Supernatural Boss Talks Winter Finale: Polarizing Flashbacks and the Brothers' Battle Over Benny

Citizen FangThe tension between Supernatural‘s demon-hunting brothers is about to reach its boiling point. After weeks of accusations and disagreements about Dean’s new vampire pal Benny, things finally come to a head between the Winchesters in this Wednesday’s winter finale (The CW, 9/8c).

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“We have a situation where Sam may have, behind Dean’s back, kept more tabs on Benny than Dean realized,” previews executive producer Jeremy Carver.

Sam’s doubts about his brother’s monstrous friend are heightened when Martin (pictured below), the hunter keeping an eye on the vamp, starts to believe that a recent kill was the work of Benny and his fangs. Thus far, Dean has staunchly defended the enigmatic new character in his life. But will he continue to do so when this new evidence is presented? Or will he start to suspect that maybe his purgatory buddy isn’t keeping his nose as clean as he’d promised?

“It’s a little bit of both,” replies Carver. “That drives the heart of conflict [in this episode].”

For the younger Winchester, Benny’s true nature is clear. “An expression we use in the episode [is] Occam’s Razor,” explains Carver. “When something appears to be, it normally is. So how is Dean going to deal with the fact that Sam thinks Benny is someone that has to be dealt with right here and now? That drives Dean’s conflict about how to act with Benny and how to act with Sam.”

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Whichever allegiance he chooses, it can’t be ignored that Dean has repeatedly stuck by his creature pal, oftentimes instead of by his own brother. “Everything that Dean has said, everything that Sam has said regarding Benny, has not gone into the wind,” says Carver. “They’re very acutely aware of where they stand” – and it ain’t pretty.

Citizen FangFor Sam, it’s “rather tough to see” the “surprising amount of faith, trust and love that Dean puts into Benny,” continues the EP, “especially with some things that Dean has said about Benny in comparison to Sam. It just speaks to how far apart these guys were driven” in the year during Dean’s disappearance.

Carver is coy about whether Dean and Benny’s time in purgatory will play a role in future episodes — there’s no glimpse of the war zone in the winter finale — but he does hint that a big payoff is coming with regards to those flashbacks of Sam’s relatively normal life. “Are they more than they seem? This week will answer some of those questions,” he teases. Viewers will also find out the identity of the mysterious figure who was watching Sam leave Amelia’s house in the season premiere. “Everything’s happening this week!” reveals the EP.

As for whether Sam’s remembrances of the past year, which are quite different in tone for the show and have received mixed reactions from fans, have been successful, Carver believes that “these next couple of weeks will fill out even more what we wanted to get across. I’m very proud and very happy with the flashbacks, and I think it’s a really interesting departure for the show to take.”

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  1. Al says:

    I think Sam and Dean are jealous of each other. :P

    • FB says:

      truestory, lol <3

    • I don’t think Sam and Dean are jealous of each other. They feel betrayed by each other because of the secrets and actions they have taken over the past year/few months.

      • FB says:

        Of course I was joking, nontheless I don’t really find it strange for a brother to be jealous of the other, especially in this case with Benny being “more of a brother to Dean than Sam ever was” … that’s Dean talking, not me. Sam was clearly hurt by those words, and he could be reasonably jealous of the kind of trust and faith Dean feels towards Benny, ’cause he feels like Dean betrayed him by lying and keeping things from him of course, but also because he did it to protect Benny and his relationship with Benny risking his relationship with Sam in the process, not trusting him enough to open up to him. Benny and Dean share a partnership that Sam and Dean on a level never shared, ’cause a little part of Dean will always consider Sammy his little brother, and that’s nothing wrong with that. Sam and Dean will always be Sam and Dean, and they have been brothers in arms all their life. Their bond can never be replaced, and that’s for sure, but It’s kind of fitting that Sam is jealous of that kind of respect and “blind trust” Dean has in Benny, because Dean never “blindly trusted” Sam that way, not because he’s a bad person or doesn’t love Sam enough, but exactly because he loves Sam too much and can’t completely let go of that big brother urge to protect him, and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

        • I think that although Dean was possessed by the spectre there was truth to his outburst. Whether Dean meant that remark about Benny or not I can imagine that Sam hearing Dean say that someone- or something to be more accurate- has been more like a brother to him than he has had to hurt. Sam has made mistakes, deceived, but to have your own brother say that you…

  2. I’m super nervous. I hate to see Sam and Dean on opposite sides of any issue, but Sam has a lot of (justified) resentment and suspicion when it comes to Benny. I’d love for Benny to be innocent, and for Dean’s faith in him to be well-placed. I’d also love to see Sam and Dean actually work out some of their issues (though I doubt it will happen this episode). I can’t wait to learn more about Sam’s “lost year”. There is obviously more going on than we have seen, and I’m glad to hear we get some answers before the winter hiatus.

    • Al says:

      I hope there’s more about Sam’s flashbacks, otherwise I’ll be very disappointed.

      • Mikaylah says:

        I honestly can’t imagine there not being a bigger storyline hidden in Sam’s flashbacks. I think the start of the season focused more on Dean’s time in Purgatory because they wanted to establish his new outlook and Benny, but now we’ll start to really discover more about what happened with Sam.

        • Al says:

          I hope you’re right.

          I hate it when they fight, especially when it’s created using out of character storylines like this season.

          • John says:

            ‘Out of character’? No. Their animosity is justified and the characters are evolving.

          • Nico says:

            out of character?
            Actually I watch this show with my own brother who is three years my senior and we marvel at the accuracy of the sibling relationship. What they show is exactly how brothers who have endured emotional and physical traumas together will react, the elder brother will try and power through the younger will try and escape it and those choices will lead to fights… a lot of fights believe me even after reconciling and rebuilding the brotherly relationship as much as they have over the years, it doesn’t stop siblings from fighting. Actually, I’m more surprised they haven
            t beat the crap out of each other sooner but I suppose that will happen soon

      • I hope there is more to Sam’s memories too. At first I understood the relevance but now I feel like it’s a play out of a normal (or as normal as a hunter can get) lifestyle. I wonder if Don turns this around and proves me wrong.

    • It’s smart to be suspicious of Benny. I really don’t want Benny to be killed but as a hunter Sam needs to do the right thing, make sure nobody gets hurt. Hypocrisy or not the safety of those a hunter vows to protect is a top priority.

  3. Marie says:

    I still don’t understand the utter lack of empathy between the brothers this season, considering their characters having had similar storylines to each other in the past. It’s such a childish and immature direction to take the characters in, and it’s also hard to understand why this one year of separation was such a profound breaking point for them after they’d spent a combined two *centuries* on top of another few years apart.

    • danielle leigh says:

      The lack of empathy you mention has really bothered me. Dean’s upset in one episode and Sam basically says, “You gotta get over it and move on.” And that’s it. There was a time these guys would tear up if the other got a hang-nail. Maybe we don’t need that super-emotional SPN back but at least a little evidence they care about each other would be nice.

      • Nico says:

        That’s the relationship between brothers, sometimes it’s a cry-fest other times it’s buck up nancy-boy. Neither of them are at death’s door so crying isn’t likely, it can only take a year’s separation for a pair of siblings to drift apart.

        Remember they are very different people and being separated they reverted back to their natural characters rather than who they are together. Furthermore, since the series began Sam has been becoming more like Dean, even to the point of spending a year away from hunting to try to be normal and now Dean comes back from purgatory with a monster who he’s now friends with, something old Dean would never have done; yeah empathy not really a high priority as Sam feels betrayed and Dean can’t understand after having gone through purgatory relying on Benny to survive.

      • Kreshnik says:

        Well that was the time when John was a live and personaly I think the took drama to a whole other level that either of these two actors can imagine. Still Jensen and Jared rock haha

      • Dean had been on his case for ages and Sam finally put his foot down and told him to stop. Dean is right; he could have saved people, helped them, if he had not of hung up his shotgun, but it naturally pushed Sam to order him to pack it in. Can’t blame him for that. Especially when Dean was hiding secrets all that time.

      • FB says:

        I agree with the both of you on this. The lack of empathy is completely shocking. I’m not one of those who want the brothers on good terms with each other all the time. I enjoy the conflict and I love when they fight and angst, but since the premiere I still haven’t seen any of them trying to understand what’s going on with the other. I mean we had more heart to heart conversations between Dean and Cas or Dean and Benny than between Sam and Dean. And that feels wrong. It’s like they don’t even care, but I suppose the writers blame the tension between them for the emotional gap, starting with Sam not looking for Dean and so on with the hurting and the secrets ..

  4. Linda says:

    So was it suppose to be Don, Amelia’s ‘dead’ husband who was watching Sam leave? Frankly, I’m bored with his storyline/flashbacks.

    • kate says:

      Sam’s flashbacks are dull to me. Amelia is nice but there isn’t anything interesting about her and Sam’s “normal” life. Dean’s flashbacks seem interesting, but I feel like we don’t get as many of them.

      • Ari says:

        SPN writers are terrible at writing romantic love. I wish they’d stop trying because it’s always painful. They do a much better job and brother/family love.

    • kate says:

      Although if Don is still alive and relatively normal, and Amelia wants to stay with him that would be great because maybe it would be the end of mopey!Sam, who is getting on my nerves with his pining. I like Sam most of the time, but the whole “I miss my precious Ameliaaaa!” thing is getting on my nerves.

      • kevin says:

        IT’s at least better than the whole ” I got the hots for Ruby ( wooden acting) even though I know she’s a demon but its a piece of tail and I’ll ignore my own common sense plus betray my brother and kickstart the apocalypse” stupidity.

    • Kyle says:

      Honestly, I prefer to know Sam had a calm life with a normal girl, than seeing him having sex with a stupid demon, and drinking her blood. Personally, I wouldn’t say Amelia’s flashbacks are boring. They are pretty interesting. Amelia is way more interesting than Ruby. Ruby was pretty simple, she was a demon, who says she used to be human ( which everybody knows it was a lie) and said she wanted to help Sam because of that. I always had this feeling that she was evil, since the season 3 finale, when she was evilly yelling that she will love to see Dean going to hell. Come on people! She was obviously evil. Adding the Ruby/demon blood storyline to Sam was a ridiculous mistake. Amelia on the other hand is way more interesting. Her story is one the things that got me hooked this season.

      • Amelia lacks the excitement that Ruby brought to the show so far. The whole setting (in Sam’s memories) is too normal. It doesn’t reflect the show’s title. And Ruby didn’t lie; like Crowley, Meg, and all the ones we’ve seen hunters kill, she sold her soul, which was tortured into turning demonic.

  5. mac says:

    I’m not a huge Benny fan but I have to admitt that he and Misha have a pretty awesome chemistry. If him surviving means more Benny/Cas scenes I’d be for his survival but well..I don’t really like him yet…

  6. Judy says:

    Let me get this straight……Purgatory- the most talked about and anticipated storyline the show’s had in years- is already over. Supernatural mystery coming out of Purgatory? Other than how Cas got out? None. Tie to the mytharc? Nope. Dean’s PTSD? Nope. Any residual at all of Dean spending a year fighting guerilla warfare with monsters 24/7 in God’s armpit? Nope, even his hunting prowess is back to baseline. Spoilers about Dean in the second half of the season? Nope, not a one.

    But, yes, by all means, let’s spend even more time with the guy who slept the last year in a real bed, eating organic apples, and having picnics with his girlfriend. But wait! Did he or didn’t he? There’s a big mystery here! Maybe Sam’s traumatized? Maybe it’s all in his mind? How is Sam’s story tied to the mytharc? Lots more to come!

    Of course, Sam’s story will turn out to be some major arc while Dean’s fizzles in the wind. How silly of Dean fans to have actually expected some equality in the brothers’ storylines this time around. We should have learned our lesson from the last 2 seasons.

    • Jaylyn says:

      I don’t think there is any story in Purgatory. They fought monsters. They got out. We’ve seen it all. There’s no point to any more flashbacks there. At least Sam’s story has a little more left in it.

      I also am finding Benny boring. I am not happy a second episode is being wasted on him. If he’s good, there’s nothing left to tell so he can be on his way. If he’s bad, there is a story there in how Dean handles it so I guess that way makes the most sense. But I’d rather get back to Dean, Sam and Cas working together.

      • Judy says:

        I agree that, as it stands, there’s not much of a story in Purgatory. But it had the potential to be a storytelling goldmine. An ex-vamp, ex-Jefferson Starship, human hunter who drank phoenix ash and was responsible for killing both Eve and Dick, now in a new supernatural monster realm? So many ways that could have been developed into something incredible. That the writers chose to dead end the storyline is a bloody shame. But still, I was willing to go with the flow and see it as a characterization arc, assuming Sam’s storyline was treated the same. Both storylines end, the mytharc begins – that’s fair. But the way Carver’s talking, it sounds like Sam’s arc is going to blossom into something big and probably tied to the mytharc. In view of how Dean got shortchanged and now has ended up with nothing, that really pisses me off. Dean fans have been begging for a decent, season long storyline since the end of season 5. If Dean can’t even get that much but the show goes back to revolving around special Sam to boot, I’m out. I love the show but enough is enough.

      • glorybird says:

        There could be more to purgatory. There is the time that Dean and Benny fought together, how long before Dean met Benny? How long before they found Cas? Who are the “They” that Benny mentioned? There is a lot more exciting stuff to find out about purgatory than there is watching Sam eat hot dog spaghetti and wash dishes with Boramelia.

        I’d rather get back to Dean, Benny and Cas. Sam can take a hike with his girlfriend to Tibet for all I care. He seems to think that being with anyone and everyone is better than being with his brother, so let him leave already. Good riddance.

        • Sam isn’t preferring a normal life over his brother, he wants a normal life over the one he had hunting. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself. If Sam thought that little of Dean he would have left him already. He’s not going to push Dean away like that- hunting or not.

          Sam is one of the two core characters; the show won’t survive if he leaves. I love Benny but unless he becomes central to a storyline, has a purpose, there is no point including him. Castiel is busy watching over Fred, so he’s not available for a while at least. So it’s Sam on the Word of God.

    • Sara says:

      I hear you. It feels like the same old, same old, doesn’t it? I think tomorrow night’s episode will be a turning point for many in this fandom. I loved the Purgatory sl and am bummed beyond words that it’s apparently over with, while we’re going to be stuck with Samelia for God knows how long. If they make Benny a bad guy, I think my love affair with this show will finally be over after being tested for too long. Benny’s relationship with Dean is almost as intriguing as the Dean and Cas dynamic and both are so much more interesting to me than Dean and Sam have been since S2.

      • erika29 says:

        It may well be a turning point for me, because this sounds really discouraging. The engaging elements this season have been Dean, Cas, purgatory and Benny. I don’t find Sam’s story with Amelia interesting and I’m frankly tired of the SPN world revolving around Sam and his huffing disapproval of Dean. We’ll see how it plays out, but if we’re back to all-Sam/all-discord-all-the-time, I may have to move on once and for all. Sad and frustrating.

      • glorybird says:

        For me too. I was hoping that Carver would be different, but he seems to be in the same mentality that the show has to revolve around Sam and Dean is nothing more than the driver so that Sam can be there for all his stories. Bah! What a disappointment if Carver is going to ditch Dean’s story and just tell about Sam and Amelia and Don and how so important they all are and isn’t Dean so lucky to be Sam’s doormat?

        • I have to admit that is what concerns me. There has been many of Sam’s memories recently. Now that Amelia knows Don is alive…I don’t want some ‘family drama’. I’m pretty sure Dean wouldn’t appreciate getting sucked into that- especially since Dean wants he and Sam to be hunting. There is also the Word of God and Gates of Hell to be covered. That should be central.

    • glorybird says:

      Yup, pretty much the more interesting story is done, the more interesting character is either going to die or going to have an excuse for not showing up, and we’ll get more Sam and his life with Ms. Personality. Wow, what excitement. *eye roll*

      I guess it was too much that Dean’s story would actually go somewhere and last all season. But no. We get Sam, and Sam’s love, and Sam’s past year, and Sam’s current position with Amelia, and Sam in a love triangle over one of the most unlikable women on tv and yup, that’s what I watch Supernatural for, just to have Dean ignored for the 8th year in a row and watching once again the story of Samnatural. Pft. This season isn’t going to change the fact that this show sucks when it comes to writing about Dean since it seems only Sam is allowed any story and is the only one allowed to be involved in the mytharc.

      Dean Who?

      • Rachel Lynne says:

        I couldn’t agree less with this comment. The show seems like it’s ALWAYS about Dean. Dean’s always right, no matter how hypocritical he is (“we don’t EVER trust demons. We kill every freaking monster we see. Oh, but Benny’s cool.”). He gets to be the noble one, the hero, the one who delivers every single freaking killing blow. Every side character who isn’t evil (Jo, Benny, Cas, hell even Bobby) flat out admits to loving Dean more while Sam gets ignored, gets to be the perpetual screw-up. This year Dean is given both Cas and Benny to play off of; he’s given the mysterious Purgatory plot and everything at all related to the supernatural, and what does Sam get stuck with? Bits of side research segueing into the corniest long-stares ever and flashbacks into the Soap Opera Training Academy. It’s like they wrote the whole Purgatory/Cas/Benny plot for Dean and then at the last minute remembered that Sam existed and called over an intern writer to give him something to do all year. “Write Sam some scenes, just make sure they don’t interfere with the actual plot Dean’s got going.” “Oh, ok,” thinks the intern. “I’ll give Sam some completely random and horrible love interest drama! That TOTALLY fits with the style of this show.”

        Can we stop making Dean perfect and give Sam a REAL, Supernatural-related plot, please?

  7. lOR says:

    I can’t wait to see the episode, all sound good!Thank you Jeremy Carver for this amazing season!

  8. Louise Litton says:

    What a load of artificial contrivance and I don’t see any need for it when so many other plotlines go begging.
    There would be no conflict between the brothers if the writers had gotten Sam off his butt and made him look for his brother and/or helped Kevin- This would have been far more compelling than the snooze-fest we’ve been getting.
    It’s not the fact that he failed that’s my problem, it’s that he didn’t even try, and evidently Mr. Carver hasn’t bothered to watch “Time After Time” to see what Sam would have really done.

    • Fanny says:

      Don’t worry I’m sure the writers are opening those 50 galleon barrels of whitewash for Sam as we read this. No way the show will let Sam stomp all over Dean’s feelings and trigger every insecurity he has and actually have him take responsibility for it. I’m sure we’ll find out it isn’t poor Sammy’s fault.

      • erika29 says:

        Can’t you already see it forming? Dean doesn’t know what Sam REALLY went through. There’s sure to be some great revelation about Sam that will make Dean look like a judgmental jerk and he’ll have to apologize AGAIN!

        • I disagree. Yes, I think there is more to Sam’s story, but that doesn’t mean that Dean has to be made to apologize or feel bad. Dean only knows what Sam tells him, and if Sam hasn’t been honest with Dean about what happened, then Sam is responsible for that. Just like Dean is responsible when he lies. Neither one of them is without flaws and they both make mistakes, something I think the show has been very clear about showing.

          • erika29 says:

            Well, I disagree with that. The show has been great at having Dean apologize repeatedly and at giving Sam a free pass about 95% of the time. Sam is definitely responsible for his actions, but he rarely takes responsibility for his actions.

          • Sam is responsible for his actions and he knows it. He’s admitted he messed up by opening up the Cage, he took up a job in a bar because he didn’t trust himself to cope during the Apocalypse, he had himself locked down when he felt the craving for demon blood. Dean apologises when he does not have to because he feels responsible for others, for Sam. He specifically asked Dean to not pick the lock of the Cage before jumping into it.

  9. Kat says:

    I’m in two minds about the brothers fighting about Benny. On one hand I think Sam is being pretty hypocritical since he wanted to let Lenore go and of course we saw the whole Amy deal. But on the other hand I just don’t really get Dean being quite so willing to take it on trust that Benny won’t kill to feed if he has to. I’ve quite enjoyed the dynamic Benny has brought to the show though and I thought the Purgatory flashbacks were ace, wow, Jensen has been so magnificent playing a Dean who is totally on the edge and fighting for his life.

    I’ve enjoyed the Sam flashbacks too and have thought Jared has played them with great feeling and dignity. I don’t understand why anyone is saying he isn’t show to be grieving for Dean in the flashbacks because it’s clear to me that he is.

    I’m so, *so* happy to have Cas back and to have it directly acknowledged that Dean cares deeply about him. I want Cas in hunting with the boys full-time because I love what Misha brings to the show and love his chemistry with Jensen, so I really hope Misha gets reinstated as a regular for season 9.

    But – I’m also at the point where I keep thinking is it really so impossible to write the brothers actually getting along with each other and working as a team? Does it *really* have to be manufactured rivalry all the time?

  10. Fanny says:

    So basically Dean’s story fizzles out with a whimper after a handful of episodes, and no payoff (you could make a case that it essentially ended after the interrogation scene in episode 2 since that was the last time we saw that Purgatory had any effect on Dean). Sam’s boring not-so-human story story is going to get a huge reveal and most likely tied to the mytharc and Sam will once again be turned into Sammy Snowflake with yet another special destiny.

    Sounds exciting. NOT!

  11. Jessica says:

    Stop complaining not every season has been all about Sam that’s a lie and total crap stop being so mean to Sam I hate it he’s done nothing wrong. I don’t like Deans additude toward Sam wanting to have a normal life there’s is nothing wrong with that. Most of you act like you just hate Sam and only watch it for Dean and act how Dean is perfect but he’s not I’m not saying Sam is but I love both brothers and the show is not about one or the other it doesn’t work that way

    • Al says:

      Heh, it doesn’t look like you like Dean at all.

    • Linda says:

      Seasons 1-5 were All About Sam’s epic hero’s journey. Seasons 6 was soulless Sam, season 7 were his hallucinations.

      Season 1 was Dean worrying about Sam. Season 2 was Dean worrying about Sam. Season 3-5 was Dean in the mytharc with Sam (yay!). Season 6 was Dean worrying about Sam. Season 7 was Dean worrying about Sam, with some moping and drinking thrown in for good measure.

      So, sorry, not lying. When it comes to season long, cohesive storylines, Sam wins hands down.

      Personally, I don’t care if Sam has a storylne every season. I just want the same for Dean.

      • Fanny says:

        Except that Dean’s big pay off was that it was his fault Sam went to Ruby because he was a bossy meany and needed to learn to love Sam more. We even had dialogue telling us that Dean was no longer part of the story. So I can’t get excited at that prospect of it once again being all about Sam.

    • Donna C says:

      It’s interesting how your perception of whom the show centers on usually bases on which brother you prefer. The first three seasons, I was die hard in Dean’s corner and felt the show focused too much on Sam. In the last three or four seasons, I’ve been more on Sam’s side and feel the show focuses too much on Dean. It’s all in who’s looking at it, because arguments can be made to support both ideas – too much on Dean, too much on Sam.

    • To be fair there has been a lot of focus on Sam over the years. I am not saying Sam tips the scales but sometimes I agree that all Dean does mostly is worry about Sam because he is the big brother and is a protective one at that. On the other hand it was DEAN who seemed to be the focus in season three. I want to see less of the fighting and lies and more even chemistry. Their relationship always seems rocky. Siblings can be harsh, say stuff the other doesn’t want to hear, but when is there going to be a situation that isn’t a messy drama of fights and lies. It affects them personally and professionally. Martin might be the only one to see this Benny situation with a rational mind. Dean wants his friend unharmed and Sam must be bent out of shape about the secrecy in ep 5.

  12. david says:

    Honestly, who cares about this benny character, anyway?

  13. brigantyna says:

    I’m sick to death of hearing about “poor Sam” who shacked up with a piece of tail for a year, completely forgetting about his brother. His brother who was fighting for his life every second of every day against everything they had ever killed and then some. I wanted to kick my TV when Sam was talking about Dean, about how good he was. Really? Then why didn’t you bother to even try? I have loved Dean-n-Sam (because yes, they are (or were) a package deal), but I don’t care whose “girl” you claim to be – one brother abandoning the other outright should be (and is) unforgivable. Dean would never do, HAS never done anything like that to Sam.

    And any time Sam ever says he’s “sorry” it’s always followed with a “but”, and a lame attempt to justify whatever he did or redirect some aggravation back on Dean instead of just being a man about it and admitting he was wrong about something. That’s not sorry. That’s lip-service, and a poor attempt at it, at that. He keeps whining and crying he wants to be treated like an adult, he needs to grow a pair and start acting like one first. I’m personally sick of it, and I’m sick of him belittling, demeaning and berating Dean. He does not value Dean, does not trust Dean, is incapable of admitting (apparently) that Dean DOES have half a brain in his head, and sadly those facts have been true since the beginning – it just seems to keep getting worse with time. I love this show, I have loved it like no show ever, but I fell in love with a show about (and also fell in love with) two brothers who travel the country saving people from the evils of the world. I don’t know who these two are, but they’re barely business associates and they clearly do not have any brotherly love left in them.

    Throwing in unnecessary wedges, pointless bickering and half-baked storylines isn’t “growing” and “maturing” the characters, it’s lazy writing. But I do love Benny – the one person in his life so far who has not abandoned Dean, aside from Bobby. And even Bobby lied to him. (Boy do I miss you Bobby, you could knock their heads together…) You can say it’s because he was using Dean if that’s what you want to think, but the Benny who was heartbroken over the love of his life is not the “creature” who could just use someone for their own nefarious ends. So far, at this point, Benny (to me) has been the brother Sam should have been all along. I think the worst part of it all is I WANT to love Sam, and I WANT to forgive him, but unless Crowley had him captive somewhere and these are all false memories, I see no way to forgive what he did.

    • Carrie says:

      He wasn’t shacking up with a ‘piece of tail’. He seemed to have genuine feelings for Amelia. I can’t blame Sam for giving up the hunting life for the past year. It was never something he wanted and as far as he knew, all of his friends and family were dead. When he let Lucifer possess him and knew he probably wouldn’t make it, he made Dean promise that he would go to Lisa and try to live a normal life w/o him. Dean tried to do that for an entire year, so I don’t see what is so wrong about Sam trying to do the same. They’ve saved a lot of people and sacrificed a lot in the process. Why shouldn’t they get to experience some normalcy and a happy relationship? They deserve it as much as anyone else does.

      • brigantyna says:

        Except that Dean never stopped trying to save Sam for that year. He went to Lisa, sure, only because he promised Sam he would. But he never stopped trying to get Sam OUT. That is the difference and that is why what Sam did is a whole new ball of wax.

        • tp says:

          Everyone keeps saying Dean was looking for Sam that whole year but I seriously can’t remember seeing that. All I remember is being shown Dean going to work, coming home, salting the windows and having a drink.

          • brigantyna says:

            I’m not sure why it is that people seem to (or pretend to) keep forgetting this conversation, maybe it comforts them in their defense of Sam’s complete lack of brotherly love – but for those of you who maybe haven’t watched your DVDs for awhile, I’ll just jot it down here for you.

            S06E01 Title: Exile On Main St., Timestamp: 00:25:21, Setting: Bobby’s Office, Interior, Characters Present: Dean, Bobby, Not!Sam

            Dean: “I showed up on their doorstep, half outta my head with grief. God knows why they even let me in – I drank too much, I had nightmares! I looked EVERYWHERE, I collected HUNDREDS of books trying to find ANYTHING to break you out!”

            Sam: “You promised you’d leave it alone.”

            Dean: “Of COURSE I didn’t leave it alone! SUE me!”

          • tp says:

            Well I didn’t “seem” to or pretend to forget. I DID forget. I don’t have the dvds. I just watch it when it comes on and catch the reruns on TNT. I don’t take sides in this show except for Winchesters over monsters.

          • brigantyna says:

            I obviously was referring to multiple occurrences since I said “people”, not “person” or “you” – and I have clearly run into people who are choosing to ignore the simple fact that Dean didn’t give up, in order to try to justify the fact that Sam (by all accounts so far) did. Or, most recently, claiming Dean was just going through the motions because he knew he couldn’t save Sam. However, I apologize if that sounded like a direct attack on yourself, that was not my intent.

        • kelly says:

          Except than when you really think about it , what he said amounts to barely nothing and here’s why : he read books, looked ok yes, but I think that he knew all along that he would have found nothing and even if he did, he would never have taken the risk to go through whith it, because it would have been too dangerous, and sammy made him promise not to do it. I think Dean looked only because he needed to do something, he’s always been a man of action, because like he said he was out of his mind with grief and probably guilt, and he gave up pretty soon anyway. He couldn’t have settled in his new life anyway if he didn’t let it go at some point, even if he never stopped grieving, in my opinion. But I don’t remember anyone bad mouthing Dean at the beginning of season 6, and I personaly never blamed him, he tried to do his best and make good on his promise to his brother. So why should we blame Sam?? Besides we don’t know that he didn’t try to look for Dean, he never answered the question. So please can you try to forget your Sam hate for a moment and look at the situation objectively, from our perspective, we, the viewers (and shall I remind some that we’re supposed to be neutral and don’t take any sides) saw Dick Roman disappear in a big explosion of black goo and then Crowley arrives on the scene and all but tell Sam that his brother and Cas are dead. If they had stopped there, our first impression would have been that they died in the explosion, seems pretty logical. Unfortunately I couldn’t really test that theory, because when I saw Jensen’s interview at the upfronts the day before ile episode aired, he basically spoiled the ending of the season and I already knew that him and Cas would end up in purgatory. So please stop spreading the hate neither brother is right or wrong, you just have to try and analyse the situation from BOTH perspectives, that includes Sammy’s too. He really doesn’t deserve this, thank god he’s only a fictional character!!!

          • brigantyna says:

            First off, I DON’T hate Sam. Therein, exactly, lies the problem. Accusing me of that is baseless, unfounded and insulting. Unfortunately, it’s also far too common in some small parts of this fandom. Offering any sort of criticism automatically makes you a hater, and therefor everything more you say until the end of forever is deemed invalid because it comes from a place of hate.

            Because we surely never offer criticisms to the ones we LOVE, right? Sometime I think I’d love to live in that little bubble of non-reality, until I come to my senses and remember if nobody ever offered me loving, constructive (emphasis on LOVING and CONSTRUCTIVE) feedback, I would never be any better than I am today. Or will be tomorrow. If I was never held accountable for my mistakes and tried to learn from them, I would just keep making them over and over. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for Sam to finally, even just once, stand up and accept the blame and atone for what he did without someone (Dean) mitigating that blame, and without making excuses or going on about it being someone else’s fault. He needs to grow up, that means admitting when you’re wrong, among other things. But yes, he’s a fictional character, which means the writers are the ones who, in the end, are making him make these mistakes and get off clean after. Sadly, none of us have a direct line to them to ask “what are you DOING?” – and so we vent in forums.

            Second – I wish like mad there had been a camera on me when I read your “Dean knew he couldn’t save Sam” declaration. Flabbergasted, horrified, amused, angry – I don’t know if there is a word or series of words to fully capture the maelstrom. I can’t even believe you actually pressed “post” on that. There is no basis anywhere, ever, that statement could possibly be founded on. A desperate grasp for a non-existent straw. Dean has consistently shown he will NEVER give up on Sam, going so far as to die for him and, even more powerful, choosing to LIVE for Sam when he just wanted to curl up and die and be done with the pain.

            But last, and certainly not least, by resorting to the “Oh, you just hate Sam”, you have shown there is no chance at all for calm, rational discourse here – and so I take my leave.

            The sandbox is yours. I return myself to the fan pages I maintain for the BoyS – plural.

      • glorybird says:

        Then isn’t it about time Sam just left? I woudln’t mind it at all if Sam packed his bags and left and Dean let him. I much rather have Dean, Cas and Benny hunt. At least they all like and respect each other, which is more than I can say about Sam and his superior attitude towards Dean.

    • Rachel Lynne says:

      This is part of why I’m so frustrated with the show now – to me it seems like the writers are TRYING to make us hate Sam. They have him give up on Dean without a hint of an excuse, while simultaneously throwing him a pathetic B-plot as if trying to shove him out of the way of the main, actually supernaturally-related story. I can’t figure out what’s going on in the writers’ heads, unless Padalecki wants to quit and they’re trying to phase him out and give Dean a new partner – Benny.

      I’ve always loved the brothers and the dynamic they shared – to me, that’s what MAKES Supernatural. Recently, though, I feel like I’ve been watching another show altogether. The brothers have fought like hell since day one, but there’s always been a lot of love underneath. Now, it’s like they don’t even like each other, like they’re coworkers who are being forced to drive around together, but each really wishes the other could just be fired so they don’t have to deal with each other anymore.

      And the brothers aren’t even acting like themselves.

      Sam was WAY too quick to give up on Dean after he disappeared – hell, there wasn’t even a corpse, and you just assumed he was dead? After everything you’ve been through? That’s just ridiculously poor writing. Not to mention his blind hatred of Benny – dude, YOU were the one who taught Dean it was ok to trust vampires back in season 2. Lenore even gave up her life a few years ago so that she wouldn’t be forced into feeding by her Alpha (or was it by Eve? Can’t quite recall.) Point being, the blind, raging hatred of Benny doesn’t even make sense with his character, and seems to be being used as just another way to add unnecessary tension to add tension between the brothers.

      I keep hearing how Sam seems to be the writers’ favorite, but I just don’t see that. You don’t randomly make your “favorite” that much of an unapologetic jerk, you don’t make him the one who’s always wrong, you don’t destroy his personality in order to make the other brother look better. *sigh* And please don’t think I’m some angry Dean hater. I just feel like the writers are screwing with Sam more this year while giving Dean the “shining armor” mantle and it bugs me.

  14. Do it. says:

    Anyone else think Sam’s girl is also a monster? If that’s the case, I suddenly see where all this is going, don’t you?

  15. Carrie says:

    I don’t mind the flashbacks at all. They may not be the most interesting aspect of the show, but it’s a departure from the norm and I’m sure they are going somewhere with this storyline. I’m actually curious to find out what happens with Amelia’s husband.

  16. Marilyn says:

    The Benny & Purgatory stories are the only interesting ones so far. & Crowley isn’t seen enough.

    Carver, are you trying to do Being Human in SPN because Sam’s story is a snooze fest.

  17. Madeline says:

    Carver was teasing “maturity” for the brothers’ relationship this season – he really preached it this summer during Comic Con. There is absolutely nothing mature about how the brothers have been behaving towards each other all season. It is all lies and betrayals and secrets. And like another poster said, zero empathy for one another. Plus the brothers are communicating worse than I can ever remember. I’m hard pressed to think of a scene where the brothers are talking about anything other than the current case or Kevin or Cas or the tablet. And if they are talking about something else, they are fighting.

    Sam and Dean just don’t feel like brothers anymore. Especially not brothers who have died for one another. And whose bond (essentially) saved the world. I feel like such a essential core character trait has been stripped away from them both. I don’t need Sam and Dean to be co-dependent, but I would like to see that the brothers do still, you know, kinda like each other. Sam says his world imploded when he lost Dean…I’m sure it did, but I am having a hard time believing that based on what we are seeing. It just doesn’t add up.

    I don’t mind the brothers fighting every now and then, but the tension between just seems to be dragging on and on.

    I am also still bitter about Dean’s line saying Benny was a better brother than Sam ever was – seriously writers? I just feel like that was such a low blow. And unneeded. Have these writers watched the past 7 seasons? Why write a line like that? Especially about a new character you want your audience to like. I am still really curious about Benny, and think he could make a great addition to the show, however why does he have to be a wedge between the brothers? It’s just stupid. Don’t make it hard for me to like a character.

  18. Donna C says:

    How many people here would care if they killed off Sam and left the show to Dean, Benny and Castiel? Probably not many. And I’m one of the few who LIKES Sam. More than just about anyone else besides Garth, since Bobby’s died. Honestly, Garth is my favorite character on the show now.

  19. Kat says:

    Oh enough Sam! I am so sick of him! Does Jared have something in his contract that makes him more the star of the show despite the fact that he is nowhere near the actor that Jensen is? Or that Sam on his best day is not anywhere near as compelling a character as Dean?

    Dean is the character that all of the other characters have chemistry with and we need more Dean! This looks like the setup of another Sam storyline and I have no desire to see that! Let Sam stay with his precious Amelia and have Dean go off to hunt demons with Benny and Cas. Then find a way to resurrect Bobby, Jo and Ellen and you have a hit that can run for years!

    • Elaine says:

      Supernatural is both Jared and Jensen. Without either of them there is no show. Jared is a phenomenal actor. He has made the character of Sam Winchester so memorable and a great part of TV history. Jensen has done the same with Dean. Sam has always been such a mystery which I find extremely compelling. It would be nice to see more of Sam’s POV as well as developing relationships with Cas, Benny, etc. but it is never written that way which is unfortunate. Nothing against Benny , Cas, or Amelia but the show is about Sam and Dean Winchester. In the end if I saw the extra characters only periodically that would be fine by me. For me Season 8 has been great and I see a lot ahead for both Sam and Dean.

    • kate says:

      soulless!Sam was by far some of Jared’s most compelling work, and the guy’s a good actor. really, hating on Jared because you don’t like the direction the show takes? stay classy.

  20. John says:

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Frickin’ can’t wait!

  21. adrian says:

    i reckon it was angels watching over sam and probably brought down dom from heaven they were probably tryigto get dean but got castiel instead. maybe there trying to get michael and lucifer back out the cage?

  22. Amy says:

    What? More Sam’s BS? Great. Not.
    So the most exciting SL is over but Sam’s boring unecessary soapernatural goes on and on?
    What’s up with the writers again that they ignore to use a goldmine of Purgatory and choose to turn the show into a soap?
    Is it too hard to write balanced script for both leads and stop pretending it’s only Sam show?

  23. More this boring stipid Sam’s flasbacks? More this boring Amelia??? How long You will be feed us this soup-opera, Carver? Oh, You may tie this stuff to acr, but You can’t make us up for lost time!

  24. Jen says:

    I am so glad that we are going to spend some more time focusing on Sam. I enjoyed the Dean and Benny stuff but have been so curious as to what is going on with Sam. There seems to be something off and I can’t wait to find out.

  25. I really hate Sam/Amelias storyline it ruins themain storyline of the episodes,the only thing im curious about on this dull flashback is who was that standing in the shadows watching Sam. As for Benny i can take him both ways good or bad i dont care live or die . I just hope they dont drag the brothers bitch fight out too long and get it resolved next year so they can go back and be brothers again and concentrate on closing the hell gates with Kevin and Castiel helping them on the way.

  26. Sara says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm… I love, love, LOVE! that pic of Dean and Benny-Badassity Unleashed. Can’t wait!!

  27. crochetowl says:

    Sam’s flashbacks are FF material and haven’t watched any of it (it doesn’t help when they pop up during an episode during the oddest times). Too bad the purgatory stuff is basically done with which was more interesting. Hopefully Benny will stick around as well as Cas being in more episodes this year. At this point, I wanna see more hunters than anything.

  28. kevin says:

    I think Sams flashbacks will go somewhere interesting.

    The guy watching sam…was it her Dad? We know when he leaves her, it takes place AFTER the flashbacks. So Whats up with her Husband….he was presumed dead then alive…you know nothing good ever happens when folks come back from the dead on the show.

    • kevin says:

      I meant to clarify..When SAM left her to find Dean, .

      Also, I’m surprised to see they haven’t had Sam , when Dean rubs his face in the Amelia thing, that he hasn’t said “you had your life with Lisa and Ben”.

      • Louise Litton says:

        As far as we know, Sam DIDN’T leave her to find Dean. Her husband came back and there wasn’t a place for Sam anymore so he went to the only place he had left, Rufus’ cabin, and Dean was already there.
        Sam said he didn’t look, and he didn’t say he was about to look, so if Dean hadn’t already been there Sam still wouldn’t be looking.

      • brigantyna says:

        And because we know full well Dean DID try to save Sam when he was with Lisa. Therein lies the difference. Dean tried. Sam did NOT.

    • glorybird says:

      Yes, and this is what soap operas are for. I don’t really care what Sam does and if he wants to make a love triangle, then fine. But leave Dean alone and Benny alone. I want Dean, Benny and Cas to team up and hunt. Sam can go wherever the heck he wants. Nothing has stopped Sam from leaving before, so I wish he’d just leave now instead of blaming Dean for keeping him there. Especially since Sam has shown no problem leaving Dean before.

  29. glorybird says:

    So, Benny is going to be sacrificed to the alter of Sam so that Sam can made to look right and Dean has to apologize to his so perfect and mature brother? I really hope not Carver. I would have thought you better than to sacrifice a great character just to whitewash Sam’s mistakes.

  30. moving on says:

    Dean & Sam used to be great, now they are just sad. Eric Kripke was correct when he said the story of Dean & Sam Winchester will be told in 5 seasons. Trying to hold on for more & more seasons only ruins the integrity of Supernatural. The fact that the CW will not let this show end kills it’s legacy.

  31. Isla says:

    God I hated Dean fans you sanctimonious bunch of dolts. Sam’s always been more interesting than Dean and his new BFF of the week, see Gordon, see Castiel, see Jo, see Benny. My god Dean if your brother makes you so miserable then leave him then, i’d much rather watch what was going on with Sam anyway.

  32. starshine says:

    Why don’t some of you wait till the episode actually airs instead of automatically assuming a gloom-and-doom attitude? How do you know what’s actually going to happen with Sam and Dean? It’s all a bunch of contrived, manufactured nonsense anyway.

  33. Amanda says:

    I miss Cas already.

    • Ale says:

      I forgot to say I miss Cas already too. I love episodes where Cas is around and hunting with the boys. And his relationship with Dean is my favorite thing.

  34. Ale says:

    I still don’t really care about Benny. I don’t dislike him, don’t get me wrong, I think he is interesting. I’m just not invested on him. And everyone keeps giving interviews talking about Benny like he is the more important thing ever and I’m just “really?” over here. Also, I have a hard time buying the friendship between Dean and Benny as something as huge and life changing as they refer to it in interviews. We got pratically zero relationship development. One moment Benny was an “undead blood junky” and the next they’re “brothers”. It went from 0 to 10 without showing steps 2-9. The only thing that happened between 0 and 10 was Benny saving Cas. So, so far, the only reason the show provided for Dean’s trust in Benny is him having saved Cas. Interesting. I’m pretty sure they could have used more screen time for Purgatory if they wanted people to really get invested in Benny and in his friendship with Dean.

  35. I don’t miss Castiel I just tolerate him (he can go to heaven and stay there) , Benny is a supporting character ( and will go soon), what I miss this season ( but wanted to see ) is the connection, the brothers bond,

    For those who are complaining about Sam being the star of this show, I feel the opposite. The flasbacks, Sam’s introduction into S8 that he did not search for Dean, how his flasbacks are presented, in a way I don’t know what is real or not, are to little for me. To be connected to a character I have to know what he thinks, how he feels, characters who respect him, like him as a person! It is hard to feel this connection given the fact that it is so little and so blurred …Only the last episode was more clear and gave me some insight in Sam.

    I know Sam from the past and Sam from the past would have tried to find out what happened, tried to get Dean back out of purgatory. But we saw a Sam who has no answer to Dean when asked “did you look for me?” If Sam was NOT able to look for Dean then tptb should have shown me this from the start!

    For me its a neccessary to get more answers regarding Sam and to be able to connect with him again, he the the character I relate to in the brothers relationship!
    and it is really time for answers on the Sam issue

  36. Ale says:

    I also forgot to say that, while I really like what they’ve been doing with the season so far, I really want a storyline for Dean that doesn’t consist in him reacting to other characters. Purgatory was a huge opportunity, but we saw so little of it. The season isn’t over yet, so I still hope we can have it after all.

  37. rehana says:

    i could hug jamieW u so nailed of course it was forced lol ..dean need to carry on the wincheaster family name and lisa and ben are not how u do it ..there like old old new plus ben nt even winchester :P plus i dont realy like lisa for him … he need some one smart tuff and sexy :P hehe who can kick his ass and keep hm on his toe”s ….. that said he do need a love intrest we all agree dean need love intrest the thing is he don’t need a per made family like with lisa an ben no offense he need a whinchester family where deamon keep coming and family business count’d into next generation so they need to interduce some new And the best actress is Allison mack (yea I love sv ) put SPN writer /porducer/ important ppl so need her on this show like yesterday :p one she has realy large fan base so that mean rating increse 2 they need a somebody constant in guys lifes and since dean is one most heartfelt who been true so much he need somebody since bobby death the humor has been slow they need to bring him back :p anyway like I said Allison mack. And jesen would have amazing chemistry cause there like the most talented actors/actress on cw ever :p they can talk to a lamp post an look sexy/amazing ! So they need a female hunter/physic one that Like short (cause dean is tall) kick ass smart , has humor who those nt woo an fall head over heals for dean but kick his ass ,save his ass an earn his trust as well as his heart one who can have a porduce a baby winchester (while kick ass) out an portect it who join him on hunt and tagg sam along a small (in high) spunky female who got dean on his toe geting troubble etc and allison mack would fit that part (yea may be a lil baius). I am chlean shipper bt I don’t want her to been like her character on sv but some sexy smart hunter who kickass. I swear it would be epic is u could just see in head lol …there so much they can do with that like return of past demon who after winchester family cause dean son can be the a power hunter that end it all or some thing a have grandparents /bobby ghost pop in every now and then lol yea yea i am dreaming :P