Sons of Anarchy Boss Talks Finale Shockers, [Spoilers'] Fates -- Plus: Early Season 6 Scoop!

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale SpoilersThis story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy finale. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

As the credits rolled on Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 5 finale, an old proverb immediately came to mind: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

A whole lot went down in those final 90 minutes, sure, but the end result certainly resembles the SAMCRO we’d seen in years past — save for a few major details.

The biggest changes afoot involved Clay and Tara, last seen making their respective ways to jail. Other than that, life in the tumultuous town of Charming sort of fell back into an all-too-familiar place.

Jax, who had long worked toward securing the future of SAMCRO so that he could finally walk away, mirrored Clay more than ever and let his deep ties to the club cloud his devotion to his family. Gemma, meanwhile, may have put into motion the downfall of her daughter-in-law/nemesis and once again secured a place alongside her son at the table — a position she’s long believed is hers and hers alone.

Here, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter weighs in on those events and more from the finale and answers all of your lingering burning questions. He also reveals some early plans for the FX drama’s sixth season, including who’ll be back and how a tongue-less Otto will prevail.

TVLINE | Talk about the significance of creating this season’s final shot so that it mirrors last season’s, with one major difference: Now Gemma is behind Jax, not Tara.
It’s not that I began this season with the intention of doing that, but I did realize we had the opportunity to do it. It’s been a rough season for Gemma. She began somewhat astray and lost. She had a rough ride, but at the end she really feels more grounded and like she’s earned her way back. She knows that people need her, and that’s the thing that grounds Gemma more than anything. So it was the idea that she got her balls back. Also, it’s just continuing to tell the story of that Hamlet/Gertrude quality of this very dysfunctional family.

TVLINE | Just to confirm: Tara’s arrest was the result of Gemma making good on her promise to rat her out?
My intention was to definitely put that out there as a possibility, and I think we’ll reveal how that happened. I do want the audience coming away with, “Wow, did she actually follow through on that threat? And what does that mean for Gemma and Jax if he finds out?” I definitely wanted to create that discussion.

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TVLINE | Have you decided where and when Season 6 will pick up? That seems particularly important, given that we were left with two of our main characters being carted off to jail.
I don’t know yet. I have a sense of maybe where we’re going to start. But until I sit down and start to map it out with my writers, I’m really not certain if it’s going to be a couple of weeks or a couple of months, or if it’s going to be longer.

TVLINE | Why do this to Tara? She’s been loyal and strong and patient, and the moment she gets some good news, this happens.
I don’t think it’s a decision about “doing this” to a character. I’d like to think that the things that happen happen out of circumstance and out of character and that it was organic to the story. There’s this notion of Jax getting all of his ducks in a row on the outlaw side while the family side fell apart; pulling off one plan flawlessly while another plan completely fell apart was sort of the idea behind that. Also, for Tara, this takes her to a new place. Her involvement in what Jax has done has only really been through supporting what he does and not asking too many questions and patching up guys who are injured. Now she’s plugged herself into a situation that’s blown back on her, and she can suffer the same outlaw consequences. So, what does that do now to her? What does it do to that relationship? To me, it opens up a whole new level of possibilities for that character.

TVLINE | Is it safe to assume her Oregon job offer is officially dead?
That will remain to be seen.

TVLINE | Jax barely reacted to Tara’s arrest and then seemed all-too-content with welcoming Gemma back into the fold. What was going through his head in those moments?
My sense is that there is a level of shock and awe in his mind, and a sense of betrayal by what she did — not that she wasn’t justified in doing it and not that it wasn’t the right thing to do, but he felt betrayed. I also think [there was a] level of strength and almost stillness she had about those decisions; she wasn’t the fragile, neurotic Tara we’ve seen in the past. She was much more Gemma-like in these decisions: “This is my job, this is what I have to do, and I’m f–ing doing it.” That was new to Jax, seeing Tara be that strong and be that Old Lady. He was overwhelmed by all of that, which impacted his ability — or perhaps inability — to react when she got taken away. He was neutralized by it all, and that’s what was going on.

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TVLINE | Is a main takeaway here that Jax is no longer looking for an out? Everything was finally squared away, and yet he seemed to be opting to stick with SAMCRO.
The takeaway is really the impact of this life; the impact of being in that chair changed all of that. I’m not going to just come out and say this, nor is the character going to come out and say this, but one could argue that once you have a taste of that power and a taste of the ability to move things around on that level, it’s hard to walk away from it. You can justify it 100 different ways, and at the end of the day, that’s still the case. Jax makes the argument to Nero when [Nero] says he gets pulled back in: ‘You f–ing knew that was going to happen.’ It’s the idea that they’re both kidding themselves.

TVLINE | In what scenario is Clay not immediately offed next season — especially given how easily Opie was killed behind bars? Is there possibly any longevity left in this character?
I don’t know if there is longevity — not that the premiere of Season 6 will be Clay getting a bullet in his head, but the intention was that we end this season with Clay a doomed guy. That will be a reality for that character in Season 6.

TVLINE | You somehow managed to make Clay half-sympathetic in these final Season 5 installments. Were you purposely trying to redeem him a bit?
I don’t know if it’s about redeeming him. I wanted to get Clay to a point that I think a lot of these guys do. We saw it a little bit in Belfast with McGee, that they get to the point where they just can’t do another round, you know what I mean? Clay got into the season and set up the thing with nomads and then that f–ing goes south, and then Eli’s wife gets killed and he just reached a point where he didn’t have the energy to do another round of it. At the end of the day, he just wanted to come out with a little bit of a piece of the pie — which was the gun business — and Gemma. That was completely sincere; that wasn’t Clay playing anybody. Not that that should buy him forgiveness for all the heinous sh-t he’s done as president, but I think it was an interesting place to take that character. Whether or not you feel for him really depends on the viewer’s connection to that character. I just wanted to show that at a certain point, these guys get worn out by the life and they can’t suit up anymore.

TVLINE | Bobby was merely choosing to vacate his spot as VP, not leave the Sons completely, correct?
It’s sort of what Tig did when he couldn’t feel comfortable being an officer under Clay. Bobby now feels like he can’t do his job as VP and that he’s just giving up the position. They’ll vote in a new VP next time they have church.

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TVLINE | Did the thought ever cross your mind to actually have Jax give up Tig to Damon Pope?
There were a couple different scenarios on the table. I think there was even an early scenario where Tig died in jail with Opie. I love the actor and I love the character and unless I really needed it for story or I really needed it to take the series to the next level like we needed the death of Opie to do — if I was going to get rid of a guy like Tig, it just had to be something that the series needed. At the end of the day, I liked the idea that Jax still took a risk with his life, but ultimately got him a pass. I think Jax has the realization that his inner circle is getting smaller and smaller and that he perhaps needs as many allies as he can get.

TVLINE | Is Juice now officially in the clear for ratting out the club?
You know, we had a scene in the finale that we cut out of the broadcast version because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it next season. We had Chibs ask what they do about Juice and Jax just gives him a nod. We then see Chibs go to Clay’s house and he beats the sh-t out of Juice within an inch of his life. But I realized that I didn’t want to do that because I loved the moment with Jax and Juice in the clubhouse, when he kisses him and says, ‘I’m proud of you.’ I didn’t want to undermine that moment and make Jax look like a psychopath. [Laughs] Also, I wanted the option of going in a couple different directions in Season 6. I didn’t want to put a bow on it with a beatdown, which suggests that all is forgiven and this is how we’re going to fix it. I just like the idea that it’s out there and maybe we play it, maybe we don’t play it. But ultimately, Juice has earned — for now anyhow — some time.

TVLINE | The finale left things open for Jimmy Smits, Donal Logue and Billy Brown to all return next season. Is that the plan?
Donal I know is coming back. We have him for 10 episodes, I think, so he’ll definitely be back for 7 or 8 [more] next season. The way we’re doing it with Jimmy is that nothing would make me happier than to bring him back. I love the character, I love the guy, it’s just good energy on the set and, I think, ups everybody’s game. But he’s a busy guy, so what I wanted to do was leave it a little bit open-ended so that there was emotionality and story left on the table that we could pick up with, but that there was nothing that was lynch-pinned to anything that needed him to swing to the next place. We’ll probably get into that soon with Jimmy, but I would love to bring him back. And the same thing with Billy Brown. Sometimes it’s harder to get these guys who you don’t have big season arcs for because they’re in demand, like Billy… But I’d love to bring him back and I think there’s an arc for him. I just don’t know what that is yet.

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TVLINE | You’ve told me in the past that you hate playing Otto, so I thought that his whole tongue debacle might be your swan song. But probably not, if Donal is back next season.
Here’s the good thing: I won’t ever have to say anything else again. [Laughs] I’ll be mumbling and I’ll be writing stuff on pads — that’s all I’ll have to do. I dunno, my intention was to always see Otto make it to the gas chamber and play that scene out. I think that’s an interesting place to see these guys go. I don’t know if or when that will happen, but, again, I didn’t foresee anything we did [with him] this season. It just became a great way to plug Tara into that world and set her up. So, who knows? [Laughs]

TVLINE | And now, most importantly, will the dog Tig rescued be back next season? Perhaps as a SAMCRO mascot?
[Laughs] We’ll see. For me and for Tiggy, it was Dawn’s replacement. It was giving him another child at the end of the show, so he had something to love. I don’t know how much that dog costs per day, so that will dictate whether or not we have it again. [Laughs]

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  1. Living the dream says:

    Personally I love show but the leaking numbers and less than imposing , physically viable members make the viability of being a major player and association of IRA AND CARTEL this needs to assure massive increase in a youthful physically and skill based club member/s
    Gemmas done to death as too clay ( her opertunitys to rebirth her charecture was in her harming them at the accident .
    Tara has to get off given history of charges clubs got free its inconsevae to consider the only truly grounded ( phycological viable charecture who could truly take hr charecture to a whole new level from this experience and as any REAL CLUB HAS BUSINESS VIABILITY , intelligent and driven family members whom are the social fabric of the group the Tara and jax could reignite there club , charectures and consolidate the club ( members and expend the charming division to embody the region to which Tara will still be offered the position that’s critical to assure a stability required should a 5 member strong of aging guys ( seek to be seen as a imposing, powerful (CLUB) that has the ability and relations the public is sort to believe ( eg IRA AND CARTEL) so I look forward to we’re a patch over or significant increase to the numbers ( expedited vetting process ( consolidation of club ) personally I’m struggling with the lack of viability or lack of presents critical to and very OVIOUS to every genuine club ( clay and Gemma need to be left in past and the fresh evolution , forward moving , business viable and diversification prominent in any club . So I’m struggling to stay with this through a few of the shows as its lacked the substance and air of possibility once present or of other shows for instance the number of members lack of nominations and dependency of relations with other clubs.
    Whilst I luv the show and hope next season we can enjoy a number of the committed genuine , physically and cognitively viable new members possesing the depth and level of commitment seen in our tongue chopping member in his last few episodes ( that guy is and could invigorate a new edge within Samcro I can only hope he’s released due to the phycological trama and victimization recieved as a result of his incarceration ( release him instead of killing him ) as he wishes to die let him out ! This show needs more like him!
    More with the physical skills , imposing build and an presents that is able to offer the club the imposing or fear invoking and unequivocal intimidating attitude seeing a club enter a room or on a run unconsciously inspires.

    But significantly depleated numbers ( is making the reality of a few guys being seen as a formidable club amusing. The doing the same old saga re Gemma is boardering sock and is boring ) the reality of the true family and a formidable club wouldnt consider and gemma nor anything willfully effecting, harming or underminding the children or family unit. no way would the president be a president if he couldntcontrol his women ( any attack direct or ondirect on any mother of his children will never happen ) nor the twisted mummy thing.
    one min gemmas insecure needs to have the affections of there son ( the flip flop between a women whom is in one breath given good lines telling Nero, women don’t need love but to be desired and or to be needed ( and forging a viable character) to in the next breath be the twisted mummy thing? The Gemma with Nero could be good give he place to rule outside of the primary story line but enough of the twisted mummy stuff ( kill her off if more of same its exhorsting) i personally had hoped for the redirection, new far deeper with the accident. But Im done with the same old Gemma saga’s. I hoped she would embrace the opertunitys and offer a further twist.

    Whilst waiting till sep is excessive and we hope this wait time can be reduced in the future as whilst we all have or personal ideals , hopes for next season , the fact the run on costs far less than the need to re ignite in 12 mths !

    Kudos for past efforts and here’s to a influx of members and gemmas new direction ( well we can hope) incorporation of wider region and support the relocation that clubs have and see possible every day ( hence the influx of members when the region is consolidated makes dence given the extra business ! Is it not correct past shows clearly said the location is not across border so why is the clubs expansion not the more likely senario due to business commitments and diversification of issues club based as they patch in there numbers and depth to future story’s

  2. JD white says:

    man all these comments shows me no one nos what there talking about first off it was gemma at the table with Jax’s father first cause if u watch this show like i did since 1st season u would remember that gemma used to stand over john teller at the table just like she did in end of season 5 with jax which tells us that gemma chose to stay on the tellers side and that’s why clay went to jail n that song to sir with love kicked ass just like every song she sung as well so people stop with the jealousy tell it like it is!

  3. Mark says:

    Kurt man o man has Katy got you by the short one”s. No fricking way should she come out on top of Tara in the finale. Not beleivable. Grow a pair will ya and put the bitch down in the show.

  4. Harriet says:

    Just started watching this past season…Have started watching season 1 and I will catch up! Love the show and please keep on with the great writting of it! Whatever you decide on with the show I know I will like it!I am 68 years old and this has got to be the best show I have ever seen.and I have seen many! Keep us guessing and give this old lady a show to remember…love the story line..I am from Stockton,CA.

  5. Marielle says:

    Just a note regarding the dog fight. The reason it is more disturbing than the violent scenes involving humans is because the dogs are not there by choice. The people involved in these storylines are adults who have chosen this life, who have fought to become a part of it and face the consequences, usually unflinchingly. But the digs are innocent, abused creatures forced to behave out of character and left to die in a situation not if their doing. It is natural to feel more sympathy for true victims than for protaganists, even if they are not of our species.

    • amrathelion says:

      that was a brother and sister dog playing if I’m not mistaken marielle. they can play if they like. you say that them being there against their will is kind of wrong altogether. dogs don’t wish to be separated from their families, locked into houses with cats humans and other dogs nor locked behind houses on chains. none care to be dragged around on a leash or never be able to have sex and be sterilized. you can’t see the forest for the trees…

  6. cecily says:

    love this show and will die if you ever stop making it…..this is from a 64 year old grandmother i might keep up the good work

  7. BJD says:

    Tara going to jail and Gemma at her place as Queen that’s the best ending yet, hope it last till the last minute of the very last show. The constant crap of Tara trying to make Jax quit the club and do what she wants, and her never ending sadness, nagging & bitching, then she claims, ” I’m not trying to change you, OMG ,Seriously ! Tara is a yo-yo staying & going all the time. Good heavens were back to the one foot in the door one foot out again. Old, Old, Very Old. Personally I am tired of her not wanting to stand by her man. Before anyone goes postal for me saying that remember 4 things, #1 she was going to have an abortion and never told Jax she was pg., before the kidnapping. #2 she’s been leaving Jax every other breathe she takes season after season. #3 where was she when Jax needed her most at Opie’s wake. Let’s see, Oh yeah, she was smoking pot away from Jax and feeling sorry for herself again. #4 Did you people not see her smoking pot and turn off the baby monitor for Thomas ?, She was getting high and didn’t want to be bothered by him. That all shows me that she’s not such a good mother or so in love with Jax,. Sorry all but that’s my opinion of the character Tara and would love to see her leave the show. There’s no love story here that ended a long time ago and not worth rekindling not interesting enough. Seeing the guys interact with each other is the best parts of all the shows always has been.
    As for Wendy she deserves a chance with her son Abel. Do you people really believe that people who overcome an addiction don’t deserve a 2nd chance to be with their children ?
    BTW: Only one Queen badass and that’s Gemma till the end.
    PS: Kurt, PLEASE give Tara her wish, let her leave.
    LOVE SOA it’s FANtastic. Can’t wait for season 6.

  8. goperchop says:

    seson 5 is end or not

    • amrathelion says:

      season 5 has ended yes, but that does not mean that the series is over. on channels like abc, cbs and nbc they usually have 13 episodes starting in february and 13 starting episodes starting in september. they play them then repeat them (13 + 13 = 26 X 2 seasons = 52 or 1 year) however, fx being a cable channel made it play 13 episodes per year like hbo might have done rome or some such.

      sons of anarchy starts their 13 episodes in september. when a season of any show ends is usually at the end of those 13 weeks, but if there’s a low amount of viewers they may cancel it because it costs more money to make than to sell to advertisers or they could just make more money with new show ideas. that’s corporate decisions.

      also, there’s seasons that end, but never restart. like my name is earl. we we’re going to be told if his ex wife’s child was his by a dna test, but the show ended. why ? no clue, but that sucks. the season was supposed to end, but not the show and they didn’t have good closure. it left everyone wondering.

      then there’s witchblade. written after a comic. it had a foreseeable end, but yancy butler was a bit of a lush so they cancelled the show before it ended.

      sons of anarchy ? if kurt hadn’t signed a contract to keep writing it, it may have ended, but he did. for up to season 7. he may end it in season 6, but it may go to season 7. that decision may be affected by the actors and actresses too. we’ll see… anyway, again man; the seasons over but the show is slated for another season at least. after that ? we’ll have a better idea next year…

  9. jamessiever says:

    i hope you can atleast go to season 10 because if you stop at 6 or 7 then all the good show will be gone from tv there is nothing on tv comes close to your show it gets better ever year keep it going an i it is a lot of work to do a season but you are good at what you do

  10. Libby says:

    Okay I will say this first if all jax has gone to Gemma on everything since the very first episode it was made clear that she was full disclosure and although she is a pain in jaxs ass he loves her and trusts her like she’s one of the brothers. And now after four seasons Tara is finally coming into her own as an old lady and although I think jax would kill Gemma if she crossed him at the same time I think that he will not shoo Gemma away completely until Tara can prove she can pick up the slack she’s not even aware of. rightfully so for now Gemma is queen bitch I have seen a few bits of Tara showing some samcro mayhem and justice that only a female could deal out. But she is still too apple pie and white picket fence you can take the biker out of the club but you can’t take the club out of the biker. I think even if they went to Oregon outlaw would follow them. Wendy isn’t done with her power play but what will that speed ball do for her sobriety? She is a minor character overall but I could see her being so hellbent on reclaiming motherhood that she lets her system b
    Clear out takes photos of the new track on her shoulder and builds a case against jax. His real world balence and old lady is in jail awaiting trial he may throw himself farther into the club not having his ground anymore all proving Wendy’s case. Somehow ima hears of what jax did to Wendy and seeks her out and tells her about the ass beating and threat they join forces realizing maybe the two side girls in jaxs life can take him down considering his two leading ladies are losing their grips

  11. Libby says:

    What happened with gemmas dad?

  12. borubrian says:

    Creating Clay v2 in Jax, well, that is not the reason to watch the show with that character. Jax was supposed to be the mastermind who figured out that “the life of a MC was a trap”. The fact that Clay drags on episode after episode continues to remove any realism to the show and basically Clay is JR and jax is John Ross. This blowing up and killing people without fear of police intervention is also getting a bit too out there. If SOA wants to be Dallas, then been there done that. Jax has about a dozen murders on him at this point, note to Sutter HE IS A PYSCHOPATH,

    • Libby says:

      I agree and disagree there are some good sized motorcycle clubs in my area and there is not a sickly high body count because of it. At the same time the politics of every move. Concern for the community and family constantly weighing on the clubs mind. Very entertaining and if humanizes them. Yes jax has a lot of kills under his belt but he also spared slot of scumbags and saved a lot of innocent bystanders. Think about this the bikers never claim to be more than decent mechanics and outlaws. Where as zobel and pope who should just keep their legitimate wealth can’t help but dip their hands in the outlaw cookie jar. And not only do they have cops they have district attorneys and Feds in their pockets they really made themselves untouchable that’s a worse enemy. Give me more small town boys takin care of business anyday

  13. Douglas says:

    well hmmm … i am wondering if anyone ever noticed or paid attention to what gemma said to the USADA when she saw him and just how much he looks like jax’s dad and why he abruptly left charming… he had it goin and putting the pieces together but just left with out any explanation….. and do you really think the irish are gonna let clay go to prison? i dont think so…

    i have watched every episode like i was glued to the tv set lol ahahaha… you couldnt pry the remote away from me.

  14. Libby says:

    I did but do you really think that its JT? no and many things looked like they were obviously happening in this show but what was happening wasn’t the case. his badge was expired he wasn’t even working the case he was looking into it for his sister he found out the reason behind things and that was enough for him. and I mean look at the difference between stahl and the other guy that built a killer rico case. when stahl was dumped off the sons because she messed up her evidence she didn’t give up and kept messing with them and jerking them around making deals. but this other guy he builds a case, romeo kills it and then he just gives up. goes and airs out Mayor hales dirty laundry and leaves never to be heard from again.

  15. Trish says:

    So does Tara come back and get her boys out of Charming?

    • amrathelion says:

      no way trish. the sons may calm their actions down several notches someday under jax if he follows his fathers type of plan, but no. he ain’t leaving it ever. tara may be gone for a week or month through jail or leaving, but she’ll be back and it’ll be jax, tara and the sons of anarchy mc living happily ever after. however, I never read hamlet and dunno if that’s the plan; it’s just my take on things… o.O

  16. theresa sawyer says:

    SOA is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, I can’ wait for Sept. Keep them coming.

    • amrathelion says:

      indeed theresa… = ) it allows people without kids going back to school to have something to look forward to in september too… ; )

  17. Barb says:

    Well jax should grow up Tara is the perfect woman for him he needs to stop be being a mama’s boy both him and Tara should be together she has been threw to much with the club jax needs to wake up and realize this as for Gemma she is a terrible mom and person she also needs to cut the strings and get her own life

  18. Ray Flynn says:

    Sutter… Move faster and make season 6, can it get any better!!!

  19. Nicole says:

    cant wait….. I just finished watching S5 now and OMG…..please hurry. I dont think Jax, Gemma or Clay had anything to do with Tara getting arrested. I think that it is an obvious move by the police. She recently signed up to work in the jail and every time she was there she just so happen to “treat” Otto, they had the blood work and it came back as there was nothing wrong with him. Clearly Eli wouldnt be doing his job if he didnt arrest Tara. I dont care for her that much, I find her whiney, emotional and controlling which is a horrible combo. Ill be glad if she leaves and Jax gets with Tig’s daughter, she’s a kinky one and so is Jaxx, Tara cant keep a man like that happy for long, she is wife material but not club material!!!!

  20. Renea says:

    Tara cant go off show yet at least…not until it is revealed whom Jax real father is. Those birth certificates were in the safe and the only thing Clay wanted back and Gemma hid again! Tara is no different than Gemma was when she was with JT and the beginning relationship with Clay

    • rheffero says:

      The differences between Tara and Gemma are vast, to say they are the same is well, a stretch. The main difference being. Tara is a DOCTOR.

      Gemma was a runaway who fell into a MC as lifestyle and then plotted to have her old man killed. She wanted to preserve the MC as an outlaw.

      Tara is independent, self made woman who was in love with a guy in a MC. She did not need the MC, in fact the MC has needed her. She can leave and have a great life, support herself. The only string is that she is now married to the President. She did not murder her ex husband and then marry the new one.

      • GTT says:

        I love when people want to defend Tara like she’s a saint because she’s a DOCTOR…

        She only came back to Charming AND Jax because she was being stalked by the FBI agent and wanted the violence of the club to protect her
        She shot the FBI agent in the stomach
        She witnessed Jax kill said FBI agent then let him bang her on the bed next to the still bleeding out body
        She has been witness to countless other crimes and results of crimes
        She’s stitched up how many gsw’s (aren’t you supposed to report ALL of those?)?
        She has self mutilated out of frustration
        She has lied countless times
        She has hit and threatened her supervisor at work
        She has beat up 1 or 2 women?
        She has tried to coerce testimony
        She brought in illegal items to a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON that were then used in the murder of a colleague

        I could go on and on… yes some bad things have happened to her, however she is no saint… the difference between her and Gemma is Gemma was a run away (you could say some bad things happened to her causing her to run away as well so that is a moot point)

        She is like most other doctors though… things she gets a different set of rules and considerations because she’s a doctor…

  21. Pamela Gleason says:

    I love this show. I wish one day that there would be a soa tour I would love to me all the actres u all are the best. I even made a painting of the spa if anybody is interested in seeing it let me know. Is it September. Yet?

  22. Casimir says:

    Please hurry season 6, we are anxious to see what happens to clay and tara as well as the rest of the club.

  23. D says:

    Well what if Tara had it done to ensure her way out to not be stopped… I dunno just throwing it out there… It don’t make sense to me cause (can’t recall the cops name) seems to me that he wud notify jax first if it was real cause the way jax helped find who killed his wife. I also feel him and jax have a relationship where jax cud buy her a lil time …

  24. Liz says:

    I love all the seasons great acting by all so real I sit at the end orbit sit every show please do not stop making seasons it very sad to many viewers keep up the

  25. andrew says:

    when does season 6 start on foxtel in australia

  26. Debra Gunter says:

    Can you tell me when it will be on THANK YOU

  27. Debra Gunter says:

    i just love your shows and i don’t miss any of them that is why i want the day and time

  28. Debra Gunter says:

    did i miss it tonight

  29. Sary says:

    With all the brutal killings..burnning Tigs daughter alive, burning peoles tats off. you people were disgusted by the dog fight?? Really? Rediculous. Great show!

  30. Michael dougall says:

    Every man in a bike club puts the club before their family… It’s how it goes, no questions asked, so of course Jax can’t leave.

  31. Catherine says:

    Enjoyed reading what you all had to say about my fav show!!! The only one comment I have…..tired of Tara’s sniveling.

  32. Terri says:

    when does the season begin??????????????????????????????????????

  33. michael says:

    When does the new season come out??2

  34. Amanda says:

    Wow…the thought of…the possibility of JT still being alive gives me allot more scenarios to think of! this season rocked, so many twists and turns. I think Tara’s character is really going to take off now and i hope she kicks Gemma’s butt! I love having being left with a whodunit…gives me allot to think about in the coming months whilst waiting for 6. I saw Jax saving Tigg and loved that they gave Tigga a bit of a heart with that beautiful Pitt! I love SOA and cannot wait!!! Chibbs for VP! *love*

  35. TheHumanMap says:

    I heard Tara has been an informant the entire time.

  36. amb says:

    need to see juice settle down to how he was in the beginning i love juice i wouls be fuming if he gets removed from the show, happy should be vp but we all know it wont happen he never has enough time on screen :( him and juice need more screenplay, gemmas a wierd one pisses me off but then you cant help but like her

  37. amb says:

    That would be crazy if tara was an informant the entire time couldnt see it woeking since she has thomas with jax but that would spice it up

  38. Em says:

    I love watching sons but i really liked Jax and Tara together I hope they can still be together after all this they make a great pair and I know she can be tuff her self so I hope they can work things out

  39. Beth says:

    I think Jax should get back together with Able’s mom. How romantic! Adios Tara-she’s a buzzkill!
    The character development in the show has me hooked like a junkie! Love it!!! : )

  40. Reece says:

    i have just finished Season 5, im dieing need a 6th soon lol
    just devoed that Opie is gone but it realy made the show more intense…

    Kurt Sutter your a Legend. just keep doing wot your doing fela.

  41. NN says:

    Chibs as VP & Happy as Sgt at Arms. I think Happy is the best character i love him, he definatly needs a bigger role. He is a bad ass & he is funny, what more can you ask for in a character?

  42. Sue S. says:

    Not to sound like a completes idiot here, but even tho I’ve watched all 5 seasons, I still don’t know what “SAMCRO” stands for. Anyone?….

  43. john hitchens says:

    When they do a Prequel showing how Sons were formed, do you think they will have Ryan Hurst play Piney? Would be so cool!
    Also they have in several scenes now wiped out all the original bikes and Clays, Opies and Pinets trikes should be all club property. Are they going to have new bikes (to me the real stars of the show) in season six?

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