Is Castle Too Chaste? Is Kalinda a Killer? Reid Off His Rocker? Did Blair Hit a Low? And More Qs!

revengechuck300_RVWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Castle and Criminal Minds.

1 | While amusing, wouldn’t TBS’ Wedding Band benefit from being trimmed down to a half-hour show?

2 | Is Revenge‘s Americon Initiative renting dark office space from The Ring on Chuck? Also, was Ashley’s tryst with Conrad the least shocking intel Emily has ever squirreled away?

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3 | In retrospect, couldn’t Once Upon a Time‘s Cora and Hook have used the rehydrated magic bean to get to Storybrooke right after raiding the beanstalk? Also, is it hot in this fairytale land jail cell or is it just that Aurora/Mulan scene? (Really, Phillip who?) And how was Emma and Snow’s first order of business once back home not a shower and change of clothes?

goodwife2754 | What do we think Kalinda’s Plan B was with regard to making Nick disappear on The Good Wife? And settle a TVLine dispute: Did she off him? And @mspenn1013 asks via Twitter: “How delicious was the scene when Zach told Alicia the condom search was conducted by Jackie?”

5 | Can someone on Homeland tell us what FaceTime-like, video-chat app Brody has for his Blackberry? And is it really that easy to skulk around the home of the VPOTUS?

6 | With Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire behind us, what’s the verdict on Bobby Cannavale’s performance as Gyp Rosetti — A) tremendously entertaining camp, B) way too over-the-top villainy, or C) a perfect blend of both? And how relieved were you that Richard made it out alive?

7 | Dear How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Patrice? Really?!

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8 | Did it strike you as out-of-character when Bones‘ Booth referred to Brennan as “Temperance” and not “Bones” when she was crying over the boy’s skull? And were you pleasantly surprised at how well the see-the-action-through-the-victim’s-eyes angle worked throughout the episode?

gossip2759 | To Gossip Girl we ask: Who the heck is Bruce Caplan? Better yet, why are you devoting one of the show’s precious final hours to him? Also, does the picture to the right represent Blair’s lowest point yet?

10 | What’s with Castle‘s chaste “Caskett” kissage?

11 | Is The Voice‘s Christina Milian physically incapable of beginning her “social media” segments with anything other than the phrase, “Hey, what’s up, Carson?”?

12 | Why is no one giving Hart of Dixie props for crafting multiple, compelling love triangles while staying true to the characters?

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13 | How awesome was it that Don’t Trust the B… flipped the old “sex in a restaurant kitchen” cliché by cutting to the face of a horrified cook as Chloe and her “martini goggles” hook-up went at it?

P14 | Which Private Practice parent — Cooper (“Girls are awesome!”) or Charlotte (“What am I gonna do with three girls?”) — had the best reaction to learning the sex of their triplets?

15 | Was Parenthood‘s Max-free episode in response to this column’s grumble from last week? Also, who else groaned, “Nooooo!” as soon as tipsy Sarah turned the hotel hall corner and bumped into Mark? (Are Sarah’s relationship decisions starting to become as troubling as Lorelai’s?)

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16 | Looking ahead to Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy, who will we take more pleasure in seeing get their comeuppance — Clay or Gemma?

17 | Couldn’t Arrow have stretched out the Oliver/Helena arc for longer than two episodes? And why is everyone on TV so obsessed with Confucius’ famous saying (“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”)? Revenge, Fringe, Dexter and now Arrow have uttered the quote!

18 | Was Suburgatory‘s snow-capped, Damien Rice-backed kiss between Tessa and Ryan perfection? And how funny was his Hulk-like freak-out about being adopted?

CrimMindsReidMW19 | Is there any tiny chance left that Criminal Minds‘ Reid is imagining his girlfriend? Could the same thing that caused his headaches be pressing against some temporal whatnot in his noodle, thus causing vivid hallucinations? (Sure, she “left” him a gift, but did we ever see the identical books together? Then again, the hostess did say a “girl” dropped it off. Hmmm.) And did this week’s episode, with the “puppeteer” UnSub, rank in the Top 20 Most Disturbing Ever?

20 | The candles. That dress. The hair. The Stepford Wife disposition… Did you think Nashville’s Juliette was angling to make her beau say “yes” to something a bit more carnal than a marriage proposal? Also, how does two adults hugging qualify as a “salacious” and potentially campaign-ending photo scandal?

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21 | Since when did Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline become possessed, soulless, paranoid Buffy Summers circa Season 4’s “Living Conditions”? Also, can the show stay in the 1940s? Those costumes were gorgeous.GHtypo

22 | When did General Hospital start spelling “Connie Falconeri” like this (see photo)? Would it  have been that inconvenient for the director to yell “Cut!” so that Kelly Sullivan could take another stab at spelling her character’s name correctly?

23 | Considering the general “kumbaya” vibe of Glee‘s New Directions, wasn’t it strange to see not a single member of the group show the slightest bit of concern about Marley’s budding bulimia problem being the cause of her Sectionals collapse?

24 | Wasn’t Stephen Collins’ Scandal newsman kind of a snore? Why was he a one-man operation for such a global story? And don’t get us started on his bland taglines for the coverage, when in the real world a network would go with a catchy “Fitz Under Fire!” or the like. Also, did VP Langston’s power grab play too similar to the one on Political Animals?

25 | Should splicing Justin Bieber into a commercial with Edmund Gwenn’s Miracle on 34th Street Santa be a punishable offense?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amy says:

    I still hold that Patrice has to be a play in the playbook. Step 1) get Robin into you by telling her you’re done with her. Step 2) Ignore her advances. Step 3) “Date” her mortal enemy. Barney may be maturing, but there is NO WAY he would ever date Patrice. Step 4) Propose because she’ll have realized she can’t live without you either.

  2. Robin says:

    14. Can we have a sitcom with Cooper, Charlotte, Mason and the triplets?

  3. GeoDiva says:

    1. Love Wedding Band. Keep it at an hour.
    3. Don’t even get me started…. What was the point of finding the squid ink. It only got them out of the cell, but they wouldn’t have been there in the first place if they wern’t looking for it. Makes no sense!
    12. HOD keeps getting better and better.
    24. The news segments kepting interupting the rest of the intensity level of the other scens in a great episode. The news set looked so highschool AV Club.

    • Babybop says:

      Your point about the squid ink… You’re right! I never thought about that! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    • S says:

      The point about the squid ink had to do with Emma’s power not the ink’s power. That would be my bet. If they were not sent to look for it, how would Emma know about Gold’s plans for her…it wasn’t the squid ink that defeated Cora it was Emma who had the ability to withstand her power. Emma wouldn’t have believed she had the power unless she saw her name in the magical ink written before she was born, written as a spell by the most powerful being in the land.
      That’s what I am guessing anyway given how they met up and had a chat after she got home and all pretty much alluding to it.

  4. Tracy says:

    I LOVE that Andrew Marlowe & Co. aren’t going overboard with Caskett. It’s the little things that make Castle & Beckett – a few really good kisses are better than a lot of kisses here and there. And what about “always”? The way that word is used on the show is as good as if one or the other said “I love you”. These two just got together and shouldn’t be rushed.

  5. Elle says:

    At least Castle and Beckett kiss. They show lots of affection with their glances.

    Bones and Booth show vey little affection. I just do not see the chemistry anymore

    • 1 mars says:

      Booth & Brennan have an intense emotional connection. While I would like more kisses, its pretty hard when you have a co-worker living in your home, and it would be unprofessional to kiss at work. Get Sweets out of the Mighty Hut and we might see some intimacy between them.

  6. Babybop says:

    1,7, and 8 were thoughts right out of my head!

  7. BenM says:

    I was cool with calling her Brennan. I was not cool with the first (dead) person view. I didn’t like that at all. I’m not sure why, b/c I loved the episode of House with Mos Def.

    With Castle, I do think there needs to be more physicality …….but not in that episode. I think the episode was more about people coming together for Christmas. They definitely need more physically together moments soon though.

  8. kerri says:

    10. Yes – more Caskett heat please! Nathan and Stana have amazing chemistry – let them use it! It’s feeling more and more sitcom-y these days, and less like a 10pm drama. The kids are asleep, let the adults have their fun!

  9. Britta Unfiltered says:

    6. It was one of the best villainy performances on TV ever. I’m so glad Richard is sticking around. How has Jack Huston not been recognized by the Emmys for that show?
    25. Good grief, I haven’t seen that, but yes…yes, it should be punishable.

  10. O'Brien says:

    Not Blair’s lowest moment. You could pick out any number of dumpster fires in Season 5 RE: Louis/pact with God and easily top this, though I did wrinkle my nose in distaste at the thought that Blair Waldorf would ever pose as a themed stripper. She was absolute win the rest of the episode, though, completely a HBIC, and more like herself than she’s been in years.

  11. Chris says:

    No, Mulan and Aurora should not hook up. I do not get that vibe. You can’t even form bonds with people without someone thinking there’s a relationship involved, like all of those sick freaks that write Sam and Dean gay/incest fanfictions. Just because you have a deep relationship with someone doesn’t mean that there has to be anything beyond what it is.

    And I LOVED the Mulan movie, but I’m not into Mulan or Aurora on the show. The less I see of them, the better. I probably would have ditched the both of them if I was Emma, especially after Mulan tried to steal the compass.

    And Blair’s outfit was just nasty. The whole Bart storyline should have never been introduced last season to begin with. It was bad before and it’s still bad now. It’s hard to fix what you already shattered into pieces. I’ll watch it to the end, and there are still some elements that I like, but it’s not as good as it used to be. Most of the time, it kind of sucks. (Though I am kind of curious about Dan’s plan and him going dark with “truth”. And Nate has no right to talk. He was going to post it all in his newspaper)

    And Caroline is getting on my nerves, though I do usually love her. Don’t talk about Elena for Damon getting under her skin when Klaus is getting under yours! (And why make Elena a human so she can be a bloodbag for Klaus until she dies? That’s stupid. THINK HARDER GUYS!)

    • Templar says:

      I hope, somewhere along the line, Mulan and Aurora get one of the fairies to give them personalities. They may as well be robots for all the emotion they’ve shown so far.

  12. Linda says:

    I LOVED that Booth called Brennan Temperance. He doesn’t do it often and it’s when he really wants her attention. Plus it seems more intimate…

  13. Sammy says:

    10. The Castle and Beckett issue.

    These are two people who have had a slow burn for quite a while now, who are finally able to act on it so why not show that.
    FYI: Couples in love their passionate, they play, they have fun and *gasp* they actually have sex. Cuteness is fine but passion is quite alright too. Let’s not treat sex like its the bad, horrible tabu 3 letter word. Please.

    I’ll even give you this … let’s take sex out of it, let’s talk intimacy and/or kissing. What about a scene of them relaxing at the loft or Beckett’s house? Going over a case while their snuggling in bed together? What about showing a scene of them waking up together right before Beckett gets a call about a murder?

    The last time these 2 had a decent kiss, and not a peck, was the Hampton’s episode and before that “Always”.

  14. 24. Stephen Collins went WAY over the top with his Walter Cronkite impression. It was laughable. Easily the worst part of the episode. A close second – Huck’s fake hair and beard. He looked like he was wearing a cheap Santa Clause costume painted in a different color.

  15. J. Norman says:

    #15) Relationships decisions or anything else. I don’t think Sarah has made one good decision yet on this show. That is, beyond moving back with her parents to attempt to get a new start.

  16. J. Norman says:

    Also #15)
    Having a “Maxless” episode this week had nothing to do with last weeks “grumble”.
    The episode was in the can weeks or months ago.
    Now maybe in the future they will tone down Max, but this weeks absense of the character had nothing to do with last weeks question and responses.

  17. Lori says:

    I loved Hart of Dixie last year and I really wanted it to be renewed but this hasn’t done much for me. I don’t like Zoey with Wade, that pairing doesn’t make sense, and I am sick of seeing this supposedly accomplished doctor do everything but practice medicine. The show doesn’t have to turn into a medical drama but give the girl something of substance to do! And please, enough with Wade! No NYC doctor would give a hick, loser player the time of day much less put up with him the way Zoey does! The scene with George and Zoey in New Orleans was perfect and the chemistry between those two is off the charts! I wish Hart of Dixie would put those two together!

    • Brandy says:

      My thoughts exactly!

      • Pearl says:

        You both are not seing the same show, I’m sure… George and Zoe have friend’s chemistry, no romantic chemistry. Zoe and Wade have sex-sex-sex chemistry. And, can you imagine a little peaceful town like that having some big cases? There’s no violence, no traffic accidents, is just some little thing here and there. Her job is just a background to make her go to Bluebell and be so differente from the people there, was never the centric of the show, nor have to be. This isn’t a medical drama (like they tried to do with Emily Owens), was allways abot the town of Bluebell, and the characters and their relationships. If you’re not happy, change the channel.

        • Radha says:

          I agree with you, but the one thing I don’t like is that they started out this season just focusing on the sex Wade and Zoe were having. That cheapens it and I guess that was for a reason. Because this last episode showed for certain what she really thinks of him. Perhaps Wade deserves better. We’ll have to wait and see.

          And this is coming from someone who loves Zoe and Rachel Bilson.

        • Brandy says:

          We can watch and like the show but not like every sl or couple.Just cause you don’t see romantic chemistry between Zoe and George dosent mean others don’t or can’t. Chemistry is different to everyone.Wade just wants to sleep with Zoe then move on to his next one night stand whereas George actually cares more for Zoe than sex.Wade wanted to have a real date to push Zoe into a relationship she didn’t want cause he was jelous of her feelings for George and the episode before last Wade was withdrawing emotionally after seeing Zoe still had feelings George .We didn’t say weren’t happy just that we’d like to see George and Zoe together.No need to be rude just because we have different opinion than you.We don’t need you telling us watch or what not to watch or what to do either.

          • Brandy says:

            Also, you don’t speak for every HoD fan when you say Wade & Zoe are perfect,Zoe and Goerge have a fanbase too.Telling us we shouldn’t watch the show cause we don’t ship your couple iis lame too, we can and still do enjoy the show overall in general.Telling us you “have to like Zoe & Wade “cause I do isn’t cool.

    • Radha says:

      Blasphemous. George and Zoe are BORING. And I don’t know what show you’re watching if you don’t see how kind Wade is. He’s got low self esteem and that’s why he acts like a jerk. The key word being “jerk”. Sure he’s a bit of a player but does that make you a horrible person? What about all the times he helped Zoe out in secret when the town hated her? Cooking the gumbo for her? Helping his dad down from the roof? Running to help Rose when she got hurt or Lavon because he’s his friend? All that just escapes those of you who are determined to hate Wade no matter what. He’s not a hick loser because he works at a bar or sleeps with a lot of women. It’s the little actions a person does that shows their true nature. You all have already deemed him unworthy of Zoe because you WANT to just see one side.

      As for George. I find him bland. I found him bland with Lemon and I find him bland with Zoe. I think he and Zoe are too much alike and have a level or arrogance that comes from them being such ambitious people. Together they would find that passion would die between them very quickly. A good relationship should be where the two people fit together and complement each other in a mutually benefiting way while also being passionate and loving. A relationship where they challenge each other–can fight without it breaking them apart.

      I don’t hate George, but I have liked him the best with Tansy. And for those of you who forgot conveniently that he was part of the reason Lemon had the affair with Lavon… well it must be nice to have rose tinted glasses on. What I remember is Lemon calling her fiancee very upset and George not having time to speak to her because of business. Yeah, we get it. You’re a lawyer and you are busy in New York, but it’s very telling that he couldn’t figure out that she was genuinely upset about her mother. This is the woman you’re supposed to love–you can’t take five minutes to talk to her? Tell your co-workers it’s an emergency. Nine times out of ten people in the workplace will understand. So it irritates me that Lemon bears the brunt of their relationship breaking apart on her own–despite it being wrong that she cheated–when George helped in the matter.

      I don’t want Zoe and George to end up together because it’s expected. They are boring together and I feel that they are close minded together. A New York doctor can find love with a bartender and be perfectly happy. Who says your social status and level of intelligence dictates who you should end up with? I still am upset when she asked Wade if he knew what Monogamous was and he didn’t get upset with her. He’s not an idiot, Zoe! So yeah…count me as one of the people who firmly are AGAINST her and George ending up together.

      • Brandy says:

        Wade hasn’t been kind to Zoe in a long time except for making her black & white cookies.Instead, he withdrew emotionally instead of talking to her about her feelings for George like an adulthe bet against her and Judson and played childish pranks to sabatage thier date and make a joke of it/made Zoe feel a fool when she asked him “do you like me?” Then he blew and missed his chance to be with her then. plus he told her and his brother they couldn’t date cause he tells her who she can date,has sabotaged every chance at love and happiness with another guy cause no else can have her but him not to mention,he dosent like her personality cause in the episode with his brother he called her “shallow,snobbish” ect.He also said “if we’d just slept together five minutes after we met, I wouldn’t still be into you-your body”.Wade and Zoe don’t talk, they have sex and have nothing in common.

        • Brandy says:

          You say Zoe and George are arrogant, well I think is arrant,he thinks he’s so cute and charming ect and he’s not.He wants Zoe cause she rejected him at first/first and he likes the chase,his ego can’t handle being rejected or the fact she loves someone else.

          • Brandy says:

            Zoe told wade “I didn’t chose you either” & told George the only reason she first slept with Wade was to help her through the pain of George’s wedding.Shes also told Wade from the get go that they were nothing more than friends with benfits and it was just casual meaningless sex between them and she didn’t want more than that.

          • Brandy says:

            Also,Wade took out his insecurities/low self esteem ect out on Zoe,blaming her for him not being where he wanted to be in life(in the first season episode with his brother and the Bluebell Battle episode)& called her a gold digger saying she only dates with money,prospects ect.

  18. FYI on Once – they couldn’t use the bean without the water to rehydrate it. The lake was dried up until Cora revived it with water. Hook didn’t know she could do that as made obvious by the fact that he pointed out it was dry. She didn’t know he had the bean until he whipped it out after the battle.

    • H.Houston says:

      Cora new that he had the bean when he showed it to Emma when they were all locked in Rumple’s cell. But Hook didn’t show it around before then because it was old and dried up and he didn’t know that it would do any good until Cora showed him that the water was there still

  19. Piper says:

    #10 Alexis and Martha were in the room. Castle and Beckett couldn’t get all hot and heavy then. It had to be more of a chaste kiss. I do agree that I would like to see some more Caskett moments between them like waking up together, but for now I am content. Has anyone ever wondered if that’s why Marlowe is just giving everyone a glimpse of the couple? To keep you coming back for more? I don’t know about anyone else but the chemistry between them seems to be at an all time high.

  20. PFitzDC says:

    #25. YES…sacrilege to have Bieber with a classic Santa!!!!

  21. Patrick Maloney says:

    ‘Before going on a revenge mission, dig two graves.’ is becoming the new ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.’

  22. emma says:

    Yay for Hart of Dixie you guys!!

  23. cjeffery7 says:

    3 – a change of clothes? of course not! they’re first order of business must be to walk down the middle of the road in the center of town hugging each other and patting each other on the back for a job well done.

    17 – i dont know what you’re talking about, Fringe can do no wrong….

    20 – uh DOIIIII

  24. Jamie says:

    I love Castle and I love what they were doing but I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more passion. They have waited four years to get together.

  25. verkisto says:

    10. I think one of the sexiest moments on Castle had nothing to do with kissing at all. This season, Castle and Beckett are walking through the station. Beckett is reading a report while she walks and talks and doesn’t look up from the page as Castle slips a cup of coffee into her hand. To me, that portrays how close they are much more than any kiss.

    • Jennifer says:

      If that’s the episode with the camera crew filming the documentary, I agree, I LOVED that scene! I actually got butterflies in my stomach. That’s the way romance is suppose to work.

    • H.Houston says:

      I love that they are using everyday things to show how much they care about each other. It can be all about the sex as it is on some shows… but I love how they are simply “loving” each other by “being present”

      And… them both ditching their regular holiday plans at the end when they knew they needed to be together… that is LOVE

  26. Jennifer says:

    Matthew Gray Gubler directed that episode, anyone who is familiar with how he works as a director will not be surprised by that episode. He has stated he loves to leave things to viewers imagination, it’s way creepier that way and more fun for the viewer. I loved this episode, it was one of the best this season. It had not occurred to me she was a hallucination but would make for a great, wonderful fascinating twist. That being said, she supposedly left the book with hostess and it is my understanding from what I have read about upcoming episodes that she IS real and there is an episode deals with this and sheds light on her situation, much the way I think the show did with Rossi episode years ago about case that always haunted him and finding the person who killed the parents of those three kids.

    • Stormy says:

      There’s something so ethereal and fine about Matthew Gray Gubler. He would have been in great demand as a model for sculptors and painters during the Renaissance. Just as Ashton Kutcher could have been Michelangelo’s model for David, so matthew could be the model for angels.

      • Templar says:

        This is so weird. I never thought about Kutcher that way, but one of his camera commercials came on just after I read your comment, and one of his close ups was at an angle that made his profile look just like the David statue. So weird.

  27. Nick Schulte says:

    1. agreed
    7. It has to be Barney playing Robin somehow
    8. I thought it was in character, and yeah the POV worked well surprisingly
    10. If only every show was on HBO or Showtime…
    12. That show is really working right now
    13. The look on his face was classic!
    16. Gemma is only a self-centered b*tch where Clay is just evil, so Clay definitely deserves more pain
    17. This second Huntress episode just didn’t work in my opinion, they needed to give it some time to breath a while before breaking them up

  28. Aimee says:

    7. SERIOUSLY!? Come on…

    10. YES!! TBBT, an 8PM show gives way more than Castle. Did you see last night TBBT? Funny and naughty. Give us more of what Always promised. Passion people! It’s on at 10PM and we are all adults here. ;)

    14. Charlotte all the way! LOL What am I going to do with three girls? Any woman with pre-teen and teenage girls had the same reaction as Charlotte. My girl is my world, but 3 of her at one time? Whoa

  29. Ella says:

    Thanks for #12! Love Hart of Dixie. It is a gem of a show and keeps getting better. Relationships in season 2 far surpass the first season.

    #22 – YES! I noticed the same misspelling of Connie Falconeri’s name when that episode aired. Is GH on such a tight turn around that continuity is such a chore? And can’t Kate Sullivan spell her own character’s name/names?

    • dude says:

      It seems like there’s a month between airings. I know Kelly Monaco said the general feeling on set is that no one can screw up a single take so maybe they just shrugged and said “good enough, no one will notice.”

  30. Sheri says:

    For a 10 PM show Castle is very tame. They don’t have to be going at it all the time but I’m not seeing the passion except in promo pics. As far as Kalinda, I don’t care if she is a killer as long as her ex is gone. That story line wasn’t working at all.

  31. Phoebe says:

    10. YES, Castle’s Caskett kissage needs a little more passion. We need more romantic scenes between them.

  32. dude says:

    1: Amen! Have always thought this! The sexcapades of a wedding band aren’t interesting enough to sustain an hour.
    3: Mulan + Aurora would be epic! Would love to see this happen but it never will.
    9: Yes.
    12: Hell yes! Have thought this for a long time. It’s such a well written show. I almost feel a show so small and cutesy feeling is almost unworthy of such a smart, talented staff of writers.
    21: I don’t understand how Caroline is the bad guy. Is she suppose to be happy that her best friend is sleeping with the guy who raped her and used her as a human blood bag for months? Is Elena not the one in the wrong for not being understanding at all and EXPECTING her to be happy about it?
    23: They don’t have to stage an intervention for her but they could be a little less “hate you Marley, you ruined everything” about it. It seems a bit odd that they don’t understand at all and are totally unwilling to acknowledge the fact that Kitty is responsible.

  33. Jay says:

    #10 – Caskett kisses! Does anyone remember watching 1×09 at the start of the episode it was like a hot quick morning make out session Castle had with his ex wife (the same ex wife that will be appearing in 5×10) Marlowe should totally do that with Castle and Beckett LOL.
    I actually trust in Marlowe, he knows where he’s going and planning things out. And lets not forget this is only the first half of the season we still have another twelve or thirteen episodes to go. So i would actually think we will be seeing more kisses from Castle and Beckett. Honestly, im just happy they’re even together in the first place. But they don’t necessarily have to kiss all the time, the handshake, looks and banter make up for it.
    The only thing that i find annoying is not the show, but certain fans of the show, so many people complaining about the show. Some are complaining that theres not enough kisses, and then there are some complaining that the shows focusing more on them rather than the actual murders. How about we just sit back and watch Castle. Marlowes doing it right, and im enjoying every bit of it.

  34. What is with the chaste Caskett kissage?…
    I want to clarify before anyone crucify me for giving my personal opinion, I love the show and my friends and I are fixed point on Monday to tv.

    In these four years of relationship (except intimately).but really this season with respect to developing of them as a couple, leaves much to be desired in some of the episodes.
    Is not that they have to put them in intimate situation all the time, but it has to be a little more of complicity,because in real life when you are with someone you always find the time and the place to express that complicity that gives being in love (regardless of age) . And that chemistry that the two of them have demonstrated in all previous seasons, does not have to slow down, if you look @ this 5TQ season, something is missing a bit that thing that they do very well , complete each other’s sentences when resolving a case.also the others characters seen to be in a pause for some reason, but we alll know that this is not normal, always they have the pace,action that dynamics have to perk up a bit, as all actors are geniales.I have not lost confidence in Andrew Marlowe & Co. I trust that the magic will continues with the arrival of the new year on Jan 8/2013…. there is CASTLE/ Caskett 4 EVER…!!!!!

  35. I meant .. All the actors are great,outstanding, excellent,funny:..!

  36. madbengalsfan85 says:

    8) Episode was one of my favorites of the show…loved the POV (However, couldn’t see it as an all-the-time sort of thing). And Booth using Temperance seems right since the last time he used it, she just realized she was studying her mother’s remains and was emotional. Season 8 is about the most fun I’ve had watching Bones since season 5, can’t wait for the second half

    10) My problem with Castle this season is that the show uses kissing too often as a means of romance. Anyone can kiss, and anyone can have sex (Look no further than Grey’s Anatomy). I want to see the process of Castle and Beckett actually sharing their lives, because to me, that carries far greater weight than kissing. I guess the flip side to that argument is that two two are still more or less in their honeymoon phase and everything is mushy by default.

  37. lame says:

    I have to say after four years of foreplay I had hoped to see more passion in this relationship, especially with episodes like “probable cause” and “after hours” you would think the DD would go bounding off to bed to release the anxiety of a near death experience of their loved one. Come on Andrew give us more danger to the pair and a release.

  38. With regard to Once Upon a Time and The Magic Bean: Hook didn’t know how to resurrect the magic water; Cora didn’t know he had the dehydrated Magic Bean, she was counting on the magic of the Wardrobe as was the whole crew. Cora didn’t even think of rehydrating the bean when she knew. Hook is a Pirate; he would never have given up that idea, except he had no choice. I’m sure that Hook has some more magical tidbits that he’s been keeping from Cora over the years, just as Gold/ Rumplestiltskin has magical items that no one in Storybrooke knows about until he needs it.

  39. catbean says:

    Caroline is turning back into the snobby bitch she was in the first season. I am so over it.

  40. susela says:

    “Scandal” was awful this week. The news “updates” with the actor trying to channel Walter Cronkite (and failing) were ponderous; the vice-presidential grab for power was predictable; and Fitz’s head being suddenly swathed in bandages when the slo-mo attack scene showed no head wound whatsoever was just ridiculous. And the dialogue! “You complete me, I breathe you, we are one…” or whatever the heck they emoted to each other. Blech. Just blech.

    • Sheri says:

      I thought it was good EXCEPT for the actor trying to channel Walker Cronkite who few even know that are probably watching this show. Everything is so split second fast in this show that, even if they are trying to slow it down, it was a fail. But that was casting and writing. Would have been better if they would have had the current normal age network newcaster realizing she/he was giving out details of their career.

  41. MaryAnnMc says:

    Re: Castle. The “chasteness” of the portrayal of Castle and Beckett’s relationship is bugging me so much that I am just about to stop watching the season. I really felt cheated with how quickly they cut off their first night of lovemaking together. Did anyone see the Fitz love scene in the first season of “Scandal” ? If that was permitted in the ten o’clock hour of a major tv network (same network as “Castle,” btw), then why on earth did they just tease and frustrate the viewers on “Castle”? Sorry, feels more like to me that they are telling about the relationship rather than showing it.

  42. H.Houston says:

    3. — I believe that they needed the compass to actually get them to where they needed to go. I think that Hook was holding out with the bean because he may have wanted that as a possible way to get to Storybrooke if he got screwed over by Cora. And yes they really needed a shower.

    4. — I wonder what Kalinda did to get him to leave… and finding out that it was Jackie that looked up the condoms was absolutely priceless!!

    5. — Actually I understood it when he called her Temperance; it was that moment, we have all had them where the one that we are super close to needs us to SEE and KNOW them as who they are and not who they “pretend” to be – she is always Bones, but when her soul is hurting she is a mother and a woman named Temperance. And I thought the episode was really well done.

    10. — I think the writers are trying hard to keep their relationship interesting and not just “fall into bed” but I think they need to amp up the heat just a smidgen.

    14. — I loved both of their reactions. But as mother of a baby that was born at 26w3d…. I had a hard time watching MY “real life” be part of their ‘drama’.

    16. — Gemma actually – Clay knows he is headed to get his ass whooped but I have about had it with Gemma getting away with murder and NO ONE smacking her down (not beating her the way Clay did – but giving her an honest to goodness ass whoopin – like woman to woman – and have the club back the ass whoopin)

    19. — After all of the comments about how horribly disturbing this episode was – I didn’t actually watch it.

    20. — I feel badly for her. I watched the previews for what is coming up in the back episodes and I hope she does it, but I have a feeling she is going run away and leave him at the alter. And the hugging, well there is hugging and there is ‘hugging’… and I think the were in the latter group

    24. — That Scandal episode was a mess. And the ending broke something I think.

  43. Tater says:

    Really digging the CHUCK “Ring” reference….Man I miss that show. #UnleashTheCasey #VivaLaBuyMoria

  44. Carolyn says:

    Confuscious showed up on Blue Bloods last night too!!! It is everywhere!!

  45. Tracie says:

    12) I’m really enjoying Hart of Dixie this season. I do think that it is better written than last season. And although most times I find the W/Z/G triangle annoying, I keep tuning in and have been excited for most episodes this season. I’m loving the way they are developing the relationship between Zoe and Wade at a very slow pace that for me seems realistic for them and makes me want to keep watching. My main complaint with the W/Z/G triangle is that at times by making Zoe so indecisive she strays too close to being really unlikable. I love the show though so I always try to find reasons for her actions or thoughts. Although I haven’t liked everything she has said or done, I’ve gotten past it. I just wonder how the casual viewer at home sees it. I know my husband found her beyond unlikable in the past episode when usually he never comments on the show although he watches it every week with me.

  46. You Asked....... says:

    2. Getting a little tired of the REVENGE initiative. Ashley is trashly so no surprise.

    4 Glad Kalinda’s ex is gone however in THE GOOD WIFE.

    10. It’s like they are kissing their siblings on CASTLE. Where is the heat?

    20. Juliette is in too much of a rush and any sniff of wrong can be spun politically for NASHVILLE.

    24. It was like they went back in slow mo time for SCANDAL for the newscaster on purpose. Used to rapid fire on this show so that failed. It was a little 1960’s and not in a good way.

  47. Zayna says:

    The revenge and Chuck analogy cracked me and also made me sad. I miss Chuck and the buymore geeks.

  48. Teri says:

    10) Castle is an amazing show. Great writing and acting. I see how the powers that be are bringing the Caskett relationship along slowly now that they are together. Andrew Marlowe has said they will stay together. As long as I know this, I understand how they are proceeding. I do think us fans deserve to see more kissing and more Caskett loving moments because we waited four long years to see anything at all. I don’t think the show needs to be so chaste…please let us see more and soon.

  49. Teri says:

    Please pass all these Castle comments on to Andrew Marlowe.

  50. Sam says:

    I actually like it when he calls her Bones. It didn’t start endearing but their are actually a couple episodes to referred to herself as Bones. And he is the only one who calls her that. Personally I hate her first name. It was sweet to hear him call her that every once in a while but I prefer him to call her Bones or Brennan. She has never called him Seely and I would hate it if she did. I have been an faithful fan from the beginning and I love them as they are now.