Exclusive Glee Video: War Erupts at McKinley in Wake of Big Sectionals [Spoiler]

Glee Season 4 SpoilersIf you thought Sue Sylvester couldn’t aim any lower in her never-ending war against New Directions, think again. In the following, very spoilery clip from this Thursday’s episode of Glee, entitled “Swan Song,” the hard-charging Cheerios coach co-opts the show choir’s high-ceilinged rehearsal space for her own absurd uses, and in the process, defaces the plaque commemorating the work of the group’s late former coach Lillian Adler.

But don’t for a second think Sue is going to claim her new territory without a fight — not while New Directions’ interim advisor Finn Hudson is still able to draw air into his lungs.

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Press PLAY below to see Sue and Finn’s battle of wills turn into a battle of bicep strength. Just be warned that what you’ll see will most definitely give away answers about the outcome of last Thursday’s cliffhanger.

What do you think of the latest salvo in the Cheerios-New Directions war? And who do you think will emerge victorious? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Saz says:

    I watch for Cory and his portrayal of Finn. Couldn’t really care about any other character. At least Finn isn’t a cardboard stereotype.

    • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

      ‘Cardboard stereotype’ would be quite an improvement on what they’ve reduced Finn to.

  2. Poppy says:

    Gang am Stye, although not my favorite song, was performed magnificently. You may not like the song, but saying that it was done poorly and they would have lost even w/out Marley passing out is not right. The performance had a lot more life than the same old warblers IMO . It’s clear, at least from the writers’ perspective that they were bringing the house down during their performance. Marley’s passing out caused disqualification which Finn had nothing to do with. I think Finn has the only believable storyline out of all the graduates, so if you are a Finn fan, enjoy it… They are doing right by him. I am looking forward to seeing what else they do with him. I apologize in advance if there are too many silly autocorrects in this.

  3. ano says:

    from what i read from most of these comments is that mckinley world is not very relevant anymore and what should the writers do is focus on all the original graduates cast and move them to NYC. that will be a much better and interesting show

  4. I have a real love/hate relationship with the show – I love the original S1/S2 cast but hate the majority of the writing from S3 onwards. I think the problem started when they employed the new writers for S3. This seasons been all over the place and they seem to be basing their writing on who they can get to appear in an episode rather than a continuing story. NY is basically the Kurt/Rachel show and its so dull because they are male/female versions of the same character! They need the likes of Santana there to liven things up – add Brittany, Blaine and Finn and you could basically have a Friends 2 type spin-off.

    • Rab says:

      My thoughts exactly. The execs have chosen to stay with the high school Glee premise, which is what a glee club is. So, influx of new high schoolers. But, the charm and driving pulse of the show, at least IMO, have been the s1 and s2 cast. s3 and beyond has been Glee’s downfall. this season has been all over the place and with half set up premise for NY. NY would have been so inviting and a huge hit for lots of fans, like me. The way it is now, it is a large disappointment and a show that does not appeal to me at all. Glee may last 1 more season to tie up story lines but Glee has lost me to a dull and monotonous and lackluster stories. It had a great chance to high a new height and broaden its branches, so to speak, by being a Comedy like Friends. But with the path it is on it is not worth watching. At the most, DVR it to listen to its music only. I have lost any real desire to keep up with who were once my favorite characters. Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Puck, Quinn, Britanny, Sam, Tina, Mercedes. The others I’m indifferent to and have no desire to follow. Glee has lost fans and watchers, this is a huge reason IMO. I don’t need to watch a show like this to keep in touch when it doesn’t touch my heart as it once did.

  5. Terri says:

    Well, after seeing this promo, have to say that Sue has now crossed over to the “Crazy Terri Schuester” side from Season 1. Terri and the whole fake pregnancy story made me so uncomfortable that I would fast forward the scenes. I guess I am there again.

  6. Nisreen says:

    To tell the truth I just watch glee because of rachel,brody,kurt,blaine and the warblers. The new ditrctions suck. Rachel come back old direction was better

  7. Fabian says:

    I only watch for Rachel and Blaine. Just send Blaine to New York (maybe add Santana) and call it a day. Do the spinoff show and cancel Glee haha.