Glee Casts English Actor as New Love Interest For Kurt - Is This the End of 'Klaine'?

Oliver Kieran-Jones Glee

Looks like Rachel will be able to pass her Intro to Hotties textbook to roommate Kurt come January.

Glee has cast British actor Oliver Kieran-Jones to play the new head of the glee club at NYADA and a potential love interest for Chris Colfer‘s incoming freshman, Kurt.

The actor’s most noteworthy credit stateside was an arc on Showtime’s Episodes.

VIDEO | Glee First Look: Kurt and Blaine Enjoy Christmas Reunion in New York

Jones’ deal calls for him to recur during Glee‘s current fourth season with an option to become a series regular in Season 5.

The news was first reported by our sister site, Deadline.

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  1. Lily_Girl says:

    I’m OK with someone pursuing Kurt for a change. I hope he plays hard to get. It will be an interesting dynamic for Kurt be to with an older guy. (Papa Burt would not approve!)

    I know Kurt and Blaine will end up together forever, so mid-game guy can be around just for a couple episodes until Kurt realizes Blaine is his forever!

  2. My Anaconda Don't Want None Unless You Got Buns Hon says:

    He’s singing Baby Got Back as his introduction solo. Kurt, what are you thinking?! Well, at least this makes it even clearer that he’s a midgame LI.

    • Amy says:


      Blaine hardly has a good track record with appropriate song choices. Or have you forgotten When I Get You Alone, which he actually intended to be a song for wooing someone (as opposed to Teenage Dream or Baby Got Back, which seem to simply be intro songs, not sung with the intention of being aimed at Kurt)?

  3. Georgette says:

    Very, very happy. He’s hot, it sounds like he can act. I’m just so ready for Kurt to get a new guy. My interest in Glee’s romances has perked up. Never want Klaine ever again.

  4. Manuel says:

    How…Kurt character is more important to Glee than Rachel…see who they casted to Kurt new LI? what I’m learning from Glee? straight and lesbian are week, stupid and losers….Gay they are perfect.

  5. Amanda says:

    I’m glad Kurt’s getting a new love interest, whoever he is. Klaine is such a BORING couple. Plus that means Blaine is free to get someone new himself. Here’s hoping for Blam/Slaine! Now that would be an interesting couple dynamic!

  6. Ryan Murphy says:

    Don’t be such gay lisping queens! It’s a marathon. Not a sprint. Keep the faith. I appreciate your passion. I’m taking note of your comments to write them as meta on my show.

  7. Sara says:

    From all the fine actors the UK has to offer, they go for him? He is absolutely nothing compared to Chris. Djeez, if you’re going to put a pause on Klaine, at least do it with a better looking guy. Also, can these sites stop slapping this possible-regular sticker on every new actor. They did the same with Grant last season and Ryan wasn’t even sure whether or not he was going to return this season.

    • Ian says:

      Not everyone has to be hot to be a good, interesting character.

    • :) says:

      From all the fine actors the US has to offer, they went for Darren Criss? He is absolutely nothing compared to a piece of cardboard.

      • Han says:

        Lol keep spewing your petty, jealous crap. The rest of the world is aware of how amazing Darren Criss is.

        • Ashley says:

          Sure he’s okay if you like over-emoting/tortured orgasm faces while singing.

          • Leslie says:

            That’s how he interprets the words in the song and the feelings that he conveys put more depths and meaning to the message of the song. I guess you’re one of those people who prefer a bland blank face when singing. You’re definitely not an artist. It might be over-emoting to you but it’s deep passion for most.

      • KC says:

        LOL! Snap!

    • Elly says:

      I don’t find him that attractive either, he’s not bad tho, but I care about the most is that he can act. Hope is up because no matter how good or bad the character is Chris Colfer finally get’s someone to respond to him acting wise.

      • Elly says:

        Forgot to write “while being on a relationship”. Lea, Mike and Cory are great but only Lea get’s to be a lot around Kurt.

    • anne says:

      You get all this from one picture? So nice to see that you are so open minded. smh

  8. not here for notpaul says:

    He’s not ugly or anything, but he’s definitely no Blaine!

  9. Becky says:

    I really hope this all works out for Kurt so he can leave the show and we don’t have to be subjected to any more of his obnoxious pity parties.

  10. Ashley says:

    I think Kurt deserves a new guy. Klaine was an unhealthy relationship anyway and I’m glad they’re done. While I wished Kurt was being pursued for once instead of being the pursuer, I can get behind this new guy. Kurt had to grow up pretty quickly because of all the bullying, I can understand that he’d probably connect better with an older guy.

  11. Lily_Girl says:

    This will make the show interesting! Give him a chance, you may like him (we know Kurt will). The fact that’s he older tells me it won’t last anyway.

    Kurt will eventually realize Blaine is his one and only, we just need to get through ‘Adam’ first.

  12. Ehm says:

    Uhm yes please. Older, hot (according to a quick google search), potential British accent… I approve. It’s inevitable that RIB will eventually bring Klaine back together (and I say this as someone who doesn’t really care about Klaine as a couple) but I’m really looking forward to Kurt getting a hot, mature romance in the meantime.

  13. John says:

    This guy just doesn’t compare to Blaine. If the writers have any sense this will fizzle out quickly and Kurt will get back with his soul mate. I don’t believe Kurt would actually fall for a guy who sings Baby Got Back.

  14. PP says:

    I’m happy with the choice.
    From what I read he has an excellent formation (graduated in NYADA from UK lol) and has experience as an actor. I was happy just to know that.
    Furthermore he is HOT, which is what apparently matters to Klainers who commented here.

    The character will not be a teacher, he will be the leader from NYADA Glee (which apparently also has one lol), he will be like Blaine in the Warblers.

  15. Tom says:

    I’m laughing because he looks like a 30-year-old Gordon Ramsay with an already receding hairline. And he’s singing Baby Got Back. I mean, they could just as well put him in a t-shirt saying “Pointless Midgame LI.” I actually feel like I’m being trolled by Ryan Murphy.

    • How classy says:

      Darren Criss is balding and he’s younger than this guy. I wouldn’t use that as an insult for someone else if I were you.

      • KC says:

        Exactly. Blaine looks like Kurt’s creepy uncle who has to cement his hair with gel over his balding spot, so this age-comments by pressed Klainers grasping at straws just make me lol.

      • Tom says:

        Naw. He’s had that patch since like forever. Even when he had his fro. It’s adorable. He’s adorable. Just like Chris. And most of the other people on Glee. This guy, on the other hand – not so much. There is a reason why most people (if we disregard those from certain livejournals) are throwing around stuff like “downgrade” and “obvious midgame”. You can think what you want about Darren Criss, but to claim with a straight face that this Oliver guy is worthy of Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is a disgrace to his fabulousness.

        • KC says:

          And Blaine-I-cheated-and-it’s-your-fault-Anderson is worthy of Kurt’s fabulousness? I really don’t think so.

        • mhm says:

          Nah Darren is definitely balding, they try to fix it up with styling and the gel but it’s getting worse. If you looks at pics from him in NYC at that piano bar a year ago it’s really bad.

        • How classy says:

          Most people aren’t saying that, actually. The only people saying gross things about this guy’s looks are Blaine stans and people who are desperate for Kurt and Blaine to get back together.

  16. KC says:

    Anything but Blaine/Darren is an upgrade, but this looks actually really good!
    I’m all here for that (until the incapable writers inevitably mess it up).

  17. Gross says:

    Where did I put that rats ass I could give. Glee sucks.

  18. Riffs says:

    Everything that´s not Klaine is fine by me…

  19. Ryan says:

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out. :) Will be interesting to see Kurt with someone completely new & the NY side needs more characters. :)

    Hopefully his character is less whiney & pathetic than Blaine and anybody will be an upgrade from Darren Criss and his “acting.”

  20. Kaley says:

    I’m looking forward to this development. Kurt has outgrown his ex for quite some time now, so it will be interesting to see him move on to someone more mature. I hope the writers will be careful and make them a healthy relationship. I really couldn‘t stomach a Klaine 2.0 full of doublestandards and offensive, badly resolved storylines.
    I also really appreciate them chosing someone who apparently has a good training and some experience with respectable projects under his belt instead of just casting someone for his abs (what seems to be the case with a certain other newly added love interest). I’ll always ship Chris Colfer & good acting partners.
    I don’t see why Blaine/Klaine fans would resort to making shallow and snide remarks at age or looks of this new addition to the cast. Pot calling the kettle black, much? It‘s not like Blaine ever was believabe as younger than Kurt, he barely passed as senior when he was introduced in season two. I personally think Darren looks older than his real age and I never found him to be noticably attractive, so this is all personal (or shipper) preference and not really a sound argument. I’m actually hoping this new guy will appeal to a different audience than Blaine/Darren, because we really don‘t need another army of Darren-stans-2.0 in this fandom.

  21. Nina says:

    Now can we have a new love interest for Blaine pleaseeeee??!! I suggest Matt Bomer! Oh, wait. Except Glee would go for incest, I’m so scr3wed. Dang it.

  22. Kitty says:

    You know they make Blaine cheated on Kurt because they know it’s the only thing to keep Blaine stans on a leash right? So they couldn’t argue when Kurt gets a new love interest (this one here). This is what Colfer wants and he always gets what he wants. I personally don’t care about the NY arc and hope that Blaine will go to LA or something with Mercedes, Puck, and maybe Sam later on.

    • ladylilly says:

      No, Blaine cheated because he’s a pathologically needy attention whore. he threw a fit when his brother came to town and took the spotlight, and then when he couldn’t manage 2 more weeks of Kurt not lavishing him with attention, he went and found attention elsewhere. It’s in character. Sorry you’re too wrapped up in fanfic to see it.

      • Kitty says:

        Oh, you mean like Colfer diss out Klaine because Criss stole his spotlight? And what fanfics are you talking about? I need to read that.

        • Anna says:

          Darren Criss can’t steal anything valuable. Not acting range, just teen girls creys and feels (by teens I mean it chronologically and mentally because there’s always the one that comes saying “but I’m 38!”). And the problem is that Blaine’s character has never been anything but eyecandy for his fans. How easy it was to make him younger when they thought he could maintain the show alone. Oh stupid show runners. And btw, Darren Criss also stated that he wanted something different from klaine. But whatever I really hope poor Blaine finds a new li and keeps Darren/Blaine’s stans entertained and farther away from Chris.

        • gw says:

          Maybe Chris “disses” klaine because how the fans treat him like garbage over the years over the smallest bull. He doesn’t have any problems with Darren.

        • KC says:

          Darren Criss doesn’t steal anyones spotlight. He gets it handed to him with a lot of bells and whistles by the writers, who think they can use him as a cash cow to milk his very vocal and entitled stans. Unfortunately he hasn’t done much else since he entered the show but dragging the quality down with his “acting” and his bland, overused voice. Darren the actor couldn’t be farther from the perfectly wellrounded performer the show makes his character Blaine out to be. Which is part of the reason why this character is so fake and inconsistent. Darren’s success is based solely on the enthousiasm of his fans, instead of his own abilities or achievments, and, as he repeatedly stated in interviews, he’s “having a good ride on Chris Colfer‘s coattails”. Way to steal the spotligh, lol. This flop would still be an unknown, touring minor clubs as a singer-songwriter if he hadn’t been chosen as the highly anticipated boyfriend of one of Glee’s most popular characters, backed up with his own band of fawning acapella-groupies. A foolproof setup for instant success for anyone placed in this position. And one of the biggest fails of this show’s casing-department, imho. He’d be of better use as a background character like Tina or Sugar.

          • I'm a gay virgin nerd. says:

            I love love love Darren’s quotes about Golden Globe winning Chris Colfer and riding his coattails. I always get so giddy when I hear them because it’s so true. Darren got famous because Glee needed to cast someone as Kurt’s love interest and his storyline is build almost exclusively around Kurt. I don’t think Darren is a bad actor but he’s not a good one either. He goes to the same chategory with Chord, Cory, Heather, Damian etc. But come one, he is a good singer, you need to give him that.

            I’m so excited to see someone else to play the opposite of Chris!

        • How classy says:

          What spotlight did Darren Criss steal again? You mean the one where Chris won a Golden Globe, was nominated for another Emmy, and had various other accolades AFTER Darren joined the show? Wow, Darren Criss stans have a serious complex.

      • laughing 5ever says:

        god bless u

    • How classy says:

      The only people who would “argue” when someone gets a new love interest are ridiculous, over-invested fans. Breaking up, cheating, those are all things that happen on a TV show. Only Blaine stans think this is some special dirty snowflake for him to get shafted about.

  23. Jenna says:

    The comments are so typical Glee fans. They’re raging and spewing hate and insulting people who they don’t actually know. Ryan will only take your hate and call you out on screen.

  24. Ian says:

    But will this new guy have more chemistry with Chris than Max Adler did. That is the question. Doubt it very much.

  25. laughing 5ever says:


    (lol u guys mad tho stay mad stay rl mad god bless)

  26. poetic says:

    It’s hilarious how Klaine fans are reacting. I love that Kurt is getting someone new because I never thought Blaine was good enough. I knew he’d cheat at some point because let’s face it, Blaine settled for Kurt. Kurt deserves to be pursued, and even if this guy doesn’t do the pursuing he’d be better just because he doesn’t make out with Rachel lol. So I say, yay new guy. No more Blaine for Kurt

  27. gw says:

    This guy is super charming and it appears that he can act and perform in a big way, so I’m looking forward to it. He looks a bit older than mid-20s but he’s cute, so, no problems.

  28. Alex says:

    I have to laugh at the delusion on either side that this guy’s going to be a real threat to Kurt ultimately choosing to being with Blaine. It’s like people have never watched this show before.

    • Kaley says:

      Glee’s endgame-scenarios make the show boring and unattractive for non-shippers. While I’m afraid you could be right and they might ultimately fall back on all their endgame-couples, I hope they’ll break out of this unfortunate habit. Just wipe the slate clean and start something new. This would also make all the other established couples more interesting again, since the storyline developments wouldn’t be quite as predictable anymore.
      Glee also ultimately needs to pair off the better actors in order to keep the show’s quality up. Which is why Hummelberry exists, why Klaine never was a good idea and why Finchel is more likely to be endgame than Brochel.

  29. Leo says:

    Yeeees!!!! Kurt needs to have some fun and be happy with someone that cares for him, Blaine is too busy being the star of the blaine show where only Blaine can shine.

  30. G says:

    Sebastian is interesting AND very hot. The new guy may end up being interesting but he is NOT hot. Sebastian is the hottest gay guy on the show and they didn’t make him a regular. They better not make this new guy a regular.

  31. Debora says:

    Still don’t understand WHY introduce a new character instead of developing an old and beloved character (by part of the fandom anyway) like DAVE…besides, his storyline isn’t finished!

    • Ehm says:

      If you mean getting Dave as Kurt’s new LI, then no thanks. I agree that his storyline isn’t finished, but dnw a former bully getting together with his victim. That’s just all kinds of no.

  32. Ehm says:

    I just watched him in his episode of Midsomer Murders and a few clips of him in Episodes to get a feel for him, and he’s actually all kinds of adorable. Great smile. I approve. I hope they do something good with his character.

  33. Marianne Marks says:

    He does look like NPH. Oh. And what’s wrong with age? My husband is 5 years older than me. Does that make it a sin?

  34. Nia says:

    you know what, forget about me being a klaine shipper – it’s my opinion as a viewer here. why can’t people be single for than than five episodes on glee? why do they assume people can’t be happy if they’re single? it doesn’t matter that I want klaine back – what matters is that I don’t want *this* guy. or brody. or sam, for that matter. I love all of them as *caharcters*, but regardless of whether or not you ship the “core” relationships, it’s glee – we all know they’re gonna end up together, logic or not. RIB can simply not finish a season when finchel/klaine/brittana are not together since that’s just how they *work*, so adding characters as “potential love interests” is simply adding midgame ships because apparently everyone need a significant other to be happy.
    forget about santana, or finn, or blaine – I want the characters to have time to figure themselves out on their own for some time, not always define themselves by a relationship and never know who they are out of it.

  35. Amy says:

    I’m watched some of the things he’s in and, combined with his acting credentials I am all sorts of excited over this! He isn’t conventionally attractive, but I personally like that about him–it’s more of your “average” sort that is ultimately up to personal perspective. I don’t need Kurt’s new love interest to be some ~ultra hot~ alpha gay; that’s how they played up Blaine and look at what happened to Kurt’s romance with him.

    I’m perfectly content with them casting a man who can *act*. He seems funny, charming and talented, and that talent alone makes him more attractive in my eyes than I’ve ever found Blaine.

    Whether he’s midgame or Glee actually decides to break from tradition and (gasp) not make an obvious ~endgame for Kurt, I don’t care. I’ll enjoy Adam and his ridiculous song choice(s) while he lasts. This is what fandom is for, after all.

    (I do find it funny that people call him an “obvious” midgame because of his looks though. I mean…they clearly picked someone with good acting credentials, not just whoever the hell would work. He has legitimate theatre experience with some big names, and he got a degree from a prestigous school. I was surprised, personally–it looks to me like they cast him with intent for him to actually be *good*, not just someone to fill in empty NYC space or to serve as a chair-warmer until Blaine gets there or whatever some people seem to think because he isn’t “hot”. I think some people are putting waaaaay too much stock in his looks and not nearly enough in his acting skill.)

  36. IhateBlaine says:

    I predict that by February everyone will be singing this guy’s praises because he’s a good enough actor to create a character that we care about. Unlike Darren “the human jukebox” Criss. Chris Colfer is probably peeing himself with happiness to be able to work with an actor of Kieran-Jones’ caliber. And all of you saying that this guy looks old. Guess what? He’s probably around the same age as Criss who will be 26 in February and looks it. The idea that baby-faced Colfer is supposed to be the older one in that relationship is creepy and ludicrous.

    • kay says:

      New guye looks much older than Darren. Chris has changed quite a lot from season to season but I never boelieved he looked older than Blaine. I do not care who Kurt ends up with. I just want both Kurt and Blaine for be happy.

  37. IhateBlaine says:

    At any rate. I like the older/younger guy dynamic. Maybe he can teach Kurt a few things if you know what I mean. Anyway, Blaine won’t be lonely. According to another website he has a date with one of the McKinley guys for the Sadie Hawkins dance.

  38. Nancy says:

    I think d writers do what Chris wants,both Kurt and Blaine have shown interest on other guys.So let them date others and decide on what they want.Period.

  39. lsm225 says:

    He Looks like a young Gordon Ramsey

  40. keanna says:

    Damn he is hot can’t wait to see him on the show.

  41. marissa says:

    I’m sorry but I believe that Kurt needs to get back together with Blaine. <3 Klaine :)

  42. Carmen says:

    I like Darren Criss. I think he’s a very talented actor and I’m sorry to see his Blaine (dark and handsome, of mixed background and “different”) as Kurt’s love interest replaced by this new character who looks just like every other guy. I want to go to sleep already. I’m very disappointed by the break up of Klaine and to say that my interest in the show has waned since “the break up” is quite an understatement.

  43. Sue says:

    I’m rooting for Kurt and Blaine to reunite. Let this new guy be a short term mild distraction and that’s all. I hope Kurt eventually sees the light and returns to Blaine – sooner rather than later – not dragged out. They are destined for each other in the long run. And I want Kurt to own up to what he did to lead to the whole break up. All the blame should not be left on Blaine.

    • Amy says:

      lol So Kurt needs to be ~blamed for his boyfriend cheating on him? Please. If Blaine would have pulled on his big boy pants and insisted on a conversation instead of straying at the first sign of distance, nothing would have gone wrong (hey, maybe if the phone wasn’t working he could have flown in like he did *immediately after cheating* or, I don’t know, waited those few extra weeks when they’d had plans to meet already). Kurt had a new life to adjust to and he was just as, if not more alone, in NYC than Blaine had been at McK.

      You people who make cute little excuses for ~precious Blainers need to grow up, just like him. Kurt doesn’t need to “own up” to anything because his actions, while not ideal, did not *cause* Blaine to do anything–Blaine made the choice to cheat all by himself, and the results of those actions are on his head alone.

      Honestly, this is the only fandom I’ve been in with such a huge group blaming the person who was *cheated on* for *being cheated on*. It is gross. Good luck with your delusions.

  44. Melanie says:

    Glad this guy has acting credentials, but I cannot bring myself to care about yet another new character. I liked Joe Hart (teen Jesus — what can I say, I was a big ole’ hippie in high school), but he’s been a nonentity. I loved Dave Karofsky, but he’s been disappeared (after having attempted suicide no less — nice messaging there, Glee). If this character’s a little older, intelligent, strong and patient, then fine, he could be a good match for Kurt. Better than Blaine, anyhow, who has a helluva lot of growing up to do before he’s fit for any kind of serious relationship. Love Klaine as best friends, nothing more.

  45. lb says:

    Unfortunately the endgame couples of this show represent a virginal teenager’s wet dream but I hope they’ll shake things up a bit with this guy.

  46. Dan says:

    Finally! A ship I will hate more than Kurtbastian! As a hardcore Klainer, I don’t understand why couldn’t they have just brought back Chandler or Karofsky for Kurt? Chandler would have made Kurt happy. Dave would have probably been even better and more interesting than Chandler even. Think about it: He has helped Dave through so much, despite the fact that he bullied him, they have great chemistry, and I think that it would have been a great learning experience for both of them, in which Kurt would date Dave for awhile, and Dave would learn what it’s really like to be in a relationship with another guy. However, he will soon start to miss Blaine, even though Dave (sort of) fills the hole in Kurt’s heart. However, Blaine will be dating Sebastian (I’m sorry, but I really Really REALLY REALLY REEEEAAALLLYY want Seblaine to happen! <3). Though Blaine and Sebby will have problems, like Sebastian flirts with other guys and he doesn't like it, then they break up. Kurt dumps Dave, who will then experience the pain of heartbreak, but will stay strong about it. Then maybe Dave can date the new guy, but PLEASE not Kurt please! I will be very sad ;(

  47. J says:

    I don’t understand all these people overlooking Blaine cheating. I mean, how many of us actually forgive someone for cheating?

  48. shoosh says:

    No plz so Blaine will not be the head….

  49. Julie says:

    Klaine shipper or not, it’s obvious that sooner or later, Kurt and Blaine.will get back together, same with Rachel and Finn. It’s obvious by the way that the writers work the relationships that all the “endgame couples” will be, in fact, endgame. Some people are also analyzing the whole cheating thing a bit too much. It’s a t.v show. This is not real life, remember people. Characters on this show have cheated on each other and have gotten back together, you know.

  50. IhateBlaine says:

    I think Blaine and Sebastian would make a great couple. They have so much in common. One night stands, STD’s, hair gell. A match made in heaven.

    • I'm a gay virgin nerd. says:

      Actually, I’m pretty sure that at this point Sebastian would actually be too good for whiny, hypocritical Blaine. I never liked Blaine even in season 2. He can have his family friendly relationship with Seb or be with Eli if he leaves the show.

      But how freaking excited are you about Kurt&Adam? If Adam will be worse than Blaine for Kurt, I’ll actually fly into the sun and burn. Maybe Adam could be an actual rapist unlike Blaine who only sexually assaulted Kurt.

      • poetic says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers that. I’m like you, never really liked Blaine from the beginning and after certain things he really wasn’t someone I liked for Kurt. So kudos to someone else who’s excited about a new guy for Kurt