The Walking Dead Recap: Bullets Over Woodbury

walkingdead300In “Made to Suffer,” the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, the Battle of Woodbury leaves one character dead and another dead again, two characters in mortal danger, and oh yeah, Shane returns. Whaaat?! Allow me to explain:

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FRESH MEAT | We open in the woods, where a small group of survivors — among them Tyrese, who I’m told is a VBD (Very Big Deal) in the comics — is fighting off walkers. They make their way inside the prison, but not before one of them is bitten. (Random lady, we hardly knew ye.) Hearing screams, Carl goes to investigate, helps the newbies out of a zombie scuffle, then locks them up away from his crew. (Given the way Axel is eyeing young Beth because he thinks Carol’s a lesbian, Carl might wanna consider putting the convict back behind bars, too.)

THE RESCUERS | While Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar sneak into Woodbury, Glenn — now apparently a permanent badass — rips the arm off the walker to whom Merle tried to feed him, removes the pointy bone and gives it to Maggie as a weapon. She needs it pretty quickly, too, because at that very moment, the Governor is ordering his hostages assassinated. (“Take them to the scream pits” are his exact words. Scariest line since “Bring me the bore worms!” in Flash Gordon, no?) Luckily, before Merle can kill the lovebirds, Rick, Daryl and Oscar burst in with smoke bombs and — poof! — make them disappear.

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KISS KISS BANG BANG | When gunfire breaks out in Woodbury, the Governor — desperate to prevent Andrea from learning that they’re being invaded by her old friends — gives her busy work to do. But keeping her in the dark is the least of his problems: During the siege, Michonne not only finds but puts an end to his undead daughter, Penny! In the ensuing knock-down, drag-out brawl, he smashes Michonne’s head through the glass of his zombie aquariums, and she uses a shard to poke his eye out! It looks like she’s gonna finish him off, too… until Andrea busts in. Rather than inform the dim bulb that her boyfriend took out a hit on her and had a coupla nice kids abducted, Michonne just walks away. (Maybe at this point she’s as over Andrea as we are?)

AW, SHOOT! | During the last shootout in the streets of Woodbury, Oscar bites the dust, and Rick is stunned to see Shane (!) sporting a Grizzly Adams beard and taking aim at him! However, after he’s dispatched his attacker, he realizes that it wasn’t Shane at all. Okay, then. When the dust settles, the one-eyed Governor uses a State of the Union address to get even with Merle for lying that Michonne was dead. “One of the terrorists [that attacked us],” he announces, fingering his one-handed right-hand man, “is one of our own.” Next, he reunites Merle with his “accomplice” — poor Daryl! — and asks the angry villagers (who are missing only pitchforks and torches) what they wanna do with the brothers. As you can imagine, their reply is not, “Name them George and hug them and pet them and squeeze them.”

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the midseason-ender? Did the show fool you into thinking Shane was really back? Were you sorry Michonne didn’t succeed in assassinating the Governor? Were you satisfied with Tyrese’s introduction? Hit the comments with, you know, your, um, comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emma says:

    Michonne is showing compassion at the weirdest moments, but y’know, sometimes human beings do that. (But yeah, wish she’d killed him.) I think the thing with Rick and the phone calls made it clear that Rick was having issues, so I never believed it was Shane for a minute – too bad they didn’t use that in reverse, and have him see someone it DID turn out to be. What I wonder now is whether Andrea seriously doesn’t see what’s up, or is she figuring it out but biding her time because she hasn’t yet figured a way out

    • Nicotine says:

      It wasn’t compassion. Michonne was about to take out the Governor before Andrea walked in… with a gun pointed at her no less. Michonne knew that Andrea wasn’t going to allow her to just decapitate the guy, so she escaped with her life intact. It was her only play at that time. Besides, at that moment, Andrea wasn’t going to buy the whole, “but he tried to kill me and he kidnapped some your old friends” routine.

  2. Mo says:

    I can barely deal with the level of stupidity Andrea’s exhibiting now. And that Governor is a crafty SOB. And nobody better hurt Daryl!

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I prefer just about everything thats in the comics over the show (except Merl+Daryl characters, and a few other small things). But i agree with what i read earlier, that she still doesnt know WHY Daryl (and who he was with, maybe hes with a new group) attacked Woodburry. She doesnt know about Maggie+Glenns capture and torture, etc.

      So though in the show i find her very annoying in her decisions to be with Alpha Alpha Males (aka Psychopaths) and in the comic i preferred her much more (except her with Dale was gross/weird), i see her continuing to question the Governor until she is at the prison like the Promo showed she goes to, and our group tells them about Maggie+Glenn etc and she is like “WTF” then i bet thats when Governor does his attack on the prison, and some of the group dies (like in the comic) during their escape.

      During the attack i bet she ends up using her sniper skills with one of the groups bolt action hunting rifles to shoot the Governor in the head killing him.

    • Liz says:

      Andrea needs to get over the governor! He’s a complete A-hole! I want Andrea to go back into ricks group, nd help them survive. Also Shane was never back becuz he became a zombie when Carl shoot him. So basically Rick never killed Shane. Carl did. I didn’t get the part when pple calle Rick!?? Was that true or was he just imagining it?? Daryl!!! I love him to death hopefully he doesn’t diee! There’s also a rumor about Judith dying in the car with that girl. Can anyone answer my question if they know. Here’s my question “who is that girl in the car with Judith” it’s a sneak peek and there’s zombies outside of the car. Was it Maggie??

  3. Amy says:

    I was yelling at the TV ‘Take Merle! Kill Andrea! But not Daryl! Nooo!’ haha

  4. JeffDJ says:

    This was one of the best episodes of the series yet and kept me on the edge of my seat for the full hour. Liked how Carl was staying cool in charge at the prison and loved the fight between Michonne & the Gov. But damn, she needs to open her mouth to those around her: Rick & Co. STILL don’t know Andrea is in Woodbury! Can’t wait to see what happens with Daryl & Merle!

  5. JeniLee says:

    Am i the only one who has thought that besides the first couple of episodes this season has been very underwhelming? I’m kinda bored and the cliffhanger was lame compared to last yrs mid season finale. And they ruined in the promo thaf Daryl will live so really its not even a cliffhanger haha

  6. MichonneFan says:

    I can’t believe how stupid Andrea is being! What happened to that badass warrior on the farm? Even after the whole business with Penny and the walker-head fish tanks, she still doesn’t see it as enough evidence that the Governor is just f*cking crazy!

    • Michonneisajoke says:

      You know what else is just as “f*cking crazy”? Seeing someone keeping walkers as pets, while cutting off their mouths and arms, taking them for walks, keeping them leashed.
      Lots of people throughout history kept the heads of their enemies or other parts of their enemies as war trophies. Thats nowhere near as “f*cking crazy” as walker pets.

      Did you forget last season when Hershcel and company kept a whole barn of walkers? Why is that so much less “f*cking crazy” than what the governor is doing? He was keeping his only daughter alive hoping against hope for a cure. Herschel had his wife, friends and other family in his barn.
      The governor is conducting tests to see if it can be fixed. At least he’s trying to find a cure.

      You know, I know, the people watching know that its a lost cause. The characters on the show don’t know. The governor doesn’t know. He just wants his girl to come back to him. Michonne on the other hand is a lost cause from what they’ve shown of her till now. Not one thing thats sane or trustworthy about her character thus far.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I do somewhat agree. I mean the excuse he made (though considering him in the comics and what hes about to become on the show, i dont think he was being honest) i could see how it would be smart to force yourself to stare at the reality of what the world outside has become, so the walkers dont scare you or freak you out…that your cold to the grossness that the undead are.

        However I dont think anywhere in the comics or on the show does anyone say he is hoping to cure his daughter. Hell in the comics he tongue kisses the girl he keeps locked up in his place. I think what MichonneFan is getting at, is unlike the people you mentioned (Michonne, who has become cold, and detached to survive, using her “pets”, and Hershal who very innocently (if a bit naive) thought they could be cured), the Governor’s weird things come from a sick, twisted place, not from a place of become detached to survive or naive.

        And no matter the excuse, if it freaks a girl out to tell her you live at home when your trying to get her to go on a date with you, id think Andrea would give much stronger thought and have a stronger-disgusted reaction to finding her boyfriend with his walker daughter chained in his secret room along with a lazy-boy recliner pointed at a wall of still alive Walker heads. lol.

        I wouldnt say Michonne isnt trustworthy or sane. If anything shes the most sane, and has adapted to what this world is the best of anyone on the show thus-far. She used her pets for a logical reason, they protected her and gave her a bubble of safety, as for what she did to them, she was cold and calculating like crime scene investigator or anyone that deals with dead bodies now in real life, she removed what made them dangerous and used them. As for her+Andrea, Andrea is the one who betrayed her, got blind to the dream of a powerful man who can keep her safe and a fake town to have normalcy, and didnt trust her (Michonnes) enough to leave with her. As for the things she doesn’t tell the group+Rick…thats not “untrustworthy”… yes as viewers this is Ricks story so we want everyone to do whats best for him and the group..but fact is shes a lone-wolf..she does whats best for HER (can you blame her?) so yeah she doesn’t spill all the info and knowledge shes got, even if it would help the group…shes calculating, smart, and looks after herself first.

        If you read the comics you’ll know she becomes very strongly a part of the group and the right hand woman for Rick, and slowly they build trust and she integrates into the group.

      • Brit says:

        She wasn’t just keeping them as “pets”. She did that so they hid her scent from other walkers. She didn’t hesitate in killing them when her and Andrea’s life was at stake. I think that shows she isn’t a lost cause.

  7. lissab99 says:

    Seriously, how stupid can Andrea get????
    That being said, this season has been fantastic! Can’t wait until February.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Technically, so far all she can be blamed for is not being smart enough to look way deeper into Woodburry, besides that, all she knows is 1 Gov is a sweet nice good guy, 2 the town is safe, 3 some group attacked the town (she doesnt know who). 4 Gov kept his walker daughter locked up (could be explained and accepted that he just couldnt let go, or he is hoping for a cure) 5 The heads in the tanks (he explains he looks at them to prepare himself for the gross hell that is outside their gates, not a bad idea, getting scared gets you killed out there). And finally 6: Somehow Daryl is in the group the attacked Woodburry, but to her, maybe he was the only survivor of the farm getting attacked and he joined a new group, that attacked Woodburry’s innocent town for its resources.

      She doesnt know about Glenn+Maggie capture/torture, she doesnt know about Gov murdering people (like the soldiers), she doesnt know Daryl is part of her old group and that they attacked to get Glenn and Maggie back. etc

      So yes i agree, its hard to watch cause you yell at your tv “YOUR A MORON!!!!!!!!”…but technically, shes only a little bit stupid cause she is so instantly trusting of a facade/lie (the town) and so melted by the Gov straight into bed.

  8. caro says:

    Michonne didn’t walk away from Andrea because she’s ‘over her’. She walked away because she knew nothing she said in that moment would’ve convinced Andrea that she wasn’t crazy. Anyway…I’m glad the show didn’t go the comics route with the Governor and Michonne but still managed to keep the intensity and antagonism of their interactions.

    Ugh, I hope Andrea can get Daryl out of there quickly! Though guys…you need to leave Merle behind. Did we not see what he did to Glenn?! That’s not someone you want in your group, even if he is your brother.

    Poor Oscar. He was kind of marked as a dean man, though, given someone from our side had to die and he’s the only one we didn’t know that well. Axel’s creepy so maybe he can go next?

    TYREESE! Fabulous introduction and I’m interested to learn more about this Sasha woman who is with his group. She seems like she could be really interesting.

  9. Marlaina says:

    I was beyond thrilled to see Shane, but sad because I know he can never fully come back. Still, I was surprised, excited, and freaked out (in a good way) when I saw him. Yes, I let my hopes get to me that maybe he would return. :(

    I was literally screaming at my tv for Daryl to save himself and get out of Woodbury. He needs to be safe. Andrea needs to man up and do what Daryl did for her so many times- saved her skin.

  10. Moo says:

    I thought Daryl’s capture was WAYYY too predictable. He kept falling back and doing the whole, I’ll be right behind you crap. Boo. But clearly from the promo, he and Merl escape in a jiffy.
    Was surprised by Shane – with his Wolverine-like hair style.
    Why’d they have to kill Oscar? That was predictable as well. After that little 17…interesting scene with Axel, got overwhelming creep chills and would really have preferred this innmate to have been done in.

  11. MLO says:

    Does this show have a one black man quota? Poor T-dog died – in comes Oscar. Oscar dies – hello Tyrese.

    • Jamie says:

      Tyrese is a major character in the comic books, I’m surprised he wasn’t introduced earlier. I initially thought T-Dog was a substitute for Tyrese, so you may have a point about a quota.

  12. Dan says:

    Daryl is fine. Watch the second half of the season preview and you’ll see him on there with a crossbow.

    • Jamie says:

      Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice it, what’s the point in setting up a cliffhanger if it’s spoiled literally within seconds of the the end of the show.
      I hope Merle doesn’t sacrifice himself to save Daryl, I’d like to to see the two of them together back at the prison, and to see Merle take his revenge on the Governor…

  13. Alan says:

    when did glenn and carl become such badasses? in an episode based mostly around a war and the introduction of the supreme badass tyreese those to still managed to stand above the rest. seriously using a walker bone as a dagger is the coolest thing they have done on the show

  14. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Love the Bugs Bunny reference in the article. I like this actor who plays Tyrese. I remember him from The Wire (which I just watched 4 seasons of over last summer).

  15. Gage Domke says:

    It seems like they only have a carrying capacity of 1 black male in ricks group. I mean that Sceen were Oscar died was stupid. A firefight in a street were everyone is taking cover and some dude walks down the middle of the street. COMPLETELY IGNORES RICK and shoots Oscar with a hip shot? What kinda crap is that? That was way too forced. And the excuse was “we couldn’t let the govener get his ass COMPLETLY whipped.” biggest amount of bs I have heard in a while.

  16. Amy Coyle says:

    Seeing Shane again made my night!!! He’s still hot, even in Rick’s imagination!

  17. Lucas says:

    I thought the mid season finale was pretty good. i liked how axel tried to flirt with carol and beth, i also liked how carl took charge of the group and saved the new people. i feel that it is ricks fauld that oscar died because rick was too busy going crazy to realize that “shane” was about to shoot oscar. i also feel that andrea is being stupid by not realizing that the govenor is crazy because he has a bunch of zombie heads in his room and his dead daughter locked in a room.

  18. Stella says:

    I thought i could of been better, but i did like how in the preveiw, Carl says dad, i don’t think you should be the leader anymore! hahaha! I don’t know when Andrea is going to open her eyes and relize The Governor is a BAD GUY! i think she needs to say something about Daryl so he does not get killed. I’m still mad that T and Lori died. Michone replaced Lori and Oscar replace T-Dog. Has anyone noticed that EVERYTIME a new person comes in one of our people die? Anyway a peice of helpful advice to Michonne, YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCOLYPS! Oh, and i know who Michone’s two zombies are! One was her boyfriend and the other one was her boyfriend’s best friend!

  19. says:

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  20. robbielynn says:

    The show has become totally lame. It certainly shows a cult following from these comments. The scripts are beyond bad & the actors will never get off the b-list, still for them it’s a paycheck & some nice royaltiies.
    This is just my simple opinion, nothing more. kids have fun.

    • Staci says:

      robbielynn – glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. I saw the first couple episodes a couple months ago and LOVED them, so started downloading them and catching up. So disappointed to with what a soap opera it is now – and the over-the-top dialogue and the fact that they don’t just line up walkers on the other side of the fence and kill them all off rather than let them roam around, then bitch about another close call.

  21. hazeeb says:

    Guys, shane has the fault