Glee Recap: The Best, or Nothing at All

glee rachel swan songI’m going to start this recap by admitting — without any shame whatsoever — that this week’s Glee moved me to tears not once, but twice. And one of those times may have been when the Jewish girl was inexplicably belting “O Holy Night.”

Okay, so we’ve got that out of the way. Whew. And while “Swan Song” was a deeply heartfelt hour that — at times — felt more like a spectacular televised concert than a regularly scheduled episode of Fox’s hit dramedy, it also contained a moment of pure meta hilarity. I speak, of course, of Brittany S. Pierce’s explanation to Sam Evans about why she wouldn’t be able to date him: “It’s like all lesbians of the nation — I don’t know how they found out about Santana and I dating, but once they did, they started sending me Tweets and Facebook messages on Lord Tubbington’s wall. I think it means a lot to them to see two super hot, popular girls in love, and I worry if they find out about you and I dating, that they’ll turn on you and get really violent and hurt your beautiful face and mouth.”

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Even if you’ve got Brittana 4Eva tattooed on your abdomen, that’s some cheeky-good writing, yes? (I know, I know, some of you are all “hell to the no,” but I just can’t root for any teenage relationship to be a series “endgame,” or get upset when it doesn’t work out the way my imagination intended. Then again, I didn’t even want Carrie and Big to end up together on SATC.)

Anyhow, if you were too busy Googling whether or not The Walking Dead is based on a true story, here’s what you missed on Glee.

* Rachel scored one of 10 verrrrry exclusive invites to perform at the Winter Showcase, and naturally, this rankled Cassandra July, who challenged her least favorite pupil to a dance off. And while the nasty professor won the battle, she didn’t win the war: Rachel realized she’d need to focus entirely on her vocals to win, and with a flawless, jaw-dropping one-two punch of “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough” and “O Holy Night,” that’s exactly what she did. (All in favor of Lea Michele performing in the NYADA Round Room at least once an episode for the rest of Season 4 say “aye!”)

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* The drama of the event was far from over, though, when Whoopi Goldberg’s Madame Tibideaux put Rachel’s roommate Kurt on the spot and asked him to give a spontanous audition in front of NYADA’s faculty and best students. Let’s just say his transcendent rendition of “Being Alive” landed him in the exact place he wanted to be: As an incoming NYADA freshman starting with second semester! (But what will this mean for his internship at

* Back at McKinley, New Directions got DQ’d from Sectionals for leaving the stage after Marley’s collapse, and the end of their competitive season left them without a choir room in which to practice. Yep, Sue co-opted the high-ceilinged space for the Cheerios’ new aerialist offshoot. (There was that chick with the neck brace again!) And while the power play was far fetched, let’s all just go with it for now… With their club in collapse, the glee-club members dispersed to various other extracurricular activities (Tina and Blaine as Cheerios!) but interim advisor Finn — with a lovely pep talk over the phone from ex Rachel — rallied the troops with a strongly worded email. By the end of the episode, the kids were practicing in a dark and snowy McKinley courtyard (I had guessed their new rehearsal space was going to be the cafeteria kitchen) — looking happier and sounding as good as ever. Awwww…warm fuzzies in the winter time!

* Oh, and Brittany and Sam are dating. Rachel planted a kiss on (gah!) Brody. And that’s pretty much the whole ball of wax.

Episode’s Best Lines
“I died a slow, horrible death choking on my own fluids.” –Sue’s rewrite of the plaque honoring former McKinley glee-club advisor Lillian Adler

“That’s what I felt when I saw Prometheus.” –Becky, responding to Sue’s description of being “left with a strange, empty feeling” after vanquishing New Directions

“Finance major at Brandeis: Turns out glee club was really holding me back.” –Brittany, in a fantasy sequence examining what happened to the glee club kids after Sue shut ’em down for the season

“Look, those kids, they respect you so much and they look up to you. So don’t let them give up on their dreams, okay? And promise me one thing: Don’t give up on yours.” –Rachel, finishing up her awesome pep talk

Letter Grades for This Week’s Musical Performances
Sam and Brittany, “Something Stupid”: B+ (loved Brittany’s harmonies on this one!)

Cassandra and Rachel, “All That Jazz”: A- (Cassandra’s move where she got lifted in a half split by two guys and then somehow flipped over without breaking her neck made her the hands-down winner…plus, this is one of my favorite show-tunes of all time ever.)

Rachel, “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough”: A+ (Holy hell…this goes down in history right alongside “Don’t Rain on My Parade”)

Rachel, “O Holy Night”: A+ (And this…now, pass the Kleenex)

Kurt, “Being Alive”: A+ (Yep, here’s where the waterworks started up again. Stellar work, Mr. Hummel!)

Finn and New Directions, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”: A (What an absolutely gorgeous choice…someone ought to sagely scoop this one up on The Voice or X Factor)

What did you think of “Swan Song”? How did you feel about the week’s musical performances? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Bethany says:

    Being Alive was the best performance by Chris Colfer since IWHYH. Awesome…

    Such a great episode. Looking forward to next week!

    • says:

      What the heck is IWHYH?

    • Angela says:

      “I Want To Hold Your Hand” remains one of my favorite moments on this show. Course, it helps that I found that episode really moving and relateable.

    • Lily_Girl says:

      I agree – Chris deserves a ton of praise for that song last night. This was a great episode!
      I even liked Britt & Sam’s song….super sweet!

    • Viv says:

      I thought Chris was okay doing Being Alive… We’re all just so rabidly desperate to hear Kurt sing in the show, that we’re grateful when he clears his throat. Rose’s Turn. Now there was a performance! Got me completely obsessed with Mama Roses & the show Gypsy: Ethel, Patti, Betty, Bernadette — that song is one of the hardest not only to sing but act! Chris’s performance in that 1st season episode was brilliant. That’s the Kurt I miss. Luv NYC, Vogue, Goldie Jr., & SJP though!

  2. Rachel says:

    “And one of those times may have been when the Jewish girl was inexplicably belting “O Holy Night.” Lol, I did a double take too. But Lea Michele proved once again that she is the show. Just move entirely to NY already.

    • linshay says:

      That was such a stunning performance… it was just, no words. So beautiful.

      • Tea says:

        The music in this episode was stellar, outstanding and beyond perfect. Music selections were perfection and worked into the story. Glee’s storylines haven’t touched or filled me with glee or desire in a long while. So Glee’s music is what keeps me tuned in. Rachel Berry has an angelic voice. Kurt had a solo, so well done. The group number was absolutely beautiful. I definitely agree with the reviewer about the music. It was outstanding and deserves all the kudos.

    • Scott says:

      The musical girl she is, she can still love the song for its beauty. It’s not like she never celebrated Christmas in any fashion, which she did with classmates for at least three years

      • dude says:

        That’s how I felt. It’s a beautiful song. Why shouldn’t she be able to enjoy it just because it’s a Christian song?

    • you said it better than anyone, Lea is the show – she is Glee. O Holy Night is literally perfect. She sang it perfectly.

    • Sara says:

      I’m Muslim and i’m obsessed with Christmas songs. My favorite is The First Noel, hahaha. I understand you, Rachel!

    • nobody special says:

      so what if the Jewish girl sang “O Holy Night?” Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand both did Christmas albums…

    • SA says:

      Hauntingly beautiful. Made me cry. Favorite Christmas song and hands down best version I’ve ever heard.

    • Jordan says:

      You’re completely right. At the heart of it all, even with the show being an ensemble cast, it always goes back to Rachel being that overly confident sophomore who wanted to be a star. It was refreshing to be reminded of that again last night. Only Rachel would challenge a teacher and be so incredibly arrogant/confident yet deliver a brilliant performance…AND win! I’m so in love with the New York storylines.

    • ncmacasl says:

      She is only half jewish and her black other dad probably contributed some of his own heritage to her upbringing.

    • Angela says:

      Same here, that struck me for a moment, too. But hey, there’s no law that says you HAVE to be a certain faith to appreciate the beautiful aspects of it, right? Her version was wonderful, and that is a beautiful, haunting song in its own right, so hey, no complaints.

  3. Tittles says:

    making fun of brittana fans cheeky? You must be in the holiday spirit, Mr. Slezak. It was downright offensive and this episode was dumb.

    • Bethany says:

      No, addressing Brittana fans who went psycho on Ryan Murphy was cheeky.

      • Sean C. says:

        The fans who criticized the show for depicting outing as a lifesaving strategy when its done to a lesbian, and pointed out the show’s hypocritical attitude towards actually showing two supposed girlfriends actually talking to each other (let alone kissing)? It’s wonderful to see so many “Glee” fans championing the overdog.

        • Bethany says:

          Brittany is bisexual, as it has been said many times. Why don’t you give them a chance to tell the story instead of getting upset? I mean, it is Glee after all.

          • Alice says:

            I don’t have an issue with Sam and Brittany I do take issue with bullying lesbians because that’s what it was.

          • sorry says:

            Brittany being bisexual isn’t the problem. The problem is that the Brittana storyline has been screwed over so many times it stopped being funny. The outing, the sex tape, not speaking to each other for 8 episodes, all of that was offensive. O – how magically that Brittany+Sam managed to have more dialogue and intimacy in one episode than Brittana did in one season – there’s an actual depicting graph to this too.

          • Princess Adora says:

            I was going to say pretty much the same thing. She’s bisexual. Not a traitor. Not confused.

          • Vertigo #1 says:

            Bethany, do you seriously not see the double standards here. Sam and Brittany kissed in the episode they became a couple. Meanwhile the same sex female couple did not kiss for almost 2 years after they began having sex and a half season after becoming an official couple. Do you seriously not see a double standard?

            And before you accuse me of being an angry lesbian I am a dude.

          • Zhenya says:

            It is NOT about brittany being bisexual. it’s so much more than the couple itself. It’s about the double standards. Brittany already has WAAAAY more screentime when she’s with a boy. What’s wrong with evening things out. And let them tell a story? Why couldn’t they have done that with Brittana? Brittana got under five minutes of screentime the entire time they were together. How on EARTH is it okay to bash all brittana fans in the episode and state that in order to like a female same sex couple you MUST be a lesbian even though many people (including myself) that like them are not. And Ryan murphy was extremely rude to fans on twitter.

          • Sean C. says:

            As others have already pointed out, I didn’t say anything about Brittany not being bisexual. It’s about the vastly different treatment accorded to her straight relationships and her gay one.

            Like, to look at next week’s promo, when Brittany dates Artie and Sam, she gets a Christmas plot. When she dates Santana, they don’t even speak.

          • Jamie says:

            You’re right. Brittany IS bisexual. That means we should get equal representation of her in a lesbian relationship as when she is in a hetero relationship because bisexual girls don’t just stop being relevant when they date other girls. Guess what? Brittany and Sam had more in 1 episode than Brittana had in an entire season as girlfriends. Guess what? It took three SEASONS for Brittana to get a kiss. It took Brittany and Sam 5 minutes. See the problem?

          • dude says:

            Did you guys ever think maybe Brittany and Santana didn’t kiss a lot because Heather and Naya have a problem with it? Heather has said many times that she feels really awkward having to act romantic with Naya. Maybe they toned down the romance to make working easier for them.

          • Tom Charles says:

            I have no problem with Brittany being bi/dating guys, that’s all well, and good. I do have a problem with her dating Sam. I wanted badly for him to stay gone.

          • Sean C. says:

            No, Heather did not say that. She went so far as to say that she and Naya kissed all the time on set, and they kept getting cut (I don’t know what she was talking about there, honestly, but that’s often the case with her). There’s a widespread discrimination against gay PDA on this show — it’s not down to the whims of actors. And that doesn’t even address why they never spoke to each other or got stories, like Brittany/Sam already is.

          • Ana says:

            If Naya and Heather had a problem kissing a girl, they would not have kissed during their summer concert BEFORE they even kissed on the show for the first time. And, that concert kiss was their idea, not the producers. I believe Naya came up with it and Heather obviously was game.

          • murley says:

            it seems a lot more likely to me that fox network prevents a lot of the PDA scenes between same sex couples, especially if they are filming them but they are just not making it to air.

          • Getoveryourselves says:

            OMG – you people are the same ones Ryan Murphy was slamming. You’re making his point beautifully. Ryan Murphy is gay for god’s sake, and he still can’t get it right for you people. Get over it; teen age experimenting with same sex romance has been around since the big bang (no, not the tv show for you folk who never turn your’s off). So if Britney’s bi-sexual, bit deal. She’s not the brightest bulb; maybe she can’t get being a lesbian right either (just joking, don’t have a stroke).

      • SH says:

        I wasn’t aware that all Brittana fans were = lesbian bloggers. Nor was I aware that it’s ok crap over the same fans that watch your show, buy your music, and want to support your characters.

        • Bethany says:

          If they catered to the fans, they wouldn’t be good writers, IMO. You have to tell a story, not please everyone. You never will anyway.

          • truth says:

            HAHHAA – But they’re NOT good writers, hence the sinking ship that is Glee. The most offensive writing has been on Glee.

            And they cater to the fans all the time. Both Klaine and Brittana are PRODUCTS of the fans.

          • Katie says:

            Are, are you joking? It has nothing to do with fans or fandom at this point they just straight up fourth wall called out not just Brittana but lesbians in general by saying they hate men. What the hell? You know they would NEVER have Blaine or Kurt say this.

          • Bethany says:

            For love of all things holy.. it’s Glee. Suspension of disbelief is a requirement of watching the show. And I understand that about Brittana and Klaine – but they also can’t try to please everyone because it doesn’t work. If you’re afraid of stepping on toes you can’t be successful.

          • Vertigo #1 says:


            A double standard is:

            A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations, or to different people in the same situation.

            No one cares Brittany is with a guy. What bugs people is the depiction. Unless you can explain why Brittany and Sam got an immediate kiss and Brittany and Santana did not? Would love to hear it.

          • Sean C. says:

            Well, they’re not telling a good story, but beside the point, they weren’t “not trying to please everyone”, they outright insulted the fans who called them out for their hypocrisy and double-standards.

          • Ann says:

            They’re not good writers; they’re terrible.
            They aren’t telling a story. They’ve put all the characters’ pictures up on a wall and are randomly throwing garbage at them while snorting rails of coke off the counter.
            That is season 4 (and most of season 3) of Glee.

          • ugh... says:

            People realize this is an actual show with actual characters (poor writing notwithstanding) and not just about relationships, right? The reason for Sam and Brittany kissing about 5 minutes in is no more complicated than the fact that Sam is a pretty forward guy. He tried to kiss Quinn pretty quickly, too, if I remember, even before she was ready. Santana, on the other hand, really cares about Brittany, and when she cares, she’s really sensitive. She didn’t want to hurt the relationship in any way, including PDA. Anyway, didn’t they have a kissing scene in bed in season 1?

      • AJ says:

        Glee is all about the music(with a back story thrown in to give the music more punch), the past few episodes have had some great performances, this week just blew them away.

        The comebacks in NY are done, now its the Mckinley High Glee clubs turn..thats what happens when you hit the canvas and go as low as you can…time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and make a comeback of your own!

        Looking forward to see how they do it!

    • dude says:

      That wasn’t making fun of Brittana fans. That was poking fun at the overly-invested, psychotic shippers that feel like they’re going to die if Brittany isn’t dating Santana instead of enjoying the show for what it is. It’s not offensive unless you’re one of those crazy fans which you seem to be. I love Brittana but I’m a Glee fan first and foremost. I’m going to enjoy the show as long as it’s still entertaining and it definitely still is. Also, Brittany/Sam are really cute together. Great episode overall.

      • Beanni77 says:

        Nicely said. I agree one hundred percent!

      • Sara says:

        I agree 100%. Brittana is endgame, don’t worry :) I’m crazy about my ships too (you should see my tumblr…), but I’m a Glee fan first and I trust the vision of the writers.

      • Christina says:

        Well said…I know I will be stoned for saying this but everyone should relax, Glee is, in case you forgot a FICTIONAL tv show. These are not real people, and if you all are such great writers why haven’t you won a Golden Globe and have a show on TV! There are some things about the new season I haven’t been crazy about but all in all I still love the show, and before I get jumped for having my own opinion my best friend was almost beaten to death for being gay, that is upsetting and insulting to me….not how much screen time fictional people have together. Keep some perspective:)

        • murley says:

          what a horrible thing to have happen and sadly a reality of the hate some people feel. thank you for being willing to share that and trying to help people keep some perspective. if everyone who put this much energy into this fictional couple actually found some outlet in their community that provided support to gay youth or educated against discrimination then maybe things would actually get better. it is just a lot easier to be indignant on a comment board.

        • Angela says:

          Thank you. I do think there’s a fair point to be made here in how same-sex couples get depicted on TV and don’t disagree with those who think they deserve as much chance to show affection/screen time/whatever as a straight couple would. It’s totally fine to discuss that. But as you note, perspective is always good.
          Really sorry to hear that about your friend, by the way, that’s horrible. Luckily your friend has people like you to lean on for support-hopefully they’re doing better, or on their way there?

      • Michael says:

        Are you surprised that there are many lesbian fans who are overly invested in Brittana? Lesbians are one of the most under-represented groups of people on television. Outside of characters on the L-Word and Brittana, I couldn’t name another significant lesbian character on network tv. The pickings are somewhat slim for gay men, but we have MANY more options for tv viewing than do lesbians. OF COURSE THEY ARE OVERLY INVESTED IN BRITTANA.

        • Danielle says:

          You mean other than Callie and Arizona? You know that couple that married, had a kid, fought through two huge obstacles and still came out of it all together? The ones that are continually shown to have a successful, happy, “normal” home and professional life? Besides them?

          • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

            THIS! And Calzona is on a show that’s about adults and reality and they focus on continuity… unlike Glee, which is fun because it’s absurd and random and makes fun of EVERYONE and has NO consistency whatsoever!

          • Michael says:

            OK, smartass. Name another. My point was that there is a lack of major lesbian characters on television. You proved nothing other than I missed a measely one additional couple.

        • e says:

          Brittany is bi, not a lesbian. Maybe they should get a sense of perspective on what’s actually on the screen instead of trying to hijack the character for their own ends.

      • Lily_Girl says:

        I agree! Thanks for saying this. People need to calm down and watch the episodes /season as it comes. Some fans are out of control and Ryan obviously knows who they are!

    • Mt says:

      Brittana fans went insane against Ryan Murphy over the Bram spoiler and over the break up. LIke death threat insane. I think this is caution to all Glee fandoms. We need to wake up and stop spreading hate. Let the story play out. I think Brittana will get back together but the writers must be getting tired of us telling them how to write their story. I know we feel very connected to it but it’s theirs not ours. We need to let them tell it. I know Brittana fans are upset by things like lack of physical contact but I think that’s nothing to do with the the writers but the network they’re on AND the fact that realistically maybe a gay couple in the middle of Ohio would not make out like a straight one would in a hs hallway.

      • Beanni77 says:

        Another beautifully written comment. So glad to know there are logical people out there who just want to enjoy a show!

        • Sara says:

          I keep on posting after you like a parrot, lol. People might think we’re the same person! ;)

        • trueblue268 says:

          Thank you!!! I am going to stop getting involved in these arguments and just enjoy the show. Some of the comments on here about Glee bullying its fans is in fact bullying. Can’t we all just get along, and If the show is so horrible stop watching. It sucks to lose a show you once loved but if it is causing this much pain and upset maybe its time to change the channel and let those of us that still love the show keep watching without being insulted for it. I’m done with my rant now, looking forward to next weeks Christmas episode!!!!

      • Sara says:

        I agree! :) But even without the kissing, they did get less screentime…
        But yes, this is not worth sending death threats or spreading hate!

      • Sean C. says:

        Except all of Brittany and Santana’s kisses in Season 3 were in the middle of a hallway/public dance, so it’s not “realism”.

        And no, the network is not making them keep Brittany and Santana from talking to each other. Even on family sitcoms the gay characters get to do that.

        • Sara says:

          Do you think the writers just don’t like the ship, or that they’re prejudice against female same-sex relationships? (I’m trying to understand!)

        • e says:

          And they were having sex since season one. Isn’t that more relevant? This obsession with on screen kisses is ridiculous.

      • Sammi says:

        you do know that Finchel and Klaine fans have been sending death threats out to people (ryan, mark, grant, even chris and lea) for years, right? so don’t act like it’s only Brittana fans that have ever done that (though i myself have never seen these alleged death threats from them in particular). Ryan knows what he’s doing and it’s obviously working because people (including TVLine and E!) are thinking any Brittana fan rage is because Britt is dating Sam. if you think that’s why they’re mad, you’re completely missing the point. i’m a straight girl and i think the writers’ generalization of lesbians is flat-out bullying. peace out, glee.

        • Marco says:

          Um, Max Adler got sent quite a bit to him AND his character.

        • R says:

          You know that the Brittana fans attacked Chord Overstreet claiming this storyline is his reward for sleeping with Ryan Murphy? And that they’ve bashed Matt Hodgson simply because he’s in a relationship with Naya & it destroys their delusions of HeMo & Naya being gay for each other? Ryan & the writers telling Brittana fandom to get a grip is long overdue.

          • Nicole says:

            Are you seriously saying that the appropriate way for writers to address hate is to give the characters that these fans love so much unnecessary, bitchy, out of character monologues that directly offend a large group of viewers? Clearly you think the way that fans are reacting is immature, and maybe it is, but I think these so-called writers should learn to grow a backbone and deal with well-deserved criticism in a more professional way.
            Also, lol at you trying to make Brittana fans look bad by fighting back and bashing them with these same tactics that you think are so detestable (and that other fandoms use just as much but aren’t called out by Ryan Murphy because he doesn’t hate their ships).

      • Angela says:

        Agreed on this. Criticism of a show’s storylines or characters or whatever is fine. Not everyone will be happy with everything that occurs on a show and that’s totally cool.
        But the arguing, insults, death threats (from ANYONE, I don’t care who it is you ship)? That needs to stop. It’s scary, first and foremost, and second, it’s a bad way to try and get what you want. All that does is make people resist even more. If you want things to change for the better on a show there are much more polite, reasonable ways to go about asking for it. And the shipper wars just need to stop. Let everyone like whom they want and let it go already.

    • djm says:

      “downright offensive”? SERIOUSLY? Let’s start with A) it’s a fictional television show on FOX – so I hate to do this, but Santana and Brittany aren’t real. B) Santana and Brittany didn’t start dating is such a quick way – their relationship was built slowly and sweetly, and if you’ll think back Britt was dating boys originally, so to think that her and Santana would be macking down in the halls of McKinley High is just lame. C) As a homosexual person I was proud of the way the show dealt with their relationship and I honestly thought they got away with a lot of things that any other prime time show on any network would not have. D) once again, this is NOT REAL. E) I am with Slezak in that I don’t think high school relationships last forever, nor do I want them to – it’s makes the show way more realistic because that is what most high school aged children do – they jump around from person to person (I have two children and could hardly keep track of who was dating who or who was friends or not speaking). So RELAX – it’s not reality we are dealing with here – it’s a TV show.

  4. Is “Swang Song” a joke or a typo

  5. rochelle says:

    I don’t really get the hate for brody. He doesn’t even register on my radar but people seem to really hate him. He hasn’t done anything wrong really.

    • Dan says:

      That’s probably the reason why they don’t like Brody. He’s so bland, like a paper cut out figure.

    • says:

      Nothing wrong? Oh rly? He praised Rachel, pushed her to kiss him, almost demostrated he likes her and then HE SLEEPs with her teacher. And he did nothing wrong you say.

      • rochelle says:

        But they weren’t together. He didn’t force her to do anything. He’s just a cute guy in the background

      • linshay says:

        Lol, giving Rachel the praise she deserves is wrong now? You Finn stans are the worst.

        • Mt says:

          You call telling her she’s too hot for a part and sexy. Praise to her talent? So far all I’ve seen from brody is praise towards how hot Rachel is. No other Rachel li has been this bad. Even Puck praised her voice over her body (while still recognizing that Rachel is attractive.) Brody is bland they could have done so much better, Like giving her a guy that’s more like Jesse without the ulterior motives.

    • Princess Adora says:

      I think the problem is that he’s not Finn. That’s the only way I see it, as I have no problem with him.

      • rochelle says:

        I think you’re probably right. As someone who has never been a fan of finn or rachel (although I like rachel this season) I’m probably just not invested enough.

      • Em says:

        I detest Finn but Brody is still a waste of space. And a douchebag.

        • Jordan says:

          AMEN! I can’t stand Finn. But Brody is probably just as bad. He was so boring, the two don’t have much chemistry, and THEN he sleeps with Cassandra. Why can’t Rachel just date someone good for once? (Personally, I thought her relationship with Jesse was good until he randomly re-became an ultra douche and smashed an egg on her head out of the blue.)

    • Debra says:

      There’s nothing there, he is bland, boring and the actor isn’t a very good actor at all. He is only there to be another of the many stalls for Finn and Rachel and unlike Jon Groff and the others that have come before him, he doesn’t make me like despite the fact he is coming between my favorite couple.

    • Cole says:

      He doesn’t deserve hate, but he’s just such a flat, meaningless character. So bummed that, instead of seeing anything that led up to Rachel being chosen for the winter showcase, we got numerous and redundant scenes of dance studios and Brody telling Rachel she’s hot. I’m mostly frustrated by the lack of good story in NYC and the feeling that bland supporting characters are turning Rachel into a bland supporting character. Never thought I’d utter those words.

    • Alicia says:

      Love brody

      • Lily_Girl says:

        I love Brody as well. He has been more supportive of Rachel in just a few episodes that Finn was for years!

        • Quinci says:

          I love Brody!! He truly understands Rachel in a way that Finn couldn’t! Plus he’s so much HOTTER!!! Finn is cute too, but Brody *sighs*

    • dude says:

      He’s dating Rachel. That’s the problem.

  6. Mel31602 says:

    One of the best parts of the ep for me was looking for all the SYTYCD alums in the excellent Chicago number. I know I spotted Alex Wong and I think Melanie was there too. And did anyone else catch Ellis from Glee Project season 1 ( or her identical twin) in the front row of the NYADA showcase?

    Plot was sort of predictable but the music was enjoyable enough. I still preferred Kurt’s original audition song to Gus offering tonight tho ( and this from someone who loved I Want To Hold Your Hand). But Rachel’s first song was one of the best numbers of the series.

    • karenb says:

      Yes! I saw Ellis! Now if I could get me some Nellie and Michael-well, that would be quite awesome !

    • Janice Marks says:

      Totally saw Ellis! I was so excited to see someone from TGP. I keep hoping to see Hannah!

    • dan says:

      And one of the worst parts of the episode was the continuity errors in filming/editing during the scend between Cassandra and Rachel; every time they showed Rachel her hair was in a different position, even when they shot from behind (over the shoulder) to film Cassandra. Sometimes her hair was over both shoulders, sometimes it was over only one shoulder, sometimes it was swept back to the side, sometimes it was hanging down behind both shoulders. i pointed it out to my son and he couldn’t believe how every shot was different in terms of Rachel’s hair (that stuff just drives me crazy).

  7. Mafer says:

    The Best thing and most heartfelt scene for me was the Finchel phone call!! That show us what true love is all about, that there tethered is stronger than ever!!

    • Debra says:

      That phone call showed me that Rachel, despite from all appearances that she is with Brody, is still very much in love with Finn. I agree, the tether between them was very much on display in tonight’s episode.

    • Sara says:

      YES! Even if they aren’t together, I love their friendship. I don’t quite remembering Finn and Rachel ever being friends. It’s nice. I like looking at Brody, but I’m going to be so happy when they (and Klaine) get back together!

    • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

      Yes, it was great once again having Rachel patronize Finn, telling him that while he’ll probably never amount to anything (besides polishing her awards trophies for example) he’ll be alright, because for some reason which is absolutely incomprehensible at this point, he has people who ‘look up to him’, despite the fact that he’s a shambling sad sack who literally fails at everything he tries. In other words, the phonecall just confirmed, for people who are actually prepared to read between the lines, Glee’s most consistent message in S4: Finn’s ‘dream’ is to end up being a Lima Loser.

    • Lavelle says:

      I did not think Rachel’s phone call to Finn was supportive. I thought she was being disrespectful of his request that they have NO contact.

  8. Julie says:

    This episode was much better than I thought. Finn was perfect, and Rachel helping him get his confidence about the Glee club made my heart hurt a little less. It’s so clear that she’s still thinking about Finn when it comes to the important things (telling him she won) even though she kissed Brody when she was tripping on confidence. I’m so glad that it seems like their working their way back to each other while they’re gaining confidence about their own goals and pursuits! Warm fuzzies indeed!

  9. A says:

    Brittany’s explanation of why she couldn’t date Sam had to be the most hilarious thing she has ever said in the history of this show. I couldn’t even finish listening to what she was saying because I was still laughing. And also that had to be the best Glee episode end song ever. Don’t Dream It’s Over :)

    • Sara says:

      It’s offensive. Brittana fans are NOT all lesbians. Attacking that fandom is not a joke.

      • Alice says:

        THIS! Jesus Christ Glee gets away with this by looking Cheeky and Hilarious? What the hell? You wouldn’t see this on Modern Family or for instance Pretty Little Liars. Its not funny to make fun of Lesbians in general not in this day and age its just awful.

      • CH says:

        You all need to get over yourselves. Brittana fans may not all be lesbians, but you are all over dramatic!

      • A says:

        It was meant to be a joke about the obsessed Brittana fandom, Geez some people need to lighten up and remember that this show is a comedy.

        • Sean C. says:

          No, it’s Ryan Murphy’s latest in a series of nasty jabs at Brittany and Santana’s fans. He’s made it quite clear he resents them for not falling all over to love the insulting crumbs he occasionally serves up.

          • A says:

            In my opinion, the problem with so much of the Glee fandom in general is that they are so impatient. They never let the show finish telling its stories before making a judgment. “They lost sectionals, I’m done with Glee, Kurt didn’t get into NYADA, I’m done with Glee. Brittana and Klaine broke up, I’m done with the show.”
            The fact of the matter is Brittana (and even Klaine and Finchel) breaking up made absolute sense. They were all in different places in their lives and ended it and that’s the direction the writers decided to take. The fans however refused to accept that and that’s fine because like I said they’re “fans” and they love the couples, but still, they expect the writers to cater to their every wish.
            So instead these fans threaten week after week to boycott the show. Did they ever think that maybe they plan on having Brittana end up getting back together maybe there is an actual plan they have for the two of them and for the rest of the couples. The fandom just overreacts and keep forgetting that shows are supposed to tell stories and they expect the writers to please their every wish.
            Geez a couple (same-sex, hetero, or whatever) in this show breaks up and the world falls apart and the show isn’t worth watching anymore. Ok, I get how the jab might have been offensive to some people but I still believe it wasn’t meant to be taken that seriously and was a joke about the crazy obsessed Glee fandom (and in particular for this episode was the Brittana fandom). And the fact of the matter is it came out of Brittany’s mouth. Most of the time the stuff that comes out of her mouth is nonsense anyways

          • Sean C. says:

            How many times must it be said that this isn’t about them breaking up? It’s about how they were portrayed when they were together, versus how Brittany’s hetero pairings are portrayed. If you don’t see the difference, you’re either blind or wilfully blind.

          • A says:

            What was wrong with how they were portrayed together? They held hands practically all the time, they kissed, they loved each other, they danced at Valentines, they went to prom together and weren’t humiliated the way Kurt was. Yes, it took more time for them to be like all the other couples but that was because Santana hadn’t came out and she was struggling with that.

          • Sean C. says:

            Er, practically everything was wrong about how they were portrayed. It took a fan campaign for them to even kiss (after the writers lied and said they already had once, and that was enough). They spoke together all of three times as a couple, never in private (including being the only couple who didn’t speak at prom). When Santana was outed, Brittany said absolutely nothing (not to mention everything else wrong about that episode). And now they’ve got Brittany set up for a nice hetero relatio ship that has already gotten more attention than her last one did.

          • Will says:

            You have serious issues Sean C. If this is the only thing on Glee that you find offensive then you aren’t watching the same show. They do things that can be deemed offensive to everyone, yet it’s all in fun and can’t be taken seriously becuase it’s a bad comedy. Maybe it’s people like you who overreact to everything that makes it so writers and story tellers don’t want to make it all equal. Why be bullied into having to tell the story the way You want it told. Get over yourself.

          • A says:

            Sean C., where was your objection to their jokes about muslims? What about the constant Asian jokes about Tina? Nothing. But once someone makes a joke (and I emphasize “joke”) about lesbians/gays all hell breaks loose. So hypocritical.
            You seriously do not seem understand that this is a “TV show”. The fact of the matter is that so many people put so much pressure on this “show” to be the sole media outlet in promoting issues. You people are ruining this show for the many fans who enjoy it so much.
            Since your so concerned with relationship equality, the fact is, Glee has been one of the only shows in recent years that has consistently had gay characters throughout its run so far. It has done a great job at demonstrating what its like to be a gay teenager for some kids and people need to stop expecting the writers to cater to their every wish and go even further than its already going. Progress doesn’t happen overnight and Glee has done its fair share of contributing to the equality movement.
            Glee is more than just about promoting “gay” issues and relationships. Glee is about music. It’s about young misfits growing up, learning, experiencing things. Its about stupid, silly, and fun comedy that requires suspension of belief. It’s not just about having Brittana share a kiss on screen all the time. You didn’t create this show. They did. It’s the stories they want to tell. If you don’t like that its your choice but its overreactions and dramatics like yours that is probably why the joke was made in the first place and its probably what is making it difficult to write storylines for these characters like Brittany or Santana because one way or another someone is gonna find something to bitch about. Get over yourself and when you want to criticize the show, don’t single out one issue and forget the rest.

      • dude says:

        You’re not being attacked. Let it go. The funny thing is, this overly-sensitive ridiculousness is the exact reason you’re being “attacked”

    • Angela says:

      I LOVE “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, that’s one of my favorite songs ever by one of my favorite bands. I was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up in here, and thought it was a sweet way to end the episode.
      (On the note of “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, given that Neil Finn was the writer of that song, I wonder if it was intentional or just a cool coincidence that a character named Finn was the one to start off singing that one :D?)

  10. Rachel says:

    Thank goodness for that Finchel phone call. It save everything!! Love that Finn and Rachel are still tethered!

  11. Sean C. says:

    How typical of Ausiello to find amusing the show insulting fans who criticized the show’s horrendous treatment of gay female characters and their relationship by calling them angry lesbians who need to learn to appreciate heterosexual love. The most pro-gay show on TV, ladies and gentlemen.

    I was delighted that Ryan Murphy was forced to go on Twitter to do damage control before the episode even aired.

    • Sarah says:

      Agree with all of that. Nice work praising a comment that implies that all brittana shippers are violent heterophobic lesbians.
      And Ryan’s tweeting was delicious wasn’t it? especially when he abruptly bowed out, probably because he couldn’t keep his bitchiness to himself anymore.

    • Greg says:

      Damn, I’m a straight guy and even I can see the bashing and double standards. I’m offended on my lesbian little sister’s behalf. Geez. Our parents are straight. They like Brittana. My younger sister is gay. She likes Brittana. Our older sis is straight, married and a mom. She likes Brittana (and her husband does too). I’m a straight dude. I like Brittana. So besides the insulting line towards lesbian fans and insane double standards, it’s also insulting to every single person supporting this pairing because guess what Glee: not everyone who likes this couple is a lesbian. Gasp! And also: lesbian =/= man hater, heterophobe or biphobe. Yes Brittany is bisexual, precisely. She likes boys and GIRLS. Unfortunately on Glee it seems she’s not allowed to live her on screen relationship with the same treatment and respect. When she’s with boys, everything is fine. When she’s with a girl (Santana, her “soulmate”)? She’s a joke. That’s what is infuriating. Not to mention that the way they make her dumber as time goes by is not even funny, it’s just plain sad. Eating off the floor, really ?? Does someone in their right mind find that crap romantic or cute? If a guy treated one of my sis that way, she’d just rip his guts out, and even without that I would beat that jackass to death. Ugh.

      And people, if you don’t see what’s wrong, if you defend Brittany’s hetero side with poor arguments, at least show your true colors and have the balls to say that you don’t like the gay in it, period. Don’t be a hypocrite. That’s pathetic and you’re not fooling anyone anyway.

      And way to dismiss Samcedes too. Two birds, one stone, right Glee?

      Still bored to death by the noobs. We couldn’t care less, seriously.

    • Libby says:

      Slezak. Not Ausellio. Just sayin’.

  12. Sienna says:

    Funny how Brittany and Sam talked the same amount of time in this one episode as Santana and Brittany did in all last season of being girlfriends….

  13. Bianca says:

    I’m so sick of Rachel Berry that I can’t enjoy Lea’s voice. The episode was so so… and Chris Colfer was THE BEST!!!!

    • Jared says:

      “I’m so sick of Rachel Berry that I can’t enjoy Lea’s voice”

      A little over dramatic, don’t you think? Lea as Rachel or Lea as herself is without a doubt one of the best vocalists of all time. If you were not moved with emotion by Lea’s performance this evening, than you are not a true fan of music. Period.

    • cote says:

      Rachel Berry? All I see is Lea Michele playing herself… She’s a really good singer but her “character” is getting obnoxious

      • Cate53 says:

        GETTING obnoxious?? Rachel has always been obnoxious, that is the character from way back in episode 1. I loved that the kind-of lead of the show was not a standard lovable character, but an ambitious and driven one. I didn’t like Rachel as much when she was prepared to give up her dreams for Finn. This season she has been all eager to please with Cassie etc. It was great to see her back to her arrogant best. That’s the Rachel that for me is so much fun. Plus Lea gets to belt out a couple of killer power ballads – her real strength.

  14. Lucy says:

    Cheeky good writing? You mean the part where they mock the fandom and belittle lesbians for supposedly wanting to bash on the poor white male? Yeah that was real funny.

  15. Person says:

    The Finn and Rachel phone call was so sweet and it really made the episode for me and showed me where exactly Rachel’s heart is… She’s settling for Brody and he’s the most pointless character so his scenes don’t even matter and really wouldn’t change the episode all that much if they were there or removed. It was one of the first episodes where the NY storyline didn’t make me cringe, fall asleep or change the channel.

  16. Wowza says:

    Uh…cheeky writing? Really? I’m not a gay and those lines in regard to the lesbian community was offensive to me. Break up the two interracial couple for the Aryan couple, yay!

    Other than that, why can’t Rachel Better just go back to being in every episode?

  17. Kelsey says:

    Love that you also dislike Brody. I don’t like the whole Bram situation, so I’m waiting patiently for Santana to go Lima Heights on Sam and for Brittana to get back together. Loved the episode especially Kurt and Rachel singing voice of angels they have I was in tears. You are my guru on life I love your reviews so much!

  18. GG says:

    yes LOL at crapping on an entire part of your fanbase while also generalizing them and slamming lesbians. So, so funny. Such good writing. /sarcasm

  19. Alice says:

    Cheeky good writing? They just insulted an entire lesbian fanbase! SMH at you just SMH.

  20. Marilou says:

    Best part about the episode? Lea Michele’s voice, Cory Monteith (love him) and Finn and Rachel’s phone call (sooo sweet) Now if only they could get Finn to NYC, glee might be soooo much better! Also this brody guys needs to go! Finn and Rachel forever!

  21. Mossi says:

    The show passive aggressive jab at the Brittana fans was not “cheeky” but annoying and out of line. I’m straight and I was even angered by that.

    • Katie says:

      What makes matters worse is that if you aren’t part of the fandom you would think that the writers just insulted lesbians in general.

      • Gypsy says:

        Overall the episode had an espectacular performance by Lea. Finn and Rachel’s call was the best part of the night. To bad about Britt and Sam’s dialogue, I think it was somewhat offensive to the fans. Good thing is that is Glee, I sure they will amend the mistakes along the way.

  22. Andrea says:

    Lea solo’s were just soo moving i as well cried. She has a remarable voice that just hits you deep down. Love Cory’s moment singing was remarkable as well.

  23. Kevin says:

    Barbra Streisand recorded two Christmas albums and she is Jewish.

  24. Sara says:

    The “cheeky writing” was offensive. Double standards galore, and a low blow to the Brittana fandom, who are not all lesbians. Those comments about lesbians were not necessary and VERY hurtful to a large group of people who want nothing more than to be represented equally. I don’t think that is too much to ask, and they don’t deserve to be made fun of for it.

  25. Bobbie says:

    This episode was one of the best because it highlighted the best actors playing the best, most evolved characters. Rachel, Finn and Kurt. IMO, they always should be the focus of this show. These three characters were also given such good songs. Lea and Chris knocked it out of the park, Cory’s voice has improved so much. Finn’s song with ND, Don’t Dream It’s Over, really felt like the old Glee.

  26. Vertigo #1 says:

    I don’t find anything cheeky about a show’s brutal attacks on a minority. BTW, I am not a woman let alone a lesbian. So you can’t blame my post on an angry lesbian. Sorry. Also don’t find it funny that Sam and Mercedes or Brittany and Santana need half a season before their first kisses and the straight blonde couple gets ine in the first episode together. Has anyone pointed out that this is a double standard?

  27. S says:

    The fact that it took over 50 episodes for Brittany and Santana to kiss and took less than 1 episode for Sam and Brittany to kiss is a double standard if I ever saw one. The fact that it took over 60 episodes for Brittany and Santana to do a duet together and the fact that this is now the second Sam and Brittany duet is a double standard if I ever saw one. I get the joke of Glee, I get how “meta” they are being, but the facts are the facts. I wish TVLine would see that and write about it instead of thinking it’s funny and clever. There’s nothing funny or cute about it. I’ll continue to read the recaps and I’ll even watch the show but it’s really not right what’s going on so clearly, it’s 2012 this kind of double standard shouldn’t be happening anymore. Especially on a show that’s supposed to be so different and so embracing.

  28. N says:

    Finn, Rachel, Finchel and Kurt all made me cry tonight. Finn and his everything not to mention Cory’s parts on “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, Rachel with her out of this world solos and that unfailing belief in herself (IT’S BACK!), Kurt and the performance of a lifetime, The Finchel phone call left me sobbing. They’re best friends and soulmates and no matter what’s going on with them they always know the exact things to say to each other to help the other not give up hope and never stop believing. Cory, Lea, Chris, these three had me bawling throughout the episodes. ND and the rest of the cast brought the funny for me but those 3 brought every emotion under the sun.

  29. Trent says:

    I don’t see how this show works without the structure of competition. They better resolve this sectionals debacle quickly or the show will fall apart.

    • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

      The Sectionals debacle serves no other purpose than to remind us what a shambling sad sack, what an eternal failure in everything, Finn is (as if that was necessary). That’s it.

  30. Iya says:

    Good writing? No.I am offended by that “angry lesbians” line. How dare they mock a fandom and a minority like that? Especially in the same episode where we can see the double standards between Brittany with a boy and Brittany with a girl. Do you even remember how long it took for Brittana to kiss? And Brittany and Sam already have had more dialogue in 9 episodes than Brittana did in the 22 episodes of last season even though they started dating officially, Santana got outed, Britt didn’t graduate…
    Other than that, I liked the NY parts of the episode.

    • Jane says:

      Get over it. Glee mocks everyone. It’s an equal opportunity offender. Learn not to take things so seriously. I don’t see anyone complaining about Sue calling Tina (“yellow”),

      • Beanni77 says:


      • Sean C. says:

        Kindly point out the last time they insulted other fandoms openly whilst carrying on double standards that abuse that minority group?

        • Jane says:

          It was a JOKE! You should learn not to take life so seriously and learn to laugh at yourself. The irony of the situation is that all this outrage over what was said is just giving credence to it.

          • Greg says:

            Sorry but unless you had to come out or are being discriminated against for being gay, you’re not qualified to decide what is a joke in regards to the gay community and their allies. Just saying.

          • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

            As a gay male, Jane, I completely agree with you. I’ve had many difficulties in my life, but this over-dramatic response to the whole Brittana thing has me driven up a wall.

            The more people complain and attack and get violent, the more that the “cheeky line that wasn’t so cheeky” applies.

            And Greg who also commented on Jane’s tidbit, as a gay male who’s been through hell, I AM qualified to decide what’s a joke. This show has Brittany say stupid stuff every damn week.

            My advice to all the haters: If you hate the show, or you hate the way it’s being written, or you hate some “mistreatment” of a couple, then STOP WATCHING THE DANG SHOW.

            Brittana had plenty of communication and conversation. Santana even got a beautiful song to sing to Brittany. Have any of their other relationships had that? No!

            All this whining over a show that people KNOW has relatively inconsistent writing and development instead of just accepting the show for what it is — excellent music with cheesy writing filling the in-betweens. JEEZ. GET A LIFE AND JUST ENJOY IT!

          • Sean C. says:

            Are you seriously suggesting that Santana singing to Brittany one time is somehow unique? Every couple on this show does that.

            And no, if you looked at the statistics, you would that Brittany and Santana did not have “plenty of communication and conversation”. In season three they had precisely four conversations as a couple, totalling a couple of minutes, cumulatively. They went for over half-a-dozen episodes at a time without speaking to each other, including when Santana was outed and, unlike every other story in this show’s history, the person’s significant other had no role at all. Brittany and Sam have already equaled Brittany and Santana’s conversation total for season 3, and gotten as many duets as Brittany and Santana had in the entire show.

  31. Elle says:

    I did not appreciate being labeled as a violent lesbian that could harm the poor straight couple.

  32. mave says:

    This was an episode full of good music. I loved it. This is Glee at its best. Lea Michele is wonderful and Rachel Berry is back in the busines. Forget about that dancing class. Im so over the same stuff all season. It gets boring after awhile. So many heart moving scenes. The invitation. The pep talk. That phone call with Finn….Oh I smell more Finn in Rachel´s road. “You Butt call me again. I wanted to hear your voice”

    • zumba says:

      I totally agree! I loved this episode, I cheered for Rachel when she stood up to Cassandra and I was blown away by Being Good isn’t Good Enough, she was undeniably the Rachel we fell in love with in season one.

  33. ducksticks says:

    Cheeky writing is talking bad against one of their fandoms? And not just that, but adressing the Brittana fandom just as a bunch of angry lesbians? I’m a straight girl and I ship Brittana just as lot of no lesbians that ship Brittana, too. It’s sad that this is the world where we live, where some people choose to close their eyes when a minority is ‘cheeky-ly’ attacked.

  34. Eileen says:

    The Rachel songs were perfection, Kurt at NYADA (yay), the Rachel/Finn phone call was fantastic, and I like Brittany/Sam. I don’t understand Brody really he just seems “there” and a distraction for Rachel because Finn isn’t around. The actor who portrays Brody is pretty bad so maybe that’s why the character seems flat?!

  35. Felix says:

    Praising Glee for sh*tting on a minority, really? The ~cheeky writing was repulsive and offensive. They should be slammed for that. The rest was good. I liked the New York parts.

  36. Zhenya says:

    If Cheeky now means offensive than yes, cheeky. That whole Bram storyline is offensive from top to bottom. I did however really enjoy Rachel and Kurts parts.

  37. kim says:

    The writers are mocking the lesbians by basically calling them man haters. They’re also targetting the Brittana fandom too with that line. There wasn’t any humor to it at all. It was completely offensive. Glee used that as the excuse for why Brittany said no to Sam. That is so wrong, because the real reason is she loves Santana. Glee is using materials for the sake of getting laughs but no one in their right mind finds it funny. And did they really expect us to believe that Sam had a ‘thing’ for Brittany prior to this season? He was all over Quinn in season two, yeah remember that? Then in season three he was basically trying to steal Mercedes away from her boyfriend. So explain to me when he developed anything for Brittany. Glee is so pathetic because they are basically making up LIES to FORCE this couple to happen.

  38. Alice says:

    Note to Glee when your fans who dislike the lesbians and gay characters think your funny then you may have a problem.

  39. B in Big D says:

    Anybody know if they will put this version of O Holy Night on itunes?

  40. CheekyGoodWriting? says:

    Only if Sam didn’t also get more scenes and…oh I don’t know…dialogue with Brittany that Santana never got in ALL of season three. It’s just so easy to put these two together huh? and give them duets and kisses in 1 episode, 1 episode…:/ Remember that meta “double standard” issue in “Heart” last year? and “Love is love?” really glee, really?

  41. Great Show! It was Bitter-Sweet for me! I loved the Kurachel Sensations at the Exclusive! They killed it! I was sadden by all the Glee downfall, but … They’ll RISE up as the better MAN, right? Thanks for Rachel in ignoring Finn’s last words to stop talking to each other! But in the end, I STILL HATE SYLVESTER the Bully! OH! April Rhode Auditorium IS for Glee Club use ONLY! Hmmm? Sounds like Will have to come back on this one and Bring April to Straighten out Sue’s Skinny @$$!

  42. Sarah says:

    Cheeky? Um no. Offensive is the word you are looking for. That was the writers of a show, using said show to actively s**t on it’s fans. IT was not funny. It was not cheeky. It was bullying and a low blow and the fact that you find it funny is disgusting.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Perhaps the crazy violent fanbase should quit doing things to warrant cheeky remarks. Like perhaps, stop sending death threats over TV CHARACTERS.

  43. Deej says:

    Biggest laugh of the night: Choir room piano guy speaks!

  44. TB says:

    Glee has become such a disappointment. The creators cast themselves and their show as champions of social justice, and they like to brag about how “Glee saves lives,” but they only demonstrate that belief within the show when it suits them. When people rightly criticize their offensive portrayal of the LGBT community, women, and people of color, it suddenly becomes “just a TV show” and “don’t take it so seriously” and “you’re being rude.” But you know what? The kind of responsibility that these creators assigned to themselves and this show can’t be turned on and off at their mercy. When a show purports to be more than just a show, people are going to treat it as such. So of course people are going to be angry when the show addresses important issues that are close to people’s hearts but then handles those issues poorly or doesn’t take them seriously.

    I am tired of every criticism of this show being brushed off as rudeness, bullying, and entitlement. Instead of doing what any responsible creative crew would do, these writers give us fourth-wall breaking comments from the characters that acknowledge the criticisms without actual attempts to fix these very real problems. Or in the case of something like I Kissed a Girl, they ignore it completely and refuse to publicly answer for themselves. This latest offense is as bad or perhaps even worse than IKAG. Now Glee has gone so far as to make an outright attack on the lesbian community that implies they are angry, potentially dangerous heterophobes simply because they had the gall to criticize this show’s double standards regarding the Brittana relationship versus Brittany’s relationships with men. Added to that is the erasure of Samcedes as a romantic pairing by implying that Sam has always had feelings for Brittany (despite the fact these two never even talked before this season). Just as offensive is using the language of equality, “love is love,” to shame the queer community and to imply that heterosexual couples are somehow oppressed.

    This anger isn’t about shipping, and it isn’t just lesbians who are offended. That has NEVER been the case. But the creators have purposely ignored and misrepresented the real issues, and now they have tried to cast a minority community as the bad guy. For any show, this would be reprehensible behavior. For a show that declares itself a proponent of social justice, it is also incredibly irresponsible. And for a show that’s ratings are declining fast, it is very foolish to alienate a large portion of the fanbase. Glee is a sinking ship, and if the offensiveness and the stubborn refusal of the creators to address its problems aren’t what finally sinks it for good, the very obvious decline in overall quality will be what does the job. Good riddance at this point. I sincerely hope that this show is never treated or regarded as some kind of symbol of social justice ever again.

    • Cadora knight blair says:


    • Greg says:

      Thank you for this very articulate comment (just so you know not just lesbians were offended, and every person with values should too).

    • Beanni77 says:

      That’s actually a very good point, and makes a lot of sense. Hopefully the writers will come to the same realization–you are a forum for equality or you are just a tv show, make the choice and stay with it.

    • beth says:

      Im afraid Im really gonna have to admit and accept that you’re right. I’ve been trying to find some solace in the music from all this disaster that is the horrible writing in Glee but I guess there is no helping it. the show has become very irresponsible. To think it had so much potential to be effective. Im bummed ’cause I really loved this show for the music. This episode tonight was so spot on in that department. But it’s got some serious issues. *sigh what a shame.

    • M4A3E8 says:

      My thoughts exactly- it’s not shipper frustration that made the Bram mess offensive, but the sheer hypocrisy, double-standards, the constant misogyny, retcons of past relationships (the erasure of Samcedes as part of the ongoing desexualization of Mercedes for example) that are offensive, and the blatant attacks not just on parts of the fanbase and lesbians in general by referencing insulting stereotypes that are often held by the likes of Rush Limbaugh that goes beyond the pale- it makes me shudder to think about some of the messages impressionable younger viewers could be getting from this show- and before anyone blows me off as another ‘angry lesbian blogger’ I happen to be a straight male who used to like the show as a guilty pleasure, though considering what a cluster—- it’s become, the ‘pleasure’ part has become rather… debatable.

    • alki says:

      great post

  45. yesica arana says:

    I can’t understand how some people can be okay with what Glee did tonight. It’s gross. They targeted a minority and a fandom.
    we are honestly tired of people thinking we overreact or we are rude just because we want to be treated with respect. And Glee is showing this to young minds. What kind of example is that to the future generation? Note, lesbians who ships Brittana only represent the 32% of all the people who ships them. FYI.

    • dude says:

      You do overreact. You’re overreacting now. Glee didn’t slap Brittana shippers. It poked fun at how passionate you guys are the way someone would do in a roast. It was good natured ribbing, not calling Brittana fans “crazy” (even though most hardcore Glee shippers are insane). The lesbian comment was just to justify why Brittany was getting messages, they weren’t calling you a lesbian. Glee shippers are some of the worst I’ve seen. You’re even worse than The Vampire Diaries shippers. Glee shippers are in no way true Glee fans because really, you don’t care about Glee. You don’t want to see a well-written or entertaining show, you don’t care about the quality of episodes Glee puts out, all you care about is whether your couples are together. As long as Brittany is dating Santana and Finn is dating Rachel and Kurt is dating Blaine, Glee could be the biggest pile of crap and you would happily tune in each week and praise it as groundbreaking television. If an episode upsets you as a shipper, it sucks even if it’s the best episode Glee has ever done creatively. Stop calling yourselves Glee fans because you’re not.

      • Allyson says:

        I have to agree with you on this. Geez, couples can’t be together forever. As much as I like Finn and Rachel, I do like seeing her move on with Brody. Now with that being said, I watch shows not just for relationships. Tonight’s episode of Glee was fantastic. We got to see Rachel and Kurt shine with their amazing voices tonight. That last scene with all the glee kids was simply wonderful. The jokes were funny and they were poking fun at themselves. Sam’s line about not being a smart man, but knowing about love was priceless! I wish people would remember this show is about musical theater!

        • Greg says:

          And you entirely missed the point. It’s not about moving on with someone new, it’s about double standards. I’m starting to judge people’s reading comprehension at this point.

      • Greg says:

        With your “logic”, thank God you weren’t born when the social battles were about people of color or women’s rights. If someone fighting for equality, visibility and respect is overreacting to you… just wow. The more I see stuff like that, the more I want to fight for people who don’t have the same privileges as me, or even a voice. I really want to join a LGBT allies organization of some sort and help the best way I can to change views like yours. This shouldn’t happen in 2012.

        • Allyson says:

          Here is a reminder of what the show is about”A musical comedy about a group of ambitious and talented kids who escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice”. That is the offical description. I hate it when people keep hating on storylines that aren’t going their way. It is a fantastic show. Yes do I want Finn/Rachel, and Kurt/Blaine to get back together? Yes, without a doubt! People go in different directions, they move on1 That is life! I really don’t think Raan was trying to attack anyone with the jokes tonight! Do you think Ryan Murhpy who is an openly gay women is trying to torture gay women by attacking them. No he isn’t! I just don’t see the big deal about Britney dating a guy! She is bi-sexual!

          • Allyson says:

            I meant an openly gay man! Lol. I am not attacking equality! Geez! I think there was controversial jokes tonight. All I viewed it as jokes, poking fun at fandoms, nothing more than that. Ok, I think Brody is a good choice for Rachel to move on with and I am sure Kurt will find a great guy out there. What could have the joke be? Break the fourth wall and say all those Brittana fans will fight and attack Sam if he and Brittney hook up?

          • Greg says:

            Way to miss the point [2]

            I don’t see what Ryan’s sexual orientation has to do with anything. A gay man can be misogynistic and a straight one respectful (in TV Land, Joss Whedon comes to mind), or the other way around. He’s a gay man, not a lesbian. And to be frank, it’s not just this episode and not just about Brittana, or gay women as a whole. The the way females are treated since the beginning is disturbing, to say the least. And I’m sure it’s not just Ryan’s doing. There is something really wrong with the way this writing crew is portraying females and handling storylines including them. Every single girl on this show has been treated badly (Quinn being the flag-bearer of the team), individually, as part of a relationship, even their often non-existent on screen friendships (and when they do show a girls friendship, it’s slapfest).

            I could say a lot of things about how they treat some other characters too (especially Artie and Puck) but that’s not the point right now. The point is: yes it’s msucial show that is supposed to make you feel good, you’re right! But when you let a huge chunk of your audience feel like they’re not as important as other groups (and by groups I don’t mean shippers, I mean anyone who doesn’t see themselves in Finn or Will), and prevent them of enjoying the fun with everyone, you’re doing something really wrong. Worse, when you cross the line and go straight for the jugular? Maaaan, that’s unprofessional. Good/funny meta, especially about shipping, was what they did recently in Castle. Not what Glee did tonight, sorry.

            PS: I didn’t say you were attacking equality. I said that you missed the point and didn’t get where Brittana fans came from (which is the blatant double standards). I couldn’t care less about Brittany dating a boy if it’s logic in the storylines and feel organic. But the way it’s done in comparison to what her with Santana had, it’s not acceptable. If I can see that, I don’t even want to know how lesbian hardcore shippers feel right now. It’s personal to them. Had a character said the same stuff with “jewish” or “black people” instead of lesbians, nobody would even see anything remotely cheeky in it.

          • Allyson says:

            Ok, Greg, I get what you are saying. I re-read your reply a few times to make sure I understand. I can see how some groups might get pushed to the side and may get offended. Maybe their intention was to make a joke, but instead it came on screen as offensive to a large group of fans. I honestly heard it as a joke poking fun not trying to offend, but now I can see why others may feel different. Quite often with this show there hasn’t been a lot of consistency with the storylines I will say. I guess sometimes I get so into episodes that I forget others might not be viewing it the same as I do. I love this show for its diverse cast and hopefully the writers will address these issues in upcomming episdes.

          • Greg says:

            Just to be clear [1]: I hope you didn’t take my reply about “logic” for yourself. It was to the commenter above.

            Just to be clear [2]:I’m not mad at viewers who didn’t see what was wrong at first and laughed because you can’t possibly be in everyone’s shoes all the time (or at all), and it’s true that Brittana fans seem to be pretty vocal online haha.

            It’s just that when I see people getting back at Brittana shippers when they share valid concerns, especially the lesbian ones, I feel sad and furious because when I try to be in their shoes, I’m telling myself that nobody should feel excluded for being themselves. What about those teen lesbians out there who are not out or bullied everyday, or who are thinking about harming themselves because they don’t have supportive family, friends, teachers? It’s not Glee’s responsibility to fix these kids’ lives, but it IS their responsibility not to make them feel a little more rejected and feel bad about themselves.
            This show used to be about the underdogs, the misfits, the different (handicapable, black, gay, big, nerds, and the list goes on) and make pretty much everyone feel accepted and gave them a voice despite BLACK HUMOR. This kind of humor used to make everyone laugh, even the ‘targets’. Now this show is actually laughing at its fans gratuitously just because they can hide behing the characters, the same fans who used to think that it was their time to be represented on television, who tuned in every week for the past 4 years, bought stuff from them, went to concerts, sang Born This Way to the top of their lungs while the cast performed. Glee chose to be that white knight type of show, nobody forced them to.
            I don’t know, maybe the way I was raised and having so many girls around me (including a gay one) made me oversensitive LOL.

            A good meta would have been something like “some people found out about Santana and me online, they even gave us our own portmanteau, they call us Brittana. They are SO NOT going to like it if I’m dating you, blah blah blah”. But no, they just went with the offensive passive-aggressive jab and voilà.

            Anyway, I appreciate your comment a lot and it’s nice to know that even if you were able to laugh at a joke, you also understand what I was saying in my comments and maybe, what the fans are saying too. Thank you :)

          • Allyson says:

            You know, I was thinking a similar thing to what you said about how they could have reworded the joke. Perhaps they should have. Sometimes intentions are good, but poorly executed. I am glad we are able to agree on things. Thanks for clearing things up about the logic comment. I think for now I will look a little bit more closley into the jokes, dialogue in episodes now. I feel like Glee has transform so much into television that I forget they can still be offensive at times.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        I agree completely. The amount of immaturity and whining on this article’s comments as a whole is absurdly shocking.

        Glee has never held anything reverent. They mercilessly mock EVERYTHING. GET OVER IT.

  46. Cadora knight blair says:

    Why in the world Brittany & Sam oh noooooooooo i give up on Glee wat abt Samcedes so pissed. Off :-<

    • MsQ says:

      I agree with you! I’m not totally mad about Bram, I’m just pissed that Samcedes fans were not able to get some kind of closure like Britanna fans were. I mean Ryan Murphy is acting like Season 3 didn’t happen. Like we didn’t actually witness Sam chasing Mercedes the whole season; Sam recording Mercedes singing and posting it on YouTube; Sam joining the swim team to get Mercedes attention; he even put her name up in LIGHTS! I know I didn’t imagine the whole damn season! Brittanna fans are complaining about their ship not getting enough screen time together for a season or so, and I do understand that, but Samcedes fans haven’t even had the courtesy of Sam & Mercedes even SPEAKING to each other AT ALL this whole season, AND they’ve been in the same room on a number of occasions, not to mention Sam hasn’t said A THING about Mercedes AT ALL!!! I’m beginning to think the Ryan Murphy is getting tired of GLEE, and letting his dumb ass writers come up with the STUPID storylines just to lose ratings. I’m not disappointed in how he’s damn near forgotten about all the other original GLEE members, like their dreams didn’t matter, or they didn’t matter at all. I was hoping to see Blaine, Sam, Brittany, Artie, Joe, and Tina become heads of the Glee club, but he’s made them to look like a bunch of lost puppies with out the gradutes. Out of all 4 seasons, this one SUCKS the most!! I just hope that after the midseason finale, they can make a GOOD comeback!
      On the plus side, the music has been AWESOME!!! I’m loving that Ryan Murphy is doing alot of 90s songs, songs that I grew up on! Savage Garden, Crowded House; not to mention the Top songs of the summer and the year. I love the music.
      I’m hoping that the Christmas episode is worth it, but it looks like it might be, MINUS the Bram proposal (marriage)

      • Beanni77 says:

        I’m glad someone else noticed this. I’ve been noticing Ryan Murphy seems to be more interested in his new projects and is letting Glee kinda fall apart. They keep hinting at all these story lines, but they don’t flesh them out, they just brush over everything. It’s a bit disappointing. I’m thinking Glee is on its last legs, although a spinoff could be something to pique his interest once more.

        • Greg says:

          What I don’t get is why Ryan Murphy doesn’t let someone else fill the showrunner shoes? If he’s bored and/or too busy with his new projects, just let someone else be in charge and build a real, solid writing team. Countless shows change their writing crew when a show heads towards a wall, but they seem to be stubborn as hell and keep a team that has proved too many times now that it doesn’t work. It’s baffling, really. You’d think Fox would want to do something about it but they’re just apathetic, I don’t get it.
          I don’t know if a spin off would work at this point, I say just drop the McKinley side, stop adding too many characters, send the grads to NYC or NYC/LA if they want a split narrative, let Brittany, Blaine and Artie join them next year and build something more adult from that.

          • Beanni77 says:

            Definitely. The cast is way too big. We haven’t been given enough depth and background on the original characters and they bring in all these new people. I get that it’s about a glee club, but the fans got attached to the characters, not the formula. They need to either show us more of the original cast or cut them out completely and focus on the newbies. This half and half stuff is just watering down what could be some good story lines.

  47. NoHeart says:

    So all Brittana fans are lesbians. Correction; angry lesbian who hate men, white blond men. Glee knowledge It was not funny at all.
    I Have one question. Am I going to get kicked out of the Brittana fandom because I am not lesbian. I really like the couple. :( SadPanda

  48. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    Great episode. Not very “Glee”ful in Ohio but still very well balanced

  49. Leo says:

    Brittana fans need to stop playing the “woe-are-we-lesbians” and “ryan-hates-lesbians” card. You guys are being immature and out of line.
    Brittana don’t get enough screen time. Face it! Tike also don’t get enough screen time but you don’t see their shippers being dramatic around. And don’t turn this into one big sexuality jerk around.
    Glee is growing up. Its fans need to as well.
    There are disappointments and then there are overdramatic comments.

  50. Tere says:

    Calling Brittana fans “angry lesbian bloggers” is not cheeky good writing; it’s just offensive. Brody needs to go – I don’t even like Finn or Rachel, but he’s just so boring. And Kurt was fantastic, he should get solos more often.