Leverage Boss Promises 'Powerful' Series Finale on Dec. 25, as Renewal Hangs in the Balance

Leverage_Hutton_BellmanWith his TNT caper drama’s fate in flux, Leverage executive producer Dean Devlin isn’t counting on stealing a Season 6. As such, he says that the season-ender airing Dec. 25 is purposely designed to also serve as a “powerful” series finale.

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“[Fellow EP] John Rogers and I decided to end this season with the episode we had planned to make to end the series, way back when we shot the pilot,” Devlin wrote in an open letter on LeverageFans.com.  As a result, the hour — perhaps inauspiciously titled “The Long Good-bye Job” — is “the series finale we had always envisioned.”

But despite the finality of the episode, there’s still opportunity for Timothy Hutton’s Nate and his team to pull off more jobs should the cable network renew the fan favorite.

“Everyone involved with the show… would like nothing more than to continue telling these stories,” reaffirms Devlin. “But, in case we do not get that opportunity we felt that, creatively, after 77 episodes, we owed it to you, our fans, to end the show properly.”

Leverage is the only TNT drama in limbo, as the cabler has already renewed Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes and Franklin & Bash. Meanwhile, two new dramas wait in the wings, set for early 2013 debuts: the cop drama Boston’s Finest and the David E. Kelley series Monday Mornings.

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    This show NEEDS to be renewed, it is the only show on TV that I eagerly await every week. It is an incredible show that anyone can watch and love. This is a fine group of actors and I would love to see how much more these characters can grow together, I own every season and have seen every episode numerous times, but should this be the last season it would not be enough.. Please Renew

  2. Kati says:

    I have to say that Leverage is one of the most complete series I have ever seen, in terms of character development (superb), writing (exceptional, I’ve never seen the same con twice), and filming (including acting, editing, etc.). No show has ever kept my interest past the second season. Until Leverage. I caught a re-run of the first season, and was captivated. I then started the show from the beginning. I got to the second season and just kept going. Before I knew it, I had watched all four seasons in less than twelve days, which amounted to approximately 62 hours of television in that time. If TNT doesn’t renew Leverage, then they’ve just canceled their single-most clever, original series in their line-up.

  3. Melanie says:

    Please don’t cancel! I just discovered Leverage about a year ago and I’m thirsty for more! It’s such a great show, bring it back!!!!

  4. Sybil Lee says:

    Please TNT, Leverage is an original, well-written and acted show. It is an intelligent and entertaining series. Leverage is one of TNT’s original series with a broad fan base. RENEW LEVERAGE!!! Give us a Season 6!!!

  5. Nick says:

    Please Renew Leverage!!! I love this show so much and it is so different and better than anything else on tv now!

  6. Melody says:

    This can’t be the end. We NEED more Leverage! It is such an awesome show, I just can’t get enough. It is so expertly written/directed/produced/acted that it is like seeing a big screen movie every week. You can’t say that about just any show, actually a very minute few (like maybe 2). I think a show like this just be able to go out in their own time on their own terms. There is too much other junk on tv to get rid of the few good shows that are left!

  7. Lori says:

    Leverage is the only reason I have cable anymore–all the other shows I could easily do without. Great cast, great writing, great show. Please, TNT, don’t cancel it.

  8. Julia says:

    TNT, this show has to be renewed! It’s the best one you have! The characters are so compelling, and I root for them every week. Every episode takes me on an adventure that I didn’t know existed. Please please please give it one more season!

  9. just a longtime Leverage fan says:

    This show needs to be renewed. It is one of the best shows on tv right now, it’s original, well written, and keeps you coming back for more. It’s not a carbon copy cop or law drama, like the other two shows that they’ve already renewed. Regrettably it seems TNT has already given up on the show otherwise they wouldn’t be having a new episode on Christmas, let alone a season finale. Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle….Let’s go steal a season 6!

  10. Well, perhaps this season hasn’t been spectacular for some, and perhaps some stories didn’t have the original spin to it, but this amazing show has been on for 5 seasons now and all I can see is pure development.
    Development many shows nowadays lack, and it gives us more character insight, more time to explore new territory and new grouping (The Run Down Job/The Frame Up Job), the formerly mere cobbled together team grew into a family – for us, for themselves.
    And this is what makes ‘Leverage’ so special for me: not only is the fan base a lovely, creative bunch of fun and mostly nice people I suddenly found myself in and was welcomed warmly by, but each week I tune in I also tune in on some kind of family for me. I don’t wanna have explosions and mind-blowing cons each episode, I watch for the Eliot/Hardison banter, Eliot’s grumpy growls addressed to Parker or Super-Geek Hardison, Eliot/Sophie banter is so wonderful as well, of course our finally together Pardison-pair, Eliot kicking some a**, Nate and Sophie, the never ending love story, and Sophie’s awful attempts at acting on stage. I won’t forget our beloved sugar-high Parker, quirky, fun and weird (beware of forks and her Taser!), and yet with such a big heart she now earns a special spot in our hearts.
    So yes, I want a sixth season. And I’m going to keep on fighting for that. Even if the last episode coming up on Christmas gives us a satisfying end (and for that I wanna thank Dean Devlin and Co.) I want to have many more episodes. This awesome team would at least deserve a 100th episode party, and the way TNT keeps EVERYONE involved hanging in the loop for so long is not fair nor acceptable in any way, which actually encourages me even more to keep fighting.
    (and sorry if I sounded confusing but English isn’t my first language, so bare with me please :))

  11. Gerald Coleman says:

    Do Not cancel Leverage! It is the only reason I even watch TNT!

  12. Karen Miles says:

    Please don’t cancel Leverage, I am in England and we love it over here too! It’s a fantastic show, great combination of characters and brilliant acting. Christian Kane is also VERY easy on the eye and through the show I have become a bit of a Kaniac and am addicted to his music as well now. We need more Leverage over here, don’t make us come and steal the TNT offices! ;)

  13. Roxanne Mackenzie says:

    **throws hat in the ring** Season 6 please. You know how powerful fandom can be and we are gearing up. So far things have mild but we are pulling together to we can be heard.

    Please give us a Season 6

  14. Julie Martin says:

    My family and I have been watching Leverage since the very first episode. We love the show so much that we watch it faithfully every week, watch repeat episodes and even own the series on DVD. This show is a great mix of a modern day Robin Hood and the A team and it is great to see a group of people who stand up for the little guy against the big corporate giants. There are not too many shows out their anymore that the whole family can watch and enjoy together, but Leverage is definitely one of those shows. We will be very disappointed in TNT if they choose not to renew the show and can only hope that TNT will stop and pay attention to the wants and needs of their viewers. It is the viewers after all who keep companies like TNT in business by watching their programming, and supporting their sponsors by buying their merchandise. Please Please renew this family friendly show for many more seasons to come.

  15. S Ford says:

    Renew for a season 6! Leverage is one of only two shows that I faithfully watch! It’s so much better than all that other reality crap on TV that kills your brain cells. Leverage is cool, funny, sexy amd smart!

  16. Angie says:

    It’s bad enough that they move the show from Sunday to Tuesday. But to keep Franklin and Bash over Leverage will make me never watch TNT again.

  17. A says:

    Please don’t cancel Leverage…I’ve been a fan for 5 years and can honestly say this has consistently been an excellent show. The actors are wonderful, special effects, great, stories believable and it’s just pure entertainment. This is really the best show on TV!

  18. gabrielle says:

    i always thought of tnt programming as being pretty smart, but if they cancel Leverage it would be a very stoopid mistake. Maybe one of the other stations might be smart enough to pick it up (wouldnt be the 1st time).
    i first saw it on ION one Wednesday. Caught s01e02 and was hooked. My hubby came in from work right towards begin of s01e03. I told him shhhhhhhh hes gotta watch this show. He even was hooked more that me!!! After IONs back to back to back episodes that night, though it was bedtime &he had to go to work at 6am, he hadnt had enough yet so had me find it online! i dont know what time he quit watching for the night but know it was after 3… the next day after work, he came in (very tired) &was disappointed ION didnt show it everyday, so he watched a few more episodes before going to bed. NCIS is the ONLY show he (or me) have ever wanted to watch that much (&we like this leverage even more than ncis).
    BTW, doesnt tnt realize how incredibly stoopid theyll look if they cancel a show that was one of the 5 nominated for a peoples choice award?!? I mean, even to people who dont watch leverage, thatll still look EXTREMELY stoopid. Alot of ppl notice that type of stoopidity.

  19. Sally Miller says:

    Please don’t cancel the best show on television!!! I love to watch with my kids, there aren’t too many shows that I am able to watch with them! Quality TV!

  20. Meri says:

    What a treat this show is for us….please renew for a season 6! This is the only TNT show we’ve gotten hooked on,and I can’t believe Franklin and Bash is back over it. Really? I am completely baffled by that news.

  21. Adrienne says:

    One of the best shows to ever be created. In my opinion, they absolutely merit however many seasons they could care to make. I have addicted everyone I know to it, partially in order to have an excuse to watch it through again (4 times now, and I am running out of victims). It is telling that I could never pick out a favorite character, nor would I want to. Every one of them, even those that pass through only on occasion, are fantastic.

  22. Harry Schlein says:

    You have to be an ass to cancel

  23. Sable says:

    I enjoy all the shows mentioned to different degrees, but Leverage is by far the best. There are so many more stories to be told and the ensemble cast is outstanding. This is the only one of TNT’s series for which I purchase the DVD’s to rewatch many times just as I did with Tim Hutton’s earlier Nero Wolfe series. I often put Nero Wolfe discs into my DVD player when I want quality television. That was on A&E when it was still a quality entertainment network. As I said, I like the other shows, but this is the only one I would really miss terribly.

  24. Tay says:

    I will never watch TNT again if they get rid of leverage!

  25. Wulfe says:

    We’ve all heard that scientists found the god particle. Well, so did Leverage. They’ve got the god particle of all the banking corruption around the world. How can it be left at that. We all know there’s a million ways to bring this back and they need to pick one.
    Leverage is the best show I’ve watched in a long time. It’s the anti-crime story of all times. Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, and Mastermind, all for crime on the good side. It’s such a great story. Takes me back to the girl who’s father was almost killed in the car crash, ‘There are wolves in the world, but sometimes they’re the good guys I guess.’ Sum of the whole story.
    I love this show and I hate every little break they take. They need to keep this going.

    • Wulfe says:

      P.S.: I’ve watched the whole series I don’t remember how many times. And I never get tired of it. Every season I rewatch it and in between when there’s crap on tv I watch this again. =D

  26. Carter says:

    Bring back LEVERAGE!!!!!!!!!

  27. L Wallace says:

    Why are all the smart shows being canceled? I cannot stomach another reality show, talk show or cooking show. PLEASE do not cancel Leverage! It is well written, smart and beautifully acted. We need more like this! Bring on season 6!

  28. Sharon Williams says:

    Please renew Leverage. It’s one of the best ever.

  29. Angel says:

    Don’t cancel Leverage…my family and I love it and watch it every time it comes on. Please!!!!

  30. Michael Weisser says:

    If Leverage isn’t put back on for at least 5 more years, I’m gonna boycott TNT to the MAX!. I’ll just get Rizzoli & Isles from Netflix. Franklin and Bash back on, come on, what kind of mentality do the TNT big dogs have??????????. I have always liked TNT and even put up with that handball in the basket on thursday, but I won’t tolerate the end of Leverage. Why in the hell can’t USA Network pick them up or something? When I know for sure Leverage is not coming back on that’s the end of TNT.

  31. kimmie katt says:

    Wow Im just so disappointed. Two weeks out of the month I am by myself due to my husband is a driller on west Virginia and so I do watch alot of tv. LEVERAGE being my favorite it just sucks that the most watched show is gone. The least you could do is Please your watchers and keep goin or run the old onefr us to still enjoy. Everytime I get into a good series on your network you cancel it for some stupid reality show . I think I speak for al when I say BRING LEVERAGE BACKx-(

  32. kimmie katt says:

    I seen a post from someone on your page here and agree I won’t be Watchin tnt anymore and will tell my friends to do the same. The best advertisement is word of mouth. Shame on TNT for putting on the worst shows to replace LEVERAGE

  33. Craig says:

    I’m from England so we get the show around four/five months behind the States. I literally just watched the Season 5 Finale and it sucks!

    Can’t believe there will be no more Leverage :( I’ve never missed an episode, have every episode recorded or burnt to a disc. Literally everybody i know here in England watches the show and loves it. How can they just axe it, surely enough people tune in weekly to watch, to make it worth while to keep it going?

    I would literally pay for the whole thing if i could, to carry on seeing new episodes. Now what do i watch.


    • Mike Weisser says:

      TVLine, I am far from finished with pushing to get Leverage to start up again. That whole series finale thing was terribly rude and just not right. There has never been a show like Leverage on TV at any time. It is also one of my favorite shows of all time. I’m going to be stepping it up as soon as I have a couple personal matters out of the way and I have the producers address too. Number 1 (Jonathan Frakes) could take over the show and Tim and Gina can still be involved to a point working some cases and being advisors. They could even add 1 or 2 more unique people to the group. If everybody gets invoved in this and shouts “we want more”, “we want more” something will start to happen. People, just start making your voices known and push hard. Mike W.

  34. Maggie0210 says:

    I still would love to see Leverage returned to the air. Almost 2 years later and I watch the reruns over and over. A reunion type mini to see if the fans are still aboard….tthen renew for a new season.

  35. Michael Weisser says:

    Ending Leverage was the worst thing that has happened in television history. I believe the actors wanted to keep going at least another 5 seasons. There has never been a story on TV about people like that and what they do. I’m still pissed to this day and I probably always will be. Walker Texas Ranger and Leverage are the only 2 shows that I’ve watched reruns every episode over and over 12 times or more. If they won’t come back I suggested to make a full length movie LEVERAGE and get Angelina Jolie to be the grifter and Cameron Diaz to be Parker and the name Parker cannot be changed and still have it with the same number of characters (5) and their titles hacker,etc. What in the hell is wrong with people in the TV world? Are they mental or something? They didn’t even know what a top notch TV show they had. If they did a movie the opening song would have to be “I, Me, Mine” (The Beatles) and the closing song would have to be “Yes it is” (The Beatles) and I have a really good story concept. Git mov’n with the movie if they aren’t ever coming back, pisssssssssssssssed.

  36. Michael Weisser says:

    Ending Leverage was the ruining of a great story about people like that, it was their big big screw up.