Gossip Girl Recap: How the Mighty Have Fallen

RevengersIf you have yet to watch Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

The Grim Reaper struck on Monday night’s penultimate episode of The CW’s Gossip Girl. As Chuck and his father fought it out on the rooftop, Bart took a swing that sent him flying over the building’s ledge.

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But first, let’s rewind: Bart comes up with a scheme to exile his son to Moscow. Chuck agrees to leave on the plane in exchange for Blair’s safety. It’s all really a ruse to get rid of Chuck — for good. Blair is grief-stricken as she watches a newscast about a missing Bass plane, but Bart shows no signs of concern as he returns to his party. He’s being feted as New York Real Estate’s 2012 Man of the Year, and Dan – who’s gotten chummy with the dastardly business magnate so he can get a co-op recommendation for the apartment he’s eying – is set to introduce him. But just when it looks like Humphrey has crossed over to the dark side, he presents his “personal inspiration”… Chuck! (How did Chuck escape the plane crash? Did he never get on it? And when did he and Dan team up? How did Humphrey even know he was there? So many unanswered questions…)

After outing his father as a killer in front of all the party guests, Chuck is escorted by security to the rooftop, where the two Bass men have it out. Fists begin to fly and pretty soon Bart is hanging on to the ledge for dear life. Grasping to hold on, he begs his son to give him a hand and save him, telling him he could never really hurt him. But after Bart tried to take Chuck’s life and threatened Blair, the younger Bass doesn’t believe him. It’s all lies, he replies, as Bart loses his grip and plummets to his death.

Was Chuck right not to save his evil pops? Or should he have tried to be a better man, rescued him and let the law do its job? And will Blair, who saw it all go down, look at her fella differently now? (It doesn’t seem like it, judging from the promos for next week’s wedding-filled series finale.)

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Meanwhile, the episode set up a couple other storylines for next Monday’s big finish:Revengers

Tired of living in her own shadow, Serena is on her way to Los Angeles. Blair begs her to stay and share the spotlight with her, but S is determined to start over. For once, she doesn’t even fall prey to the boy as Dan tries to win her back, proclaiming he’s always loved her. When that doesn’t work, he slips an envelope (with the lovey-dovey Serena chapter?) into her suitcase.

Bart has Nate arrested for fraud, which prompts Sage to call in his dad for help — but her brightest idea may be revisiting his research on Gossip Girl’s identity.

Sage, Ivy, Georgina and Serena, as Blair’s “bitches,” team up to bring down Bart, and it was kind of fun. Also, we fully support Georgina starting a professional scheming business.

Nate: “I don’t know how Claire Danes does this! Spying hurts my brain!”

Gossip Girl fans, what did you think of the second to last episode ever? Did Chuck do the right thing? And should Serena forgive Dan?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emily says:

    Wow, I clearly have not watched in too long. What is this madness?

    • Irish Man 12 says:

      In short, this has been pretty much all of the 6th season: Chuck trying to take down his dad.
      Every episode has been pretty much the same, except that tonight Chuck finally defeated his Dad, but also possibly murdered him (I’m no law expert, but I think that’s why the police want Chuck next week.)

    • Sam says:

      Lol me too, I finally quit after last season. Seems I made the right choice.

    • Lydia says:

      Clearly I’m in the same boat. I thought he was already dead.

      • Ari says:

        Well we found out late last season that Bart faked his death to avoid going to jail or something. I didn’t really watch last season because every time I saw the poodle Dan hot glued to his head I wanted to punch him.

        • thereasonsy says:

          I think he really offended hair and makeup some time during the last season and this was his penance.

        • janet says:

          The dusgusting poodle extends to the vee-necks of his sweaters…hairy chests have not been in style since the 70s.
          Makes me want to puke.

        • Jeri says:

          Really, someone has curly hair so you want to punch him. I pity your acquaintances if they should wear their hair or clothing in a manner you don’t care for.

    • May says:

      Here, here. I understand nothing. And I watched all episodes until the season five finale. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time with this season.

  2. George says:

    I can’t believe how much of this (shortened) final season revolved around this ridiculous storyline.

    • Irish Man 12 says:

      And based on the previews, the aftermath of this entire ridiculous storyline will go right through to the final scene next week.

    • Leo says:

      First I was sad that this trashy episode is the penultimate episode. Such a shame!
      I thought they’re gonna recapture its glory with these 10 eps but clearly they find a new way to hit rock bottom. Congrats!
      The only good moments are Nate and his father bonding and basically NOTHING else.
      I can’t wait for this show to be put out of its misery and all the actors move on.
      Although I’m not sure it gonna look good on their resume.
      Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford, please redeem yourself because I believe you’re all great actors. Still not sure I wanna watch Ed and Penn anywhere else but meh.

  3. cece says:

    The show is awful. Nothing makes sense, the characters are ridiculous and a shell of their former selves. Too bad the CW didn’t just cancel it last season, instead of giving it this final 10 episodes to wrap it up. It’s the worst thing on the air right now. Thankfully, it’s all over in a week. CELEBRATION!

  4. Rachel says:

    I stopped watching this a long time ago. It just got too ridiculous.

  5. Dick Whitman says:

    I was literally laughing at that last scene. The dialogue, the music, everything about it was just ridiculous.

  6. Irish Man 12 says:

    *I must say that this episode surprised me in a good way. I was totally expecting the “Is Chuck alive or dead?” plotline to carry over to early next week. Never have I been happier to be wrong about something.
    *Of course, I (and basically everyone else on the internet) were correct in predicting the 3 words across our screens (“To Be Continued”) but at least it’s with regards to Chuck (and possibly Blair) being (partially) responsible for Bart’s murder.
    *Someone posted on a while back that Chuck and Dan probably are better friends than the shows gives them credit for, and I think tonight proves the validity of that statement (at least to me)

    • 3Cees says:

      Do you remember when Chuck was depressed and Dan looked after him, they were mates for ages and then it was Dan who got him Monkey.

  7. Jellymoff says:

    Wash’t Bart Bass already dead?

  8. Matt says:

    I just kept thinking “free Blake Lively from this mess, she’s the only one too good for it and they waste her.”

  9. kate says:

    “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you” should be Chuck’s motto next week. Excited for the finale. These last two eps have been cheesy & over-the-top, but they’re way better than the early season episodes which were just boring.

  10. Emma says:

    This show has become a complete joke, this season is one of the worst i have ever seen, the star wars music played during bart’s death was preposterous. Not to mention this is the second time he’s ‘died’ on the show.

    • Merissa says:

      yeah i agree about killing Bart twice…I was like “seriously?” they couldn’t do something more dramatic? I thought it would’ve been interesting for Bart to kill Lily either on purpose or by accident….THAT would’ve been a twist!

      • cuius says:

        But did he die? We only saw him fall off the roof – this is GG world – he was probably wearing a self-inflating parachute.

        • yeah the clip for next weeks finale has the police after Chuck and a body on the ground covered in a white blanket…but you’re right, with GG, you never REALLY die LOL…I bet Cece’s out there somewhere still too

  11. Dani says:

    Words fail me, everything looks so ridiculous.

  12. a says:

    Nate’s line about Claire Danes struck me in a profound way, as I had just finished catching up on Homeland before turning Gossip Girl on.

    And I wondered… How did I go from watching Homeland to Gossip Girl? I mean, where did my life go wrong?

    • Star says:

      OMG, good question. What does it say about me that I watched GG before I watched my Homeland DVR recording? FML, I am so glad this show is ending. Its like a train wreck you just cant look away from.

  13. Ma says:

    so they retconned Bart’s death just to…kill him again? LMAO they can all die for all I care, Chuck and Blair first because Blair will just follow Chuck off a cliff they’re that pathetic

  14. Star says:

    This is officially the worst show EVER or at least in the last decade. The characters don’t make any sense, its like seasons of this show just didn’t happen, no plot consistency, no emotional consistency, and I could go on and on and on. I will not be watching anymore Fake Empire productions anymore, they treat their audience with no respect, like we don’t even remember what happened in the previous episode, hell the previous 30 minutes. They had 10 episodes to work with, it should have been at least midly cohesive, I don’t expect much from this group of writers but JFC. On top of that everything is boring, predictable, we all knew DS and Chair would end up together, the least they could have done was do it in an interesting way. How many times have they pulled the CHUCK IS GOING TO DIE trope? YES its a trope now for how many times they have done it, we all know he isn’t dying it means NOTHING.

    It’s time for the CW to let Schwartz go, his shows suck and its obvious he just doesn’t have what it takes to keep a show intersting even by CW standards.

    • jenny says:

      except didn’t Schwartz leave? I’m pretty sure this trainwreck is Stephanie Savage’s fault. Everyone knows she’s had a hardon for Chuck Bass ever since she excused Chuck trying to rape two girls in the pilot as being a “kissing bandit”

      • Canadian-JBS says:

        IIRC, it was actually Josh Safran that left after last season simply because he wrote the Dair storyline.
        But it really is Schwartz and Savage that are to blame for this season and the direction this show has taken.
        That being said, I am reasonably certain that the majority of fans that are left would rather these 2 stay as opposed to Safran coming back, What a pity.

      • Josh says:

        Is that true? That’s pretty scary…

        • Camille says:

          It happened, unfortunately. One of the biggest rape apologies from a woman that I can remember in recent history.
          That’s some “legitimate rape”-type foolishness.

  15. THIS IS FOR WENDY says:

    Just awful. I can’t believe i’ve watched this show for 6 years. Look away,…I’m embarrassed for it.

  16. Matthew says:

    What the hell was that weird music in the last scene?

    • Dick Whitman says:

      I was expecting to see a lightsaber fight.

    • cuius says:

      Elton John’s “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” would have been more appropriate –

      ” It’s sad, its so sad. It’s a sad, sad situation. And it’s getting more and more absurd .”

      • puppybunny1 says:

        You are absolutely right. I cannot believe that Chair is going out like this. This is not the happy ending that I was hoping for. The writers are just throwing things together at this point. There is no real thinking behind the last season and this series finale.

  17. fiyero says:

    What were the final three words (don’t watch anymore, just curious)

  18. George2k says:

    Georgina and dan Rock :)

  19. Canadian-JBS says:

    Say what you will about Dan, but in my own opinion, he comes out of this entire ordeal as the good guy.
    Why? Well, Nate tried playing both sides and got arrested, Blair came up with a team of the UES’ finest “bitches” and Bart caught on, and Chuck…well, he’s tried so hard for so long, yet couldn’t gain the upper hand. Yet Dan’s plan, whatever it fully was, worked and that plan of his was what ultimately led to Bart’s downfall (both figuratively and literally.)
    I will probably get a bunch of hate for saying this, but to me, Dan is the only good character left on GG.

    • George2k says:

      Dan rocks In this and I love him with Georgina :D

    • tripoli says:

      You are right. It’s just ridiculous how Dan gets raked over the coals for writing about his friends when everything he’s written about them is entirely true. They’ve all been terrible people since the beginning. Dan’s still the best of the bunch and finally playing at their level and rightfully so. They deserve to be called on their deplorable behavior. Not that its done any good or caused any of them to rethink how they conduct themselves in life. This show has been such a train wreck and the final season has been one of the worst I’ve ever seen. What a total waste. I’m not even as invested as most, but figured I’d at least see how it all ends. I’d be pretty damn annoyed at how the last season has gone if I was a die hard from the start fan.

  20. Luli says:

    So it wasn’t a dream? because that was just a disaster and ridiculous…

  21. Gabriel Anthony says:

    Dan is the only thing that is not awful on this season. His story is actually good, really..

  22. Marissa says:

    So B and C are going to get married so B doesn’t have to testify against C? Thats an over the top way to finally get them together for good.
    Am I the only one hoping that there is a Nate/Jenny reunion?

    • minaviendha says:

      No, you’re not the one!! Nennyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Edie says:

      This prolly is the writer’s logic, but actually spousal privilege is pretty narrow, and would probably not apply retroactively to something someone witnessed. Just FYI, in case anyone out there is planning a shotgun marriage to cover up wrongdoing…

  23. Sal says:

    I like the current season better than both 4 and 5. Call me nostalgic, but I love seeing things wrapped up, and just like Desperate Housewives and OTH last season, I will be happily tuning in the 17th to see how this story closes. All shows have ups and downs but I’ve learned that for the most part, even the ones with so-so final seasons pull it out for the end (The O.C.’s series finale montage is my favorite ending of a show ever, and I didn’t overly care for Seasons 2 and 3).

  24. Caitlin says:

    I liked it all. I’m really sad it’s ending, but it’s time. Everyone complaining doesn’t make any sense to me. This season is miiiiles better than last. Must be DAIR fans, lol. Sorry guys, I know that still hurts but…come on. you should have known better.

    ONE THING THOUGH…the music, during the BART/CHUCK fighting scene. LMFAO. What in the HELLLLL was that. Were they trollin’? I think they were trollin’. lolol

    • Canadian-JBS says:

      The reason why people are complaining is because this entire season (with the possible exception of tonight) has been completely horrible. This has nothing to do with people being bitter, this has nothing to do with any ship whatsoever. The complaints are based on the quality of the show, which has sunk to a new low. And based on the fact that this is supposed to be the final season, I am calling this season worse than last season.
      And your opinions regarding Dair aside, Dan has been the best part of this entire season, and I am not the only one who feels this way.

      • shboogies says:

        I have no issue with Dan or Blair separately. I love them both as characters. I think Chuck’s storyline with his father, however, has been the best storyline the show has had in 3 seasons so I appreciate it’s conclusion. Everything is wrapping itself up, as the last season should.

        • Nora says:

          See, here is the thing.. if these writers had any ounce of talent… Chuck letting Bart die? Would have a resounding impact on the character. Now he really, truly won’t ever be able to get over his father issues (but he will because this is GG and the writers are awful). He could have been the better man, and now it’s made him worse. He could have gotten Bart arrested and have him serve jail time (which IMO is sometimes far, far worse). Now Chuck is culpable for man-slaughter. I don’t see how I can appreciate the conclusion with Chuck’s manpain with his father issues the way it went down. He is now a sniveling man-child who probably only marries Blair so she can’t testify against him in court. It’s just poorly thought out, and embarrassingly executed. I wanted Chuck to finally be the better man than his father, and this just proved he isn’t. :/

          • Sgp says:

            I agree. Throughout all the seasons chuck character was the the person you hate to love him. Even in all his business dealings and romantic situations he had some integrity and morality and a clever comment at the end. The scene with his father on the rooftop left him without interesting response for leaving his father hanging off the roof and without much of a conscious and finally no different inner values than his father. He should just told his father he finally became just like him. Having the star wars song in the background to concide with father and son battle makes no comparison since at least luke skywalker had shown his true character and tried to help save his father. disappointing finale season.

          • Me says:

            The husband wife privilege only works if you were married at the time of the event, and only communication not I witness testimony. She can still be compelled to testify even if they get married….

          • Nora says:

            @Me and the more I think about it she is actually probably right there with him for man-slaughter charges.

            @Sgp I’m so disappointed with this turn of events for his character. :(

          • Pearl says:

            The only reason I don’t care that Chuck let his father die is because EVERY SINGLE SCENE in the world, that the bad gut is near to fall, the good guy be “the better man” and get him up. Finally someone let the bad guy fall, so… Is the only thing I enjoyed. And, come on, Blair wanted to leave to moscow with Chuck? What about her mother’s company? It’s so offensive to the women. I don’t care if it’s the golden couple, I don’t want the lady leaving everything because of the guy. u,u

  25. Sal says:

    That was a slightly humorous error, because S2 is my favorite. I did not care for S3 or S4.

  26. Rebecca de Castro says:

    B said ‘I despite you’ to Dan looooooooooooooool
    Dan said ‘I always loved you’ to S loooooooooooooooooooooool
    After all Dan did for BLAIR,this show totally sucks! This show offends my intelligence and logic. Glad this crap is over.
    Clearly,GG Writers don’t care about quality but give to chair fans all they want. S6 is a BAD chair + derena fan fic

    • Hmmmm says:

      I will agree to that if we can all admit that the second half of season five was fan fic for Dair fans. At the end of the day, at least Chair and Derena both have solid histories as couples (even if you don’t like the directions each couple are headed in). Dair didn’t make very much sense happening when it did. The show should have taken the opportunity to make them a couple in season four instead of waiting until the moment had passed.

      • Chris says:

        At least Dan and Blair had a relationship that actually developed out of a friendship. Blair and Nate were together out of habit. Her and Chuck was lust. The ending of season 5 was just stupid, because I still don’t believe Dan would have cheated on Blair. I think he would have refused to believe Blair chose Chuck until he talked to her himself. He was lovesick. I knew Dair couldn’t last and I didn’t expect it to, but the relationship was not stupid. I mean, they can actually have intellectual conversations. They have things in common besides scheming. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

        And Chair has just become ridiculous. Their pact of why they can’t be together is just the writers keeping them from being with each other until the end and IT SHOWS by the quality of the writing. I used to enjoy them, but now I’m no longer intrigued or even happy for them.

        And I still don’t get how Chuck’s dad took over whatever Chuck had, because he took his share and let Lily do whatever so he could build The Empire. I WAS under the impression that Bart took The Empire, but if that was the case, Chuck and Nate wouldn’t be living there. So now I don’t even know what they’re fighting about…

        • Kara says:

          OMG! I’m still laughing at Dair fans complete butthurt they didn’t get their retconned, completely hated pairing. The show started going down hill when it wanted to jump the shark with Dair so PLEASE. Blair had to be secluded to be anywhere around Dan, that’s not natural.

          Moving on to the topic, the last few episodes have been really good and I can’t wait to see Chuck and Blair married. It’s what I’ve been waiting for and I get the icing on top of seeing them with their kid years later. Thank you for that ending and can’t wait for the butthurt of Dair fans even more. You guys need to bow out with dignity but that time passed long ago when all you do is troll a show you supposidly aren’t watching (wait, that’s why you bought into Dair too)

    • Canadian-JBS says:

      Well it could be worse. This season could’ve been a BAD chair+serenate fan fic.

    • suzzy says:

      I literally wanted to slap them both. It was obvious that Dan, based on his actions loved Blair more than he ever loved Serena. Its like Blair and Dan refuse to acknowledge that they were in love just a few months ago. Love doesnt just go away. I really hoped they would have talked it out and at least be friends.

  27. Jonesy says:

    I know the show isn’t so great anymore, but oh, the clothes!! This show has been my fashion inspiration since the beginning.

  28. Lauren says:

    Pretty sure that it is this bad on purpose, this way we will be glad that it is over. Plus there is really no other explanation on why a show could possibly be this bad..

  29. Babybop says:

    The books are better.

  30. William says:

    The Gossip Girl writers have to be the most incompetent group of people to work on television. It’s like they don’t even watch their own show. What was the point of resurrecting Bart only to kill him off once again? They wasted so much time on a plot that no one gives a damn about. On top of that, the storyline itself makes absolutely no sense. The final season of any series is meant to reflect upon the growth of the characters we have come to love, but here we see them regress to caricatures of their former high school selves. How can you expect fans to root for these characters when they never learn from their mistakes? Ugh, I’m just thankful for the fact that the madness will be over next week. Gossip Girl should have expired a long time ago…

  31. ggnyy says:

    Call it last week. Dan and Chuck always seemed like better friends then they would show us even when Dan and Blair where together

    • Irish Man 12 says:

      It was you who said :) BTW, I agree with you 110%.
      Everyone always seems to be extremely critical of Dan, yet I’ve always thought of him as a good guy and this season he’s ending up as the ultimate good guy.

      • Camille says:

        Despite what the show would have the audience believe, that’s true. It’s always been true. It’ll always be true, no matter how much they try to prove otherwise with contrived declarations. Congrats on being able to read between the not-so-thin lines!

  32. James says:

    Yeah maybe it’s horrible now, but I remember Season 1 was one of the most exciting seasons in the The CW history! I don’t know what happened after season 3… That being said, I’ll watch the finale to see what happens.

  33. Naomi says:

    My roommate and I hadn’t watched this for years and decided to tune in tonight so that we’d have a small idea of what was going on before it all ends next week. I don’t know how any of you have kept watching for the last few seasons! How is this show so embarrassing and painful to watch? All of the characters are really annoying now, nothing made any sense, the romantic scenes were as flat as cardboard, and the last scene and the music were so ridiculous that I fell off my couch laughing. Needless to say, we’re not watching next week.

    • Chester says:

      Naomi, You are so right. I have watched this show for the whole five years, even though I have often been embarrassed to do so. Last night’s episode was the worst television that I have ever seen. Like everyone says, it did not make any sense, either for the characters or the plot. Next week, I will watch and be embarrassed with myself again.

  34. Whit says:

    For some reason, I thought that final scene was going to cut to a movie theater with that awful, cheesy music playing in the background and the entire series would have been a movie. Maybe Dan’s script was turned into a movie and that’s what we have been watching the entire series of gossip girl…his take on the Upper West Side.

  35. ggnyy says:

    After watching that end scene…does anyone else think that this whole season isn’t real? Like maybe its apart of a book Dan writing that end scene just seemed so out of place and fake. Something weird is going on

    • Camille says:

      if only.

    • Star says:

      If ever a show needed to be erased, it is this one. I doubt it though, GG is not that clever and what you see and predict is usually what happens. Cliche happy endings for everyone, with no growth and no ones issues fixed. Just contrived ALL BETTER NOW scenes and we are expected to buy it. lol

    • Chester says:

      That’s what I thought. The episode began with a dream, so I kept waiting for Blair to wake up again. We can only hope.

  36. Kayla says:

    It’s true this season hasn’t been fantastic but it’s a show that I felt had to be stuck with till the very end and while the first 8 episodes of the season were in a word: bad, no not bad VERY bad. I think that this week was a lot better minus the horrible bass vs. bass roof scene and i feel the need to see these characters through and i’m in anticipation for next week to see how it all ends it’s bitter sweet i’m sad but it’s time for it to go. XOXO gossip girl

  37. Ella says:

    At this point, I’m watching for the actors and to see how the characters end up. I love Georgina and her one liners. I love the comedy this season. I think Nate has been written onto a corner though as has Lilly amd Rufus. It would have been a better season if Bart had never been resurrected however I think this season is about Chuck resolving his daddy issues. Bottom line: I didn’t hate this season because I never took it seriously.

  38. Ms. Chanandler Bong says:

    That last scene might have been a dream? I’m digging that theory because everything about it was f-ing terrible. This whole season has been a joke. The 22 year old in me is sad its over, but the 28 year old in me is rage dancing at how they destroyed my guilty pleasure! Like, no one was upset that Dan and Serena broke up so they should’ve left it alone. I also don’t care about Ivy or Sage. I really just thought this Bart thing could’ve been wrapped up and everyone was on their way to their first divorce by now! I just don’t get where it all went so terribly wrong. How ferosh is Georgina Sparks? I dig her and Dan’s partnership.

  39. Hmmmm says:

    Oh, the music in that end scene! Who actually watched that and said “yep, we’ve got it!” I laughed so hard. I mean, second to last episode guys – not the time to just be throwing in the towel and giving up. Did someone just decide to let his/her child pick the score? Like Timmy, it’s your fourth birthday – why dont you pick out the music for mommys important scene at work? Other than that, not a terrible episode. Could have been better, but could have been worse. It is gossip girl after all.

  40. Leigh says:

    CHAIR ALL THE WAY!!! S6 is all about getting our CHAIRYTALE 4 LIFE!!! And, Chuck&Blair’s love story & HAPPY ENDING is the ONLY thing that has kept me w/GG!!! Cannot wait 4 our LONG-AWAITED CB Proposal, Wedding, & Happy Family…We’ve EARNED it 10,000X over!!!

    • Canadian-JBS says:

      Stop trolling.

    • AB says:

      I love Chuck and Blair but dont be ridiculous. This whole season stripped away everything people love about Chuck and Blair right down to the chemistry. Also, not once has Chuck balled up like he always does in an impossible situation and said his always bow tie empowering line, “I’m Chuck Bass.” And then there is Blair who was once a strong driven woman who didn’t want to live in the Bass shadow, she wanted to make a name and build a career for herself then settle with Chuck, instead she is settling for a minor success and being Chuck’s wife. This season should have been about building up success without the Bart nonsense. Similar to Dan and Nate’s successes and failures, they should be finding themselves with regular GG drama involved not Bart Bass nonsense.

  41. LH says:

    Loved the episode! One of the best GG epis. in a while. So excited 4 next week’s finale–especially re: ChuckandBlair Wedding!!! No other pair in TV deserves a CHAIRYTALE ending more than CHAIR & GG fans do!!!

  42. Kalee says:

    Bart falls off a skyscraper? Another score goes to Gossip Girl for shark-jumping!

    I’m only in the middle of season 5, but who the hell is this Sage character and why is she figured so prominently in the final batch of episodes ever???

    Also, if Kristen Bell isn’t revealed to be Gossip Girl, crosses fingers that I was right all along with Nelly-Yuki!

  43. IheartLM says:

    Does anyone know if the actors will be talking about their favorite storylines in next week’s retrospective? Hopefully I can count on Leighton to remind me that Dair existed once upon a time..

  44. Heather says:

    Gossip girl is so stupid. Obviously the police will find Chuck’s phone that Bart threw somewhere on the roof! MEH

  45. Am I the only one who thinks it it ridiculous that Nate is still with a 17 year old?

    • Chester says:

      Apparently, college is boring, so they have all the characters leading adults lives. Chace Crawford may be 27, but Nate Archibald is only about 20 or 21. Not so weird.

    • Kristina says:

      Nope. Hate that.

    • C says:

      Actually, if I recall correctly, Nate mentioned that Sage was “legal,” so she’s most likely 18. It doesn’t make it much better, but at least she’s not technically a minor.

      • Bates says:

        The age of consent in New York is 17. So, yes she is “legal”.

      • AB says:

        17 is legal in NYS. She even mentioned it when it first came out that she is in high school. I find it ridiculous that a young, rich and handsome bachelor couldn’t find someone who is atleast out of high school but it’s GG. Mentally, none of them are out of high school.

    • Mikael says:

      Yes, I like how no one has a problem with that, even if 17 is legal in NYC. But I think it’s even more ridiculous it is that these characters just FORGOT they were in college.

  46. Adam says:

    I can’t believe Chuck and Blair didn’t help Bart. This is madness. Both deserve life sentences.

    • Chester says:

      Bart just tried to kill him and could have just pulled him over with him. Chuck should have just stayed and said that his father attacked him and then fell off the roof. Rational but not enough drama.

      • Adam says:

        Bart is Chuck’s biological father for heaven’s sake. And Chuck has a thing for the roof, you know. He tries to rape a girl on a roof, he breaks Blair’s heart on a roof, then he kills his dad on a roof, I mean he vanquished his father from the roof. This is madness. And how Blair didn’t say anything. Both deserve each other and should rot in jail.

        • kate says:

          killing someone and not saving someone are different things. there’s no law that says “you have to be a good samaratin.” Bart may have fallen off the roof, but Chuck didn’t push him.

    • Laura says:

      It’s not exactly murder to not help someone falling off a roof who tried to kill you. But letting someone, even someone who tried to kill you, die without trying to help them definitely shows a lack of basic human morality.

  47. Morrison says:

    Just so we’re clear – it’s perfectly fine to rape your way through Manhattan, pimp out your girlfriend to your uncle (who also tried to rape your step-mother and probably the other half of Manhattan), because all will be forgiven the minute you buy a ring for a Waldorf but HEAVEN FORFEND anyone who actually write, ACTUALLY WRITE, the truth about these loathsome individuals because that’s unforgivable. And I can’t wait for Bart to show up, say he knew Chuck would try to throw him off the roof, so there was a big bouncy house placed below like in The Game.

    • Sara says:

      Whoa wait when’d Chuck try to rape his step mother? I must have missed something when I stopped watching last season lol. Anyway I’m replying because your comment is brilliant. I could not agree more. All the Humphrey hate makes me sad. Chuck has been rewarded for felon-like behaviour. How in the world does that happen. And yes, that would be amazing.

    • Canadian-JBS says:

      Your post is absolute perfection because it’s so true.
      As I posted last night, Dan Humphrey is currently the best part of GG, yet there is so much unjustified hatred towards him simply for being truthful about the UES. And I do secretly hope a little bit that Bart actually isn’t dead and is wise to everything that just happened.

      • Sara says:

        Absolutely. Dan has been my favourite for years. People started hated on him hardcore when he fell in love with Blair, though. Because it interfered with her ‘relationship’ with Chuck. Sorry but I have no respect for Blair if she’s going to marry Chuck Bass.

  48. Did no one else find it ridiculous how Bart fell off the roof? He ducked a punch and ended up hanging on? Haha ridiculous… Maybe the show does suck now, but I’m excited for the finale!

  49. Sara says:

    Why in the balls would they bring Bart back only to kill him off again? The moment I heard Bart was back on the show, I stopped watching. It was just beyond ridiculous. Now, don’t get me wrong, a lot of this show is unbelievable but Bart coming back, and Lily choosing him over Rufus….that was it.

  50. Dona says:

    Please tell me Serena ends up with Dan or else this show will have been a complete waste of time

    • William says:

      Serena taking Dan back would make her the dumbest character ever to be written on television. It would solidify the fact that her character lacks self-respect.

      • Nora says:

        It makes me so sad that she might end up with someone who thinks so little of her :/

        • William says:

          The writers’ obsession with Derena makes no sense at all as their relationship’s damaged beyond repair. If S6 proved anything it’s that Dan and Serena bring out the worst in each other. Dan reduces Serena an object, while Serena clings to Dan because she has yet to move on from her high school image. The fact that the writers are promoting such a toxic yet superficial relationship proves that their logic on love is completely warped.

      • Dona says:

        Dan pursuing Serena was practically all this show was about and if they wouldn’t end up together what was the need for lonely boy? This could have all just been about the non judgemental breakfast club. That’s why they should end up together because they’ve spent way too much time they are the dysfunctional Ross and Rachel of the upper east side

        • William says:

          I don’t believe that’s true. The series originally followed a group of NYC teens being closely examined by a mysterious person. Dan served as a foil in comparison to the lives of both Blair and Serena. He was meant to connect with viewers who were previously unaware of the turbulent Manhattan scene. Dan was that breath of fresh air along with Jenny and Vanessa.

          Yes, Serena was the door that led Dan into this world but it doesn’t mean that they have to close together. So much has happened since they dated back in S1. Given everything that has happened I feel like it would be unrealistic for them to ever have feelings for one another. The show has pointed out countless times that they don’t work. Just because this is the series’ final season doesn’t mean that fans will buy it.