Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Ellen Pompeo Weighs In on the Big Twist, Previews [Spoiler]'s Reaction

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Meredith PregnantOn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona experienced a rocky first day back at Seattle Grace, Jackson broke things off with April (after she broke his heart) and Owen learned he unwittingly played a key role in last May’s deadly plane crash (and wants/needs to divorce Cristina as a result). But the biggest development came in the episode’s final moments when Meredith announced to Derek (via Zola’s shirt) that she’s pregnant! That hostile uterus of hers? Not so hostile anymore!

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In the following Q&A, Mer’s portrayer, Ellen Pompeo, recalls her initial reaction to the big baby news and reveals why (and for how long) Meredith will withhold the truth from her Seattle Grace colleagues  — Cristina included!

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TVLINE | What was your reaction when you found out?
I wasn’t too shocked. I figured it was going to happen eventually. I heard rumblings of it at the end of last year. There aren’t too many things that shock me about the storylines. [Laughs] After nine seasons, I’ve pretty much heard it all.

TVLINE | Meredith, meanwhile, is understandably a little on edge about it.
For sure. She’s super-nervous because she’s had a tricky past with that miscarriage. That’s why she decides not to tell Cristina or anybody else until after the first trimester.

TVLINE | Is that going to be tough for her, keeping this secret from her best friend?
Probably. There’s a lot going on between Cristina and Meredith. They’re both preoccupied. Cristina’s going through her thing with Owen. Meredith is dealing with this, as well as Derek’s hand. It kind of makes it easier for them to keep things from each other.

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TVLINE | How does it eventually come out?
[The whole gang] goes to dinner but [Mer] can’t drink and she’s forced to tell them why.

TVLINE | What is Cristina’s reaction? I imagine she would have mixed feelings.
In that one scene we shot she seems genuinely happy. We haven’t filmed any scenes yet where we discuss it. She actually figures it out on her own [before that], because she sees me eating, and [notices] my boobs got big — which is funny because, obviously, my boobs didn’t get bigger. [Laughs] But Cristina says to Derek, “I know. I already know. She’ll tell me when she’s ready.” A lot has happened between Cristina and Meredith. They had that fight outside the firehouse when Cristina said, “You’re not my person. Owen’s my person.” She recanted it, but a lot has happened and I don’t think it’s the same between them. Ultimately, they have to grow up. The older you get the more realistic it is that you’re significant other is your significant other. I mean, you’ll always have your girlfriends or your guy friends, but the person you’re married to is usually you’re No. 1.

TVLINE | Barring another tragedy, I imagine you’ll be sporting a fake belly for much of the season. Thoughts?
Oh, I don’t care. [Laughs] I’ve had goop squirted in my eyes and in my hair, I’ve been submerged in water tanks, I’ve been blown up… I’ve pretty much done it all, so it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of what I’ve had to do in the past.

Did you see the big twist coming? Do you think Meredith is right to keep the truth from Cristina? What did you think of the rest of Thursday’s episode, including (but not limited to) the Jackson-April break-up? Hit the comments! 

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  1. david says:

    not shocking but nice

  2. Amy says:

    What great news. Really happy for this storyline of MerDer and Zola’s new baby! Thank you for the interview with Ellen Pompeo. Nice to see that Cristina and Meredith are growing up as well and I have nothing but good thoughts that it will all work out for Owen and Cristina too before the season is out. Good news all around!

  3. Leigh says:

    So this is the blind item?

  4. I won’t get too excited, Shonda may kill the baby, Mer or Der. I mean, she likes to kill our beloved characters ._.

  5. LMSO says:

    Totally saw both big twists coming. Clealy April would not be pregnant and Meredith would be. It also became clear that Owen would feel compelled to divorce Cristina because of the lawsuit and not be able to tell her because of the confidentiality agreement. But they will find their way back. It’s just another roadblock.

    • Mommy Loves Greys says:

      I agree with you about Owen and Christina. The article made it sound like he asked for the divorce out of guilt b/c he hired that charter company. I don’t think so. I think he asked for the divorce so that the conflict of interest that could cause the case to get thrown out will disappear. He is divorcing her because of how much he loves her.

      • Crystal says:

        I agree Owen only asked for the divorce because of the lawsuit. And April is just a kid and all this Love stuff is new to her so cut her some slack. She’ll grow up and realize what she did wrong and how good of a man Jackson is, let’s just hope it’s not too late for them. And congrats Meridith and Derek…

      • Grey's fan says:

        I have to agree with you. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when he asked for a divorce. He loves her and he doesn’t want them to throw out the lawsuit. I read an interview SR a few months back saying that Christina and Owen were getting back together but it was going to take a while.

  6. OMG says:

    I am beside myself right now! Elated does not begin to cover this!

  7. Tia says:

    BEST THING EVER. MerDer fans have been waiting for this for so long.

    • Tom says:

      As a huge MerDer fan, I kind of disagree since they already have a daughter..not saying it isn’t a nice thing, I just haven’t been waiting for this because it already happened :)

      • Ari says:

        I’ve been waiting because it’s such a tv cliche to have a couple struggle with fertility, adopt and then magically get pregnant. I’m surprised they waited this long.

        • CJ says:

          The funny thing is, that’s my life story. My parents struggled with fertility (in the 1960s), adopted, and 3 years later I was conceived. It really does magically happen in the real world, too!

        • Simon says:

          Doug and Carrie!

        • I understand what you’re saying, but that actually happened to my sister and brother-in-law. They no sooner adopted and she was pregnant after being told it wasn’t going to happen.

          I see the cliche side of it, but it really isn’t that rare.

          • Corinne says:

            Same thing happened to my brother and sister-in-law; adopted a baby in July, found out pregnant in November and their baby was born the following July, 10 days after oldest daughter’s 1st birthday.

            They had tried numerous times to get pregnant and went thru several rounds of invitro

        • Abby says:

          This happens often in the real world. Couples struggle for years with infertility, and then when they stop focusing on the infertility, they get pregnant. My parents tried for 8 years and were told they wouldn’t likely conceive naturally. They started the adoption process. One month later, I was conceived. They remained on the wait list and didn’t get a call until my mother was in her third trimester with my sister.

        • Mariah says:

          My dad had two brothers and my grandparents adopted my aunt then a year later my other aunt was born. Things like that happens in real life all the time.

        • Mel says:

          You know, it’s ridiculous how many people I know that this has happened to both irl and online.Infertility is all consuming and extremely stressful. Adoption gives people the release they need to let things happen. They relax and it happens…

        • Jan says:

          Its not rare in real live. I have seen it happen many times

        • JJ says:

          i know quite a few people it happened to also! My godparents adopted my cousin, then got pregnant with his lil sis 3 years later. A family friend actually used a surrogate, and then ended up pregnant with twins. The twins had a sibling one month older. Needless to say, they had a surprisingly busy life after.

          To sum up, it happens. Lol

        • somewhatwho says:

          It’s not magic. Besides, Grey can get pregnant but her body was unable to continue the process. This thing does happen in real lofe and quite often, even more cases than what you see in television series. I believe we’ve only got one case here in Grey’s anatomy out of 9 seasons and hundreds of characters.

        • Alitza says:

          It’s not just a tv cliche, but a real life sequence. Many times, once a couple who have been failing to get pregnant stop, because they’ve adopted, decided to wait, or whatever, they get pregnant. It’s as though the trying so hard actually prevents pregnancy! There are two people in my life this has happened to, so it’s not a rare thing!

    • LMSO says:

      And while I’m happy for MerDer fans, we Cristina/Owen fans could use a little happiness as well. Our couple has suffered for five seasons and pretty much constantly for the last season and a half. Doesn’t seem quite fair that MerDer have it all and Calzona is on the mend yet Owen will ask Cristina for a divorce to protect her just as she was about to tell him she wanted him back. I remain confident that they will find each other again. They are soulmates as the Patient of the Week Anvil proclaimed. But CO fans are discouraged and weary. Just sayin’…

      • Amy says:

        Well first off Shonda Rhimes has said herself that good things are coming up for Cristina and Owen, so she semi spoiler alerted to the fans that the future is bright for them. Second of all, what Owen did tonight was not only an act of love for his wife (by separating himself from her, he spares her and his friends lawsuit and keeps himself as Chief where he can be of help) which is pretty d*mn noble of him. So yes, while I see why you are not entirely happy, to compare them to the other GA couples that have finally had happiness or are on the mend isn’t really a fair way to vent concerns. I like Owen/Cristina and know for a fact (because Shonda has let it out) that things will work out for them in the SL. In the meantime we have seen both in scenes of darn near brilliance in the story of CO trying to find their way back to each other. Hang in there is all I’m saying…

        • LMSO says:

          To be clear, I’m not taking away from the MerDer and Calzona happiness in any way (or that of their fans). Only hoping for something good for Cristina/Owen as well. I very much believe that fanbases should be supportive of one another. So no bashing of other couples from me…ever. Personal rule. I did see that SR has promised that good things are coming for CO. I’m holding on to that, because it has been a loooong hard road for the CO fanbase. Thanks for your good wishes. I will hang in there because CO will make it in the end and in the meantime Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd continue to knock it out of the park. Brillance, indeed.

          • Deb says:

            Appreciate very much your “personal rule” and I have to agree and wish more would. I think they will be together by season end. In rhimes universe a couple must break up and mend and get back together a few times. This is the begining of the redemption of Owen IMO. Not the best story line but they work with what they get as best they can.

        • Sally says:

          “Shonda Rhimes has said herself that good things are coming up for Cristina and Owen” — Is that supposed to make the CO fans feel better? Look what happened to Mark and Lexie after Shonda promised the wait would be worth it.

        • soxfan says:

          I’m hangin’ …. it’s gotten to be a bit rough & I am a damned good hanger – always waiting patiently – just one great, passionate kiss between Owen & Cristina would get me through a couple of months though – just sayin’ …. :-)

          • Grey's fan says:

            I read that there will be some kissing among other things between Owen and Christina. Lol so that should make you happy.

        • Lilly says:

          I don’t think he’s keeping himself as Chief. With this act he will enrage the hospital Boards and that can win him the sack.

      • Ana says:

        That’s understandable. But consider this: at least when Cristina and Owen get together they can have all kinds of sexy time. It is very frustrating to Calzona fans that their ship barely gets to touch their lips. And that always raises questions of credibility and authenticity. It’s like they’re married but its not real. I hope Owen sticks to his guns on this because I feel that once they get back together that will be it for them.

    • Anna says:

      It’s interesting how people are disrespectful of adopted children. MerDer already have a kid. The moment they got Zola, my friends and I were saying that we had been waiting for that moment for so long. Meredith being pregnant is icing on the cake, but there is already a MerDer kid.

      • tripoli says:

        Enough with the damn name combining/shortening. It pretty much comes across like you are referring to them as murder. Just type the whole names. It’s not that hard.

  8. Lindsey Lyons (@lindseylyons) says:

    Aww, this is exciting, I was really hoping it would be Alicia on The Good Wife b/c that would make for more interesting story lines but this will be nice (provided it is a drama-free pregnancy-lol, nevermind, this is a Shondaland show)

  9. Irish Man 12 says:

    This is fantastic. Even though it was pretty obvious that this was coming, it doesn’t take away from the awesomeness that this storyline brings.
    Here’s hoping they name the new addition Mark (if boy) or Lexie (if girl)
    (oh and I knew April wouldn’t be pregnant as soon as she noticed she was late.)

  10. Karri says:

    Nice enough but very predictable.

  11. Joni says:

    Ugh why does Ellen always come off as such a nasty person in every interview? She must be horrible in real life. Remember that infamous punkd appearance? This is what I got from the interview: she’s not surprised, she doesn’t care, she’s done it all, she’s so whatever about it. We get it Ellen, you’re just in it for your paycheck and you hate the show and hate talking about it. What an annoying actress she needs a wake up call because she’s obviously never going I get work once Greys is over

  12. Roni says:

    Finally. We’ve been waiting for a MerDer baby since before the miscarriage. I know they have Zola but no offense its not the same. Plus i called it when April was talking about the shirt idea. Poor Jackson. He really does love her, but she seriously just spits random stuff from her mouth. I also saw Owen asking for a divorce as well. Sad but knowing Owen and Christina this isn’t the end for them. Shonda makes all the couples work for it. Which is realistic.

    • Tom says:

      Umm, that is really offensive. And It is absolutely the same. You seem like a big fan of the show and of Shonda, so I’m sure she wouldn’t be thrilled to know that you think of this baby as more legitimate than an adopted baby when she has two adopted daughters. So, yeah.

    • Amy says:

      Actually it IS the same my dear and the fact that you don’t get that makes me feel really sorry for you. I love the SL for MerDer right now, but to say there’s a difference between their daughter Zola and any baby the may have in the upcoming SL becasue one is adopted is just so untrue and pretty misguided to say the least. Like you said, no offense, but you are completely off-base on that.

    • Spencer says:

      Really, “it’s not the same”? Um, yes it is. You clearly don’t know anyone who is adopted because that was a really dumb comment.

    • Ana says:

      I get what you are saying and I agree that is not the same. Zola and the baby will be equal. One is not better than the other. But the new baby will actually be from Mer and Der’ gene pool and its sweet that they were able to have a biological baby together. Because when you cant give birth to a baby you feel like you are broken and you have failed. So I’m glad that Mer will be able to overcome that.

      • tripoli says:

        Well said. I’m sure that for some people it is different. Not that the adopted child is any less their child, or would be on unequal ground with a child who wasn’t adopted, but that they were able to carry a baby to term. To have all the experiences that go along with that. Something that doesn’t happen if you adopt. I would imagine that many women want and yearn for that experience. I don’t think the original comment was meant to be as offensive as it was to some. I don’t think it’s fair to paint everyone with the same brush and assume that there isn’t someone out there that has felt differently about being a birth parent, as well as an adoptive parent. It’s 2 different experiences with the same, happy outcome.

      • lljd says:

        Shonda Rhimes/Ellen most defiently didn’t make it play out like that. I understand that for some woman that may be the case. But with this, I never felt like Mer felt she failed.. Exspecially after Her and Derek got Zola. Derek said he’d make mer a mom… I just didn’t see it being played like that. SR has 2 adopted children..So you know she most likely wouldn’t write it that way either. Zola to me is there baby. I don’t feel like they’ve been waiting on a baby. If it happened it good, if not i never felt like Mer would feel she failed.

        • Ana says:

          Did you watch S7 at all??? Mer still says she has a hostile uterus. She doesn’t want to get excited yet because it’s too early. She is still carrying that fear. And although I believe she will carry this baby to term, if she were to lose it she would be absolutely devastated. Without a doubt there will be no difference in the love that Zola and the new baby get, but it is obvious that Mer didn’t just want to have a baby, she wanted to be pregnant. Adoption is a blessing to parents and children that would otherwise have missed out on that family connection and bond, but there is something in a woman that yearns to experience pregnancy as a biological process. In that sense, adoption and birth will always be different. It doesn’t diminish the significance of the adoption. Being a mother and giving birth are two different processes and experiences.

    • Lauren says:

      That’s wildly offensive

    • You are gross. I hope your children never decide to adopt, because I would feel terrible for your grandchild.

    • Jan says:

      It is the same. If you adopt a child or give birth to a child You raise it and love it and take care of it. It is exactly the same.

    • For everyone that says its the same, you might want to check Washington state’s (where the shows take place) laws about adopted children and see what happens when parents pass away. My husband’s father passed and has 2 biological children and an adopted child. The adopted child isn’t entitled to ANYTHING, unless it was written in a will that way (which it wasn’t). It may be the same emotionally, but legally, it is VERY different.

    • Tara says:

      So I’m not really agreeing or disagreeing with Roni, but to all of those who took offense, I think that Roni’s statement was open to interpretation. I think that the fans want to see Meredith really pregnant, and all of the emotional stuff that comes with it. Also, the Cristina/Meredith relationship aspect of it will be interesting to watch as well as Owen’s reaction to Cristina’s reaction. Also, while I agree that an adopted child and a biological child are not different, the journey is.

      Just saying…

  13. madhatter360 says:

    I was always confused as to why Meredith was on fertility meds in the earlier season. I’d interpreted “hostile uterus” to mean she would need medicinal help to stay pregnant, not to get pregnant (since she did get pregnant and miscarry).

    Also, hands up now, who thinks Addison will show up to deliver the baby?

    • Tom says:

      Eh, my hand’s down because I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want my ex wife all up in my current wife’s uterus. Also, I wouldn’t want my husband’s ex wife in my uterus. Also, I wouldn’t want to be all up in my ex husband’s current wife’s uterus. There’s all kinds of awkward with that.

      • Nicole says:

        You make some very valid points, but if Meredith has problems during pregnancy/delivery, it would make sense to bring Addison back in to deliver the baby. Her character has always had a solid reputation in her field of work, and even though Derek, Meredith, and Addison have an unpleasant history, if Meredith is in trouble during pregnancy it only makes sense to lay down your pride and bring in the best (Addison), even if it is an ex. Addison’s character is still very good at what she does in her show, Private Practice, and is an honest person. I think it would be sweet if Addison were to deliver the baby!

    • I think Alex should do it. He did really well on the gyny squad with Addison and I think he should be the one.

  14. Dark Defender says:

    Didn’t see it coming until she was smiling when Derek walked into the house. Then It was easy to guess she would do it with a T-shirt. Hope they get their happy pregnancy.. and a healthy sibling for Zola.

  15. Esme says:

    Ugh. The predictability of this is so disappointing.

  16. A says:

    While I’m happy this happened, i really hope its not the blind item Ausiello was talking about. I want it to be Alicia Florrick

  17. Shuayb says:

    I knew this would happen eventually. I am glad it is happening now because it gives Derek motivation to get his surgery and heal. I’m happy about everything that happens on this show and will not winge like some of you people.
    To the person who said that Shonda might kill the baby and or Mer or Der, seriously? Why would Shonda do that? Hmmm?

    The creators of ER killed many more people throughout its 15 season run and yet Shonda is the killer? Really?

  18. kat says:

    I thought everyone knew this was coming. It was the blind, wasn’t it? And it was on another major site too.
    April is consistently one of the worst characters on tv. she has no redeeming qualities and lacks social skills. Someone so self absorbed, unobservant and ignorant of basic human communication would be super awesome as a leader and doctor.

  19. kavyn says:

    I’d like to just say that the wheelchair intern had me laughing out loud. Usually grey’s gives me a lot of funny moments, but the wheelchair stuff was the first time I genuinely laughed out loud at the show in a long time. I love the interns and I’m glad they play a minimal role in the plot. They’re great for specific moments, kind of like Britney on glee.

    But the wheelchair intern is easily my favourite of the interns. I was sold at her out-of-the-blue “I cry when I have sex” line near the end.

    • Lydia says:

      Tina Majorino is “wheelchair intern”. She’s been around forever but lately its been in these smaller roles on TV shows. I liked her on True Blood as the sarcastic techie vampire in charge of the remote staking program. She was really funny. Also liking her on Grey’s.

  20. juan says:

    I was so happy when he walked in, it was too awesome and I knew it was gonna happen half way through, like people said it wasn’t shocking but who cares, I was so extatic when she told him

  21. Ana says:

    Honestly, I was expecting a big BOOM of a shocked but this really wasn’t. It’s really nice and I think it will give Ellen the chance to play with a side of Mer we don’t know yet. I totally understand why Owen has to divorce Cristina now and I hope he doesn’t back out. I’m confident that at the end they will get back together. Please Shonda stop trying to make Bailey sexy. It’s like listening to your mom and its kind of yuk. I have to say I’m liking all the new interns. Especially Mousey. She was funny with the chair. Please no Alex and Jo. She’s too young and he will look like a perv. Finally, tonight was the second time I noticed that when Arizona and Callie kiss, the camera cuts out so that we can’t see their lips actually touching. This is getting old. The unequal treatment of the heterosexual and gay couples is too glaring. What gives???

  22. Emma says:

    MerDer aren’t my ship in this show, I’m all about Calzona and they had a good episode this week so off that happiness I can be genuine in saying I’m happy for the MerDer fans who have been waiting so long for this but it really wasn’t a shock in the slightest.

  23. Jill says:

    I just kept thinking, they messed up the results. Mer isn’t pregnant, April really is…but then again Shonda has said MerDer would be happy this season, but I’m cautiously happy about this.

  24. tiff says:

    I knew it was Meredith. ‘I’ve known since the plane crash. Even though the Mer/Der baby will be cute and adorable Zola will still be my favorite and she is Mer/Der Baby. I hope Shonda doesn’t push Zola to the side being that she is an adoptive mom. But everybody knows this is Shonda LAME Attempt of trying to make it up to the Lexie’s Fans for killing Lexie and treating her memory like DIRT. A girl name Lexie. A boy name Mark Lex. It can’t be Alexander because that’s Alex’s name. It want work for me because killing Lexie and Mark is unforgiveable Shonda. They should be th
    ere for the joyus event and get to met the cute Mer/Der baby. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR.

    • T says:

      I’m kinda tired of people always getting truly pissed off about Lexie and Mark being killed off. Them leaving were per the actor/actress ‘s request. The woman that played lexie tried to get out of her contract at the beginning of season 8. And the guy that played mark was on edge at the end of season 8. And honestly, aside from sofia/sophia/however hers is spelled, would there really have been another great storyline for Mark? Much less a relationship storyline. It was mark and lexie to the end. I myself would have loved to have them continue going in the show. But the actors wanted out, and mark couldn’t have left without dying or looking like a jerk abandoning his daughter.

  25. How is it that everyone on the show seems to hate the Mer/Cristina relationship? I don’t one bit. It’s the main reason I watch the show. Friendship is just as important as love “she was there when you weren’t” is not something that she can forget. Plus the twisted sisters make everything much more fun.

    • Ana says:

      I don’t think is a matter of hate. It’s just that in real life once you get married to priorities change. If your spouse doesn’t come first you have a problem. And this insistence that Mer and Cristina are each other’s ‘person’ is getting old. The husbands are feeling left out. I personally don’t think that we can survive live without good friends and I loved the Mer/Cristina friendship. But it’s time they grow up in that department.

  26. Lilly says:

    “The older you get the more realistic it is that you’re significant other is your significant other. I mean, you’ll always have your girlfriends or your guy friends, but the person you’re married to is usually you’re No. 1.”

    Ellen must think the vast majority of marriages are gardens of hapiness. There are out there tons and tons of people though married are completely alone and abandoned by their partners. Not always what people have dreamed for their lifes turn out to be what they have. In those cases a friendship like this would be very welcome. Pity that in reality they don’t abound every where. Else, the person to whom we were married has to do to deserve it. It shouldn’t be a given, a established fact from the beginning or people start to see others as granted and stop fighting for them.

    • soxfan says:

      @Lilly – all you say is true however, we cannot pick our family or neighbors but we do get to pick our friends – if one WANTS a great friend, then one needs to BE a great friend – pick them slowly & smartly & one will have a great friend hopefully for a long, long time – :-)

    • Ana says:

      This is true in real life. But that is not what’s going on in the show. Mer has a solid relationship with Derek but still insists that Cristina is her person and even called her ‘her soulmate’. That’s not realistic. Even in really bad marriages you have a certain duty. That’s one of the resons people stay in bad marriages. It’s like having a job that you hate. Unless you quit it, you have to follow the rules and one of those rules in marriage is that you can’t put your friends over your spouse. At least, that’s an expectation in marriage. And I see it. Women in very unhappy marriages that still put their husband’s first because that’s what you do in marriage. And I don’t think Ellen is talking because she thinks marriage is great. The rumor has been for a long time that her husband is faaaar from faithful. But she’s still there and she’s still committed.

  27. greysfan says:

    Yay! So happy about this news. Meredith is having a baby. Been waiting for this moment and now it has. IT was a great episode too. Very happy :)

  28. Lisa says:

    I am glad that Meredith told Derek first this time about the baby. It wasn’t a surprise as I’ve been reading spoilers/blind items but it is nice. Let’s hope Rhimes lets this play out to a happy ending. Glad that Arizona had a good first day back at work, even with the falling. The manufactured divorce option for Owen and Cris is weak writing IMO. April needed a wake up call with Jackson leaving her but I’m guessing he’ll be back later in the season with her.

  29. Karen B. says:

    Why is Scandal only recapped sporadically but Grey’s is weekly? :(

  30. angie says:

    Bored. Kill this show already.

  31. Jen says:

    I am so happy that MerDer are finally going to have another baby!!! Thank you so much for the interview with Ellen Pompeo! I am so excited to see this storyline play out this season and to finally see Meredith and Derek happy!!!

  32. M says:

    So happy that MerDer are having another baby, I just love the storyline, only hope nothing will happen to this baby, they deserve the happiness. I know some people are afraid that is would put Zola on the backburner but considering that Mer told Derek by showing him a big sister shirt for Zo and Derek talking about that they’re having another baby, it’s pretty obvious that’s not the case. We might not see as much of Zola as we have so far this season, but she’s their daughter, no doubt about that.
    Great Interview with Ellen

  33. Ann says:

    What a great episode! Merideth is pregnant and April isn’t. I had been worried that April would be pregnant and IMO it was far too early in the storyline arc for Jackson and April. Season 9 is a wonderful time for Merideth and Derek. I like the way she took April’s t-shirt idea and turned it into a big sister t-shirt for Zola and I also like the way both Derek and Merideth said, “We’re having ANOTHER baby.”

    Mostly I’m happy because now I can relax about Jackson and April. They really are going to be a couple with a nice long storyline, not just a quickly resolved throwaway. It should make for good watching. April deserves what’s coming to her. I wonder how long it will be before she realizes that Jackson WAS the man of her dreams. It is not going to be easy to win him back, not Scarlet winning Rhett back difficult perhaps, but still very, very tough. Kudos to the character of Jackson. First he stood up for April and then he stood up for himself. Bravo. :-) JMHO.

  34. Simon says:

    Okay, i am from germany. I have a question: Owen Figured something Out which made ihm feel like he needs to divorce Christina and i didn’t quite get it. Why exactly is this marriage a problem? It would be really nice if someone could just explain that to me.. Sorry for asking!

    • Ann says:

      The hospital’s lawyers are hoping that the judge will throw out the lawsuit against the hospital due to a conflict of interest–since the main defendant, Owen, is married to one of the plaintiffs, Christina. If Owen can break that link by divorcing Christina, the lawsuit won’t be in jeopardy and all the doctors will have a better chance at getting a big payout.

  35. Ann says:

    A few things I forgot to mention…

    Unlike April, who got good advice from Merideth, didn’t pay attention and will soon suffer for it, Bailey got good advice (from Christina of all people!), is going to follow it and will probably find happiness.

    I loved that Jackson’s mother sent him a hugs and kisses email in the middle of the episode, Good timing, Mom, and nice to know that someone really loves him!

    I also loved the way the intern kept following Arizona around with squeaky chairs like the ticking shark kept following Captain Hook around in Peter Pan. Bwahahahaha.

  36. Anna says:

    “I mean, you’ll always have your girlfriends or your guy friends, but the person you’re married to is usually you’re No. 1.”
    Can we pkease, PLEASE change this grammar mistake? It’s YOUR No. 1 not YOU’RE No. 1! It just really bugs me!

    But in other news – I’m so excited about this! I’m so happy for MerDer and I hope that for once good things will happen to good people! Then again it’s Grey’s Anatomy, so… I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  37. Tina says:

    If only Jackson and April would stay apart. And April would leave again. And stay gone. Or April lose the ability to speak. Yeah, that would be awesome. I fast forward through all her scenes. Every. Time. Love her portrayer–Sarah Drew–she is ridiculously talented! Just hate the character. Most annoying since that stupid intern girl on Bones that they keep putting with Sweets. Blech!

  38. Christina says:

    It’s nit picky but does it annoy anyone else that they made her 3 weeks pregnant? At three weeks, you don’t even know you’re pregnant yet b/c first missed period is at 4 weeks. I know she’s a doctor and all so maybe could say she’s able to do early blood test if she was looking for it to happen but just irritating to people who have really tried/failed to get pregnant and know the details. Even 5 weeks would’ve been more plausible.

    Or I misheard it. HA!

    • SJR says:

      First missed period is at about two weeks pregnant. Ovulation, when conception can happen, occurs approximately midway between periods, so she’s telling him one week after her first missed period.

  39. Dawn says:

    You can find out that you’re pregnant before a month. If you get pregnant a week before your cycle starts and you miss that period, than you’re late. Take a test and there you have it. Take a pregnancy test which are designed to detect very early pregnancies, go to your OBG-YN and get a blood test to be sure and there ya go.

  40. Caro says:

    I LOVE that Mer is pregnant, that they’ll be parents again! I don’t think Shonda will make her miscarry after all the turmoil the fans have gone through, so I only wonder if it’ll be a boy or a girl. I love love love this new storyline!
    And I’m VERY happy Mer and Cristina both grow up and that Derek is Meredith’s significant other, as it should be.
    The Owen/Cris divorce is influenced by the lawsuit, mark my words. Interesting storyline, too! I wonder how this will be played out. Good story line!
    I’m very happy about the pregnancy, also since there has been A LOT of drama, almost too much to bear. It has to stay fun to watch. Seeing Lexie and Mark die was too much. So I’d love a little Derek, maybe with ‘Mark’ as his second name?

  41. AlbTrex says:

    WOW!!! Love that Meredith is pregnant!!!!!! <3

  42. LillyCPB says:

    If only I could’ve made April SHUT UP during the results scene. I mean, what a MORON. *smfh*

  43. susan walker says:

    Of course Christina will figure it out, and wait for Meredith to tell her, that’s their relationship in a nutshell. And its women. We have that sixth sense, especially with each other. I loved how the falling of Arizona in the OR was handled. It helps Alex know Arizona doesnt hate him. Everyones got someone,….when will it be Alexs’ turn? Please send Izzy back. With a baby. From her frozen embryos. That would be a show stopper. He deserves love again. Not that crappy Lucy stuff. Real love. And do something with Baileys hair. Please. She was so pretty in the first season or two.
    “Fix your babys hair!”

  44. susan walker says:

    And to quote Meredith, “its only three weeks”. Maybe she meant she’s missed her period, and she’s only three weeks LaTe. That makes perfect sense. Geez.

  45. Granera says:

    I honestly thought that April’s And Meredith’s test results would have been mixed up! Then April runs to Avery but he doesn’t want Anyrhing to do with her,…at the end if the season just as April I having the kid Avery shows up and takes

  46. coco says:

    I always love Christina and Mer’s relationship…I have my person and I understand them completely

  47. Maegan says:

    I am first and foremost a MerDer fan so I am extremely pleased with the news of a new baby. However, I also love Christina and Owen so I am saddened that he asked for a divorce! I understand why but it worries me about their future together. I love this show and have grown to love all the characters, new and old, so I hope good things are in store for the doctors of Seattle Grace despite any obstacles!

  48. grey's fan says:

    I’ve always hated cristina and owen so I hope and actually pray this is a real divorce.