The X Factor Top 6 Results Recap: Did the Right Acts Get Sent to the Guillotine?

x factor top 6 resultsIt’s never a good sign when the host of a reality competition series kicks off an episode by promising an “agonizing” hour ahead, but hey, Mario Lopez just reads what’s on the teleprompter, okay? If some X Factor production assistant tells him to promise a performance by “the sensational Ke$ha,” then don’t expect him to improvise a more accurate adjective. (Although, while we’re on the subject, “tragic,” “Auto-tuned,” “terrifying” or “possibly unshowered” would’ve been outstanding substitutes.)

But hey…let’s not come down too hard on Mario and Khloe (couple name: KarPezDiem): We’ll have another two weeks to flog them in the public blogosphere. Instead, let’s talk about which four Season 2 acts are advancing to next week’s semifinals. Or rather, which two are not…

The act with the lowest number of votes and automatically headed home…CeCe Frey! What will CeCe miss most about X Factor? “ME!” screamed Demi Lovato. Alrighty then! I’d report on CeCe’s parting comments, but they started out with “I hope I taught everyone at home…” and then I tuned out and started Mad-Libbing possible ways to end the sentence.

* …how to make it look like there’s leopard-shaped mildew exploding on your left temple.
* …how to use an army of backup dancers, seizure-inducing lights, and a “overcoming the odds and tearing down your ‘walls'” backstory to distract from your atonal singing.
* …that I’ll be a force to be reckoned with on Season 1 of Bravo’s Project Facepaint.

And then there were five…

Sent to Safety (in no particular order)
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Tate Stevens

Fifth Harmony: Did not rent or borrow Mariah Carey’s “Any Time You Need a Friend,” but rather, owned it. Even “other girls” Ally and Normani killed their solos.

Diamond White: Shrieked like a car in need of new brakes while (very likely) fighting back tears on “I Hope You Dance.” I vowed to send a strongly worded Tweet to any mentor (other than her own) who voted to oust Fifth Harmony.

Judges’ Votes
Simon: sending home Diamond White
Britney: sending home Fifth Harmony
L.A.: sending home Diamond White
Demi: sending home Diamond White

Correct! And after Fifth Harmony collectively attempted to smother Diamond with their weaves, it was time to reveal…

The Official Leaderboard
4. Fifth Harmony
3. Emblem3
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
1. Tate Stevens

Simon isn’t worried. He still thinks he can win this thing! Let’s hope it’s not with Emblem3.

In other news, Melanie Amaro performed a song that was 43% better than her leadoff single — was that really called “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”? — but was nevertheless pretty forgettable. A $5 million prize, and they couldn’t have shelled out for some better hooks? Come ON! Maybe if Melanie sacrifices her soul on the altar of Sony X headphones — like all the Season 2 contestants were forced to do — Santa will find room on the Hot 100 for her next to Ke$ha’s “C’mon.” Come ON!

What did you think of Top 6 results night? Who is most likely to win the whole enchilada? Sound off in the comments, and for all my X Factor news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Erin says:

    I just don’t get it with Tate. I know he’s getting the country fan vote, but I find his performances to be boring and all exactly the same.

    • Mcgoria says:

      Same here. I can’t recall any of his performances.

    • Lily says:

      I personally find all of Carly’s performances to be the same. Amazing, but the same, even when the songs themselves promise some variety. Different strokes for different folks, I don’t get country but I do get Tate.

      • ben says:

        I agree Lily.

        Actually, I’d go so far as to say that in the final 4, I find all of them to be the ‘same’ each week. That isn’t to say that any of them are not talented. Being the ‘same’ every week is for some reason often called a bad thing on talent competitions, but I see it as a positive; an understanding of your identity.

      • jericho says:

        Agree…just like demi said…i need to hear the upbeat…carly is boring me..tate deserves to win this…

    • MDEP says:

      Agreed. I just do not get it.

    • jaxguy says:

      Maybe Carly and Tate’s performances are the “same,” but like you said at least Carly’s are amazing. I’m afraid Tate’s simply aren’t.

    • kcostell says:

      For me it’s just that Tate’s performances have connected with me, but Carly’s haven’t. Carly’s impressed me, but Tate’s made me care about what he’s singing.

    • Ken says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I have no problem with country fans rallying behind a country singer ordinarily, but there’s absolutely nothing unique about Tate. Carrie Underwood had ridiculous vocal chops, Scotty McCreery had a remarkable if not entirely unique tone. Tate’s voice is unremarkable and immemorable; he’s not even that proficient of a singer, in my opinion.

      • jj says:

        I like country music but I have yet been able to sit through any of Tate’s entire performance. I agree with all that said Tate is boring and unremarkable. He is by no means a bad singer but he is ordinary. Ordinary should not get a 5 million prize.

    • Blow says:


      Tate is a natural with a smooth country voice. He did Garth justice, not many people can do that, I like all types of music, and think he is right there with Carly, different Genre, equally talented and enjoyable.

      • pmcd says:

        Love country music, but Tate is basically a competent country singer that one could find in a local bar. He is certainly no Garth Brooks and that song is so great that a dog could sing it and it would be enjoyable. He seems like a very decent fellow, hobby musician but it is very odd that he might win this competition. Some of the better acts are already gone but I don’t know how he keeps placing above 5th Harmony and it’s just crazy that he’s even in the same competition as Carly. Some of her vocal runs are just out of this world. If that doesn’t move folks then perhaps they should be listening to audio books of moving stories. I mean we are supposed to be talking music and singing … Being amazed intellectually should be a moving experience to most. As far as I know humans still make up most of the TV audience…

        Really, there are only two acts left that can sing and one of them has the lowest number of votes.

        I suppose one shouldn’t take these shows too seriously. The ability to sing and/or be a songwriter doesn’t seem to be of primary importance. I suppose it is pop music and from that perspective Emblem 3 would probably sell the most records. Not surprising, I guess, given that classical music is played in the subways to keep away young people.


    • Ty says:

      I think tate stevens is amazing because, hes in for his family an hes always singing a classic song and kills it!

      • Cynthia says:

        Hate to burst your bubble, but being a nice guy and choosing to sing classics does not make him the worthy winner of a SINGING competition. Have you ever heard Tate execute a vocal run? Nope. Did he hit the high note in the Bon Jovi song? Nope. I think that people who have been musically trained would agree with me on this: Carly is the best vocalist in the competition…hands down.

    • Tim says:

      I’m a country fan, and I think Tate’s a decent country singer. However, I cringed the moment it was announced he would be doing a Garth Brooks song. With his kind of Brooks look and sound, I thought it was too cliche, but the performance itself pointed out how NOT Garth Brooks he is.

    • Alex says:

      Tate is a snooze. His voice is pretty average, and he never brings anything special to the songs. I think he’s a really nice guy, at least he comes across the way, but a singing sensation? No.

  2. Josh says:

    I can see now…The winner of X-Factor selling tens and tens of records!

  3. Margie says:

    So I guess it’s sstill WMWG but now OWMWG.

    • jaxguy says:

      I so hope you are wrong. If Tate wins that’s the final nail in the last coffin of singing shows for me. The Voice=Not even going to complete the season. AI=I stupidly gave it another season to see if America would vote for someone good. Got that one wrong. And the real killer is all the crap that people in the blogosphere whine and cry about all the great singers being so “boring” and so the “same” and singing “crappy” ballads. Yet last year on this very same show they could have voted a GREAT and UNIQUE singer for the title, yet they went with a singer who according to these same people fit the “same old same old” title given to singers who are great technical vocalists. I loved Melanie and I really loved her new song tonight, but Josh K should have won. So stop with the shes an amazing singer but everything sounds the same, everything is a ballad, she needs to sing something more upbeat or young. It’s beginning to look like an average country singer is going to win this thing and although I like him, this shouldn’t even be a contest. She is light years ahead of everyone on this show and that usually is the kiss of death for contestants in these things. As I’ve said for several years America has crappy taste. And I won’t be happy if she doesn’t win, but the only other group that should even be in the conversation is Fifth Harmony. Tate, like I said is kinda average and Emblem 3 SUCK. PERIOD!!!!

      • Jon says:

        Come on, Phil Phillips is a great artist. Have you checked his album out yet? It’s amazing. Apart from that, I agree with you.

      • ben says:

        Yeah, I have to say, I was against a Phil Phil win because he was ‘WGWG’ – and I thought Jessica Sanchez was fantastic. But I have to admit Phil Phil is good.

  4. kavyn says:

    How Emblem 3 was not in the bottom three this week, I will never understand.

    • sammy says:

      Basically, “they gots dicks”

    • Danny says:

      Sanjana 3 has a LOT of talent. I can’t wait for their albums to come out. I’m gonna buy 10 copies of every thing they put out. I hope they do a tour with CeCe. I’ll pay $10,000 for front row seats.

      Uggh. Above was said in sarcasm in case someone thought it might be serious. The reality is if Simon can get a no talent act like this swindled into #1, then he could make twice as much $$ selling used cars.

      I think Tate & Carly should be 1 & 2, in whatever order. I had Lyric145 & Jennel as my 2 favorites when it started. Demi ruined Jennel and Simon for whatever reason let down Lyric145. The girls seem to be an afterthought to him too. He’s drooling over his boy band and everyone else is forgotten.

    • Erin says:

      The thing about Emblem 3 is that they will probably sell the most albums/song downloads of any team left in the competition because young girls are the people who buy albums and concert tickets.

  5. Forwarddad says:

    Well America got it right. Bye CeCe. I am only sorry E3 is still here. I would be happy if Carly or 5Harmony won. Would hate it if E3 wins. Why isn’t Simon spending time on their attitude and appearance? Would not be thrilled if Tate won. Great guy; ok voice.

  6. Timmah says:

    Who’s voting for Emblem3? They are terrible. The other acts are deserving finalists though.

  7. Lily says:

    I am not a country fan in the slightest, but I am voting for Tate… I know enough about the genre to know that he has a chance at really making it. Carly Rose might be worth the $5 million someday, but not today. Best voice does not equal X-Factor.

    It’s exciting to see two groups make it through. It would have been a travesty for Fifth Harmony to be sent home tonight.

    • Mary says:

      I see what you are saying although he has talent, Tate surely does not have the X factor. I not so sure he will make it in country, I personally do not think he stands out, I could be wrong I know that genre is more accepting.

      • Lily says:

        I don’t really see Tate with the “X Factor” either, to be fair, but I don’t see Carly with it either and I think his chances as a mainstream artist are much higher. Like you said, the country genre is definitely more accepting. Carly belongs on Disney or Broadway, not the radio… and thus I believe she can find her success elsewhere and is more likely to than Tate without a win.

        • jaxguy says:

          Country has become the most bland music on the planet for exactly the reason you said; they are more accepting of anything with a twang.

          • Ed says:

            I agree with your take on country music. It has de-evolved from the once-brilliant, gritty genre it used to be. Now, EVERY country song on the radio has the obligatory fiddle, boot-scootin’ bass and guitar licks, and high-tenor harmonies. Even most of the male artists look the same, wear the same clothes, hats, facial hair, and so forth. Yet, people still buy the stuff like crazy.

          • Ted Sutton says:

            Country is the most popular music in America. Look it up.

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Maybe if you count it going by across the largest areal expanse of the US but I don’t think it is if you factor in population density since there are some pretty huge metro areas with tremendous population where I don’t think it is very popular at all (going by what you can find on the local radio stations). I could be wrong though.

            If you count in Taylor Swift, who can get a bit poppish, then perhaps it is a different story, but I don’t think that counts since you never hear any other country singers ever, just her (well the Band Perry had one song get a lot of airplay here actually and I think Carrie Underwood got a little bit of play with one or two of her songs but that is about it).

            I mean looking at country top 10 chart just now counting up from 10: Gary Allan, Jake Owen, Justin Moore, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan…. I think few people in my area would be able to name a single song any of them have ever sung (and I have to confess I haven’t even heard any of those names before but one). I’m sure in other parts of the country that must seem almost unfathomable. So there are big chunks of the population where there is just zero clue what is going on in the country world, total ignorance, but I think that would be much less true for the pop world where I doubt that there are too many areas where people would’ve never even heard of two-third or more of the top acts.

          • Erin says:

            Ted is right about country music, to an extent. I’m a media buyer and specify in radio. There are more country music stations in the country than any other format. That is because there are some VERY small towns where they have only country and news/talk formats. That being said, there are major metropolitan areas that have 50+ radio stations and only 1, maybe 2 is a country station. Recently, Minneapolis added a second country station and it has really struggled to gain a foothold because the interest in country music in major metros is simply not strong enough to support multiple country music stations. It’s small to mid-sized markets where the format prevails.

    • Salut says:

      Carly is probably already worth well north of 500k by now. She has been performing for years on Broadway, actual broadway, in lead roles. She’s a seasoned performer and her parents seem to have stable careers that dont revolve around Carly’s *cough*diamond&beatricesmoms*cough*. Also, Carly has been working for her talent agency this whole time, they wouldnt let her work for free while they see their investment be stolen away. Carly is a carefully selected and planted performer that has probabably been paid more over the course of these live shows than every other contestant combined. And maybe more than Mario Lopez.

      Carly dont need the money now. Good on you for voting for the man that sacrificed so much by fighting for America’s…. oh, wait, he was drywalling. Still. According to some thats a huge sacrifice to have a steady job.

      • Lily says:

        Now tell me something I don’t know :)

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        You do realize that Beatrice’s moms had been well off. You don’t live in that ritzy area and adopt kids with medical problems if you say around being lazy as people keep claiming. In fact on of them even produced the Oprah Winfrey show for crying out loud. But that show ended and then so did what the other one was working on, recently. So my guess is Beatrice was just afraid they might have to move away, at least for a few years and she’d lose all her local friends or something. But she was not from same lazy family where the parents sat around magically hoping they’d have a kid who would one day support them, come on.

      • njm says:

        This post is humorous, but it doesn’t make sense that Carly’s “agency” would want her to be signed to a binding contract on the off chance that she won the competition. Seeing as how that’s exactly what would happen as a stipulation of the contract the contestants sign….it is possible she’s not a plant, just an uber-talented teen with pre-existing experience.

        I don’t really get the knock on Carly’s past. Beatrice, yes the hallowed-but-not-good-enough Beatrice had as much past work on her resume as Carly.

        • ThatBob says:

          Seriously: what makes you think Carly’s management signed the standard contract and didn’t negotiate a better one?

        • RyeNeckGirl says:

          Professionally, Beatrice is a voice actress, not a singer. She dubs movie characters. Carly is the professional singer here. Plant or not, she has an advantage over many others and that’s why she sounds better. Last time I checked, being able to sing was still a requirement on Broadway.

      • Ted Sutton says:

        Where are you getting your information on how much Carly has earned? I can assure you she is not getting paid more than Mario Lopez.

      • Ted Sutton says:

        Talent doesn’t work for the talent agency. The talent agency gets the talent work. The talent pays the agent a commission, so your comment that Carly has “been working for her talent agency this whole time” shows not much more than an ignorance of the way the business actually works.

        Talent doesn’t work for the talent agency. The talent agency works for the talent.

      • Cynthia says:

        I can’t beleve you are going to choose the winner of a SINGING competition based on who is poorer…absolutely ridiculous. Why bother hearing them sing? Let’s just check all their tax forms and give the prize to the poorest guy *insert sarcasm*.

    • jaxguy says:

      Modern country is so bad that all you have to do is stand on stage, be an average singer, sing average material and sell millions of records. So you are probably right but that doesn’t mean it’s good. Sorry.

    • lprd says:

      Ce¢e was the last viable x-factor. As Ke$ha’s performance confirmed, it’s not vocal acrobatics that define success. Now it’s down to WGWG because people like him and his vocals don’t hurt your ears. Demi had the strongest contestants in the beginning, but destroyed them by putting them in over the top productions before concentrating on their execution.

    • Cynthia says:

      Do I have to remind you that this is a singing competition? The one with the best voice wins…period.

  8. missnisha6849 says:

    Tate Stevens has first place on lock! The real question is which of Simon’s groups will take third place. LA will have the last laugh over Simon, after having been given a category that originally made him abuse an old-fashioned land line in rage. (Carly Rose COULD pull a first-place upset, but second place for her is no shame. At all.)

    • njm says:

      You aren’t looking at the long game. Carly’s fan base is likely to grow as other acts decline. Surely she will assimilate some of the votes that used to go to Diamond. Tate won’t pick up many of the displaced votes from here on out. If you ask me, Tate’s got nowhere in the voting to go but down.

      • teatime says:

        It could be that Carly split some votes with Diamond and Fifth Harmony who were in more danger, while Tate picked up many of Vino’s votes. This is the first week I considered voting for Carly. I gave all my vote to Fifth Harmony instead since they needed them more. When it comes down to it I guess I don’t care too much who wins this. Of who is left, I most want Fifth Harmony to win. I think they are all talented and I would expect them to be able to put out a good album.

  9. Salut says:

    Funny how they didnt want Melanie to interact with Simon and LA Reid. Not very polite considering how much work they both put into purging her of that fake accent.
    Now that she has had her mandatory re-appearance, I dont think they’ll ever get around to releasing her album. Its obvious that people dont care about her music in meaningful numbers. They really failed to transform her into a Leona Lewis clone.

    I hope she can get out of her Syco contract soon and move onto her true calling of performing gospel and religious music. Its clearly where she should and wants to be. That pablum dance number isnt befitting anyone. Her most recent single makes reference to an answering machine, technology nobody in her targeted demographic owns anymore, which should tell you how deep they dug into the label’s catalogue of pre-written generic pop that could be had for cheap. They had to blow dust off those master tapes!

    • Rose says:

      THIS. I knew when Chris, Josh, and Melanie were left that none of them were truly viable mainstream artists. Josh could have paid off the most with alternative success, but no, Simon prefers big diva voices like Melanie, Carly and the like.

    • jaxguy says:

      I liked her song.

  10. Mary says:

    I am not surprise or disappointed on who left, but I wished emblem 3 was in the sing off not 5th harmony. Cece should of been gone way before now, but diamond has more talent, although I do think she is too young, than the three stooges. Come on America do the right thing and knock e3 out. Won’t happen but a girl can dream.

  11. John says:

    Don’t get your comments about Ke$ha, she can sing live better than the majority of mainstream artists today, her record rocks (it has a 74/100 rating on metacritic) and her performance was amazing.

    • Marianne says:

      HAh! She wasn’t even moving her lips on a turn with the microphone. “Singing live”??

      • John says:

        I think you’ll find she was. You could hear raw vocals over the backing track. Thanks for playing :~)

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          I’m not hating on her since she does have a few catchy tunes, but seriously she really did not seem to be singing all of that live tonight. How can you toss the mic 4′ away form your mouth and not have the volume or tone or anything change even a trace and once I swear her main voice was going but her lips closed (not talking about her own vocals on a backing track part). Maybe I’m mistake but at first glance that is what it looked like.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      But I could swear that one time she accidentally chucked the mic way away from her mouth while she was still supposed to be signing and her voice went on without even a hint of lower volume….

      • John says:

        If you’ve heard the album version of the song, you know she was singing live. She always performs with a backing track for her shout-over parts.

        • Salut says:

          Some of us dont want to have to lower our expectations as far as you’ve had to lower yours in order to enjoy KEI$HA’s music.

          She is only where she is because her label exec mother installed her there. She’s not an artist. Shes not a singer. She is crap that attracts people without the taste to know better. Sorry John, but what you expect to hear after defending a poorly done lip sync of an already dull song?

          • John says:

            I’ve never eyerolled harder at any other comment on TVLine. Well done, Salut.

          • ginaM says:

            Agreed. Several hours later I can’t even remember what she sang earlier. I guess I’m old school…but a true artist can stand in front of a mic with no backing tracks. no dancers, and just sing a song.

          • gregk says:

            Forgettable trashy music, and not exactly a model act for little girls.

        • Ted Sutton says:

          All singers use a backing track when performing live, especially when singing and dancing at the same time. That is how Britney Spears has always done it.

  12. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    “Diamond White: Shrieked like a car in need of new brakes” – I think you need new speakers or headphones or something. There was nothing shrieking or harsh unless maybe you were listening on some crappy treble harsh speakers/phones (which are sadly common enough).

    • Mary says:

      Maybe he needs Simon Sony headphones to have clear sound.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      I can understand if the style just wasn’t for him or he thought she did too much or this or that, but harsh shrieking has me puzzled.

    • Alienate says:

      I have 7 channel surround, and I was surrounded by shrieks.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        I’m going to have to go back and listen to it again and on some other equipment too. I just did not hear any nasty piercing shrieks at all. And it really can be equipment, all you need is something that has a bad tight band resonance that interacts with part of someone’s voice when it does certain things. Heck my main speakers even measure very, very flat and yet on a few classical music recordings there a few parts where a flute or violin comes in and it sounds a bit shrieky and not like anything you’d ever hear live but on most other equipment it loses 95% of the shriek. Listen to it on A it sounds OK, on B it sounds a bit shrieky for sure.

        And a lot of HT speakers are realllly bright which makes them more likely to get shrieky or piercing on certain material, lots of them have the tons of semi-deep bass and then pumped up highs to make them sound detailed.

        Or maybe there really was some bit of shriek and my headphpnes had a whole there. I’ll try it on a few different things, but all I can say is with Benchmark DAC 1 PRE (just about the best reviewed headphone/amp out there) + Senn HD600 (generally considered to be pretty pure and flat, although it is true they might a trace overdamp a few frequencies).

        But the talk about squealing breaks makes me think it more something about her voice on that interacted badly with some equipment perhaps. Or maybe some of us mean different things by shrieky, which is also possible.



    • Adam says:

      Who is the “Plant”?


        Carly. Why? Google THEN YOU’LL KNOW

        • njm says:

          Because Google never lies! Except Google searches told me to vote for both sides in the last election…huh.

          Carly is not a plant. She didn’t break any rules and she had virtually no fan base. Beatrice had past experience, no one cried foul. Carly is just suffering from the syndrome known as being “in a different league” talent-wise.

        • Ted Sutton says:

          Carly is not a “plant” The other little girl Beatrice, who was voted off a couple of weeks ago, she had as much professional experience as Carly. Was she a “plant” too? Lots of people who audition for these shows have professional experience. Ever seen The Voice?

        • Ted Sutton says:

          Google Beatrice. Then you will know she had just as much professional experience as Carly. You people don’t know what you are talking about. You’re watching too much late night HBO.
          Everything is a conspiracy! Ya, right.

          • RyeNeckGirl says:

            Beatrice dubs movie characters. She doesn’t have as much professional experience singing as Carly, who has performed on Broadway in lead roles. I bet Carly at her tender age has taken more voice/music lessons than anybody else on the show. No wonder she sounds “better” or “more polished”. You don’t end up on Broadway if you can’t sing. Duh!

  14. greysfan says:

    America got 1/2 of it right. Emblem 3 should have been in the bottom instead of Fifth Harmony but at least they came and showed why they should win this thing. It would be a more of a benefit for them to win then any other act in this competition. Carly will get a record deal regardless and i feel Tate will too. I really couldn’t give a toss about Emblem 3. They are not a good boy band at all compared to others around the world this year including The Collective on the Australian version of the show and Union J on the UK version, Emblem 3 are amateurs compared to them.

  15. Rachel says:

    I would have sent Emblem3 home over Diamond. Fifth Harmony are definitely better than Emblem3. Also how is Tate getting those votes? I don’t feel like he’d be that huge after the x factor.

  16. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    WTH?! How the hell can Tate get #1 after a mediocre week and Carly had perhaps her best week?? And with so few left so much for country vote getting washed out. I see a disaster impending. Good grief.

    • jaxguy says:

      Carly has been great but I think last night was her best and I felt Tate had his worst BY FAR yet he moved back to one. I see another Scotty McCreery on the horizon. And those “plant” rumors are absolutely ridiculous. Many contestants on these shows have had previous careers and even record contracts.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      all the contestants except Tate are teens splitting the teen vote leaving Tate to stand out by himself as a sexy, mature country singer who can sing in tune and draw non-teens and country fans to vote for him…maybe with CeCe and Diamond and Paige recently gone their votes will go towards Harmony 5 and Carly Rose…or maybe everyone (except Emblem 3) should do something country next week to compete with Tate (8<D

      • jaxguy says:

        I’m not a teen and I like Tate the contestant but I find him to be just like all the other male country singers out there, kinda interchangeable. Nothing special for me.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          I wasn’t commenting on his singing but more about how everyone except him are in the teen pool competing for the teen pool votes, leaving Tate in a whole different category without having to share votes with anyone similar to himself…as the teen acts dwindle I would expect a frontrunner from those acts to start surging ahead and to attract more votes from their fallen competitors fan bases

  17. Rachel says:

    I see it now. Emblem3 and 5 harmony will be in the bottom next week and Emblem3 will go home. But they’ll still get signed and become the new teen angst band.

  18. JT says:

    “Fifth Harmony collectively attempted to smother Diamond with their weaves”


  19. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Now I am also VERY suspicious that Carly’s line was busy for over 15 minutes straight last night right after the show, especially since in my area that has never happened for any contestant ever, the lines never, ever clog up for more than 10-15 seconds for anyone ever, people just don’t vote that much where I am from and they never clog up the regional lines so how the heck were they clogged for 15+ minutes last night only for her to not get #1 spot easily??

    Seems like they wanted to manufacture drama to not have her #1 for another week and gave her too few lines or played some other dirty tricks just to keep suspense up??? Or maybe it was to scare her fans to insure she wins over Tate next week??

    Or is the country voting block really that THAT unstoppable even for this show now too?? I know on AI they did say the other year that those parts of the country toss in unbelievable numbers of votes and vote multiple times much more too.

    • John says:

      Cece’s and Diamond’s lines got frozen earlier than the other contestants, so I think there is some foul play going on to ensure the person who gets the contract is marketable.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        For kicks I tossed CeCe a vote but it malfuntioned and then I tried again and it sounded garbled when it read who you voted for and I couldn’t even make it out so I dialed in a few more times to see what was up and it worked but it was actually busy once too which seemed surprising.

        But how on earth could Carly’s line be busy busy not working for almost the first 20 crucial minutes of voting in my area, when again, nobody EVER on any show EVER has a line clogged up. I am just not in a region where that happens. If it does happen legit then it would imply she was getting insane numbers of votes and should have been #1 by a mile I’d think.

        I don’t know. Maybe the country crowd is voting en masse but I still don’t understand what was up with Carly’s line not working for almost all of the critical 20 first minutes.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          To be fair the HD600 can pehaps SLIGHTLY overtame things but they do a pretty job of providing a pretty natural balance. Comparing instruments recorded super flat on very good equipment and then played back on various headphones the HD600 matched better to then comparing back to the real instruments again than most, although perhaps just a trace over tamed at times.

          If I’m listening on something with a very slight over taming or harshness and you are listening on something that moderately exaggerates any harshness that could perhaps explain it.

          • Salut says:

            I respect you for revisiting the issue, but we arent talking about subtle variances in timbre. She was at a near-shreik on most of her notes.

            Nice headphones though. Well done on the Senns. I’d own the 600’s but simply cant afford it.

    • gregk says:

      Does sound suspicious but this has happened for my wife several times here (once when she tried to vote for Tate) and on AI when she uses a land line, although not to me when I use my cell phone at the same time as she tries to get through.

  20. teatime says:

    I’m a bit shocked Tate is back in first place. I thought this week was Carly’s best week since her audition. She showed she could sing something and not sound broadway. I did not think Tate did a particularly good job this week. I would have expected Tate’s country votes to level off by now.

  21. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    After DW sang like that for her life and after this week it does seem wayyy wrong that she goes home and E3 or Tate stays. Not that it was unexpected since that is how voting goes on these shows.

    But she is young so she has plenty of time to make it and she very well may. In some ways she might have more trouble pulling off a big contracts now than in even just a couple years since it is tough to sell when you are sub-HS. So it might almost be better.

    (judging by Michael’s comments I wonder if DW sounds bad on cheap (or expensive but ‘hot’ speakers as some even very expensive ones are too) speakers though. He made it sound like her tone was painful, piercing, shrieking but on my super-tuned equipment there was nothing harsh or shrieky at all what she did tonight….)

    • Salut says:

      No, i think you just have fcked up ears dude. Diamond was unpleasant to listen to. And if you want to inspect my audio toolchain: OTA WKBW Fox -> Hauppage 950Q -> WinTV7/AC3Filter – Asus Xonar DG – AudioTechnica ATH-M50

      Care to fabricate a new excuse?

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        “Getting to the sound first, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 could well be the bargain of the century based on price and performance. The sound is high fidelity, no question. [BUT] The highs may sound a bit sharp or edgy on some material – my worst-case track for sibilants….”

        “You must like the “V” shaped EQ that the M50 and DT 770 share. The problem with both of them is recessed mids.”

        “good bass, clear, but slightly recessed mids, a little bright in the highs,”

        I’ve never listened to those myself and ears differ in shape so not everyone hears the same things from the same headphones anyway but it sounds like they might be the sort that could push someone over the edge from sounding OK to a bit sibilant and harsh perhaps on certain types of high notes maybe??

        They are pretty low impedance so they might be hard to drive although they do have a flat impedance vs frequency response.

        I was using a Benchmark DAC 1 Pre to Sennheiser HD600.

        Anyway I guess we will just have to disagree whether due to our equipment or our ears or both.
        Again I wasn’t saying you had to like what she did, but to make it sound like it was painfully tire squeals wasn’t what I heard (and I do find subway squeals and tire squeals harsh sounding).

  22. Frank says:

    Still a big fan of Emblem3. Don’t get the hate or the douche comments. Oh, and I’m not a little teenage girl voting for looks either, so… IDK.

    I’m cool with being in the minority.

    • Salut says:

      You dont get how speaking in bro-slang, shirtless flexing, shallow ego-statements, insulting other contestants, insulting other acts then shamlessly singing a song by ‘The Monkees’ dosent lead people to conclude they are douchebags?

      I hate to break it to you, but you were born without a functioning douchebag detector. Whatever gender you may be. See a doctor.

      • Frank says:

        Can you name the times that they insulted other contestants? I will give you the bro talk (totally normal to me) and flexing (big woop) but…please, when did they insult any other act in the competition?

      • Jihnny Werf says:

        Salut… You, sir, are a jackass. Frank wasn’t obnoxious at all, and you totally were.

    • Lara says:

      I personally like them too, I just think that they are not being mentored well by Simon. I thought sunset blvd was amazing and those types of songs could really do well on the charts. However, I think that their unique factor isn’t showcased well when they are not singing original songs.

      • jaxguy says:

        Sorry folks they are simply HORRIBLE. Last night they were way more HORRIBLE than usual. I don’t blame Simon. It doesn’t matter what production, clothing or material they are given they would still be horrible. The only criticism I have of Simon is his constant praise of them. But hasn’t everyone realized yet that that’s what the mentors do? They love their contestant no matter what poop they spew from their mouths. They make me miss Vino.

  23. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Ugh E3 and Tate safe over either DW or 5th…. not good. Not good at all. At least Carly is safe. (but how the heck could she be #2 this week and what happened to her voting line? why did it not work for 20 minutes!?) If she had gone home now then the show would’ve jumped over a Great White, a Whale, a Basking, A Thresher, A Black-tipped and a Bull Shark.

    (although you can certainly make a legit argument that it was time for CeCe to go, I still woulda rather had her over E3 who brings back bad memories of boy band takeover in the mid 90s and Tate who is plain as plain can be)

  24. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Getting a nasty feeling that 5th and Carly’s line will be mysteriously busy all night long next Wed and we get a E3 and Tate finale so Simon can maintain the huge country crowd ratings and the young crowd ratings that advertisers love and perhaps have the easiest two to market left…. I had thought Carly had it in the bag but I almost wonder now, maybe she doesn’t even make the finale????

  25. Aria says:

    Wow- with the exception of Vino- every elimination was 100% predictable thanks to the ranking reveals each week, and even Vino wasn’t a shock because he was awful the week he left. Carly Rose and Tate are clearly unstoppable and will be the last two standing. The producers have at this point accomplished what they wanted by having two of the groups in the Final Four, in order to show the viability and relevance of the category, but neither has any chance to win. The Top 3 are allegedly so close, yet no new has cracked the Top 2. I doubt Tate will pick up new fans from this point on (he probably got Vino’s fans, which is why he hit #1 this week), but everyone else is young and will probably vote Carly. They keep saying that the Top 3 are close, which means Fifth Harmony is definitely gone next week. Emblem3 will go in third, Tate will be the runner-up, and Carly is the winner, as we all figured out weeks and weeks ago.
    The end.

    • RyeNeckGirl says:

      I actually don’t know any teenagers who vote for Carly. They can’t relate to the type of songs she sings and her personality. Maybe some will, but I bet most of Carly’s votes come from older women who also worship Jackie Evancho. Both Beatrice and Diamond were more relevant to their age group.

      • Lydia says:

        YouTube any of her performances and look at the quality of the comments- if those aren’t teenage girls, then America is going down the tubes…

  26. terri says:

    Glad that CeCe went home .. I haven’t like her from the beginning ..emb 3 i really dont think is that good either .. I did like diamond .. i know she was young but the girl could sing. I like country music and tate steven can sing but he does not have anything that special .. I like Carey the best .. that girl can really sing .. I think she should win young or not .. she has really got something special

  27. Joy says:

    I’ve been calling a Tate win since the beginning…not because he’s the best singer/performer, because frankly he’s average on both counts…but because it tells the best story. LA hates getting the over 25’s, throws a hissy fit and lo and behold…an over 25 wins! Just like the story told last year of the girl who was passed over, miraculously brought back and tada!!! she ends up winning the whole thing!

  28. Guitar Blue says:

    Tate is a good Country singer, but to compete for sales markets with the main stars in the Country field is a huge task. Even CMT’s Next Superstar Country singer top level contestants — had a tough time getting more than opening acts or add-on’s to the major artist shows, and didn’t sell significant numbers in records.

    If someone is an investor or Record Label putting-out big $ into the future development of an artist – they would be far more prone to invest in Carly, since she is young and has a wide-open future. Britney’s fan base will now unite behind Carly, now that Diamond is gone.

    Carly Rose will most likely be the winner, even though Tate was first this week.

    • RyeNeckGirl says:

      I don’t think Diamond’s fans will now vote for Carly. Diamond’s style is too different and I could see her age group voting for her. Carly appeals more to older demographics (just like Jackie Evancho). She sings songs that are too old for her age group and even turns Beyonce and Bieber into the same old number that she offers very week. I can see Diamond’s votes go to Fifth Harmony, though. Also, many people just lose interest in voting after their favorite contestant is eliminated.

  29. dj says:

    Ok with the results tonight. I think Emblem3 should go home next. I will be ok with any of the other three acts winning. Overall, I have been unimpressed with X-Factor, especially when compared with The Voice this season. I wonder if there will be a third season.

    Have to agree about Kei$ha.

  30. Lydia says:

    Tate isn’t doing well because he’s amazing – he’s doing well because he’s the only country option.

  31. teatime says:

    If the finale is Carly and Fifth Harmony, that could be really interesting. If the finale is Tate and Emblem 3 I will not even bother watching.

  32. teatime says:

    If Tate wins this then next year they should make sure they have several country contestants so at least there will be competition among them. In fact, next year they could split up the teams based on genre. Have a country team, a pop team, a rock team, etc.

  33. Jihnny Werf says:

    We are about to have plants winning both the Voice and X Factor…

  34. Timmah says:

    Please let anyone but E3 win. I seriously cannot stand those no-talent assclowns.

  35. Missy says:

    So many people don’t understand why Simon is so obsessed with his “boy band” this season… Two words… One Direction … Simon put those boys together on the UK X Factor and he is hoping for a repeat performance. I personally an not watching the show because none of the contestants are interesting to me, but just thought I’d point that out.

    • jaxguy says:

      Yeah but One Direction aren’t that bad. I won’t buy their records but they are ok and somewhat talented. Emblem3? Vomit.

  36. bbl says:

    I actually thought CeCe was going to go farther, and I never ruled out her winning, simply because it might make a good story. Simon kept calling her a “trier”, and I could almost imagine her as the underdog in the finals, like Rocky vs. Creed or Philip vs. Jessica. She was actually a decent performer when she had confidence and was doing the songs she seemed to like, but most of her songs didn’t allow her to focus on that strength. That, and her off-stage attitude was her downfall. People can really rally around determination, but not if it comes with arrogance. If she had more performance-oriented songs and carried herself with *genuine* humility, the fact that she couldn’t carry a tune to save her life would have helped her.

    Anyway, I appreciate good vocals, so I’m glad Carly is still in it. I’m just trying to imagine what kind of music she could release that I’d be interested in buying.

    • Timmah says:

      Indeed, that’s the problem with Carly Rose, how do you market her? I think she’ll end up being another Melanie Amaro.

      • bbl says:

        Well I think Miley Cyrus was about Carly’s age when she was on that Disney show, and she sang on a few soundtracks. Carly is a better singer of course, but she’s just so young, and I personally can’t get excited about teeny-bop music, maybe the young ones can?

        I just keep thinking those girls in 5th Harmony have got to be pissed beyond belief that their forced into a group that has no chance of winning, when individually any one of them could make a strong run for the title.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        The Bieber song hinted she could be marketed soon, although then again, I do think it is hard to market to the top 40 pre-HS. Maybe she could put out a pseduo Evancho/Boyle-ish sort of aimed album and then in a year when she is in HS start going more for one that would need some younger buyers in the mix to sell?
        JoJo did do it at a crazy young age, so it can be done and you can get sales to HS/college kids at that age, but it’s hard to recall anyone else who managed it quite that young and they also packaged her sort of like she was already in HS and it might be a trickier fit to manage that for Carly so maybe she can just put out something that doesn’t require tons of HS/college/etc.-age people buying it first and then they can go for that in a year or two? Also maybe she could manage to squeak by sooner and they could manage to sell her to all ages including youngish to start going by the Bieber song and hoping if JoJo pulled it off in one fashion that she can too in her own? Who knows.

  37. Chris says:

    I said from the beginning I didn’t understand why Paige and CeCe were in the competition. I am not surprised CeCe went home but truly believe it should have been a long time ago. Beatrice had she had a better coach/mentor, should still be in this thing…

    I also think it was Diamond’s time to go. She is so young and if she sticks with this dream no doubt she will make it a successful career. How do musicians draw the line of success these days though – everyone wants to be at the top or they are considered a failure. Perhaps as she gets into her later teen years and early twenties she’ll figure out what that success should be, and provide us with her talented vocal and smiling face again. She was too cute.

    I’m not a fan of groups but it’s hard to deny that Fifth Harmony does have some strong vocalist – but they lack consistency in providing harmony. I can’t say that I disagree with Demi that some of them should pursue a solo career – which at some point I’m sure they will. Give us another Beyonce…

    I’ve not been keen of Ensemble Three either (not a fan of groups) – but can see why they’d be a success with youngsters. I don’t see much talent honestly.

    Carly is extremely gifted but (it’s her age no doubt) I don’t connect with her at all. She is too technical with little emoting efforts – and those shown seem forced or rather acted out. She is a little dynamo though.

    Like him or not, Tate really is the whole country music scene package. He shows emotion and feeling behind his performances. Don’t underestimate the country vote – or his ability to show the world he could hold his own with say the likes of Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw – “pop” country.

    • Walbert says:

      You can’t blame Fifth Harmony’s lack of harmonies on the girls – the producers pick the songs, and there is only so much you can do with some of the songs they pick. When they are able to harmonize, they do; Simon and company just need to pick songs that allow them to do so.

  38. Crystal says:

    So glad CeCe is finally gone. It drove me crazy that she even made it to the live show. But hey if she keeps that “psych out the weak” mentally, that she had in the beginning, and focuses more on the visual rather than the vocal, she could be the next Ke$ha. Or Nicki Minaj or any of those other ridiculous artist that sounds awful when they actually sing live.

  39. RD says:

    Wow.CeCe Frey the next Ke$ha… great is that???

  40. TiaGata says:

    I just watched my recording of X Factor and I am offended that Michael would write that diamond white was shrieking like a car that needed oil in his review because she sounded fine in my opinion fifth harmony sounded a little off thank you very much

  41. katrina s. says:

    Tate had 1 good performance and Carly had 2 very good ones..I think the show is mixing it up so that the audience doesnt think its so predictable with the winner. Its obviously going to be Carly Rose but to keep the viewers watching they are going to play this back and fourth game.

  42. yaya says:

    This is about voice and who really caught america’s attention NOT ABOUT WHO NEEDS THE MONEY PPL!!!!!!!! I like Tate but really he is BORING! i always have to fast forward his songs i just get sleepy! In the other hand i’m always excited about what Carly is bringing every night because she make every song her own rendition and when you do that all the time is just mean you have THE X FACTOR!

  43. teatime says:

    It does not seem to bode well for contestants when they sing a Bieber song. Carly and Dez come to mind from recent weeks. Maybe Bieber fans drop their support at least for the week.
    I don’t think it matters much that Carly is pre- High School. With the timeline XFactor uses she’ll be in High School by the time she has any music out anyway. If Carly belts out a Whitney song in the next 2 weeks she’ll probably lose this thing. No one in the younger age groups is inspired by that. If she does win this I hope she puts out an album of current songs and not old standards. She showed this past week that she can sing current songs well.

  44. Aaron says:

    The X Factor wants the “whole package.” I’d say the four main tenets of that are: 1) vocal ability, 2) emotion/believability, 3) look/marketability, and 4) genre/style.

    If I were to rate each contestant on a 1(worst)-10(best) scale for each:

    Vocal Ability: 6 (we all heard him struggle in the Bon Jovi song, and his range is okay)
    Emotion: 9 (if he connects with the song, the audience feels it)
    Marketability: 4 (kind of boring, not especially unique)
    Genre: 10 (he knows exactly who he is)
    Average: 7.25

    Vocal Ability: 9 (three brilliant vocalists, two great vocalists)
    Emotion: 7 (I usually buy what they’re selling)
    Marketability: 9 (they have wide appeal, and there’s no one quite like them in music today)
    Genre: 5 (they’re definitely pop, but they don’t quite have a solid identity at this point)
    Average: 7.5

    Vocal Ability: 3 (they have a unique sound, but as SINGERS, they’re not great – I actually think Keaton is the underrated one of the three)
    Emotion: 7 (sometimes they have it, sometimes they don’t . . . not really their “thing”)
    Marketability: 10 (it is clearly their marketability and uniqueness, not their voices, that have Simon raving . . . they’re kind of [but not exactly] like the band Yellowcard, but they do write their own music and have a different kind of sound)
    Genre: 9 (they’ve sort of got their own genre, so high scores here)
    Average: 7.25

    Vocal Ability: 10 (best singer in this competition . . . period)
    Emotion: 6 (it’s probably not her fault, but she’s been given a lot of songs that are way to mature for her and she can’t possibly connect to them)
    Marketability: 7 (tough call . . . who is she being marketed to? . . . she showed potential to make music this week for young people)
    Genre: 7 (same as the above)
    Average 7.5

    Overall, this is a pretty evenly matched group – I just wish there was more suspense, rather than it just being the Carly Rose & Tate show, as all four acts have potential for success.

  45. jd says:

    Mostly agree except …..
    Marketability: 4 (kind of boring, not especially unique)
    I’d give him a 6 because he’s in a highly marketable genre filled with not especially unique acts. His success would / will depend on material.

    Vocal Ability: 9 (three brilliant vocalists, two great vocalists)
    Have to knock off at least one point here. While they are all pretty good, getting their voices in is still an obstacle rather than an advantage.
    Marketability: 9 (they have wide appeal, and there’s no one quite like them in music today)
    Without an identity they’re only marketable as a curiosity factor.

    Overall pretty much on point

    • Aaron says:

      I based “Marketability” on uniqueness and “Genre” on identity, so that might explain a few of the above ratings (i.e. the Tate and Fifth Harmony “Marketability” points).

      I might agree about Fifth Harmony’s voices getting in the way as a group, but based on pure vocal ability, they’re pretty top-notch. I think that Ally and Normani have become the weak links of the five. Dinah has gotten much better since the beginning, and Lauren and Camilla have been consistently amazing.