Supernatural Recap: You Can't Go Home Again

Citizen FangThe winter finale of Supernatural on Wednesday night proved that there’s no winner in Dean and Sam’s battle over Benny.

Both were right and both were wrong as the vampire’s true nature revealed itself to be far more complicated than a simple “killer” or “not a killer.”

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The episode begins in Louisiana, where Benny, now going by Roy, is working at the Gumbo Shack — because what else is a reformed vampire to do? While he’s trying to walk the line, Sam’s got Martin, a hunter who’s had some mental issues, tracking him. One night, he follows Benny into the woods until he stumbles over a dead body with a neck wound. Dean is reluctant to believe his pal is responsible, but he agrees that they should look into it. First, he wants a couple hours to let Benny explain himself: If he is the killer, Dean will take care of the vamp himself.

Benny looks awfully suspicious when Dean tracks him down, washing blood off his hands and burying a second victim. But he’s got a good reason – Desmond, a vampire from his good ol’ days, is after him to join his nest, and he won’t give up until Benny does so. He’s been been killing people, chasing Benny out of one town after another. This place, however, is special — it’s his hometown — and he’s not leaving. He’s even found some family (great grand daughter Elizabeth at the Shack) to keep him honest.

Dean expects Sam and Martin to just trust Benny’s story and is willing to risk innocent lives on his word, but they’re reluctant. “He has never let me down,” Dean says. Ouch — that one clearly stings for Sam, who replies bitingly, “Good on you, Dean. Must feel great finally finding someone you can trust after all these years.”

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Citizen FangMartin takes matters into his own hands and knocks Dean out, freeing himself and Sam to go after the vamp. But Benny’s already hightailed it thanks to a tip from Dean; they later kill Desmond together. As Dean bleeds from the neck, Benny stares as the wound a little too long and then walks away before anything else happens. He’s on his way way underground — he can’t stay put in his home now — when he gets a call from Martin, who’s taken Elizabeth hostage. Forced to return to the Shack, Benny offers himself up – almost literally, laying his head down on the counter for the chop – in exchange for her life, but just as it appears that Martin is about to behead him, the scene cuts away. Most evil act break ever? The action picks back up with Dean getting a call from Elizabeth to come back. When he shows up, she’s covered in blood and barely able to speak. Inside, Martin’s bloody, dead body greets him. So Benny killed, but only once pushed to the edge by the unstable hunter, who Dean says had it coming.

If you’re wondering where Sam is in all this, well, he’s driving. Furiously. After getting a text from Amelia while looking for Benny – “I need your help. Come quick,” it reads – he speeds off to her home. It was once his home, too, until — cue flashbacks — he left following Don’s return because it was the right thing to do. Everything is just fine when Sam arrives there and spies Amelia and Don through the window: It was actually Dean who sent the text to get his brother to back off. The younger Winchester is none too happy about it, especially after learning of Benny’s casualty. He hangs up on Dean and turns around to find… Amelia. “I knew that was you,” she says.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the winter finale? Were you expecting more from the Amelia flashbacks? And was there a more heartbreaking line than Dean saying to Benny, “Guys like us, we don’t get a home. We don’t get a family”? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mieke T says:

    I am not surprised but still very disappointed with how the Sam flashback story line ended. I was afraid all along that it was all very literal. We now truly have a soap opera on our hands. But, great recap and so fast! One, to me very shocking detail you left out was how Sam just completely ditched Martin in the woods, potentially to be slaughtered. Who is this Sam?! I don’t get it. I don’t think we are ever going to see Sam’s “world imploding” I think part of what makes me not really feel any interest in the Amelia storyline is the fact that we did not see any of Sam’s story before he met her. He says to Amelia that she saved his life, but all we ever saw of Sam in the flashbacks is him being pretty much ok, working odd jobs and looking well groomed and handsome. Besides his panic at having hit a dog we did not see a Sam in need of saving. There are still many inconsistencies to be answered, even more after tonight’s episode. Carver teased that we would learn who the shadowy figure watching Sam was in the premiere. Are we to conclude that it was Dean? I can’t say I like either brother very much right now and they clearly don’t like each other. What’s the point of all this?

    • rowan77 says:

      What is it with people missing so much. Were you doing something else while the show was on? You’re upset that Sam behaved very Sam-like and did the right thing for Don and Amelia, even though it was painful as hell for him? You’re also upset that Sam behaved very Sam-like and dropped everything to help someone he loves who’s in trouble and needs him now. Do you need to be spoon fed every little detail? Sam made it very clear he was alone and depressed and drifting and NOT alright. Just because they chose to show him plodding on to get through his days, doesn’t mean he lied about being lost. Why must Sam degrade into a smelly, unkempt guy? Apparently subtly is lost on you.

      This was a damn good episode. Sam and Dean’s issues with each other are nowhere near over. They both are missing important information about each other’s lives this past year so they just don’t understand each other. Put Sam’s guilt and anger at the idea that Benny has replaced him as Dean’s “brother,” and you’ve got Sam acting exactly as Sam would in this situation. Dean is being loyal to a dear friend (and a douche to Sam for using Amelia as misdirection, but since when does Dean go though a whole episode and not have a douche moment?). If you’ve paid attention to the characters over the years and stop trying to imbue them with your own sensibilities, you’d understand this season a lot more.

      I don’t know your age, but maybe watching a show like The Secret Life of the American Teenager is more your speed. It’s about as subtle as a brick.

      • Mieke T says:

        Wow love, I am certain I am old enough to be your mother. I am not even going to dignify responding to the points you are trying to make in your post, because first of all it’s filled with spelling errors and second it’s beyond rude. People are entitled to a difference of opinion.

        • rowan77 says:

          So I said subtly instead of subtlety. If that is your excuse for saying something is “filled with spelling errors,” you simply have no real response to being so utterly obtuse about this show.

          Whatever your age, you just don’t grasp intricate, layered storytelling. That’s fine. It’s not for everyone, but I suggest that when you come off of your high horse, you watch the episode again because I think now you may start seeing things you didn’t see before.

          • Sand says:

            So you respond to someone you see as being on their high horse by getting on a higher one? That makes you a horse’s ass.

          • rowan77 says:

            No, I just pointed out a fact. Her response was that she had no intelligent argument. She completely missed the forrest for the trees and then felt the need to defend her uninformed post with one made of BS.

      • Marie says:

        “Sam behaved very Sam-like and did the right thing for Don and Amelia”

        Yeah, just what every woman needs. A man to make the choice of who she gets to end up with for her.

        • rowan77 says:

          I’m sorry? Sam was a stand-up guy. Amelia is married to Don and was obviously terribly conflicted. Sam had a decision to make too. It wasn’t just her decision and Same chose the high road. If she had wanted Sam to stay she would have asked him to stick around. He wasn’t pretending they weren’t working out. He was trying to be the bigger person.

          • Jill says:

            She did want him to stay. He made the decision to leave after coming face to face with Don.

          • rowan77 says:

            Yes but when he told her he was leaving because she and Don deserved a chance, she didn’t argue. She didn’t tell him to stay. She said nothing. At that point she made her decision. She was going to give Don a chance because I think we all know that if she had said to Sam, she didn’t want to give Don a chance and she only wanted Sam, he would have stayed. But that didn’t happen.

        • Alan says:

          hold on. she is married to don, that super cedes any relationship she had with him in sam’s eyes. sam did what he thought was right by giving her the chance to be happy with her husband, an act which also cost him happiness

      • I totally agree with you, Rowan77 !

    • jen says:

      I can totally understand. Like when Dean returned from Hell and Sam turned all terminator-psychic-wonderboy-overlord-of-darknesss, they showed the flashback of how devastated he was from Dean’s death, that he drank himself into a stupor and summoned the Crossroads demon…and that Ruby was there as an anchor.

      Here we didn’t get that. But I’ve already given up hope for that and see it as an experiment gone wrong with the pacing and editting…unless they surprise us and actually had every single meticulous thing planned out to the last detail. Which they obviously haven’t, proven by reusing the same actors from early seasons (e.g. Samandriel) and the wrong Tran mother. But still, I love this Mama Tran. If we don’t nitpick too much, it’s a lot easier to enjoy and see where they’re going.

      Also, it’s not like the epic Apocalypse arc was flawless. Borders on trite, had some execution and pacing problems, yet it resonates with so many of us, partly because Sam and Dean weren’t static and the deep meaningful themes like life and death, family and friendship, pain and suffering, were explored and delivered with sincerity.

      • kale66 says:

        What’s wrong with using actors from previous seasons? Fans have had fun making up a past for Samandriel’s vessel, and the reason they didn’t use the actress who played Mrs.Tran first, she wasn’t available!

        • jen says:

          wow, aren’t fans so forgiving when it comes to bad tv
          yet when it comes to good tv….
          not making a dig at you, just those who couldn’t see the good parts this episode because apparently the boys are unlikeable

          its fine to have fun and all, I too write my own Samanadriel backstory, and didn’t I say I love this feisty Mama Tran? But you have to understand why people would check out of a show like Supernatural. Fans have left this show in the past. Some continue out of loyalty and hope.

          thank you.
          I just got up so excuse any typos. Understand that some can overlook things, while others cannot. A mistake is a mistake unless it was intentional. its uo to you whether to overlook it or not.

      • Kyle says:

        You didn’t get that, cause Sam is not the selfish immature kid he was on season 4, which was disappointing, that wasn’t the Sam from the first three seasons.

        • jen says:

          I’m sorry, but that’s character development.
          People are dynamic, why can’t Sam be the same?
          Looking at the circumstances, change in character is believable.

          I’ve ranted far too much on this topic, that this is not character assassination, here and especially on other review sites. Many others share the same views as I.

          People like what they like, which is fine. But not everyone like Supernatural for statics characterisations. What previous episodes couldn’t, or didn’t want to yet deliver, is a reasonable and logical explanation if Sam’s character. The believability could not be felt. Either it was poor execution, acting or writing, what’s done is done. Or, if one is like me, after after watching this episode, the insight into Sam’s character was clearly alluded to during the flashbacks and his behaviour after the text. There wasn’t a blatant answer, but that is the best thing about this episode. It was written with such a sophistication, combined with the marvellous execution and acting, that it was not boring. Dumbing down trivilises important issues, and impact cannot be felt.

          I’m sorry you didn’t like Sam during season 4, but we’re at season 8 now. Timeskips occurred, major events have happened …. therefore it is very conceivable that characters change. Sure, it doesn’t need to happen, but 2D characterisations offend many viewers, believe me.

      • Alan says:

        oh wow they reused actors, is that really all you can use to point out flaws? there is a limited amount of actors working in vancouver at the minute, cut out half of those for being the wrong gender for the part, then cut out all those who dont fit the age range of the character, then cut out all those who dont fit the part, then you have an extremely limited amount of people to choose from. im just amazed that after 8 seasons that they dont reuse more actors

        • jen says:

          you’ve the point of my comment.

          • jen says:

            you’ve missed the point of my comment.
            Sure, I can point out many other flaws, I already have, but Samandriel stood out because I recognised him immediately.
            The fact that I recognised him as someone not Alfie was a flaw on their part. It was sloppy. It is trivial, and I forgive them and if you’ve read my comments then you would realise this, but I spotted it. But it doesn’t grate on my nerves. If I didn’t make that clear in the comment you responded to then I’ll make it now.

            I merely used them as an example because they were examples at the top of my head at the time.

          • Alan says:

            but you clearly cant get over it like you claim you can because you said that they couldnt have planned things well if they are reusing actors

  2. Phi says:

    I actually like the Benny and Dean dynamic..they relate to each other… even though they have family in a sense, they are still lonely. It is so apparent that Sam wants out of the business but he keeps getting pulled back in. Dean tried it(normal life) for a whole year…. and here he is… hunting AGAIN! Cant escape FATE

  3. Christopher says:

    I’m thinking we may get a surprise and find that Benny did not kill Martin. We never actually saw Martin’s death. And it sounded like Dean was trying to tell Sam something important about how Martin died, but Sam hung up. Curious to see if it plays out that way.

    • rowan77 says:

      I’ve gotta respectfully disagree here. Benny clearly killed Martin. Dean was trying to explain to Sam that Martin was going to kill Elizabeth (an innocent and Benny’s great-great-granddaughter). He had no reason to kill Benny and Benny did was right to do what he did to make sure Elizabeth remained safe. But Sam hung up on him because once again, he doesn’t have all the information. All Sam thinks is that Dean chose a vampire over a hunter they’re family owed a debt of gratitude to. Eventually it will all come out, I’m sure, but It’s very clear that Benny ripped out Martin’s throat. Martin should never have been released from the nut hut. He still had a rather dangerous screw loose.

      • Fiona says:

        I’m gonna disagree, too. To me it was pretty clear that Elizabeth might have killed Martin. Benny was ready to die for her. She was the one who was screaming bloody murder when they very purposefully cut away.

        • rowan77 says:

          There is nothing in this episode to suggest Elizabeth killed Martin. There is no history of her being violent, using weapons and let’s face it – suggesting that a human women ripped out the throat of a skilled hunter without anything more than the initial knife wound? You’re seeing things that aren’t there

          She was shellshocked at what she saw Benny do, and Benny would have stuck around for her. He wouldn’t have abandoned her for saving his life. The guy who wants him dead was dead. No, Benny did it and this will be a big deal later in the season because Sam is obviously bent on putting Benny down.

    • Alan says:

      definitely found it odd they way that was edited. i mean it was obvious that martin was going to be the one dean found dead so why didnt they just show it? then the avoiding the conversation between dean and sam, it really makes me think that there was more going on

  4. shinobu says:

    “Guys like us, we don’t get a home. We don’t get a family” It’s disheartening to hear that coming from Dean, but every episode seems to be more true.

    • jen says:

      this season has managed to be so insightful and poignant, something I thought we wouldn’t see much of, but was pleasantly surprised.

  5. Jude says:

    Awesome episode! Martin was as much of a loose cannon tonight as he was in “Sam Interrupted”. Sad he died but how could he drag the innocent Elizabeth into that mess?!? Benny had every right to defend himself & his great granddaughter.Wish Sam could have tried to understand that the way Dean did.
    Such great lines….What Dean said, to Sam about Benny never letting him down and then that line to Benny about guys like them never getting a home or a family, broke my heart. If only Sam had always had Dean’s back the same way Benny did in Purgatory. I did love Dean still calling his brother Sammy on the phone. Wonder how long Sam will stay pissed at Dean for the “message from Amelia”? I’m thinking a lot will depend on the the talk Amelia and Sam will have when the show returns. A very exciting and tense season so far………Can’t wait til January!!!!!!!

  6. Madeline says:


    I feel like Carver is tearing the brother relationship to shreds. And for no reason at all other than kicks. Neither Sam or Dean are being portrayed as very likable here. I don’t see the point in any of this. I really do not see how Sam and Dean will come out of this. And the show very much needs them to. Those brothers are the foundation of SPN.

    Dean and Sam will always be family. I just…don’t even know.

    And too much Benny. I think Carver should have just pitched a pilot starring Benny.

    Can’t say I have been a very big fan lately.

    • rowan77 says:

      Hes not tearing it to shreds. He’s simply making it more complicated as they both have their secrets and guilt and anger, but are trying to be stoic and not talk about it. it’s never a joy when they fight, but they always learn from their fights when they’re over and grow. They will come together, because they always do, and they’ll have each other’s backs. Don’t worry and enjoy the twisty, turn-y ride.

      • rowan77, I agree with your comments, but I did want more to the Sam flashbacks. I have enjoyed the chatter online that Amelia was all in Sam’s head. I STILL think there is more to the flashbacks, that it was part or all a dream or not what it seems. What are your thoughts on that? I am LOVING Season 8.

        • rowan77 says:

          I haven’t heard that chatter, but now that I have – I don’t believe for one minute Amelia’s in Sam’s head. Sam is no longer bonkers – Castiel fixed that by removing the crazy and absorbing it into himself last season. Sam is sane. But I do feel like the backstory has gotten the short shrift a little. Probably because Purgatory flashbacks were so awesome and action packed.

          • annbeancat says:

            Just because Cas fixed him doesn’t mean he couldn’t have had another breakdown over the loss of the only family he had left.

          • rowan77 says:

            And that conjecture is based on absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. When crafting an arc like what you are proposing, the writers leave little (and sometimes not so little) clues so the audience and characters have something to go on. Like they did in episodes leading up to seeing Ghost-Bobby. There is nothing like that happening with the Amelia storyline. There has been no indication that Sam is anything less than sane, so for him to all of a sudden, without warning, be suddenly bat-sh!t crazy again is just terrible storytelling. Amelia is as real as Benny, I promise you.

      • I can’t help but worry. Usually Bobby or Ellen or someone from the boys mutual past brings them back together when they get into these little diva fights and the show has systematically slaughtered everyone from the boys lives. I suppose from the preview that they are going to use Cass for it but he doesn’t really have the emotional connection with Sam that he does with Dean so I’m not sure how well that will work. I vote that as expiation for unleashing the Leviathans that Cass bring Bobby back because the Leviathans killed Bobby and that is all Cass’s fault. Plus Garth being the new Bobby is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen and I want to know what happened to Bobby’s very large collection of one of a kind books that he made copies of and hid in strategic locations. They can’t keep getting everything from the internet. It’s stupid. Needless to say… I have concerns.

        • kale66 says:

          I think Cas has a bond to Sam, after all he went to Hell a second time to pull him from the cage, and that was for his sake as well as Dean’s. He and Sam also had a nice bonding moment when Sam asked him how he was after he took his Hellucinations. I don’t mind Garth being the ‘new Bobby’ in the sense we still see him as Garth, it’s not overshadowing Bobby, in fact it helps to reinforce that Bobby meant a lot to other people, not just the Winchesters. Bobby’s caches of information will doubtless come back at some point, but for now, it’s not as neccessary to the stories (that small detail)

          • I’m not saying that Cass has no bond with Sam but I’m not sure I’d buy it as strong enough to snap Sam out of his stubborn pigheaded fight with Dean. They’ve had a couple nice scenes but it’s nothing to the connection that Sam has with other characters or that Dean has with Cass. Both of them get so freaking bull headed it’s like their father has possessed them and historically it takes someone they both care a LOT about either being in danger or smacking their heads together before they’ll snap out of it.
            Garth trying to be Bobby is stupid and annoying and a sop to the fans like me who think that Bobby was last piece of heart in this show that stopped Sam and Dean from turning into total bastards. Sam and Dean get so attached to their own point of view and so self involved that they easily would have stopped talking years ago if it hadn’t been for characters like Bobby and Ellen who love them both and gave them a sense of family and take care of them. Now they have no one that cares about them both and they are getting colder and more stubborn and I’m very concerned about it.

        • Alan says:

          they needed someone to take on the role bobby had but be less competent at it, sounds pretty perfect for garth in my opinion

          • jen says:

            I agree with you so much!
            The way he had all those mobiles in his jacket was just so dorky and so Garth, I was so puzzled why there are complaints about him replacing Bobby.

            Technically he’s taking over Bobby’s role in the hunting biz, but he’s just Garth. Now there would be a logic gap if no-one took over the responsibility of being phony FBI director, or in this case…Sheriff watever. And honestly, there’s only so much illogic and suspension of disbelief before I scream.

            And I actually liked him better after that episode. It would have been perfect had they written Dean’s lines better during his moment of possession, or at least executed better. It thought the moment was too pointed and jarring. Some more nuance and finesse in my opinion. They had the right atmosphere that ep. Very much like early Supernatural.

    • jen says:

      Well excuse us for not wanting to watch sunshine and rainbows and regurgitation and triteness every single episode. Did you feel this way as well when Cas joined team free will? Too much Cas? If we’re wanting a satisfying mytharc to closing the gates of hell without recycling same old drivel for the characters, we need character growth. Being happy all the time with each other will not help them grow. They’ll be reduced to 2D boring characters from that one show who fight monsters. The end.

      It’s a lot more exciting to watch them work through everything. And they need to grow individually as well. It’s their distinctness from each other that makes them so much fun to watch.

      • Of course we all want the brothers to be happy and rainbows and all that, but how BORING would that be. Let’s remember these boys are hunters. My family is complicated enough, and none of us have been to Hell! :) Fans have their own opinion, and SPN fans are as crazy (in a great way) as any other show I have followed. But I cannot relate to any fan that is not loving Season 8, after the all-over-the-place Season 6 and 7. All the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed again. I don’t feel at all the brother’s conflict is “made up.” The character development this season is awesome.

        • jen says:

          I felt that way as for seasons 6 and 7. They had surprisingly good guest stars and superior acting, they had a workable plot, some insightful and profound ideas, yet the execution was terrible both in writing and production. The impact they wanted to deliver couldn’t be felt, leaving that feeling of anticlimatic, overreaching, overdrawn, general confusion and huh? overall.

          its not that I couldn’t see what they trying to do. But if a show’s asking for too much suspension of disbelief…that says something.

          What I love this season is that they KNOW the mistakes. Cas was like the voice of Meta, with his questioning the metaphysics of dying in Purgatory. Not that we’ll get an answer, but just so grateful they see the validity of logic and sense. What they now need to do is deliver that onscreen. Hence my emphasis on execution in general.

          What if he’s the Metatron? Not like everyday one can smash the Word of God. And he did it twice! Like he hated his own writing. Probably too far fetched, I know.

    • Alan says:

      brothers fight, its just realistic and they have fought pretty much non-stop since the begining of the show. i swear people have this idealised view where people get on all the time, which is absolutely ridiculous. then there is also the fact that everybody being happy and getting along is boring tv so people fight, then we argue endlessly about it

  7. Beth says:

    Sam who? I am loving the Dean – Benny bromance :)

  8. ollie says:

    i was surprised i started tearing up when i thought benny was a goner. the way the epsiode ended surprised me i thought we get a bigger cliffhanger than we did. would have been better if they ended with benny laying his head on the table and sam going to the house in texas but not looking through the window. i was also sad with the speech dean gave benny. looking forward to more dean, sam, cass in new epsiodes looks awesome. sucks we have to wait till jan 16

  9. RS says:

    Mediocre episode at best – I’m disappointed that this is what they’re leaving us with before the hiatus. I didn’t think it was possible but Jared’s acting is even more cringe-inducing than usual in this ep, and the Romeo and Juliet storyline is just plain embarrassing and boring. Everyone involved in making this show needs to spend less time making sure Jared has the best lighting and shots in every scene and more time on writing a better show.

    • JW says:

      It’s not hard to make a civilised comment. Jared and Jensen both work hard and do an amazing job with Supernatural. The show would not have gone so long if that was not the case. Make critical points about the plot and characters sure, but I’m sure most commenters would prefer not to read such personal attacks on the actors.

      • Joe says:

        Don’t worry about it JW. Poster’s such as RS only post like they do to get a rise out of folks. They think that they will find others out there that are willing to be part of their mythical Jared vs. Jensen game. It’s the worse side of SPN fans. My recommendation is to just ignore them.

    • jen says:

      Wow, your comment is wrong in so many ways I don’t know where to start. I think his acting is way better than before. Perhaps it was the relationship plot you found cringe-worthy. There was no overacting nor underacting, just the spot on and in character.

      And about lighting and shots…poor execution kills a show. Period. Shoddy editting, crap camera angles, cheesy effects will ruin the impact of any writing, even the best out there.
      This is arguably the best quality I’ve seen in a Supernatural episode in years. The atmosphere was right, not too much lighting compared to last season, the skilled camera works to deliver results.

      • jen says:

        And the writing was excellent. What would be a better show to you? Slapstick and gags and slash and kill and monsters? What happened to character growths and developments and something new? And don’t worry about plot. If you’ve seen the teaser for the upcoming episode, things are definitely happening.

  10. Viv says:

    When does it start again?

  11. HorrorHomo says:

    watching a season full of water boil at a slow temperature would be more entertaining then this whole Sam/Amelia storyline. the first few flashbacks in the beginning were ok but now its the same crap every week..
    “on this weeks episode of Supernatural lets flashback to Sam and Amelia baking dinner. will the spaghetti stick when they throw it at the wall? stay tuned till next week to find out”.what exactly is the point to this storyline?
    How about a little less Sam/Amelia and more Castiel. Two minutes of him on screen is a billion times more entertaining then a season of Mr. and Mrs. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

    P.S. are we really to believe that a man whose body looks like it was sculpted by the greek gods(Jared Padalecki) chose that grotesque women?

  12. jen says:

    Why do I feel like I’m the only one who thought this was the best episode this season? In fact, the best that Supernatural delivered in a very long time. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but this is one of the best episode in years. Years, what’s up with that? Execution, writing, acting…Hands down, it’s got everything. I can only hope that the quality continues all the way to the end. And judging by the next episode’s teaser, oh hell yes.

    No more shoddy execution, incomplete plots, triteness and 2D characterisations – logic and reason and tension and refreshing and sophistication and HEART have finally reappeared. Thank you. Thank you! Bless you all for giving me this!

    January 16th is too excruciating a wait!!

    • Maggie says:

      I really loved the episode too, even the trapp Dean put on Sam to save his friend. Nobody knew who had sent the message until the scene where the cell in Dean’s car started to ring. Amazing episode Kudos for the writers !!!!!

  13. Ann says:

    I loved this episode. It hurts seeing the brothers at odds, but I have faith that they’ll get their crap together soon enough. I must say that for the first time, I really feel for the Sam/Amelia relationship. I wish it could somehow work out, and it’s heartbreaking that it can’t. Just…poor Sam. :(

    And then there’s Benny. Wow. I love Benny now so, so much. I had my suspicions of him at first, just like Sam, but now? UGH. I legit teared up when I thought he was done for. Great acting there, Mr. Olsson.

    Dean, Dean, Dean. Is it just me, or is Dean suddenly off now whenever Cas isn’t around? Cas brings warmth and smiles to Dean that I only see when he’s in the episode. Dean just…lets loose around him, seems more at peace. When Cas isn’t there, Dean’s extremely negative. it’s amazing, the impact Cas has had on Dean’s life.

    I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these characters!

    • jen says:

      I think it’s just you. Cas has brought grief to Dean in many episodes. But their relationship is just as interesting to watch as Dean’s and Benny’s, because Dean’s character becomes more fleshed out when we see him react with different people and situations.

      While I’ll disagree about Dean being off and negative without Cas around, I’ll concede to the ‘letting loose’, but only after last week’s episode. Because Cas and him have history. They’ve battled the Apocalypse, they’ve bled and died and saved and cared and hurt for each other. They’ve been disappointed and let down and betrayed by each other. Yet through it all, they’re still there for each other. They know and understand each other from experience, so there’s the ‘comfort zone’ of the familiar. Until something else pops up, lol. But Cas is family. And I guess weird enough for Dean to amuse himself, so yeah, happier he seems.

      I think the negative vibe you’re getting, assuming you’re referring to this week’s episode, was from tension between him and Sam. They don’t see eye to eye, Sam’s doing things behind his back, and Dean cannot possibly make Sam understand the bond he has with Benny because Sam is hardheaded (lol) and it’s something one need to experience for himself.

      I also can’t wait to see what’s in store for them. Everyone of them…just so intriguing.

  14. John says:

    That was an AWESOME midseason finale! I was hooked for the entire episode!

  15. TJen says:

    An awesome midseason finale! I totally agree. Dean crossed a line so huge, but he doesn’t even know it! He has no idea how not cool that was to do to Sam. Or if he does, it just goes to show you how close he feels to Benny then Sam at the moment.

    • jen says:

      My thoughts exactly!

      It’s like having big brother read your diary, feeling pissed off for your and everybody else’s sake and took matters into his own hands so baby brother can just STOP EMOTING! (And conveniently not hunt down his vampire pal…two birds one stone, lmao. So damn resourceful.)

      Also, even though this ep offshoots from what happened last season with…Amy? Sam’s childhood monster crush?, Anyway, it’s along the same vein, yet they’ve worked it for both the brothers, had them in different roles…and the outcome is so different. And the impact! Past love compared to recent partner…ooh, yeah. Dean’s in for it. Some stuff you can’t handle so callously, bro. Feelings and inner angst is sensitive stuff.

      And lo and behold, big brother’s right about his Benny pal. Yup, Dean’s gonna get his.

      But I’m thinking they might sideline it in the next episode because it’s mytharc and full-on action. Maybe they’ll squeeze it in somehow. In a skilled and well-crafted manner of course. Let’s hope.

    • Jackie says:

      Sam crossed a line too by trusting crazy Martin (in the first place, by having him follow Benny) over Dean and then also when they went after Benny after Dean said he thought Benny was innocent) and by handcuffing Dean to the radiator so that Sam and crazy Martin could go kill Benny.

      • Jackie says:

        I wish there was an edit button, my post should read:

        o Sam crossed a line too by trusting crazy Martin (in the first place, by having him follow Benny and then also when they went after Benny after Dean said he thought Benny was innocent) and by handcuffing Dean to the radiator so that Sam and crazy Martin could go kill Benny.

  16. Jackie says:

    I liked most of this episode, except for the flashbacks. I thought the scene with Benny-Elizabeth-Martin was suspenseful and I didn’t know what was going to happen, who was going to end up dying.

    I think Sam let Martin and some of what Martin said get to him and affect his decision-making. I also thought Sam was projecting some of his feelings on Dean.

    The “cliffhanger” to me wasn’t the Sam-Amelia stuff, but rather was Benny really the one who killed Martin. Maybe Benny did, and I thought he was right to, but I guess we’ll see.

  17. April says:

    Am I the only one who rather watch an episode filled with Dean then Sam. To me the Sam story is soooo boring, I don’t mind it that he found himself a girl but it seems they have no chemistry or they just ignored showing us said chemistry. The Dean-Benny story line is better then anything involving Sam

  18. Sandy says:

    The granddaughter had blood all over her I really think she killed Martin. Guess we will have to wait until winter hiatus is over to find out!

    • jen says:

      I was puzzled at first why it was even an issue that Benny killed Martin, but now that its been pointed out and from what I remember…pretty legit. Now that’s cool as well, but might be overkill with plot twists. But it does really tug at heartstrings if Benny did take the blame for Lizzie.

  19. Frog says:

    I love this show.
    Dean breaks my heart every week. And I run right back to him.
    I really love bringing Benny into the SPN family. He is such a perfect combo with Dean. We get to see a side of Dean we never could with Sam or Cas and that is exactly what we need from SPN to keep the show fresh. Benny the anti-Cas. Benny and Dean as soldiers from Purgatory dealing with their PTSD. And Sam, the one left behind in civilain life who just can’t understand. It’s a very compelling turn of events. I feel Dean’s anger and Sam’s frustration. That line about being able to count on Benny, Sam reacted exactly like I would expect. And it shows just how far apart they are now. I hope it doesn’t take someone’s death to bring them back together. And if it does, I hope it’s not Benny. I am so glad they didn’t just give us the cheap ending of Benny’s evil and they both kill him and brothers are back together again. It would have been very disappointing. Esp for such a brilliant character as Benny.
    Sam and Amelia are not compelling at all. I agree that if we saw both of them broken it would be more emotionally interesting. But even then I don’t know. It had potential but not as much as Benny is providing to show different facets of the Winchesters.
    Sam leaving Martin in the woods was a jerk move. That was not acceptable on any level. And Sam needs to be seriously guilt tripped over that. I do’nt know why he bailed so easily. And Ican’t help but wonder if he would have left Dean too.
    When Sam was recovering from his blood addiction, Dean took a lot of crap for not supporting him in his time of need. I think Sam deserves the same backlash for not even trying to understand what Dean is dealing with.
    I can’t wait for the new eps next year. This season earned its nickname – Seasongr8!

    • jen says:

      wow, voice of reason, where have thou been all this time?

      I agree with nearly eveything you said. not all, but that’s me and my own preference. because I’m kinda liking the potential of Amelia as plot device. She’s such a wildcard you can’t help being nervous. more character assasination, more sides to sam we have not seen or more mush we really DO NOT WANT! iam nervous. And nervous is good.

      • Alan says:

        how is that the voice of reason? all he did was rip on sam, if he was the voice of reason he would rip on the brothers equally

        • jen says:

          Frog’s pointed out that Amelia’s character has potential despite being non-compelling. That’s more than I’ve read from the thread at that moment in time.

  20. Hector says:

    i dont understand why Sam would be Pissed if he trusted a DEMON over his Brother! but also i can see how Sam is pissed because Dean killed his friend that chick!

  21. Ashley says:

    What character development? It’s like they ignored any growth from the last 2-3 seasons just so Carver can tear them apart and build them back the way he wants them to do. His fabled “maturity” theme is nowhere to be found and, for the first time ever, I hate BOTH of the brothers.

  22. Marc says:

    Any episode that can make me care about Benny is an episode that is well-done, imo: This was definitely one of those. I really haven’t cared about Benny at all before now but after that final scene with Martin? Wow… that was suspenseful and heartbreaking all at once. They really made the character more three-dimensional in Citizen Fang. I’m really hoping they didn’t just do it to have him die in his next appearance due to some misunderstanding.

    As for some of the other developments in this one, I love where they took Martin and almost wish he could’ve cheated death to become a reoccuring antagonist a la Gordon. It was a logical progression of his character but such a dark turn that I loved it. And as for the brothers’ conflict, I am really starting to come around to that too. This show has always been about role reversals and this one in particular seems to be a flipside of when Ruby sort of replaced Dean as Sam’s right-hand… erm… person. I find it interesting to see how similar and yet very different the brothers’ reactions are.

    The only thing I am still not digging is Sam’s flashbacks though. I understand their purpose, realize that they’re kind of a necessary evil and that they help to move certain parts of the story along but… I just don’t care about them all that much. When they’re cutting into a show about fighting monsters, the transitions are jarring and just don’t fit in that well. Last night was better than usual but in some episodes the setup for a flashback would be ridiculous: “Oh look, a fly is near that body, it reminds me of the time that I hit one with the windshield of my car and this happened with Emilia.” Obviously that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean.

    Anyway, January 16 can’t come soon enough! :)

    • Alan says:

      its true the show could do with a recurring antagonistic hunter again, at the minute they either die or help sam and deam or sometimes both, its time they dealt with a different kind of threat in my opinion

  23. Bella says:

    The truth is that Sam and Dean have gone throught a lot. And because of that, IN THIS MOMENT, they can’t relate to each other.

    They are in pain…and because of that they can’t talk to each other. They don’t understand each other. AND THEY CAN’T SEE HOW MUCH PAIN THE OTHER IS IN.

















  24. kevin says:

    Great episode! lots of tension throughout and martin turned out to be a a lot more nutjob than what was shown before. Sam and Amelias story wasn’t what i expected, but it was a great reveal that it was Dean who did the text…I thought it was Benny ..was almost certain they’d pull the Benny trigger because we never saw the true bad guy till the last minute.

    great mid-finale!

  25. Dilys says:

    I enjoyed the finale especially the 2nd half of the show when the tension ratched up. I like the fact that Dean and Sam both displayed moments of truly trusting each other and at the same time also acting out onhurt feelings. I like Benny – though I must admit I like the snarky Purgatory Benny a little more than woobified Benny so I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t see the ending. Did Benny feed? Did he just kill him? Nice suspense.

    But to be honest the thing that I cared most about the finale was the promo. Cas in danger? Cas being tortured? Why, why, why? It’s so hard to be a Casfan. I’m surprised we don’t all have ulcers from worrying over our Angel so much. Please Carver keep him safe and bring him back for lots of episodes in 2013.

  26. Jason says:

    Why is Sam so obsessed with killing Benny? It’s not like they’ve never let a vampire or other demonic creature live? This guy helped his bro in Purgatory, so it seems like if Sam is gonna cut anyone some slack, it’d be Benny. This has just been very odd from the get-go. Is it strictly payback for Dean killing Sam’s childhood friend?

  27. TexasGreatGrams says:

    Amazing episode…loved all the character development. Both Dean and Sam are very different this year-as I would expect after the year apart and what they both went through. Neither understands the other at this point, nor do they trust each other. Benny is a real complication (although I love both the character and the actor), much more than Amelia seems to be. I think Jeremy Carver is doing an amazing job this season and (except for the “found footage/werewolf” episode) all the episodes have displayed why I consider this the best show on tv. Can’t wait until Jan. 16th. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the Supernatural family

  28. Lori says:

    I am loving Dean and Benny! They should kill Sam or send him off to live with Amelia and let Dean continue to hunt with Cas and Benny. I’ve never liked Sam and I am really hating this season. He’s such a self righteous little wuss!

  29. kale66 says:

    I really enjoyed this episode as it gave both Sam, Dean and Benny their parts to play and they were all interesting, I could see Dean’s POV, and Sam’s and understand both, and therein lies the real tension (and tragedy) the boy’s want to get back together, but they keep missing each other – and like siblings, they know what buttons to push to get the effect they want the most out of anger and repression, I think they are working towards getting all their baggage sorted, and I like that.

    While the reveal has been slow, I don’t mind it, as in real life, healing takes time, and I’d rather have it over the course of the season than bang-bang, two episode resolution.
    Being a newer fan, I’ve got faves in characters, but I don’t say I want storylines to go all Dean’s way, or Sam’s way – add Cas, Benny, etc. to that. I think the more nuanced and developed you can get the characters, the more everyone is satisfied.

    Moving Sam and Amelia’s story into the present I believe will make it much more interesting, because the ending is not a fait accompli, if you thought from the beginning (as I did) it was going no-where, it was more difficult to be invested in it.

    Carver and Edlund got the storyline dumped in their laps from the mishmash of season seven, and it’s up to them to make a new goal for the Winchesters that has to be intriguing, yet never forget where the characters have been.

    Great acting this episode from Ty and Jon (who played Martin)

  30. We really loved “Citizen Fang.” An emotional roller coaster with breathtaking filming locations, perfect Southern music and absolutely beautiful color and light compositions. Once again, the writing was fantastic and so was the guest cast. It was interesting to learn more about Benny the vampire and how much Dean trusted him. In one way, he shares a more profound bond with him than with his brother even though they love each other very much, but Dean and Benny’s experience in purgatory can’t compete with the ups and down he had with his little brother. We were also thrilled to see that Jensen Ackles got an opportunity to shine in this episode and he definitely shone brighter than a shooting star. It’s superb how the writers continuously come up with new, intriguing story lines that lead the brothers on a new path of self-discovery. We love to explore different aspects of their personalities and how their experiences shape and change them over time.

  31. I loved this episode, even with the annoying flashbacks. I really love Benny and I hope they keep him around. Dean needs someone he can fully trust in his life. Also, if a character can make me an emotionall wreck like Benny did when he placed his head on the counter, the need to stick around.
    And how lame was it that Sam didn’t fight for Amelia, the woman he supposedly loves. He’s willing to fight Dean on everything, but not some random guy. It makes me like him even less than I already do.

  32. Kay says:

    “Martin takes matters into his own hands and knocks Dean out, freeing himself and Sam to go after the vamp.”
    So where exactly was Sam when Dean was knocked out by Martin and tied to the radiator in a town with vamps crawling around?

  33. b says:

    im sorta scared to comment cuz i dont wanna get attacked so ill make it quick…i think they r sticking to the characters pretty well so far…sam has a history of putting women before his brother and his own health and safety so abandoning dean on a case and not looking for him because he found amelia seems good to me…dean feels sort of cut out so he feels the need to have another brother-like figure to count on. And he is forever loyal to his brothers. He wouldn’t let any harm come to them. So i understand his protectiveness towards benny. The only thing that annoys me, and this really isnt anyone’s fault is that they break all the interesting parts of the episodes with amelia flashbacks. This has the oppurtunity to be a very interesting story line, showing sam’s human-not-hunter side but compared to dean and cas, it seems a little plodding and i find myself tapping my foot waiting for it to be over…that is all and please don’t attack me. I love the show and this is just my opinion.

    • Alan says:

      definitely not going to attack you, its about time somebody out there realised that they are staying true to the characters. very good comment

    • Dont be afraid to post youer coments , you have just as much right to have your say as anyone on this post. Sam and Amelias flash backs are boring . the purgatory flashbackswith Dean Benny and Castiel were much better. I wish there was more of them.

  34. IMO Sam and Dean are both in the wrong i felt more for Benny in this episode then the winchesters. They always fight then make up its been done to death. Thats why you should always have other characters in this show then just the winchesters they add spice.