Lisa Edelstein Books Arc on House of Lies

House of Lies Lisa Edelstein Season 2Lisa Edelstein is moving into a new House.

The House vet has booked a multi-episode arc on the second season of Showtime’s House of Lies.

She will play Brynn, a smart and sexy political consultant whom Marty (Don Cheadle) encounters on one of his assignments.

Edelstein’s post House gigs have included a run on The Good Wife and a guest stint on Elementary (airing this Thursday at 10/9c).

House of Lies returns for a second season on Sunday, January 13th at 10/9c.

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  1. I liked her on “The Good Wife”… But then again I liked lots of other actors there :D

  2. Mamen says:

    wow those are fantastic news. I wanted her so badly in a cable show and there she is. CONGRATS DARLING. WE LOVE YOU

  3. she says:

    This is awesome! So good to have her back! You go, Lisa! :D

  4. Ann says:

    This is fantastic news! I love Lisa… I remember watching her on House. Terrific actress!

  5. Kelly says:

    Awesome news! Hopefully she’ll get her own series soon.

  6. Blake says:

    I’m looking forward to her Elementary episode

  7. Wow, it’s so great! Lisa is an excellent actress…I’m happy to see her success.

  8. Jul says:

    Very, very good news!!!! So great!!!! Lisa just rocks!! Really can’t wait to see her in “House of Lies”!!!!!

  9. iShows says:

    I am beyond thrilled about this news!
    Very happy to have Lisa on a comedy and on cable soon.
    Looking forward to 2013 even more.

  10. betedelstein says:

    Saudades demais da DIVA ,onde ela estiver terá a minha audiencia, não gosto de TGW mas assistir por causa da LISA EDELSTEIN…

  11. Jules says:

    Seriously, can she do something else of being an executive or storyline/series inspired of Sherlock Holmes or have the title House in it…. Another than that, great for her….but I thought she had enough doing TV, unless CBS and Showtime are the only network who can spend money to satisfie her…

    • D says:

      She can only be in what’s being made, and sadly there’s a shed load of Holmes homages out there at the moment. Blame the execs, not the actor. As for the whole thing about her being in another show with House in the title, well, that’s just silly isn’t it? It’s a very popular noun in the English language. Should she go so far as to refusing to say the word in future scripts too?

      Oh and you’re confusing Hugh Laurie with Lisa about not wanting to do TV anymore.

    • Cindy says:

      YEah Jules, the House-pun and Sherlock are obvious. I´m more, let`s say bored that she will play again a super sexy woman in a powerful position on TV and of course everyone wants to have Se* with her. I laughed out loud after i`ve seen the Elementary promo and said “Nope”. It is the same cheap,forced writing we all experienced on House, the Good Wife (which flopped) and we will see it on House of lies again. She can only do this and is playing that card all over again because she can`t do anything else and TV-execs want to sell the same S-Card again. The sad part they all look just desperate and in need of attention. It is a comedy maybe she will make fun of herself eventually and i hope for Don Cheadle that the show will survive. Love him!! :)

      • Yo says:

        I want to have sex with her.

      • Lulzy says:

        She is a character actress, not an ingenue, and she is being type-cast. Only a person of very limited knowledge and with a certain agenda could blame the established business practices on actor’s shortcomings. Educate yourself and try better next time.

      • K. says:

        Yes, I totally agree with you. She always plays the same character and it’s boring. She’s just not a talented actress, tbh.

      • Desigual says:

        Darling…isn’t Hugh Laurie playing a mean and rude character who probably has a limp and sleeps with tons of hookers in his next project? Can’t he play different roles? Oh yes, he did try with the Oranges and we know what happened to that movie: people walked out of the theatres.

    • Lulzy says:

      Dear Jules, your favorite obsession Hugh Laurie walked out of the series exactly because he refused to take a pay cut. Fox was very much on board with season 9, they just couldn’t afford him because of the NBC licensing fee and lack of advertising support due to unexpectedly poor ratings.

      So next time you open your hateful illiterate mouth passing self-righteous judgement about things that are completely out of your comprehension range, remember that.

      • Yo says:

        Jules is an idiot. She is just jealous of this beautiful woman. It happens to ugly/fat/loser girls. Awesome, charismatic, smart and gorgeous women are a threat to them.

        • Grace says:

          Oh, I’m sure Jules is still not as ugly/fat/loser as Lisa fans are. ;)

          • Sun says:

            Honestly you guys. It’s obvious Jules and Cindy and K and Grace are one and the same. Let’s ignore this person who must be so full of hate to need to read and make disparaging comments on a site about an actress she/he doesn’t like. The remarks aren’t worthy of attention. It’s just someone with an agenda. Let’s just celebrate the excitement of having LE on this show knowing that bitter people and their uninformed comments don’t matter.

        • Sg. Grant says:

          Jules is most likely a stalker. I bet she has a wall of Hugh Laurie cut outs from magazines in her tiny apartment. She trolls all these sites just looking for any mention of Laurie and then spams the hell out of the comments with poorly written gibberish.

    • Cuddy's lawyer says:

      Here is again the idiot Jules! He blames Lisa because House was cancelled…..

  12. Nikel says:

    A fantastic actress. Even if i wasn’t a fan of the first season i’ll be watching her episodes

  13. Pepper says:

    Must she pop up on everything I watch?

  14. Sandra says:

    awesome! I missed her. I wish she had her own show

  15. roxam says:

    She’s baaaack!!!! :)

  16. Lulzy says:

    An amazing actress and a striking woman, House of Lies did themselves a favor.

  17. Kendra says:

    You can thank me for this. Totally my idea after Richard Schiff became a recurring role and she did some political shindig w Cheadle. Just thought everyone should know. Lol. Love Lisa E!

  18. El says:

    Good news! So excited!!! Lisa is really great! Love her!

  19. Sg. Grant says:

    I’m hoping she does a nude scene in the show.

  20. Bruh says:

    Comedy?! YAY!!!!!!! So happy! She’s an amazing actress! Can’t wait!

  21. raya says:

    Great news. I will look forward to seeing her on this show. It will be nice to see her in a comedy again.

  22. GloryB says:

    There’s a certain irony to all this bashing surrounding Edelstein only being in “sexy” roles. The fact that a 40+ woman is still being cast in these roles breaks every rule, stereotype and typecast in Hollywood. That makes her a rarity weather you like her as an actress or not. Unfortunately, most of this chatter isn’t even about her or her abilities, but about a bitter House fanbase. In the industry, she is a treasure.

    Congratulations Miss Edelstein. Well done!

  23. woooooo!!!!!!! never watched this show because of cheadle but will tune in for miss lise!

  24. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Great news! Always pleasure to see Lisa on my tv screen! But I want her in a permanent role soon!

  25. Hugh Laurie says:

    Lisa is an absolute joy. There was a show–I can’t name it–that won an award. They all got up onstage and waved to the crowd and I was looking at these women [and thought], Oh, I see what you have done here. You’ve got the beautiful glamorous one, the kooky funny one, the downtrodden miserable one, and I was thinking that Lisa Edelstein does all of that. It takes all those of you to do what she is doing every week and people are giving you the award. It’s so unfair.

  26. Vincent says:

    These are fantastic news. I´ve wanted to enjoy her in a comedy for too long. I don´t get Showtime but i´ll find a way to watch her episodes. I enjoyed this woman a lot as Lisa Cuddy in House. I always thought there was something magnetic about her. Congratulations!

  27. ana says:

    I missing you in THE GOOD WIFE,I LOVED CELESTE

  28. Yuli Z.H says:

    This article is so excellent…. I miss her so much… I´d love to watch her in comedy..

  29. Gregory House says:

    Now I understood her participation in Elementary … lol
    —–>Liz Friedman …. co-executive producer (4 episodes, 2012)

  30. David says:

    Not her first comedy people! She was hilarious on Frasier…check it out.

  31. melman says:

    I have noticed that you sheep,will give a actress props if she is hot with no talent. She a good looking women,but she does need to do something with some grit that does not invovle everyone trying to sleepp with her. House of lies another piece of crap brain washing. Turn off your tv people and start living life instead of sitting watching it on a screene.