The Voice Top 6 Results Recap: Did the Right Contestants Get Cut This Week?

voice top 6 resultsCee Lo Green declared that he doesn’t view The Voice as a competition, but rather “a coexistence.” Blake Shelton, on the other hand, said he’d do anything to ensure he’d have the last two contestants standing in Season 3. And as for Christina Aguilera, her mind was otherwise occupied with thoughts of a weekend hunt at the My Little Pony Game Preserve, where she hopes to gun down a trophy that can be used as raw material for a breathtaking season finale wig.

Okay, that was some seriously grim imagery, but still not as stressful as The Voice‘s Season 3 Top 6 telecast — where there was seriously no telling who might get the axe. (You: “Well, not Cassadee Pope; otherwise Blake would break his contract.” Me: “Good point!”)

But yes, I’m delaying the inevitable…Top 6 eliminations…and might I suggest a 911 call to your local authorities, because somebody got straight-up robbed by America.

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Sent to Safety (in chronological order)
Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte
Cassadee “Pimp Spot or Something Like It” Pope

First Elimination
Melanie Martinez

Melanie said her Voice experience went beyond what she’d ever dreamed, and in return for her charming exit, got the most awkward TV hug of 2012 from Carson Daly.

Final Two Left in Limbo
Nicholas David
Amanda Brown

Blake, who quite possibly gulped down a cocktail of whiskey and smugness before the telecast, opined that “America tends to lean toward the unique” on The Voice, and therefore he expected Nicholas to survive. (Because, of course, there are just tons of statuesque, vocally mind-blowing black women tearing up the rock-music charts right now.)

His reasoning may have been all kinds of wrong, but in the end Blake turned out to be right. Nicholas survived, and Amanda was left like a drifter, born to walk alone. Adam Levine, however, is not worried. He told Amanda that her Voice experience was but “a small sprint in the massive marathon that is life.”

And just like that, Adam has no contestants left in the competition.

And just like that, the viewing public rejected Amanda, who as I said last night (and I continue to stand by my statement) put together one of the absolute strongest five-week runs — “Dream On,” “Stars,” “Someone Like You,” “Here I Go Again,” “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman” — in reality singing competition history. (Yes, hard to belive, there’ve only been five weeks of live shows on Season 3 of The Voice thus far.)

A few other notes on the telecast:

* Anyone else chuckle when Carson pointed out Cee Lo had turned his chair around for every contestant in the Season 3 Top 10, Top 8, and Top 6? (Um, dude, everyone who made the Top 8 and Top 6 were part of the Top 10. Redundant much?)

* The word-heavy verses of “Feel Again” weren’t exactly kind to Trevin. If this duet was a Battle Round, it would’ve gone to Terry.

* I liked seeing two rockin’ chicks — Amanda and Cassadee — team up for Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.” Still, here’s hoping Blake aims for something a little more adventurous for the Season 3 front-runner next week, eh?

* Best duet of the night was Nicholas and Melanie on Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” though conceptually, I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to pair up the teenage girl contestant and the full-grown adult dad for a song with such mature subject matter. The part of me that’s turning into my mom went CTRL+ALT+DEL the second Melanie cooed “I’ve been a bad, bad girl.” But the burning question is, did Xtina know about plans for this results-night duet back when she insisted Melanie should cover “Criminal” during her Monday night critique/scold?

With that, let me turn things over to you:

Did The Voice voters get it right? Should Melanie and Amanda have been eliminated? Or should it have been Trevin and Terry instead? (Yes, your honor, that was a leading question.) Finally, is there any stopping Cassadee? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. BTM says:

    Guess I’m rooting for Nicholas now.

  2. Of course Terry and Trevin had to gone… But man!!! What a wised choice of songs from both, when I saw one doing “i want to know what love is” and the other “and i am telling you ” I said imediatelly… that’s gonna mess it up with everything… and did… what’s very sad because next week we could get incredible performances by melanie and amanda and instead we gonna have medium performances by trevin and terry whose gonna probrably get back to they confort zones…

  3. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I would have preferred Trevin and Melanie both gone, but at least one of them got the boot. Feel bad for Amanda because I felt like she was the one to beat.

  4. Sam says:

    Welp, looks like I’m done watching The Voice. I was really only here for Amanda Brown and the gaga eyes Adam would give her during her performances.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      It’s funny, but every time I see that I get the feeling he has something going on with her. She is pretty hot after all.

      • Samantha says:

        I thought the same thing! He always seemed to be really into her during her performances. He does have a girlfriend though.

      • Sam says:

        my brother and i have been CERTAIN he has a thing for her. his facial expressions during ‘Someone Like You’ sealed the deal for me.

  5. Kidwynn says:

    Amanda Brown should still be in this competition. I sware someone sounds like a no talented hack for weeks who does not have a vocal range and throws a Hail Mary pass and sings that Jennifer Hudson song and still remains in this competition. Trevin can’t do anything beyond a ballot. He did a horrible rendition of an Usher toon and don’t get me start on Katrin and the Wave’s Walking on Sunshine. Wow..just wow how someone with range and talent like Amanda will no longer be on The Voice.

  6. Spycigal says:

    Not sure why Amanda Brown keeps being called a Rock chick when she put herself in the Pop lane… If you look on iTunes it shows what stream they’ve chosen eg Cassadee is Pop so even when she’s sung a Country song it charts on the Pop chart not the Country chart. Trevin is R&B, Melanie is Alternative, Terry is Rock and Cassadee, Nicholas and Amanda are all Pop. Maybe if Amanda has identified as Rock she would’ve picked up fans in that genre.

    • Danny says:

      Could you elaborate on this? It’s intersting, but I’m not 100% getting it. I think what you’re saying is each artist gets to declare what type of music they want their songs to chart on if they chart. Is that accurate?

      Also, when I go to I tunes I can only get the top 100. I don’t get these other categories. Is there a way ya can put a link in here if this site allows it?


      • Spycigal says:

        Yeah I think they get to declare what genre they see themselves as and then any songs that go on iTunes goes on that chart. If you go to iTunes hit the All Genre button on the top left-hand side and ten you can choose a category. This is where they were saying tonight Terry was No 1 on the Rock chart.

  7. Jessica says:

    I had a feeling Amanda would be going home and that stinks because she was my favorite. Melanie deserved to go. It was her time, but I really thought Amanda could win the whole thing! I’ll still watch, but I don’t have anyone to root for.

  8. C.J. says:

    I don’t have a problem with singers getting rewarded for being in the top 10. Considering a record deal is up for grabs I’m sure UMG is gonna want to give it to someone who can sell music. In the end the music industry is still a business and talented singers/musicians get screwed because people have bad taste.

    • Mary says:

      I agree but they are giving 10x the points, that does not mean they are going to sell that many when the show is over.

    • ginaM says:

      Why do people have bad taste if they don’t like the artist you like? I think a certain core of people vote for these reality shows and different groups of people vote for their favorites. I don’t think they reflect people who support an artist long term. I haven’t seen anything much of the last two winners from the Voice or X Factor. Think of all the millions of votes from the 3 major singing competitions and how many of those votes translate into sustained record sales for one artist. I think singers/musicians get screwed by people not willing to buy their product. Too many steal or share mp3s and streaming sites don’t put much money in an artist’s pockets.

      • Sabrina says:

        I agree. I laugh when people say they’re done watching the show. Every single performer in the final 12 has more talent than most of the people commenting here. What gives us the right to believe our musical taste should be more dominant than all of North America’s combined? Nothing does. Suck it up. Watch the show, learn and enjoy! :)

  9. Seth says:

    SO disappointed.. I just feel like Amanda was one of the few contestants on the show that kept everyone guessing. She sang best on Aretha’s song last night. But she also killed Grace Potter, Dream On, Vision of Love, and she even did a pretty good job at Spectrum. Needless to say, she touched a lot of genres throughout the competition. Whereas Terry and Trevin are SO predictable each week. I would be good too if I sang the songs I excelled at. I just feel like in regards to a Voice competition, versatility should have a factor! Then again, a lot of America probably doesn’t see it like I do. I just think of all the performances hers with the best all-around. Good luck to the rest, but I won’t be watching. Instead I’ll be supporting the best talent that just left the show :)

    • Allie says:

      Amen! With Amanda’s departure there is no “voice” there I care to watch or support. But I can’t wait to hear more from the super-talented Miss Brown.

  10. Johnny says:

    Well… What did you expect? Hindsight is 20:20. Remember when one of the judges (Xtina) kept telling Amanda that we do not know where she fits when it comes to any music genre. Well… I am paraphrasing. When I looked at the itunes rock chart, I saw Terry. I think his songs are all throughout the itunes rock charts. Where was Amanda’s songs? Did America really have a choice? Or did the show “The Voice” really not have a place to categorize Amanda’s songs. In the top 100 itunes songs, I saw Amanda’s song “Here I Go Again” higher than Terry’s song “Stay With Me”. But, none of her rock songs made it to the rock charts. I guess they could not place Amanda anywhere since she was the true “VOICE”. She was too versatile and too talented for the show. However, I saw Whitesnake in the itunes rock top 10 chart with the same song “Here I Go Again”. This is an old song. Why would this show up in the top 10 this week all of a sudden in the roch charts. Obviously, it is because Amanda brought it out of obscurity. Now, I have nothing against Terry. Although, I heard some of his straining attempts at some rock hits. But, if I see a song in the top 10, I might want to download it or at least hear it to see why people have chosen it to be in the top 10. If I do not see your song in the top 10, I will have to actively search for your song. To search for good music is not a big deal for me, but sometimes the charts are a good indicator of a good tune if you are already a fan of the artist. Let’s be real. The itunes 10x bonus is a deal breaker. If you cannot be categorized into a certain genre, then you will be screwed.

    I hope to see more of Amanda’s work in the future. I wish her luck in the future! She was robbed and that is my final word on that for now.

    • Spycigal says:

      Amanda is identified as Pop so her songs were all charted on the Pop chart not the Rock chart. I think if she’d identified herself as Rock maybe she would’ve picked up more fans. Being versatile is good after you’ve established a good fan base first and I feel like even though Amanda was one of the best singers she didn’t build a big enough core fan base as she kept switching genres.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        I think it’s a lot easier to chart top 10 on rock than pop in this day and age and to get more notice. OTOH I suppose more people glance at the pop charts. She seemed like maybe a Rock placement wouldve made more sense though.

      • Nick says:

        Every song she sang on this season, except for last night, was rock. Where are people getting that she isn’t a rock singer?

        • Hank says:

          Valeries, Vision of Love, Spectrum, Stars, and Natural Woman are not rock songs. Neither is Someone Like You, but she did make it rock, although it was Adam’s idea, not hers.She originally sang it like Adele. I think she likes rock but doesn’t consider it her genre. Honestly, I don’t know because she kept changing it up it got confusing.

      • Johnny says:

        I am sorry if you classified her as a Pop artist. The show was called “The Voice”. If the song “Dream On” was a pop song, then I must have been mistaken. However, I see many artists that keep switching genres and there songs often show up in numerous charts. Gwen Stefani comes to mind, as well as, others.
        You know what… I think that this is one of those things that will be a moot point. Everyone will have their own opinion as to what they classify Amanda as. But, I will continue to classify her as the true Voice. Some of her songs were rock and some of her songs were other genres.
        But, when it comes to being a rocker, I think that she did not fit the stereotype. People must have looked at her and thought… she should be R & B. Okay… let’s classify her as pop.

  11. Sam says:

    Very disappointed -loved Melanie and Amanda. If Blake’s theory was right, Melanie would have been saved. I thought Terry should have gone. Tough part is they are all good. I have to say, last night was one of the best performance shows I’ve seen. The Voice is fast becoming my favorite.

  12. gailer says:

    No offense, but I cannot figure out who is voting for Nicholas????

    • Didi says:

      Older people who hate the autotuned crap that is in the charts nowadays?
      The Voice generally seems to have an older audience than for instance XFactor.

      • teatime says:

        Does the voice have an older audience than XFactor? Or does it just have more fans of all ages?

        • Samantha says:

          I think it has more fans of all ages. Most people I know who watch XFactor are younger (teens and 20’s) but I know a lot of adults who tune in to The Voice. I think the overall feel of the show is more appealing to all ages. The Factor is kind of polarizing.

    • Tom22 says:

      Nicholas is Tremendous at what he does. For people who appreciate Jazz/Bues and a certain type of 70’s soul his play with the cadence and the runs are incredibly expressive. Maybe that is an aquired taste like bourbon or cabernet’s (I don’t drink anymore, but I remember). The fact that a legend like Bill Withirs was very impressed and appreciative of his style proves that Nicholas is very good at what he does…. very very good.

      However, being good at what is only a niche thing and dependent on perhaps a taste and experience with that type of music doesn’t mean that people who don’t understand or are moved by that type of music Must like him.. If you don’t like that style you won’t like him. That’s fair. There are likely more people in your boat than mine.. so he is unlikely to “win” …thats fair.. but he already is a winner getting this far… beat the odds and showcased his talent… whether he can sell more than a small realease of an album of covers is another question

  13. Jill says:

    Ok, so don’t shoot me, but I think Amanda is a great singer, but I just didn’t like HER. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way & I have a feeling that is why she may not have gotten the votes or downloads.

    • Spycigal says:

      Also I noticed that even though most of her live performances were good her iTunes versions lacked the same performance. Especially when she did a live rock version of the Adele song, the iTunes was just straight up Pop version so I think that’s why it didn’t sell we’ll and make Top 10.

      Also I didn’t like a lot of Melanie’s live performances but her iTunes recordings are really good so I downloaded a few of them even though I didn’t like the live version.

      At the end of the day it’s sales that count – you can be an awesome singer but if you can’t sell music you won’t last long!

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        Exactly. I said same thing on the other thread. WHy did they take out all of the rock and soul of Amanda in the studio and ruin her great live skills?? And then chart her on pop?? And for all the talk about how an indie singer is so not like the auto-tune bots who can’t thrive or sing live and so on, it is curious that Melanie did way better in the studio than the live versions (from the few I checked out). Although, as I said, I suppose maybe her live performances were just riddled with nerves and maybe she is not experience enough to ing well with screaming crowds and all that which can throw singers at first???

    • Me says:

      My Thoughts Exactly.

  14. Ronnie says:

    Amanda has left the building and so have I. No interest in watching the Cassadee Pope show. She bores me. Both Terry and Trevin are weaker artists when it comes to talent and America’s teenyboppers has screwed things up again. But maybe Amanda will be the first Voice star to have solid recording career ala Chris Daughtry. Has ANYONE from the Voice hit it big yet? Slezak? Not the past two winners. As a side note, does anyone think Cody and Amanda were more than just friends?

  15. duke says:

    RACISM yet again

  16. Kyle says:

    There is no way you can anyone can rationalize Amanda going home before Terry or Trevin. Terry has what I call “Kristen Stewart syndrome”- he never shows any emotion, ever. We’ve seen each week that Trevin can only do one thing well, and face with anything other than a power ballad he crumbles.

    The only person remaining who I think is even in the same realm of Amanda’s talent is Cassadee, and even that’s a stretch.

  17. Tedatbent says:

    I have no rooting interest in any of these singers. I watch The Voice because it is a good variety show. Up until the last month, one of my favorite things about the show was the chemistry between the judges. Of the four Cee Lo is the only one you will find on my iPad, but that doesn’t make me root harder for his team. I just want to be entertained. This show stopped being entertaining when Xtina realized her team wasn’t going to win…again. I am not a Xtina basher with an agenda, just a viewer saddened that a show he used to really enjoy is less enjoyable because of the sour attitude of a fading star. Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard comes to mind. Look for Xtina on Dancing With The Stars or Celebrity Rehab in the not too distant future.

  18. Mary says:

    I really think they need to rename the show, after tonight it is clearly not about the voice.
    We have one contestant who is probably going to win and clearly will be auto tuned to sell, or maybe the winner will bring back the 80’s music.

  19. huh??? says:

    I can’t find any reason to continue watching this show. At least not watching it will free up three hours a week for me to do something else.

  20. Venus says:

    Will really miss Amanda. Don’t like the way the iTunes votes are set up. Why count only the last hour’s votes. Those in PST zone would have to download their favorite songs from 4-5 AM.

  21. Antonia says:

    I’m so sad to read all the bad commnts about Trevin. Everyone only wishes they had a voice like his. His records would be heard not only this week, but his music and voice will be heard for a long time. How could God be wrong in electing Trevin and giving him that voice. He has such a beautifull voice and he doesn’t even know it!!!! The youth off today do not appreciate a real singer.

  22. Mog says:

    Amanda Brown should have taken this competition. I think the unfair advantage of downloading the competitors songs and getting 10X votes in addition to the online and phone blog is an unfair advantage. Not everyone has this capability. I like Terry the scottish singer, but i don’t think we as TV viewers are hearing the same thing that is happening live. He hits the notes, but without much emotion. Trevon and Melanie are incredible considering their age – they will they be incredible in their future careers. If you listen to the tone of the voice, it is apparent that Cassidy has a small range, she can’t sing low and sounds screechy in her high’s. Not impressed, sounds like any other young girl trying to copy some pop star (like Christina) who is a has-been full of spite. Ever notice she is the only judge who openly and regularly criticizes all the contestants on the other teams, but never her own. Get over yourself, we all have. Not very enthusiastic about the rest of this season, may be inclined to skip it.

    • Mikayla says:

      “Not everyone has this capability.” So if people can’t buy Amanda’s songs now on iTunes, how can they when she has a record? It’s really simple to buy an iTunes gift card which is cheap and a lot easier to use than a credit card, and what’s the point of becoming a famous singer if no one buys your songs? the iTunes rule makes so much sense because it shows that if people buy your cover songs on some tv competition, they’ll most likely buy your original professional album. and although Cassadee struggles with low notes, she more than makes up for them with her higher register, and i have never once found her screechy. she always pulls them off perfectly.

  23. JW says:

    Nothing left to watch here

  24. victoria says:

    I freaking love cassadee pope, at this point shes the one to beat. And everyone saying at amanda deserved to stay over her f**k off. Its not cassadees fault that she has a bigger fan base or that people actually like her. Im tired of hearing all the damn negativee comments.

    • JMH says:

      Yeah Casadee has more “fans” than Amanda, and Justin Beiber has more fans than Prince. If Casadee had tried to share the stage with Ne-Yo, she’s have looked like a Glee reject.. Amanda WAS The Voice. ark my words, she;s going to hook up with Linda Perry and become The Voice’s Chris Daughtry.

      • njm says:

        Wait, so Ne-Yo is your definition of a great singer? I can’t picture Ne-Yo and Cassadee because they have different styles, but I hardly think sharing the stage with Ne-Yo is the crucible for success in the mainstream.

        • JMH says:

          Ne-Yo is a multi-platinum selling artist who is also responsible for the hit of folks like Beiber, Beyonce, & Rhianna via songwriting. What I’m saying is that Cassadee doesn’t have the stage presence of a star, otherwise, her band would have been a success. Amanda smothered her on their duet., it’s no contest.

          • Seth says:

            Thank you! And another thing to all the comments about Amanda’s voice not being distinct, I could hear a song of hers on the radio and recognize her voice. Personally, Cassadee sounds more cookie-cutter than Amanda. And that’s not biased or anything. Flat out, play me a song down the road of each of theirs that wasn performed on the show, I guarantee Amanda’s would stand out more than Cassadee’s. but the truth is, winner doesn’t matter. The one true point Xtina makes is the fact that her team member Chris Mann has seen the most commercial success. Putting out a solid album and performing at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting within 7 months of the finale? That just shows whoever is talented will succeed. At least this show put Amanda’s name out there!

          • Hank says:

            Although I don’t agree that a person’s fanbase defines how good they are, Cassadee is a great singer and I support her. Her style is nothing like Amanda’s or Ne-Yo’s. There are several other multi-platinum selling artists and Ne-Yo is not the only one. Amanda took a backseat in that duet since it wasn’t her style, but both did good. And Hey Monday was a great band that I still love. The only reason they didn’t get popular is the same reason barely any punk rock bands get popular: there aren’t as many fans in that genre. Although Green Day and Blink-182 are exceptions, there are so many bands at Warped Tour that have not made it big yet, Hey Monday included. Cassadee didn’t feel like waiting years for that to happen, which is what most bands do, so she took another route. I also think she got into a fight with some of the bandmates. The band was started by Cass and Mike Gentile as they were friends since middle school, but they don’t follow each other on Twitter, while they follow the other band members. I think there’s something they’re not telling us, but it’s not our business anyway. Cassadee and Amanda are both great, but Cassadee connected with the audience better just as the other top 4 contestants did. Amanda, though a powerhouse vocalist, always came off as dry whenever they interviewed her, and never had any depth.

  25. First of all Cassadee, ftw. Secondly, America got it wrong in voting Amanda out. It was definitely Melanie’s time, but it should have been Trevin or Nicholas headed out the door with her.

  26. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Anyone that is upset over Amanda being gone should have bought her songs on iTunes. She lost because of that and the rule does not need to be changed. The artists should be rewarded for their songs selling. Why should someone that can’t sell songs win? We got enough of that with the guy that won last season.

    • Davey says:

      I did buy Amanda’s songs and gave her all my votes. Why are you assuming that those who are upset that Amanda is gone didn’t vote for her or buy her music.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        Well it’s pretty simple. Just about everyone here is outraged that she lost. If the feelings of people here even roughly translate to what the public at large that watches feel then she should not have been voted off. The only explanation is the fact she didn’t do well on iTunes and the 4 people that stayed did.

        • Samantha says:

          That’s sort of true. She’s actually been charting a lot higher than Trevin most weeks so people obviously bought her songs. Not everyone uses itunes or has the money to buy songs every week.

  27. Linda says:

    I am no longer interested in the outcome-you can tell its fixed. The coaches were moving in the direction of the 4 finalists last night even before the vote so imo it was already decided and then Blake said…the Voice usually goes for unique when asked who would be going home- he “predicted” Amanda would be leaving. Xtina waxed poetic for Trevine and Pope last night then again before the results. NO way any of them have instincts about it-they are mouthing the voices of the decided. Even Adam said…I am at peace if I am left without anyone in the competition..who says that unless they already know. I hate shows that think the audience is stupid – as if it isn’t obvious where they are going. Now I have no interest in it and can have my Mondays and Tuesdays back to do something constructive with.
    I think Amanda should be in the finals way before any of the ones who are. I am pretty sure someone listening will give her a better break then the Voice-I have never watched any of the winners do well and cannot even recall the winner from the first year. Chris Mann (I think that is his name) is the only one who has had any success and he came in 4th. The show is not interesting anymore with the great voices already gone.

    • Blake’s comment/prediction was tonight. Voting was done. No way what he said influenced anything. I was a little too late for that.

      • Mikayla says:

        Yeah, I agree. Blake said what he felt and turned out to be right. And Adam new that at least one of his artists were going home, since it was between Nicholas, Melanie, and Amanda with only one more spot, so of course he said something positive about losing. Christina did the same when it was between Dez, Cody, and Trevin. They want to sound hopeful for their artists and give them hope. This isnt XFactor, it isnt rigged. America voted and maybe you dont agree, but that doesnt mean they’re wrong or you’re right. Amanda is great and will go places, i can tell.

  28. Davey says:

    Hmm…now that Amanda is voted off she is still charting on iTunes while no one is buying Trevin’s songs.

  29. Jenny says:

    I think with the growing accessibility of iTunes and the like the face of music is changing, and this season of the Voice was a perfect example of how that change is going to continue to impact music and how we choose what we like, and ultimately, what we will buy. And also, considering that middle aged people are now the ones with the most buying power, it should not be surprising that the top 4 looks like the record collection of a 40 year old lawyer. Some Avril, just to feel relevant, Journey in constant rotation in the CD changer in the Mercedes, some good ol’ soul for those kind of days, and “gospel” music for the others. There is no place in that world for an Amanda or a Melanie. Just a thought.

    I, however, will be checking iTunes daily for Melanie’s album to be released, and anticipate the announcement of Amanda and Adam’s engagement sometime by the middle of next year. And thinking someone needs to seriously question why Cee-lo wears women’s dresses on stage, and also send Christina a copy of Miss Manners guide to etiquette. She needs a refresher course I fear.

    • ginaM says:

      Unless you’re middle age, I don’t think you should speak or put down the tastes of this group. Not every young person is into a Melanie and not every 40 year old lawyer is into Journey. I like Melanie as a concept but she needs some aging as an artist…she has a small voice on a big stage, a small vocal range with constant pitch problem. She does have good iTunes recordings, so obviously her voice was “cleaned” up a bit. Don’t like Trevon’s style of music. Don’t see a big market for that. Unless he is belting, he always sounds thin in the low notes and pitchy. Amanda has a wonderful voice but don’t like her style either. If she wanted to be thought of a rocker, she needed to stick to rock songs not big diva songs. Though…I wonder if contestants can refuse to sing their mentor’s choice? Not into David’s music, but he was unique from day one and he can sing. I haven’t watched all episodes and somehow I’ve seen Pope the least so don’t know much about her. She seems kind of bland to me and seemed really pitchy in the group numbers tonight.
      I like Terry the best so far, so I guess I can be accused of liking 80s throwback rock, but I like his pipes. Curious that the Voice never picks any alt rock type of artists like Idol has. That’s the kind of music I like. Maybe they have and I missed it in the earlier rounds?

  30. S.L. Norris says:

    America needs to remember that a fan based vote results in a favorite winner,not necessarily the best singer. The exposure is great for each performer. Record producers are on the alert for particular song stylists and the contest is a showcase which is a rare opportunity to be seen by a national audience. I am often disappointed in the winners but there may be a great difference in the talent preferred by the viewing public as opposed to music producers.Let us hope that the most gifted are rewarded with contracts.

  31. EVPandHC says:

    I recall Top 3 of AI Season 6 when Melinda was eliminated. *sighs*

  32. EVPandHC says:

    That duet of “Breakaway” just exemplified Amanda’s talent. I really hope Cassadee Poop (a name from someone from mjsbigblog) loses. She is so bland and safe. She’s the only girl left, yes, but she does not deserve to win. In fact, Amanda was the only reason for tuning in. It’s all because of the iTunes 10X multiplier.

    • Hank says:

      Cassadee is not bland or safe. She has tried the country genre, something she has never done before, and made it to number one on iTunes. She always adds a twist to whatever songs she sings and has a bright and energetic personality that the audience connects to. Amanda may be slightly better at singing, but her personality is dry and she has no depth. I’m not saying she needs a sob story, but there was never any emotional connection to the songs she sang. They were all just to show off her vocal abilities rather than tell a story like what Cassadee does.

    • seriously? says:

      Cassadee Poop? Wow real original and mature, Amanda must be glad to have fans like you.

  33. spongebob says:

    Well, another superstar-in-the-making voted off. Another season FAIL for The Voice. Who is voting for Trevin? This guy is irrelevant and has zero staying power in this industry. He’s just gonna go back to his hometown after this. Christina must have gotten into a voting frenzy last night to ensure Amanda & Melanie bite the dust. I can understand Melanie, but voting off Amazing Amanda is bad for the show. Well, who knows what will happen next? If that dude who can’t even sing & who just wails out notes miraculously won last season, anyone can win. If Cassadee stayed in the Taylor Swift zone & veered away from the pop/rock cliches of Avril et al , she might be unstoppable. Otherwise, what’s her point leaving Hey Monday if she’s gonna do the same thing? A Cassadee vs Terry finale would be logical. No disrespect to Nicholas since I also love him and I can imagine listening to his records. Anyone but Trevin, please.

    • Dyno-mite says:

      Are you serious?? Trevin has the best voice on this show! And Cassadee? Don’t get me started. She only gets votes because her bucketloads of fans she came into the competition with. Whatever happened to this show being about the voice? Did you hear that Jennifer Hudson cover??

  34. Gil says:

    I still cannot understand how Casadee is still in the running and Amanda is gone. I think that’s it for me with this show

  35. Julie says:

    Cassadee is the weakest vocalist and the least interesting artist of the 4 remaining contestants, but she’ll win because for some reason the producers (wrongly) think she can actually be commercially successful, which is something The Voice desperately needs the show’s winner to be.

    Nicholas is the only 1 of the remaining 4 I have any interest in hearing perform. Terry and Trevin should have left tonight, not Melanie and Amanda.

    The whole iTunes voting is a joke.

    • nate says:

      Cassadee is not the least interesting. Trevin is the shy kid who still isn’t over something an eighth grade teacher told him and Terry is just an ex-rocker. Cassadee has an energetic personality and is a lot of fun to watch. The other artists including Amanda are great, but Cassadee is too. She makes each performance her own and has an emotional connection with the audience every week.

  36. Goat Girl says:

    I still don’t understand who’s voting for Cassadee, she’s good but she’s not great or even interesting. My mom thinks that Blake’s fans/record buyers are sheep who are voting for Terry and Cassadee. I am so sad to see Amanda and Melody leave, especially Melanie.

  37. Liaa says:

    Melanie & Nicholas had the weakest performance but I thought Terry would go home though. And I am confused on why no likes Cassadee. I think the reason why Cassadee is still (i may sound biased) in the competition is because she connects to her fans and the audience who doubts her.Yes she can’t sing lower notes unlike Amanda who is versatile but she makes it up by connecting to the songs that she sings. And honestly, Cassadee did good when they sang “Breakaway”. Those high notes her strength. Amanda, she will be fine even if she didn’t win. She is ready to have an album and a solo tour quite honestly.

    • nate says:

      I completely agree. Most people don’t like Cassadee because she cannot hit the lower notes, but she can belt out higher notes that no one else can. She had pitch problems in the past, but from Over You and on, she has hit every note perfectly, especially the higher ones. She also has a strong connection with each song and the audience, which is why they vote for her. She did great in Breakaway and did not get enough credit. She has a solo EP on iTunes and went on a solor tour in January, but I can’t wait to here more.

  38. behzad says:

    Dear Mr. Slezak, enough with the Christina hate, at least try to contain it (maybe focus on Ceelo’s attire just for a change). REALLY sad about Amanda, she was a finalst as far as I was concerned and I really don’t get why people vote for Trevin at all. Melanie should’ve left a whìle ago; and truth be told, SHE was the bitch in last night’s altercation and disrespectful to someone tryong to help her. I have a scary feeling that Trevin might win

    • Johnny says:

      Disrespectful? I love Melanie. Let’s take a look at what happened yesterday. “Someone trying to help her”…? There is a way that you can be empowering in a critique… Sure the music industry is not all that nice, but when you have a show that promotes itself in finding the next “Voice,” you would expect that the advice would not start off for the second week in a row about the stage settings. I mean… two times in the same night… Let’s talk about the set design before I talk about what the show is really about…The Voice (your performance). At one point last week, she stated that Melanie’s setup gave her ideas that she can use in her career. Trust me I believe that Xtina knows exactly what she is doing. She (Xtina) is full of talent and has a lot of good advice to give, but she had nothing good to say about Melanie. Maybe I am missing something here, but respect is a two-way thing. Xtina was being disrespectful when she began to comment on her set design once again. That is probably why Melanie looked away, because she felt like she was constantly being disrespected by Xtina. Behzad, you say that Xtina was trying to give her advice; however, at that point when Melanie was looking away, Xtina was talking about the set. This so-called advice about the song choice (Fiona Apple) came after she had noticed that Melanie was looking away. This in fact was disrespecting Adam as a coach and his song selections for his artist. I know Xtina no longer has her people to coach, but she was crossing lines last night by trying to coach Adam’s team member Melanie. Adam didn’t ask her to be a co-coach especially when her agenda is so negative. I am just calling it the way it is.

    • Temperence says:

      If you noticed, there were almost two entire episodes where they talked to the three male judges and skipped Chritina’s review of the acts. Verbally, she’s been being as highly inappropriate as her tops are.

  39. AJ says:

    Why isn’t anyone stating the obvious….once again, the voice will have a winner that will be forgotten in 6 months. Does anyone remember the winners from the last 2 seasons, or bought any of their music??? The voice needs to make some big changes if they want to stay relevant.

  40. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Well a bit of good news showing that not first isn’t always last:

    “CeeLo Green sat down with Christina Milian to exclusively confirm that he and his own management team at Primary Wave Music, are now co-managing former “Team CeeLo” artist Juliet Simms. Since coming in 2nd on The Voice last season, this savvy, sultry rock star wild child has been dedicated to writing and recording new music, touring the world, and recently signed with Republic Records to release her new single, “Wild Child,” available on iTunes Dec. 11th. Fans can also expect a debut solo album from Juliet this spring 2013.”

  41. Dyno-mite says:

    Wow guys… I’m upset that Amanda went home too. In my head, I think the Top 4 should’ve been (in order):

    1. Trevin
    2. Amanda
    3. Nicholas
    4. Cassadee (spelling?)

    Melanie was extremely unique and I loved that about her, but she couldn’t hold a candle to the other artists. Terry just seemed waayyy too boring. I don’t think Cassadee is nearly as good of a singer as Amanda, Trevin, or Nicholas. In fact, I think it’s really unfair that she gets to come into the competition with a pre-set, pretty strong fan base. I loved Amanda, but I wondered when people were going to realize that the best part in all of her performances is the same exact screechy sound… DON’T GET ME WRONG… I think it’s cool, but she can’t fit the same note into every song without someone throwing a red flag.


    How can people say Trevin Hunte is not a good singer. He has the best voice of anyone in this season (arguably in the show’s history). The Jennifer Hudson cover he just did was OUTSTANDING! No one in the competition (not even Amanda) could come remotely close to what he did. One of the judges (Adam?) even said it was the best performance he’s heard on the show… like ever. I just wish they were voting, not the dumb Hey Monday fans who think Cassadee has more talent than Trevin…

  42. Lilly says:

    not Stars, Spectrum

  43. Nals says:

    I might be the one only, but gotta say my fav ep of the voice yet, amanda n melanie finally gone

  44. rr says:

    It’s a personality contest from here on out. I think Amanda’s problem was she didn’t do a song that people wanted to put down 10 bits to add to their collection. It would be interesting to see the vote totals as they would like point out the winner (and it would be interesting to see how many people are voting traditionally versus itunes).
    All the voters have locked in their contestant by now, just waiting to see where the votes for those eliminated go – if they go anywhere.

  45. Daisy says:

    I have no words for this result …. o wait, maybe I do.

    Clearly Team Adam got robbed there. They were the best team one the show. Those Itunes votes killed them. It’s ridiciulous that you can download 1 song 10 times and that it gets multiplied by 10 if your song is in the top 10. When all expect team Adam were in the top 10, the result was no suprise.

    I can get Melanie’s elimination, her performance on Monday wasn’t her best. But Trevin or Terry should have been eliminated instead of Amanda, she was the best voice on the show. I cannot wait to see more of her.

    I’ll keep watching the final two weeks, but I have no one to root for. The last two years Cee Lo should have won, so perhaps I’m going for his team know. I don’t know yet, I’m too dissapointed in the result.

    • Oliver Stoned says:

      Conspiracy theory: *Blake is buying 1000’s of downloads of his artists on ITunes.* The Voice is a highly entertaining show. So sorry that Amanda was eliminated.

    • georgie says:

      Why do you find the iTunes rule ridiculous? shouldnt the artists be rewarded when so many people buy their song that it charts on the top ten? it’s a huge accomplishment and it means that America supports them and will listen to them. team adam didn’t chart, so they didn’t make it. that just shows that they were not the fan favorite and are not as good as the other artists at selling songs. you might not like terry, but he made it to number two overall and number one and two on rock, which means he’s popular among the country, which says a lot more than amanda not even charting.

  46. arboretictruth says:

    With the way the voting is set up this season, I really don’t see how Cassadee could possibly lose. Not only do all iTunes downloads from the live shows count, but the x10 bonuses also count. Plus, since both of Cassadee’s songs this week hit the top 10, her votes were multiplied by 100 (which will inevitably boost her spot in the finale).

    And quite frankly, Cassadee deserves it. I really wish I could have seen Amanda and Cassadee battle it out in the finale, but oh well.

    • Samantha says:

      I have a feeling she may win too because of this. I think it’s going to be between she and Terry. They’re the two left who’ve been charting the highest week to week.

      • nate says:

        I’d love to see Cass vs. Terry, although it wouldnt be as fun knowing that Team Blake would win. They’re both great and different. Cassadee does deserve it and has earned her place on The Voice. I truly hope she wins this.

  47. NedPepper says:

    Why doesn’t the best vocie ever really win these competitions? And don’t tell me it is subjective. Amanda had the best voice, looked like the bigger star standing next to Neo, (I’m guessing that’s how he spells his name), has enormous sex appeal; she’s the whole package. And who will win? Avril Levinge’s less talented twin sister…..I will say again: An Avril Levinge clone is going to win. And even if she doesn’t, Trevin may have a great high note, but who will buy his syrupy, outdated ballads? And I like Nicholas, but the winner of the Voice? And Terry? Really? He can revive 80’s rock. Sure. This show just can’t get it right. They tried leaving it completely in America’s hands, and we all know that never works. A decade of American Idol has taught me that. A great season of The Voice suddenly just became meh.

    • nate says:

      So just because Cassadee is an Avril fan and sang her songs, they’re twins? Amanda got voted off because she never had a connection with the audience. She chose her songs to show “versatility” and skill, never because she wanted to convey a part of herself or tell a story to the audience. “Avril Lavinge’s twin sister” does that every week, making the audience feel her paina and drive, which is why she is still here. Amanda is a great singer and will go places, but she’s missing that connection with the audience, and for a talent show, that’s the most important thing.

  48. Temperence says:

    For a change, I’m totally with Slezak tonight – Trevan and Terry clearly needed to go, and the other four needed to have another week to duke it out. And the loss of Miss Amanda tonight? Criminal.

  49. Koolkat says:

    I too was so shocked that Amanda went home. Seeing Terry’s numbers for his first song, I wasn’t surprised he stayed. I have always liked him, but do not see him as an overall winner of the show, like I could see Amanda.
    Still don’t get the Cassadee appeal, but generic seems to win the day.
    I think even Melanie knew she was going this week, since there were no tears like before. Right choice. She is a niche and will likely get some sort of recording deal. I wasn’t a fan, though I liked a couple of here later songs.
    I thought Nicholas would be going due to the weakness of September and Rainbow was either a love it (I did) or hate it. But I am happy he’s staying over Melanie if Amanda had to go.
    I don’t get the hate for Trevin either, his voice is so pure and smooth. He could use a little more stage presence, but he is improving.
    I thought Amanda’s duet with Neo was awesome, but agree that the KC song was weak for her because it was clearly not her style.
    I was pleased that Christina was nicer tonight and didn’t rag on Amanda or Melanie. Or gush over Cassadee.

    • Davey says:

      Christina already did her damage last night. She said she loved Blake’s team and went overboard for Cee-lo’s contestants. So glad she’s taking a break.

  50. Lori says:

    I loved both Amanda and Melanie and am disappointed to see them go. The only favorite I have left is Nicholas, although I started out a strong Terry fan.

    I don’t love Cassadee, her voice annoys me, but at the same time, as usual, most of the women were eliminated, so I do want her to win. Nicholas to me is the most interesting person left.

    I think maybe these shows should start going with a male winner and a female winner, so a woman has a chance.

    Ironic that Idol’s two biggest stars were women, and yet, a woman can’t seem to win.

    So, I’ll be happy with a Nicholas or Cassadee win.