’s willing to go with the country songs Blake chose. Nicholas is interesting. That song was done by Jessica and done really well. He did it well too. But showing his family was too much. He deserves votes based on the performances, not because he sang it like a tribute.

  43. Delon says:

    The Voice is truly a celebration of the mediocre. This season stank of mothballs with all those countless choices of outdated songs presented in a tame manner without any bit of artistry. Cee-Lo’s cuteness wore off since it became crystal clear to me that he can’t properly speak the English language and can’t pick a current, relevant song for his contestants. X-tina is so full of herself. You are a very gifted person, but eat some humble pie, girl. You need some spiritual growth. Go to India. Walk the steppes of Mongolia. Attend a session of whirling dervishes on the banks of the Bosphorus… Just have mental and spiritual progress and write and sing more songs like Blank Page. You are much better than the wigs you wear and the redundant cleavage you put on display.

  44. Paul says:

    Trevin struggled through that whole song, but the last big sustained note at the end was crazy flat. I’m thinking Terry, Nick and Cassadee going forward, in that order. Even though Terry messed up the lyrics, he recovered quickly.

    I agree that I thought we were going to have a mea culpa moment from Trevin’s old teacher. After Terry’s aunt and uncle showed up (and you know the producers were glad it was a taped reunion, after the barely bleeped “Holy s#!t” moment from his wife’s birthday), I thought for sure that Cassadee’s father was going to be trotted out. They’ve gone to such effort to make it part of the narrative that I was surprised it didn’t happen.

  45. RD says:

    A lot of the performances were rough last night. Trevin was the worst,(barely listenable version of a dreadful clump of saccharine),followed by Nicholas,(the pitch wobbled here and there,and god did it sound bland),followed by Terry who hit most of the notes but with such a lack of inspiration.I’m not a huge fan but Cassadee was the only one who nailed it.Even Blake and Michael Buble did not sound strong. I miss Amanda,and hope that it’s Trevin’s turn to go home.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      …and all those formerly hopeful contestants relegated to singing back-up on a generic Christmas carol to sell product for Blake…hoped they got paid

  46. Me says:

    Terry was once again A+++++++++. He knows what kind of artist he is, he has the experience. He is IT. He gave me chills! Terry was the best of the night, with Cassadee and Nicholas tied for second and Trevin trailing waaaaaaaay behind.

    I LOVED Nicholas’ performance, even though he did go pitchy at the end of it because he was getting so emotional, it was SO GOOD.

    Cassadee was MUCH better this week, best she’s been in a long time. So glad she didn’t hurt my ear drums last night with any unneeded shrill notes, the highest she went last night, is the highest she should EVER go. Doesn’t matter if she is capable of hitting that high, it’s just that they sound BAD. They are ear piercing. Thank you Cassadee for not doing that last night.

    Trevin was so bad. omg I felt bad for him, his performance with pitchy and whiny. And if the iTunes charts continue to predict who’s going home Trevin is gone by a LONG SHOT. The other 3 are in the Top 10, Trevin’s at 42. That’s bad.

  47. onlyakb says:

    all os them are definitely talented, but I really wish Amanda and Melanie were still in the competition! cos honestly from the guys left I don’t see me buying any of their albums, maybe Nick’s if it has a good song selection cos he has an interesting voice even though I don’t like his performance style much!!
    Now Cassadee she just won me over, really fast and she has improved so much during the show!! and I kinda like her song choices ( not sure about Avril’s ones) and I think she nails country songs putting her pop/rock twist in it. I’m even listening to Hey Monday now!!

    I think it would be a much more interesting final with the girls in and Nick, but well, just Cass standing, so yay Cassadee!!

    point is, I would buy Cassadee, Amanda and Melanie album in a heart beat!!

  48. Barney says:

    Michael: I hope those were the antepenultimate and penultimate times for you to use that word. Twice in one recap is at least once too many.

  49. Sam says:

    was it just me or was this episode just really anticlimactic and kind of boring? melanie and amanda always brought a certain unpredictability to the show.