CBS Midseason Scoop: Rules of Engagement Returns, CSI: NY Wraps, Golden Boy Bows

blog_cbs_mashup_12.6.12CBS is the final broadcaster to unveil its midseason game plan, and highlights include the return of Rules of Engagement, a special Tuesday launch for the new cop drama Golden Boy and a February finale for CSI: NY.

As expected, ultimate Eye utility player Rules — which is entering its seventh (!!!) season — will replace the cancelled comedy Partners on Mondays-at-8:30 pm beginning Feb. 4.

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Greg Berlanti and Nicholas Wootton’s Golden Boy, which centers on the meteoric rise of an ambitious cop (Downton Abbey‘s Theo James) who is destined to become the youngest police commish in New York City history, will get a special two-week preview in Vegas’ Tuesdays-at-10 slot on Feb. 26 and March 5, before settling into its regular Fridays-at-9 perch on March 8 (replacing CSI: NY, which will wrap Season 9 on Feb. 22.)

Vegas, meanwhile, will resume its rookie run on March 12.

Lastly, the spring editions of Survivor and Amazing Race will bow Wednesday, Feb. 13 and Sunday, Feb. 17 respectively.

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  1. Gloria says:

    It time to cancel the show How I Met Your Mother. Neal Patrick Harris over acts and it shows.

    • Gerald says:

      Don’t agree on the overacting bit, that being said, it is time to end the show. It’s simply not funny anymore and almost all of the characters are so unlikable and annoying now.

    • Mike says:

      What’s the point of mentioning HIMYM, it was not even mentioned in the article, and we get it you people hate the show, but some people still love it, and it won’t get cancelled, it still has good ratings, it may end but it won’t get cancelled. If you hate it so much don’t watch it, instead of complaining about it on the Internet. It is still better than Two and a half men. I can take criticism but there was no reason to mention it in this article.

      • Boiler says:

        Well said Mike!!

      • Jo says:

        Well said, so true !! I for one love the show.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I don’t get the hate either. I still find it funny, and it’s really rare for me to like any multi-cam shows.

        • Mike says:

          It’s the only multi-cam I am able to watch, fit two reasons, it’s not stagnant, the characters do make progress and change, and I feel the laugh track is less loud and abnoxious.

      • CJ says:

        True….I never liked the show as much as some (I’ve always found Barney to be extremely irritating and almost never funny), and I quit watching it several years ago, but it’s silly to post complete nonsequiturs about it in articles about other shows. Most would say it’s a good example of trollery. If you don’t like a show, don’t watch it. If there is an article about the show, especially whether it should be renewed or cancelled, fine–post your complaints. But otherwise, let it go.

      • Erika says:

        Right I totally agree.

  2. Jerm says:

    Glad to finally see Rules back! hopefully it’s NOT the last season!

    • Diane says:

      Do you guys know that Rules reruns are being shown now on both the CW and WGN??

      • I noticed that and thought it was a bit odd, as ROH hsn’t hit 100 yet. They definitely will, though, with 88 filmed and this new 13th season. I know many don’t like ROH, but I find it amusing. Slightly inconsistent, but that’s to be expected when you’re on the air, off the air, on one night, then another, etc. Oliver Hudson’s character has gotten so dumb in the last two seasons I can only imaging he’s eating lead paint chips. Still an OK show, that could have been a good if not great show if CBS had left it alone to grow throughout normal seasons. Acting is top notch.

      • CJ says:

        They aren’t being shown on The CW–just on those stations in syndicated reruns. Where I live, they’re on a sister station that belongs to the local CBS affiliate.

  3. Sam says:

    Welcome back Rules of Engagement! Without a doubt one of the best and most underrated shows on TV! Great cast, funny stories, can’t wait.

    • Chris Doherty says:

      rules of engagement is the only good american sitcom to come out in years. the characters are funny they work well together on the show which is important for a sitcom and the characters also have good personalities. P.S get rid of H.I.M.Y.M because its not funny and get rid of big bang theory the actors arent even trying to be funny in the show and surprised its lasted this long

  4. Lindsey says:

    CSI:NY is wrapping in Feb. Will it be returning for a tenth season?

    • Robin says:

      I hope so! Who knows…they probably won’t announce renewals / cancellations until they unveil the Fall season (usually in May I think)

    • Iakovos says:

      Let CSI:NY go. Great cast but the storytelling and plots are so boring of late. MIAMI was the franchise that should have received one more year.

    • Dizzle says:

      Doubtful, unfortunately. It was always my favourite of the CSIs, but CBS always need to dump 3/4 of their worst-performing shows for new series. Blue Bloods gets more viewers, The Good Wife gets critical acclaim, and The Mentalist is younger and therefore less expensive to produce. I wouldn’t expect Vegas or CSI NY to survive past this year, unless they have a spectacularly bad pilot season!

      • Except that CSI:NY has a following on Fridays. Both The Mentalist AND TGW have been getting about the same Friday ratings on a Sunday. That speaks volumes and makes a difference. Also, The Mentalist is not owned by CBS, but by WB. That counts too. CBS doesn’t care that much about the critics, when they don’t have a syndication deals for The Good Wife, when they have for the other two. Unless they do find one, critics aren’t making them 2 millions per reruns. That’s a HUGE dealbreaker.

        What I feel they ARE saying here is: The Golden Boy fails, CSI:NY comes back. They have a safe haven for their Friday at 9pm. A loyal following that will come back and a perfect paiting for Blue Bloods. So, CSI:NY returning depends upon that.

        • Dee says:

          I agree that the critics mean less to CBS (and all networks) than ratings and syndication profits. In the case of The Good Wife however, the show is so far and away the finest hour of network drama that they would not think of cancelling it prematurely. It is still number one in total network viewers in the highly competitive 9/8central Sunday slot. CBS is proud of this show and all of its acclaim. It like all other serialzed dramas do not repeat well. Procedurals with a defined ending to each hour get the syndication money. I look for The Good Wife to easliy go for another two to three years.

    • sarah says:

      I really hope it returns, it is the only one of the 3 that I have watched for a few years now and when it was down to it or Miami being cancelled I was happy it was Miami, I really want another season of CSI NY.
      I will be watcing Golden boy because it is taking the place of CSI NY and alos Kevin Alejandro is in it! (Yes I know it does not say that here BUT when the new show info came out in the summer I read about all the new possible shows and added it to my list just because of him.

    • CJ says:

      The show was only renewed for a partially-full season (18 episodes, I think) so it was always going to either end the season early or take a break in the middle. It doesn’t mean a definite cancellation, but since the call was so close last season, and the ratings have slipped a little this season, a renewal certainly isn’t likely.

  5. Jo says:

    love rules of engagement !! finally, it’s back !! can’t believe all the crap this show takes when it’s one of CBS’s best out there…it should be paired up with the big bang theory !

  6. S.Puffer says:

    Why is CSI:NY ending its run? I love the show = its GREAT CAST & STORIES,!!! I know many OTHERS WHO LOVE IT TOO, and ALL do not want to see it close. Can’t something be done?????

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Yayy!! I love Rules of Engagement. Poo poo on the critics, I know they all hate it, but it much funnier than most of the sitcoms on these days.

  8. Bob Kahan says:

    So that means CBS has TWO shows about NYC Police Commissioners? At the same time?

  9. Beth says:

    How many shows about a NYC police commissioner does CBS need? And two on the same night back to back no less?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Clarification: GOLDEN BOY is not about the character as police commissioner, but his career path ultimately leading to that (told in flashback) — “How I Met the Job of Police Commissioner.”

    • peggy2013sue says:

      Not planning to watch Golden Boy because of poor premise & wrong network. If it was on dif network? Then I would watch it. CBS est. Strong show about police comm (Blue Bloods) then tries to undercut it with 2nd show? My guess is Blue Bloods is becoming expensive, it’s renewal contract time & they hope Tom S or some of the other actors walk so they can cancel & write it off. Just wait & see.

  10. Kristina says:

    FINALLY Rules is back! Such a funny show.

  11. Toni says:

    You say it is a finale. does that mean that the show is completely over??? I hope not. The show is certainly worth saving.

  12. Pickles says:

    What happened to Friend Me?

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Friend Me is still ‘on the shelf’ – I think CBS may be holding it back waiting to see how Rules does at 8:30 on Mondays. My guess is ‘Friend Me’ [which has a short order of episodes] will probably be placed either in the 8:30/Monday slot or the 9:30/Monday slot later this season/spring, depending upon ratings for Rules.

      If Rules is going gang-busters, then rather than run re-runs of Mike/Molly leading into May, they may give Mike/Molly a breather in March or April and run Friend Me for a few weeks. Then bring Mike/Molly back in late April/May for season ending episodes during sweeps. If Rules is not doing well at 8:30/Monday, then Friend Me will be placed there – maybe sooner than later.

      Either way, we’ll see Friend Me sometime before end of season in mid-May.

    • Creator or someone passed away and they don’t know what to do just yet.

  13. Grace says:

    Matt, Why is CSI:N.Y. ending their season so soon? I LOVE this show! Does this mean there will not be another season?? Please reply? Thank you! :(

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Just in case Matt is spread thin with other articles to publish today and can’t get back to you, I thought I’d give you my guess on future of CSI:NY. The show will definitely be in ‘contention’ for a Fall 2013 slot on the CBS schedule. The ratings are still good for a Friday night show (I’m a huge fan of Sela Ward, so I’m hoping it comes back). However, a lot will depend upon how well ‘Golden Boy’ does in that Friday timeslot this spring, and what other options CBS has in March/April during pilot season, as well as how many holes CBS needs to fill for 2013-2014 schedule: CSI:Miami was canceled last year due to age of show/cost and no place to schedule, and a similar fate could fall to CSI:NY.

      What might save CSI:NY? If Golden Boy does poorly “AND” another drama series on the schedule gets canceled, I think CSI:NY can make another season in 2013/14. Keep an eye on CSI – the show is the oldest in the franchise; will they come back for another season? If they don’t, I think CSI:NY will come back next fall, at least with a short order of 9-13 episodes.

      Also, keep an eye on Vegas – a good show, but it attracts an ‘older audience’, and that might make it a prime candidate to move to Friday nights (9pm?) next season. If they go that route, CSI:NY is probably in trouble. If they elect to not renew Vegas (due to production costs, etc or give it a short order – similar to what happened to ‘Unforgettable’ last season), then CSI:NY would have a path to renewal – a really good path.

      Golden Boy – CSI – Vegas. I think the fate of those three will determine the fate of CSI:NY.

    • CJ says:

      CSI:NY was only renewed for a short season this year (I think it was 18 episodes). Which means it was always planned to either end early or take a break in the middle.

  14. Dee says:

    Now that Sara Rue is on Malibu, is the baby going to be born off-screen and just show up with Audrey, or will Sara be popping back in.

  15. Jared says:

    For a series running 7 seasons I would hardly call Rules of Engagement underrated.

    • Jo says:

      They’ve been taking crap for seven years… only once getting an entire season pick up, some seasons only had 7 episodes. It’s crazy…. that show deserves better than that, which is why some people say it’s underrated. CBS has some explaining to do when it comes to that show..

  16. Ryan says:

    Does the fact that Vegas will take a short break mean anything? I think I read here that it’s getting 21 episodes, instead of 22…that didn’t sound like something they’d do for a show they have confidence in at that time slot.

  17. Theo James, love him. He was the only reason I watched Bedlam. I’mdefintely interested in Golden Boy.

  18. Mike says:

    I’m actually interested in Golden Boy, I’ll give it a shot, and Friday could be a good spot for it.

  19. Dan says:

    Yay! Another cop show! It’s so brave of CBS to fill the void in that particular market niche!

  20. EdTV says:

    It says CBS is the final broadcaster to unveil its mid-season plans, but I only recall seeing news on ABC. Are there plans on a more comprehensive article highlighting all the networks plans for new shows and return dates for old?

  21. Jo says:

    Love Love Rules of Engagement!!! It deserves more time!!!!!!!!

  22. Ronon Dex says:

    Why are they waiting so long to plug in Rules of Engagement? They keep treating that show like the red-headed stepchild. Ridiculous. Give it a full season order like it deserves.

  23. cuius says:

    “Downton Abbey‘s Theo James” – does an appearance in one episode give him the right to this description?

  24. Stevo says:

    Thank you for bringing Rules… back! Great show!

  25. Rami says:

    Thank you for bringing Rules of Engagement back. I don’t get why this show doesn’t get treated with the respect it deserves. May another network should pick it up.

  26. Friend Me creator or someone important to the show passed away:(

  27. peggy2013sue says:

    I have not watched any ABC or NBC shows in a very long time but I will watch CBS shows (most of them, not all). I happen to like scripted shows when they’re well-done. I used to watch Survivor and Dancing With the Stars (about as much “reality” as I could stand but when they started rehashing previous contestants, I stopped.
    I like Rules of Engagement; I really don’t like David Spade (I really never had) but if it wasn’t for “Timmy” who makes David’s character more bearable, I’d be channel surfing until Patrick Warburton came back on.

  28. Keen Observer says:

    I stopped watching CSI:Miami when I saw the preview for the “Dynasty Moldova – Lab Massacre” cliff hanger. Is this the same end for CSI:New York; a shootout ala Fort Apace The Bronx?

    Go out while you still have dignity.