The Voice Recap: Six-ual Tension [Updated]

trevin hunte and i am telling youIf The Voice‘s Season 3 soul hippie Nicholas David happens to be reading this recap, maybe he can jump down to the comments and prescribe us all a nice herbal remedy to combat anxiety, nausea and full-body jitters. Because no matter which of the Top 6 contestants you’ve been digging for the last few months, there’s no way you can head into Tuesday night’s results-show telecast with total confidence that they’ll break on through to the other side.

And since dude was kind enough to suggest oil of oregano, eldeberry extract and a nice, nondairy probiotic to cure what was ailing rival coach Adam Levine, maybe he’ll also have some thoughts on how to calm the savage beast inside Christina Aguilera, you know, the one who was all, “LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M CRITIQUING YOU!” to a terrified Melanie Martinez.

To be fair, Xtina wasn’t all Cruella de Ville all the time. She spent a good chunk of the night buttering up Blake Shelton like a Land O’ Lakes sales rep with a freshly toasted bagel in her hand. You could practically hear the wheels turning in her head: Maybe, just maybe, I can get Blake’s fans to buy my album for Christmas. And then she turned that internal monologue into a desperate plea to the viewing audience: “Attention holiday shoppers! Cassadee is the one true star this season! Terry is a close second! Lotus, in stores now! Hashtag: Team Blake!”

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But back to the Top 6 and their two performances each (one coach’s choice, one contestant’s choice) — since that’s what The Voice is really all about. (Xtina: “Wait! But I thought everyone tuned in to hear me sing Fiona Apple snippets!” You: “Honey, please.”) Every one of ’em had checkmarks in the “plus” columns, and “minuses” that served as a sobering counterbalance: Cee Lo seemingly tried to sabotage his contestants with baffling song choices, while Adam allowed brutally distracting staging to hamper the vocalists under his tutelage. Blake, for his part, did absolutely nothing to push his team outside their comfort zones or expand their fan bases. Shall we get to tonight’s letter grades?

Nicholas David: Earth Wind and Fire’s “September” | (Cee Lo’s pick) Alas, a song choice as predictable as Christina Milian saying “Hey-ey, what’s up Carson?” every time her cohost tosses to her banal interview segments. Not that there’s anything wrong with Barry White, Huey Lewis, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, or Earth Wind & Fire, but for once, it would be nice to hear the dude tackle something that’s not a minimum of 10 years older than Melanie Martinez. Worse still, as Adam sagely noted, Nicholas completely neglected to sing the iconic melody on the chorus, instead choosing to riff around in a key that didn’t stretch his voice much at all. Combined with his failure to work the stage in any meaningful way — and some unnecessary disco dancers on a platform to pull focus from the main event — this was the bearded dad’s weakest performance all season. Grade: C+

Cassadee Pope: Rascal Flatts’ “Stand” | (Blake’s pick) Of all the country anthems in all the world, Blake had to go and choose a Rascal Flatts ditty that puts the “bla” in “bland.” Cassadee did what she could — pushing the second chorus as high as it could go, and infusing the lyrics with as much passion as they could endure — but you can’t throw a donkey out of a plane and expect it to fly. Making matters worse: The audience waving their glow sticks out of time with the music like they were all graduates of the Elaine Benes School of Rhythm. Grade: B

Amanda Brown: Aretha Franklin’s (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” |
(Amanda’s pick) I kinda wish if Amanda was determined to cover the Queen of Soul, that she’d chosen a road less traveled, something like “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You” or “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” But if you want to please the masses, sometimes you’ve got to choose a classic, and to her credit, Amanda really brought to life the sensuality of the lyrics, even throwing in a Cody-esque shimmy at the end of the first chorus. Later, her off-the-beat cry of “you make me feel!” reinforced her connection to the material while deviating in tone and approach from Aretha’s rendition. As always, the coaches seemed reluctant to go all-in for Amanda, with Cee Lo regrettably yammering “I love and appreciate all women” instead of drumming up support for a woman who absolutely belongs in the Top 4. Adam, too, downplayed Amanda’s season-long brilliance by implying she hadn’t had a moment since “Dream On” on Nov. 8. If I didn’t know better, I’d be yelling “Sabotage!” Grade: B+

Terry McDermott: Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” | (Terry’s pick) I liked Blake’s suggestion to strip the rock ballad down to piano and cello (“I thought it was called a Cee Lo,” joked the country coach), but as Terry pointed out, the approach left him nowhere to hide, vocally speaking. And as Xtina noted, Terry never really brought to life the more tender side of “I Want to Know…,” the plea to “change this lonely life.” Instead, he seemed to be working overtime to prove his chops, to force the melody up a hill where it didn’t necessarily want to go, and that resulted in intermittent vocal strain. It didn’t help that the audience was clapping out of time with the music, either, but you can’t blame a Hobbit for that! Grade: B

Trevin Hunte: Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine” | (Cee Lo’s pick) Another week, another dreadful denim vest for poor Trevin. I’d complain that Cee Lo was purposely undermining the teenage vocalist by not giving him better wardrobe advice, but maybe we should just be thankful he hasn’t forced Trevin into one of his signature muumuus. The song choice, unfortunately, was an even worse fit, and while I applaud Cee Lo for wanting to see Trevin tackle something upbeat and fun, I can’t imagine there weren’t at least 50,000 songs better suited to Trevin’s style than “Walking on Sunshine.” Even if Trevin hadn’t botched the lyric on the opening verse or tapered off into nothingness on the “I feel alive” ad libs, the whole enterprise was like cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in a microwave: Wrong idea, wrong tools, wrong pairing, dubious outcome. Grade: C

Melanie Martinez: Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” | (Melanie’s pick) No, Melanie wasn’t pitch perfect on her “haunted music box” remix of Cee Lo’s most famous composition. And yeah, it would’ve been nice if she hadn’t repeatedly gazed down and to the left, as if she was reading her lyrics off a piece of looseleaf she’d taped to the stage floor. But I had to agree with Adam that the end result transcended the technical. Surrounded by shiny mannequins with instruments, Melanie used her baby doll voice to convey a genuine madness to the lyrics, whispering “I remember when I lost my mind” like a kid who hadn’t quite yet gotten her mind back. Which I guess is my way of saying I’ll take flawed gutsiness and originality over bar-band competency any day of the week. Grade: A-

Terry McDermott: Faces’ “Stay With Me” | (Blake’s pick) Speaking of bar-band competency…Terry hit most of the notes of Rod Stewart’s saucy stomper, but the lethargic staging and by-the-numbers delivery failed to bring to life any of the randy sexuality or raucous humor of the original. Maybe none of the judges pointed this out so as not to bring coach Blake’s mood down right before his big NBC Christmas special? Grade: B-

Trevin Hunte: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (from Dreamgirls) | (Trevin’s pick) I will admit I rolled my eyes — and maybe even let out a “oh hell no!” — when Trevin once again flipped open his copy of Everything I Ever Learned About Music I Learned From Watching Reality Singing Competitions and flipped to the chapter on show tunes. But well traveled as the Dreamgirls path may be, and as religiously as Trevin followed the directions laid out by Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Sanchez, Frenchie Davis, and LaKisha Jones before him, there’s no denying he slayed the beast — hitting every note, and nailing the “you’re gonna love me”-ness of it all. Did we need another Gospel choir to emerge from the curtains? No we did not. Did Trevin need to remove his jacket for the final burst of melody? I’d argue no. Should he allow Xtina to take him on the road with her in the future? Let’s not even dignify the question with a response. But I’d be reaching too deep into my well of cynicism if I gave this performance anything less than… Grade: A-

Amanda Brown: Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” | (Adam’s pick) I’d actually suggested this track for Cassadee in this week’s Voice Leaderboard gallery, but I thought it worked flawlessly for Amanda, too. From the slow-burn intro to the full-fledged banshee wail, it allowed Amanda to solidify her rock chops and remind voters that of her almost superhuman grasp on pitch — all while clad in head-to-toe red leather. I really, truly wish Adam hadn’t allowed those tumbling acrobats to turn the staging into Dancing With the Stars results-show guest performer, but Amanda’s vocal transcended the ridiculata. Grade: A-

Melanie Martinez: Lenka’s “The Show” | (Adam’s pick) Since the start of the season, Melanie’s hallmark has been her originality. And that’s why it felt like such a letdown that her Lenka cover had a copycat quality from the vocals all the way to the staging, which tried to recreate the original music video’s vibe on a high-school drama club budget. (I did have to laugh, though, when Xtina once again lavished praise on the show’s set designer, only to have Adam thank her for the unintentional compliment, since he and Melanie came up with it.) To my eyes, though, Melanie looked a little embarrassed by the proceedings, as random stagehands appeared on stage to navigate cardboard busses, fly “kites” and make “dolphins” (yes, dolphins!) leap, even row a “boat” during the performance. (And here I thought the acrobats were distracting!) Xtina may have had a point that Melanie might fare better on a darker number like Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” but I’m not sure we needed her to sing half a verse plus the chorus to get her point across. Lotus! In stores now! Grade: C+

Cassadee Pope: Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” | (Cassadee’s pick) Speaking of a lack of originality, how come none of the judges had an issue with Cassadee offering up her second note-for-note Avril Lavigne cover in the last five weeks? Granted, the former Hey Monday frontwoman gave one of her strongest vocals all season, not once going astray during what Adam noted was a particularly treacherous final run of notes, and hitting every emotion flawlessly. But I just feel like someone with Cassadee’s experience should be working harder to innovate and surprise. And instead, she’s relying of extreme closeups of her fawning mentor, misting up during her performances, to drive her train to victory. Plus, could Blake lay it on any thicker with his feedback? This business about Cassadee being the “rare individual” who can tell a story and yet has the “ability to sing really, really good”? That, dude, is a baseline requirement for just about anyone making their living in music! Uff da. Grade: B+

Nicholas David: “Over the Rainbow” (from The Wizard of Oz) | I appreciated Nicholas’ attempt to infuse the well-worn soundtrack ballad with some jazzy inflections and unusual flourishes. I’m not entirely sure it all worked — occasionally, the timing and phrasing seem a little stilted, or maybe it was just the audience clapping (once again) off rhythm — but how much can I complain when St. Nick’s tone is so rich and calorie-laden, when he never, ever seems to hit a sour note? Grade: B+

And finally, predictions…

Should Go Home: Terry, Trevin
Will Go Home: Nicholas, Amanda (because life is pain)

And with that, let me turn things over to you:

Who were your favorites from The Voice‘s Top 6 performance telecast? Who’s most likely to get booted come Tuesday night? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Aria says:

    Quick note – Could Christina’s bias for Blake’s contestants be any more obvious? They could have farted on the stage, and Christina would have endorsed them and stood to applaud their performances. I kind of hope that works against them now, just so Christina loses twice. But mostly, Xtina seems to be anti-Team Adam. Too bad SHE can’t be voted out next.

    Nicholas David – “September”
    More of the same old thing from Nicholas. Not an especially hard song to sing, so it came off as a bit karaoke, even though he sang it just fine. He desperately needs to take a risk.

    Cassadee Pope – “Stand”
    Compared with her earlier performances on this show, she has been far less pitchy lately, so I see what Adam was saying. Her voice is growing on me a bit, but I’m still not feeling much from her emotionally. I don’t buy Cassadee as Xtina’s favorite either, since a few weeks back she claimed she couldn’t “connect” with her . . .

    Amanda Brown – “(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman”
    At first I hated the song choice because it was a bit dated and done to death on singing shows, but Amanda sang the crap out of it. The difference between this performance and Nicholas’ first performance is that this one requires more vocal range. (By the way, I’m glad they skipped Xtina’s review on this one, even though she managed to cough loudly during Adam’s review.)

    Terry McDermott – “I Want To Know What Love Is”
    Kind of pitchy. I almost wish he’d go back to the classic rock, because his stripped-down performances haven’t been great. The goat bleat at the end wasn’t great.

    Trevin Hunte – “Walking on Sunshine”
    This was basically a ballad with fast music behind it (imagine it without the accompanying music), so I don’t know if it qualifies as “upbeat.” Despite some unfortunate dancing and a few skipped lines in the chorus, Trevin sang quite well.

    Melanie Martinez – “Crazy”
    I think we may see another Melanie song shoot up on the charts. The whole vibe was eery and cool, with the piano tinkering and dark lighting. Her voice is so cool. She reminds me a little bit of Lindsey Pavao from last year. Of course Xtina calls out Melanie for pitch issues, while Terry’s pitch issues are met by her with a small comment in passing and a standing ovation.

    Terry McDermott – “Stay With Me”
    Now that’s more like it. Still not seeing him as the winner of this show, but at least he was entertaining on this song, and it was right in his wheelhouse. “Laser pitch,” Blake? Did you hear his first song. I’m not remotely tempted to buy either of his songs on iTunes, though, and I wonder if others will feel the same.

    Trevin Hunte – “And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going)”
    Like Amanda’s song, this one feels dated and has been done a million times on these shows, but he sang the crap out of it. If he was at risk before, he’ll get through just for his vocal prowess here, even though I still don’t think it will translate to the current pop market this show is gearing itself toward.

    Amanda Brown – “Here I Go Again”
    So they hired a high school PTA to sing back-up on her first song, and now she’s got some emo-punk acrobats? Way too much onstage. Vocally, though? AMAZING. P.S. Was Cee Lo high tonight?

    Melanie Martinez – “The Show”
    Uh oh – the last two contestants who kept reminding us that they were the youngest in the competition were promptly sent packing (Nathalie Hernandez and Marissa Ann anyone?). What is with the weird staging on Team Adam tonight? Melanie looked like she wanted to grab the oar from that dude and whack him over the head with it. The song was actually perfect for Melanie’s voice, but she didn’t really seem to be enjoying it. Liked her first song better. BTW: Xtina calls out Melanie for lack of eye contact – Lindsey Pavao did the same thing to Adam last year, but he didn’t demand her attention or call her out . . . annoyed with Xtina tonight.

    Cassadee Pope – “I’m With You”
    Avril Lavigne can’t sing, so anything is an improvement over the original. It was pitchy in the beginning but pretty strong overall. Regardless, because it’s Cassadee, we’ll see this at the top of the charts tonight – mark my words.

    Nicholas David – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
    Pretty rendition, but it was a little pitchy, and he didn’t really take it anywhere. Seems like this song always gets praise no matter how it’s sung. I think that getting the pimp slot tonight might have saved him this time around.

    Overall Rankings:
    1. Amanda
    2. Trevin
    3. Cassadee
    4. Melanie
    5. Nicholas
    6. Terry

    Prior to tonight, I’d have guessed that Terry and Trevin would go.
    After tonight, I think that Nicholas and Terry deserve to go.
    Who will go? My guesses are Terry and Melanie might be on the way out, with Amanda as a possible shocker because of her older song choices.

    Quote of the night: “Have you got a little hobbit in you?” Blecch.

    • Aria says:

      Okay, that was long. Sorry.

      • Tom22 says:

        Christina is consistent .. and while I disagree with WAY of calling things, I can’t take issue with the fairness of it as long as she is consistent . Just like an umpire with a tighter strike zone or a soccer ref quick to call fouls.

        I’d also add, that as she sings a certain way, it is natural for her to appreciate a strong voice as a top consideration. Adam is a different type of artist and also an extremely successful one. He wants to see an artist bring something new to music more than he cares a bout purely a strong voice.. he’d prefer a unique sound to a strong diva ballad singer because… well gotta break new ground. Blake is into the storytelling and connection to the song… and is consistent with that praise across the genres(he demands pitch and execution but he see’s that as a vital foundation upon which special things are built, not special enough in itself to take a step beyond respect to artistry… cee-loo is very similar to Blake but emphasizes the openness of a performers heart, shown through a song, more than the story-telling Blake holds highest.. similar but different.

        • ChellemaBelle says:

          If “by consistent” you mean– consistently obnoxious — yes, I agree with you.

        • Wanda says:

          Since Xtina is so into strong voices,you would think she’d like Amanda,but she appears to ver very anti Ms. Brown. And seriously,what the hell is going on with her and Blake?Seems to be something hinky(at least on her part,not sure about him).

          • Tom22 says:

            I do get your point in that Amanda does have super pipes and perhaps you do have a point. The thing is, whether it is song choice or artistic expression I do think Amanda’s way of singing is different from the two girls on her team that are now eliminated. I don’t think Amanda appreciates blues style runs particularly and… well I don’t have enough words really.. I do see a difference in what awes her and the type of strengths Amanda shows in her voice. Christina liked Trevin’s sustained notes a lot too while I found them incredibly boring compared to performance of the same song on idol so many times. .most recently Jessica Sanchez.. But yeah, she is clearly rooting for a couple artists, (and said so)

      • Yo' says:

        If that was a quick note, you certainly type fast. wow.

      • jewel says:

        Maybe a bit long but pretty much spot on. I finally figured out what it is I don’t like about Cassadee Pope’s tone- she sounds EXACTLY like Demi Lovato. If you don’t believe me, listen to her performances tonight again… I sure hope Amanda makes it through tonight- I would love to see her and Nicholas David in the finale. That would be a win-win!

        • Jim says:

          I don’t think Demi and Cassadee sound alike. Demi can hit high notes, but Cassadee’s voice is naturally high. Maybe they have a similar sound, but not enough to say they are the same thing.

    • Ed says:

      I really wanted to like Melanie’s rendition of “Crazy”, but it was just way too pitchy. And Christina was not the only one to point that out….. even Adam made mention of it during his critique.

      • Aria says:

        I agree, but my point is that Christina only points out Melanie’s pitchiness and harps on it, while others get by easy.

        • Sam says:

          Yeah and we all could’ve done without those little snippets of songs she was singing to Melanie AND the fact that she only ever seems to notice the set designs during Melanie’s performances

          • Morgan says:

            How could one not notice the set design. They were so overpowering to distract from the thinness of Melanie’s voice. And the second set was so ridiculous. It looked like something out of a bad high school play .

          • Liam says:

            That’s because Melaine sucks and that’s the only thing nice she can say about her. Truth hurts.

        • jewel says:

          Agreed…and I loved that Melanie barely looked at her during her (as usual) harsher and dismissive critique. I was a Xtina fan before this show, can’t say I still am and will be glad to see her gone next season.

      • Marianne says:

        I’m not sure if people really know what pitchy or off-key mean. I don’t think Melanie was pitchy at all. She has a “thinner” voice (not a belter) and in Crazy I thought it sounded thinner than in her rehearsal footage. I thought, vocally, she sounded better during her second song – – and I thought the staging was really cute.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          you honestly don’t think she was flat or sliding flat a lot? I mean Xtina AND Adam also said that and do you think they don’t know what pitchy or undertone or flat means?

        • Trent says:

          Oh, come on, Marianne. I have liked some of Melanie’s songs but she was TERRIBLE on “Crazy” tonight. Flat, pitchy and off-key. Even her own coach acknowledged it. No one is saying she has to belt, but staying on key is a must. And really, Michael? An A- for Melanie? You’re giving her the same grade as the unbelievable Trevin? SMH…

        • allie08 says:

          I sing and the girl was off key. Not haunting. Off key. I know she was trying for haunting but it fell flat…literally.

        • Gale says:

          Marianne, Melanie was noticeably flat. It was bad.

      • Dave says:

        Slezak, you are smoking crack if you think that Melanie’s “Crazy” was better than Terry’s “I Want To Know What Love Is.” I mean seriously…. “Crazy” was easily Melanie’s pitichiest offering to date, and “I Want To Know What Love Is” was Terry’s standout of the season. Look at the itunes chart…. Terry is the highest-charting from the night. It was a “goosebumps” performance!

        itunes doesn’t always predict correctly, but all signs seem to be pointing towards the exits of Melanie and Amanda.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t think Melanie was better than Terry however I do not believe it was a stand out performance. I thought his voice sounded strained and I love the original so maybe I was comparing. I hope your wrong and Amanda stays because I thought she was the best last night.
          I think Melanie and Nicholas or Trev should go.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      1. Avril actually can sing.

      2. “Of course Xtina calls out Melanie for pitch issues,” – umm yeah because it was mad flat and not in ways you just whatever about, in ways that were grating a few too many times, that performance sadly just did not work out at all, maybe she did it better in rehearsal but that was just all kinds of flat and off. Heck, even her own coach readily admitted it had lots of pitch issues, even if he said it didn’t matter (sometimes that can be true, but this time I have to disagree), you can’t just trash everything said just because Xtina has said it.

      3. How do you call Nicholas, of all contestants, on pitch and then slag on Xtina for mentioning Melanie for being pitchy??

      4. actual quote of the night was he next line after that hah, pretty bad hah

      • sara says:

        Oh good lord, no Avril CANNOT sing. Seriously now.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          well I once heard her sing one of her song live and she hit all the notes without auto-tune

          • TJ says:

            Oh good grief, live doesn’t mean it’s not auto tuned…

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Yes, I know that, but believe me this was NOT auto-tuned! Just because you are modern day pop doesn’t mean you are 100% incapable a single not ever yourself….

      • kara says:

        she didn’t slag xtina for mentioning melanie’s pitchiness- she slagged xtina for ONLY calling out melanie’s pitchiness, and not acknowledging anyone else’s. nicholas was iffy on the last song. terry was pitchy on the low parts of the first song for sure.

    • Liam says:

      I dont know what you were listening to but there were no pitch problems in Terry’s performance. Melaine had the pitch problems

      • JW says:

        Sorry, Terry had some serious pitch problems in the Foreigner cover. I like the guy’s voice, and it wasn’t there in this performance

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          Melanie was mediocre and Terry sounded strained…I really wanted Nicholas to sing the crap out of both Crazy and I Want To Know What Love Is and hope September doesn’t send him home…the band and background singers were much too loud…loved Over The Rainbow but would have liked a purer arrangement of it

      • allie08 says:

        Terry was ear bleedingly horrible last night. Major pitch problems. Melanie was also very flat. Hoping they both go home although I really like Terry’s personality – he is adorable.

        • Ed says:

          I didn’t notice Terry being off-key; I think that he is probably the most consistent with his pitch of any of the remaining singers. That being said, I find his voice very irritating to listen to — even for a rock singer, it is extremely piercing and just doesn’t seem to have all the harmonics it needs to keep from sounding tinny.

    • Kim says:

      It’s just as obvious as your hatred of Christina.

    • gregk says:

      Although I like Nicholas, Somewhere Over the Rainbow was very recently sung by Carly Rose on X-Factor and several years ago by Katharine McPhie on Idol. Hard to beat those two memorable performances, so worried that Nicholas might not make it even though his version was just OK. Melanie should not make it; Trevin was terrific again as was Amanda. Xtina was indeed annoying; glad she will be gone next year.

      • dan says:

        Another version (the “Hawaiian version”) was done on Glee a few seasons ago. I was disappointed that Nicholas did Rainbow and I wasn’t thrilled with his rendition of September (while he was performing I kept thinking “why is the chorus and music so loud, I can barely hear him” and then the coaches made similar comments). I like Nicholas and I think he is unique, but last night was not his best.

      • Vetle says:

        And even more recently, Jason Castro did it too on American Idol (‘IZ’ version).

        I haven’t seen the show this week, but based on their bodies of work, Terry and Trevin should go home. Trevin can’t go unpunished for “Scream” and other mediocre performances, and Terry for generally not giving us a moment.

    • S7 Fan says:

      IMO, Crystal Bowersox retired the jersey when she sang Natural Woman.

      • Tom22 says:

        yep, and melinda doolittle wasn’t half bad either.

        IF you can’t change up the melody or make it markedly different in a way that is both you and not close enough to another that you’d pick the other instead..

        … don’t even bother. Would I ever be interested in listening to Trevin instead of Jenifer Hudson , or Lakisha Jones? … no way.. so.. just don’t bother to sing that stuff. I did like Trevins first song and it was different enough that I probably would pick his version above other cover’s a fair portion of the time I felt like hearing the song.

        • Tom22 says:

          and Jessica Sanchez blew out you’re going to love me.. forget it Trevin.. if you’re going to sing a diva song you gotta be better than the Diva’s.. A diva voice is only one piece of the puzzle.. a great voice doesn’t make a great musician by itself

          • Draven says:

            Are you serious? Trevin’s version of this song was SOOOO much better than Jessica Sanchez’, in my opinion. I found Trevin’s version much more enjoyable. Jessica was too gritty and raspy for me to enjoy, especially for a song like this. Personally I like Trevin’s edition better than Jessica’s a whole lot better. The last note was better too, I thought. Tonight Trevin wasn’t holding back and was truly amazing. Also, don’t really consider it a “Diva Song”

          • Lania says:

            You don’t know what you’re talking about. Jessica Sanchez killed the song, no doubt, but I couldn’t sense any raw emotion in her performance. I couldn’t sense that it was coming from a real place. It was just a pretty-sounding vocal, that’s it. Trevin’s performance was way more than just pure vocal acrobatics; he showed us that he can sing but he gave us much more than that. There was a level of real emotion and soul in Trevin’s performance that blows the rest out of the water, the same way Jennifer Hudson’s did. “And I am telling you…I’m the best man you’ll ever know”…he even changed up the lyrics to match his passion…it doesn’t get any “realer” than that.

          • Lania says:

            Not to mention, this was a song created for a woman and hitherto performed by women; a man (or in this case a teenager) that can hold his own with that kind of tune is no joke if you ask me..

          • Tom22 says:

            @Draven .. clearly we have very distinctly different tastes in musical style, and perhaps even broader ideas of takes on the world that we like entertainers to express (which would be a long conversation indeed). I know I also have a taste for a particular blues style and rhythmic interpretation that needs more of heavy momentum of the swing element of the beat.. (I had issues with Joshua Ledet on this.. but.. enough here)

      • GMom100 says:

        This is going back 10 years, but Kelly Clarkson pretty much killed it on American Idol. Awesome! Check it out on YouTube. (Natural Woman or really anything she sang.)

      • madMaddy says:

        Agree completely about Crystal Bowersox, also Kelly Clarkson sang a wonderful version too on Idol. And can we just mention Audra Mae’s version of Here I go Again ?

      • Ed says:

        I don’t think it is relevant to compare a current Voice contestant with another singer from another year or another show. They should only be compared to the other remaining contestants from this year. I think that Amanda did a terrific job with the song, and, she is far and away the hottest woman that has sung it in quite some time :-)

    • Delancey says:

      Aria you took the words right out of my mouth. I underscore everything you said as if I said it myself. Not much more to say because you and Michael S for that matter, said it all and I am in full agreement.

    • Delancey says:

      Aria you took the words right out of my mouth. You said everything I would have said as if I said it myself so there is not much more to say because you and Michael S for that matter said it all. I am in full agreement with both of you.

    • Jim says:

      When it come to Christina, I agree and disagree with you. She never loved Cassadee in the past. She gave her a standing ovation for her blinds, but that’s where it stopped. She never disliked her either though. Every week was a compliment and critique. But once she lost her last artist, she wanted to have some sense of winning under her belt, so she sided with who she thought would end up winning and support them. this happened to be team blake. now, she’s overexaggerating both Cassadee and Terry, the same way she did for Dez and it will only hurt them. She never “loved” Terry either, but once she declared to be a co-coach to team blake, they became her absolute favorites. She’s so transparent.

  2. Ed says:

    I think that Cassadee and Amanda took the first round, hands down. Melanie (and I LOVE the girl, really) was just godawful and Nicholas (my other favorite) was hampered by a terrible song choice by CeeLo. The second round was a little harder to call because Trevin finally brought it. Cassadee and Amanda were also good in that round.

    I really believe that Melanie and Nicholas are in danger of going home.

    • dan says:

      Gotta admit, didn’t love Trevin’s version of “And I am Telling You.” The way the song was chopped for time didn’t give him a chance to create the emotional impact of the song. I thought he was good, but I’ve never really been impressed with Trevin. He’ll wind up in the final four but I don’t expect him to win over Terry, Cassadee or Nicholas (maybe he’d beat Amanda and he’d most likely beat Melanie, but not the other three).

      • Ed says:

        Trevin has been inconsistent, for sure, but I think he really peaked on Am I Telling You. It was a very good performance, and I thought he connected both with the song and with the audience. Don’t know if that will keep him from going home, but I did think it was one of the top 3 or 4 performances last night.

  3. well, at least someone did Here I Go Again. It wasn’t Pope like Slezak suggested, but it was still performed.

  4. gleerewatch says:

    Okay is it just me or does Christina seem bound and determined to shred the confidence of a seventeen year old girl? I mean I watching the show tonight and she just went after before Melanie who just looked moments away from crying every single time Christina spoke like she was beaten down by it all. Also I know you love the set designer but stop bringing him up please!! This isn’t about him! It’s about her performance!

    I liked the songs for the most part. Loved Casadee and Amanda. I think fans of Melanie will help her stay another week. Also I think Melanie is taking place of Cody Belew (who I miss so much!) for memorable performances because despite the pitch issues I remember both of hers very well. And I say Trevin is going to stay for the sheer hat blowing off of his second number.

    I think Terry and Nicholas will go home. They’ve kind of fell into a rut of songs. Their performances were good…but I expect these from here.

    1) Amanda Brown
    2) Cassadee Pope
    3) Trevin Hunt
    4) Melanie Martinez
    5) Terry McDermott
    6) Nicholas David

    • Ed says:

      No, it’s not just you. Christina has been brutal to Melanie all season long, and it has been totally uncalled for.

      • Megan says:

        It was been deserved. Melanie is awful.

        • Ed says:

          I have liked Melanie up until tonight, but still Christina has been a total b*tch to her all season, and Melanie just did NOT deserve that.

        • jewel says:

          I haven’t been a big Melanie fan all season, still no excuse for the way Christina is to her. Oh wait… that’s right. She’s on Adam’s team. That explains it. SO glad she will be gone next year. Her bias is so blatant. I give credit to Adam for not responding to it. Other than the little thank you for the over-the-top adulation she was giving to the set designer. That was great!

      • Wanda says:

        Not just Melanie,Amanda as well. Clearly she has it in for Team Adam. Melanie isn’t great,but Amanda is a very powerful and compelling singer.

    • JW says:

      Christina has been awful to both Melanie and Amanda. Tonight she actually coughed into the microphone as Adam was talking about Amanda’s first performance. Adam and Blake are great about recognizing great performances, no matter who coaches the performer. CeeLo isn’t as generous. Christina has no team left, she’s pointless on the show now.

      • MamaLis says:

        I agree with your post and all the previous posts that Xtina “has it in” for Team Adam (Def!) and that she was borderline rude to Amanda and Melanie. Additionally, she’s clearly vying for a Blake win. Obviously. ALL that said, however, and having just watched the show on DVR – I have to give her a bit of credit for providing SOME relevant, constructive feedback on performances! Granted she’s only 80% consistent, but that’s 70% more than most of the other judges. We chastise the Idol Judges for being boring! Boring! Boring! And never giving the contestants honest feedback. Christina – in her diva way of course – is at least giving the singers some ideas for growth and some tough criticism.
        Yes, she could have been nicer to Melanie. But Melanie is 17 and her 2nd song kinda sucked. She could use a few productive ideas and maybe some “tough love.”
        I think if XTina wasn’t there it would just be 3 Judges all nodding their heads on what great Coaches they are. I mean seriously, the show runs that risk.

    • Draven says:

      Personnally, I haven`t liked Melanie that much ever since she has been on the show. She just doesn`t represent `The Voice`. This week has most definately been the worst she has done yet in the live shows. I just don`t like her way of singing, it`s probably just me,though. I personnally like the powerful singers, like Amanda and Trevin. Both of them did amazing.

      My Rankings:
      1) Amanda Brown
      2)Trevin Hunt
      3)Cassadee Pope
      4)Nicholas David
      5)Terry McDermott
      6)Melanie Martinez

      My Predications:
      Two going home: Terry, Nicholas or Melanie.

      Amanda had both really good performances that I enjoyed very much. Trevin did much better than I expected and probably deserved a B for Walking on Sunshine, oppose to a C. I thought his last song was AMAZING! It definately was a A+ in my books. It has been his best performance of this Show and one of the best performances of the season, in my opinion. With the performances of tonight I don`t think Amananda, Cassadee or Trevin deserve to go home. The other are tossups. Hopefully Melanie doesn`t make it ( I bet she will though) because she was downright horrible tonight. Of course I like the Gnarls version of Crazy much better. I just thought she sucked last night and deserves to go home. I bet though that Crazy or The Show will crack Itunes Top 10.

  5. Jill says:

    Melanie is so overrated. I really hope she gets eliminated. Everything about her irritates me. There is something not genuine about her…though the blue in her hair was an improvement from the precious mess.

    • Anne says:

      I completely agree. I hope she goes.

      • DJ says:

        Me too. I’ve been fast-forwarding through her preformances every week. Tonight I decided to give her another chance when she sang “Crazy”, but I couldn’t make it through the whole song. I still don’t like her.

    • Kara Blankenship says:

      THIS. I kept wondering what it was about her that bugged me, and there it is — something not genuine about her indeed.

      • Kim says:

        It’s a bit like the goth kids one went to school with. They would mock the clean cut kids but the goth kids probably spent more time on their appearance.

        • Dick Whitman says:

          Please keep projecting the bullies from your childhood into the 17 year-old singer on tv.

          • Damon says:

            Most on point comment of this entire post. Yes. Let’s make this contest about crowning yet another cookie cutter singer rather than about someone innovative and different. I honestly don’t remember who won season one unless it was Javier Colon and I only remember him because he is being shoved in our face during the commercials. And who won season two? I honestly have no idea. Do you know who I do remember? Nakia (who’s music I have purchased) Vicki Martinez and Dis Frampton (who’s cd I own).

    • Tom22 says:

      Her Seven Nation army and toxic are one of the few songs I’ll listen to from the show a year later. A strong voice on pitch is only a piece of the puzzle.. you need to sing songs in ways that some people want to hear that version more than other covers that have been recorded of the song and they need to be different enough to stand the test of time in my opinion. Nicholas David’s somewhere over the rainbow wasn’t great, but I might listen to it now and then to contrast his intersting take on the melody with the straightforward and hawaiian artist version. Personally I prefer Jason Castro’s cover of the Hawaiian artists take on the song the best I’ve ever heard.. meant more to me than McPhee’s beautiful, but cloying with melisma version.

  6. nich says:

    Listen to Christina sing Fiona Apple or listen to Melanie and Cassadee? Christina any day.

  7. Sam says:

    The irony of Cassadee doing Avril though.

  8. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Amanda was awesome both times! Hells yeah for some Whitesake!

    Terry had a really good one to start, great job. Other one was fine.

    Trevin had a good one there. Other one was fun, not bad.

    Melanie seemed pitchy, sadly in a bit of a grating rather than whatever sort of way on the first one, not so sure about the vocal on that one, cute and with feeling on the second, I wonder how it will go over to everyone though, I can imagine some loving it and some hating it but hey whatever.

    Nicholas, always pitch perfect and with that great tone, not bad although the first one wasn’t quite my favorite, a little disco for my tastes and not wildly thrilling either but very well done. Nicely done on the second one, lots of great stuff there, although in some ways maybe not quite a total bring down the house like as on AI.

    Cassadee not bad on the first one although I didn’t sense the connection as much as with her other country song, ok. She actually pulled off the Avril song well, also perhaps my favorite Avril song.

    Gotta give the night to Amanda. She does seem nice so I hate to say it but I guess Melanie seemed the weakest of the six, especially with one going off the pitch rails, seemed to keep going flat and flatter in a way that was a little bothersome at times.

    Man, hard to say who will go home though, two, not just one.

    Oh and haha I have now reached the point where I think it is clear that a certain host is a full on nymphomaniac (not that there is anything wrong with that, especially with the one in question being her hah). Haha, that was a pretty bad one though hah.

  9. rmiriam12 says:

    I still don’t get Cassadee. Her voice is thin for the songs she’s been doing and she hasn’t really done much original with her renditions. Someone tell me why she’s so popular?

    Loved Amanda tonight. The best overall, hands down. And I have been questioning why Trevin keeps making it through thus far. Tonight won me over.

    And finally, Christina needs to shut the hell up. Totally useless on the show.

    • Page says:

      Cassadee is totally overrated. Forgettable and even a bit shrill, no idea why she’s being touted as the favorite to win.

    • iimbon says:

      I agree on every comment concerning Xtina. I think the reason she’s already lost is because she insists that all of her team sound like her. I think she had a great voice (jump on You Tube & find Lady Marmalade) but she has so many runs in every song they’re all boring. Her best effort was “Dirty”. She is a victim of her own success. I agree that Amanda should land the contest with Treviin coming in 2nd, solely on his 2nd song tonight. Otherwise 2nd should be Cassandee. I’m consistently surprised that the Scotsman is still there.

      • Mich says:

        THIS. I’m glad someone else understands why her team was such a failure this season. Also, this is why her last few albums have been flops. Today’s mainstream music is filled with much more singer/songwriter and folksy material than the Aguilera growl and wail, and she just can’t see that.

        • Tom22 says:

          I want to hear people interpret melody’s , not blast them. Louis Arsmstrong was one of the greatest singers ever in my book… its how he lingered on the notes alternatively with bouncing through them that makes it music, not a midi performance.

    • jewel says:

      ITA with all points made. As I mentioned earlier, Cassadee’s voice is annoying and a dead ringer for Demi Lovato.

  10. jaxguy says:

    This will surprise a lot of people but I thought both of Trevin’s performances were just ok. And I’m Telling You was not great. Not terrible, but far from great.
    Nicholas was ok too. Didn’t love his Over the Rainbow. It somehow missed. September was average at best. Sorry Nicholas fans.
    Melanie was good. But again I have to apologize to her fans. She wasn’t great. Good but not great.
    Cassadee was good tonight. Not great but good.
    Terry sounded strained on I Want to Know what Love is but good on Stay With Me.
    Last Amanda. I will make it no secret she is by FAR my favorite this year. I loved both of her performances. I love Natural Woman, but I think Here I go Again was even better. She is truly a great singer. LOVED her.

    • TheBeach says:

      I have to agree with every word of your post.

    • Tom22 says:

      will you really listen to Amanda’s performances of those songs a year from now instead of the original artist or other covers? They arn’t different enough for me even though they were very good and sincire. Part of it is that , I think she’s a solid and freindly and concientious person which doesn’t have the wild hair and uniquely sanquine look at the world true artists bring subtlely to their music. I’d love to have her as my City Attorney or kid’s school principal… not sure I would want her being the front for a rock band or… soul singer or … i’m not really sure what she’s going to sing that’s more than just very damn good.. but instead is mind expanding like music can be (any genre … bing crosby, dollie parton, jerry garcia, peter frampton, … brought something more… frampton only for an album or two.. others for decades.)

      • Mary says:

        I see your point but I wouldn’t buy or listen to any one of the contestants covers especially a year from now. They did manage to make me break out the originals on a few of the songs, Whitesnake – love that group and foreigner.

        • Tom22 says:

          I agree that last night’s LIVE performances didn’t quite get me to the ” a year from now” hurdle. The show is about singing live and if the artists I like hadn’t shown an ability to do that well in the past I wouldn’t be very forging of them. I will say though that Melanie’s take on Crazy on iTunes is every bit as interesting as Gnarls Barkley’s original. And as Melanie’s is different, I might enjoy listening to many times and places that I’d rather not have Gnarls Barkley’s version playing. I’m not sure I’d want an hour straight of Melanie playing though and I would definitely pick a couple of the others she has done on the show in any playlist. So, I’m not disagreeing with you but I’m still saying that if what we heard from the others were “great” nights for them, they should have passed that “as good or better, want to listen more” hurdle tonight as (I felt) the others have in the past.

  11. dan says:

    I wasn’t going to watch, but now I want to see what xtina says to Melanie.

    • Tiff says:

      Oh, Xtina is brutal to all of the girls except Cassadee. She’s throwing her weight to Cassadee because she really wants a pop singer to win, but frankly, Amanda is better. If Xtina wasn’t a total b*tch, she’d see that. Also, she’s clearly just anti-Team Adam. The exchange between her and Adam on Melanie’s staging was so pissy. Adam clearly knows she’s trying to sabotage his team. Ugh.

      • dan says:

        I’ve just watched the first half (except Melanie, who’s on next). Christina is SO obviously throwing her support to Adam, it’s tacky. I think she’s going to derail Cassadee.

        • randy says:

          I think you watched the wrong episode. Christina clearly said that Cassadee was her favorite and right after one of Terry’s performances she said that Team Blake was her favorite

  12. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    “Melanie Martinez: Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” | Grade: A-” but, but it was 80% flat and constantly sliding and holding flat in ear hurting ways… how does that get tied for best of the night? at least her second one hit better
    I mean even the judge’s didn’t even sound that enthused, which means trouble.

  13. dani says:

    Michael, Amanda hit a 2 for 2 tonight Even though she is my 2nd favorite..Nick’s my first favorite…you must be tripping w/ that grading system of yours.There really isn’t any thing special about Terry’s voice. And Melanie Martinez sucked on both oh her songs. I think the prodding were throwing Nick under the bus tonight. This Guy has the most authentic voice of any of the contestants.

  14. Tedatbent says:

    Low points in the career of Christina…Dirrty….Burlesque…the past month on The Voice. How could the woman who brought us the song Beautiful be so vile and ugly?

  15. Liaa says:

    1st round:I think Cassadee Pope & Amanda Brown takes this round.
    2nd round:Although I can’t compare his performance from AI’s Jessica Sanchez, Trevin Hunte takes this round.

    • jaxguy says:

      Jessica’s was way better. WAY!!!!

      • Marianne says:


      • Liaa says:

        I think he won that round mainly because he was a guy singing “And I am Telling You”. Hands down Jessica’s version was definitely better because she knows that song very well and she sings it from her guts. He on the other hand, I thought he doesn’t actually know the song that well unlike Jessica. And he did sing out of tune a couple of times but I thought he handled it well.

      • Lania says:

        If by better you mean, more polished, prettier — maybe. But if by better you mean, more authentic, emotional, heartfelt, more in line with what true soul music is supposed to be — there was no competition there, Trevin blows Jessica out of the water many times over. I am a HUGE fan of Jessica’s voice, but the truth is that I’ve never heard a performance from Jessica where I felt like she was truly translating her singing from a deeper place, all she does is deliver a pretty vocal. Afterall, didn’t she do the same song Trevin did after getting “saved” by the judges during her season? When she did sing the song, though, I just couldn’t connect with her on that authentic level, even though she sang the song very well. It’s the same reason Jennifer Hudson blows Jessica out of the water too, even though Jessica probably has a prettier voice than Jennifer. Unlike Jessica, I can usually count on Trevin to deliver a heartfelt vocal whenever he does those big songs, not just a pretty one.

      • Ed says:

        I honestly don’t think Jessica was “better”. It IS an apples/oranges thing, especially since they are different contestants on different seasons and different shows, but at least Trevin shows the emotion that Jessica never could bring. Ultimately, I think her bot-like delivery cost her the Idol crown last year; she just couldn’t connect with the audience the way that Phillip did.

        • jaxguy says:

          totally your opinion. And by the way Phillip was destined to win. Even though I still find his music mediocre. His album is not that good. His win was the final blow for me and AI. Will not watch again. Same crap winners every year.

    • bbl says:

      Totally agree, Cassadee and Amanda for me as well. I do agree with Adam, though; I think Blake should really push Cassadee out of her comfort zone if she wants to gain new fans.

      As far as I’m concerned, Jessica Sanchez retired And I Am Telling You for the foreseeable future. Her version just feels untouchable. Trevin can certainly sing, but I thought the beginning needed more finesse from him, more subtlety. That, and the strange arrangement made the performance feel quite jarring at times.

    • Lania says:

      TOTALLY 100% disagree. Jessica Sanchez’s performance lacked that raw emotion and heartfelt passion and pain. When Trevin sang the song, you could really feel what he was going through. When you watch that performance, you know he means every word. It’s not enough to have a beautiful vocal, people should also be able to connect with you on a deeper level. I’m sure Jessica will get to that point with more life experience and tragedy, but she’s not there yet.

      • bbl says:

        All I can tell you is Jessica definitely connected with me and Trevin didn’t. I’ve honestly tried; I’ve watched his performance no less than 9 times and it still doesn’t do much for me. Like I said, it might be the arrangement, it might be that it didn’t sound as polished as I think it needs to be, I dunno. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree here.

      • jaxguy says:

        again your opinion. Interestingly most people who didn’t like Jessica were female. One of my work mates couldn’t stand her, but couldn’t give a real reason.

  16. Teeny Bikini says:

    CeeLo! Listen to me! Are you frigging crazy?! I don’t care who you get to pick songs – Santa Claus, your grandma, your mailman, or my friggin’ cat – you are FORBIDDEN to pick any song on this show for the rest of your ridiculous life. If I didn’t know better I would think someone was paying to throw this show. What the frakk is wrong with you?! Stop picking songs NOW AND FOREVER. I don’t understand how you could suck this badly at picking songs. My god, man. My god.

    • S7 Fan says:

      I know! On my way to an appointment tomorrow morning, I will swing by Nicholas’s house and drop a puffy heart balloon in his front yard with a note attached: Nicholas – Do Not Let CeeLo Pick Your Songs!!!

  17. Melanie murdered Crazy. You can be all the qwirky you want, but then you better have the vocals too. Melanie needs to go home. Truly becoming cringe-worthy.

  18. Tiff says:

    My take on tonight, not based on who I liked the best, but who I thought did the best
    Round 1:
    1) Amanda
    2) Terry
    3) Cassadee
    4) Melanie
    5) Trevin
    6) Nick

    Round 2:
    1) Trevin
    2) Amanda
    3) Cassadee
    4) Nick
    5) Terry
    6) Melanie

    I think Melanie and Nick are going home, with a possible surprise upset of Trevin or Terry taking Melanie’s place. Nick had a terrible night, which is too bad, because I really like him. Melanie had terrible staging and a really messed up second performance. She should have stuck to what she did well. Trevin’s first song was okay, but his second one was phenomenal, and I think he’ll stay for that. Terry was the opposite – second song boring, first song amazing, and he’s got a lot of fans, so I think he’ll stay, too. I don’t think there’s any chance that Amanda and Cassadee aren’t going to stay – I’m not that partial to Cassadee, but she did well tonight, and Amanda pretty much killed both her performances, so unless America’s deaf, she’ll be in the finale.

  19. ES says:

    My rankings:
    1.) Amanda Brown – She absolutely took the night. Two stellar performances. To be honest, she’s the only one left that I really like all that much, and if she doesn’t make the finale I probably won’t watch.
    2.) Cassadee Pope – Although she has grown on me, I still wouldn’t really consider myself a “fan”. She could really benefit from some vocal coaching to improve her pitch control and breath support. However, I think she was second-best on the night.
    3.) Nicholas David – Hated his first song, which sounded very karaoke-night to my ears, but I thought his “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was great.
    4.) Terry McDermott – Meh. I’m getting really tired of hearing Terry cover the entire 80’s rock songbook with absolutely no inventiveness.
    5.) Trevin Hunte – Trevin is another one who I think could really improve with some coaching. He’s got a lot of raw talent, and that’s the key word here: Raw. His “And I Am Telling You” was good, but “Walking On Sunshine” was a HOT MESS, and yes, I needed to capitalize that.
    6.) Melanie Martinez – Her entire aesthetic is so put-on that I seriously just can’t stand her anymore. I think Christina was exactly right to call her out for refusing to listen to honest criticism. Unfortunately, because people seem to hate Christina for whatever reason, that’ll probably backfire and secure Melanie’s place in the final.

    If I were the American public, I’d send home Melanie and Trevin. However, my gut says that both will stay (due to Christina’s being “mean” to Melanie and the show’s relentless pimping of Trevin). Therefore, I think it’ll most likely be Terry, and unfortunately Amanda, packing their bags tomorrow.

    • Johnny says:

      Unbelievable. Am I reading this post correctly?

      Amanda… What can I say? Flawless. I believe that Terry and Nick will be going home. I do not understand Cassadee’s popularity (she’s good, but sounds like a lot other singers).

      Terry’s first performance was lacking. His second performance was much better, but I find that his range is not that wide and that he is straining at some moments. Terry seems to be sticking safe with the classic rock. Although, I think that his performances are lacking something. He sure started out strong, but I am wondering if he can really blow it out of the park.

      Nick… I did not like the first song selection that he had. He has some great talent, but needs to showcase it with better song selections. When you hear the back-up singers over Nick, you wonder if he can really compare to some of the other singers.

      Trevyn surprised me. I thought that he was on his way out, but he redeemed himself tonight. I was shocked by his song selection as Adam was, but he really had an amazing 2nd song performance.

      I LOVED Melanie. She has a great style! I appreciate her artistic creativity. She is the youngest one and is full of talent. I am always waiting to see what she will do with her song selections. “Crazy”… I loved it!!!!!!!! Usually when you hear someone do a song, you usually compare it to the original (most of Terry’s song selections). When you compare it to the original, it is easy to be very hard on the critiquing of the artist`s rendition of it. But, I am always looking forward to her interpretations of the songs. With that being said, I did not like the song selection for her second performance. However, it meant a lot to her and that is okay with me.

      Cassaddee was alright. But, it always surprises me to see her on the top of the other competitors in the iTunes charts. Don`t get me wrong. She is good. But, I need her to take some risks to change my mind about her.

      Now don`t get me wrong. I congratulate all of the contenders left in the Voice. I think well done by everyone for getting this far. But, Amanda is my favorite. She has great range. She is very versatile. She has taken some risks. She has surprised me many times throughout the season. And her coach is quite the coach. I mean, I do not know what has happened with Christina. How can you endorse someone after the second performance of the night? Do you not have to wait until the first performances of all the singers before endorsing someone? And what about her attitude…? All in all, I believe that this is Amanda’s to win, but you may just not know who will surprise you with their next performances.

      • Delancey says:

        Agree with your comments but just remember that Melanie didn’t choose that song nor did she seem keen on singing it. Adam chose the song for her because he thought it was fun and represented her being a 17 year old. She did the best with what was given to her.
        She has an awesome voice and very unique and different so I think she will go far even after the voice regardless of what happens on the show. I love Amanda and hope she wins, but at this point it is anybody’s game to win because each of them have their strengths.

        • KT says:

          A little tired of hearing how unique and original Melanie is – her whole being is staged, from the baby doll dresses, the baby doll bow in her hair and the baby voice. Her voice at most could be sultry (although still not the great) but maybe…just maybe, if she pulled on her big girl outfits, gave all of the coaches the respect of addressing them when they are addressing her (whether she likes the criticism or not) – ya know, like a grownup and she got rid of all the doll like creepy stuff, her voice would project more of that “sultry” tone that some people claim she has. Yes, she is only 17, but she is also not 6.

  20. Eric says:

    Why is Christina being such a witch with a B!!! She likes Blake’s contestants, good for her. She can’t pick winners, so what does that say about his contestants??? I used to be a Christina fan, but after last season and this season with her awful attitude, I’m glad she won’t be around next season, and I for one hope she never comes back!

    • TheBeach says:

      Xtina flipping through her notes with a stank-face and then fake-coughing while Adam was complimenting Amanda was just plain tacky.

    • Delancey says:

      Yes she is terrible that xtina! What a petty and trifleling b@#%h. She is obviously jealous of Coach Adam who is way too gracious towards her. I think she is also jealous of Melanie and Amanda and that is why it pains her so much to find anything nice to say about either of them who just so happens to be on Adam’s team. So bitter at her loss and I would bet that her people’s got voted out because of her stink attitude and not necessarily because of their own talents. It was so obvious what she was doing tonight by endosing Blake. This week all of a sudden Cassadee is the ultimate package when last week she was vehemently proclaiming that “no one in the competition can do what Dez does” and that he was the ultimate package. Fake ass, and so imature. She does need to leave the show for a bit and “check herself before she wreaks herself”!
      So predictable and contradicting herself all the time. For amanda she’s always waiting for her to commit to a genre and can’t figure her out because she is all over the place. But yet for Cody last week two breaths later after commenting on Amanda she praises him for always switching it up and taking risk. I do believe in Karma and we will just see how well her new album does. You get what you give in this life and even if it doesn’t happen right away, it always catches up eventually.

      • idek says:

        “Coach Adam who is way too gracious towards her” lol, i’m guessing you didn’t watch the second season.

        • Delancey says:

          Yes Idek I did see season 2 and season 1 and I’m a big fan of the Voice. Season 2 Adam had to set her straight again and put her in her place because of her childish antics. She was on that guy on Adam’s team from the mickey mouse club because he reminded her of her “want to be forgotten” past, and Adam wasn’t having it. He defended his team when she came out attacking. She deserved it and the problem with her is that she digs and digs at a person and just expects them to sit and take it. She calls out Melanie for not looking at her implying that Melanie is being rude, but what does she expect??? Melanie is still somewhat of a child herself trying her best to learn from all the coaches and instead of Xtina giving her encouraging words since Melanie didn’t have the luxury of a “mickey mouse club” platform for her start, Xtina rips her apart at every opportunity. Not once since the show started did she have one good thing to say about Melanie and Xtina has bigged up other contestants that weren’t that good. The thing with Melanie and Amanda is personal for Xtina because they are different and unique and she can’t relate to that since they are on Adam’s team which makes it most personal of all. Adam needs to get a few flashbacks from last season and start giving Xtina a good ass whipping.

          • Wanda says:

            YES YES YES! Christina has been horrible to Adam’s contestants,and after he defended her right to be fat. Don’t know what the problem is,maybe the same problem she has picking suitable wardrobe. That wig and hairband were just ridiculous!

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            I do think her comments about Melanie were pretty on point though. But yeah calling her out for not looking at her was a bit much. And it hardly meant Melanie was being rude, come on. Heck shy people or people from certain background and cultures sometimes naturally don’t stare straight into someone’s eyes when they are being critized because they don’t want to feel like they are glaring them down, something that hyper extroverts or people from certain backgrounds never seem to be able to get. So I do agree that THAT call out was totally out of place.

          • idek says:

            So… wait. Christina called an one-dimensional singer (…wait for it…) one-dimensional. Adam was pissed and couldn’t handle the truth because the guy was on his team and they had a ~*~bromance~*~, so he indirectly called Christina a b*tch and wore that ridiculous Team Xtina shirt. Now you’re trying to tell me she’s the childish one and Adam The Mature needs to set her straight and put her in her place? Makes perfect sense.

  21. megs says:

    It makes me so sad that Xtina is so damn unlikable on this show, because I’ve always been such a fan. I mean, does she have any self-awareness AT ALL? Ugh…I just hope her blatant endorsement of team Blake isn’t the kiss of death for them.
    I thought Terry was SO good on “I Wanna Know What Love Is”. His voice is so good.
    I just can’t get on board with Trevin for some reason. He just seems kind of closed off to me.
    Amanda killed it both times.
    I like Cassadee, but she was kind of forgetable. Same with Nick and Melanie.

  22. WTF? says:

    First off, admittedly Melanie’s first song was pitchy and the second was lackluster.
    But it was obvious from past shows that the mannequins in Melanie’s first song were wearing the dresses that she makes from her photography. Christina chooses to rave about the set designer when it was at least 75 percent Melanie. Adam even tried to redirect the credit by mentioning someone saying she wanted a ‘Melanie dress.’ WTF?

    Then Melanie performs her second song and TheRealXtina has to rave about the set designer AGAIN. This time Adam sets her straight DIRECTLY telling her that he and Melanie came up with that set design. WTF?
    (At least the crew looked like they were having fun with Melanie.)

    And Christina wonders why Melanie won’t look at her?
    She was probably looking to Adam for help.

    And when Fiona Apple sings ‘I’ve been a bad, bad girl’ you believe it. If Melanie were to sing ‘Criminal’ it would just be weird.

    And was CeeLo drunk? For the third week in a row?
    Is it really too much to ask for him to actually pay attention and have something relevant to say when called upon?
    ‘Hey, CeeLo. What did you think of Amanda’s rendition of ‘Natural Woman’?
    ‘I love women.’ WTF?
    He just rambles something generic or nonsensical and hopes no one notices.
    (Christina also gets caught off guard with nothing to say but it’s not as often and nowhere near as painful as when CeeLo does it.)

    If Usher and Shakira weren’t stepping in for these two next season I really don’t know if I could stand to watch.

    And I want to gag every time Nicholas does that ‘Karate bow’. I really don’t see the appeal. He completely bailed on the signature high parts of the chorus to ‘September’ and if you aren’t Judy Garland or Israel Kamikawiwo’ole you shouldn’t sing ‘Rainbow’. It’s just one of those songs.

    I wish Terry would sing something other than 80’s hits. They aren’t discovering any more 80’s songs so what’s Terry going to sing if he lands a contract? (Yes, I know ‘Stay with Me’ is pre-80’s but the point remains. And – nit pick for Carson Daly – it’s sung by Rod Stewart but its BY ‘Faces’ – Rod wasn’t always a solo artist.) I thought the Foreigner song was pitchy but what do I know? Maybe it sounded better live?

    I think Cassadee and Trevin are the front runners but Amanda is my favorite. I don’t think the Whitesnake song suited her/featured her strengths/provided a signature moment. For that genre, I would have loved to have seen Adam choose Guns n Roses – she could have rocked Paradise City and there wouldn’t have been as much dead space. (I doubt Axl would allow it tho’) Natural Woman was excellent.

    Walking on Sunshine was a horrible choice for Trevin. I don’t know if they HAD to slow down the tempo for him but the energy was off and he tripped over some lyrics. Although not my usual cup of tea, the second performance was excellent.

    Cassadee was powerful on both her songs but I wish she would stay away from Avril. There’s something about it that’s too close to Cassadee’s natural tone that makes it not stand out for me.

    Someone keep CeeLo sober tomorrow night please?


    • TheBeach says:

      I would have to add Eva Cassidy to the short list of those allowed to sing Over the Rainbow. Give it a listen. She was a true talent and is greatly missed. (McFee copied her version on Idol)

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      would love if they did a night of originals…Terry and Cassadee have bands and Terry and Nicholas especially might sound a whole lot different in a good way

  23. Nash says:

    Haley Reinhart’s “Crazy” FTW!! [{look it up, ppl}]

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Speaking of Haley maybe she needs to do a UK tour and could blow up there (saw someone mention this idea on one of her youtube videos just now)? All of those Adele, Duffy, Winehouse types all managed to break into modern mainstream but I think it was in the UK where they were able to do so and then once they had broken through big, then they also managed to transfer over the US (I think that is how it happened right?).

  24. julie says:

    The final 4 should be Nicholas, Amanda, Melanie and Cassadee. They are just more interesting than Trevin & Terry.

    I don’t see any of them being horribly successful once they get off this show, though. Melanie might actually end up being the most successful — thee’s always a place in the indie world for quirky/cool artists. Cassadee is just so generic, I don’t see her standing out from the dozens and dozens of other artists just like her who already have singles and albums out there. Nicholas is probably a little too old fashioned style wise and I’m not even sure what kind of artist Amanda wants to be — r&b diva? rocker chick? pop/soul?

    • Liaa says:

      Amanda & Casadee for sure will be in the top 4.the other 2 I am not sure. The other 4 didn’t perform as well as Cassadee and Amanda but Trevin & Terry killed one of their songs while Melanie and Nicholas did not. I think they can all be successful in different ways though. I have been a Cassadee Pope even before she joined The Voice so I may sound biased lol I think she has to sing Carrie Underwood song that has the same emotional vibe that the song “Over You” has. Or something away from Avril. I think her strength is her weakness too because she really can’t hit lower notes so her voice isn’t as versatile as Amanda’s but Amanda doesn’t connect with the fans when she performs which is why I am not too crazy about her but she is really good though.

  25. Dpete says:

    Cassadee Pope so solid, I think she just strong and on the rise every week.

    Terry McDermot, I did not particularily care for either performance tonight. I want know what love is missed the tenderness of the song, sounded forced. The best part of stay with the gravel on Rod Stewarts voice. This version reminded Me of Rock of Ages, sterile,

    Nicholas is just so real, strong and smooth. Although he looked as if he was battling. the same sickness that kept Cee Lo home this week,
    I would hate to see this be his last week. Somewhere over the Rainbow was excellent.

    Trevin, love this guy. Walking on Sunshine? What? But finished with the best of the night.
    What a talent.

    Amanda Brown, no doubt talented. Her version of Natural Woman beautiful. rich. I was not feeling her Whitesnake cover, again Rock of Ages.

    Melaine so sweet. On one hand I love that she tried to branch out. But we know what she does well. I think she needs to go start a career.

  26. teatime says:

    I thought Amanda was great on both songs tonight. I was thinking when listening to Natural Woman that normally I would think of that as an old fashioned song but somehow it did not sound old fashioned. It was a good idea for her to sing Natural Woman as it was so different from what she usually does. I think she should win this.
    I had been starting to accept that Cassadee might win. I thought she lost ground tonight. Both her performances were unremarkable to me. To have her sing another Avril Lavigne song was a very bad choice. It is reminiscent of when other contestants sing more than one Whitney song in a season.
    This was Nicholas’s worst night. I love Nicholas’s voice but I think both of his performances were off tonight.
    I was happy Trevin sang such an unexpected song for his first song. I am not a fan of his second performance. It is too diva-ish for me. He has a great voice but it is not the type of song I would ever listen to.
    Terry’s first song was one of my favorites from him. But that is not saying much. His voice is too squeaky for me. That might be what his fans like but for me I am never a big fan of his performances.
    I can see Melanie having a very nice career. She’s never my favorite but she has a distinct and interesting style. I can imagine buying original music from her in the future.
    I think this is a really good group. They are all very talented. I can see why all of them have fan support for their particular styles. For my tastes, Amanda is the best by far. She is the only one where I will be upset if she leaves tomorrow because she has been one of my favorites all along and I think she had 2 great performances tonight.

  27. dj says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show tonight. The only sour moments for me were provided by Christina. I would have given everyone A’s with no minuses, because even if the performances were not technically perfect, I felt like everyone was connecting so well and there was a contagious energy like an electrical current. Watching The Voice after watching X-Factor, it is so glaringly obvious how much better it is. The singing was awesome, Carson is such a pro, the coaches (with the exception of Christina) are respectful to the singers and each other. I could do without Christina Milan, though. If two people have to go home, let’s get rid of the two Christinas and crown the top six as co-winners. Did you catch the look Ceelo gave Christina when she was telling Trevin she would take him under her wing and take him on tour? I got a little sense that he was thinking, “Back off–that’s my artist, and I will take care of him.”

    The real standout moments for me tonight were Trevin singing “And I’m Telling You,” Amanda singing “Here I Go Again,” and Nicholas singing “Over the Rainbow.” I really liked Cassidy on “I’m With You,” too. This is the first time I’ve really liked her.

  28. Pasmle says:

    Regardless of what people think Nicholas’ performances tonight (which I thought were great) he is still The Voice! Trevin belongs in the theater, Cassadee-adequate-but nothing new, Melanie can’t compare to Xenia (from last season)-Amanda good, but not likeable- Terry-likeable but definitely not “effortless (I thought he was going to get a hernia on the first song). As for Christina-she needs to lose the fan-cover her boobs, and just generally get over herself!

  29. taylor8 says:

    Being flat is NOT a style…I sing myself so I know how hard it is to sing like amanda and cassadee…the skill that they apply is remarkable and I don’t even know how they are even on the same level as Melanie..the show is called “the voice” its not about what you look like or how unique you look it is about the VOICE I don’t mind who wins (although amanda has stolen my heart) I just want Melanie to get eliminated

    • Tom22 says:

      I’m voting for Melanie because she brought something to a few songs that I’ll listen to for years. The “voice” doesn’t mean it needs to be judged like an Olympic vaulting contest. A “voice” means so much more.. give those constituents a “voice” , a “voice” of reason… a cello has a different “voice” than an oboe. Singing like a diva reminds me more often (but not always.. great diva’s like Beyonce or Celene Dion bring both voice and open and flaringly unique souls to their songs) a gymnastics tournament… fine and good, but dancers can dance better often . I’m looking for a singer, not just the limited definition of voice defined by the pitch and strength that comes out of the mouth which only needs to be up to a certain par after which interpretation if far far more important to me

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        But how is gratingly flat plus a garbled interpretation and delivery singing to take note of? Crazy was a flat out mess. It wasn’t a transcendent sort of moment (unless it really was for you) so to be that off vocally….

  30. taylor8 says:

    Also, this is the music career world…if you don’t show respect to people that are much higher than you on the totem pole, you will get put into your place Melanie was being rude she had it coming

  31. Davey says:

    I hope people are voting because right now Amanda Brown is below Cassadee, Nicholas, Terry and Trevin on ITunes, even though she delivered two solid performances. Who is buying Nicholas’ s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? I love the song and did not like his version at all.

    • Pasmle says:

      Uh-that would be me! The only songs I have on I Tunes are Nicholas David’s -plus I bought a few of his CD’s!

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        what are his cd’s like??? a problem with these singing shows is how singers are being led aroud like cattle with song choice, arrangements etc…I’m going to have to look for a website for Nicholas and check him out…thanks for the heads up

  32. Page says:

    I’ve loved Trevin from the start– still do, but now I’d have to put Amanda neck-in-neck or eve one notch above him. She’s definitely more polished but both are powerhouses and can do a full range of work with amazing voices. My #1 & #2 choices this season.

    Terry would be great fronting a band that would round out his voice. I think he’s terrific but there needs to be some lower range counterbalance. His first song lacked the vulnerability and aching desire that wrenches your gut and touches your hear.. And Nicholas is very cool, not sure I could listen to him for a whole concert though.

    Cassadee…. what can I say? Not a fan at all. To me she sounds generic, pre-packaged and at times, shrill.
    The irony is that while Melanie is starting to annoy the hell out of me, she’ll probably have the quickest success because I work in advertising and her type of voice is the most frequently used for soundtracks on commercials (ironic that all the judges say they’ve never heard a voice like hers— do they all just fast forward through every commercial?)

    Final thought: Xtina can be a ball buster (actually she picks on the women more) but many of her criticisms are on the mark. If only she didn’t always interject “me, me, me” into everything, they might actually be perceived as helpful.

  33. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Ah crap, ridiculous, but going by how many ratings each song got, Amanda is in LAST place! And Nicholas and Trevin and Terry are close, all having one with few ratings and one with many ratings. Amanda has BOTH with few ratings despite having arguably the best two of the night. Good grief man, if she can’t even make the finale then this is even worse than last year…. I just hope the West Coast voters change things up or that this doesn’t hold for this week. I mean come on man, Amanda who should easily be in first tonight, in last???? Melanie had one realllly off performance and one so-so and she is killing Amanda on number of ratings.

    Granted the ordering on the iTunes charts is different the number of ratings, but for the past few weeks it was the total number of ratings that mattered. Then again, this is the first double week and it might matter more who had one single performance that totally capture everyone, but even there Amanda is not looking safe either. Man oh man.

    CA bale us out please.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Man, this is absurd, Amanda appears to be in last place by a clear margin. Man I just hope the votes turn out differently.

      • Johnny says:

        Where do you see this? That is the rankings. Are you talking about the itunes download rankings?

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          I was just looking at how many people rated each of the downloads. Go the The Voice section, go to tonight and then click on each song and you can see how many people rated each song. The last few weeks the two contestants who got the lowest number of people rating their songs went home. I hope that doesn’t hold this week. Earlier on people escaped that, not recently, but hopefully she has a strong enough build up to make it past it. But with two great performances like that and to not have the high number of people rating the songs not sure it bodes well for her next week even if she makes it, but man, she has to at least make the finale, come on.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          292/298 = 590
          485/481 = 966
          470/539 = 1009
          237/517 = 754
          586/287 = 873
          601/222 = 823

          Hard to know what to make of it with two performance this week, but either by total or most commented song Amanda is not looking good. Could be her and Nicholas gone!? (although if you went by lowest # ratings for most liked song it would actually be Amanda and Cassadee going home but that i reallly don’t see). Melanie seems to be the only one who is safe from every single possible different way to read the numbers! But again, this week with two songs, who knows what it means and perhaps voting by other means may start tracking differently again now that it is down to just six. Going by itunes rankings Nicholas would seem probably safe though.

  34. AlyssaGs says:

    Watching on the west coast and because of twitter knew the Xtina/Melanie clash was coming…didn’t live up to the hype…she’s been ruder…certainly no Lucca incident. I have to admit– I am going to miss Xtina. I think shows like this need a villain.

    • dj says:

      You’re right, no Lucca incident, but she definitely showed bias tonight. I didn’t blame Melanie for not looking at her. She can be scary.

  35. Lois Benton says:

    Top Six reveals: Nicholas David is a genius, Amanda Brown is an astonishing vocalist and performer, and Christina Aguilera has crossed over the line from bee-atch to monster.

  36. Lena says:

    I now am really appreciating Amanda. She can sing anything so versatile. Casadee is the same over and over. The high screams turn me off. What do people see in Nicholas? He is so weird looking and will never make it on the entertainment circuit. Looks do matter. Trevin is a real talent but the screeching is getting to me. Terry was not his best tonight but definitely has a great voice. Melanie is unique and really could be a good entertainer and presents something different

  37. jasonboegh says:

    My rankings for the night.
    1. Amanda
    2. Nicholas
    3. Cassadee (and could the producers and judges please top with the overpraising and endless pimping of the pre-ordained winner?)
    4. Terry
    5. Trevin
    6. Melanie

    Should go home: Melanie and Trevin
    Will go home: Trevin and Terry

    And if Amanda goes home, I am quitting the show for good.

  38. Russ says:

    I like Amanda and think she has a great voice, but there is nothing extra. She reminds me of the other winners of the voice whose names I can’t remember because there was nothing extra about them.

  39. courtland says:

    can cassadee finally go home.?? shes sooo…boring…sassy angry teen rocker girl got kinda boring a while ago….singing wise…shes good…but theres no passion and feeling behind it

  40. Clau says:

    Jessica Sanchez did it better. Sorry Trevin.

    • jaxguy says:

      I’m gonna be the bad guy here but I didn’t even like his performance. It was weirdly paced and he missed on many levels at least for me. Jessica’s was astonishing. I agree with the person who posted this song should be retired after her performance on AI. She did one of the best versions I have ever heard. Her duet with Jennifer Holiday was, in my opinion, one of the great moments of any of these singing competitions.

  41. Chris says:

    Trevin did a good job on both songs. It was nice to see him attempt an up-tempo but nothing can top Jessica Sanchez’s performance of “And I Am Telling You” (check that out). He hit some notes but that girl brought the f’in building down.

    I like Terry. He has some classic chops, and I really appreciate the genre of music he may pursue… I just don’t know if he can pull off 1st place. I am glad he was a contestant this year though. I love the element of rock! He did a fantastic job with his first set (though I miss some of the lower range I know he can hit) and his second set was good.

    Cassadee was OK on her first song but I enjoyed her second set much better. I’m not sure if I would follow her career after the show or not though… just sayin’. She’s grown a lot though on the show and it shows week to week…

    Melanie is without a doubt an artist. I don’t know.. I am still waiting for the hair down moment – surprise me. Her first set had some pitch issues and I agree with Blake that the second set could have worked but it went astray…

    Amanda Brown – she is a performer. The end. I like both sets quite a lot. I like her rock vibe.

    Nicholas is the man with the voice. I wasn’t crazy about either song choice but he is fantastic.

    I’d like to see an Amanda / Nicholas top 2.

  42. SamAxe says:

    This show is desperate to produce a Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood type talent to make the show relevant. The past winners were very good, but not as marketable as The Voice needs them to be. Because of this, I can’t see Trevin, Terry, or Nicholas (my 2nd fave behind Amanda) being allowed to win this competition. We all know reality television is rigged… so I think Cassadee (or possibly Amanda) is who will win. There’s no point crowning a winner if that winner. is just going to fade into obscurity

  43. Leo says:

    Melanie should’ve gona home a long time ago, she’s terrible. Lindsey Pavao did what she’s doing now last season and so much better, her voice is thin and she just keeps doing the same performance over and over again. I for once, loved Christina’s comments about her, she riped the girl a new one, and was coaching her live on tv all like “Adam is doing it wrong with you, you should go this other direction maybe”. Bad bitch, awesomeness. I’m sorry but I just can’t stand Melanie.

  44. TJ says:

    Gotta go there: Trevin screwed up the lyrics in his first song, so for the love of all that is good and holy stop acting like he can do no wrong… and I find it interesting that people complain when singers don’t make the songs “their own” but then complain when the song doesn’t sound like the original…AND everyone is JUST catching on the Christina only calling out certain people fire things that others do & only commenting on non-relevant things in a performance (aka the set was awesome) doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being said because it’s the only nice thing she could say perhaps it’s on purpose just to make the person feel bad, yep, it’s ben know to happen….ARGH! Ok, I’m done.

    • Johnny says:

      Sometimes it is a toss up my friend. When someone makes a spin on an original that was a hit once before, it can be very risky. It can do the original justice at times and it can butcher the original at other times. Sometimes the spin is the one leaving the lasting impression… And people forget or are not aware of who actually made the song a hit the first time around. This has happened many times before. Even some of the judges made reference to current artists while CeeLo had to remind them who originally sang the song (for example on previous The Voice shows).

      So I guess that it is “interesting that people complain when singers don’t make the songs ‘their own’ but then complain when the song doesn’t sound like the original…”.

      …Just sayin’

      • TJ says:

        Agree completely, double edge sword… just think it’s interesting when (and for that matter who) they choose to use which side of the sword ;)

      • TJ says:

        And let’s be honest, everyone has their own opinion about music and don’t hear/like/think that same way someone else does. However, I think we can all agree that “changing” the lyrics is not “making the song your own” it’s a mistake that most “judges” would call the singer out for…

  45. mary says:

    I I am so bored and disappointed with this season. I can see why cassadee is so popular, she is a pop product being marketed before our eye. At least last seasons finalists had true talent. This shows the mentality of who is voting. What a shame. And the vanilla comments of the coaches. Unbelievable. Agree with all the x comments. She is horrible, can’t believe they asked her back. Its all about her not her team members. I had to turn it off last night. This is turning into a teeny bopper popularity contest and then marketing products. I would never buy music by most of these people especially Amanda, trevin, and cassadee. So run of the mill. But listen to the radio….come on people. Wake up.

  46. Davey says:

    I hope America voted but didn’t necessarily download iTunes. Who is voting for Terry and Melanie? I’m besides myself. Will the two African American singers be eliminated. I can’t believe Amanda will be gone and three other inferior singers will remain.

  47. Davey says:

    If Amanda leaves tonight I blame Christina for hyping Terry and Cassadee.

  48. Jamey says:

    I do think Christina still hates Adam and she wants to make sure he doesn’t win. I loved the Land O’Lakes buttering up comment because it was true, over the top and a bit sad! You can tell that Amanda and Melanie know Xtina will not be friendly to them. The way she behaved made me not want to support Team Blake at all!

    I do have an issue with The Voice overall. They do not keep you updated on past contestants and it makes no sense to me. Pip from last year has a great single out but I only found out from Wikipedia. I liked it and purchased it but sad that they need to let us know when past people do things. It would benefit the show and the artists.

  49. Lori says:

    I think Amanda was superb last night. As to her not having a moment since Dream On, to me her absolute best song was Stars. Just phenomenal. I thought everyone else was “just okay”. Nicholas didn’t do that well last night – September was terrible. Over The Rainbow was better, but still not great. Melanie was not my favorite last night and I usually love her stuff. I’m sick of Terri being the 80’s guy. How about a Keane song? something from this decade. I speak as a fan of his band. How about a Driveblind song? Trevin did better, but I’m not a fan. Cassadee is too shrill for me. I don’t see where the love is coming from. She basically yells a song each week. I just don’t get it.

    Not my favorite week.

  50. casual observer says:

    This was the first time I watched the voice all season, nothing else was on. The song choices left something to be desire but the top performer for me was Amanda. The bottom was a toss up of Nicholas and Melanie. The rest were in the middle. I honestly cannot see anyone of them becoming valid recording artist being played on the radio today. I do not normally watch but Christina seem a little rude, short with some of the contestants, I thought was very unprofessional is that how she is? Cee lo remarks were weird was he on medication? None of the performances made me want to pick up a phone and vote.

    • DJ says:

      CeeLo said he’d been sick (for 3 weeks?), so he probably was on medication. He kept clearing his throat, so he may have been congested from something like bronchitis which takes a long time to clear up.

    • mary says:

      I have invested way too much time with this show and agree that I didn’t even want to waste my time voting last night’. Yes the x is rude. Always. And finally someone with some smarts. I agree that this seasons contestants do no have star quality. Sure ”they can market a couple of them and the sheep will believe the hype. And now with the I tunes. What’s next.
      I won’t watch any more. Ever.