Vampire Diaries Recap: Love, Blood, Pageantry and One Killer Climax

If you have yet to watch Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

The Vampire Diaries revisited a time-honored tradition in Thursday’s episode as the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant took center stage. Much like it did in Season 1, the special occasion ushered in big developments for Damon and Elena.

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After more than three seasons of foreplay, Elena finally gave in to her feelings and had sex with Damon. But was she really in control of her actions? Caroline’s got a theory that Elena is sired to Damon!

Let’s start back at the beginning when Elena explains to her friend that she’s confused and needs to figure out what her feelings for the older Salvatore brother mean. Caroline, however, is not confused and makes that extremely clear. She thinks Stefan is Elena’s epic love, and “Damon is sneaky and manipulative and rude.” To top it off, the idea of Delena, to borrow a ‘shipper term, “makes me want to barf,” she adds. Hey, Caroline, tell us how you really feel. I love the character and her friendship with Stefan, which obviously colors her feelings, but she did come off as unnecessarily harsh, no? Combine that rejection with Stefan’s need to “fix” Elena, and you have to wonder if she didn’t push confused Elena toward Damon.

Elena puts one last nail in the coffin that is her relationship with Stefan, declaring to him, “This is who I am now. The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go.”

He takes this to mean, “Move on” — because his ex is certainly doing so. After Elena finds herself moving into the Salvatore mansion because of Jeremy’s hunter problem (more on that later), she reveals to Damon that watching the Miss Mystic Falls contestants brought up memories of their own moment on the dance floor. Damon takes her hand for an impromptu slow dance, which turns into a kiss that leads to the bedroom.

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Meanwhile, Caroline, comforting a brokenhearted Stefan, realizes that Elena’s judgment might be affected by more than just hormones. “There’s something wrong her,” she says before it hits her: Damon said she’d only be able to drink from the vein, and that’s what happened. He liked April’s red dress, and so did Elena. Damon’s blood turned her into a vampire, and now she’s sired to him! But did Damon ever say they were going to have sex? Is that act still of her own doing?

Elsewhere in the jam-packed episode:

A scarily determined Stefan is hellbent on finding the cure, and even offers up a victim – albeit an unremorseful murderer – to Jeremy, who reluctantly kills the guy without getting one spot of blood on his dress shirt! But the damage is done. “I can’t trust you,” he says to Stefan before staking him. Jer, who’s already being plagued by visions of killing Elena, now has an even greater lust to hunt vampires, leading him to attack his own sister. To keep an eye on him, Matt moves into the Gilbert house, while Elena high-tails it to the Salvatore mansion.

Caroline makes good on her promise to go on a date with Klaus and lets him accompany her to the pageant – but not without some reluctance and some caveats (“I already have a dress so don’t even think of getting me so much as a corsage!”). After she vents to him about the Elena situation, the two have a genuine moment of laughter where he reads her overly enthusiastic Miss Mystic Falls application. And yes, Tyler sees it all. Speaking of…

• Tyler brings Hayley as his date to the event to keep up appearances. But it may be less about fun and more about a secret agenda for the werewolf, who later visits Professor Shane to tell him they’ve broken another hybrid. Is she also in cahoots with Carol Lockwood? She was one of the “old timers” Tyler said he saw Hayley chatting with at the party.

• Damon repeatedly tries to get Shane to offer up another hunter’s name with threats and questions about his association with Pastor Young. “Did you just accuse me of mass murder during the middle of a high school pageant?” asks the professor. He eventually reveals that even if they find the cure, it’s been sealed with a spell only a Bennett witch can open, and he’s much more suited to get Bonnie back to full magical functionality that Damon.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the long-awaited moment — and the surprise twist? Are excited to see Jeremy and Matt as roommates? And how nice was the callback with Matt stepping in for Jer with April like Damon did in Season 1 with Elena?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Janie says:

    I am slightly miffed about this sire thing. Why can’t she just be in love with him and want to be with him? She had feelings for him before. It could be what she actually feels, regardless of siring.

    Anyway, the siring is just Caroline’s theory, anyway. Could be Elena’s not actually sired. We shall see.

    • slizabeth says:

      I think Elena will end up not being sired, but the theory will keep Steffan guessing/in control. Could be an interesting twist, regardless.

    • karen says:

      Agree with you..why they need to make this so impossible to be…she had feelings for him already by the time she died on the bridge. Let’s have a little more of this good chemistry that is Damon and Elena…

    • Meg says:

      I agree! Why can’t Elena just be attracted to Damon? They hooked up when she was still human so why is it so unbelievable that she’d want to be with him now?
      In the finale, she basically told Damon she was choosing Stefan because she met him first–not because she was more attracted to him.

      • Hmmmm says:

        I am fairly certain that she is attracted to both, but was in love with Stefan when she chose him. Attraction and love are two pretty different things past a certain age.

        • fiyero says:

          Yeah, but I think a part of her must have loved Damon even then, or else there wouldn’t have been a competition.

          • Kelly says:

            That is what you want to be true. Delena fans want her to be in love with Damon and they kind of refuse to hear anything to the contrary.

        • Dmod says:

          I dont agree with you! Because in season 3 she said that she chosen stefan because he met him first. My opinion is that she is not sired in Damon and he loves him more

      • Julie says:

        No, she didn’t tell Damon that- she said her love for Stefan never went away, and she felt he was the best thing for her at that time.

      • Mike says:

        Actually Elena met Damon first, but Damon compelled her to forget it, there is flashback don’t know which episode exactly but the point is Damon and Elena met first, so when she became a vampire those memories came back.

    • Ella says:

      The whole siring plot is a cop-out. It seems like the writers have the Elena-Stefan end game in mind and are intent on ignoring the real feelings between Elena and Damon. Make it all about siring to excuse what she’s doing with Damon. If it isn’t real, it doesn’t count. The writers could have taken the plot in a dozen different directions but they chose to male a joke of Damon. Elena would only care for him if sired? Really? I don’t buy it and hope we learn that siring isn’t the reason for her growing feelings for Damon.

      • Chantal says:

        Cop-out is exactly what I was thinking, I’m so mad that the writers are making a joke out of Elana and Damon. So not fair to us fans!

      • Jenny says:

        EXACTLY what I thought. I was like really? Damon is such an AWFUL guy for someone as pure as Elena that she could only fall for him if sired? It’s almost as if the writers don’t know Damon at all. What show have I been watching, because Damon while he embraces what he is… Has proven his good intentions and how he does care about others. Why don’t the writers cut him some slack?

      • Kat says:

        Agree with you completely… I was really pissed they decided to go this way and I really hope that on the end they decide to go with the real love and not the sire bond.

      • I’m not sure I’d call it a cop-out, but close. I think the writers just chose a way that they can steer the ship in whatever direction the fans want. Same thing with the possible cure. If having Elena as a vampire caused people to quit watching, they have a cure so they can say, we were just joking…

        Most vampire lore includes siring to some level, there is always a connection between vampire and maker/sire.

      • olivia says:

        i don’t think they are saying that she doesn’t care about him, and she only wants him because she is sired to him. the sired plot is basically showing the viewers why elena has been so strange this season and not herself. for ex: the whole red dress incident, her changing her mind just because damon liked it better than the blue. but to me, the biggest red flag was when elena was so worried about jeremy and damon says that he’s probably “at a bar” or something and she totally bought it. you guys know if you’ve been watching the show since the beginning that elena (vampire or not), would not just take an excuse like that and run with it. so ella, i don’t think that their feelings aren’t real-i just think that the bound intensifies her feelings for damon to a different level-i doubt elena would just hop into bed with damon, a day or two after she broke up with stefan.

      • catbean says:

        I’m waiting on the explanation that if she is “sired” to Damon because his blood caused her to turn than why isn’t Caroline? Damon’s blood was what saved Caroline from the car accident and why she turned when Katharine smothered her to death in the hospital. Why isn’t she “sired” to Damon? Why are the rules different for Elena other than a convenient plot point to cause doubt in Elena that she actually has feelings for Damon, which she had before she was turned. She said it last year: Damon consumes her. Besides I read that siring really only causes loyalty not lust or love otherwise Klaus would be overrun with “admirers”.

        • Dmod says:

          I agree with you! Why caroline isn’t sired to damon and why Elena is?! I dont like this plot.. Do something and change it.. fast? ;p

      • Margot says:

        Being sired doesn’t change the way you feel. Tyler hated Klaus, but he still did everything he was told. And Elena was changed by Damon’s blood. You see, Stefan and Elena’s relationship was epic..but it was getting boring. Most of us think about VD as a passionate, intimate, crazy love story..I mean, where were Stefan and Elena going? It would be sweet for them to get married and live happily. But it would be 10x better if it was a love triangle and that’s how they lived on until the end of time. Then Stelena and Delena fans would all be happy.

    • anya b says:

      i agree… Elena had feelings for Damon before.(remember their hot kiss and the fact that everyone – including rose- saw their connection!)
      and Damon tried to get her to drink from a blood bag (Caroline says that Damon didn’t want her to so she couldn’t) i don’t think shes sired….i think its just that she can finally relate to the vampire side of Damon..

      • Elena fan says:

        I don’t know if the writers realize just how weak they’re making Elena. Is she not responsible for anything? I was hoping being a vamp would empower her. This siring theory just makes her look even more victimized.

      • Janie says:

        I agree. The blood thing doesn’t explain it, because Elena also couldn’t keep down Damon’s blood- there’s no way Damon would order her not to do that, right? And I agree. I HATE that the writers are taking away Elena’s agency here. I REALLY, really hope she’s not sired.

        • Sarah says:

          This!! Can’t Elena possibly grown and change? I don’t have an issue if she and Stephen get back together after she’s lived life on her for a while and he’s realized she’s a grown up. Cause she could just have her own mind and not be this perfect compassionate (good lord I’m sick of that word) person??

    • Jessica says:

      I think its SErs fix. Kind of like how DErs fix was Stefan being the ripper and pushing Elena away. I think they want to keep SE fans watching so their throwing in something that would make them happy and maybe while she tries to breaks it she falls more in love with him

    • Audra says:

      Completely agree with you Janie! As Stefan and Caroline were coming to that conclusion, I kept thinking, why is this a bad thing?!? It’s not like Damon is Klaus and will make Elena kill people! And frankly, it kind of ruined the Damon/Elena moment! I totally got vicarious butterflies when Damon spun Elena into that kiss! Really hope there’s no sire!

    • Kailey says:

      Congratulations writers. Somehow you have managed to make me so very happy yet so mad at the same time. After 3 years, we FINALLY get that Delena moment only to have it broken into bits and pieces while Stefan & Caroline try to figure out why Elena’s feelings can’t be real. (Anyone else want to scream every time Caroline says “epic love”?) This sire bond plot will only serve to cheapen the emotions and actions between Damon & Elena. They both had feelings for each other before she turned. Why can’t they just let him be happy? He finally gets the girl and now they want it to seem as if Elena doesn’t truly care for him but only acted as she did because she was sired to him therefore having no conscious choice.

      According to previous & this ep, werewolves were sired to Klaus because being a hybrid broke the full moon curse and gave them control over their bodies again. So if they are sired to him because they are grateful, then what reason would Elena have to be grateful for becoming a vampire? Is that what she really wanted even though she said she didn’t? Plus Damon’s blood changed her, not Damon because it was not his decision or actions that led to his blood being in her system. And they can’t use the fact that she fed off him because she also drank from Klaus. If she is sired I’m hoping they attribute it to the fact that they had such strong feelings for each other before she turned and sincethat typically doesn’t happen between a human & a vampire that explains why it is so rare but still doesn’t diminish her feelings for him

      I really don’t like that the preview implies that Damon knew about the possible sire bond, using it to his advantage and if they make him out to be the bad guy again. Let’s not forget that he spent a large part of the episode trying to figure out the name of another vampire hunter, therefore sparing Jeremy because Elena does not want her brother to suffer by having to kill in order to possibly find a cure for her. Stefan on the other hand lured Jeremy to a made-just-for you vamp for him to kill. I think Damon is right in what he says in the preview for next week that Stefan is doing all this for him, not Elena. The Stefan that let Elena make all the decisions and respected them (which is a popular reason many state as to why he is better for her) is now focused on finding a cure to get his human girlfriend back regardless of the cost or the fact that he knows she would again suffer at the hands of Klaus who would use her as a bloodbag to create his hybrids.

      I’m guessing Damon’s “heartbreaking decision” as eluded to in the episode summary will be to not persue/continue his relationship with Elena until they determine if she is/is not sired to him which would prove he is not the bad boy taking advantage of the situation.

      Sorry for the rant. I feel (a little) better.

      • what is happening says:

        you are completely right. i love your reasoning.

      • Kel says:

        I think most of the outrage is coming from people who have been rooting for a Damon-Elena hook-up. The sire bond suggestion doesn’t mean that Elena doesn’t have genuine feelings for Damon, but it does explain the way she acts upon them. Showing up at the Salvatore mansion to basically shack-up with Damon is something that Elena would not normally do (she would be too worried about hurting Stefan’s feelings or rubbing it in his face). There is a reason it took 3 seasons for Elena to act on her attraction to Damon and kiss him. She always put others and their well-being and feelings first.
        As for the whole drinking blood from the vein vs. Damon’s blood (why she couldn’t keep it down). I think it has to do with how Damon phrased it. He was arguing with Stefan who was pushing the “bunny” diet and Damon was saying that she needed to drink from a person’s vein directly as she was meant to and that he could show her how to do it without killing the person (no mention of vampire blood).
        Bottom line: Damon-Elena fans need to calm down. The sire bond doesn’t mean that Elena doesn’t have real feelings for Damon (although whether it is true love, I’m not so sure). It just suggests that maybe the way she acts on those feelings could be motivated by other factors.

    • its DE angst. They are doing that to SEr’s that they did to DEr’s. Remember they said she’d have to fight for him? They keep saying something is wrong with her, she has problems, and one person accepts her. After seeing how she feels about herself, it was good to see her let go of the pressure she holds-not the moral code. she was still willing to sacrifice being human for Jeremy. No one would want to be told something is wrong with themselves. Damon will set her free once he realizes this, and Elena will follow him to prove herself. On the other side we are all wondering if its real. Elena will find herself once more, lets not be quick to judge someone. I know many do not like Damon, but they made it so evident he’s awful to the other characters. Has he not redeemed himself even some?

      Words of caution writers-was it her ‘choice’ or a sire bond? Tread lightly here because people assume Damon raped Caroline when it was not clearly stated nor addressed. While it could be viewed as such, no advisory was at the end of the episode. At least be very clear with sex and choice. Compulsion, bonds, and love and choice are very personal to people. While I may not agree (based off loosely interpreted writing on that and with Andie) people can effectively argue this and it is disturbing if there is no parental warning or hotline number after the show when there normally is one. It’s way too loose period.

    • CJ says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I said before the episode aired, if they hook up, no matter the circumstance I will be glad. The sexual tension needed to be dealt with. But now, I was first happy for the twist, then mad that cutting back and forth to Caroline took away from the moment – and the whole sire thing didn’t feel like a huge twist. It feels too easy. Isn’t it a twist enough to just have them finally act on the natural attraction building since the Pilot?

    • Amanda says:

      I agree! It almost ruins getting to see them together finally. I hope that she is wrong, I don’t want this to be short lived- I haev waited SO LONG to see them together.

    • Alice says:

      All this is true, but think of it this way: it seems that Damon doesn’t know about it. When he finds out, he is going to be devastated. That will be interesting.

      • A says:

        I really hope he doesn’t know about it. Making him into the bad guy again through knowing about the sire bond would seem very off the way from the way his character has been deveoping, especially throughout this season and last.

    • jericho says:

      Completely agree… I would say I am flat out pissed. It is a total cop out and screams of jumping the shark. It just feels like a way to keep Elena away from having to deal with the reality of her feelings. So now she can just go back and say I only did that cause I was sired? Come on…

      Plus I would much rather see them together and Damon free to have a real relationship with someone else. Hell even Dawson dated people besides Joey!

    • Aislyn says:

      Elena never had feelings for Damon. Time after time she chose Stefan. The sire bond was a great twist because it gave reason for why she broke up with Stefan after all their history. Personally, I am “team Stefan” because her relationship with him is on a way deeper level than with Damon. With Damon she is not in sense with herself and its just a “touchy-feely” relationship, Damon doesn’t care about what or who she cares about, he will do anything to protect her while making her live through more pain after hurting someone she loves. I personally hope the sire bond is for real not just a theory

  2. Fiona says:

    I agree with Caroline. Vehemently!!

    • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

      I don’t. Caroline has no room to judge Elena since she’s all loopy over Mr. Pony-Drawing Original. You know, the guy who killed Elena’s parents and her aunt? Who has tortured and terrorized her friends? This episode made Caroline look really bad, and I say that as a total Caroline fangirl.

      • iMember says:

        Step back and realize Caroline has never admitted or shown remotely any feelings towards Klaus. Klaus has definitely opened Caroline’s mind up to possibilities she’s never really considered before, but she hasn’t expressed any real romantic feelings toward him at all.

      • Camilla says:

        You should keep in mind that Caroline was practically raped by Damon (she was being compelled to forget half of the stuff they did together, so it was rape). Yes, she’s being a hypocrite. But she has reasons to be worried.

        • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

          Oh, I’m not saying Caroline doesn’t have reasons — she does. They’re very valid reasons. But, the show has made it clear Caroline is attracted to Klaus on some level and I don’t think it’s fair for her to judge Elena for loving someone who hurt her when Caroline would probably be hooking up with Klaus were it not for Tyler.

        • Really? says:

          Omg, are you serious?? Rape? The sex was completely consensual. He didn’t compel her to have sex with him.

          He compelled her afterwards to forget about the vampire part of it. And compelled her to do other things but, forced sex was never part of that. He treated her like a blood bank, and used her when he wanted to, but rape?

          Don’t throw that word out there like it means nothing. Damon is a lot of things but he’s not a rapist. You may not like him but that is not something that’s been proven on this show.

          • Luz @trinwisco says:

            THIS so much! I’m so sick of people calling it rape over and over wow.

          • cc says:

            Amen! Finally someone acknowledges the history that Caroline wasn’t compelled until after they had sex. She initially got busy with Damon all on her own.

          • I believe the argument isn’t that she was willing the first time, it’s whether or not she would have consented to sex after that if she hadn’t been compelled.

          • sls says:

            In my mind, the real question is why are any of the people that think Damon is a rapist continuing to watch a show that casually touches on the subject of supposed rape by a main character without either clearly making that character totally evil or putting up a hotline or advocacy website at the end of the show?

            If you really believe this is rape and Damon a rapist why in the world are you still watching a show that should be over-the-top offensive to your beliefs?

          • caro says:

            The first time they had sex, it was seemingly consensual. (I say seemingly because we see nothing between their flirty looks at the MG and them having sex so it’s impossible to say if Damon compelled Caroline into bed that first time or if she chose to sleep with him. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say she consented that first time.) But after he fed from her and compelled her to forget, he altered her mind, meaning that any time they had sex after that, it was rape. Just like when Katherine compelled Stefan into accepting her as a vampire. Stefan couldn’t consent to any of the sex they had after that because Katherine altered his mind. So Katherine raped Stefan and Damon raped Caroline.

    • jackie says:

      Caroline is an idiot. It was Damon’s blood she had in her when she was turned, Why would it only be Elena then that is sired? Caroline would be sired as well. The whole thing is justy dumb.

  3. fiyero says:

    That was an ridiculously hot love scene. I really hate this Elena being sired storyline – there’s just too thin of a line between rape and made up vampire terms.

    • Emily says:

      100% accurate. If they were going to make it a real storyline with real consequences, it’d be good. But instead they will hand-wave it just like everything else Damon’s done and forget all about it.

      • This isn’t at either directly,

        But until they say that was his direct intent, could it not be how they wrote it? Why would they have a rapist as a love interest and not address it? Why no advisory, no mention of it at all? I agree with all the valid points of why, but reason also goes to the other side. This is a teen show. This episode had a higher rating +18 for sexiness, but not the ones with so-called rape? I’m not trying to imply people are not correct, but look at it from this side. I do not think it was the intent. Damon is a very harsh vampire, he’s done bad things. And here they go again with this thin line that drives us nuts. it should be was it her choice to listen to him not sleep with him. (what we know of the bond doesn’t support that at this time, just loyalty and taking orders). WHY even mention that about sex? Are they insane?

        While it is able to be point out as rape for valid reasons, could it not be the writing? All this ‘choice’ BS is crossing the line of acceptable. I see why people hate Damon for this alone. No one would support him if this was the intent. Just because we’ve seen more of Damon’s moments with women does not mean any other male has done this very thing. Katherine has done it too! Perhaps off screen? We are all assuming, with and without. Violation is not something we need on top of all this stuff. Poor Caroline was abused, threatened with death, bitten all over….she has a right to be pissed. On the other hand, if she falls for Klaus she’s no better. Attraction is one thing, but seeking is another and I don’t think she is seeking yet. Damon telling Andie he may be the one…also very thin line. Was she of her own mind still in control, or was she sleeping with him after that because she thought he was the one. Seriously, its just not right to use it that way. Its getting in the way of the story.

        • caro says:

          When a vampire compels someone, they take away their ability to consent. So when Damon compelled Caroline to forget about him feeding from her, he took away her ability to consent to ANYTHING that happened after. Which means that any sex they had after he compelled her was non-consensual/rape. Same with Katherine when she compelled Stefan and Damon when he compelled Andie. It was rape each time.

          • sls says:

            Okay…for those of you that keep throwing around the word rape… Why are you watching a show that has a rapist as a main character and love interest? What does this say about you?

            If you really believe Damon is a rapist and that the writers casually write about rape as a plot line why in the world are you even watching this show????

          • caro says:

            I’m replying to my own comment because, for some reason, I can’t reply to the one below it.

            Why am I continuing to watch a show where a main character is a rapist? Because often when dealing with vampires, you’re dealing with compulsion and with compulsion, often comes rape. Do I like it? Heck, no! But I’m a fan of vampire mythology so I accept the fact that a lot of material dealing with vampires will inevitably involve rape even if the canon never acknowledges it as such.

            I would far prefer it if the show didn’t involve rape but rape is only one aspect of the show. And right now, the things I enjoy about the show balance out the things I don’t.

          • sls says:

            That’s fair. Isn’t it possible that the writers aren’t writing about rape but more a morally ambiguous situation that makes you question what’s really happening?

            Rape is a very serious accusation for a main character, especially one that isn’t pure evil. Has his behavior been questionable? Of course, I think that’s the point. Everyone can debate if he raped Caroline and Andi but really the show purposefully left it ambiguous to add to the characters depth.

            The word rape should perhaps be used a bit more carefully in my opinion.

  4. slizabeth says:

    I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. Seriously that episode was out of control. Also: knew Tyler’s friend was… well, not 100% friendly to our favorites.

  5. Patricia says:

    I’m so mad my DVD didn’t record the first 30 minutes but thank God I saw the ending. Finally, A Damon and Elena hook up worthy enough. It was hot, hot hot. But come on why can’t the writers just leave it at that she loves Damon, she’s attracted to him, she wants him. But now after giving us this amazing hook up she is sired to him?and now we’re gonna have to deal with boring Stefan again, trying to make Elena boring too. He’s gonna do everything possible to break the bond and in the end Damon is gonna end up hurt again.

  6. Roni says:

    I’m SO SO Angry right now. I mean yes Caroline could be right. But seriously Delena fans have been waiting 3 years for this. Way to ruin the moment.
    But my theory is that it isn’t true. Since siring another vampire hasn’t really happened a lot. More like it was there to put Stefan at ease.
    Then the thing earlier in the episode. Stefan was a douche to his brother when he didn’t run off to Elena but rather stayed there and tried to have some brother bonding cause he knew Stefan was hurting

  7. Maddie says:

    Elena sired? These writers gross me out for crying out loud.

    Yeah it was great seeing Delena together but now Damon goes as a rapist? SERIOUSLY? SCREW YOU for ruining this for us Delena fans.

    • Hmmmm says:

      Damon was already kind of a rapist. Caroline in season one. Andy in seasons two and three. Not trying to start anything, but I’m pretty sure his actions with those two characters constitutes somewhat illegal activity. And caroline was a minor.

      • fiyero says:

        Did he ever compel them to have sex with him, though? Honestly asking.

        • Jon says:

          Yes he had both Caroline and Andie as his compelled sex slaves basically.

          • Anna Doe says:

            You’re wrong. He only compelled them to forget or not tell (in the case of Andy) that he was feeding off them. However, he never compelled any of them to have sex with him. Go back and watch season 1 and 3 again. Caroline was excited to have sex with Damon for the 1st time because she got rejected by Stefan before; she was proud to be the GF of the older and sexier Salvatore brother. Same thing for Andy who was surprised he called her back after she slipped him her business card. Don’t rewrite the s/l! Damon’s a dick but not a rapist.

          • Dmod says:

            oh really?! watch season 1 again and come here and tell me if he really compelled them :)

        • Anna Doe says:

          No, he didn’t . Damon is a lot of things: a bastard, an unrepentant murderer, a monster, a user but not a rapist. The guy has never used a compulsion to bang a girl.

          • tripoli says:

            Yeah, people really need to stop throwing the rape word around. That’s taking it a bit far.

          • A says:

            I’m pretty sure Damon would NEVER need to compel someone to have sex with him. Just saying

          • Hikari says:

            LOL xD Very true

          • caro says:

            Um…yeah he is. When Damon compels someone into accepting his vampire nature/letting him feed from them/etc, he alters their mind. We have no idea if Caroline or Andie would’ve consented to sleeping with Damon after he fed from them/they learned what he was. Any sex they had after the initial compulsion was non-consensual/rape. Both girls seemingly slept with him of their own free will that first time, but that was it.

            Damon certainly isn’t alone in this. Katherine did it to Stefan and Stefan did it to those random girls he was playing blood-twister with in season 3.

            Compulsion takes away a person’s ability to consent. Non-consent when it comes to a sexual act = rape.

          • His says:

            You are complete right …he’s not a rapist .

        • He didn’t compel them to have sex with him, but he did basically compel them to be okay with things that were going on. If you look at the scene in season 1 when Caroline asks Damon if he’s going to kill her, and Damon replies “not yet,” Caroline was definitely compelled. She just smiles and nods vaguely. The question is if Caroline would have consented after their first time, if she wasn’t compelled and truly had full comprehension about things that were being done to her.

          • caro says:

            Exactly. No, Damon didn’t compel Caroline and Andie into having sex with him but he DID compel them into accepting him as a vampire/letting them feed from him/etc. We don’t know if they would’ve continued sleeping with him if they learned the truth without being compelled. But since the compulsion erased their ability to consent, the sex that happened after the compulsion was rape.

        • caro says:

          No but after he compelled them into letting him feed from them/keeping his secrets, he altered their minds and therefore, they weren’t in a mental state where they could consent to sleeping with him. So any instance of sex/a sexual act with Damon after the initial compulsion was non-consensual/rape.

      • Anna Doe says:

        A minor Are you gonna call it statutory rape when she was throwing herself at almost every guy who gave her the time of the day? Well, in this case, it’s also statutory rape for Stefan and Elena, since statutory rape does not care about the consent. I mean both of these girls were all about sex before even hitting 18! And given Elena’s performance tonight with Damon, let’s stay she seems to be very skilled.

        • lara says:

          No, I think Stefan is supposed to be “17”, so it wouldn’t have been statutory rape, since he’s technically a minor too. Damon, on the other hand, is supposed to be 24, so he’s an adult.

          And, I agree – statutory rape is such an ugly term to get into, because the show has obviously forgotten that they are 17, since Caroline is able to order alcohol from a bar without even being carded.

          • jackie says:

            That is wrong! The have lived alot longer because they are vampires! Same goes for the twighlight saga. What like these guys are over 100 year old teenagers? lol! Come on!!

          • The question comes ‘after’ they were compelled. Caroline and Andie went to Damon the first time of their own accord. but then they learned what he was. THIS is what people argue. The man is a known womanizer, but neither would stay if threatened logically. And let me just say Stefan is not 17 he’s 160+ ;) He slept with a child basically, also rape. If you define rape, its rape agreed or not she wasn’t 18. But then Elena chose it. Uh-oh there is that choosing thing. in some places 17 is agreeable so then is it rape? Ugh, so much to consider but this is fiction.

            BUT she had no idea Stefan was what he was so lets be fair when we hate on em. Doing a bad is a bad, not who does more of them. Think about her finding that picture right after too. Both aspects are disturbing and disgusting. Now I do not hold this as serious within the ideal of the show which is fake-RL is not the same. The message was bad on many levels. Only thing was that Stefan was not a womanizer or we are not shown if he was as a Ripper, and if he had sex, drank, and or killed like Damon or Klaus does. Can we be sure? We are assuming much because it is left so open to do just that. And I argue this because its a vampire argument, not just a Damon one (Stefan is often the exception to most all vampires when he is good). Compulsion and sire bonds are serious thin lines.

            All we are given is more of Damon’s bad and more of Stefan’s good because that’s where they are when the show started. This is also why I think it was bad writing. I am not trying to say its one way or the other, but if we are arguing nasty, the entire concept is. Down to the in love with two brothers thing. It matters not that Damon is nastier or his stuff pulled under a rug. Stefan is just as bad based only on concept. it matters not what intentions are good or bad if we really define what is moral or not. There is absolutely nothing moral about being a vampire. They kill, murder, feed, confuse, manipulate….they are slaves to their nature no matter how hard they fight it. But back to point.

            So they have a valid argument of Rape. Sex after this is not of their own real accord because they are made to feel a certain way. Katherine did it to the men yet it was still not addressed. Stefan loved her until he saw what she was-so she did what he kind of did to Elena. Of course Elena forgives all so really its all moot. Caroline does not. Elena will not IF/WHEN Caroline really fell for Klaus. I think Stefan had done it all as a Ripper. So, the thing is their choice is altered from that point on and that really is …well… rape (Sexual or mental). I do not think they intended this to be the case. They rate 4×07 this way yet not a ‘rape’ episode? GRRR

            I do not think it was the intent, but now they are doing this with Elena and I am very bothered by it. Like Andie, was she sleeping with Damon because she thought he was the one? He compelled her to not fear, but also that he was the one. With Caroline, similar. Can we have a definitive answer from the writers and put it to rest. For some it will not change how they interpret what they see. for others it will put their mind at rest.

          • Cherise says:

            For those calling it rape or nonconsensual if a vampire had sex with someone who didn’t know they were a vamp, that’s really stretching it. People find out major secrets of people they already had sex with all the time. Non-disclosure about something that’s not an STD doesn’t make it rape. What if a guy has sex with a girl, and then she finds out later that he’s a different race than she thought but just didn’t look it, and she’s mad because she’s not into interracial sex…she can’t call rape because he didn’t give her his cultural background.

  8. CandiceBP says:

    This idea IS in the books… I don’t remember how it turned out tho.

    • Kate says:

      I made this point two weeks ago, it was not well received. It was obvious if you’ve read the books, the second she comes back all she can think about is Damon.

  9. CatEyes Kita says:

    This is a crock of crap….. and in the preview Damon looks like the shady one because stefan said to Damon you knew she was sired but you took advantage of her and it looks like he agreed… & on top of that the roles were reversed Stefan saved Elena instead of Damon….. Sired when did Damon tell Elena to tell Stefan to let her go… He didnt that was a choice she made, she wanted a dance he gave it to her… She initiated the sex he gave it to her… When did Damon instruct her into having sex with him…… Screw the sire bond theory… Give us Delena for real and stop inventing reason’s why they should not be together!!! Bring Katherine back …. That is Stefans soulmate!!! GRRRRRRRHHHHH

    • Amber says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • fiyero says:

      Agreed – it’s such a crappy thing to do to Delena fans “we are going to give you Delena after 2.5 years…except that it will only be because Elena has no control over herself”.

      • Jen says:

        I believe delena will be end game. Stephen and Elena in the first episode fell for each other too quickly. The writers are taking their time with Damon and Elena. Things will not be easy for them but in the end- they will realize sired or not, even if she turns human again, their love will be stronger. They would not spend the entire series building these two up if they were not going to end up together.

    • While I truly do ship Stefan and Katherine, I do have to point out that we learned from the Tyler/Klaus siring experience that siring can cause an increase in general positive feelings. When Tyler was first sired he was all about how great Klaus was.

  10. Totally agree with all the Delena comments! If they go the sire route they are cheapening the last 2 seasons of the show!! Ill be truly pissed if they say the only reason she likes Damon now

  11. michellem02 says:

    Can I say one thing first…FINALLY!!!!! I’ve been waiting since S1 for Delena. Now that’s out of the way…I really hope that this is just a theory and that she really has those feelings for him. She had them before so why can’t she have them now -without anything getting involved? The last 6-7mins of the show…hot hot hot!! Wow made me want to be sired to Damon just to get a piece of THAT at the end ;)

  12. Lindsey says:

    Um, hasn’t Elena disagreed with Damon earlier this season? Seems like lazy writing to me.

    Honestly, I hope Caroline’s theory is not true and that it’s a big fake out. Why can’t Elena just love Damon and want to be with him and try a relationship. Ugh, so frustrating.

    I have to admit that the hook up was hot, definitely worth a 3 year wait, even if the details are murky right now.

  13. S says:

    $#^&^$ Writers. Really? Sired? Of course they think Damon is taking advantage of poor little Elena. For ONCE in the whole entire series Elena wasn’t annoying and was strong in this ep but oh its not her right? Also as I’ve read from other fans how can she be sired? Damon didn’t tell her to have feelings for him, to kiss him, sex with him. GMFB. This is CRAP. I couldn’t even enjoy the Delena scene because of stupid Caroline and Stefan.

    • sara says:

      I don’t think her being sired to him has anything to with whether or not he tells her to like him, etc. its not the same thing as compulsion….it just means she has an unnatural bond with him like Klaus and Tyler that can be broken. Yes Klaus has made Tyler do things he normally wouldn’t do but he also was connected to him in ways that just based on that connection he was drawn to Klaus and wanted to please him

    • Di says:

      I agree with you. Couldn’t the writers at least not pan to annoying Stefan and Caroline ever other second. Just give us the scene then screw with our emotions.

  14. sara says:

    The thing I don’t get though is that her feelings for Stefan would have been intensified as well, yet all we see are her intensified feelings for Damon…so with that being said I think the sire thing addresses why her feelings for Stefan are not as strong as they should be I mean she has been in love with him for a long time that doesn’t just disappear especially since turning into a vampire prevents that and does the opposite.

  15. Josh says:

    Can we start a “Free Elena” campaign. The girl hasn’t had a personality since season 2. Even though she was part of a love triangle, it always felt like she was her own character, but now? She’s defined by Stefan and Damon. She isn’t interesting anymore, especially not compared to the two male vamps…

    As I said last week, Elena needs what Stefan and Damon have all the time…a storyline separate from the love triangle and their love interest. Everyone else has it in some way or another, but everything Elena comes back to the love story or some guy. She needs a storyline darn it! Three episodes, no love triangle, no Stefan, no Damon, just her, her girls, and her bro and w.e bad guys they might face.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I completely agree with you!

    • Stefan says:

      Coming next week, when Stefan and Damon go investigating.

      • Josh says:

        Which means she’ll appear much less and in the meantime, all she’ll be doing is talking Stefan or Damon, just like when Stefan left in season 3. Obviously she can’t not talk about them but I can bet money that their absent will be her plot…or their absent means she finds herself in danger only they can help her from…and if that’s not true, then their absences will result in her doing something rash and stupid. All things which show that she can’t live without them,which is horribly any character, let alone your main character.

  16. H2OHen says:

    Those who are sired to Klaus hate him. The feelings and the obedience are two separate things.
    Plus I really don’t think Damon is aware of it.

  17. Di says:

    Could the writers try any harder to cheapen this moment for Delena fans? This sire bond is ridiculous and I’m super annoyed. We get it, you guys want boring Elena and Stefan together forever, but did you really have to write the first time for Delena like this… What a waste of 3 years. Way to make this the most un-sexiest moment in TVD history… thanks.

  18. CatEyes Kita says:

    Im so over it….. Damon did not give his blood to Elena, the good Doc did…. and what a coincedence…. to be sired you have to share blood…. So will she be going after Klause next since he was the last one to share blood with her….. Keep it real… your turning a beautiful love story into an act of Rape…. and now Damon will be the bad guy again that does not deserve to be loved… Total Bull!!!!

    • sara says:

      Wonder if the whole sire thing comes from her drinking his blood? Plus like mentioned above Damon already is kind of a rapist, when he compelled Caroline and Andy they didn’t do the things he wanted them of their own free will.

      • fiyero says:

        Caroline said that sire bond was created because she had Damon’s blood in her when she died. Also, Damon also tried to compel Elena to kiss him in the very beginning of the series, so there have been some rapist undertones. Whether or not she is sired, it would be unwilling rape because Damon doesn’t know the effect he’s having. No one is the bad guy here.

    • sara says:

      Way to make light of her relationship with Stefan by having her immediately jump into bed with his brother…way to stay classy…may have been okay with them hooking up if they had at least waited a couple weeks now it just makes Elena look like a whore and Damon doesn’t look any better, I mean Damn its your brother’s barely ex-girlfriend have some respect….now I am gonna go hard with Caroline!

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I was thinking the same thing about jumping from brother to brother so quickly so Elena being sired might make sense. Also I don’t think they would have ever brought it up if there wasn’t some truth to it. Personally I could care less which brother she ends up with, just plant it somewhere and stop whining about it.

      • Jane says:

        I am sorry, you should never call another girl a whore for her sexual decisions. Fictional or no. You may think it’s too soon after breaking up with Stefan, that’s your prerogative… But you should never use those kind of terms to denounce a woman making a sexual choice. Ever. Yes, I’m getting a little too bent out of shape about a TV show, and I had issues galore with this episode and with Elena’s character, but NEVER the fact that she chooses who to kiss and who to sleep with. That’s her right. If people start calling her a trampire, holding ridiculous double standards about what guys can do and girls can’t… I swear.

        • sls says:

          I agree with this. Sexual freedom for all, even tv characters. Calling her a whore for her choices only highlights the name-callers closed-mindedness.

          • Hikari says:

            That’s exactly right. :)

          • Amberyl says:

            I just had an epiphany of who I think Elena will end up with!

            I had been thinking it would HAVE to be Stefan.

            We all know that until the show ends, the writer’s will HAVE to keep up the sexual tension/confused love triangle thing that’s been going on throughout every season so far. That IS the Vampire Diaries.

            Which means that even after getting with Damon, after all this build up, she’s STILL going to be emotionally conflicted! Hey, cut her some slack. She has to be! The show would die without it. Anyway, that won’t bode well for Damon. No way she really loves him if once she finally gets him, she still wants to crawl back to his little bro, right?

            That USED to be my thought process. But I just realized this whole emotion envoking sire bonding mess is the perfect way to give team Delena a fighting chance! Now, she may still end up with Stefan. She probably will. True love and all that. So true she will sleep with your brother. *cough* Did I say that out loud?

            I have never been team Stefan. And that was before Damon even existed as a team to be on. They just hooked up WAY too fast.

            Anyway… if Elena BELIEVES she is sired to Damon (FYI-no way this could actually be true and believeable) that will cause emotional confliction in ALL of them. Even Damon. Thus continuing the conflicted love-triangle (for ratings sake), but preserving the true love that she may indeed feel for Damon.

            And it also leaves it open for team Stefan. What a perfect excuse for sleeping with your brother, right? It wasn’t me, it was the sire bond. Riiight. But, still, the writer’s could go that way if they wanted.

            Besides, now that I think about it… the show has always foreshadowed the possibility of Stefan and Katherine. It would be one thing if she had still been conflicted about who she loved. But she made it clear that she never really loved Damon. So there is now zero possibility that they will hook up again. That only leaves Katherine and Stefan. Unless the show plans to leave on an unhappy note, with one brother left eternally unhappy, or all of them dead, etc, which I doubt!

          • Hikari says:

            I really hope they take the fact that the majority of TVD watchers are Delena fans into account. I mean, they’d have to be blind to not see how many viewers they’d lose if they started ending it Stelena. I’m almost certain that she will not choose who to firmly stay with until the end of the show. As you mentioned (or maybe someone else; I’m confused xD) before, most of the shows credibility will end when she finally makes up her mind. The love triangle is so big that they kind of need to drag it out to keep the viewers glued to the TV. I don’t care if they drag it out six more seasons; as long as they don’t ruin Damon or Elena I’m fine.

        • caro says:

          If this site had a ‘like’ button, I’d be pushing it for that comment.

    • tripoli says:

      One period at the end of a sentence is plenty.

  19. Alyssa says:

    I don’t understand how she can be sired to damon! Can someone please explain! :) Really confused.

    • ashlyn says:

      them creating this sire bond for this episodes twist makes no sense whatsoever if you have been watching the previous episodes elena has been able to say no to damon when he tells her to do something she doesn’t want to do, like “not get involved” at the grill when connor had jeremy matt and april, and when he told her to not even bother with animal blood she still did try the animal blood, also the college girl he told her to feed on elena decided not to feed on. in my mind she’s not sired it’s just something the writers created to keep stelena fans happy. whether or not she actually is sired in the tv show doesn’t change how she feels about damon, damon only wants her to love him on her own, and would never take advantage of her. she had feelings for him before she turned, and when tyler was sired to klaus it was because he was grateful to him. well elena doesn’t want to be a vampire so she most certainly isn’t grateful.

      • I think it grows after a time. She was grateful for being saved and turns around immediately after that even more loyal. When she does do it it comes from what SHE seems to believe of vampires, what’s needed. Notice how she is agreeing with him more and more? I hope her bound by blood is two sided. I hope she really cant drink other blood. It helps define her struggles this season. But we know she IS sired so she will want to please him more and more.

        • A says:

          Could it be that she is sired because they shared blood other times before also? In Season 1 or 2 Damon gave her his blood in case she was going to die, and she fed off of him this season, in addition to it being his blood that turned her.

  20. S says:

    I just feel terrible for Damon. He finally gets the girl and then this happens. He did NOT take advantage of Elena. I will never believe that because he has had so many chances to do it. Stefan really doesn’t believe in his brother does he? doesn’t he see that Damon has changed? Stefan is terrible. I expect it from Elena’s friends but even then they are terrible friends as well not accepting her choices no wonder she is so whiny and annoying…lol

  21. Josh says:

    I don’t get how you guys want her to be with a guy who snapped her brothers neck Selena sucks and no girl in their right mind wants to be with a guy who killed or tried to kill her sibling

    • the odd thing is, Elena is notorious for her compassionate and forgiving nature. She forgave him on his deathbed, regardless of what we think. she is known for that to a flaw even in the books. This is Elena to a T in spirit. On the same token many DE fans don’t get how/why some want her with a guy who picked Matt before her just for choice. (another badly executed scene that would prolly not happen in RL) Its all based on what you feel. She killed same sibling on accident. Damon did it because felt rage and rejection and Stefan cared less when she asked him for help or Jeremy would die. No, they are not the same, but the intent was to hurt in all aside Elena’s.

  22. Sparky says:

    BS if she is sired to him. A million times more chemistry and she is finally not annoying. Seriously Julie Plec…

  23. Lauren says:

    Words can’t express how excited i’ve been for this episode…and all of that excitement came crashing down while watching the last few minutes. How can the writers do this?! I just don’t understand! Are we supposed to believe that Elena is just blindly following Damon’s lead? really?! It’s crap, it really is. I mean if the writers don’t intend on creating a real relationship between the two of them then why all of the buildup? I would rather have no Delena than a fake Delena where Elena’s feelings are make believe. I’ve been waiting so long for the two of them to get together and when it finally happens we don’t even know if Elena’s feelings a legit…idk it just feels like a slap in the face for this Delena fan :(

    • Eliza says:

      I agree. Sloppy, lazy, convenient writing. Its sad but in a way, Im grateful. Now I don’t have to be mislead by writers every thursday. Goodbye VD. I can promise you now Delena fans, you will never get what you want.

  24. Jenn says:

    Elena being sired to Damon is such a stupid, far-fetched concept. It’s going to take a lot of twisting and turning for writers to make this theory work, which I don’t think is in the best interest of the show.

    A much better story would be Klaus planting the idea in Caroline’s head who then does what she does best…stir drama up and creating an even bigger wedge between Stefan and Elena as an act of revenge. Klaus has always laughed at Stefan’s love for Elena; as evil and heartless as Klaus is, I can see him doing something to ruin Stefan by heartbreak.

  25. Ivy says:

    The sire bond storyline is just bad writing. Period. I could make a very long list of things that just show how careless the thinking behind it is, and Caroline saying ‘It’s rare but it can happen!’ was just priceless, they might as well start making pigs fly in this show. (and yes, I am aware it is a series about supernatural creatures but you get my point)
    My only hope is that this is just a way of expanding the Damon/Elena conflict and make it last a few more episodes, or maybe the writers even have a big season finale reunion in mind, and we all know they take their time when it comes to ‘Delena’. Maybe this IS just the beginning of more action between these two during the rest of the season…
    However, the sire bond? Now the sire bond cannot stick, or be used to justify Elena’s feelings, because that would just be ridiculously unfair on the fans and untrue to the very own series.
    Weather Julie Plec likes it or not, she’s been hinting at Delena since season one, she’s been building up this huge love story which she can’t all of a sudden ‘kill off’ with bad lazy writing.

    • Hybrids broke theirs so there is hope its not forever. Could be DE angst-nothing is free. Another recycled plot…I get it, but really rare is not rare on this show. If it is a plot, then this is just like th ebook and not worth the time of day. A triangle’s real unbiased in love feelings. This is biased.

  26. Sam says:

    Can I just point out that when Elena and Damon were at that college and he told her to feed from that coed, but she didn’t because she felt so bad going after someone she didn’t know?

    Compare that to Klaus telling Tyler to bite caroline, someone he loved but the sire bond turned out to be stronger.

    Either the continuity is just not strong with these dumb writers or this sire bond is a fake plot distraction.

    • Cara says:

      YES EXACTLY. Great point.

    • caro says:

      The writers have never done well with continuity so my guess is they’ll either pretend Elena’s instances of going against Damon’s wishes didn’t happen or they’ll say the sire-bond only works when Damon does things in a certain way.

  27. S says:

    ^ Thank You. Fans keep on bringing up things that make this sire a joke so hopefully the writers are smart enough to know…..

  28. Apple says:

    WHYY WHYY WE CANT have a DECENT delena scene??? Now Elena is sire?? WTf… come on… we WAITED 4 years for a DELENA normal scene.. i think Julie or Kevin are to obssess with STELENa.. but… Man… the audience SCREAMS DELENA.. so.. MAke it happen!! Im sick of Stefan… being all good.. i mean.. WTF.. he doesnt care about Jeremy at all! Poor little guy!! Regards from Argentina!!! Love TVD

  29. Amber says:

    I will be so disappointed if this sire bind route is the way they are going to go to explain Elena’s feelings for Damon. I mean they already made it seem like she had to turn into a different creature just to be with him…And Stefan is making me feel like he can’t love her how she is. Whereas Damon has said he’s good with her either way. He has never wanted to change her. I love both couples, I truly do. But the way they are writing, I’m rooting for Damon and Elena. I guess I’m thinking if it were me (I know it’s just a show.). Would I want a man who could only love me one way? Or would I want a man who would take me any way he could get me? I’ll go for the guy who loves me, faults and all.

    As for Caroline…I wish she’d be less judgmental. She has no room to throw stones. And if she gets any nicer to Klaus (as much as I love them together in scenes), she is going to go way past any disdain she had for Elena. Damon’s deeds compared to Klaus’s? Not even close.

  30. S says:

    Calm down DE Fans. I was angry at first too but we don’t know if she’s sired for sure yet. Think about it there are plenty of things Elena has done by her own CHOICE not Damon. So the Sire thing doesn’t add up at all. I believe her feelings are REAL.

  31. Jenn says:

    OMG. I am will all of you Delena fans. I will seriously boycott the show if Elena turns out to be sired. Damon is himself, good and bad, he has learned from his mistakes but he does whatever it takes to keep Elena alive. Stefan is a spineless, phony, coward and should man up and let Elena live her own life. He doesn’t own her, people are allowed to break up! Damon deserves love, he deserves Elena. I can’t stand a storyline that gives Stefan the affection of every woman Damon loves. This sire thing better be a distraction, but it really felt like this is where they are gonna go with it. It’s just total BS and cheapened my experience as a fan that has been waiting for Delena the WHOLE time! Delena=passion, Selena=boring.

  32. KK says:

    I trust the TVD writers more than almost any others on tv so I’m going to assume the siring is not going to turn out to be true. The writers have been setting up Elena and her growing feelings for Damon since the end of season 1. She’s grown into a much different person by the end of S3, even before she turned. She chose Stefan but not because she didn’t love Damon. The writers did a great job of showing how conflicted she was over the decision. Turning into a vampire fundamentally changes people without a sire bond.
    For this to be a real triangle Damon and Elena has to be explored for real for some significant period of time. The comments that the sire bond would be lazy writing is correct, but if we’ve learned anything from 3+ seasons of TVD, these writers are the opposite of lazy.

    PS that last scene was AWESOME

    • JA says:

      I totally agree. And one more thing. Nobody seems to remember what Klaus said in this episode. Caroline says, “you just become more intensely yourself when you become a vampire.” Klaus smiles, Caroline asks him to explain, and he says, something like, “it’ll be interesting when you figure out what you just said.” (I know I’m paraphrasing.) my take is that Caroline is totally misinterpreting what klaus said by explaining it as a sire bond, when what Klaus really meant was that Elena was already in love with Damon, she just couldn’t admit it to herself.

      • Jenna says:

        Ooooh, I so hope you’re right. Also agree with every work KK said.

      • Amberyl says:

        I think so too. That was my interpretation of what he was saying AS he was saying it. That has been what I was thinking ever since the last episode two weeks ago! I was thinking that if Elean’s feelings for Damon are so magnified, then shouldn’t her feelings for Stefan be magnified too? And I think that they ARE. It is just much more apparent in this “magnified light” who she truly wants more!
        I think that’s what Klaus was talking about.
        There’s no way she can be sired because she has disobeyed him countless times, AFTER being vamped. But kudos to the writer’s because they had me so fooled at first too! And I did think that was an awfully cheap way to ruin the most long-awaited scene of love.
        But now I am thinking it’s more along the lines of brilliance! Look at how much emotion it evoked! How much confusion, anger, sadness… perhaps, hope? For Stefan and Elena fans, I mean! ;)
        But I don’t think there is hope for them in the end. At least that’s the way it SHOULD be.
        Damon loves Elena so much more. When he couldn’t have her, he snapped her brother’s neck in a moment of pain and rage. But isn’t Stefan doing the same thing forcing Jeremy to kill? Isn’t it even worse somehow?
        I don’t think Damon would have done what he did, if he had taken time to think about it first. And he felt guilty afterwards.
        I honestly don’t think Stefan does! All he cares about is finding the cure to get his old HUMAN girlfriend back. Why is it that he can’t accept her as a vampire, anyway?
        I think he detested vampires back in the day and that’s the true reason he thinks he hates Katherine and that’s why he doesn’t want Elena as one. I think once he comes to terms with his own inner demons he is going to realize that he never stopped loving Katherine.

        • Julie says:

          Um, I don’t think there is anything worse than killing Elena’s brother! I mean, come on, really? I agree that Damon felt bad about it afterwards and only acted in anger, but let’s not try and say what Stefan is doing is worse. What he’s doing isn’t smart but he THINKS he’s doing it for teh right reasons. I also think Stefan knows that Elena was so dead-set against becoming a vampire and he can’t see that she’s changed her mind. He doesn’t want her to accept her as a vampire because he is still stuck in the past. I think that makes a lot of sense but hope he comes to terms with it soon. See, these things really all come down to who you like better- Damon or Stefan. It’s pretty easy to see things in favor of one brother more because of that.

          • she forgave that regardless if you think its worse. Stefan would have too. She asked Stefan to help her and save Jeremy and he walked away. He does less bad, but its still pretty bad. Ripper blows Damon out of the park. Klaus buries them :P

  33. ann says:

    I agree that elena feelings for stefan should be more intense too.. now she is all about Damon… Fishy.. I think Damon messed up… He would have gotten the girl in time

  34. kaci says:

    I think the sire thing totally explains why all of Elena’s feelings for Stefan have not been intensified yet the ones she had for Damon are?! She has been in love with Stefan for years and yet when she turns vamp those feelings are intensified…that doesn’t make sense. I believe that when she drank Damon’s blood the sire bond was created…I hope its true b/c I will never be able to buy her actually loving a guy who killed her own brother, almost killed Bonnie, tried to kill Caroline, killed her bf’s best friend, oh the list goes on….and YES I know Stefan is not innocent but those he killed were NOT ppl elena claims to love…i say claims b/c her having any real feelings for Damon is a slap in the face to her brother, her only family left and her friends.

    • Amberyl says:

      What Stefan did to jeremy is this episode is just as bad.

      • Raychelle says:

        Come on now! I understand that there is a crazy obessive fanbase for both Damon and Stefan, but let’s be real here. Killing Jeremy because you were ticked off that Elena said she didn’t want you- or making Jeremy kill to free Elena from something you THINK she doesn’t want. Seriously? What Stefan is doing is stupid and wrong but he thinks he’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s not but he’s too stuck in the past. Snapping Jeremy’s nack was all about Damon and had nothing to do with Elena’s best interests. There is no way you can compare the two. Regardless of who you want Elena to be with, let’s use a little common sense here.

        • ann says:

          I would n get upset either way… It is Novembere.. sire or not…. By may who knows who elena will be with… It is all fishy to me

        • A says:

          Damon’s killing Jeremy seemed a lot different to me that what Stefan did to Jeremy this episode. Damon’s action, though atrocious, were out of his intensity, which is why Elena has come to love him, while Stefan’s baiting Jeremy was cold and calculated. These seem like two different things here.

  35. ruthie says:

    Am so angry @ Julie plec…its not fair wat she did I would rather we dnt have delena at all…I feel abit cheated we have been faithful and we deserve good storylines,,,, @ this point she is just treating us like kids….. they should have taken a clue from true blood n had elena be alone 4 a while…

    If Julie isnt careful she might loose fans..lower ratings n get our show then again maybe its about damn time!!!!!

  36. S says:

    ^She didn’t drink Damon’s blood ….. and she has already FORGAVE Damon for all the ‘evil’ things he’s done. LOL truth is by being a vampire Elena is finally letting go and being herself imo……. Stefan and Elena’s crap friends can’t and won’t accept it. At least Damon accepts her for who she is.

    • sara says:

      She only forgave him b/c she thought he was dying…he didn’t so the forgiveness is null and void

      • Kate says:

        Not true. She forgave him through that long, hard process of trying to save Stefan from his ripper-self, when he was nothing but there for her. Neither Damon nor Stefan is perfect, and claiming one is a million times better than the other is silly. They’ve both proven they care for her, that they can be great guys. They mess up a lot, and sometimes one messes up more than the other. Sometimes one brother is more what she needs than the other. Right now, I think Damon’s what she needs.

      • No its not. Elena to a T is the same way in the book. She is warm and careing and loving. If anything it rushed her forgiveness. When someone is about to die, does it matter? no, you get to the heart of things, and her heart forgives.

  37. Jane says:

    Elena is no better than Katherine. At least Katherine owned her skank behavior. I hope both brothers dump her.

    • Jane says:

      DON’T CALL GIRLS SKANKS FOR BEING SEXUALLY ACTIVE AND MAKING THEIR OWN SEXUAL DECISIONS. It’s misogynistic and offensive and you shouldn’t do it.

      • agreed. How many men find comfort in another woman after a break up. Or one night stands. it may not be tactful to start a relationship so quick, but sex is not limited to men doing such things. By that logic men are whores too.

  38. Rose says:

    I totally agree with all the Delena comments- it felt to me like the writers cheapened a moment that, let’s face it, probably the majority of the audience has been waiting 3.5 seasons for. Just to keep the Stelena fans happy, I guess? And in case anyone has forgotten, 3×19. That was just as passionate a kiss as the one tonight, and if Jeremy hadn’t interrupted, what happened tonight probably would have happened then. So I really hope the sire thing turns out to be wrong, because otherwise that’s a really cheap trick on the part of the writers.

  39. “Hey, Caroline, tell us how you really feel. I love the character and her friendship with Stefan, which obviously colors her feelings, but she did come off as unnecessarily harsh, no?”
    Umm did you forget what all the horrible things Damon has done to Caroline, I don’t know that you can be too harsh to the guy who tried to off you!! But that’s just me!

    • Sam says:

      the problem is that it’s hypocritical considering what’s going on with her and klaus…she has noooo right to be saying anything. she needs to have a seat and think about her life. and that’s coming from a person who likes caroline.

      • Mary says:

        There’s nothing going on with her and Klaus. She’s hung out with him a few times in order to keep his attention away from his hybrids. Neither she nor Elena can help who they are inherently physically attracted to. This difference is Caroline is not currently considering acting on her attraction to someone who has done evil things to her friends and family. Though she may be misguided she is genuinely trying to help her friends. Elena, on the other hand, chooses to jeopardize her friendships and the bond between two brothers by not only sleeping with her ex-boyfriend’s brother days after they broke up but also by moving into the house shared by those brothers. So she’s not only hooking up with Damon, but she will be continually rubbing it in Stefan’s face. (And even if she and Caroline had had a falling out couldn’t she have moved in with Bonnie or Tyler or into Alaric’s old apartment?) And, on top of all of that, she chooses to hook up with someone who sexually violated her friend, tried to kill that same friend twice, murdered his own uncle, snapped her brother’s neck, and staked his brother’s best friend. So no Caroline’s advice to Elena regarding Damon was not harsh. And Caroline shouldn’t be criticized for giving her friend and the audience a dose of reality. It’s one thing to forgive Damon like Elena gradually did over the course of last season, but it’s another thing to put him above everybody else in her life like she did tonight. In my opinion the possibility that Elena could be sired (as much of a lazy writing technique that is) is the only thing that could potentially redeem her character at this point.

      • Yeah but she isn’t feeling anything. Attraction and desire are different. She isn’t there yet, but she may well be.

  40. ollie says:

    i aslo hate the sire bond bs if it stays that way. but im wondering what is up with haley and shane wanting all hyrbid sires to be broken and how it ties into the silas thing.

  41. Annoyed says:

    Did she ever slept with Stephan?

  42. Kathreen morcos says:

    It’s so annoying how finally ELENA and DAMON get together and they ruin it right away. I was waiting on the scene forever and they ruined it by adding the whole sired scene into it! It bothers me how they just can’t be together because she ACTUALLY has feelings for him!

  43. CC says:

    In the books… One of the reasons Elena became more fond of Damon, was because once she became a vampire, and was sired to him… Damon DIDNT take advantage of her when he could have. He was honorable… Going with the books theme that loving Elena made him better… This episode infuriated me! I have waited and waited for them to fall for each other, and they gave us this? I would have rather them not even have done it at all…and gave me some stupid lingering look or heated argument than to completely ruin it for me. Because that’s what they did… Ruin it. They always undermine every beautiful moment the two have. Just don’t do Delena at all if you are going to make it gross, at least I can keep their love pure and epic in my head without the shows garbage stinking it all up.

    • Dmac says:

      Than you haven’t read the books. It ends with Elena admitting she wanted Damon but she is in love with Stefan and always will be. There is a big difference between wanting and loving and that is why she picked Stefan. She and Damon will always be friends but that is it.

      • olivia. says:

        Are you sure that YOU have read the books? Well…I guess it depends on when you stopped reading. LJ Smith wrote the series to have Delena as the end game which is WHY SHE HAD THE SERIES TAKEN AWAY FROM HER.

        • Dawnmac says:

          No, that was a rumor. L. J. Smith never said Elena / Damon was her end game. Go on her official website it is stated very clearly. The publishers hired a new writer after the second set of the books, they were all over the place and poorly written. Publishers dont care who wins the triangle all the care about is making money and the second set if her books tanked in sales. I could care less who the TV Elena ends up with; but when you talk about the books you need to deal in reality. Elena never stopped loving Stefan in the books. She made out with Damon a few times but that was about it.

        • Jessi says:

          Okay, that “Delena endgame” is really, really getting old fast. I’ve been a fan of the books for nearly twenty years at this point and have exchanged emails with LJ Smith several times. She was, unfortunately, notorious (while she was still writing the books) for assuring Delena and Bamon fans that yes, she saw both of their ships as potential endgame. It led to a lot of argument in the book fan base.

          She acknowledged this after the books were taken away (and admittedly, the newer ones were a big, fat mess) and said that she wasn’t sure how they would end, as she planned to write at least five more. It takes almost no effort to google interviews with her and find these, and her commentary on TVD “endgame” is page 6 or 7 of her blog on her website. She clearly says there that she wasn’t sure what the endgame was.

          What has confused a lot of people is that she HAS said that her publishers weren’t happy with Elena’s waffling. Again, can’t disagree with them there. After ten books? It was time for her to really make up her mind (although if you read the books, Stefan was really the only one she was ever with. She was just a REALLY bad girlfriend sometimes in regard to the lusty feelings for her boyfriend’s brother). And can we be honest here? As much as I appreciate Elena as a character, we would all *really* hate that girl in real life who spent years trying to make up her mind between the two hunky brothers. It’s borderline icky.

          You know what else is icky? This storyline. Ick. Rapey much? Seems like a way for the producers to be able to have some Delena action without people being able to go “WHAT? No, she JUST broke up with Stefan that floozy!”

          This is not really the better option :/

          • Anna says:

            It is true that L.J. Smith never officially said who will be endgame. But she had sent letters to her fans and said that the publishers really hated her writing about Delena, Damon and Bonnie, and that is why she got fired.
            It appears correct, because the ghostwriter books had no Delena nor Bamon endgame.

            BTW there is a former interview where she told how she had to fight for DE scenes in the Shadow Souls book.

      • Patty says:

        I think that it doesn’t matter if elena ends up with Stephan, but what she shared with Damon should be real, not just because of the sire thing. And isn’t the sire only a hybrib thing?

  44. S says:

    I hope we get a better love scene later. I mean I had to go rewatch the DE sex scene on Utube without the stupid Caroline/Stefan in it and it was HOT but I still hope we get a better one later

  45. Isaac says:

    Siring doesn’t necessarily cause emotion. I’d guess/hope that the siring just led Elena to act on the emotion. If it didn’t happen, Elena’s inability to drink anything but from the vein (among a few other things) remains unexplained.

  46. Bec says:

    This sire things is stupid. I miss Rebekah =(

  47. E.S says:

    That’s a cheap shot. I have never been a fan of the brothers falling for Elena I think they deserve better. It’s turning slowly into gossip girl where everyone sleeps with everyone.

  48. Babybop says:

    I found myself really wishing that Jeremy would kill Elena. She is my least favorite character on the show!
    Also, I think it’s a little douchey of Damon to sleep with Elena right after she broke up with his brother.

  49. Kelsey says:

    While there was clearly the big Delena fan moment in this episode (return of the wall push!) it overshadowed this little gem from Jeremy, “No, no, I knew the dance. I watched some lesson online like a hundred times.” Subtle shout out to the 2.8 million youtube views the last Delena dance has, eh writers?

    • Julie says:

      Really? You think that?

      • Kelsey says:

        That it overshadowed it? I hope it didn’t and people picked up on it. I would have been funny (and sweet) if the writers stuck that in for the long time Delena fans in such an important Delena episode.

        • Julie says:

          Yes, it being overshadowed. I picked up on it and I’m more of a Stelena fan, but I’ve had my Delena moments and thought that was sweet :)

  50. Whitney says:

    I know this is a show and make believe but they’re BROTHERS and with how much Damon has grown over the past 2 seasons, I thought he would take he would be more respectful of Stefan. It was heartbreaking to see Stefan have to leave his home knowing his brother and the love of his life were going to be together. Delena can happen but I truly hope they’re not the endgame…I just don’t see it.

    • olivia says:

      i totally agree with you! it’s so sickening to see people root for damon because he really has no respect for his brother at all. and when he tells elena that he would say he’s sorry about their breakup but he’s not, that kind of made me lose a lot of respect for him. did he even take a moment to think about how stefan feels? nope. he just moves right in to sleep with his brother’s girlfriend, who he knows stefan loves more than anyone else. i HOPE that elena’s decision to be with damon is purely based on the sired bound-NO i am NOT saying that her feelings for him aren’t real because only an idiot would assume that. she had feelings for him as a human, and i doubt that they’ll ever go away. yet at the same time, i have to admit with caroline that stefan and elena are “epic.” this is their story, so delena fans need to get used to that and stop whining every two seconds.

      • All i’m going to say is this, Stefan has never EVER taken his brothers feelings into consideration, he’s selfish!Damon has been through so much and he deserves to finally be loved. It was stefans fault damon was the way he was in the begining but at the end of the day if you really loved the first peson you were with, you’d never have fallen in love with the second so shut UP!

        • Liliana says:

          Let me laugh please Damon is a horrible brother he did terrible stuff to Stefan and the rest of the group! Stealing his girlfriend is one of those things, since season 1 Damon flirts with Elena please….and i am sorry but you are on the DE bubble you don’t want to see the truth!! And hahaha she is sired to him so it’s not real she will back with Stef at some point enjoy for now…

          • yara says:

            please people calm down. Can anyone be able to separate what happened in the first season relating to Damon? He’s bad, do bad things. But saint stefan is not pretty much better. Okay Damon killed Jere and all those people! Etc and most of that happened when he was angry and impulsive. Which is not an excuse. But from the 1st season until now what we see about him from the outside its not what he hides in the inside. He’s good. He loved a woman, who was also with his brother (the saint stefan) trusted her and him, and they did? Betrayed him. Stefan more, because he slept with the girl he loved, then sold Katherine out to their father, forced him to turn…all behind those “i did not meant to hurt you Damon” face. He blame Damon for him to become a ripper. Killed an entire village. Shove Damon away. And now when he sees that elena has feelings for Damon he can face it. “doing the right thing by my brother and by you elena” Damon words…and all because stefan made that love seems dirty. Plus he wants OLD elena back…when someone loves you, accepts you the way you are. Now all you stelena fans are saying is that Damon is selfish… He had seX with elena just after she brakes with stefan…stefan always did that.