Homeland Recap: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Homeland Recap: Season 2, Episode 11This week in the penultimate episode of Homeland Season 2, Carrie followed another hunch as Nazir played a killer game of hide-and-seek, Brody dealt with loss and Saul was put to the test.

TO TELL THE TRUTH | Picking up right where last week left off, Carrie is skulking around inside the dark mill when she sees a figure — Nazir? — down the hall. She chases after him only to emerge outside and be met by Quinn and the FBI TAC teams. Carrie insists Nazir is still inside, while Quinn asks about how she “escaped” while giving her the “news” on Walden’s death via hacked pacemaker. Carrie then rings Brody at the Posh Safehouse 3000, where he’s listening to Jess lament how “It’s all changed now…. Everything.” After he and Carrie briefly wonder what Nazir will say, upon capture, about the Walden plot/Brody’s “trade,” Brody returns inside to be met by first a cold stare, then tears, from Jessica.

Over at Langley, Saul is subject to a polygraph test about, no, not his excessive use of office supplies, but whether he “provided the weapon” Aileen Morgan used to kill herself. Seeing through the sham, Saul says, “If Estes wants to frame me… go ahead and try. This is really about the plan to assassinate a United States congressman once Nazir is out of the picture. Ask me about that.”

HOLY MOLE-Y…? | At the mill, Quinn reports that none of the TAC teams found anyone inside — a verdict Carrie will not accept. “He must’ve had help” to escape, she suggests, and within an instant, all eyes are on the suddenly MIA — and Muslim — Galvez. Intercepting and then pinning down the wounded CIA wonk at a blockade, Carrie grills him about Nazir, but they’ve got the wrong guy. His car is empty, and Galvez was merely splitting to get some opened stitches tended to.

The next morning at the safehouse, they’re out of milk and, dammit, that is the last straw for Dana. Even worse? Jess returns with new but leaky milk, which Dana promptly lobs at the floor. What is this really about, if not crying over spilt milk? “What are we doing here?! Why don’t you go live with that crazy woman?!” Dana hurls at her dad. “We were better off with Mike! He was a better father figure than you ever were!”


BETTER CALL SAUL | Estes has Roya brought in for interrogation by Quinn, but Carrie instead waltzes right on in and makes a run at the turncoat, positing that she, unlike Nazir, must care about innocent casualties, that a part of her must have been relieved when the naval base bombing was thwarted. Roya appears to come around some, asking Carrie, “Have you ever had someone who somehow takes over your life, pulls you in and gets you to do things that are not really you? Do you have anyone like that?” Rather than respond, “Um, do you watch Showtime every Sunday night?” Carrie simply nods. Roya then lets show her true colors and snarls back, “Well… I’ve never been that stupid! You idiot whore! You think this is some game?!” Quinn races in to pull the Arabic-spouting madwoman off Carrie, then sends his colleague home.

Meanwhile, Estes gets the report from the polygraph guy — that “there’s enough there to do what you want” with regards to Saul. Poly guy adds that Saul went on some rant about “an assassination plot” against a congressman, but he said he’d chalk that “truth” up as an anomaly. Estes brings the results to Saul, saying he is fed up with being perpetually undermined and being lampooned on Saturday Night Live. “I want you gone,” he growls, and the exit story is up to Saul.

NO EASY DAY | Heading home, Carrie is bothered by something Roya shouted in Arabic, that Nazir “wouldn’t run.” She makes a beeline for the mill and convinces a straggler TAC team to give the tunnels a final sweep. Carrie and the guy she’s paired with find a suspicious wall, and behind it an egress. The FBI dude ventures inside and finds proof that someone has been hiding there. As Carrie goes to fetch the rest of the TAC team, her guy gets his throat slit, and a cat-and-mouse game ensues between her and Nazir. Nazir ultimately sneaks up behind Carrie, slugs her and throws her around, then makes a run for it, only to be cornered by the pokey TAC team. The moment Nazir reaches for something, they shoot him down dead, in his dungarees.

Outside, Estes offers Carrie the faintest of praise — “Good work,” no exclamation point — for capturing Earth’s Most Wanted. He then privately tells Quinn that he wants Brody handled ASAP. At the safehouse, Secret Service agent Mendez tells Brody and the fam about Nazir, but Brody fails to offer up the “Hooray!” everyone was expecting. Returning to their house, Brody and Jess have a prolonged, private moment in their car.

LOVE AND LOSS | “I don’t want to fight anymore,” Jess starts, when Brody can’t bring himself to go inside the house. “We were OK for so long… Since we were 16. We were so OK.” She asks if it was Mike that drove them apart. Brody shakes his head no. “I really tried,” Jess says. “I wish I was able to give you what you needed when you got back.” Brody maintains there was nothing anyone could have done, says it was even beyond his grasp. Brody begins to tell Jess the truth about the day Carrie ran to their house accusing him of horrible things. Jess interrupts, “Not now. For the longest time, I wanted the truth. I don’t have to know anymore. I don’t want to.”

“Carrie knows everything about you. She accepts you,” Jess states-slash asks. “You must love her a lot.” And on that note, as Jess lets go of Brody’s hand, their marriage effectively ends, and Jess climbs out of the car.

Later, Brody shows up at Carrie’s, where he explains, “What I did…. It was you or Walden.” Caressing her face, he says, “It wasn’t even close,” and they retreat inside… as Quinn watches from the street.

What did you think of this week’s Homeland? Any guesses to what next Sunday’s season finale will entail? Quinn’s bid to snuff Brody and Saul’s next move? And if Galvez isn’t the mole, who is?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. uchi says:

    anyone else think carrie is the mole? maybe with her psychiatric disorder she has two personalities or something… I don’t know why I’m getting that vibe… that thing estes said about her having a “sixth sense” about nazir, plus how she “escaped” so easily in last week’s episode…

    • james says:

      She’s bi-polar not schizophrenic.

      • uchi says:

        yeah, I know she doesn’t have multiple personality disorder… maybe it’s not diagnosed yet? I don’t know… I’m just getting that feeling… could be totally wrong though…

        • RCW says:

          you are totally wrong

          • Anna says:

            Wow, what a statement! So you have all the answers, huh? Maybe you can tell us who is the mole, or better yet when will the show end and what happens in the series finale, since you obviously KNOW everything. I actually don’t think it’s Carrie but your answer is terribly rude and egocentric.

          • agone says:

            the mole is the polygraph guy that knows saul, listen to the warning of eileen last year to avoid the beltway, voice a a match

    • bt says:

      that would be really F’d up, but also really good tv

    • Lou says:

      Quinn makes the most sense as the moll, with Brody being a red herring/plan B and Quinn being the plan A turncoat all along.

      • Cameron says:

        Yeah but that feels too obvious. Considering the job they have done, if we find out this season, I think it will be someone we don’t expect.

      • greysfan says:

        I keep going back to Estes being the mole. Its not the first person that comes to mind and its out of left field too but a show like this would do something like this. I have this gut feeling its him but i could be wrong. Carrie could be the mole in a strange sort of way but i don’t see it. It was a brilliant episode last night. Can’t wait for the finale next week.

        • Totally agree. I have had a bad feeling about Estes for ages now. I don’t know where they’d go with season 3 if they offed Brody and/or Carrie. If Estes is found out there’s a place for Saul as well. Cannot wait for season 3 and this one has not even ended yet!!

          • Sara says:

            I’m thinking they’re gonna kill off Brody and write off the Brody family, then spend season 3 with Carrie and Saul working off the books to take down Estes.

        • Trista says:

          I have always felt it was Estes.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I really hope they don’t go that direction personally. This show already treads the line between sorta plausible and “okay, now you’ve gone too far, Homeland!” I think doing something like that would just be too soapy and unbelievable. Whatever it is they’re planning on doing with the mole unveil needs to make sense in the scheme of the last two seasons and it needs to be believable. I am guessing they don’t even reveal it until the last 5 seconds of the episode, much like they did last season with, “Issa was his son, Brody knew him!”

    • showmemary says:

      I can’t remember anymore why we think there’s a mole?

    • Bob says:

      I’ve always had an inkling it’s either Saul or Estes.

      • Brian says:

        I’m convinced Saul is the mole. Every since the interrogation from Season 1. Haven’t trusted him since. And plus I hope he is because it would become a case of Mentor (Saul) vs. Student (Carrie) and THAT would make for excellent tv.

        • ben says:

          I think you are in for big disappointment. Saul is the one and only person who truly doesn’t make sense in the context of everything we have seen.

    • pam says:

      Estes is the mole! There is no way it’s Carrie. She doesn’t have Multiple Personality Disorder. She has manic depression. That’s what bi-polar is. There is no way it’s her. It’s so obvious it’s Estes.

      • Annie says:

        I dunno. Saul’s pissed about the drone strike – he wants to stop the assassination of Brody – it *could* be him. I don’t think it is, from a story-telling perspective, but I can’t say it doesn’t make *any* sense.

        • ben says:

          What abotu his choice to tell Carrie – and the CIA – that she was right about Brody. He was the only person in the CIA that knew about Brody’s message. If he was the mole, why not simply destroy it? Instead, he not only did his absolute utmost to protect it, but he also told Carrie before anyone. To me, that was the point where any doubt about his mole status was blown away.

        • Danny says:

          Saul is the mole. He will do the big reveal to Brodie and conspire to commit to nazirs plan. Saul has never been comfortable with the way the CIA is and it’s values. Add quin and Estes on the opposite side and you have a real plot line for next season.

  2. bt says:

    Can’t wait for next week

  3. Lauren says:

    I am so badly addicted to this show. Can some one put me in a medically induced coma until next Sunday? I’m pretty sure it’s medically needed, as the wait until next week is going to kill me!!!

    • Randy says:

      My cuz works on the show…Brody and Nazir planned carrie’s kidnapping and Brody will singlehandedly finish Nazir’s plan….

      • Beth says:

        I really doubt that and even if it was true A) you ‘cuz’ would probably be fired for ruining the most important reveal of the season to others and b) why would you ruin such a plot turner to loyal fans of the show? Ausellio and his crew give tid bits of spoilers and never once have they mentioned this! If it is true (which again I highly doubt) you should of kept it to yourself.

        • Annie says:

          I dunno. It’s been my working theory the last week or so. Something about the whole “Brody tells the team what happened when Nazir held him for those twelve hours” has never rung true to me.

      • Bob says:

        Yeah, sure, Randy.

      • Ted Sutton says:

        Randy…you don’t have a cuz who works on the show. If he did he would be parking cars. He wouldn’t be anywhere near where the writers work. Everybody who works on these kinds of shows signs agreements to shut their mouth. Open it and you lose your job, and your career. Besides, the idea that Brody and Nazir planned Carrie’s kidnapping together just means you must have slept through part of last Sunday’s show.

      • Lauren says:

        Then why bother to have Brody look so panicked…

  4. Samantha says:

    Dana is one of the most infuriating characters ever. Her dumb boots and that jack and her stupid fraking face. UGH! It’s amazing that two other infuriating characters are also on tv Sunday nights! (Laguerta and Andrea)

  5. Lev says:

    I just can’t anymore with this Carrie and Brody love story. Not that I like the angle with Brody’s family either. I don’t know what we can do with him anymore, so maybe someone new for Season 3? I hardly know what we can do with Carrie anymore either, she gets proven right a lot but she is so unstable, how could she continue to be a CIA agent anymore?

    • Lou says:

      I think the Brody/Carrie story is the perfect character driven counterbalance to the tricky gotcha espionage plot. If I didn’t care about those two crazy (literally) kids I wouldn’t be nearly as invested in who lives or dies, and it would just be another dry procedural with a Homeland Security twist.

      • fiyero says:

        Agreed – I’m SO glad that Brody and Jessica are finally over.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I’m with ya. I saw on some website tonight before I started watching the episode that Brody was going to die tonight (which was really quite a rude thing of this website to do), and spent the whole night chewing my nails off thinking, how could they do this to Carrie?? How could they do this to me?? I’m so relieved the website turned out to be dirty, dirty liars, but there is always next week to worry about!

      • Annie says:

        I thought it was, too, until quite recently. I was actually rooting for them as well. Now, I’m not so sure. I really think there’s at least a significant chance Brody is still playing them/her.

    • Mars777 says:

      I’m voting for Carrie and Brody dying and Mendez and Quinn becoming regulars. They seem not crazy. You’d think the CIA would place a high value on “not crazy”.

    • Bob says:

      The Brody character has to die, or the show loses a lot of credibility in Season 3. Is he going to miraculously find a way to kill Quinn, Estes, and everyone else who knows he’s a terrorist? Is he going to miraculously get into CIA headquarters and steal every copy of his confession tape? The show is already stretching the bounds of credibility (remote-controlled pacemakers???). Something big has to give, and it’s this character. If not, then the producers are going to turn it into ’24’ light.

    • ben says:

      I really wouldn’t be surprised to see Brody die next week. The Nazir story is done, so what is next for him if he is alive?

  6. Emily says:

    I reckon next season will be more about the mole (because I honestly have no idea what they ate going to do! Like literally when they were looking for Abu Nazir in the tunnels I was thinking to myself, he ‘s probably going to stick around to be #1 bad guy for a while, and them boom! What a great scene!!) but I’m so fascinated by whether Brody is going to die, I mean obviously he is pretty soon, but I really want them to explore more, whether he really isn’t a terrorist anymore, and how much Carrie was playing, hopefully he’s going to stick around?

  7. Alichat says:

    Ok, it’s seriously looking like Brody is either going AWOL next week or will be killed. And I don’t quite know what to think of either, but especially the latter, only because I can’t figure where they will go after that. I was happy to see Quinn outside of Carrie’s house. I had a bad feeling that we were going to see him sneaking into Brody’s house and accidentally shooting one of the kids…..or killing Mike for that matter thinking it was Brody.

    I have to think Saul has something in his back pocket. I can’t imagine he doesn’t have the ear of someone important with all his experience in the bureau. And the promo for next week just looks weird. I mean, I’m the first to say Saul’s trust in Carrie borders on lunacy, but for him to tell her she’s “the stupidest smart person” he knows along with the ‘you’re a crazy person’ face is just unlike Saul.

    And I was really disappointed that Carrie….of all people….tossed out that Galvez is Muslim as the arguement for why he might be helping Nazir. I expected that to come out of Quinn’s mouth, not Carrie’s. Granted she was still frazzled from the kidnapping, so her thinking wasn’t 100%, but still. And anyone else think Quinn is beginning to not trust Estes?

    Dana’s blow up….while I understand she was upset about him being with Carrie….the ‘Mike’s a better father figure’ was low. At times she’s ridiculously mature, and at others she’s got the attitude of a 3 year old. I mean Brody can’t help he was absent from her life for 8 years, and she’s given him one year (or maybe less) to just hop back into his life and be super dad. Has he been a perfect father all this time, no. But to negate any attempt he’s made at being there for her, and the 7 to 8 years prior to his capture that he was her father….just pathetic of her to say.

    And Jess and Brody…..why didn’t anyone try to reach out and put a hand on Brody’s shoulder when he was told about Nazir. I mean, it was obvious he was crying….and no, he didn’t do cartwheels and jump up and down like a Bieber fan, but he looked upset…and relieved. You’d think at least Jess would have sat down next to him as some show of comfort. But I’m glad they had that conversation in the car. While we haven’t seen alot of their relationship, I guess we are suppose to assume that they’ve fought alot since he’s been home. And yes, I know we’ve seen some moments, but we really haven’t seen alot of Jess trying to be understanding….or reference to moments past. But it was nice that they finally gave her a scene that didn’t involve her yelling at Brody or rolling and eyes and walking away. I did find it weird that Brody couldn’t at least touch her hand when she touched his arm. He might not be in love with her anymore, but him just not even half-heartedly touching her hand was odd to me.

  8. I hate to say this but Homeland has been a little disappointing. I now find myself caring only for the Brody clan sans Nicholas.

  9. Trenton says:

    I still think there is a mole to be found here. Personally, Im starting to not trust Estes…which would be a bombshell except for a couple of things. He never trusted Carrie and got her thrown out and everything…all while she was dead on right. Now that Nazir is dead all he wants to do is kill Brody out of either fear or revenge…and if he does die, we just got this introductary character Dar Nadal who seems like a bad ass to fill his shoes.

    Conspiracy Theory: That wasn’t Nazir’s son Isa or he knowingly sacrificed his own son as a way to get Brody’s help in destroying America. I do remember Estes being in the bunker so maybe he knew where a protective place would be so he could be the few to survive it…All I can think is they will end this season like last except Brody will remember some huge forgotten element right b4 he is killed or shot but survives and that is the cliffhanger !!!

  10. Michael says:

    I think that Quinn is the mole….a possible Estes. I’m sure Carrie can figure out what Estes is up to after the previews show her meeting with Saul.

  11. Courteous Vampire says:

    Another crap episode. Can’t believe how terrible this season is. How did they go from first season to this?

    The clumsy scene with Carrie going back to the tunnels and confronting Nazir was so laughable and herp derp.

  12. angie says:

    I still suspect Galvez. TRUST NO ONE. But next week should be a doozy. I hope Estes goes down. I want Saul and Brody to live dangit! Can’t wait!

  13. vee campbell says:

    I think Carrie needs to choose between her career or Brody, she is no longer effective as an agent, knowing the Vice President died to save her because of her boyfriend. Her highly principled lifestyle has been totally compromised. She’s off the rails again unfortunately.

  14. Aussie says:

    Saul will end up be watching Quinn outside carries house and will kill him before he gets to Brody, that’s my theory.

  15. For a girl hell-bent on getting Nazir, not-an-agent-but-still-has-more-clout-than-the-other-agents Carrie sure was sending mixed messages all along. I mean, if you’re hell-bent on getting someone, and that someone is (as Matt put it) Earth’s Most Wanted, you DON’T start by lying for your boyfriend/ex-Marine/”bad guy” turned “good guy”/Congressman. BUT that’s why this is television and not real life. In real life, for example, that entire chase scene with Carrie and Nazir… either would have ended much more abruptly or not ended at all. It just seemed far too convenient, and not entirely unexpected either. The only thing is that “Homeland” was willing to get rid of Nazir in the penultimate episode, and not the finale like other shows.

    Now that Brody is out of the Brody House, do we care about the rest of the Brody Clan? I ask this honestly because I don’t see a purpose for them that doesn’t involve Brody being there and not adjusting to life with them. Do we want to care about Jessica and Mike being a lovey-dovey perfect-parents-to-the-kids couple? Do we care about Dana not changing out of her only outfit and boots? Do we care that poor Chris has gotten more screen time sitting silent and eating breakfast than he has all season? I really don’t. I think this might be a high time for the Brody Clan to exit, stage right, because… honestly, what IS their role anymore? But I suppose we’ll have that answered in the next episode. It better be a good one.

    I do have to admit this, though: I watch the show, and I do so because Season 1 was a ride to remember. I caught on the show late and was unable to move away from the frenetic pace that it had, the rapid acceleration of character development and the intense acting provided by one Damian Lewis, one Claire Danes and one amazing Mandy Patinkin. The story was great, the acting was superb and, golly gee, were there twists or what? But Season 2, while providing several twists and turns, did not have the same… feeling to it. I just feel something BIG has been missing throughout and I’m chalking it up to inconsistency but I might be wrong. Maybe this entire season was a bridge to a great next story (or a MASSIVE MASSIVE change at the end) but it has been slightly disappointing, and not nearly up to the standards the first season set. I said it was a “sophomore slump” and there are times when I don’t think I’m in the minority when I say that…

    • Alichat says:

      I think season 1 was so good because the “is he or isn’t he” story was so compelling. Once that was answered in the finale, then you were left to move that forward in season 2. I think most shows would have done the “will the video be discovered” story for the entire season, but they blew that out of the water early on. So the tension this season has been a different type of tension than last season.

      • Actually, I think the discovery of the video early on in the season was a great move by the writers. I did have some issues about how the video was found and where it was found but I chose to ignore that and immerse myself into the reality of the world “Homeland” presents. It’s just that after the video discovery and the instantaneous-text-message-that-literally-went-across-the-world, it has been harder and harder to stay immersed in the show’s reality.

        I suppose I’m disappointed because, with all the tools “Homeland” has, it SHOULDN’T be able to disappoint anyone, ever, no matter how outrageous the character development or storyline. I guess it looks like a waste of immense resources more than anything else.

        • Alichat says:

          Ah….gotcha. I was really referring more to your statement about season 2 having a different feeling to it. I agree with you on some of the incredulous points. The text-sent-’round-the-world being a good one. But I think any show, especially a high quality one, will disappoint someone. A high quality, smartly written show will get you immersed in the world….get you caring about the characters on a stronger level. That is why you will never have everyone happy. Someone will always think the character should have done what they thought or felt. That the story should have twisted one way or the other. That it should focus more on the politics and less on the relationships. Etc etc.

          • Hmm, I agree – it isn’t possible to please everyone. For example, I’m not a fan of the Carrie-loves-Brody (or Brody-loves-Carrie) storyline, but others’ are seemingly OK with it. I think Jessica-fraks-Mike is just too tired a plot device, but, again, others are OK with it. But I chalk these things to minor character issues – just because I don’t agree with the way the characters are going doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. I guess my overall gripes with “Homeland” this season has been on the longer arc, the major storyline, or how incongruous the minor storylines are when leading to the major story arc.

            You were right, last season WAS mostly* about whether Brody was a baddie or not, and whether or not he would carry out what he came back to the US to do. And that finale didn’t answer that question but it gave us (the viewers) an answer – when it came to Walden, there was no way to predict Brody.

            But this season… what has been the major plotline? I guess we can rattle off several but I can’t help but feel they’re disjointed and going at odds with each other… Yes, I have issues with the show, but I don’t think they’re of the minor variety. Something about this current season feels VERY off and I wish I could pinpoint it exactly without going into a pages-long reply here…

          • Alichat says:

            Tee – I have to agree with you on the Brody-Carrie relationship. I’m not 100% sold on it, mostly because I’m not so sure it’s healthy for either of them. I would have preferred to see the dynamic between Jess and Brody. How they dealt with his return. Learning how to communicate with each other, and how different Brody is now. Learning how to relate to each other and be together. I think that would have been more compelling to see.

          • YES! Now that you mention it, seeing Jess and Brody ACTUALLY try to work it out would’ve been very good drama! And it’s drama at its simplest, too. But we, the audience, never got that. In fact, I doubt we saw much into their relationship at all… sure, people will throw clips and instances at me but it’s been 24 episodes and, until they broke up in the SUV, there really weren’t that many poignant scenes since the pilot, maybe.

            Actually, we got the opposite of Jess and Brody working it out: we got Jess being a very undefined, not fleshed out character (who has been VERY annoying more times than not) and we got Brody doing a gazillion things at once (he has 99 problems but his job ain’t one) but never actually spending time with his family… I thought that’s what Chris and Dana were for, to show the family dynamics. But it just seemed so… rushed? I mean, Dana’s line from the last episode is wrong no matter WHO utters it… and I guess it felt even more wrong because she was presented, in the beginning, as the one who would be able to understand Brody the most and… GAH. Sorry, it just hit me how the show changed gears so rapidly and abruptly. If the show was a car, it’s transmission was close to death now.

            I guess it’s easier to write obsessed-and-paranoid Carrie fall in love with Brody (and vice versa) than it is to actually write out scenes showing the struggle of a married couple trying to find each other again after eight excruciating years apart, or trying to be a whole family again for the first time since their kids were little, or trying to adjust to a world that has changed so dramatically in less than a decade (a part Damian Lewis should have no problem with since he was on the much-loved, early-offed “Life”). SO MUCH POTENTIAL. All wasted for the easy story. If not easy, than the more “OMG” story.

  16. Britta Unfiltered says:

    What a relief Brody and Jess finally had it out! I am quite shocked though she wasn’t more horrified at her husband strongly hinting he was a terrorist. That night with Mike must have put her in a really good mood! I’m also kind of surprised he was willing to finally be honest with her. I would think if you almost blew up a room full of people, you’d take that kind of thing to your grave, but maybe that’s just me. I think next week has to involve the suicide vest somehow, because before season 2 started in their “unanswered questions” preview one of the questions was “who has the vest?” and we have not learned that yet. Hopefully the mole has it and not Brody. The episode tonight was really scary, there were a few parts in those tunnels that had me screaming. With the sandman gone now, what on earth are they going to do for the finale? I’m really nervous about a few of the directions this season can end with. This show always makes me feel so on edge!
    I liked your review, Matt, it was really funny. The line about being out of milk, dammit! and the Better Call Saul heading gave me the giggles.

    • Alichat says:

      If the mole has the vest, wouldn’t Brody know who the mole is? And therefore wouldn’t he know how Roya was getting her information…..like the code to Estes safe? I don’t understand why the vest has suddenly become a missing item or unanswered question. Did I miss something or am I forgetting something? Why do we think Brody doesn’t still have the vest? Brody’s big on burying things….how do we know he didn’t dismantle it and scatter it to the wind?

  17. I actually don’t think Abu Nazir is really dead. Like Carrie, we only heard the shots and saw the so called body. We didn’t actually see them shoot him. The squad may have been under orders to tranquilize and capture Nazir … or whoever the mole is might have clout enough to use this ruse to smuggle him out with no one, including Carrie, the wiser.

    • Trenton says:

      Head shot….its not about him…he was the face of the bad guys…someone else is bigger and Nazir is the type to rock a contingency plan beyond his mortality…I don’t see, however, to ur point that she doesn’t check a pulse.

    • Joan says:

      I agree, i don’t think Nazir is dead. We only saw him reach for his chest/shirt. we did not see anyone shoot. I think we are led to believe he is dead but he will resurface or contact Brody in the next season.

  18. Trenton says:

    I re-watched the episode where Carrie and Brody did a sex tape cia surveillance style…while Saul and Quinn argue over whether or not to bring them in I have this one thought.

    Saul: “ITS Premature.” Now what Quinn should have said.


    Bit on the nose and maybe hard to pull off but this show could use a moment of stark levity from time to time.

  19. joey says:

    I hope it won’t be Brody vs. Quinn in the end where one has to die. I love both characters. While I like Brody and Carrie together, I kind of wish something between Carrie and Quinn would happen.

  20. Rosie says:

    What if that wasn’t really Nazir and just someone pretending to be him and Brody was in on it the whole time? They could be leading everyone into a false sense of security but Nazir may still be out there and Brody could still be lying through his teeth

  21. JJ says:

    Claire Danes and those eyes.

  22. My mind is going a mile a minute right now….
    The preview for next week is making it so obvious that Body dies so I don’t think he will. There will probably a cliffhanger with someone’s life on the line. Quinn, Brody, Saul or Carrie’s. I can’t see them killing Brody but I also can’t see Carrie and him living happily ever after. Maybe Quinn tells Brody to leave and run away and never come back. Then tells Estes that he killed him. Maybes Estes and Roya did end up going on that date and Estes is the mole. Maybe the entire show is a figment of Carrie’s imagination and she is actually in a vegetative state after the shock therapy went wrong. Think about it… everything she wanted (Brody loving her and Nazir dead) has happened. The thing that gets me the most about the preview for next week is the small clip of Jess and Dana. Why did they look so shocked/upset? Did something happen to Mike? Maybe Finn kills himself?

  23. Midori004 says:

    Maybe Saul dies. He was acting weird in the video, maybe he was in danger and wanted Claire to get away from the danger, but couldn’t say it. I think he’s muslim, so the burial at sea would make sense. Plus Mandy Patinkin normally gets bore and leaves shows early on.

  24. cathiecat says:

    The person I really don’t want to be the mole is…Virgil. He’s been at the edges of everything going down for 2 seasons, from the surveillance of Brody to tailing Roya, etc. He would be a person we would least suspect, important from a plot twist standpoint. Also, he is someone who Carrie really trusts.

    • gregk says:

      Plus he (the actor David Marciano) played the underhanded detective, Steve Billings, on The Shield, not exactly an admirable character.

    • agone says:

      know him in r/l and he’s a prick lol, not him. it wasnt his voice warning eileen last season, i think it’s the polygraph guy that knows saul.
      the show has crossed the suspension of disbelief in so many ways that its hard catch plotlines because if this show is true to itself brody has to die next week but somehow i see him being picked for vp on season 3.
      the lackluster writing for waldens death, the weird brody tears for nazir…….not true plot lines

  25. Hopingforagoodfinale says:

    I am surprised that more people aren’t hypothesizing that Quinn will abandon the mission and help Carrie and Brody escape. That is what I see happening. Saul is going to come to Carrie’s rescue – as a true mentor and father figure. I can also envision them coming up with a plausible story that Brody is murdered (faking his own death). Either way, I sincerely hope they write Dana out of the story, as I find her entire storyline completely annoying/boring/cringe-inducing.

    Love the show!

  26. Jan says:

    I don’t want to see Brody die. Estes can say whatever he wants, but the fact is, they made a deal with Brody. They should honor it. Estes, IMO, is the untrustworthy character. I hope Saul nails him.

  27. Terry says:

    I see it all now…next season Brody and Carrie are a spy team, like Mr and Mrs Smith, fighting terrorism all around the world! I could go with that concept if it meant never seeing Dana again!

  28. Pete says:

    I really thought I’d picked the twist for this week ; Brody can’t go in to the house and leaves for Carry ‘ s. Jessica turns to Mike for comfort. Quinn arrives in the dead of night and kills the man in bed with Jessica who turns out to be Mike! But alas, no.

    Love this series and episode. However ;what can they do now without an evil terrorist mastermind?

  29. agone says:

    the mole is the polygrapher, the in-house guy that knows saul.
    that’s the voice that warns the eileen last year. i initially posted that quinn was funny, not right, some of you remember…..the mole is the polygrapher with the robotic voice

  30. Lorraine says:

    Is it a far stretch to think that Brody had played them this entire season and he is going to take over for Nazir? I don’t think he will die, maybe get shot, but not die. He and Carrie are the frontrunners of the show. It doesn’t make sense to kill off either one of them in TV Land.

  31. The mole will end up being Xander Berkeley because the man was born to play these roles and come into shows specifically for these roles.

    There. I called it first. Hulu series’ will only provide so much for you…

    (I may or may not be sarcastic.)

  32. Amaia says:

    Someone said this 2 days ago (Sara) and I think the same, Brody is going to die and after he and Jess broke up I think it could be quite clear the Brody’s storyline is over. If the main reason of the show was to discover if Nick was a terrorist or not and to catch Abu Nazir, we’re done with it. He’s a great character but if there is not a starnge twist, Brody dies and next season there’ll be another terrorist to cope with. Or, maybe there’ll be a huge Estes (I hate this guy) storyline.

  33. tlroyce says:

    I think that Brody went after Carrie because she’s the only one who knows he killed Walden and needs to keep her happy & close, for his own sake.
    Whether they will remain together, I doubt it. This is not a happy ending type of show. One of them will die, maybe both.
    I’ve never considered that Carrie could be the mole, but the thought is fascinating. After all, she was the one who went after Brody from day one. As a matter of fact, if she is the mole he doesn’t know it.
    On the other hand, Estes could be the mole, but it’s kind of obvious and this series is about the unexpected.
    I think Quinn will try to kill Brody but something will go awry and ultimately save Brody’s life, for the time being… Meaning Season 3.
    Brody has built a public image that may help him survive. The big political contributor who hosted a weekend at his country estate may come in to offer him to replace Walden. It would change everything and it’s possible.
    This show defies reality, but it’s fascinating. We can’t watch it thinking it is a historical piece or a reflection of reality. It’s fiction, so why not enjoy it.

  34. tlroyce says:

    By the way, I agree with it’s being said about Dana. She’s the teenager from hell. What I don’t understand it’s the lack of discipline by both parents. Military people are high on discipline. This kid is insulting. She looks odd and whoever designed her image was her worse enemy. By the way, hair & make-up artists should try to make her look better, pleasant to the eye. Girls at that age are high on fashion and looks. She’s not in character.

  35. Brian says:

    THERE IS NO MOLE PEOPLE! Why don’t you understand? When they couldn’t find Nazir, they said there must be a mole to help him escape. That’s when they thought he escaped the tunnels. HE DIDN’T! Carrie went back and found him .. thus, NO MOLE.

  36. diana says:

    i think it is Brody that drops off the boat, I think they switch bodies with Nazir.