The Voice Recap: Six-ual Tension [Updated]

trevin hunte and i am telling youIf The Voice‘s Season 3 soul hippie Nicholas David happens to be reading this recap, maybe he can jump down to the comments and prescribe us all a nice herbal remedy to combat anxiety, nausea and full-body jitters. Because no matter which of the Top 6 contestants you’ve been digging for the last few months, there’s no way you can head into Tuesday night’s results-show telecast with total confidence that they’ll break on through to the other side.

And since dude was kind enough to suggest oil of oregano, eldeberry extract and a nice, nondairy probiotic to cure what was ailing rival coach Adam Levine, maybe he’ll also have some thoughts on how to calm the savage beast inside Christina Aguilera, you know, the one who was all, “LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M CRITIQUING YOU!” to a terrified Melanie Martinez.

To be fair, Xtina wasn’t all Cruella de Ville all the time. She spent a good chunk of the night buttering up Blake Shelton like a Land O’ Lakes sales rep with a freshly toasted bagel in her hand. You could practically hear the wheels turning in her head: Maybe, just maybe, I can get Blake’s fans to buy my album for Christmas. And then she turned that internal monologue into a desperate plea to the viewing audience: “Attention holiday shoppers! Cassadee is the one true star this season! Terry is a close second! Lotus, in stores now! Hashtag: Team Blake!”

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But back to the Top 6 and their two performances each (one coach’s choice, one contestant’s choice) — since that’s what The Voice is really all about. (Xtina: “Wait! But I thought everyone tuned in to hear me sing Fiona Apple snippets!” You: “Honey, please.”) Every one of ’em had checkmarks in the “plus” columns, and “minuses” that served as a sobering counterbalance: Cee Lo seemingly tried to sabotage his contestants with baffling song choices, while Adam allowed brutally distracting staging to hamper the vocalists under his tutelage. Blake, for his part, did absolutely nothing to push his team outside their comfort zones or expand their fan bases. Shall we get to tonight’s letter grades?

Nicholas David: Earth Wind and Fire’s “September” | (Cee Lo’s pick) Alas, a song choice as predictable as Christina Milian saying “Hey-ey, what’s up Carson?” every time her cohost tosses to her banal interview segments. Not that there’s anything wrong with Barry White, Huey Lewis, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, or Earth Wind & Fire, but for once, it would be nice to hear the dude tackle something that’s not a minimum of 10 years older than Melanie Martinez. Worse still, as Adam sagely noted, Nicholas completely neglected to sing the iconic melody on the chorus, instead choosing to riff around in a key that didn’t stretch his voice much at all. Combined with his failure to work the stage in any meaningful way — and some unnecessary disco dancers on a platform to pull focus from the main event — this was the bearded dad’s weakest performance all season. Grade: C+

Cassadee Pope: Rascal Flatts’ “Stand” | (Blake’s pick) Of all the country anthems in all the world, Blake had to go and choose a Rascal Flatts ditty that puts the “bla” in “bland.” Cassadee did what she could — pushing the second chorus as high as it could go, and infusing the lyrics with as much passion as they could endure — but you can’t throw a donkey out of a plane and expect it to fly. Making matters worse: The audience waving their glow sticks out of time with the music like they were all graduates of the Elaine Benes School of Rhythm. Grade: B

Amanda Brown: Aretha Franklin’s (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” |
(Amanda’s pick) I kinda wish if Amanda was determined to cover the Queen of Soul, that she’d chosen a road less traveled, something like “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You” or “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” But if you want to please the masses, sometimes you’ve got to choose a classic, and to her credit, Amanda really brought to life the sensuality of the lyrics, even throwing in a Cody-esque shimmy at the end of the first chorus. Later, her off-the-beat cry of “you make me feel!” reinforced her connection to the material while deviating in tone and approach from Aretha’s rendition. As always, the coaches seemed reluctant to go all-in for Amanda, with Cee Lo regrettably yammering “I love and appreciate all women” instead of drumming up support for a woman who absolutely belongs in the Top 4. Adam, too, downplayed Amanda’s season-long brilliance by implying she hadn’t had a moment since “Dream On” on Nov. 8. If I didn’t know better, I’d be yelling “Sabotage!” Grade: B+

Terry McDermott: Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” | (Terry’s pick) I liked Blake’s suggestion to strip the rock ballad down to piano and cello (“I thought it was called a Cee Lo,” joked the country coach), but as Terry pointed out, the approach left him nowhere to hide, vocally speaking. And as Xtina noted, Terry never really brought to life the more tender side of “I Want to Know…,” the plea to “change this lonely life.” Instead, he seemed to be working overtime to prove his chops, to force the melody up a hill where it didn’t necessarily want to go, and that resulted in intermittent vocal strain. It didn’t help that the audience was clapping out of time with the music, either, but you can’t blame a Hobbit for that! Grade: B

Trevin Hunte: Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine” | (Cee Lo’s pick) Another week, another dreadful denim vest for poor Trevin. I’d complain that Cee Lo was purposely undermining the teenage vocalist by not giving him better wardrobe advice, but maybe we should just be thankful he hasn’t forced Trevin into one of his signature muumuus. The song choice, unfortunately, was an even worse fit, and while I applaud Cee Lo for wanting to see Trevin tackle something upbeat and fun, I can’t imagine there weren’t at least 50,000 songs better suited to Trevin’s style than “Walking on Sunshine.” Even if Trevin hadn’t botched the lyric on the opening verse or tapered off into nothingness on the “I feel alive” ad libs, the whole enterprise was like cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in a microwave: Wrong idea, wrong tools, wrong pairing, dubious outcome. Grade: C

Melanie Martinez: Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” | (Melanie’s pick) No, Melanie wasn’t pitch perfect on her “haunted music box” remix of Cee Lo’s most famous composition. And yeah, it would’ve been nice if she hadn’t repeatedly gazed down and to the left, as if she was reading her lyrics off a piece of looseleaf she’d taped to the stage floor. But I had to agree with Adam that the end result transcended the technical. Surrounded by shiny mannequins with instruments, Melanie used her baby doll voice to convey a genuine madness to the lyrics, whispering “I remember when I lost my mind” like a kid who hadn’t quite yet gotten her mind back. Which I guess is my way of saying I’ll take flawed gutsiness and originality over bar-band competency any day of the week. Grade: A-

Terry McDermott: Faces’ “Stay With Me” | (Blake’s pick) Speaking of bar-band competency…Terry hit most of the notes of Rod Stewart’s saucy stomper, but the lethargic staging and by-the-numbers delivery failed to bring to life any of the randy sexuality or raucous humor of the original. Maybe none of the judges pointed this out so as not to bring coach Blake’s mood down right before his big NBC Christmas special? Grade: B-

Trevin Hunte: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (from Dreamgirls) | (Trevin’s pick) I will admit I rolled my eyes — and maybe even let out a “oh hell no!” — when Trevin once again flipped open his copy of Everything I Ever Learned About Music I Learned From Watching Reality Singing Competitions and flipped to the chapter on show tunes. But well traveled as the Dreamgirls path may be, and as religiously as Trevin followed the directions laid out by Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Sanchez, Frenchie Davis, and LaKisha Jones before him, there’s no denying he slayed the beast — hitting every note, and nailing the “you’re gonna love me”-ness of it all. Did we need another Gospel choir to emerge from the curtains? No we did not. Did Trevin need to remove his jacket for the final burst of melody? I’d argue no. Should he allow Xtina to take him on the road with her in the future? Let’s not even dignify the question with a response. But I’d be reaching too deep into my well of cynicism if I gave this performance anything less than… Grade: A-

Amanda Brown: Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” | (Adam’s pick) I’d actually suggested this track for Cassadee in this week’s Voice Leaderboard gallery, but I thought it worked flawlessly for Amanda, too. From the slow-burn intro to the full-fledged banshee wail, it allowed Amanda to solidify her rock chops and remind voters that of her almost superhuman grasp on pitch — all while clad in head-to-toe red leather. I really, truly wish Adam hadn’t allowed those tumbling acrobats to turn the staging into Dancing With the Stars results-show guest performer, but Amanda’s vocal transcended the ridiculata. Grade: A-

Melanie Martinez: Lenka’s “The Show” | (Adam’s pick) Since the start of the season, Melanie’s hallmark has been her originality. And that’s why it felt like such a letdown that her Lenka cover had a copycat quality from the vocals all the way to the staging, which tried to recreate the original music video’s vibe on a high-school drama club budget. (I did have to laugh, though, when Xtina once again lavished praise on the show’s set designer, only to have Adam thank her for the unintentional compliment, since he and Melanie came up with it.) To my eyes, though, Melanie looked a little embarrassed by the proceedings, as random stagehands appeared on stage to navigate cardboard busses, fly “kites” and make “dolphins” (yes, dolphins!) leap, even row a “boat” during the performance. (And here I thought the acrobats were distracting!) Xtina may have had a point that Melanie might fare better on a darker number like Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” but I’m not sure we needed her to sing half a verse plus the chorus to get her point across. Lotus! In stores now! Grade: C+

Cassadee Pope: Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” | (Cassadee’s pick) Speaking of a lack of originality, how come none of the judges had an issue with Cassadee offering up her second note-for-note Avril Lavigne cover in the last five weeks? Granted, the former Hey Monday frontwoman gave one of her strongest vocals all season, not once going astray during what Adam noted was a particularly treacherous final run of notes, and hitting every emotion flawlessly. But I just feel like someone with Cassadee’s experience should be working harder to innovate and surprise. And instead, she’s relying of extreme closeups of her fawning mentor, misting up during her performances, to drive her train to victory. Plus, could Blake lay it on any thicker with his feedback? This business about Cassadee being the “rare individual” who can tell a story and yet has the “ability to sing really, really good”? That, dude, is a baseline requirement for just about anyone making their living in music! Uff da. Grade: B+

Nicholas David: “Over the Rainbow” (from The Wizard of Oz) | I appreciated Nicholas’ attempt to infuse the well-worn soundtrack ballad with some jazzy inflections and unusual flourishes. I’m not entirely sure it all worked — occasionally, the timing and phrasing seem a little stilted, or maybe it was just the audience clapping (once again) off rhythm — but how much can I complain when St. Nick’s tone is so rich and calorie-laden, when he never, ever seems to hit a sour note? Grade: B+

And finally, predictions…

Should Go Home: Terry, Trevin
Will Go Home: Nicholas, Amanda (because life is pain)

And with that, let me turn things over to you:

Who were your favorites from The Voice‘s Top 6 performance telecast? Who’s most likely to get booted come Tuesday night? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. eric says:

    nicholas for the win! melanie and terry will go home…cassadee as a possible alternate..

  2. Julio says:

    Voice tracks making up half the iTunes Top 10 right now, including both of Cassadee’s efforts (“Stand” at No. 3; “I’m With You” at No. 7).

    The lowest-ranking efforts on the chart are Trevin’s “Walking on Sunshine” (No. 55) and Nicholas’ “September” (No. 38), but both artists’ other efforts are in the Top 10 (Nicholas’ “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at No. 4; Trevin’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” at No. 9).

    Melanie and Amanda are the two without Top 10 tracks, with Melanie at 14 with “Crazy” and 17 with “The Show” and Amanda at 21 with “Natural Woman” and 31 with “Here I Go Again.”

    Terry’s “Stay With Me” is at 29, but his “I Wanna Know What Love Is” tops the list of Voice contestants at No. 2.

    So it’s hard to predict, especially when we don’t know the exact sales number on each track or how many votes came in other ways. Best guess: I’m standing by my prediction that Trevin and Nicholas go home, but I fear for Amanda and Melanie WAY more than I should have to. Cassadee remains a lock to win.

  3. Chance says:

    Trevin’s And I Am Telling You was not good. I didn’t understand the praise thrown at him. It was dull, and off pitch.

    Can’t stand Terry.

    Don’t get the love for the guy who looks like an Amish wedding singer.

  4. davey says:

    I wish Amanda has sung I’m Not Telling You right after Trevin.

    • Lois Benton says:

      Ha! (Again.) You’re a real comedian, aren’t you? But actually, you have a really good idea. All SIX should have sung And I’m Not Telling You. The only ones that would have been interesting would have been Nicholas and Melanie, because they would have been different. Amanda would have done something new to it, live, but the recording of it would have processed any originality out of it. But Nicholas’ hypothetical version….Now I’m longing for that.

  5. Me says:

    Would like to start by saying YAY for Terry!!! #1 AND #2 on the Canadian AND US iTunes Rock Chart, and #2 on the Overall US iTunes chart :))

    For me:

    Nicholas David – September – Was just kinda meh, didn’t really go anywhere, wasn’t anything exciting, totally agree with what the judges said about him shying away from parts of it.

    Cassadee Pope – Stand – Alright, wasn’t her best for me.

    Amanda Brown – Natural Woman – Alright but Kelly Clarkson’s version will always be my favourite, and Amanda over sang did it some.

    Terry McDermott – I Want to Know What Love Is – Absolutely beautiful. Love that song, and loved that performance!! The studio version is just as amazing!!

    Trevin Hunt – Walking on Sunshine – I couldn’t believe that this song actually sounded boring. It’s such a fun upbeat song, but the way he was singing it made it completely boring.

    Melanie Martinez – Crazy – Loved this.

    Terry McDermott – Stay With Me – Awesome, I grew up listening to Rod Stewart and Terry did an AMAZING job on this song!

    Trevin Hunt – And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going – Back to boring ballad Trevin, ya he can sing but zzzzzzzzzzzz Jennifer Hudson owes this song.

    Amanda Brown – Here I Go Again – Over sang it again just like the last one. It was fun but meh.

    Melanie Martinez – The Show – Very cute, and nice ot see her doing some upbeat. and LOVE her hair.

    Cassadee Pope – I’m With You – Her low stuff is ok but omg her high notes in this song are SO SHRILL. I actually found myself cringing.

    Nicholas David – Over the Rainbow – The beginning and end sections of this gave me goosebumps but I didn’t really like the middle section.

    Should go home: Trevin and Cassadee OR Trevin and Amanda

    Terry and Melanie SHOULD be in the finale. Don’t care who else is with them.

    Would also LOVE to know why Christina hates Melanie so much. She is SO rude to her!!

  6. Ronnie says:

    You can’t always go by the iTunes totals. Cody’s totals were low 2 weeks ago but he got a lot of votes and was safe. I’m hoping Amanda and Nicholas stay, but I think Melanie will take one of the their slots as Xtina was mean to her and as you know from other award shows, when the judges are really mean, there is grudge voting from the fans and that person stays longer.

  7. davey says:

    I like Terry but he has not done anything remotely special with any of his outdated songs. And last night his voice was in his higher register which doesn’t appeal to me at all. Yet he was very high on iTunes which means that probably Amanda will leave in his place. Which is a shame.

  8. Lania says:

    First of all, thumbs way down to Christina for declaring Team Blake to be the winner of the entire competition before most of the competitors had even performed yet…she came off as so obviously petty, I don’t see how her behavior helps anyone but her personal arch-nemesis, Team Adam. But I digress.

    I think everyone left on the show is amazing in their own way. Interestingly, I think the least unique artists are the ones that Christina kept pimping us with. Cassadee the pretty, multi-colored hair, rocker chick with the Avril Lavigne-esque voice, translation: nothing special, we already have a pretty, multi-colored hair, rocker chick with an Avril Lavigne-esque voice named Avril Lavigne. Terry the classic rocker clone, translation: nothing special, nobody will claim that you have to have an exceptional voice to be able to carry an 80s rock tune, and this show is still called “The Voice”, which means raw vocal talent SHOULD be more important than the packaging.

    In terms of raw vocal talent, which is what the show SHOULD be based on, I think the voices from Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo are stronger. Amanda and Trevin probably have the best voices in the entire competition, period. I would invite one of them to sing the National Anthem before even considering any of the others. In other words as far as basic old-fashioned singing goes, those two are in a different pack from the rest. I think Amanda did the best last night on both performances, although I do think Trevin’s second performance was the best of the night. Nicholas has that authentic soul voice, but his performances were not the best last night, which could unfortunately hurt him because he is a genuine article and would carve a conspicuously absent place for himself in an ailing music industry predominated by bubblegum pop. Melanie is so creative and unique. Not sure a talent show like The Voice gives her the platform she really needs to showcase that. Her ideas are so inventive and her interpretation of songs, just so genius. I seemed to enjoy her songs more than the judges did; I guess I’ve got a soft spot for creativity. They would be my pick for Top 4, in any order.

  9. Gale says:

    Michale, watch Melanie’s Crazy again. As Xtina observed, she was under the note, espcially two glaring times. She needs to go.

  10. Teresa says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand how Melanie is still on this show. She had “pitch problems” on her first song yet she gets an A-??? Oh, and there’s this little fact that SHE CAN’T SING. She’s all breathy and has absolutely no range. She’s as cute as can be and should be designing clothes and taking her photos but singing is a talent God did not give her.

    • DJ says:

      “She’s as cute as can be and should be designing clothes”. She’s 17 and dresses like a 10-year-old. She looks ridiculous! That stupid bow on her head doesn’t help either. It’s way past time for her to grow up.

  11. DJ says:

    Even if she could sing, I wouldn’t want to look at her because she looks so ridiculous.

  12. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Man I can’t believe I’m checking itunes again and Amanda is still at the very bottom! WTH!? Maybe those other weeks when they saved her towards near last and people were like oh please they are just building fake drame, maybe she was near the bottom??

    I hope it is just iTunes and not votes. Most people probably don’t download more than once even though you are allowed to download ten times and most probably do dial in ten times…. still hard to believe but it’s not looking good. At least last season Juliet made it to second place, but damn Amanda may not even make it to 5th never mind 4th WTH!

    I really hope that the whole itunes thing is meaningless at this point (that IS possible since we are near the end, I believe Jermaine was really low on iTunes near the end and yet he suddenly came out of nowhere to win it all once it was down to 4 and 6 is pretty close).

    • davey says:

      The problem here is that those placing high on iTunes are getting their votes multiplied. That wasn’t the case last year when Jermaine despite his iTunes sales.

      All I can hope is that Adele is secretly telling her fans to vote for her former back up singer Amanda.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        You do bring up a point that I think Alicia Keys and others have tweeted to their fans about their former backup singers being on, haven’t hear a single thing from Adele though this season mentioned on the show…. so if not then that might also be against her. Man, that would be insanity if she can’t at least make the finale though.

  13. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Speaking of iTunes did anyone notice that Melanie tends to sound better on iTunes than live and Amanda worse. It’s almost like Melanie despite being the real singer, the indy singer and all that is the one who needs auto-tune or studio re-tries (although it might just be that she gets nervous live and also she is young and might have trouble hearing what she is doing over the crowd and live band and all and just not be used to that yet). And for Amanda it’s almost like they suck some of her soul out and over-produce her in the studio.

  14. tnsmoke says:

    Did it not seem strange to anyone but me that even tho Cee Lo was under the weather he didn’t ask Christine to coach his team? I thought all the singers, except Melanie, had great performances. I enjoyed Trevin’s “Walking On Sunshine” and am amazed at how he’s now more confident, and allowing himself to “enjoy the journey”. Also, he seems to be losing some weight. Terry and Amanda are the two I hope one of which will win the whole thing. My only complaint about Amanda is how she keeps vamping directly to the cameras and batting her eyes. This might be why some viewers are calling her “stuck on herself” etc. Melanie is so horrid that I can not believe anyone really would listen to 12 songs in a row of her! Reminds me of Norah Jones, who everyone loved but who in concert sent several of my friends running to the exits after about 40 minutes. Nicholas is ok but don’t really see him winning. I think Christina reopened the Adam wounds from last year by making snarky remarks about Melanie and also by pretty much pimping for Blake’s team. I sure hope this doesn’t backfire like last year and fans reject Terry and Cassedee to reject Christina….like what happened with Tony Luca last year.

  15. Tessa says:

    Cassidee – booorrrring… Totally agree with Lania above. Don’t need another Avril; and all her songs sound the same. Don’t like the obvious pimping – another performance slot late in the show. Total turn-off. I think Melanie’s appeal is her artistry. She is creative and different. Otherwise, who here is really marketable? Diva balladeers, boy or girl? Meh… Angry, indy rocker chick? Time has passed. 80’s wedding singer? Ugh… And weird coffee house guy? Everyone is talented, but who is really marketable?

  16. Ann VerWiebe says:

    I kept thinking last night that, if push came to shove, the only CDs I’m likely to be interested in are Nicholas’ and Melanie’s. When Cassadee was singing the Avril Lavigne song, it was like, if she’s not better than Avril, then what’s the point?

  17. Kristina says:

    Amanda is not doing well on iTunes, she’s in last place on the charts compared to the others. That’s not a good sign.

  18. Slatina Whorinova says:

    Seems like Michael Slezak put all his eggs in the Melanie Martinez basket. I hope she gets eliminated, I cannot have another week of her heavy-breathing through two songs again!

  19. syb says:

    Oh now if you tell me that Nick is going home, I’ll be without a singing reality show until January!

  20. Frances says:

    Unfortunately, my favorite are Nicholas, Melanie and Amanda and they all seem to be in the most danger this week. Terry is boring and his vocals were strained this week. His itunes song surprisingly reached # 2, which really goes against itunes being a good indicator of marketability. Trevin is getting boring, but he seems to have an underground fan base that doesn’t buy itunes. Cassadee shows no originality and is incapable of putting a unique spin on anything she performs, which is odd given that she probably has the most performing experience of the final 6.

    If Amanda and Melanie (or Amanda and Nicholas) both go home, I will probably stop watching. A final four consisting of Cassadee, Trevin, Terry and Nicholas would be very disappointing (and boring). Nicholas is the only one of those 4 that I find interesting, but I think he should start picking more current songs if he survives this rounds

  21. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    On MP1 – “Which I guess is my way of saying I’ll take flawed gutsiness and originality over bar-band competency any day of the week. A-”

    Yeah but there is a little flawed and then there is off the rails flawed (and when more than one coach points something out on the show these days)…. and if it is off the rails it better be the most inventive, transcendent arrangement ever. Her itunes version is better at least.
    But come on A- for an off the rails mess, how you can be tied for BEST of the night that far off the rails especially since it was hardly astonishingly original compared to anything else others have done with that song. When Amanda went off the rails the week after her Dream On you stuck it to her and I listed her performance as worst of the night. So why not for Melanie?

    On the rest, I can’t disagree too much though.

  22. Janie's daughter says:

    Awww… I think they are all talented, but my favorites are Amanda and Nicholas, whose first albums and concert tickets I would buy in a heartbeat. I like Trevin too and would buy tickets to Trevin’s musical theatre debut. I would selectively download a song or two from Melanie’s first album and add it to my mix. I would NOT change the channel when Cassadee’s or Terry’s song played on the radio, but I wouldn’t seek their music out, either.

    • ETG says:

      Well…. it’s ironic that those two were vying for the final “save” tonight. Sad, really. They both deserved to stay, and either Trevin or Terry should’ve gone home.

  23. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! My two favs are 2 of three bottom two, as I had feared. In the end it was NOT, this time, the lowest number of ratings which would have had Melanie safe for sure but it was the new 10x vote bonus thing that did Amanda (and Melanie) in. Now way to overcome one out of three methods counting 10x less than for the other four. Man, damn, had Amanda just had one in the top ten, as she sure as heck should have, she woulda been safe for sure. When Melanie was sent home I suddenly had hope for Amanda (although sorrow for Nicholas) but then I realized it was all about the 10x power votes for iTunes and new Amanda was a goner.

    It is interesting that CeeLo has half of the top 4 in it and he turned around for all of the top 5, something nobody else had and he was even the only one to turn around 25% of the top 8 I think.

    But man, this is getting worse and worse now I can’t even get my favorites into top four on any show, not The Voice or AI or XFactor for each of the most recent/current seasons. :(

    It is cool to see a Nicholas be able to make a top four of a show though. And I do like some 80s rock with Terry. Cassadee has grown on me a bit but does seem a bit generic and really more than that on some songs her voice gets a bit chipmunky toned, although she has been doing a lot better with that than for the first half of the season. Trevin does have some pipes and can out out feeling, although he has been quite shaky outside of power ballads.

    Amanda could do it all. But at least she made it one spot more than Elise on AI, oh well….
    but a few spots worse than Vicci or Juliett :(.

  24. Wanda says:

    This may well be it for me and these TV Talent Competitions. This is American Idol all over again. Amanda was the best female singer they had this season.The fact that she was sent home tonight shows how bogus these shows really are, I’m happy for the other three that got to stay,but I really don’t think Cassadee Pope is that special. I stopped watching AI when that bland guy whose name I have long since forgotten “Won” over Adam Lambert. Well, at least Xtina will be glad that Adam no longer has any team . Her outright hostility toward both of his female team members was irritating and unprofessional. I hope one of CeeLo’s guys is the winner,but unfortunately I think the teeny boppers will put the bland and boring Cassadee in that spot. My hope for Amanda is that she has a Jennifer Hudson type vindication, gets a recording contract and goes on to win many awards.

  25. jaxguy says:

    I’m am officially done with The Voice. I am officially done with reality singing shows. This was the final straw.I don’t like any of the 4 left. So it’s adios. I will start watching movies instead.

  26. jaxguy says:

    And….more importantly I will not buy anything by any of them. They don’t do a thing for me. Now as soon as XFactor finally craps out and picks an inferior contestant I will be finished for good. I can have my life back. It was fun while it lasted. And although I won’t be watching if Trevin wins it will make sense. It will follow the pattern of the previous 2 season of The Voice. Goodbye and good luck.

  27. jaxguy says:

    I have one more opinion to state. Amanda sounded better than Neyo and Cassadee on their duets. For me way better.

  28. Bebechez says:

    Lol I totally Agree, Melanie look so embarassed on her Lenka’s performance.

  29. Shannon says:

    It is obvious that the show wants Terry to win. Every good singer is sabotaged or voted off so he can win. Really, look at all of the people who can SING and who are being voted off. The coaches know this and keep saying how whether or not the competitors win or not will not determine how the rest of their careers will be. Terry will be selected to win. Christina is all up Blake’s…. She is nasty to anyone who has a set of pipes, like she is the only person in the world who can sing.