Fringe Boss Reveals Title of Finale, Says Series Ender Is 'Massive... Really Big'

Fringe_S5trio_DWThe cast and producers of Fox’s Fringe gathered at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver on Saturday night to celebrate the Warner Bros. TV series’ 100th — and final — episode. And now we have a title for that ultimate hour.

“It is called ‘An Enemy of Fate,'” series boss J.H. Wyman shared with TVLine on the red carpet.

Episode 100 is the second of two hours airing on Friday, Jan. 18.

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And while Wyman leading up to and throughout this final season has repeatedly stressed the emotional stakes for Peter, Olivia, Walter et al during these last 13 episodes, make no mistake — this show is going out with a literal bang as well.

“It’s definitely the biggest season finale we’ve ever had,” Wyman promised. “It’s the most expensive…. It’s massive, really big. I wanted to go out like, ‘Wow, how did they do that?'”

“I wanted to make sure I handled [the action element] and the emotions with equal import,” he added.

Fringe resumes its fifth and final run on Friday, Dec. 7 with this season’s eighth episode, “The Human Kind.” What do you think “An Enemy of Fate” means?

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  1. halamander says:

    i think the child observer is September. And by making him responsive to human emotions and sending him forward they will change the past.

  2. Deanna says:

    I love fringe it is the best show ever the series finale will be amazing oh and just so you all know season 4 was wicked good and if your a True fan you never stop liking it even if it does some strange things but everyone has there own Opinion

  3. max says:

    sad, that they don’t see that this was a great show not only that it was fun to watch but with so much out there they could use this in so many ways. but the trash they leave for years on tv seems to win out. like I said sad!

  4. PazmanBC says:

    FRINGE Finale Prediction: Considering how well the writers incorporate twists into the plotline, I still maybe wrong, but kooks like my finale prediction is getting closer! I’ve always though there had to be more to the scene in the park with Olivia, Peter & Etta & I’m convinced now, with the mentioning of resetting time in the final 3 episodes promo, that will be the last scene. Expanded. I believe they will all be in the park, including Broyles & Nina. And I think if the finale segment went like this… After it’s revealed they’re all there, perhaps as a birthday picnic/b-day party for Etta, the men in trenchcoats walk across the park towards them, but they are government officials, not observers. They aporoach Walter and say something like this… “Dr Bishop, we need you, there’s something wrong with earth’s orbit!”. The show closes with a “here we go again” look on everyone’s face.

  5. Christopher says:

    I love this show my favorite show on TV. I knew once it moved to Friday it was on its way out. I really hate to see it go. Feel like I have formed a bond with all the characters…..

  6. Monique says:

    Sadly I already have a good idea how the season will end. Not happy about it, but i love fringe so i will still watch even though something tragic will happen. ;(

  7. Monique says:


    There won’t be a movie. If the writers couldn’t keep the show on because of low ratings and Fox didn’t want to invest in a sixth season, I seriously doubt they will invest in a movie. Besides, it was already said there will be no movie.

  8. Monique I hope you are wrong. If people are not getting the show, its cos we have been dumbed down. The 60s generation who watched Star Trek got it, even thru the cheesy moments they got what Roddenberry and the crew were telling us. If people don’t get Fringe, its cos their indoctrination into the “system” is too great and their fear causes them to not trust truth even when it in their faces. I’m going WAAY DEEP here, might lose you but let me know after watching.
    “They Live” >. theme, reptilian shape shifting beings are running amok and ruining this planet, OUR planet. >>

    Observers all look alike, like how we humans woudl see the gray aliens, bug eyed big headed critters. Now if you took the theme from They Live, reptilian shape shifters controlling the planet and you have NIna saying this >> << put 2 and 2 together. <3 :-)

  9. September says:

    …humans and their little minds. If only.they know what I’m going through to save their sorry asses.

    P.S Weed in the future tastes cooler. just saying.

    and windmark is gay too.

  10. Sam Weiss! says:

    I think they’ll end with the destruction of the observers – an easy prediction, but how would they do that unless they go back to injecting the observer tech into their bodies and risking brain wrinkles? I’ve heard it mentioned that the show will end with a “literal” bang. It has also been mentioned (around the time Peter gained the observer tech and used it) in interviews with the entire cast at an event, that there will be sacrifices. It was also mentioned that they did their best to close the loop on the last 4 season-enders; meaning they may very well bring back the machine Peter is supposed to, and was meant to step into (he may activate something that merges their universe with the second, while the observers are lost in time with no way to get back to earth or anywhere else).

    I wouldn’t worry about these last 3 episodes, however. They’re sure to be the best of the 5th season and worth the watching. It’s just that I haven’t ever seen a series, which I happened to enjoy following, that didn’t end with a mass reconciliation of any and all lines of plot that remained open from previous seasons. The few I can think of are: Leonard Nemoy (sp) in amber sure to make another appearance. Also: “The Machine” didn’t do anything but transport Peter to an alternate time line (very weak…almost too weak), but we can’t forget the observers were involved in that. It may have closed the door to the other Uni, if I’m not mistaken, as well, but the plot line from Peter’s prophecy is still open as far as I’m concerned.

    At any rate…at all, I’m sure the ending will return the series firmly to its roots of “fringe science fiction”, which is always what I liked most about the show until Sam Weiss made his entrance (cool character). They even hinted at this in, maybe it was the ep 5.4 or 5.5 where they broke into the fringe vault and released skin regen toxin on the observers? I loved that episode more than any other this season because it was what I had been watching for a few years and had come to expect. But I’ll see it through; “it” being so close, because I’m expecting a Watchman style ending….just a more cleverly put together one. lol. And why insult someone for a view? Try to attend or reapply for non-credit earned courses at your local college and see how mature adults act, if you’ve been out of the scene so long.

    An enemy of fate would translate to someone who is has been in, perhaps, a long-standing battle or delusion over the reconciliation of their future or time line; represented by fate, where there is a perceived hatred on each side by both fate and the victim (and also hinting further at Peter dying in the final episode). Should be pretty epic – heard a huge budget went into it, as well.

  11. Phil Laudicina says:

    I think it ends with Peter attached to the machine. Remember when he connected to it, he was briefly in the future? I say this is all tied to him. The machine allows him to see the future and give him the necessary knowledge from preventing it from happening, starting with a peace and understanding between the two universes.

  12. Richard says:

    A great series is ending. It’s just numbers. Other series have come back in different incarnations once they won’t die in reruns. (Star Trek next generation) I hope the same to happen here.(Good and bad) Look how many people are commenting!! I don’t easily get hooked to tv shows, but Fringe got me.

  13. Cleta says:

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  14. Sabrina says:

    it is sad that all great series are ending this year,….,fringe…… sooooo saaaaaaaaaaad! i would have been nice to see more..