Fired X Factor Judge Cheryl Cole Sues Producers

cheryl cole blogCheryl Cole never appeared on Season 2 of the American version of The X Factor, but she’s suing the show’s producers for the salary she claims she’s owed.

The British host, who was let go from the Fox singing competition early around the time of its American debut, filed suit against Blue Orbit Productions Friday for more than $2.3 million, our sister site Deadline reports.

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The breach of contract suit says that Cole, a judge on the British version of the reality series who was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger before the Season 1 premiere, had a pay-or-play contract for two seasons — meaning that she’d be compensated even if the show released her from the contract.

She received $1.8 million for the first season and now is seeking her $2 million fee for the second season, plus additional damages to cover items like housing, wardrobe and living allowances.

Cole’s complaint was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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  1. J says:

    So Demi is really the cheapest in that show eh

  2. Bernadine says:

    go her!

  3. jonvit says:

    She was a much, much better judge than any of the actual judges except for Simon. On the UK she was brilliant. I hope she gets her money.

  4. Amanda says:

    She DID critique contestants as he was fired a few days into production. Good for Cheryl. I’m a huge fan of girls aloud and Cheryl may not be my favorite but she could offer great judging. Shame America didn’t get to see much of her.

    • Billy says:

      when she says she never critiqued anyone shes talking about season 2 (the season she’s suing for)…but I agree with you about her staying…Simon made a fool of himself by firing her for being “uncomfortable”…anyone would be uncomfortable in a new country hoping everyone likes you but after awhile you would get over it and he should have waited till the end of the first season to see if she adjusted or not and if she hadn’t then fire her not after two tapings…

  5. John says:

    Take ’em to the bank. You deserve it. Simon royally screwed you over (and himself in the process).

    I wonder what FlopFactor would have been like if Cheryl stayed on? Probably not the ratings train-wreck it is today.

    • dude says:

      You’re saying that The X-Factor would be successful BECAUSE of Cheryl Cole? I like the girl as much as the next guy but what world are you living in? How many Americans would tune into any show because of Cheryl Cole? Most have never heard of her.

      • ben says:

        She was really good as a judge in those two tapings, though. Most people thought so who watched. The judges have been one of the big turn-offs about X factor.

        • GMom says:

          Yep! The judges, circus atmosphere, dancers, jugglers, etc (well, maybe not jugglers, but you get the point). WAY over the top production. I don’t know anything about Carly Rose, but I wouldn’t buy any music of Cassadee’s. Decent voice but not exceptional. I’ll say one thing – I haven’t seen anyone on the X Factor (i havent watched this year, but i watched some last year) who was worth 5 mil! Maybe after a year or two….

    • KC says:

      i gotta agree with ‘dude’. I mean, I love Cheryl Cole, I’m a fan of hers but even she couldn’t have saved the trainwreck that was/is the x factor us.

      In a way, it worked out for her not to have been a part of it – they should have just handled it a lot better (she talks about in her book fyi, it does sound like they kinda just jerked her around. Simon Cowell didn’t even have the balls to fire her himself when he was the one who brought her over in the first place)

      • Jason says:

        Yo’ll never know she might have. A big problem with season one was Nicole Sherzinger (Ironically she’s doing great on the British X Factor)!! If cole had chosen a few better artist and had good chemistry with the other judges it could have turned the show around. American Idol barely had any stars when it became a hit. This putting stars on thinking they will bring ratings even though they are awful at the job (Britney Spears, J-Lo, Tyler) is killing the shows.

  6. Cheryl Burke would have been brilliant on the X-Factor

  7. Luke says:

    Good for her, she deserves the money. It was a mistake to replace her.


  8. Tblond says:

    Who is Cheryl Cole anyway? The X Factor needs to dump Demi Lovato. She is not only a nobody but rude as well. I dont like her.

  9. Stephen says:

    I couldn’t understand two words she said but I hated her replacement.

  10. Ashley says:

    Okay so even though she’s worth about £17.5 million, she’s still claiming a couple million of dollars for doing absolutely nothing?

    • liddad says:

      £2 million is a lot of money for someone who is only worth £17.5 million.
      The average homeowner is probably worth about £150,000 in the UK if you work it out the same way, yet £1000 is still a lot of money to the average person too. £2 mil is a lot of money, even for her.

      • liddad says:

        Sorry, it’s $2million. It’s the US.

      • Ashley says:

        Yeah I mean my problem isn’t the amount of money. Fair enough, she went over to the US during the first season so is compensated for her travel and living etc., but I don’t understand how she seemingly deserves this money for season 2 when she has done nothing for it. It’s also annoying because I’m really not a big fan of Cheryl Cole, but that’s just me

        • Meg says:

          Whether she did the work or not is irrelevant. If she had a pay-or-play contract for 2 seasons she deserves the money because of the contractual obligation. They shouldn’t have given her a 2 season contract stating that if they didn’t want to pay it out.

        • TBH says:

          But she had a CONTRACT which is legally binding. It’s like when you sign a lease. If the lease says you will rent for 1 year, paying x amount of rent and then you want to move out you will still be legally bound by the lease. You can’t just run out, you will still owe the landord money because you signed legally binding paperpwork. She signed a contract and she is not the one who broke it. They would have been better off using her for the two seasons, since her replacement tanked, and this season seems to not be much better.

  11. Tru u says:

    She needs to get over it. Its been two years and you will never make it big in America. Focus on your reunited group now and do your thing over in the U.K.

    • Rudy says:

      You didn’t read the article at all, did you? It’s not about ‘making it big’ here, she doesn’t want back on the show, she wants the money she was promised in the contract. Two very different things.