Exclusive Sons of Anarchy Finale First Look: Jax and [Spoiler] Face Off; Otto's Torment Continues

Poor, eyeless Otto isn’t going to have an easy go of it in Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 5 finale — Donal Logue’s unhinged ex-U.S. Marshal is going to make sure of that.

The following exclusive first look at the gritty FX drama’s season ender (airing Tuesday at 10/9c) finds Kurt Sutter’s incarcerated alter ego being intensely interrogated by the vengeance-seeking Lee Toric… again. (Dude must still have friends in really high places to have this kind of access to a high-risk inmate.)

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Elsewhere in our SOA sneak peeks, Roosevelt has resurfaced — at Teller-Morrow — and is sharing what looks to be a rather loaded convo of his own with an increasingly vicious Jax. Could the Sheriff be questioning SAMCRO’s king about that ugly Wendy incident?

Examine the shots for yourself below, and then hit the comments with your predictions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. L says:

    I don’t care about Jax and all his manpain anymore. Just as long as Gemma/Nero make it out alive, I’m good. However, I will be pissed if there is no serious repercussion for Clay AND Jax (after what he did to Wendy).

    • Yeah I thought that was pretty crappy what Jax did to Wendy! She was Finally clean and actually a better parent for Abel at this stage in the game. Gee I wonder what wifey will say when she finds out?!?!

      • Chelle Worobec says:

        A person in their “right mind” can see how wrong it was for Jax to do what he did to Wendy; but at this time he’s feeling like a caged animal and acting out as such. The mistake Wendy made was telling him what she was going to do – she should kept quiet and reported the issue and asked for protection. She was tied up with the club and she knows that “rats” have a very short life expectancy.

      • lawrence says:

        able almost died because of her and her selfishness dont yall remember that he is just dont whatever it takes to keep his son out of her arms

      • L D McCORMICK says:


    • Max Zorin says:

      I have to laugh at all the people who think this show is going to have some kind of fairly tale ending. It won’t. It will end leaving viewers stunned and upset.

    • sarah says:

      She almost killed herself and her baby when she was pregnant .. she deserved what she got

      • mELISSA says:


  2. George says:

    Well one thing is for sure, like he had mention when your president you have to be the one to strong, and make those decisions. Now in the case for wendy jax needs to put on the chopping block. One thing is for sure he is turning into his biggest fear.

  3. Athena Bonfa says:

    was hoping Jax was going to kill Wendy

  4. Kathy says:

    I think I would have been ok if Jax killed Wendy instead of shooting her up with the smack! I was also surprised at my utter dismay!

  5. fatboy says:

    I say the junky got off lucky n should b happy tthat she got what she got n didnt get dead and as for gemma i cant wait for jax to find out her involvement in the murder of JT n i cant wait to see gow everything pans out with the irish / mexicans and pope that will b some interesting stuff… And for some reason i dont see the plane leaving the ground with gailin n clay in it with them new laser guided rockets the chineese got for galindo but who knows. We will have to see

  6. D says:

    Screw Wendy. After what she did to her unborn son, she should have died when Gemma left her that little present in her bible. The last few years of her life were a gift.

    Otto looks to be giving a statement from the mic on the table in front of him. The next dealings Jax has with Eli will probably be to tell him that Clay was behind his wife’s murder. I’m wondering if Eli kills Clay, then will Donal Logue’s character be the next sheriff?

  7. Angela says:

    Wendy deffiantly should have been killed off and clay but we will see

  8. happy says:

    Im thinking that since Jax didnt get the full vote he will use the sheriff to kill Clay…an who the hell knows what this u.s. marshall going to do..but he have a serious vengeance in his heart an it aint pretty.

  9. L says:

    Jesus Christ, I CANNOT believe people are applauding Jax’s behavior. Wendy has proven herself to being a stable person (far more stable than the Teller family right now). SHE DID NOT DESERVE WHAT JAX DID TO HER AT ALL. JAX IS AN A-GRADE ASSHOLE AND YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF BLINDED FANS. I don’t mind people being fans of this show and Jax, but y’all are fans for the wrong reasons…. :|

    • Deanna says:

      I definitely agree. Can’t believe how much of an asshole he’s become. Pretty sad when I’m starting to like Clay more than Jax.

    • Eric Devries says:

      They are both disgustingly unfit parents who don’t care that their lifestyle regularly jeopardizes their childrens lives, Wendy isn’t an ideal choice for parent but she is a far better choice than either of them.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Thank you!! You are my favorite. I was so scared I was the only one thinking these things. Fans of the show who still find Jax to be awesome and root for him to kill all these people scare the hell out of me. Because at this point, I think Sutter wants us to kind of hate Jax. I think he’s making Jax as evil as he possibly can in a very Breaking Bad sort of way so that we’ll dislike him. If him beating up on women doesn’t make people hate him, then I’m not sure anything can. And if Jax is progressively getting worse and more dark every season, then I am completely terrified of what the next season holds.

      • Cheryl says:

        I agree, Britta! I always loved Clay for some reason and loved Jax. However, Jax has really gone to the Dark side and I think that is what Sutter wants. I remember during Season 4, someone interviewing Sutter and asking if “Clay” was the villain of the show and Sutter replied that actually…the villain is and always will be the “Club”. In a lot of ways, I think we are supposed to see what the Gavel does to a man and what that kind of power ultimately does. Yet, people still cheer Jax on! Sigh…They just don’t get the show.

        • chris says:

          you guys have no idea about Jax. he is doing anything and everything to get his club and family in the best position and that takes serious emotional strength. Jax is so smart its not even funny. he is always thinking two steps ahead of everybody. he went half way around the world to get Abel back you think he should give him up to an ‘ex’ junkie??

      • Ken says:

        I HATE Jax…he has become worse than Clay…..and if he offers Tig up to Pope….then he is officially dead to me. I am hoping he redeems himself by telling Pope to shove it or killing Pope…but I still do not like Jax…..and his goofy little tough guy strut…makes me laugh every time he does it

    • Ivan B says:

      She did not deserve it, but ask yourself this: Would you go to a violent and powerful criminal, and threaten him to his face with going to the authorities?? I think maybe the crank killed one too many of her brain cells over the years.

    • Agreed! a rather horrible and low life act on Jaxs’ behalf. I think Wendy has proven herself time and time again and paid for her crime regarding the drug use due pregnancy.. look at what Jax has done since then!! and people say Wendy would be the bad parent… REALLY?

    • Mina says:

      agreed. I’m reading through this comments with mouth agape. Seriously, people?? The slighting was okay in season 1 when she was shooting up on the brink of delivery, but currently she’s the most stable character on the show.

    • Phil says:

      blah blah blah wndy knew what the hell she was doing. Shes lucky she did just disappear you dont talk to a President of a club like that espically in HIS club. Wendy is lucky shes not dead and or missing like the FBI agent. GOOD on ya JAX she deserved it.

      • Ken says:

        Geez.,…a little delusional aren’t we? He’s the president of a motorcycle club..not the president of the united States…..he rides a bike…doesn’t make him deserving of any respect. Jax is a thug…and I hope to God he gets killed off sometime before the end of the show

        • Nancy says:

          First this is a TV show, not real life. With that being said… He is a president of a MC, IDK if you know much about MC’s but I would definitely NOT threaten the Pres (real life or fictional).

    • ted says:

      Jax is doing what he has to to protect his family. He may not always be right, but look what news he has had to deal with, who can blame him. Wendy should never have threatened him about Able. Sounds likw you may not need to watch it at all.

    • sarah says:

      your a retard… It’s a show that is the lifestyle … Wendy is a crack whore who deserved to die.. if i was Tara i would have killed her myself.

  10. K says:

    Well, I can see that misogyny runs high on this show AND on this fandom. Man, some of these comments are gross. #TeamWendy

  11. Mcmann says:

    Jax is one of the only characters on the show that acts to protect his family and does the right thing. He is simply taking out the ones that are controlling him

  12. Jordan says:

    Man I just hope Jax don’t turn Tyg over to pope. I don’t think clay is going down this season either and if Eli goes after him I’m betting clay will kill him

  13. Ryan says:

    It’s a show first off. But Jax should have killed her for trying to blackmail him with the Belfast thing so she could have the kids.

  14. Kacy Rain says:

    Donal Logue kinda set way for him to be the next sheriff. And Eli just might kill Clay which would make sense on the last episode.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      You’re a genius. That never occurred to me, but now that you’ve said it, it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? The current sheriff probably won’t be needed for the next season, and has been a little lackluster this season anyway, and Donal did say he was looking for a new job and has a marshal background…that seems to be a bit of foreshadowing. It would certainly add some fireworks for next season. I bet that’s the exact direction they go with his character!

  15. Crystal says:

    Oh man, well, my theory or next weeks finale is the gun clay gave juice? He’s gonna tell clay to use it on Jax. Because of course juice got teary eyed & making it feel like he’s probably tired of jaxs crap. So a betrayed friend thing I guess. Gemma won’t leave but then again she probably will tell Nero what’s up between clays plan to leave to Belfast & so on. Tara will probably be kept hostage from that marshal guy (that’s up with the guns) or maybe even get arrested right there & then before she heads out to town with the boys, the boys will be picked up by child services (even whether Wendy said Something or not). Speaking of Wendy, she knew better than to threaten Jax & the club. So, yeah, I think she deserved to get drugged by Jax with the needle. At least shut her up. That’s something I will do. With the other guys? They’ve been completely lost since episode one of this season. They’re just going along for the ride! As of tig? I don’t think he will die. Not by pope or Jax (since we saw on the promo for next week in the end Jax pointing a gun on him). Jax will probably tell tig “Pope wants me to turn you in to him, but remember when I asked you do you still love me?”. I’m giving you a chance tig, I’m letting you get the hell out of charming or kill yourself here in front of me for all the cause you put onto this club!”. WOW, I love my theory there! Ha. & the thing with Jax? I don’t know why but I have a feeling, I’ve pictured early this season in what might happen to Jax (sad to say because he’s my #1 favorite character & the real reason I watch SOA) but my feeling was that Jax will be asleep, he hears a noise, wakes up & walks slowly towards the doorway to his bedroom. Clay is standing there with the gun he gave juice ready to shoot standing against the wall from the bedroom doorway but he doesn’t shoot! He hits Jax constantly on the head knocks him out & then with the opening of season 6. Leads Jax in the hospital with a headband bandage wrapped sound his head. But before all that, clay tells him “You think you can keep me out, you think you can just whatever you want now that your president, you better think again. I may killed your father but I don’t have a problem killing you….Son”. Than finishes of the finale with a sad mellow or payback kinda of a song. I also picture it since clay did kill JT with messing up his bike, Jax will probably be riding on his bike & then have the same problem. But he doesn’t get killed, he just gets hurt & you know like the promo for the whole season when Jax rides with the guys down the highway until they approach a bridge, swirves around Gemma & then goes over a bridge while the girls are shocked yet screaming, maybe it will happen that way but of course him not getting killed! I know, I know, my imagination in how I think of it. What can I say? I love this show! Thanks again to Kurt sutter!

    • Ross says:

      Please tell me you took your meds today. This isn’t Wendy is it? bwahahaha

      • LC says:

        LOL! Agree with Ross. If you think that Clay is going to make a play to get back into the club, think again. Clubs don’t take booting members lightly. When you’re out, your out. The covering of his ink was symbolic of that.

    • Chelle Worobec says:

      Sounds like you are gunning for Kurt’s job….lol. Good thought process but too obvious; if we have learned anything it is to expect the unexpected. At the begining of the seaon Sutter said the finale will be a cliffhanger that no one ever saw coming. I can’t wait…….then 9 looooong months of agonizing anticipation!!

  16. Brittany says:

    I’ve been a fan of this show since day one. You can’t tell someone they are fans of the show for the wrong reasons. As far as jax goes, yes he’s turning into his biggest fear but when someone comes after your family threatening you about taking it away what did you expect to happen? Wendy had that coming since season one. As far as clay and Gemma, they deserve everything they are getting and hopefully what will be done to them. Jax also stated what Ipod told him you can’t lead a club like that without turning into a savage, he is still not as bad as clay was. He is new to the chair and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next two seasons with him leading the club if it stays that way. I just hope Tara doesn’t leave jax because then the choices they are both making will only get worse. SOA <3

  17. James says:

    To be honest i don’t have a problem with what Jax did to Wendy, well i do have a problem but i do understand it in a sense. He is trying to protect his family. My main issue with him is he is starting to turn on his own. he’s going agianst Bobby who IMO did right by Jax with his no vote against clay. and serving up Tigg to the guy responsible for killing Oppie. he is basicly starting to become Clay Jr. which is starting to turn me off to his character. I’ve always loved the fact that he has those demons inside he’s capable to be that kind of villian but he never acts on it he always uses his smarts to find another way out. I hope he returns to that. because Tigg is one of my favorite characters and would hate to see him go.

  18. Cynthia says:

    I read lots of comments about how Jax was an asshole to wendy. Don’t forget one vital piece of information. Jax IS a criminal! I’ve been a fan of the show from the start, and seen how Jax has progressed into a more viscous and heartless person. Well, those are the traits of a man living a life of crime and will do anything to protect his family. In my opinion Jax is trying to do everything he can to get out of the club. Wendy was just another obstacle in his way. I love the way Kurt Sutter is writing the show. So many twist and turns, and things left in the air wondering if they’re ever gonna fall back down. :)

  19. Richard Cole says:

    Get over it everyone Jax had to do what he had to do to protect his family. You threaten me like that I would have killed her all he did was drugged her

  20. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I still feel depressed about what Jax did to Wendy last night. That was ugly. That was a very ugly incident. He is indeed very vicious. Though I’m not sure what I find more depressing at this point…what Jax did, or the people defending him on this comment board because they think that b*tch Wendy had it coming. I need to go find my Community DVDs to watch so I can hurry up and cheer up.

  21. Samantha says:

    Honestly I applaud Jax, if anyone ever threatened my family…. I’d say she got off easy! She may have worked hard to sober up but let’s be realistic, you don’t mess with Jax Teller! BaM!

  22. Lyssa Belle says:

    That druggy whore Wendy got less than she deserved after almost killing Abel before he was even born!, she’s LUCKY Jax didn’t kill her… As for Clay, I want to see him dead.. I HATE him!.

  23. GTT says:

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again….
    IT’S A TV SHOW….

    oh and….


    And yet some of you are surprised that Jax isn’t all strawberries and unicorns? He killed an FBI agent, helped burn tats off an ex club member, executed a skin head with his child one room away (granted, some of these people got what was coming to them), beat the hell out of a smoking hot porn star, beat a guard to death in his house after showing no remorse that the guards wife got shot, and shot and killed countless others…but we are surprised he injected up his ex junkie ex who almost killed his firstborn son by using while pregnant and then tried to get between him and his current wife/then girlfriend who threatened to out him to the authorities AND take his child…. right… shocking… Don’t be surprised by anything he does…

    I don’t think that anyone is actually applauding the act, more the brilliant IN CHARACTER writing on the part of Sutter. Sutter never forgets the true foundation of what these guys are… they are bad guys that do bad things and have bad things done to them… Don’t let this show lull you in to thinking that an outlaw 1%er MC would be a “cool” group of cats to hang with…

    All that said my Dad who worked for the studios for many years (albeit in transportation) used to always tell me that the single hardest thing for an actor to do was to get you to hate them. Well there are some DAMN good actors on this show for sure, put in to great situations for their characters by some excellent writing…

    Can’t wait for next week and SUPER happy I have DirecTv so that I can see the early feed…

    ……Riding through this world…. all alone……

    • viki says:

      Out of all the comments I’ve just read…. Well said my friend! Well said. it appears we all are “emotionally involved” with SOA, as we should be. I know I scream, cry, and freak the f out over several episodes, but that’s what happens with great actors and brilliant writers. Keep on keeping it on Kurt! I love to hate it all!

  24. amber says:

    I definitely think Jax went easy on Wendy. If someone threatens to take your kids, what would you do to protect them? When you’re president, you have to be able to make the tough decisions and see them thru. It’s not a job for most people.

  25. Beth says:

    I believe that Jax is turning into Clay and Tara into Gemma. It is genius writing that makes me so emotionally involved with the characters and all their faults. I can’t wait to see how this season end and how next season turns out

  26. Robin Neary says:

    I think Gemma is going to go to Belfast with Clay and try to take the boys with her. She is already upset about Tara not letting her to see them. Tigg will go to Belfast as well, think Clay will intercede Jax killing Tigg. Jax needs to keep some unknown reactions to keep the seat, but I think it will get to him and he will breakdown.
    Love the show, so much more to say but, keep up the great writing Mr. Sutter!

  27. Troyg says:

    Wendy deserved what she got, dont make threats, she messed up now deal with it. Clay should pay for killing JT if nothing else. He killed a member, the founder much less. I think the cop wants clay still… either the cartel will shoot plane down with their new gun, or cop will get clay. Maybe jax can give clay to pope somehow? Means to an end…

  28. Phil says:

    boo hoo… this show isnt about good parenting its about bikers and how to try to make the best effort balancing both lifestyles. Who cares about wendy I see her getting re strung out and fading away into nothingness that she belongs, since no one was feeling sorry , when able was just born. Clay deserves to bleed he is the reason that tig is in the spot and jam that he is in , he is ultimetly respponsible for Ope’s death and he beat the hell out of jemma. Jax is the man trying to hold things down as best he can. People continue to loose focus on what its about. Family, Loyalty, Brotherhood, and the Life. Other than that everything just has to work itself out.

  29. RainDance says:

    Looking forward to the finale.

  30. stas says:

    Ok what jax did is not ok but wendy does not have to start using again he just didnt want police beliving her, if she starts useing again its on her not jax

  31. Wildcat says:

    I don’t care what is said about what jax did to wendy because i know i would not like some one telling me they are going to try and take my son away form me. So with that said GO JAX do what you do.

  32. Sammy says:

    Jax an Tig will take out Pope, noway Jax will allow, Pope to kill Tig after waht he did to Opie/

  33. Cal Handley says:

    It’s a TV show about a Motorcycle Club/Gang. So why is everybody getting all emotional about Jax shooting Wendy up with Heroin? he did that rather than kill her, because it gives him better leverage. If he kills her he’s a suspect. If a recovering Junkie relapses and hallucinates a crazy scenario involving the IRA and a kidnapping, who’s going to believe her? They’ll believe Jax’s story and she loses her job and everything else she’s worked for. And she has to live with it. Perfect revenge. As far as Tig. Why shouldn’t Jax give him up. Tig has been behind everything bad that’s happened to the club as much as Clay has. In the first episode who had a couple of bimbos stashed at the warehouse that burned down? Tig. That brought the Feds down on the club for three seasons. Who killed Opie’s wife? Tig. Who went off on his own with half-baked information and killed Pope’s daughter because he’s too incompetent to ever kill the right victim? Tig.This act set in place the chain of events that lead directly to Opie’s death. But as a final gesture to a club brother I think Jax should pay for Tig’s last sexual advenure with The transvestite hooker they used to blackmail the diabetic with the brownie fetish. That way Tig can die with a smile on his face. Also would be great if Tig does a suicide bomber run at Pope and they both die.Then the Mayor loses Charming Heights Don’t look for Gemma to have a happy ending with Nero. He’s clearly a one season character and will most likely die violently in the finale, possibly in fornt of Gemma.I like the idea of the Jax turning Clay over to the Sheriff. Also the Cia/Cartel shooting down the iRA’s plane. If that happen’s will Clay be on board?

  34. Debbie says:

    Having a hard time watching this show now that Opie is gone.

  35. jubal says:

    Befoe jax shot wendy up, didn’t tid say why u doing this and jax said to keep u alive brother

    • Cm says:

      Jax said “I’m keepin life beautiful, brother.” In the scene or two before that, Tara is worried about what will happen and he tells her “I’m going to give you a beautiful life.”

  36. Morgan says:

    Even though what Jax did to Wendy was um interesting to say the least I don’t think he was wrong he is just trying to protect his son from the woman who almost killed him and just because she is clean now doesn’t mean she won’t relapse it wouldn’t be the first time he could have killed her but he didn’t he was just protecting the people he loves and at least he did let the Irish kill her

  37. karen says:

    Who cares about Wendy. Jax and Tara have been through enough. She’s a stupid tramp and I actually cheered when he shot her up. Good for him. But he should have killed Clay. He will never rest until that guy is dead. He should have done it. Clay wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Oh yeah, he didn’t. He put out a contract on him. Kill Clay. Kill Tig and Kill Bobbie. You can’t trust any of them.

  38. karen says:

    Crystal….the one with all the theories, get a life you are a lunatic.

  39. E says:

    I just figured out what Jax is gonna do in the final episode!!!!! I remembered one thing Jax said to Pope’s right hand man! Something along the lines of ” you must very loyal” And he said “no… Just patient.” I bet he makes a deal with him!. Can’t remember his name!

    • L says:

      It wasn’t Pope’s Right Hand man that said that. . . it was Jax. . . “You’re either very loyal or patient.” So, if there is a play to be made there, it needs some more fine tuning. Don’t forget, Pope has some hired guns waiting in the wings to extract revenge from the grave should something happen to Pope.

      That is a very fine line there.

  40. Heather says:

    Jax will never do any wrong in my eyes. She almost killed that baby! Better a NEEDLE than Straight up dead- screw Wendy she has made no sign of being a good parent…… being sober a short time does not make an awesome stable parent. She was all about herself b 4 who’s to say she wouldn’t put herself FIRST AGAIN & not care about killing her child. Selfish bitch I can’t stand her.

  41. BUTTER says:

    Geeze, people on the internet are insane. The internet brings out what people are truly like deep down in their minds that they just don’t usually reveal in day-to-day life. IT IS A TV SHOW!! GEEZE, A TV FRICKIN’ SHOW.

  42. mare says:

    Its a TV Show, yes. But its also representative of the world we live in. Only difference is that the MC actually gets revenge. Us nice people in real life suck up the pain and end up with Cancer. Its kinda fun rooting for the bad guy….lets off some steam.

    One last thing guys …..UNSER is the one who should kill Clay.

    Yeah UNSER is the best character on the show. I’ve loved him ever since he set up Stahl.

  43. Nonna says:

    yeah for unser, he should tell Jemma where to go

  44. Ross says:

    Yea, uh huh. And my grandmother sucks “eggrolls” in heaven.