First Look: Dexter Finale Art Boasts an Epic Showdown Between Brother and Sister

“Someone’s got it coming” in Dexter‘s Season 7 finale — but who?

A chilling new billboard touting the Showtime saga’s upcoming season ender (airing Dec. 16, 9/8c) hit streets everywhere this week, and as soon as we got a glimpse of it — and its ominous message, quoted above — we hustled to bring it straight to you. (Spoiler Alert: Mission accomplished!)

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Black and white and blood red all over, the artwork features “siblings” Dex and Deb in a staredown for the ages, the only thing between them the promise of an impending battle.

Examine the poster below, and then hit the comments with your own Dexter theories!

Dexter Season 7 Final Artwork

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  1. Hyde says:

    Please, God, let it be Hannah. I’m so over her character.

    • ally123 says:

      same here, she is like lumen 2.0.

    • Kavyn says:

      I personally love Hannah, but I think she’s going to turn on Dexter.

      • JennyS says:

        I agree with you that Hannah is probably going to turn on Dexter and it’s probably going to result in some serious drama with Deb. Hannah has a history of turning on everyone when they start going against her wishes in some way and once she perceives Dexter to be doing this, she will probably try to kill him.

        • Stokanator says:

          From jail? Watch the show before making comments.

          If anything as said in the sneak peak Hannah said she won’t turn in dexter, maybe she’ll try to incriminate Debra though.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree, Hannah needs to go. I don’t trust her, and shes annoying.

    • John R says:

      You girls are all delusional. She’s the best thing EVER.

      • JennyS says:

        Yup, I agree that Hannah is an awesome, complex character and Yvonne Strahovski has been nothing short of brilliant in this role.

      • Ken says:

        Amen John……love Hannah…and loved Lumen (who I still think will return in the final season)

      • Dick Whitman says:


      • I wouldn’t call Hannah the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I really don’t understand all this hate. I didn’t get it when it was targeted at Lumen, and I don’t get it now. Strangely, my favorite seasons are the ones with prominent female protagonists/antagonists: S2 with Lila, S5 with Lumen, and now. (Though the Trinity season was also superb.) I think they will finish Dexter out next year on a high note now that they’ve got their end point in sight.

        • JennyS says:

          I think there is a portion of the Dexter audience who objects to the idea of Dexter having a love interest at all, and see him as nothing more than a cold blooded killer.

      • Marcy says:

        U r wrong. Lumen was the best. Julia styles is great . No comparison with yvone

    • Marcy says:

      Yes. Hannah should go. Dexter lost a lot of his edge now. He is getting boring. We are getting tired.

      • Futrdoc says:

        Hehehehe. I find myself cursing at the tv because everytime Dexter gets involved with a woman, he’s more careless with his killings. Dang shame actually, but I root for Dexter to get back to basics already…

  2. JennyS says:

    This season has been epic and I can’t wait for the showdown with Deb, Dexter and Hannah.

  3. fiyero says:

    With the exception of the first two episodes, this season has been very disappointing for me. Hannah has basically been Lumen 2.0. I really hope that the next few episodes make up for it.

    • kavyn says:

      Aside from the blonde thing they are nothing alike…

      • fiyero says:

        Maybe not the character herself, but definitely the relationship between Dexter and the girls is VERY similar. Dexter fell in love with both of them very quickly, saying things like “I can finally be myself around her”. He also put his family in danger in order to be with said girl. I could buy his relationship with Hannah if they had anything besides killing in common – if that’s all it took, he would have fallen in love with all of his female kils.

        • kavyn says:

          To be fair that’s due to Dexter, not Hannah/Lumen. That’s how Dexter is with girls. Although to be honest Lumen always felt more like an apprentice where as Hannah feels like Dexter has genuine feelings for her… But that’s just what I think. Lumen wanted revenge and that’s the only reason she killed, whereas Hannah is a killer and doesn’t need to be taught anything.

        • JennyS says:

          There’s still a massive difference between the Hannah and Lumen storylines. Hannah is a cold blooded serial killer and Lumen was not. Hannah and Dexter haven’t killed together either. I think the writers have done a fantastic job coming up with a something different.

          Plus, Hannah’s characters was based on Caril Ann Fugate, a real life killer. So the writers did not have Lumen in mind when writing this character.

          Hannah is as different from Dexter’s other love interests just as Isaak was nothing like Brian, Trinity and the other dozens of male serial killers.

      • JennyS says:

        Yeah, I don’t understand the comparisons. A lot of people called her Lumen 2.0 before she even appeared on the show and didn’t give her a chance. It’s funny how people always lump all of Dexter’s love interests together as if they’re exactly the same, but they don’t do that with the dozens of male serial killers. I don’t remember 24 fans judging Jack Bauer’s love interests so harshly.

        Hannah’s character/storyline is arguably more similar to Brian’s than Lumen’s or Lila’s. Except this time the relationship is romantic instead of brother and sister.

  4. Bailey says:

    Please don’t put quotes around “siblings.” They ARE brother and sister. Lets not forget it, or condone the horrible storyline.

    • DarkDefender says:

      But certainly let’s condone serial killings!! Yay!

    • Shannon says:

      I’m sorry but they’re not really siblings. They were raised as siblings but Dexter was adopted by Harry when Dexter was three. So they’re technically not blood related only raised as brother and sister.

      • fiyero says:

        okay…but blood related does not equal “really siblings”. It only equals “biological siblings”. Dexter was adopted and raised as a son by Harry and Debra grew up almost her entire life looking at Dexter like a brother. They are siblings in every single way that counts.

        • Bailey says:

          Yes, thank you fiyero. Blood related or adopted siblings – you’re still brother and sister! Debra was like 2 years old when Dexter was adopted. She has no memories of Dexter as someone who wasn’t morally and legally thought of as her brother.

          The whole thing grosses me out.

      • Seriously! says:

        I’m guessing you’re fine with sleeping with your adopted brother who you grew up with, Shannon…

      • hello says:

        I have spoken to adopted people who were insulted by that storyline.

        • lara says:

          In ALL fairness, I do believe that there are adopted siblings who have had romantic relationships. I think that there have been articles written about it and whatnot. I personally do think it’s all type of icky and I don’t know the exact circumstances (like what age adopted, etc), but it’s not completely unheard of.
          And, in defense of the show, Debra always says “I’m so screwed up…I’m in love with my brother”, not “I’m in love with my adopted brother”. So, it’s not like the show is delegitimizing adoption and the relationships it produces.

        • yampix says:

          let them go to hell, i wouldent mind doing it

      • Brigette says:

        Correct. The idea that they are real siblings because they were raised together is based on nothing but them FEELING like they are siblings. If Deb no longer FEELS like Dexter is strictly a brother type, then it is appropriate to put quotes around the word siblings.

  5. Laurie says:

    It has to be laguarta! Maybe deb will get rid of her because she is getting to Close to dexters secret

  6. lev says:

    You are kidding me that this is the article. I guess mission accomplished, I clicked on the link.

  7. Ari says:

    Deb better not be dumb enough to challenge Dexter. He’s been a serial killer who works in a police station for the past decade or so, he’s smarter than her and more deadly.

  8. grace2552 says:

    Is it just a weird shot or do you think there’s something to the fact that Deb doesn’t look like she’s meeting Dexter’s gaze at all? Dex is looking right at Deb and it’s like Deb is looking at something/someone over Dex’s shoulder (someone like LaGuerta or Hannah maybe?).

    I’m excited to find out!

  9. Nichole says:

    i think we may see Deb take matters into her own hands, perhaps with Laguerta, don’t think it will be with Hanna, unless she feels there is imminent danger to Dexter from Hanna, then I can see Deb taking Hanna out Dexter style

    • Justin says:

      If ya think about it deb on the show and books hates laguerta so i think deb kills her and maybe hannah if we lucky. Or maybe dex n deb will do a tag team kill one takes hannah and the other takes laguerta.

    • Brigette says:

      I could see this happening too! That would be quite the twist if Deb takes out Laguerta.

  10. cinthy says:

    I hope is hanna!!!!!!! hate her

  11. steve says:

    My Gut says Deb Kills Hannah in cold blood.

  12. Sean says:

    Love this show.. great season!

  13. kira says:

    The season and saga can only end in one way, Dexter dying. By the hands of three people or women I shall say, Hannah who I hope just dies herself, Deb or laguerta.

    • DJ Doena says:

      I think Dexter dying is a almost a given.

      But if it were me, I’d do something totally unexpected.

      In the last two minutes of the show I’d show a truck driver driving and listening to the radio when he approaches a crossroads and his brakes aren’t working while he desperately tries to brake.

      He accidentally rams a car on the driver’s side and smashes it. Cut to the driver. Dexter, sitting there in blood, dying. Last thought: “Huh.”. The end.

    • Jerri says:

      Dexter has another season to go though. I doubt they will kill him off this season.

  14. rachelle says:

    LaGuerta for sure needs to die; she’s getting WAY too close to the truth. Hannah, though I love her with Dexter, needs to go or die as well. I agree with whoever posted above that she might turn on Dex. I feel like things are going too good for Dexter and, as we’ve seen in the past, good things in his life don’t last. Aside from Harrison and Deb. And I don’t want any bad blood between Deb and Dex! She and Harrison are the only things keeping Dexter remotely human. Without them, he’ll be all monster.

    I love this show and can’t wait for the rest of the season to unfold!

  15. Samantha says:

    This season has been so boring, something awesome better happen. With the exception of the episode before last, I haven’t really enjoyed any of them.

    • Samantha says:

      and I’m someone who enjoyed the last 2 seasons.

    • fiyero says:

      Agreed – I’m truly hoping that they are building momentum for the last three episodes, because I just cannot believe the things the characters have been doing and saying lately. It’s just so freaking boring – Hannah has become the center of every storyline, and she’s not even likeable.

  16. Yunuem says:

    I think Hanna and Deb will get into a fight and Dexter has to kilo Hanna

    • fiyero says:

      I also think that the finale will be about making some kind of choice between Debra and Hannah. I also think that La Guerta’s being killed…and not by Dexter. So either Hannah or Debra.

    • ME says:

      Maybe Hannah wants Dex to get rid of Deb so he has to kill Hannah.
      This season has been rather boring thus far. I mean not completely terrible but not like some of the other seasons where I’m literally yelling at the tv and biting my nails.

  17. Justin says:

    I can almost promise that dex wont die bc the show is called dexter and how can u have another full season of dexter w/o him. And I’m predicting that since dex found true love he thinks! That deb will kill laguerta bc she’s gettin close to dex secret, and deb also tries to kill hannah bc deb finds proof that hannah can’t be trusted but dex has a choice save his love hannah or believe deb and helps kill hannah with deb. So since I don’t have cable u guys will have to let me know how close I am with my prediction please. But since I know dex so well due to reading all of jeff lindsay’s books and having seen every season except S7.

    • John R says:

      In the last episode, if Deb wasn’t there, Hannah would have died. She doesn’t trust her and yet saved her life. So, unless Hannah doesn’t do anything drastic, I think Deb will be okay with her.

  18. hello says:

    As long as they don’t sleep toghether this is going to be fun

  19. Kabir Juneja says:

    The season hasn’t been that boring. The part with isaak sirko wasn’t bad. Shouldn’t have taken him out so soon.

    • JennyS says:

      I think Isaak was killed off because Ray Stevenson left to film Thor 2.

    • ME says:

      I agree the Isaac part did add some interest and I never trusted he wouldn’t hurt Dexter but I like the way his character ended.
      My prediction is either Laguarda or Hannah will die.
      I feel like they might be able to get Laguarda on board with “taking out the trash” but since Dokes died protecting that info she might not be easily inclined to go along with the killings

  20. mary says:

    It’s not first look. DexterDaily posted about this few days ago.

  21. Erica says:

    Laguerta is going to have a “heart-attack”

  22. My money is on LaGuerta… but I really hope it’s Quinn.

  23. Mikael says:

    I wish we could’ve seen an Isaac/Viktor flashback ;) And I definitely think LaGuerta’s days are numbered. I’m betting Deb kills her to protect Dexter, and killing someone like that will mess with her head next season. But LaGuerta brought in the old Captain, so maybe he hunts down Dexter next season.

  24. Brigette says:

    I’ve loved this season, except all the Hannah stuff has just irritated me like crazy, for so many reasons. I hope Dexter has to chose between saving Deb or Hannah and choses Deb, and I hope that that either Quinn or LaGuerta dies in some unexpected way. No way will Dexter die this season, but it is possible that he will be caught.

  25. lynn says:

    I hope Deb will be killed off, that would be right up there with Owen Slater’s death, both awesome and epic at the same time #greattv

  26. lacy says:

    In the picture, it’s just Dexter and Deb, so I feel like it has to be one of them. I think that somehow Deb will be caught in the middle of some sort of shootout and hit by a stray bullet. Then she’ll be lying there, dying, and Dexter will kiss her. Then (I know this is super depressing) I think she’ll die, since she and Dex really didn’t have a realistic future together romantically. Then, I think Hannah (her actress is continuously listed as a guest star, not a main character) will either be killed as well, or it will be her fault that Deb died and Dexter will never want to see her again. This sets him up well for the Series finale, where Dexter will most likely die and no one too important will be left grieving for him. Again, this is all speculation. I’m not great at predictions, but this is what I’ve got.

  27. Marcy says:

    Sorry. It seems my replies are not going to the right place.

  28. Samantha says:

    I very much like this season, and Hannah is not one of the reason’s why. I couldn’t get past the first episode of Chuck (though I might have to give it another attempt) so I have no pre-existing fondness for the actress, and she and her character add nothing to the show for me. I’m much more excited about the other aspects of the season: Deb knowing the truth and Laguerta about ready to happen upon it. I will also miss Viktor (or however you spell it,) I was a fan of his.

    As far as Hannah vs Lumen, I’m completely opinion on Hannah, and I DID really like Lumen. . .Right up until she walked out on Dexter and broke his twisted little heart. (I’m still mad at her for that.)

  29. Chantal says:

    It seems like most of those who are saying they love Hannah are guys. She is a psycho, crazy bia who can’t be trusted!! Please make her disappear! She’s even got my man blinded.. He dared to say that Deb poisoned herself to make Hannah look bad. she’s just like Lila. How long before she tries to get rid of poor Harrison so she can have Dex to herself??

  30. davidsoriano says:

    DEB POISONED HERSELF, thats for sure, she always gets what she wants, no way hannah did it she always uses plants poisons, and is stupid to think that hannah predicted that deb was gonna drink the poisoned bottle of water when driving.

    Hannah its nothing like lumen or lila, sure shes is quite, cold and kills but shes the only one dexter have truly liked and connected to, since the chapter when he touched her lips and drop something. shes also the only one dexter has call BEAUTIFUL.

  31. OCR says:

    Nope, Hannah posioned Deb, either her or the junkie friend of Hannah’s, which is a stretch. I’m actually pretty disappointed (if I turn out to be correct) since I really liked Hannah’s character. Looks like she’s gonna be in the slammer for a while now.

    The finale poster for the last episode says “someone’s got it coming”, as Deb and Dexter look at each other with serious expressions. I’m guessing that Deb and Dexter must decide on who to kill in the finale, but have differing opinions of who that person should be and are at ends with each other throughout the episode until… both of the people die, unnecessarily.

  32. code22 says:

    I should really write the episodes myself.

  33. Nellibly says:

    No, really. Why would Dexter turn Hannah in given all she knows about him? I think she might be very willing to “make a deal” and offer up Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher along with all the other crimes he confessed to her. Dear, Dumb Dexter, indeed.

  34. Nellibly says:

    I should have added that he could have dealt with her the same way he deals with other people who bother him.

  35. Sabertooth says:

    I dnt think Hannah poisoned Debra but Debra herself Done that to herself to make Dexter go against Hannah because Dexter is loving Hannah so much so he will not listen to Debra in mere words so if you try highlight a persons negativity by hurting your loved ones then automatically you will start to doubt and fear that person…. and i am sure Hannah will not betray Dexter because he is the only person who loved her truly i think she will die or try to commit suicide with her own way of killing(poisoning herself). I might be wrong sometimes

  36. Futrdoc says:

    I think Deb takes out LaGuerta, and in the last season of Dexter, Hector Estrada comes back to take out Dexter, the same way Dexter was prepared to take him out…in pieces, now that he knows who Dexter really is. It would quite fitting, wouldn’t it??

  37. davidsoriano says:

    dexter is killing estrada on the last episode preview, thats a subplot, the mainplot i think is like all dexter final episodes, dexter being on the edge but getting away at the last second, this time, i think hell find out that debra poisoned herself and hannah being in prison will kill herself, and at the end this will make dexter darkness take over him and push him to kill laguerta. laguerta dies in the book, sure she will die here too, in eralier season they mention dexters sons are his salvation, and i think they are thay could let harrison without a father