Ratings: Walking Dead Amasses 15.2 Million Viewers, Revenge and 666 Park Rise, Once Flat

Ratings: Revenge, 666 Park RiseABC was two-for-three on Sunday night, with a pair of its midseason finales enjoying week-to-week gains.

While Once Upon a Time held steady with 9.1 million total viewers and a 3.1 demo rating, Revenge (7.6 mil/2.4) inched up 9 percent from last week’s season low and 666 Park Avenue (4 mil/1.4) rose 17 percent in the demo. Season-to-date, ABC notes, Revenge is up a smidgen in both total viewers and in the demo versus its freshman run.

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UPDATE: AMC reports that The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale opened to 10.5 million total viewers — up 58 percent versus Season 2’s fall closer — and across two encores added 4.7 mil. In the 18-49 demo, TWD‘s 9 pm showing drew almost 6.9 mil, besting any and all non-sports programming of the fall.

CBS’ Sunday numbers are currently scrambled due to football delays, but according to my exclusive extremely rough guesstimates, The Amazing Race was up a bit, The Good Wife even more so.

Over on Fox, Bob’s Burgers (3.92 mil/1.8) was down 10 percent without a fresh Simpsons lead-in, while American Dad (4.2 mil/2.0) dipped 5 percent coming off a Family Guy repeat.

NBC of course dominated the broadcast lineup with its football coverage, which based on prelim numbers looks on par with last Sunday’s game.

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  1. Jperugia315 says:

    Stopped watching 666 after they canceled it still on dvr will watch when I have nothing to watch , happy about revenge , I think they are slowly get back on track

  2. Jason says:

    Such a shame ABC didn’t have patience with 666. It has become positively must-see TV.

    • Tenney says:

      I agree Jason, 666 started off slow but I’m glad I stuck with it because it has just gotten better and better, it a must see for me on Sunday nights. I’m sorry its cancelled but at least they’ll have time to put together a decent ending for it.

    • Jperugia315 says:

      What happen to the days that networks gave shows some time ( like they did with cheers ) I really started to like 666, hopefully we can find out what’s in the box

      • Dizzle says:

        The business model for networks has changed since then, unfortunately… With more options now, shows need to hook viewers in right away or the advertisers will go elsewhere. Look at how well The Walking Dead performed – 15 years ago that’d be unheard of on cable.

    • Elyse says:

      agreed! it gets better each week! they should make it a summer show :)

  3. Mellie says:

    I hope that every week 666 goes up, someone at ABC gets a punch to the nuts.

    • chris says:

      Can’t really blame them, Sitcoms, procedurals, those can see gains and recover over time, Serialized dramas don’t. If it’s pulling low 1’s right now, It’s highly improbable that’s it’s going to rise even to on the bubble territory.

  4. I feel like using the word “flat” in this headline made Once seem like a loser of the night. It made me worry at first. Might want to use “steady” so as not to worry those that do watch it… Just a thought.

    • Right? It’s still doing better than Grey’s Anatomy.

      • JJ says:

        Once and Grey’s are having similar demos this season. and I’m not even sure why you’re comparing Once and Grey’s?

        • seriously? says:

          Because she “used” to watch Grey’s Anatomy and now trolls through boards to diss it.

        • Because I saw somewhere Grey’s was ABC’s highest rated drama. It’s not. ONCE’s mostly in the 3s. Grey’s mostly in high 2s.

          • JJ says:

            Nowhere in this article is there any reference to Grey’s and the post you commented on doesn’t refer to Grey’s. I guess ‘seriously?’ is right. You seem to have some bitterness towards Grey’s and feel the need to express it randomly.

          • Stephen says:

            The lowest demo for OUAT was 2.7 and the lowest demo for GA was 3.0 this season. Go to any web site that tracks ratings and demo. These were pulled from the site TV Series Finale for the fall 2012 period. They are both averaging above 3 which is considered good for dramas.

            Grey’s Anatomy

            Episode 9.1 4.4 demo
            Episode 9.2 3.8 demo
            Episode 9.3 3.4 demo
            Episode 9.4 3.0 demo
            Episode 9.5 3.3 demo
            Episode 9.6 3.2 demo
            Episode 9.7 3.1 demo
            Episode 9.8 to be aired
            Episode 9.9 to be aired

            Once Upon a Time

            Episode 2.1 3.9 demo
            Episode 2.2 3.4 demo
            Episode 2.3 3.0 demo
            Episode 2.4 3.3 demo
            Episode 2.5 3.4 demo
            Episode 2.6 3.5 demo
            Episode 2.7 2.7 demo
            Episode 2.8 3.1 demo
            Episode 2.9 3.1 demo

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Flat” is largely interchangeable with “steady,” denoting no movement up or down. And the fact is, ONCE should have seen a bump with a midseason finale. (I’d also argue that “steady” is actually more demeaning, since it suggests a show is a teetering boat trying not to sink.)

    • JJ says:

      the word ‘steady’ also wouldn’t tell you if the show was a loser or winner of the night. Steady, flat, rise, dip etc all refer to comparing the show with its own weekly ratings. Try not to worry when you see them in the title as the words don’t tell you anything about the numbers or how the show is doing in comparison to other shows.

  5. lorna says:

    ReVenge is ehh this season. Get rid of ashley. Not only is she useless, but she always looks smug.

    • mave says:

      that was the point of this weeks episode

      • McAmster says:

        Ashley character on Revenge is just a classed up but truly boring redo of her highlarious character on Secret Diary of a Callgirl.

        SO. LOVED. THAT. SHOW!

        I BEG THE POWERS THAT BE…. BRING IT BACK and the woman who played the title role. Love her!

    • thereasonsy says:

      You mean Trashley? Eh, we have to have a character around that we know can die at any moment. On Brother’s & Sisters we called him Tommy.

  6. rikes says:

    The storylines for once has been beyond boring this season. I hope it picks up.

    • mia says:

      Wow really? I can’t believe how fantastic the storylines have been this season. Leagues better than season one.

      • Michael says:

        I wouldn’t say “leagues better”. I’d say “leagues different”. I’ve enjoyed both seasons immensely but for different reasons.

  7. dan says:

    This has been a great season for Amazing Race. The two-hour finale next week should be exciting (go Chippies!). Glad to see their expected ratings to be up for last night’s episode.

    • melliemd says:

      I agree! I stopped watching a few seasons ago, but after I caught one episode of this season I was hooked back in.

    • Babybop says:

      I’m rooting for the Chippendale’s dancers too!

    • Kevin says:

      Rooting for the chippendales as well -and I never thought I would say that. Their attitude is so positive. But I will be happy with the young couple as well. This has been a great season for The Amazing Race.

  8. Last nights Revenge was the best of the season. I’m hopeful for when it comes back in January.

  9. Morgen says:

    Hopefully the DVR numbers help to give “Once” a spike because I thought it was the best episode of the season. Was certainly more like a season finale, but glad it was a mid-season one, so that means we have more episodes to come!

  10. Jason says:

    FX should pick up 666 and team it with American Horror Story! or Netflix could pick it up!

  11. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I know cable numbers don’t come in until later, but I am a bit surprised AMC didn’t push through those early numbers for Walking Dead like they did for the premiere. With it being a mid-season finale, I would guess they smoked the networks? At the very least, the WD winter finale was probably the reason Once Upon a Time didn’t go up. I personally was very focused on cable shows last night. Had no time for networks. Those will come sometime this week for me. I was just way too pumped for Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, Homeland, and Dexter, and none of them disappointed me. It was a fantastic night for storytelling on cable shows.

  12. Sg. Grant says:

    Walking Dead numbers were huge.

  13. Rhonda says:

    666 needed some time to find it’s audience. I’m glad they are getting a chance to wrap up the story line with a series finale. Revenge was good but a little disappointing. I expected more.

  14. Karrie says:

    It just shows how easy ABC, in particular, is to cancel a series when it doesn’t produce the numbers quick enough! RIP 666 Park Avenue…

  15. Leondre says:

    Walking Dead-
    10.5 million 5.5

  16. Renee says:

    Are all the Thursday football games this year being shown on the CW? If so all CW shows on Thursdays would have lower ratings during football season because most people aren’t going to stay up to watch Vampire Diaries or Beauty & the Beast in the AM. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but until the Falcons game last week I didn’t even realize football was on CW.

    • That’s probably just certain local markets showing games on CW. I only watch Niner games and not one was shown on CW, at least where I am. As far as I know, most Thursday games are exclusively shown on the NFL Network, which you probably need super ultra expanded cable to get, or at least a sports package.

  17. Laquisha says:

    Hey y’all I love me some 66 parkway and the walking bed! CORN SYRUP

  18. cjeffery7 says:

    though i dont watch 66666666666 park ave, that thumbnail is proof that rachel taylor needs to be on tv. greys wasn’t it :-( , charlie’s angels wasn’t it, 666 park is closer, but tv producers would be stupid not to hire her again for pilot season. i’m just lying in wait until she finds that vehicle that propels her above and beyond. does that make me sound like a crazy stalker???

    • Sammy says:

      She was very good on GA, okay of CA, and good on 666. ABC is keeping her. She will be around next season in something.

  19. M3rc Nate says:

    Out with the now 10+ year old format of procedural’s that focus 98% on the case of the week and 2% on the stale Character’s (with essentially no character growth even in shows 10+ seasons long [NCIS]).

    In with shows focusing on characters, and the human condition. These shows critically acclaimed and getting some of the best numbers on TV, such as shows on USA Network like Suits, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Psych, Covert Affairs, shows where their job is a background helps us see the decisions they make and informs us who the characters are and how they are evolving. And of course the relevance to this article: The Walking Dead and its insane popularity and viewership, along with many other shows on cable that feature the characters and their evolution’s as the prime story lines. Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Revolution, Arrow etc.

    Finally, out with the 1990’s procedural cop shows about stupid cases that we are now TIRED of watching. Back then we didnt know what CSI was or that it was a job, or that NCIS existed, etc. Now we are 10-15 years deep and its OLD and TIRED and DONE. Cant wait till those shows numbers slip and they get put down. Let alone their artistic integrity of story lines and characters is gone, they keep the shows cause they print money (for now).

    The only reason certain procedural’s are acceptable right now is because of charm (Castle, basically that show IS Nathan Fillion, hence why everyone loves it), or a “insane person on the team” like Jane on The Mentalist (which is getting stale to me currently, and if they stretch out Red John much longer im done, and Jane is becoming a very stale character…solve Red John, evolve Jane so he can move on in life and start to be happy again, maybe meet a girl or date Lisbon).

    • Jk says:

      Yet your USA type shows are their own genre, just like the procedurals. Some of us have been watching them for just as long as some have been watching procedurals. They are excellent shows as you say, yet they as well verge on the stale after 10+ years of the same character driven genre shows.

      The point is, while I’m not much of a fan of procedurals, I’m not egotistical enough to not realize my xhoixe of genre in the end is nothing but yet another genre that has been around for a long time and can grow stale just like you think procedurals do.

    • John says:

      Ah, Castle has Nathan AND Stana! That’s why its so great!
      You’re basically being a hypocrite. I’m not a fan of procedurals, but all your cable procedural favorites are boring. I watch only 3 awesome ‘procedurals’ – Person of Interest, Castle and The Mentalist (which has been great this season because it has character development, which you are whining is non-existent).

      Revolution and Arrow (love them btw) that you classified under cable are actually network shows – NBC and CW.