Code Blue: Emily Owens, M.D. Cancelled By CW

Emily Owens. MD CancelledThe doctors are out… of a job.

The CW has euthanized its little-seen, critically panned medical soap Emily Owens, M.D., TVLine has confirmed.

The Mamie Gummer-fronted drama debuted to just 1.7 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating last month — well below time slot predecessor Ringer‘s launch numbers, yet admittedly facing stiff competition in the second presidential debate and the American League Championship Series. In its most recent outing this week, Emily attracted 1 million viewers and a 0.3 in 18-49.

A CW insider says the network will air all 13 episodes from its initial order; Episode 6 aired this past Tuesday.

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  1. Guy says:

    They will never be able to launch something in that hour, it seems.

    • Anne says:

      I 100% agree. I don’t know how The CW thought the show would attract an audience against the NCIS older audience -the propped up competition from the other networks reality results shows. Emily Owens never stood a chance. It’s really too bad because I really enjoyed this show. So tired of watching the scraps toward us from the Nielsen families. Why is cheap reality, juvenile comedies and boring procedurals all they watch?

      • Edith Small says:

        I really enjoyed the show too. NCIS is getting tired.

      • Zenon says:

        yes precisely!!why would they cancel such wonderful show!!!i’ll never forgive CW for this!!!

        • CEG says:

          I’ve enjoyed watching the show which I found entertaining without “all” the gore…sorry to hear it was canceled.

        • krista says:

          So disappointed this show is gone. Emily Owens was easy to bond to and i couldn’t wait to see which guy she would choose. Really bad decision to get rid of this show. Maybe i need to stop the pvr and stop getting hooked on shows that get cancelled. Very Sad Emily fan.

      • vinia says:

        are these people out of their mind why would they do that its my favorite show gosh their crazy i hope they will gonna get back the show im inlove with the show im always waiting that to watch even if its always on a replay i never missed it oh really come on change your mind

      • Vickie says:

        I’m 60 years old and I looked forward to watching Emily Owens MD every week. I hated for the show to be over every week. I am so tired of all the NCIS, CIS, police, detective, lawyers, reality shows, shows where kids and adults are mouthing off to each other, etc. It was refreshing to have something nice, light and fun to watch. There are a dozen plus shows to take off the air. Bring Emily Owens MD back

        • A.S. says:

          I agree with Vickie… I love the show, it’s so addicting. Every tuesdays I look forward to watching this show. So sad

        • Emily says:

          I loved this show so much, and it was really good! Loved the writing, plot, characters etc etc etc! I have no idea why it would be given such a small window

        • Emily says:

          I loved this show so much, and it was really good! Loved the writing, plot, characters etc etc etc! I have no idea why it would be given such a small window of

        • Emily says:

          I loved this show so much, and it was really good! Loved the writing, plot, characters etc etc etc! I have no idea why it would be given such a small window of a chance! It would be wonderful to see the show picked up by another network. I was really looking forward to seeing more.

        • Beth says:

          still still still hoping someone comes to their senses and brings this wonderful show back! Can’t believe the mindless teenie bopper shows that remain…..My husband and I looked forward to watching every week, Please!

      • Angie says:

        The CW replaced Emily Owens MD with “Cult” …. It’s not even good.

      • Vickie says:

        Maybe if we all could send an email into
        Robin Mead on the Morning express news asking her to help us get Emily Owens MD back on the air .

        If enough of us who would like it back , write in
        The higher ups might listen :-)


    • angel says:

      I am saddened to see this go ihave been watching ever sense it started and i was getting addicted to that show . i am dissapointed

      • Kathleen says:

        Seems like the cw is aiming for kids all the shows they have are dead and tired same thing … Why not give us something different and drop kid shows . I was super addicted to Emilyowens!!! I do hope they wake the hell up and bring the show back!!! Pleaaaassseeeeee

      • Robin Hansen says:

        I do not feel that Emily Owens was given a fair chance, in its time slot, against so many election specials, etc….. It was a refreshing new drama. Bring it back & give it a real shot! Mamie Gunther is very talented!!!!!!!!

    • Jan and Dave says:

      Emily Owens is a clever,well written show and is one of top shows on TV. Bad decision to cancel. Very dissapointed.

      • vinia says:

        yah very dissapointing i love it specially how she handles the patient gosh very clever and her lovelife its amazing i wanted to know whom she fall for i cant wait for that shes awesome (emily owens)

    • Michael says:

      If nothing should be launched in that hour then obviously the show would have done better in another time slot. Ya just gotta wonder if it could have made it. My wife and I watched every episode and liked the series very much. It was just getting interesting when I heard it was cancelled.

    • Roxann Edwards says:

      Emily owens was the best show of the season. Please give it another chance!

      • Ellen says:

        I really like this show! It is different than the other doctor shows on tv now! They should not have cancelled it!!! Dumb move!

        • Ann says:

          Agreed!! Another one of their stupid bloody shows taking it’s place. Giving serial killers and wierdos even more ideas to massacre & hurt innocent people!

          • Linda says:

            Agree to Ann’s comment. Great show. I always looked forward to Tuesday’s night. I, too, am sick of the “celebrity news 24/7”, reality shows, vampires, and serial killer shows. Maybe another network would be interested in picking it up.

    • Vickie says:

      Is there anything that we can do to try to get this show back? Any higher-ups that we could write to? Any ideas or suggestions?

      • Margaret says:

        THERE IS A WAY YOU CAN SAVE THE SHOW! Sign the petition to save it at:! Then go to the SAVE EOMD FACEBOOK AND GET THE CW’s NUMBER! Call and leave a message on an opinion line! Then get tongue depressors and write “Save EOMD” on them! People on FB and twitter are doing it! And mailing them into the CW!

      • Minnie says:

        This had become my favorite tv show. I am so dissapointed. I want it back too.

      • Ann says:

        I wish! If you do find out, plese post!

  2. now Hartley is free to guest star on Arrow. He’s been Aquaman, he’s been Oliver… which DC hero could he play next? Hal Jordan maybe?

    • Pia says:

      And Gummer can go back to The Good Wife!

    • Triss says:

      He doesnt look anything like Hal Jordan. LOL why is everyone trying to get their little favorite actors to be shoe horned in Arrow.

      • I just want Jordan to show up on Arrow so they can do Hard Travelling Heroes. Hartley has already played two different DC characters on TV, Aquaman and Green Arrow, so he could play a third (he’s like Chris Evans in the Marvel movies, where he’s played both Johnny Storm and Captain America). Another character he could play is the Warlock Travis Morgan. There the in-joke would be that in the comics the Warlock and Green Arrow, specially when drawn by Mike Grell, look alike, so Hartley playing the Warlock and being told that he looks like Oliver would be a joke on his having played GA in Smallville (Hartley playing Morgan is something I saw Craig Byrne from Kryptonsite mention on Facebook, heh).

      • Michael Keaton didn’t look anything like Bruce Wayne or Batman, and yet he played the role well in two movies.

  3. João Amaral says:

    NOOOOOOOOO! i was really enjoying it.

    • Phil says:

      Agreed. The first two episodes were dreadful, but the series was actually enjoyable, reminding me of an early Grey’s Anatomy. I actually enjoy EOMD more than Dixie lately.

      • Ari says:

        I liked Emily Owens but if I had to pick between Emily and HOD I’d want HOD to live. I’m not optimistic about HOD making it past this season either though.

        • kavyn says:

          If both shows started at the same time, would you still pick HOD over EO? Personally I couldn’t stand HOD’s first episodes, whereas I liked EO from the get-go (although the premiere was somewhat bland).

        • Brandy says:

          I like Dixie better too,though I do like EO too.I think Dixie will be renewed:GG ends,EO cancelled and I strongly believe Beauty will be cancelled in May just cause it lost more than half of its pilot audience by episode three but Dixie is still steady at 0.5-0.6

      • Michelle says:

        Same! Loved HOD’s first season but haven’t been enjoying it this season. If I were to choose which of the two were to be cancelled I’d choose HOD. Emily Owens MD has gotten so good. SO bummed out about this cancellation. This is unlikely, but I hope it gets picked up by another network. :(

        • Shelby says:

          This is such a great show, new and different, I never get to watch it when it actually airs, but I DVR it twice to make sure I don’t miss it. Should try Monday nights there really isn’t much on.

    • soundscene says:

      So was I. It was like Grey’s Anatomy back when the characters on GA were likeable. And I love Mamie Gummer. The show had potential–just a really lame time slot and a network that can’t afford to nurture struggling shows.

  4. Summer says:

    Awww. I knew this was likely to happen, but it makes me sad. I really liked the cast on this show.

  5. Sarahliz says:

    Good. Bring back Ringer

  6. Caroline B says:

    Are they going to air any more episodes?

  7. Mita says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought the CW was finally starting to show some growth.

  8. Alex says:

    What about the remaining episodes?

  9. MariaSanchez says:

    I know that this was inevitable – but I was starting to get invested in Emily…not so much the other characters.

  10. Nessie says:

    Awww sad! I was just saying today how much I really like the show.

  11. Adam says:

    Noooooo! My favorite new show. And it is Really good :(

  12. Marybeth Mason says:

    it was bound to happen the show was not that good. justin an tom are both not working now let see if they can work again together on tv

  13. oshay says:

    This sucks Im loving the show!! Then again Im told I Like everything. With that said just get Micah and Emily togther before it goea off please and thank you !!!

  14. NOOOO!! I was shipping Micah and Emily! :(

  15. Sue says:

    Mamie Gummer deserves a show.

    • Cy says:

      ^Agreed. I really like her and she isn’t just like her mom! I really liked this show!

    • Barbie says:

      Never watched that show, I didn’t even know it was with her! But I LOVED her Mina Minard in Off The Map! She needs a real break! That or she has some sort of Mamie Gummer curse a la Jason O’Mara!

      • Stacy says:

        Aah! :D I’ve seen her in Good Wife, but her performance in Off the Map was stellar. (Granted, I still understand why the show as a whole failed…)

        That’s why I was so disappointed in Emily Owens. Because you know she’s capable of so much more.

  16. lara says:

    I liked the cast and the dynamic, but I just think that there are already way too many medical dramas on TV. This one lacked the medical accuracy of shows like ER, and lacked the wit of shows like Grey’s Anatomy. Also, characters like Cassandra and Dr. B were just too unlikeable. I wish they had done the show with another setting, like teachers at a school or something.

  17. Laura says:

    So bummed. I like both Mamie Gummer and Justin Hartley. Maybe JH can bring Will to Grey’s Anatomy and get rid of some of the new interns.

  18. Catherine says:

    AWWW. I was actually starting to like the show. :(
    At least I still have Arrow.

  19. Derek Johnson says:

    Already saw Emily Owens when it was called Grey’s Anatomy Season 1.

  20. april-ann says:

    Aww, I have to admit this makes me a little sad. At least it happened early on. I liked this show, love Mamie Gummer. I find her talented and very charming. Agree with Sue above who said that she deserves a show.

  21. Lana says:

    That blows! I loved it :(

  22. Mark says:

    Critically panned? I thought this was a critical darling early on. No?

    • Alex says:

      NO, it was not. Metacritic cumulative reviews ranked it as one of the five “worst” new shows, I believe. In no way was this program a critical darling ever.

      • stacy says:

        Alex if you let reviewers pick what shows you watch and or believe what they have to say, you will be watching Honey Boo Boo for the rest of your life.

    • Kathy says:

      Most critics panned this show because not only did Emily talk to another character vocally, you heard her thoughts. One critic said it was the most poorly written pilot he has ever seen. They also panned Mob Doctor, which also is running its final 13 episode on Saturdays.

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t npr say that this was the best new show on tv? Was this the only good review?

  23. ABC says:

    Well at least they’re going air the remaing eps. They should have picked up The Selection instead.

    • Stacy says:

      I was hoping The Selection would make the cut too! At least, my idea of what that show would look like. ;) Given that they passed…. it managed to be worse than everything else on their network? Eesh.

  24. Jason says:

    I loved the show…and still love the show…I will watch all 13 episodes. This failure simply falls on viewers. You say you want more Justin Hartley, yet when he’s given to you, you don’t tune in enough. This was a very good medical relationship drama, and it stinks that this action had to be taken. Viewers…a word to the wise: networks don’t have the luxury of patience like they used to when there were 3 networks and 20 shares. If you like a show and want to keep it on the air, you’d better start WATCHING LIVE.

    • Elyse says:

      watching live doesn’t make a damn bit of difference if you don’t have a nielson ratings box… so no. most of us watching live makes NO impact at all. oh and the show is awful thats why no one watches it.

  25. Mantra720 says:

    It started out rough (I barely got through the pilot), but it was finally coming into its own as Emily started to get over her internal problems with Cassandra and the characters built up.

    The problem with the CW? They threw this into a timeslot where I already watch “Happy Endings”, “Apt. 23”, “New Girl”, “Mindy”, and “Rizzoli & Isles”, along with “NCIS LA” and “Go On”. It was truly the most boneheaded timeslot decision they could make. I had to by default watch it via Hulu+ the next day instead of over the air, which I’m sure they prefer.

    Truly the CW scheduling wunderkinds screwed this show from the beginning.

    • Ana says:

      So true! This show never had a chance at that time. And now that Rizzoli and Isles is back on, this won’t even get DVR’d. I will catch it on Hulu later…

  26. Alex says:

    Yeah, because the CW looked at your personal preferences and deliberately slotted Emily Owens against several other programs you like just to screw you over and ruin the show’s chances of success. You are THAT important. Mmhmm.

  27. Elyse says:

    i hope Cult and Carrie Diaries are both good!

  28. CLNorman says:

    Anyone know if they finished shooting the remaining episodes or if they will have the chance to write a ending to the series before the final episode airs?

  29. Cam says:

    Son of a Bandari.

  30. mia says:

    I enjoyed it, Mamie Gummer is amazing…..but I’m alright with this. Just means that Beauty and the Beast might get renewed. I love BnB muchmuch more.

    • pug says:

      I like EOMD much better than BnB, even though I had high hopes for the latter and I love Kristin Kreuk. I just couldn’t get past episode 3 of BnB. On the other hand, while EOMD’s first few episodes made some missteps, I felt it was slowly but surely getting its groove. Tsk, tsk. CW sucks!

  31. Tracy says:

    Bring back The Secret Circle already!

  32. Jared says:

    Justin Hartley will get picked up by another CW pilot..hopefully for next season. He definitely has an audience over there.

  33. april-ann says:

    I hope the 13 eps will be released on dvd. That would be fun to have, not only to watch but because I think she is really going places. One of my fave 13 ep series dvd sets is Wonderfalls (although I think that may be more than just 13 eps, not much more though). Hey….wait a minute, wasn’t Caroline Dhavernas on Off the Map with Mamie? Oh dear. These talented actresses really need vehicles which will take off (ie. marketed correctly and backed by the networks, proper timeslots and given every chance to succeed).

  34. Mich says:

    Is it too late to get Hellcats back?

  35. it’s not even been given a fair shot to find itself an audience and after 6 eps has been unfairly pulled. what a shame. Dissapointed to know it didn’t get a better demographic but what did the CW expect when they put it in a slot where there was tough competition. Although i’m sad for its ending i will be pleased to see marmie gummer return to The Good Wife, and i hope it wont be too long a wait until i see michael rady back on tv again.

  36. Jessica says:

    Ergh. I really like this show. I was hoping for an Emily/Michah relationship. I wish it was being saved. How is Mob Doctor staying on the air when this is going away

    • Reneé says:

      I agree. I really liked this show. When I see some of the stupid shows that are being renewed, I am amazed. Does everything have to be a reality show?

  37. Lena says:

    Still higher ratings than Gossip Girl….

  38. JC says:

    Congratulations Michael Ausiello. You are the first TV writer in history to write an article about Mamie Gummer and not mention the name Meryl Streep.

  39. lolbro says:

    bring Ringer back…….

  40. Ana says:

    That’s too bad. It’s not a great show but I Dvr it and its ok. I like Mamie. But just watched the latest epi and I thought, wow, they are not even hiding how much they are copying Greys Anatomy. They had two cases that were on GA a couple of seasons ago. It’s like the CW wanted to do Greys for high schoolers. The parallels are there. Didn’t work…

  41. S says:

    This show gets higher ratings than 90210 and they cancel it? why aren’t they giving it a chance? I don’t even watch it but it just doesn’t make any sense to me? this network needs to give a show a chance seriously

    • april-ann says:

      I know, right? Higher quality shows garnering higher ratings than 90210 get cancelled left and right and yet that drivel just keeps on getting? How is that possible? I admit I have watched some of it lately after I took a hiatus just for its sheer cheesiness (and because himym is so disappointing now – SNL really needs to spoof those B & R “deeply profound meaningful moment at the end of every episode” things) and when DWTS takes those looong commercial breaks. But seriously, one might have to wonder who is bl*wing more than just smoke over there….

    • JC says:

      Emily Owens did NOT have higher ratings than 90210. Its season average rating in adults 18-49 was lower than every show on The CW except for Nikita. Facts are fun. You should look into them sometime!

  42. Jo says:

    Bring back Secret Circle.

  43. S says:

    i don’t care how, I just want more Michael Rady in my life

    • Vickie says:

      Me too!! This was my favorite show. I have been wanting Emily and Micah to get together all season. I was so excited when he finally kissed her. But after tonights show with her and Will getting together at the end, I was so disappointed. I really don’t care that it got cancelled now.

  44. Kristina says:

    I guess I was the only person watching :( I really liked it.

  45. ChrisGa says:

    How ironic; I was just recommending this show to someone at dinner tonight. Still, not surprised in the least though I will miss Mamie Gummer, Michael Rady and sex-on-a-stick Justin Hartley on my screens every week; all three are fantastic performers who, hopefully, will rebound very soon.

  46. Lily says:

    NOOOOOO this was just getting good. it was like the early years of greys anatomy but better because emily is so much easier to empathize with, now what will i watch? :( :( :(

    • Margaret says:

      GO TO CHANGE.ORG! And sign the Emily Owens petition to save the show! Then go to and sign the “Resusitate Emily Owens” petition. I wil help! We have a month to save the show!

      I heard we should also start contacting networks. And asking them to pick up the show.

  47. gary says:

    Wow this is surprising…Didnt it just beat Hart of Dixie last week?

  48. Bre says:

    I’m not even sure why I watched the first episode because the promos for it were horrible, but I ended up loving Emily and her inner dialogues. Too bad the CW couldn’t give it at least an entire season.

    • Jellymoff says:

      This. I never gave the show a chance because of the awful advertising campaign. It made the show look like something I would never want to watch. It sounds like a lot of people enjoyed it, but I bet there were a lot of people like me who never gave it a shot because it just looked so painful…

      • Michelle says:

        I agree! The promos were awful. They posted the pilot on Youtube and I wasn’t planning at all to watch it – just randomly clicked it and found myself enjoying it a lot. 6 episodes later, I’m in love. Sigh, the CW. Sigh.

  49. Tru says:

    Mamie Gummer is not headlining material unlike her mother Meryl. That being said how many times can you embarrasses the star Emily. Plus the show just wasn’t any good.

    • stacy says:

      She is headlining material. If people would stop comparing her to her mother and judge her on her own merits you may notice she’s one hell of an actress. EO was a very good show, it just needed time for the characters and story lines to develop. TV exec need to get their heads out of their butts and give shows time and a chance before taking them off the air. And for God sake will you people stop listening to critics! They are no one!! They have no better views or opinions of anything on TV than any of us! If they did, DO YOU really think there would be SO much REALITY TV on???? Just keep in mind some critic gave Honey Boo Boo 2 thumbs up…..