Glee Casts English Actor as New Love Interest For Kurt - Is This the End of 'Klaine'?

Oliver Kieran-Jones Glee

Looks like Rachel will be able to pass her Intro to Hotties textbook to roommate Kurt come January.

Glee has cast British actor Oliver Kieran-Jones to play the new head of the glee club at NYADA and a potential love interest for Chris Colfer‘s incoming freshman, Kurt.

The actor’s most noteworthy credit stateside was an arc on Showtime’s Episodes.

VIDEO | Glee First Look: Kurt and Blaine Enjoy Christmas Reunion in New York

Jones’ deal calls for him to recur during Glee‘s current fourth season with an option to become a series regular in Season 5.

The news was first reported by our sister site, Deadline.

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  1. Tori says:

    Ryan Murphy has said that Klaine Wil reunite. He may troll the other fandoms but he doesn’t troll Klainers because Klainers are not rude to him. First video he released on twitter? The box scene. The same scene that Klainers raised over 10 grand to buy the script of. The show is better off without Darren/Blaine? What is the highest selling glee song? Teenage Dream. Who is the most successful out of glee? Darren Criss. Will Ryan honestly kick Darren from glee? Haha no.

    Kaine will get back together. This guy seems like someone Kurt will pull a crazy Rachel/Shue thing with, and I highly doubt that this will last. In any case I hope they do it well like they did Klaine.

    • Ehm says:

      lol in what universe is Darren the most successful Glee cast member? Because he was in a Broadway show for like a week? Never mind people like Lea, Matt, and Jane who all have long, successful careers behind them, or Diana, who was in a feature film, or Chris, who wrote, produced, and starred in a film, then wrote two NYTimes bestsellers?

      I like Darren and all, but he is far from Glee’s most successful, or even Glee’s best actor. And I’m pretty sure the highest selling Glee song is Don’t Stop Belivin’.

  2. its a tv show chillllllll says:

    Im excited that kurt is getting a new love interest, but i want him and Blaine to get together towards the end of the season. And why is everyone so mean? relax , its only a tv show.

  3. Kara says:

    Damn I want Blaine and Kurtz to be an item again . :( they were so cute xxx. Kara-Sue Farnham

  4. Gabriella Montez says:

    He seems really really okl to be playing Kurts new love interest. For me this is a complete down grade. So lets lay the facts straight. Blaine cheated. And as horrible as that may be. Does that me he doesn’t deserve a secord chance? No. People make mistakes. This may have been the worst mistake Blaine could ever make and he has nobody but himself to blame for the situation he’s in and Kurt’s new love interest, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t sincerely sorry. For those of you who believe that high school romances don’t last, then you are the naiive ones. Although the percentage of the couples that last isn’t great, there are those that do. And there have been many couples that have worked through adultery and their relationship is much stronger. Does it make Kurt a masochist if he chooses to get back with Blaine? No! I just means he’s truly and deeply in love with Blaine, recognizes his faults, willing to work on their relationship since they were originally bestfriends, and will to give Blaine a second chance, which I think some people do deserve. To me, the writer’s of Glee definitely screwed up this relationship because the Blaine in season 2 and 3 would never havve cheated on Kurt. Especially when he gave Kurt a piece of his mind when he caught him texting Chandler. Blaine should’ve taken his own advice, but now he has to work 10 times harder to get Kurt back. It’s okay though. I believe they will get back together because there is no way they can’t. Even Kurt’s father has a soft heart for Blaine. So, do you guys think that Burt was stupid for still caring for Blaine considering what he did to Kurt? I would think not. Just like he told Kurt in New York, keep the people important to you close by. No matter what Blaine did to Kurt, Kurt will always have a soft heart for Blaine and will always love him because he is the only one who understood Kurt when no one could. He gave Kurt courage, not to say Kurt didn’t have any before, and before Blaine cheated, he showed Kurt what it’s like to know that he does matter, what it’s like to be loved, and what it’s like to know that people do care about him. So I ship Klaine. They are endgame. This new guy, though old, he is a bit good looking I guess, and can be a good experience for Kurt, but for me, he can never compare to Blaine.

    • poetic says:

      I can see what you mean on all your points but there are three things I’d like to say. First, Blaine has had a history of mistakes before the cheating that you can’t claim he’s had a clean slate since meeting Kurt. Second, it’s not naivety that makes many of us say high school romances last, we all know some do. But you have to realize there are three main couples that Glee has made seem will be endgame and the chances of all three being it is highly unlikely. I only see one couple being endgame and which that is who knows, but what are the chances Klaine will be it? Lastly, are we sure Burt knew what Blaine had done? He knew they broke up but did they ever mention Burt knowing Blaine cheated? If he did know, the possibility of death can also sometimes make you think differently. With the fear of leaving Kurt, Burt might’ve just needed reassurance that Kurt would be looked after from someone, didn’t matter who. For all we know, Burt asked Finn, Carole, Rachel and even Mercedes and Sam the same thing. Blaine might’ve been included because he’s the only male Kurt dated. I didn’t really see too much into it.

  5. Dianna says:

    YES, hopes up this is going to be a great romance. Kurt deserves everything good in life. Heard Oliver’s an impressive actor so I think he could be great with Chris.