NBC News: Do No Harm Drama Lands Thursday Slot; Grimm Return Date Set for March

Do No Harm - Season PilotNBC has announced a premiere date of Jan. 31 for Do No Harm, its new Jekyll-and-Hyde-like medical drama, which will air Thursdays at 10/9c.

Do No Harm will thus launch on the same night as 30 Rock‘s hour-long series finale, which will run from 8 to 9 pm.

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As a result of the new drama — which stars Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me) as a doctor with a very dark side he struggles to keep leashed — copping the Thursday spot, Rock Center With Brian Williams will relocate to Fridays at 10 pm starting Feb. 8, where it will lead out of a 9 o’clock Dateline.

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As a result, NBC’s Grimm — which aired its fall finale on Nov. 16 — will now be on hiatus until March 8.

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  1. Mateo says:

    This show looks utterly ridiculous and retarded. Seriously…do people actually PAY people to come up with these shows? Ohhh at exactly the same time everyday his personality changes? He needs serum to keep it in check? SERIOUSLY!:?!?!?!?!?! Please just end the show now….the previews say enough. BTW Grimm is the bomb…

  2. NBC…Do not under any circumstances screw this up…put Grimm back on the air asap…you got a great show rolling here why make your fan base walk away by being ignorant to their wants…lets go NBC keep the ball rolling! Put Grimm back on the air and leave it on Friday Nights…don’t go messing with a winning system or you going to find your loyal watchers taking a hiatus of their own…just a word to the wise 8)

  3. Bill says:

    What a crock o’ crude..One of the very few series that I follow. I work full time, why don’t they??? This is what happens when management over think their options. Do us a favor NBC and sell the series to a serious promoter. Grimm is too good for NBC…

  4. NunYo Business says:

    Yet another reason why people are turning away in droves from broadcast networks. Grimm is a far superior show to that fairy tale on ABC. The networks need to fix their scheduling and this is the way to do it.

    1. No more pre-empting shows in November and December, those ancient holiday shows can wait till Saturday when most networks know no one is watching anyway.

    2. No more very special episodes for ratings sweeps, if it is so special air it whenever, once you stop worrying about the bottom line and producing quality all season long the people will return.

    3. Stop moving shows all over the schedule, wanna know why people no longer watch a show you keep changing the days and times of the shows, fans will only be so patient.

    4. No more placing shows on extended hiatus, how are shows supposed to find an audience when you keep taking them off and putting shows on you already know are worse than those you put on hiatus. It doesn’t take a genius to know that if it wasn’t good enough in September it still isn’t any good in January.

    5. Produce more episodes per season, used to be the fall season started the first full week in September and ended in May and sometimes June. thirty-three episodes per and in some cases thirty-six per season. If the people you put on these shows want to do movies they should have either stayed in the movies or do them during their down time.

    6. Sponsorship isn’t a dirty word, in the 50’s entire shows were hosted by one company, as long as they don’t request wholesale changes to shows give it a try again. some of the best shows in the early days of TV had only one sponsor, it takes a little work to find the right fit but if you hire someone to look into it it might just work again.

    7. STOP releasing entire seasons of shows on DVD before they are even in syndication, it hurts viewership (why watch I’ll just buy it), oh and while I’m at it STOP releasing entire episodes online and for viewing on MP3/MP4 players. You might think it’s cutting edge but it’s really cutting your own profits.

  5. miriam says:

    This Sucks i love grimm nbc should stop playing with the shows i love. This is crazy nbc always mess with good shows STOP STOP STOP. Get rid of crapy shows leave the good ones alone. I have been wating now you are all messing with me not funny.Bringy show back

  6. Michele says:

    Look people some of us live in fairytale land and without our fairytales we will turn to dust. Give me back my Grimm now!

  7. sANDY says:

    I LOVE Grimm and my 87 year old mother wants to watch it too!! I have been waiting so long for it to come back ASAP and now not until MARCH 8???????????????????????

  8. theresa gillette says:

    I loveeee,Grimm!!!!!!! What’s going on,that us fans of the show…have to wait until,March?! Just to see it again…why do you tv stations always have to do this to us fans?!!!! The show is great the actors n actresses are awsume!!;) so what’s going on….that i have to wait!????? The scprit of the show is awsume. Love u grimm!!;)

  9. Lee Ann says:

    I really hope they don’t cancel Grimm it is the only shown I actually make sure to watch every week. I don’t want to have to wait until March for it I was getting so amped for it to start at the end of January.

  10. Tammy says:

    GRIMM, love this show, best ever yet.

  11. David says:

    It’s 2 mini seasons instead of one long. USA network has had great success doing this as well as most other cable networks. Grimm is without a doubt one of the best shows on broadcast television and I feel fairly certain it will be in no danger of cancellation anytime soon.

  12. WOW at all the spoiled (ie, in the original usage of the word) viewers here & on every site constantly suddenly whining & declaring the end of everything whenever they’re not being provided TV show eps in ongoing doses 24/7.. geez. While breaks or “hiatuses” can be frustrating, I can’t think of a time ever, when they ~didn’t exist. It’s how shows have ALWAYS worked, at least primetime shows in the US anyway, for decades. They NEED to make them last nearly a whole year. SOAPS are the ONLY ones who never, ever “break”. And shows that do run straight-thru still have even ~longer breaks in-btwn their seasons; such as 24 & LOST ending in May & not returning till the next year’s Jan/Feb.

    Personally, I’m very appreciative of most breaks since they give us time to focus on other things, as well as making shows ~last longer. Altho for intentionally short-seasoned shows like those made by cable channels or non-US networks, the wait can certainly get a bit frustrating. Like White Collar- 16 eps, split by 10 eps then a four-month break, then the remaining 6 followed by another four or so months before the next season & then it happens again. Doctor Who- practically a whole year btwn their 13-episode seasons, same for Merlin. Decades ago, some shows like Red Dwarf had breaks lasting *yearS* btwn seasons.. yikes. And movie sequels are something else that seems to take forever, lol.

    But time FLiES, & I can’t imagine not wanting to pick up a show again simply just because I haven’t seen it a while. In fact, that’d actually make me even MORE eager to tune back in again! Especially with cliffhangers.. cuz their whole purpose is to mainly keep ppl invested enough in the show that they WANT to find out & therefore they WiLL return whenever the show does, no matter how long the breaks are. Fans who enjoy watching a show should appreciate that it’s being made at all, & having a regular schedule is 100x better than the ones who have random & unpredictable timeslots (ie, being bounced all around, or new one week then repeats the next, etc) or worse, only a few eps btwn months or years! (ie, SherlockBBC gets THREE eps at a time? So it’s more of a *mini-series*.. & with TWO years btwn parts? Oy, those poor fans- THEY kno about true scheduling blues!)

    And there’s SO much to do in life.. with never enough time to do it all or to get everything done, don’t see how anyone really finds the time to freak out. I just like to enjoy what we have, & I’m sure the ppl who make the shows, as well as the networks who schedule them, understand this as well & so have stuck to these patterns for years for exactly these reasons.. XD We just HAVE to make everything LAST as long as possible.. or else then it’s all over way too fast & then we’re just left wanting even MORE! ;P

    ..besides, if you really wanted to avoid the hassle of watching live, you could just get (&/or stay) behind on ~purpose, & then do multi-episode catch-ups either thru streaming sites, digital downloads, or the DVD releases; that’s a great alternative used by many, as it can really be quite ~freeing to watch things at your own pace. <3

    //came here after checking Wiki cuz I could've sworn that Grimm was returning tonight, lol don't kno ~how I seem to have missed this cuz I actually check the schedules of my "live" shows rather often, maybe I was just so distracted by other things during the past month or so XD At first, I was ~mildly disappointed at the farther date (sighh) but it totally does make sense because I was wondering how they'd stretch the remaining TEN eps across the 4-&-a-half months' time that is Jan-thru-May (aka, 20wks) whereas with a date of March 8, if they run straight-thru, it will end on May 10, but they might have just 1 or 2 weeks off somewhere in the middle for the usual end at May17 or 24.. nifty!

    TL;DR- try not to let possible spoilage by OnDemand services (streaming, DVDs, etc) ruin ~appreciation for things being scheduled in a more balanced & lasting routine.


  13. Doodahdon says:

    I am missing Grimm, too. I don’t like the three-month break, but would probably be just as irritated at a two-weeks-on, 3-weeks-off format; they might have repeated the whole opening of season two to date, but chose not to. I haven’t stayed at home to watch TV on Fridays since The X-Files was on Fridays in its early years.

  14. blutbaddenbill says:

    I Think it flat out sucks that Grimm is not coming back until march 8th! total bull$hit!!!!!

  15. Cheryl hirst says:

    March 8th? Really? Will anyone remember what is going on or what it is about!

  16. Thad says:

    I just wish Grimm and Revolution were on a different network. I don’t know which network has the highest rating and I don’t care. What I do know is that every show I liked on NBC tends to either disappear or have such long absences that I lose interest in the show. I love Grimm and I liked Revolution but quite frankly with such a long pause between episodes, I’ll watch another show that is just as good where I don’t have to wait so long to see a new episode. Then again, TV has so few shows I get interested in it is likely that I’ll just forget about it and not even know I moved on. I hesitated in watching Grimm and Revolution because it was on NBC and, with this too long of a stretch, it appears that my reasons for not watching an NBC show is well founded. I get addicted to very few TV shows and when I find a few I enjoy watching, I don’t want to wait 4 months for a new show. I can handle the summer break because I am conditioned to do so but I am also conditioned to see new shows in January. Sadly, it is likely that I will bail on these shows considering the 4 month wait. Nicotine is a rough addition to get over and that takes less than 4 months to get over it. I know, because I’ve done it in less than 4 months. The addiction I had for Grimm is likely to be forgotten before March. Thank you NBC for another disappointment, I will not make the same mistake by watching a show on your network again.

  17. Ash says:

    If it weren’t for Grimm (if it comes back) &days I would NEVER watch! That’s a promise!

  18. KS says:

    Very disappointed that Grimm is not coming back on until March. It’s the one show all four of our family watches and enjoys together, even on a Friday night. At least we can watch Blue Bloods on CBS.

  19. Micki L Steele-Blair says:

    I love GRIMM. . .BRING IT BACK NOW OR I WILL NEVER WATCH NBC, the sorriest channel on TV AGAIN!!!

  20. Jowly says:

    Wait, talk to me like I’m a two-year-old. If two shows – dateline and 30 rock – are moving to the 9 and 10 PM slots on Friday, where does that leave Grimm? March 8 is a Friday. So is Grimm going to be coming on at 8 o’clock? That doesn’t sound like good news to me. It ain’t really what you’d call a family show.

  21. blutbaddenbill says:

    and they held out revolution 4 months before they ever got anywhere! NBC does the dumbest things!

  22. MSSY says:

    I totally LOVE, LOVE GRIMM!! I was so excited to see it was coming back in January and then I read its been pushed to March!! That irritates the heck out of me, because GRIMM’s turned into my favourite show on network TV! I do share a lot of your thoughts in that hopefully when GRIMM comes back, it will play several months without a break, but I hope the network first plays repeats of the end of the last run in the fall for those of us who may forget vital running plot info! I hope the network keeps GRIMM running for several seasons to come!! Long live GRIMM (and Monroe’s character!!)!!!

  23. Nancy Cosentino says:

    I am Very unhappy with NBC for delaying the return of Grimm after leaving us with a cliffhanger, which I’ve forgotten after all this time. I Also don’t understand why Animal Practice was given only a few episodes in a competetive time slot and not given a real chance. Who is making these decisions? Are you listening to your audience at all? And now another Jeckyll and Hyde show – same old boring crap. I’ll stick to CBS and USA.

  24. crissy says:

    when is season 3 starting then??

  25. Parker Stevinson says:

    I have followed many tv programs and it never fails. The show becomes a success and then its “hunt for the show’s new day and time.” If that doesn’t confuse you the next step
    is to skip a week for a special. Prime example: Nikita…I watched this show and Vampire Diaries. Next thing I know. Nikita begins to skip weeks then poof, wait for next season.
    Lost interest in Nikita. The hunting game is over. One fact for sure. When a popular show airs at a certain day and time for a long period of time, then goes into hiatus. The new time slot may be taken by a new program a person has began to watch. Then you begin to choose which one to watch. Nikita’s story line lost effect by going into a holding pattern.
    That is how many shows are destroyed or replaced by its fan.
    Grimm on the other hand was a huge hit. It will retain its status as long as they don’t get caught in the change the day and time every other week.
    I liked Eureka, but when comcast got involved we all know they are the new AT&T to big
    to fail. They cancelled the program due to expense. One show I was not afraid to allow my kids to watch alone.

  26. Peggy says:

    I live in another country. The only time I get to see grimm is when you guy’s put it on the internet to download. I am dying for the 3rd season to come out.

  27. dora ;p says:

    I’m like the only person in my school who watches Grimm ….looked how can you not watch Grimm its awesome!

  28. Melanie says:

    Thank God it’s one more sleep and 8 to 9 hours wait and I’ll be watching Grimm. Yeheyyyy!!!! I love Nick and Monroe..I’m so fascinated by this show….love it I bought all the episodes from I tunes..now I’m running out of space in my 64 G iPad I will see to it I’ll see the next episodes on TV.

  29. Margherita says:

    Woww that was odd. I just wrlte an very long coment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.

    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, juet wanted to say fantastic blog!

  30. Pamela says:

    Nbc pulled the Grimm off until March 8, really? just so they can air a program about a disturbed doctor who has a personality disorder? omg and they wonder why their ratings are so low, there are some really lame shows on through the week why the Grimm and not another program!