The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Stefan Confronts Damon About Elena's Sire Bond

After The Vampire Diaries‘ latest revelation that Elena might be sired to Damon, Stefan will waste no time broaching the controversial topic with his brother in next Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c). But will Damon deny or confirm Stefan’s suspicions?

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As you can see in the following sneak peek, the dubious elder Salvatore thinks Stefan and Caroline just can’t deal with the fact that Elena’s happy being a vampire because of him. Stefan, however, is adamant and makes a bet that should give the brothers — and viewers — an answer as to whether Elena is really following Damon’s “commands.”

Press PLAY to watch the preview, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Wendy says:

    I knew Damon wouldn’t think the sire bond is true. And Elena already tried drinking from a blood bag in 4×02 and her body rejected it. And it was Damon that gave to her. This sire sl is so not anything.

    • Cammy says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! He already tried helping her feed from a blood bag and it didn’t work. Really hope she’s not sired to him.

      • Kailey says:

        Elena hasn’t been blindly following or agreeing to whatever Damon said until this ep. She wouldn’t call Stefan after she stabbed Jeremy even though Damon told her twice to do it, etc. But I think the sire bond will be true or at least some kind of supernatural connection. If not, why would they be revisiting their past in the next ep and from the preview you see Damon & Stefan in their living room with lots of papers spread around like they are looking for something. Depending on what they find, maybe Damon won’t believe that she truly cares for him (especially if Stefan is constantly nagging him about it) and we can see Elena chasing him for awhile to prove her feelings. I just think that it is time for someone to actually choose Damon and for him to be happy.

        • AC says:

          I totally agree. It is very hard to believe what Stefan and Caroline (and the writers) would like to believe, when we have seen so many examples of Elena defying Damon to do what she wants. Take her attempts to go animal hunting with Stefan, or her fighting with Damon in 4×05 over whether she was capable of taking on Connor. If we go back to the beginning of the series and look for evidence of the sire bond, it just isn’t there! I just hope that it is revealed to be a figment of Stefan’s wishful imagination sooner rather than later. It’s about time Damon got the girl…

          • M.P. says:

            Sire bond: the person who is sired obeys the sire to please them. So Delena is right that the sire bond doesn’t mean Elena doesn’t care for and possibly love Damon too. She has yet to say it though (she never has any doubt about her love for Stefan, and she even said it in this episode). But Delena is wrong in that there is no evidence. The point of the sire bond is that the subject “obeys” what the sire wants to make them happy. Damon said “you need human blood from the vein” and if she follows Stefan she’ll “be miserable”. Damon didn’t say she could drink from the blood bag, he just gave it to her. But by then it was too late, he already said “she’ll be miserable not having human blood from vein” before that. Damon also said “I will teach you” regarding being a vampire, that’s why she listens to him and goes to him first. Everything she does or has been doing this season has been to please Damon which is how they’re going to explain the sire bond. And it was stated in season 3 sire bonds are rare but they do happen.

    • iMember says:

      Well, it’s obviously going to be true. Otherwise, it would be pointless to bring this up as a plot at all. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Elena is sired to Damon. Even Klaus knows it pretty much.

      • Josh says:

        Pointless TVD plots that go nowhere…that NEVER happens.

        • lara says:

          I don’t think that’s ever happened. Whenever the gang comes up with some type of theory, it always ends up being true. There are a few things that have been false or haven’t worked (the moon curse, Originals’ mom trying to kill all vampires, etc) , but they were so because of storyline. There is no way they are going to let Delena just be happy now – there’s no story there and the love triangle would end.

      • lara says:

        Yeah, it’s obviously going to be true…although there is ZERO continuity there.

    • Cherry says:

      How is Elena any different from Katherine. she is slowly becoming the same……. she’s had both brothers. far too many people have died because of her mistakes

      • Sorcha says:

        Elena is nothing like Katherine. Katherine only loved herself, no matter what she said to either brother, and she had both brothers – at the same time – with no remorse. Elena has been denying her feelings for Damon simply because she doesn’t want to be seen as the same as Katherine. She also actually does have feelings for both of them. She’s never used either of them and the fact of the matter is, people died around Elena because Klause and Katherine were after her – not because she loves both Salvatores. Have you been watching the show at all?

        • raego says:

          So how can you explain that she slept with Damon if she’s not becoming Katherine.
          Her feelings for Damon would be real if she didn’t sleep with him. She has just broke up with Stefan and she’s already in his bed.
          Vampire Elena act like a sired Katherine bitch, as human she would have never slept with him because she doesn’t want to be Katherine.

  2. Susie says:

    I really hope not, would make me so mad if they don’t give them a chance to be together. They’ve teased it long enough why add this to the mix just to dampen the apparent chemistry between the two.

  3. Janie says:

    You know, I like Stefan as a character, but that just made me want to punch him. I hate this sire thing. It totally removes all agency from Elena’s character. It totally pees all over the Damon-Elena connection, something that’s been building since Season One. Just let it BE, writers.

    • Cam says:

      That was my exact reaction after watching this! Lol. If I could have reached into my screen and slugs him I would have cracked him in the jaw. This is the stupidest thing to ever happen to Delena. Just leave them be Stefan you jerk!!

      • lena says:

        how is stefan being a jerk? he’s not running around making crazy accusations. the bond thing explains why she has been acting so weird, and if you’ve been watching this season and paying attention than you would know that that it’s weird if her feelings for damon heightens and her feelings for stefan goes away. don’t worry though, im sure the writers will give elena and damon some on screen time but that’s only because whinny delena fans couldnt let stefan and elena be. there are so many times where i wanted to punch damon too for all of his shadiness, so don’t get all upset for the one (and few) times that stefan actually acts selfish.

        • Samantha says:

          Um… maybe Stelena fans should get over it; even if it is a sire bond, Elena and Damon have always had chemistry between them. And Delena fans aren’t the whinny ones, look at you, making a big deal because Elena’s character chose someone besides your beloved Stefan. I hate to break it to Stelena fans, but Stefan can’t make Elena happy, they can’t truly be happy together and he can’t let go and enjoy life without fearing his ripper side would take over. Elena and Damon compliment each other, and they were always supposed to be together anyway. Plus Stefan is so selfish lately! He doesn’t care about anyone but Elena so he doesn’t care about the lives at stake (like Jeremy). He’s silling to destroy Jemermy’s humanity just to make Elena human. She’s changed. She’s a different person now, and she’s now with Damon. Suck it up. But don’t worry though… I’m sure the writers will give Elena and Stefan some on screen time..but that’s only because of the whinny Stelena fans who can’t deal with change and just let Elena and Damon be.

          • bailey says:

            lol is this a response to that lena’s girl comment? you’re SO original, way to get back at her by basically COPYING her argument. *applause for originality. and FYI the ones who are giving hate to the producers are those who support elena and damon together. and yeah yeah bring up stefan being selfish, how horrible is he for trying to find a cure for elena? why cant he just be like damon whos’ NEVER selfish and who has never tried to hurt jeremy, and damon definitely cares for someone other than elena…oh wait, none of that is true. BE REAL, they both have flaws. just because others root for stefan doesnt mean you have to be such a bitch. people are free to root for whoever they like, that’s life, except it.

    • Josh says:

      Elena hasn’t had “agency” in two seasons. She’s much too defined by both Stefan and Damon. She’s lost who she was and has become a pretty boring character.

  4. Sharie says:

    I personally think Damon-Elena are insanely toxic as a couple and annoying to boot. Down with Delena!

  5. Rose says:

    nooooo! i want damon and elena to be happy :(

    i hope there is no sire bond.

    cant they be happy for once????

  6. Rachel says:

    I hate Delena. It was such a cop out making Damon meet Elena first, and being nice after being such an ass to everyone else. Damon/Katherine work, Stefan/Elena work.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Yes! That was the biggest retcon of character history in recent years that I can recall. Magically, Damon met her first and treated her with decency? Does nobody else, including the writers, remember what Damon was like at the beginning of season one. Part of the great thing about his character is the growth that he has experienced since then. That little stunt didn’t make any sense, especially considering Damon was in love with Katherine at that time. The show should have left it alone instead of pandering to fans, which is exactly what that scene was.

      • lara says:

        Damon has always been kind to Elena – he’s snarky, sure, but he’s always liked her and cared for her even when he wasn’t IN love with her. The only time he yells at her is when she’s putting herself in danger. And, their first meeting was pure Damon – flirtatious, arrogant (I know what you want), and mysterious. I do agree that the whole “maybe if I had met you first” line was crap because Damon season 1 and Elena would never have worked.

        • Rachel says:

          He hasn’t always been kind to her. He almost killed her to get Stefan to do what he wanted and killed Jeremy out of pure anger. That is not being kind to her. I really think both should just find another girl that’s not her. She really gets on my nerves. I like Katherine better.

        • bailey says:

          “always been kind to elena”? i think someone missed the last two seasons lol. he only started to like her after katherine rejected him. elena wasnt his first choice, and he wasnt hers.

          • Samantha says:

            Does no one actually remember all the Damon scenes? Like seriously; he acted like a monster because he feared being close to people because he didn’t want to get hurt. He’s always been a good person, and as theseasons have gone on he’s just gotten better. Elena and Damon fit together perfectly and in my opinion they always have. Who cares if he loved Katherine and only loved Elena after her; Stefan technically did the same thing? Stefan was only drawn to Elena because she looked like Katherine? I think Elena and Damon are perfect together. Stefan and Elena aren’t.

    • jen says:

      i agree. it’s annoying how all the damon lovers are saying that it was a cop out making elena sired to him, but it was a cop out making damon meet elena first. i know that it just makes her decision that much more confusing, which i guess they like cause it adds to the drama. i totally dislike elena right now, how can you say you love someone and move on that fast? and damon too, he’s definitely not gonna win brother of the year award.

    • raego says:

      You’re right, this is why they turned Elena to become like Katherine so she can sleep with Damon without thinking.
      I hate Vampire Elena…

  7. Leslie Adams says:

    I hope they don’t put the only reason she is attracted to Damon is because she is sired to him. Remember she said he ” consumed her” prior to her turning into a vampire. The feelings are there.I just hope the writers don’t ruin this awesome moment.

  8. Annie-C says:

    Elena couldn’t drink from a blood bag that Damon gave her. Even if she can now, doesn’t mean there’s a sire bond between her and Damon, she isn’t as new a vampire as she was, maybe she could now. Anyway, I like the storyline I just hope they won’t screw up the Damon-Elena thing with this.

  9. Keisha says:

    I think Caroline just ran with that sire thing thinking that was what Klaus was referring to when he said she would figure it out. I think what he was actually referring to was the fact that A: Elena meet Damon first and B: she already started having feelings for Damon before she was turned! So that whole intensifying of feelings is what happened.

  10. Emery says:

    For all those freaking out, Julie Plec said in an interview on zap 2 it that Elena is sired, but that doesn’t mean what she feels for Damon is any less valid or her sleeping with Damon is completely/or at all driven by the sire bond. This bond will actually force her to stop and think about how she feels. I’m not one of those strictly Stelena or Delena shippers, but I like that this will actually force Elena to stop and think. I’m going to trust the writers that they know what they’re doing with the characters and watch as it all plays out.

    • dmac says:

      So that means she slept with her ex-boyfriend of one day brother. Katherine is a saint compared to Elena at least she owns up to her sluttiness.

      • Hmmmm says:

        The quickness in which it happened is really what is so disturbing. She had been single for all of five minutes, two hours, one day?? Not really sure, but that certainly cheapens it as well in my opinion. If you seriously wanted a relationship with someone, then you wouldn’t hop in bed with that person so soon after breaking up with his brother. Still seems like just lust and attraction to me – not the actions of someone in love and wanting to pursue a lasting relationship.

        • lara says:

          I agree – and this is coming from a Delena fan. I get that timing on TV can’t be as slow as in normal life, but she still slept with Stefan’s brother a DAY after they broke up. I’m pretty sure that the Miss Mystic Falls was the day after the breakup. That’s kind of gross.

        • Pula says:

          It’s a tv show for gods sake!!!! You want the show to wait another year in between? It been long enough I would say. For last and not least: she is a Vampire now! If you know what I mean…after a comment like this one Zi guess not, you don’t.

          • lara says:

            You’re right :) I’d rather them move on with the storyline, than waste time leading up to Delena sex, when the past 3.5 years have basically been foreplay.

      • Pula says:

        The stupidest comment ever, really!

      • I don’t believe in slut shaming, but I do believe that Katherine at least owns to her actions more than Elena does. It’s not what Elena does sexually that bothers me (all power to her) but the emotional manipulation of the brothers. I do think it was pretty bad to sleep with Damon as soon as she did, and to basically force Stefan out of the house. She could have done the Damon thing a different way.

        • jen says:

          YES! finally someone understands! i cant believe all these people are waving flags and cheering on elena and damon, they are both selfish and horrible (in that scene) in my opinion. jeez, stefan is his brother and used to be the love of elena’s life-show some respect. smh to both of them, and to those who support them. i personally LOVE damon, and i want him to be happy. he, out of all people, truly deserve it, but can he only be happy with the girl that his brother love? writers, please, give damon a new love interest.

        • Mikael says:

          I hope Jeremy stakes Elena. And Katherine returns. It shows how bad the writing is that I can absolutely loathe one of Nina Dobrev’s characters, but her other is one of my favorites! So it’s not Nina’s fault that Elena is insufferable.

          • wendy says:

            i dont blame you. elena is SO annoying. acting like she’s such a good person, she’s a down right slut .

      • Totally agree! Nobody seems to see that sleeping with damon is wrong, especially now, a day after breaking up with Stefan and after he saw them staying together in the house.. Go Katherine! At least she was honest about she being a beatch..

  11. meah says:

    The shippers have made this show annoying!!I mean every comment is always about delena/stelena/klaroline etc that everyone forgets about characterization.Elena just had sex with her ex-boyfriends brother days after they broke up.does that seem like something elena would do?or it was just to please delena shippers?I just hope the triangle so over it

    • iMember says:

      THIS. SO. MUCH. I honestly love the show, but the fan base (particularly the shippers) are the WORST part about The Vampire Diaries. Shippers need to chill out and realize it’s just a show built for entertainment. Enjoy the ride and stop worrying about who Elena should or shouldn’t be with.

    • Babybop says:

      YES. Thank you!

    • lara says:

      I don’t see why not? Elena isn’t known for her promiscuity, but she hasn’t exactly been a virgin either. If I remember correctly, Elena was ready to sleep with Stefan by the second episode of the first season (before they decided things were going too fast), and they had only been dating for like a week. Elena made out passionately with Damon days before getting with Stefan. It was implied that Elena had been with Matt, and that means she lost her virginity sometime around the age of 14-15. Not exactly Virgin Mary. Combine that with her feelings intensifying as a vampire, it makes sense she would sleep with a guy she had feelings for for 2.5 years now.

    • The best and truest comment I’ve seen all day. I agree!

  12. Sharie says:

    That is exactly my point. Seriously, how can you ship a couple where one guy is seriously at times a homicidal maniac and the girl broke up his brother the day before? is that really an epic romance? I am really grasping at the straws here. Like really.

    • lara says:

      Um, this is a vampire show. EVERYONE is a homicidal maniac. There are like 2 characters in the entire cast that haven’t murdered yet (if that). And, what Stefan used to do as the Ripper was much worse than anything that Damon has done. As far as the “sleeping with him the day after” – yeah, it’s yucky. But, so was Katherine sleeping with both brothers at the same time. So was Stefan sleeping with Elena’s murderer. So was Caroline sleeping with best friends. Everything on this show is yucky – that’s how soap operas work. They can’t go by real time, or else episodes would be full of just Elena doing laundry for weeks before banging Damon.

      • Not everyone is a homicidal maniac. Yeah many characters have killed people. What makes Damon repulsive is that he enjoys it and doesn’t apologize for it. When someone like Stefan kills, it’s either because he’s pushed to desperate measures or not in his right mind. It is out of character for him and he hates himself for it and tries to make up for it. But it’s perfectly in character for Damon.

        • fiyero says:

          Stefan has to train himself NOT to be the Ripper – it is part of his natural instinct to want to kill and to enjoy it. He definitely enjoyed it in the 1920s flashback and in his trip with Klaus. Katherine, Klaus, and Rebecca are just a few of the many characters on the show who kill and enjoy. Even Elijah, who is considered the moral center of that family, killed many to get what he wanted. That is the essence of being a vampire.

      • Hmmmm says:

        Which character is considered Elena’s murderer? I’m a little confused by your statement because I can’t recall Stefan being with another woman in recent history. And he last slept with Rebecca’s in the 1920s, so unless he can see the future, I don’t think it counts.

        • lara says:

          That’s fair – I’ll give you that. Still, I think my point about Stefan being capable of murder and heartlessness still stands, due to his time as the Ripper. He also killed innocents to get what he wanted, like Andie. His two past romantic interests, Katherine and Rebecca, were both vampires who enjoyed killing. If he was such a good person, he would never have fallen for people like that.

          Anyways, I’m not arguing that Damon is as good as Stefan – he isn’t. But to single anyone on this show out as being a homicidal maniac is ridiculous, when Katherine, Stefan, The Originals, etc. have all killed massive amounts of people and enjoyed it. It’s simply the nature of vampire shows.

          • joanna says:

            Stefan only truly loved Elena. He was compelled by Katherine and I think he just had a fling with Rebecca-so there goes your argument. Yes, Stefan did kill innocent people but so has Damon. Actually, so have a lot of people.

          • raego says:

            You need to rewatch season 1 because it was clear that Stefan was compelled by Katherine. And he was still human so how can you see a connection with Katherine.

      • Jasmine ^_^ says:


    • carrie says:

      they are just good for a few sexy scenes together, other than that those two can barely keep up a conversation. yawns*

  13. David says:

    I don’t like the concept of Elena being sired to Damon, can’t they just let them be a couple for a while. Katherine needs to come back and be with Stefan, remember how she said it was always about Stefan and not Damon although her personality and Damon’s are more alike. Maybe we need the original Doppelganger (The girl Klaus & Elijah fought over) to somehow be alive and finally come to Mystic Falls and preoccupy another brother lol!

  14. Amy says:

    Just because Elena might be sired to Damon doesn’t mean her romantic feelings for him are false. She had them before. This sire thing can exist without meaning he’s forcing her to be with him. He didn’t tell her to kiss him or to have sex with him or to choose him over Stefan since her transition.
    I’m not saying it’s a good storyline. I’m just saying this doesn’t invalidate their relationship.

  15. Patricia says:

    It’s obviously going to work because god forbid, Elena could never have real fellings for Damon, such crap this sire bond. I really hate Caroline now. Stefan and Elena are not Epic. Let’s see how this story line goes but it’s not looking good right now.

  16. Amber says:

    Since we pretty much can bet she is sired to Damon, I’m hoping they break the sire bond and we all discover it doesn’t matter, she wants to be wtih Damon anyway.

    • Amity says:

      OMG I totally agree!!! I mean Damon is the right choice like at te hotel when she kissed him she’s awalys liked Damond BUT the the whole site bin had to c

  17. sls says:

    Don’t like the sire bond clouding up the Delena relationship but hopefully the writers use this to work through some things in this triangle. If done right, this could really improve this show. If done, wrong, well, we can all see what trash this could turn into.

    Sired or not I’m just glad Damon didn’t know about it. That would have ended this show for me.

  18. Stefan and Elena should be together there loves young dream!! From season 1 I think Elena is sired!! She said her feelings for Damon were magnetised since being a vamp but surely wouldn’t her feelings for Stefan be too???!!! This sired bond needs breaking then she can choose properly!!!!!

  19. Abby says:

    I like seeing Damon and Elena together because Elena and Stefan are boring together. I like them both but neither has a sense of humor at all. In real life, sure Stefan might be the perfect one for her but this is entertainment and after three seasons of Elena/Stefan they had to mix things up. I don’t like how shippers seem to hate each other when they disagree though. I have watched from the beginning and have enjoyed the show even though my ship didn’t happen. I am willing to see where the writers go from here before making a snap decision though I am not fond of the sire bond plotline.

  20. luli says:

    what the hell is happening with this show???

  21. Guy says:

    Yes! I was hoping that they would completely leave Elena out of this decision. I love they completely disregard her and her free will to make decisions about her own life. Her heroes!

  22. Irish Man 12 says:

    Who’s worse: TVD shippers or GG shippers? Right now*, I’m saying TVD shippers and I am fully serious. It seems that every CW show has the most intense shipper wars that cause casual fans to be turned off from the message boards. But since it is likely that TVD will be on the air for at least another season, it will hopefully get better this season, but based on the preview, I’m saying it’s going to get worse before it gets worse.
    (*However, nothing will ever compare to Chair vs. Dair on GG…and that includes Delena vs. Stelena.)

  23. s says:

    Oh yes they really pleased us DE shippers. I guess she’ll be able to keep the blood down and Damon’s heart will be broken into a million pieces cause he’ll believe it. This is whack. He had her drink one before n she didn’t keep it down so it really makes little sense. I’m also really hating Stefan this season.

  24. Closet Fan says:

    People shouldn’t blame Stefan too much for the whole Sire trip, all he did was hop on the bandwagon, Caroline was the one that gave him the idea. Of course he’s gonna cling to it.

    As a long time fan of vampire shows in general, even without the sire bond, vampire-Elana wanting to be with Damon over Stefan makes perfect sense. Damon wants her to embrace being a vampire, Stefan wants her to be ashamed of it. The vampire part of her is going to point her straight towards Damon, and as a newly turned vampire that part is squarely in the driver’s seat.

  25. Rachel says:

    I stop and gave up on shipping anything on TVD. They butchered Elena’s character’s so much on the show you kind of want her gone. Never ever had a character on a show become so unlikable and annoying to me before.

  26. s says:

    ^true Rachel but in the last 2 episodes Elena hasn’t been annoying imo lol

    • Rachel says:

      She has to me. I hated that everything is always about Elena. Like last episode when she’s like Caroline your being so supportive of me. Or like when earlier in the season they were lighting lanterns for everyone they’ve lost everyone said something else and she goes “and me”. I hated that. No one else said that. Caroline was turned and she didn’t say herself. Jeremy lost everyone like she did and didn’t say himself. She is really selfish. It’s all about who she wants. Everyone bends over backward on their asses to keep her alive and happy. I’m really tired of it.

  27. TMack says:

    Sire bonds don’t necessarily equal automatic romantic feelings – meaning she could be having real ones. If automatic romance/sexual feelings were the result of siring Klaus would have some vampwolves beating down his door like their in heat. Oh, this thing called television. Sigh.

    • sandris says:

      I agree. Although, I don’t buy the whole being sired thing. (Even if JP says it). Damon did not order Elena to have sex with him or to have feelings for him. She doesn’t worship Damon the way a sired servant hybrid does with their master. Besides all of that. I don’t know why they are saying Damon turned her. When it was the doctor that gave her blood, now all of the sudden Stefan is declaring on the preview that it was Damon’s blood, but where did that come from? Over all, I feel extremely offended as a fan. Elena and Stefan had a legitimate chance as a couple, why did they do that to the Damon and Elena fans?

      • TMack says:

        I’m not 100% on board with it all either that’s why I say it doesn’t equal romantic feelings, her feelings can be real. Maybe the girl just likes some Damon pie. Maybe she just needs to be vampy for awhile or whatever, just so long as she isn’t whining. I’d probably even be happy if they gave her a legitimate romantic relationship with someone who wasn’t a Salvatore. But heaven forbid they break that pattern.

      • Rachel says:

        Remember when Meredith helped her? In an earlier episode she vervained Damon and took his blood but he woke up hours earlier than he was supposed to. That’s how she got his blood. Then she used his blood to heal elena after she was in the hospital and then Elena died with is blood in her system, hence the siredness. And it does make sense because Klaus needs Elena’s blood for hybrids and they are sired to him so her being sired to someone else isn’t too far fetched. There are some major inconsistencies but how are you going to deny it if JP said it? Stop being in denial.

      • astrid says:

        also: being sired means you always want to act in the interest of that sb you’re sired to -> Remember Tyler biting Caroline for some scheme of Klaus’?
        Damon’s dearest interest has been Elena, Elena doing him! Her answering that interest that FAST and that CRAZY ENTHUSIASTICALLY in the same house her ex-boy-friend just slammed the door shut, does fit the stupid sire bond, imo

    • rebecca says:

      Exactly! The sire bond is more like when Elena killed the vampire hunter, and to Damon said after, “you told me to do it, so I did”. It’s not all of a sudden she’s more attracted to him. She was attracted to him before she was a vampire, and her feelings intensified when she turned. I’m sure her feelings for Stefan intensified too, but her feelings for Damon were probably stronger.

  28. Dominique says:

    Well OF COURSE Stefan will confront Damon, and OF COURSE Stefan will think Damon knew. When has Stefan ever thought a good thing about Damon. Imagine he would treat his brother with some respect.

    • Julie says:

      Stefan just lost his girlfiriend to his brother- I can’t imagine he would feel too brotherly to him right now. Honestly, the Damon love can be nauseating.

    • sandy says:

      you’re ridiculous. dont even start with respect. how about you tell me what has damon done to earn ANY respect from stefan huh? killing his best friend, sleeping with his ex? oh yeah, damon is an awesome brother :D damon is selfish, annoying, and manipulative, he even knows this about himself. who would trust a person like that?

  29. Hattie says:

    Please don’t let this be true. This season of TVD has been so disappointing. Delena is the only bright spot – and something many fans have been waiting to see for YEARS. If they kill it with the sire bond, I may tune out of TVD for good. As others have pointed out, Damon didn’t tell Elena to break up with Stefan, to chose Damon or to sleep with Damon. Elena did those things out of her own desire, regardless of whether there is a sire bond. Stefan is a jerk. I don’t get why Stefan can’t love her as a vamp because, frankly, Elena hasn’t changed much at all to me. She killed Conner out of self-defense and in protection of Jeremy and others. Elena is still the same compassionate, honest person she was before she turned. What has changed is Stefan’s crappy attitude and Elena’s choice to pursue Damon. So bored with the Jeremy hunter storyline, the Bonnie/Shane storyline, and the Caroline/Tyler/Hailey nonsense. And why is the preacher’s daughter still around?

  30. anakl says:

    For the first time in 4 years I’m really annoyed with this will they/won’t they thing… even in the books Elena has real feelings for Damon… cut the c***…

    Stefan doesn’t deserve Elena, he doesn’t really love her, if he did he would embrace Elena being a vampire… what was he thinking? that Elena would be happy ageing w/ no family of her own as he remained young and eternal… he’s totally selfish, always has been… when Elena chose Stefan, Damon stick around to help them & repressed his feelings… but Elena chose Damon & Stefan’s being all jerk… “I’ll crash in other place” like… WTH??

    And now it’s obvious that the duo StefCar would prefer believing that Elena’s sired instead of following her own choices/feelings…
    I’m guessing, that the writers think so too, but if they do this, it will be crappy writing since as pointed out in comments, Elena chose Damon, Damon in’t made her choose; Elena felt free & happy w/ Damon at the party, while w/ Stefan she’s always whining & being told what to do, what to think (yes StefCar, I’m talking to you!).

    In S1 I was fond of Stefan but he became unbalanced, arrogant, selfish as the seasons passed, he became worse than Damon. Even so, Elena always chose him, not because she loved but because everyone always pushed her to… “Damon’s bad, Stefan’s good”… blah!

    She is sired but by StefCar & Bonnie, even Rose told Jeremy that although Stefan was Elena’s soul mate, it was Damon that could make her happy, letting her be herself…

    So after this years of loyalty to the show I ask the writers to stop creating motifs to split Elena & Damon even before they start something, only because the diarie’s in TVD are from Stefan…

    You’ve made Damon a lot more deserving of being happy than Stefan. Deep down he’s always the Ripper, he has showed a vile temper ( can’t stand the reality, doesn’t love the woman he has because she’s a vampire now, turns Elena’s brother into a mass (vampire) murderer without thinking of the consequences, keeps wanting to change Elena)…

    Isn’t the point of love & companionship to care about the person you’re with (good things& bad things together)?

    Loving the Klaus/Caroline thing but then again she shouldn’t have feelings for the bad guy, should she? Not while pointing that same mistake to Elena…

    • pauline says:

      they all have reasons not to like damon. dont forget that just because damon is nice to elena, doesnt mean he’s done anything to deserve the respect and kindness of her friends. i dont get why you are getting so upset at stefan, he has done nothing but do the best for people while damon could care less as long as he gets what he wants. damon needs to move on and find another girl, preferably one who his brother isn’t in love with. nothing against damon in general, because as much as i love stefan and elena together, if things were turned around-i’d hate stefan if he went after elena if she was with damon first. the writers know that is put it nicely, effed up to have the end game be delena. what kind of love story do they have? they probably want to end it where the characters can at least be in the same room together. damon is such a home wrecker, he needs to learn that exs are off limits to family. cant believe how many people are supporting him to come in and ruin a relationship, shame on you.

    • N says:

      I love how shippers always see only things that in this case stefan does but are totally blinded of what damon did… same thing the other way round…

  31. Felicia says:

    Stefan is just as annoying and just as much as a whiner as Elena was before Damon helped her to really be ok with being a vampire. Sire bond or not they should just leave Damon and Elena be so that we can see something different for a change and her actually happy for once and not sitting there crying and being such a weak person when she put herself in danger. She is a vampire now for gods sake!! Let her be with him and become strong and badass like we all know she can end up. Damon loves her no matter what she is or what she does and always seems to be there to help her through anything. Even if she is sired to him at least it will keep her out of trouble, which Stefan was never seemed to be able to do. Caroline was starting to grow on me but all she is becoming is just as annoying as she was when she was human, all high and mighty. All she wants to do it seems is be right and create some kind of drama. I’m hoping the storyline gets better because if it just goes back to Stefan and Elena and everyone hating Damon, as usual, I’m not sure ill be able to continue watching because we’ve been watching it since day 1 and look at what Stefan did to her when he had his humanity off, seriously she deserves to be happy with Damon, at least for a while.

  32. lena says:

    it’s so annoying how all delena fans are getting so upset about this week’s episode. those of us who are on stefan’s side have every right to be upset too-she breaks his heart, and the next day shacks up with his brother. elena’s coldness towards stefan pisses me off; she is such a selfish character this season. all she thinks about is what she wants, and she is hurting both stefan and damon in the long run. also, people should get off caroline’s back-she doesn’t like damon, for GOOD reasons! he may be nice to elena, but don’t forget about all the awful things he’s done to people like bonnie, caroline, and jeremy. yes, stefan was selfish when he dragged jeremy into this situation but did you guys forget that damon snapped jeremy’s neck all because elena didn’t return his feelings? i dont get how people can support elena and damon being together, how can any kind of moral or love story stem from a brother going after the one girl that his brother love so much? delena, case in point is so disturbing to watch because everything about their relationship is wrong. elena having sex with damon right after she dumps stefan, and moves on like it’s no big deal. damon, having no consideration for his brother and gets with his girl without blinking an eye. that kind of love is horrible. i dont know about everyone else, but i would hate it if my sister went after my boyfriend/ex. so excuse me, if i dont see what is so great about them. im not saying i dont like damon because i do, but id rather him be happy with someone else. someone who he doesnt have to be sired to, someone who will choose him first and not stefan.

    • Eliza says:

      You can love Stefan all you want but his hero complex isn’t because he cares oh so much, its because he’s overcompensating for his many years as “The Ripper”. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy (when he’s not the Ripper) but he’s certainly no hero. Just because he hasn’t directly hurt Elena (like snapping Jeremy’s neck) doesn’t mean he hasn’t hurt plenty of other people. He’s not out saving the world, he’s saving Elena and the others in that circle (except Jeremy presently). He’s just as selfish as everyone else on the show. They only care for themselves, their latest bed buddy, and maybe some others in their group of friends. They aren’t fighting evil for the sake of good. There are no heroes on this show, at all.
      Neither Damon nor Stefan are heroes. They are vampires that, at times, are victim to their inner beasts (so to speak). Pick your poison, is ultimately what it comes down to.

      • Eliza says:

        So yea, my point was that Stefan isn’t better than Damon, or vice versa. They are all selfish, and at times cruel. There’s no point in arguing who is the “good” one, when there isn’t one.
        I, personally, go for Damon because I enjoy watching a gray area character evolve, find a reason to be the best version of himself that he can be, certainly not perfect or maybe not even “good”. I like watching him struggle with his inner demons and try to be better and maybe even get the girl. Not because he deserves it, but because just maybe love and forgiveness can conquer all (even if it is fiction).
        And sadly, Stefan has no character growth, he has been stagnant for years. Yes he has gone through things but he hasn’t evolved from it. He’s still this brooding “hero” that has a mega-bad reaction to human blood. I don’t blame his stagnation on his character, I blame the writers for not letting him detach himself from Elena, and letting us see him as an individual, who isn’t solely motivated by Elena and her problems.
        Now, don’t even get me started on Elena. She is, by far, the weakest heroin of any series. She becomes a vampire and still cries about everything. Fu**ing whine ass.

  33. Julie says:

    I used to really enjoy coming on here and discussing the show- but it’s unbearable now. The “shippers” are becoming ridiculous. Even if a commenter doesn’t come right out and say it, it’s obvious if they are a Damon fan or a Stefan fan. Their comments are completely unreasonable. One of the reasons I loved this show was because of all the vampire backstory and the other characters. Now we see less and less of the other characters and it’s all about Elena.

  34. Whoa Now... says:

    Yes! This to be honest. I find Delena disgusting. Not because Elena is with Damon but moreso because she was with Stefan 1st. They’re brothers, and her sleeping with Damon goes to Jerry Springer territory. I know a lot of people don’t like Elena but the fact that everyone seems ok with Elena going white trailer trash really turns me off to the fandom and honestly the show.

    • sandy says:

      i agree! tvd seems more like a sleezy afternoon talk show. i know a lot of people didnt like elena’s character when she was human, but i really did. unlike the other characters on the show, she is so selfless and caring and now..she’s a hoe who could care less. character development? that’s a fail on elena’s part.

  35. JamieB says:

    Honestly Stefan and Damon have just been been condemned to continue their sibling rivalry for all of eternity. When one of them is “good” the other one is “bad” they are like magnates no matter how they turn they have to be at opposite ends because that has defined who they are for a 150 years! I have always felt bad for Damon though because he suffers from “always a bridesmaid never a bride” a lot. He loved Katherine but she loved Stefan. Then he falls for Elena and she chooses Stefan also if this all turns out to just be a sire bond thing it will devastate Damon. We might just see a return of evil Damon when he turns of his emotions. I have never seen the attraction of Stefan but to each their own.

  36. Justin says:

    I can’t wait to see katherine come back. Maybe now that its damon and elena she will try to rope in stefan. Could happen :p plus damon has always been my favorite character even in season 1 so he deserves love (even if it ends up not being elena).

  37. Jan says:

    All I can say is people are mean. Just because some people like Selena and others like delena doesn’t mean you have to bash either side. I’m a delena fan and I’m not bashing people who want Stefan and Elena to stay together. We all have our reasons for either side. It doesn’t mean any of us have issues.

  38. Tia says:

    Umm, personally I think both brothers deserve better then Elena, it’s going to be a never ending circle of hate between the two if they keep letting a fickle girl, like Elena come between their relationship…The thing I just can’t understand is why her friends are so willing to risk their lives to save Elena, what makes her so important & everyone else so dispensable or willing to do horrible things to save her? That’s the question about the show that will always boggle my mind

  39. Jasmine ^_^ says:

    I think Elena’s character is becoming more and more awesome as she develops into a vampire! I find it annoying that everyone always rags on lead female characters. I also dislike that the Salvator brothers often treat her as a damsel in distress; even as a freaking vampire. She is strong! (Stefan has it especially bad) I wish the writers would give her a little more independence. While it is obvious that they will move forward with the “sire bond” twist, I think it will once again depict Elena as weak. I hope that even if she is sired to Damon, he un-sires her and she still chooses him. The two characters still have way more chemistry, than she and Stefan. (Ian Somerhalder is hot!!!!)

    • nightmagic says:

      me to but i love how they save her its sort of dramatic and romantic in an old fashioned way .i also feel Elena is strong so dont worry to much .i think she has had to deal with alot in a very short life .i do wish that the build up to Delena had been a little bit more of a slower build but the dance scene was really beautiful .they are perfect together .have faith in the writers .i dont usually but this time i am choosing to .Check out julie answers alot of questions there its under if Elena is sired to Damon there is more hope than ever for Delena .it might help ???

  40. Nháomi says:

    Caroline Use To Be Sired To Katherine When She Turned.

  41. Alyssa says:

    Katherine was also a doppelganger and she was able to drink blood that wasn’t strait from the vain so Elena must be sired

  42. Gemma says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that Elena & Stefan should be together? Yes Damon is cheeky and loveable but since when do brothers share their GF? The answer is never? Damon needs to get over Elena and fall in love with April or bring another female character in the equation that would make it more exciting then :D

    • emma says:

      yes! good god, damon is the worst character on the show. cant he find a girl that hasnt slept with his brother? and shacking up in stefan’s house (yes his house because he was living there with zach before damon came in) just to show off to stefan?

  43. STOP!!! Just watch what will happen…There’s always answers behind this.The writers know more about what their doing.,, Just chillax……^_____^

  44. Izzie says:

    Come on writers ! Why can’t you let Delena fans be happy ?
    This stupid sire bond theory makes me sick
    It’s not true coz if you flash back there are many times you see Elena doesn’t listen to Damon ( in season 4)
    Please don’t make a fool of yourselves .you are loosing most of your fans. And Damon deserves the best. Find him someone who can truly love him. He really deserves that
    I am tired of your games

  45. nightmagic says:

    julie did say if elena is sired to Damon there is more hope than ever for delena and she also stressed that this isnt the end for delena if anything its just the beginning .there is more than enough evidence to prove Elena is not and never has been sired to Damon .she has always had very strong feelings for Damon even before she was turned .ian s said that loosing elena is not an option for Damon but there will be more romance .so this all sounds really good .i think he will do the right thing because he has always loved and wanted what best for Elena .Even in their first meeting when he said he wanted her to be happy .when she asked what he wanted .he has always wanted whats best for her but he obviously wont completely desert her .he loves her .

  46. johnathon smith says:

    just give stefan a new love interest let damon be with her shes damaged good from here on out anyway lol tired of this triangle or let him be the ripper

  47. Felicia Kelley says:

    I have always been in love with Stefan and Elena. I loved the love story. I get the love triangle for entertainment purposes but some of the things Elena’s character is doing really irritate me. She left her own house to come live at the Salvatores knowing about her lust for Damon. Ripper past or not Stefan loved her so much and came back from losing his soul bc of the love for her. It was disgusting how she isolated him from his own house then slept with Damon. She is like Katherine but at this point worse. I love Damon’s character. I really think he has an obsession more with Elena now bc she has that twisted personality like Katherine. He still loves Katherine in a weird way trying to find it in Elena.

    • raego says:

      Vampire Elena who act like Katherine is sired to him, her feelings are not real.
      Because I don’t understand how she forgot her feelings for Stefan so quickly.

  48. hauer M says:

    Whatever happens between Elena, Stefan and Damon should go with the book. I really don’t care because Elena is so damn boring from day one. Don’t know what the Salvador bros saw in her to hold enmity for one another. Blood should be thicker than water.