Supernatural Casts Friday Night Lights Actor Gil McKinney as the Winchesters' [Spoiler]!

gilmckinney300The Supernatural family is expanding.

Friday Night Lights alum Gil McKinney has landed a pivotal guest role on Season 8 of the CW series, HuffPost TV reports.

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McKinney will appear in Episode 12 as Henry, the paternal grandfather of the Winchester brothers. Much like Season 4’s “In the Beginning,” which introduced the maternal side of the fam, the installment deals with time travel. But rather than visiting the past, Sam and Dean will encounter Henry in the present.

John Winchester’s pop will provide “some insight into the life and the legacy of [his family], which is something that we as characters never really knew,” star Jensen Ackles tells HuffPost TV.

McKinney — who played Julie’s TA/love interest on FNL — has also appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and ER.

Are you excited to meet another member of the Supernatural clan?

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  1. k…………how can he be in the present when we’ve been told repeatedly that their whole family is dead? Did I miss something?
    P.S. I still want Bobby back

    • Alan says:

      its clearly stated in the article that he time travels to the present

      • Yes, because it makes total sense that a “mechanic from a family of mechanics” would be time traveling. <—-heavy sarcasm Unless he is being worn by an angel he shouldn't be time traveling and if he is being worn by an angel he wouldn't be himself. Probably just another prick angel messing with the Winchesters.

        • Alan says:

          no doubt its someone who either knows the destiny of the winchesters and tries to screw that up by sending him forward or somebody goes back to screw it up. i doubt its the angels, they did enough time travel where the angels were a convenient excuse for it to happen and they are trying to move away from that based on the time travel episode from last year

  2. followmal says:

    I think he’ll do just fine. :) Has those Winchester good looking genes. ;)

  3. followmal says:

    Oh and I want Bobby back too.

  4. A.D. says:

    Bring Back Bobby!

  5. Marz says:

    In the present? That should be interesting. I’ve always wondered about John’s side of the family.

  6. Kreshnik Bajgora says:

    First of I just love the time travel episodes, they are sooooo freaking great. And the other thing that I love about Supernatural is the family story, Jeffery Dean Morgan was always the one that made the family drama so fun to watch and how they expressed their anger and feelings was unbelievably good so I can’t wait to get back into the story of the Winchesters! :)

  7. Alan says:

    this is actually a story i thought they would have gotten to already, we’ve learned so much about mary’s side of the family and yet virtually nothing about john’s. long overdue in my opinion

    • Ari says:

      Yea, but the reason we learned so much about Mary’s side of the family is because they were hunters. John’s family was not in the business. Either way, I’m excited for more Winchesters running around.

    • Linda S says:

      I totally agree. John’s side of the family weren’t hunters so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  8. Gene says:

    I think the “life and legacy” that Grandpa Winchester reveals had better not come close to mentioning anything related to hunting. We know for a fact that this monster stuff was new to John (even if it was old hat for Mary), and that John only learned about this stuff after Mary was killed. So…. I hope there’s no mention of a ‘family history’ of hunting.

    • Lucky says:

      We know very little about John’s side of the family. For all we know that could have also been manipulated by the supernatural world. We only gradually learned about Mary’s side of the family when John learned about Mary’s hunting in ‘The Song Remains The Same’, of course his memory was wiped by Michael but he was also a temporary vessel for this archangel. The angels wanted them together and manipulated them from the beginning of their relationship as we learned from the cupid in ‘My Bloody Valentine,’ until John’s first death by Azazel who possessed Samuel Campbell in ‘Back To The Beginning’. Mary had to bargain with Azazel to bring John back to life and that is where Azazel got permission to visit Sam’s nursery. Ultimately John traded his life and the colt to Azazel for Dean’s life in season 2 episode 1, ‘In My Time Of Dying’ and we found out he was supposed to be the righteous man who broke the first seal. Granted, John was not raised as a hunter that is true but we have no clue what the Winchester family was doing. The writers cleverly showed us the civilian, John repeatedly coming into contact with the yellow eyed demon Azazel and archangel Michael as well as the angel Anna and having no clue this happened to him because his memories were wiped clean. I really don’t see these writers having any difficulty creating another compelling story line with this side of the family. They already have the Winchester House and that odd and true story that could be a possible inspritation. These are characters they have brought to life so they can create a back story for the Winchester side of the family just as they created an entire life for the Campbell.

  9. I’m so excited! I’ve always wondered about John’s side of the family. Just because John wasn’t aware of the Supernatural doesn’t mean his family never encountered anything. It’s possible his dad was involved in something that he never told John about.

  10. MyReligionIsWhovian says:

    Or for an even better idea…..Bring back Bobby and John, I do hope though that the paternal grandfather isn’t a dick like Mary’s useless father.

  11. mattjdrumm says:

    Who cares about more frickin grandparents just bring John back FFS oh and Bobby too of course.

  12. Bridget says:

    Maybe he’ll be working on a Delorean and travel to his future, the boys’ present. Lol

  13. Steve says:

    Hello? They got cas! Who seems a lot stringer than usual by observing the scene between him and crowley or maybe even the Angels that he’s been “secretly” reporting to

  14. Carrie says:

    I’ve always wanted to know more about John’s side of the family, so this should be interesting.

  15. Arie says:

    YAYYY! I can’t wait <3 <3 <3 Finally we get to see more about John!

  16. Samantha says:

    Hmm, this show does have a tendency to change it’s mind on occasion, so either that whole line about the maternal side of the family being the only “supernatural”-esque one is being changed, or maybe Cas is bring gramps to the brothers for some odd reason.

    Now bring back Bobby and Daddy Winchester. And while you’re at it bring back Missouri Moseley, darnit. It’s been seven seasons, how long you gonna make us wait?

  17. I saw his picture and thought, “Had they aged Jensen slightly?” Then I checked Google by typing in the actor’s name and saw it was the same picture from this article.

    That’s when I knew, in my heart, that they’d chosen the perfect actor for the role. :-)

  18. shuayb says:

    I don’t think it has much to do with hunting than it has to do with the fact that Sam and Dean are descendants of Kane and Abel and by extension Adam. Maybe it has something to do with closing Hell.

  19. Jon says:

    I hope he turns out to be more a recurring role. Very excited about it. I think they should bring Adam back somehow, I feel sad for him, he is burning in hell right now.

  20. Kyle says:

    That’s something Kripke never thought about, it was all about Mary’s side, which is understandable, the hunting life comes from the Campbells, although they should’ve emphasized the Winchester family, just a little; I mean arcangels vessels were supposed to be Winchesters, not Campbells. But they never really give credit to the Winchester family. Glad Carver is!

  21. MacKenzie says:

    In another article it mentioned that Henry joined an antidemon cult to protect his seven-year-old son, it makes you wonder why did John need protecting?