The Voice Recap: Eight Too Proud to Beg

amanda brown someone like youThe Voice‘s all-star coaches are, generally speaking, a gentle, encouraging, and decidedly articulate bunch. And if you perused a transcript of their comments from tonight’s telecast, you’d probably think it was business as usual on Season 3 Top 8 performance night.

But tone of voice, facial expression, body language, coded wordplay…sometimes they tell a different story. And with only eight singers left in the competition, the subtext was often as poorly hidden as Christina Aguilera’s décolletage.

There was Xtina herself practically sighing and rolling her eyes while telling the incredible Amanda Brown she’d given “another really dynamic and powerful performance.” (How dare she!) There was Adam Levine admitting Freddie Mercury songs expose all his vocal weaknesses, the subtle implication being that “Somebody to Love” had done the same to Cody Belew. And there was everybody awkwardly hurling potshots at Melanie Martinez’s soon-to-be-ex boyfriend, while not really saying anything about her actual singing. (Hey, Voice judges, did you ever stop and think that the target of your collective, televised disdain is most likely a teenage boy? #TheMoreYouKnow)

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Fret not, though, Top 8 performance night also had plenty of conspicuous craziness, too. Nicholas David revealed he never cuts his beard while his wife is pregnant, and oh, she’s due to have their third child in February. (For the record, Christina Milian is totes okay with the David family not finding out the baby’s gender before it’s delivered. I’m sure they’re all relieved. “Heyyyyy, what’s uuuuup Carson? Trending on Twitter. Oh my God! Sexy side. Sprint lounge. Hashtag!”) Cassadee Pope thinks of Blake Shelton as her crazy uncle. 50 Cent still exists! And Carson Daly gets aroused in the unlikeliest of situations: “I was watching Terry [McDermott] and his wife make out. That’s good TV!”

While you try to get that sound bite out of your ear with a Q-tip, let’s grade the night’s solo performances:

Amanda Brown: Adele’s “Someone Like You” | The phrase “made it your own” has been used so many times on reality singing competitions that it’s as expected and meaningless as “but wait, there’s more!” at the end of an infomercial. And yet that’s exactly what Amanda did with one of the decade’s most omnipresent ballads. By heeding Adam Levine’s advice to kick the song’s ass, to give it a pulsating rock arrangement and a wild, defiant vocal, Amanda conjured up not just a different sound, but also an entirely different set of emotions than Adele. Whereas the original is about the pain and acceptance of true love lost, Amanda’s cover hinted at defiance, perhaps even a hope that the “for me, it isn’t over” might be a two-way street. I loved the little bit of stank Amanda gave to the line “guess she gave you things I couldn’t give to you,” and the boiled bunny angst with which she infused “don’t forget me!” This is no knock on Adele’s original — not at all — because just like with the Sherlock Holmeses of Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr., there’s room to adore ’em both. I just wish Carson had pressed Adam for an explanation when he said how he and his fellow coaches were extra hard on Amanda because they expect so much from her. Um, shouldn’t the bar be set just as high for everyone else in the Top 8? Grade: A

Nicholas David: Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” | There’s no one cooler in the competition than “the spiritual soul singer from Minnesota,” and not just because he can rock pigtails, a leather pimp jacket and plaid pants, but also because he remains calm and poised in the face of Christina Milian’s inanity and tells his fans to “keep it together.” The thing about Nicholas is that his song choices and arrangements are probably never going to be crazy innovative, but he’ll still manage to surprise you just by virtue of his gorgeous tone and absolute pitch perfection. I liked how he put almost a rap-style swag on the phrase “we don’t need to escalate,” and the way he effortlessly reached into his upper register on “father, father.” The man knows the capabilities and outer limits of his voice better than Kim Kardashian knows the number to her publicist. Groovy! Grade: A-

Dez Duron: Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” | If I’m being totally honest, Dez doesn’t have the most distinctive instrument in the history of reality singing competitions, but what he lacks in tone, he makes up for with showmanship and emotional clarity. (Yes, I just said “emotional clarity”; please bear with me.) Too often this season, the coaches have dismissed Dez as the contestant most likely to cause squealing and power-texting among silly teenage girls, but that unfairly overlooks his mastery of the big, fussy Voice stage. The guy is in constant, magnetic motion without ever coming across as frantic or overly rehearsed. Plus, Dez really seems to understand the intent behind the lyrics he’s singing. Where the Bieb’s original “U Smile” came across like a kid playing dress-up, Dez delivered it like a grown-ass man, bringing at the very least a little PG-13 understanding to tehe lyric “Ain’t no way you’re ever gonna get/
Any less than you should.” Plus, I don’t think he hit a single bum note. Grade: A-

Cassadee Pope: Michelle Branch’s “Are You Happy Now” | The staging of Cassadee’s number was a study in excess — all billowing curtains, waves of smoke and wind, and intense strobe lighting — to the point where I started worrying that her wind machine might start pelting her with backstage detritus. But after a somewhat blah opening verse, Cassadee emerged from the summer storm, assumed her spot at the mic stand, and brought home the chorus with the twist of spite she’d promised in her pre-performance package. The former Hey Monday singer has now put together back-to-back weeks of charismatic performances without any major pitch issues, and while I still think her overall body of work pales next to Amanda’s, I can’t say I’ll be apoplectic if she lives up to Cee Lo’s prediction that she (and her quarter million Twitter followers) could “win this thing.” Now if only she could convince the Voice stylists to stop putting her in those stiff short-in-the-front/long-in-the-back dresses… Grade: B+

Melanie Martinez: Alex Clare’s “Too Close” | I appreciate that, at 17, Melanie already has a strong sense of the type of artist she wants to be and that she “Melanie-izes” every song she covers. But her whispery approach is more successful on some tunes (“Toxic,” “Lights,” “Seven Nation Army”) than it is on others (“Hit the Road Jack,” “Bulletproof”). And while “Too Close” had its intriguing moments — the click of the castanets, the foot tambourine, the overall wistful mood — I had to agree with Xtina that ultimately, Melanie’s version didn’t really go anywhere. It was ultimately a nice side salad whereas Alex Clare’s original is a plate of gastronomic drama. Not that a side salad is a terrible thing, mind you. But three or four seasons from now, this won’t be the Melanie performance everyone remembers. Grade: B+

Trevin Hunte: Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” | I understand that Cee Lo thinks Trevin is at his best when he’s covering power ballads, and he may in fact be correct. But that doesn’t mean that Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” is the right song choice to transform the teenage contestant into a relevant, radio-ready recording artist. At least not in the year 2012. But telethon-ready vibe aside, Trevin’s rendition had additional problems, too, no matter how overzealously the coaches pimped it. For starters, the tempo was a wee bit rushed, and it seemed like Trevin could never quite latch on, leaving him out of breath and dropping ends of phrases on the verse. Yeah, he hit all his big glory notes, but even those old tricks were somewhat blunted by the presence of a full (and cheesily staged) Gospel choir. Adam droned on about how it doesn’t matter what Trevin sings, that he can master pretty much anything, but that theory was already disproven by Usher’s “Scream,” and I’m not entirely uncertain “Greatest Love” doesn’t represent strike two. Grade: B- C+

Cody Belew: Queen’s “Somebody to Love” | Forgive me for pulling a Blake Shelton, but I don’t have a whole lot to say about Cody’s performance. I did love the combination of black sequined shirt and forest green suit, but everything else felt oddly inauthentic. From the way Cody kicked things off atop a standalone staircase (and flanked by a Gospel choir) to the strained quality of his falsetto to the hammy way he jumped atop the piano to close the number…it felt like an attempt to put his bam-bam magic on steroids, and it proved less enjoyable than anything he’s done all season. Is that crazy of me to say? Am I just being hard on him because, with only eight contestants remaining, he’s clearly the weakest link from a vocal standpoint? Maybe. But with two folks headed home on Tuesday night, I can’t say I’d be devastated if Cody was one of ’em. Grade: B- C+

Terry McDermott: Blake Shelton’s “Over” | I’m a big proponent of contestants going outside their musical comfort zones, but Terry tackling a Blake Shelton country hit was a bit like a freshly shorn poodle trying to pull a sled in the Iditarod: Dude didn’t have the skill set or the preparation to make it work. For starters, the verses were pitched too low for the normally consistent Scottish rocker, and his struggle to hit those notes seemed to stop him from connecting to the lyrics — a fact that was punctuated by his vaguely disconcerted facial expression. Also, has there ever been a more backhanded compliment than Xtina telling Terry he’s “always such a solid vocalist.” Because every budding singer really dreams of being known as “solid.” Grade: C

Group Numbers
Dez, Melanie, Tery and Cassadee: All American Rejects’ “Move Along” | Grade: A Mess!

Amanda, Cody, Trevin, and Nicholas: Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” | Grade: OMG Amanda’s high note!

And with that, let me turn things over to you:

Who were your favorites from The Voice‘s Top 8 performance telecast? Who’s most likely to get booted come Tuesday night? Are you voting for Amanda? If not, WHY NOT? (Sorry, didn’t mean to yell.) Hit the comments with your thoughts!

p.s. No new Reality Check this week, thanks to last week’s Thanksgiving holiday. But we’ll be back with a new video next Monday, scout’s honor!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam M says:

    What is it going to take for Christina to give Amanda any kind of recognition? If she goes home because of blasé remarks -.- She belongs in that final!!

    • Sandy says:

      I agree. Christina hasn’t given Amanda a straight compliment since Amanda picked Adam over her in the battle rounds. I do hope people vote according to what they hear and like and not on what the judges try to persuade them to like.

    • ETG says:

      Christina does the very same thing to Melanie….. veiled disrespect. It makes me lose all respect for her as a judge, that she refuses to recognize talent coached by the other judges.

      • Blivins says:

        She does the same thing to Melanie as well. I guess it just kills her to compliment any female singer.

      • Page says:

        Xtina did the same thing in past seasons as well. So blatant about the manipulation that it loses its effectiveness.

      • allie08 says:

        she does the same thing to Melanie because Melanie isn’t her style.

      • Tom22 says:

        Christina is consistent – she likes a power rock/ballad singer like she is (or however you would describe Christina’s style). As she is consistent both in her comments and even what she aspires to herself I’m ok with her comments. Hearing her perform herself I also respect Christina’s huge talent.

        That being said, I don’t really like Christina’s style even as I respect her skills and even as I won’t knock the emotion and meaning she brings to her songs. She isn’t a soul singer and I’m not sure she really has a gutteral understanding of the blues, or jazz phrasings etc. She likes and delivers power that doesn’t dance around the notes and play with tonation ironically etc – I do believe she knows music well enough to appreciate differences in quality of the types of music that she doesn’t prefer, but just as I don’t prefer her music I can see she just doesn’t prefer things like Nicholas Davids mind blowing Lean on Me or Melanies complex Seven Nation army.

    • KND says:

      She is so awful to everyone. She has never had a good word to say about anyone who isn’t on her team. That’s why she’s down to one this season and came in last, last season. Her shameless begging for Dez tonight was hilarious though.

    • Sam says:

      Did anyone else notice that she didn’t give any critiques for the last two? (Or it wasn’t shown) She was so bitter tonight it was sad.

      • Blair says:

        Yeah I think the producers probably told Carson not to ask her any more because she was giving pretty lame and unenthusiastic critiques

      • the real wendy says:

        I was also annoyed/distracted by her clicky jewelry. She seemed so desperate about Dev that I was over him before he started singing. Did anyone else notice the funny static electricity is Terry and Cassadee’s hair? Also thought it was cute how Terry said Holy S-! when his wife came out. Seems like a good dude.

    • Joe says:

      I’m worried about Amanda. The iTunes version of the song is not the version she sang on the show tonight. I was about to buy it, but it’s not the rocked out version we heard on the show. What she sang on the show was brilliant tonight. She’s in the death slot, so make sure you vote people. Christina never gives female contestants not on her team any props. She’ll compliment men on other teams, but women get her claws out.

    • mrOCD says:

      I’m not a huge fan of Amanda’s song choice this week (and even, the “different” arrangement wasn’t quite different enough to really excite or stand out from the original). But I would absolutely be devastated if she, somehow in some completely crazy way, gets evicted from the competition.

    • zengarden says:

      Honestly, the vibe I get from Christina is that she recognizes Amanda has a great voice, but doesn’t seem to like the style Amanda wants to do. It seems like Christina wants her to sing traditionally soulful “African American Women” songs (if there is such a thing) instead of the rock-infused style Amanda HAS been singing. Just like a few weeks ago with her “I just don’t think you’ve picked your style yet” or whatever that line was…

      • p says:

        i agree with you, at least in part. christina really does seem to be confused because amanda doesn’t follow this imaginary “big black divas” route, which she always seems to expect from black women with powerful vocals. which just makes me more irritated with her and her unenthusiastic reviews and comments. but she’s always been very sexist even with contestants on her own team (she does well with the girls she can “teach” – read: outsing – but she does very poorly with the seasoned ones she seems to feel threatened by) and her refusal to recognize the talent (specially female talent) on other teams has just gotten really old by now. her refusal just stands out more with amanda because it’s obvious to anyone with ears that amanda should get praising but she does it to melanie and cassadee too. and the refusal was just outright ridiculous last night when the only one she showered with praising was her own contestant.

        • bbl says:

          Given the awards she’s won, lists she’s topped, and high praise given to her by the best singers in the world, I doubt very highly Christina feels threatened by anyone on a reality TV show. I will agree that she isn’t depicted to be extremely helpful, and her choices of contestants leaves me scratching my head — but come on, she trades runs with the likes of Beyoncé Knowles and Brian McKnight. Compared to her peers these contestants aren’t in the same league; they’re barely playing the same game.

          I feel the judges/coaches/mentors on these shows are way too easy on these artists. I thought Amanda had the best vocal of the night, but it still wasn’t as polished as it could’ve been — especially for someone who sang backup vocals for the very artist she was covering. It may not be fair, but I expect lots more from singers as seasoned as Amanda, who has been less than consistent this season (Nicholas has had, at times, much better tone than Amanda, who sometimes seems to lose something in her voice when she reaches for high notes, in my opinion).

          I’d be fine with Amanda winning, she’s probably the most versatile, will likely put out material I’d be most interested in, and she’s rather hot. But you really have to expect them to spread the love around a bit; this can’t become The Amanda Show, especially given her inconsistencies.

          • p says:

            sorry but christina is one of the most insecure women i’ve ever seen on television. she needs outside validation like she needs air, possibly more. she always has and it’s gotten worse since her last two albums failed to sell as much as expected and her last tour got cancelled. this is in no way me saying anything about her singing skills. whatever i may think of her artistry (or lack of it), there is absolutely no question that she is an amazing vocalist, possibly (and probably) the best of her generation as far as technicality goes. i like a lot of her music and the awards she’s won were deserved. but someone can be extremely talented at something (singing, acting, dancing, painting, sculpting, writing, speaking in public, teaching etc) and still be very insecure about their abilities. whether she has reasons to feel threatened or not has no bearing on her own perception of the situation and she acts like someone who’s very insecure most of the time.

            my comment never meant to imply that amanda is above criticism. i never implied that she was perfect, that i wanted the amanda show or that the other contestants didn’t deserve love. amanda is my favorite this season, yes, with nicholas a close second, because i like her song choices, i like her stage presence and i like her voice. she’s a powerful vocalist who has taken risks in, unlike trevin, straying away from the expected path for powerful vocalists. her performances may not have been perfect but a performance doesn’t have to be perfect to have merits. i just meant, with my comment, that it was irritating how christina refused to give amanda any (deserved) praise for all that she’s accomplished on the show. any praise for amanda pulled out of her, after amanda chose adam over her, looked like someone was twisting her arm and pulling a teeth. last night was just more blatant but she’s been doing it ever since the battle rounds.

            in the end, i hope amanda wins but i’m preparing myself for a cassadee win. she came into this with a huge fan base already and she’s been gaining momentum. she’s not even my third favorite and i don’t see her appeal most of the time but i can recognize that she’s a strong contender even though i think that, with the exception of the miranda song, she’s been playing it very safe. i appreciate amanda’s risk-taking more, specially because it usually pays off. but, really, as far as i’m concerned, as long as amanda and nicholas are in the final four and amanda gets a record deal out of this, i’ll be happy.

          • bbl says:

            p, yeah, I can certainly understand your frustration. This is my first season watching The Voice, but I’ve been following Idol for years. This past season was probably my favorite, as I thought the talent pool was its deepest and most varied, but it was also the most frustrating for me. The producers and “judges” on that show didn’t do right by many of the artists, and I thought their positive and negative feedback was both exaggerated and misplaced in many cases. (As a disclaimer, Jessica Sanchez was my favorite, but it applies to everybody.) More than any other season on Idol, I feel that the judges comments were ridiculous to the point of losing all of their impact and credibility.

            The Voice seems to have the same problem, but unlike Idol, and like X Factor, the problem is compounded by the fact that the coaches/mentors actually have a vested interest in certain contestants over others. This essentially guarantees you’re likely going to get at least some biased feedback every now and then — either in what they say or the tone in which they say it. For example, I could be wrong, but I haven’t noticed any real negative feedback from coaches of their own contestants. Granted, The Voice seems like a “nicer” show than Idol, but if complete honesty were suddenly injected into these shows, I think most of the feedback would/should be negative, which probably would have viewers wondering why they should watch.

            Anyway, take heart. If Amanda is as good as we think she is, she’ll have her chance to show the world who she can really be regardless if she wins or not, just like Jessica.

    • Blivins says:

      Things couldn’t be going much worse for Christina Aguilera. The lead single from her new album bombed. Then the album itself bombed. She consistently has the worst team on “The Voice”, every single season. She comes across as a bitch and no one wants to be on her team. Clearly she’s an emotional eater because she just keeps getting heavier and heavier every week. As Adele has proven, being overweight isn’t necessarily a problem….unless you are Christina Aguilera and you’re trying to sell sex. Dez will be sent home tonight and then what’s she going to do for the rest of the season? Like I said…I don’t think things could get much worse for her.

  2. Steph says:

    1. Amanda 2. Melanie 3. Nicholas 4. Cassadee 5. Dez 6. Cody 7. Trevin 8. Terry

  3. Alexandra says:

    I would put Trevin solidly at the bottom. Potential is NOT performance.

    • Sara says:

      Agreed! I’m already sick of Trevin and Dez so I hope they go tomorrow. Dez isn’t as bad, but Christina’s begging for him tonight was just sad. She just doesn’t want to be eliminated…so I want her to be.

      • Vetle says:

        I actually had a weird dream that Trevin and Dez went home yesterday, lol. But I don’t believe in that stuff. Let’s see though! I hope Trevin and Terry goes.

    • Beth says:

      So true! While Trevin has a great voice, he is very one dimensional. Look at his group performances he cannot keep up. He needs to go.

    • dan says:

      Agree completely! Nice kid, but his time should be up (he should’ve left last week after that awful Usher song).

  4. ETG says:

    Cassadee A
    Nicholas A
    Amanda A-
    Melanie B+
    Terry C+
    Trevin C
    Cody C
    Dez C

  5. Nancy says:

    I’m not going to miss XTina next year. She was really annoying me tonight with her comments and body language. I love Amanda Brown and Cody Belew and hope both make it through.

  6. Elsa says:

    Weird show for me. Not sure who was my favorite…

    Btw, I missed a couple of minutes and boom ! Xtina was gone ?!? Where and why did she leave ?

    • Beth says:

      I thought the same thing but I saw her profile right at the end. I think it says a lot that Carson never went to her after the last two performances. Why she and Dez picked a Bieber song when he is her last man standing I will never get. She did the same thing last year when she knew she was going to lose. The thing about her as opposed to Blake, Adam and Ceelo is she thinks it is her moment and not her teams.

  7. Sandy says:

    The ladies blew me away tonight. Amanda was back in form tonight. Not only is her voice a force but she has an easy stage presence–confident but not cocky. Melanie was a surprise to me. I liked her for the first time . I’m actually close to downloading her version of “Too Close”. Cassadee is hands down the one to beat. Not only is she selling like a gazillion iTunes downloads but she delivers clean, powerful vocals live. She ain’t just a studio singer.

  8. jenn says:

    Amanda is the best on the show. She’s consistent (her Spectrum performance wasn’t perfect, but it was still miles better than a lot of other contestants), she’s got a killer range, power, attitude, is vying for something quite unique as a voice winner (an african american woman who does alternative rock and actually has power) and she kills it every time. I used to get annoyed by how Christina was to Tony Lucca even though he wasn’t my favorite,I thought she was a lot better this year, but the fact that she can’t actually be nice to Amanda shows her fear and immaturity. My dream final two is Amanda and Nicholas, but I expect friggin Cassadee to win the whole thing thanks to her fans.

    • ETG says:

      I do have to say that Amanda’s cover of that godawful Adele song was the best I’ve ever heard. Thank God she didn’t pronounce it, “someone like yeuoooooooooooohhh”; I HATE it when Adele and all the wannabes do that!!! :-D

      • niks says:

        You’ve got to love these reality tv audiences without any concept of what good music is. If you think “Someone like you” or Adele is awful, then you are one of those disabled who can hear but just can’t listen.

        • jaxguy says:

          I agree. Adele and that song are brilliant. But I did love Amanda’s version.

        • ETG says:

          Oh please, surely even YOU can recognize the fact that not every singer is going to appeal to EVERYONE. If you want to love Adele, go right ahead; personally, I think she is the most over-hyped, overrated singer currently out there. Not my cup of tea by any means.

          • niks says:

            Please. If Adele doesn’t appeal to you then its fine by me, but if you say that she is an awful singer then you show your lack of musical aptitude.
            Christina doesn’t appeal to me, but I would never call her an awful singer. Appeal and Ability are two very different concepts. Only fools relate them.

      • FreeHaley says:

        my “hah” being about the “yeeooooooooouw” thing not calling it a god awful song, just for the record

    • Tom22 says:

      With due respect, I imagine that you might not really love the soul and R&B genre’s of music. We’re all entitled to our tastes and to judge accordingly. If your taste is such that you might not think Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder are at the apex of musical expression, or if you listen to Johny Lee Hooker song and think about the stregnth of his pipes rather than the grace in phrasing we’d be looking for far different things… which is ok, but would explain differences in judgement.

  9. Nomo Stew says:

    Dez has yet to find the center of a pitch on any sustained note. He’s not a singer, and this is supposed to be “The Voice.” At some point, won’t his voters just be ashamed of themselves? Christina has now lost all credibility, with the whole show soon to follow if any of the rest go ahead of him.

    • ETG says:

      Dez is an embarrassment. Poor kid can’t sing a lick, and he gave up a free ride to Yale for THIS????

    • Alienate says:

      Dez seems like a nice person. I don’t find his voice distinctive enough to ever buy his songs. Xtina is a total biatch and nothing would make me happier than to she her “Last Man Standing” take a seat on the “Out of here train”

  10. FreeHaley says:


    (I will admit Cassadee did have a second good week in a row. In my eyes she as now at least made it legit that she is up there among the last few.)
    (Didn’t quite feel Melanie again this week. Not bad but it seemed like it could and should have been great, something wasn’t quite connected at times and maybe she is just a pinch shy of truly having the vocals to quite wow certain little things even as a tone singer. Interesting, could be super awesome, but somehow just seems just a little shy of that really quite being the case so I don’t know.)
    (Trevin had some fantastic moments where he really did bring it again and some decent ones and some where he seemed a bit hushed and rushed, especially at the start and one other part. Certainly way better than last week.)
    (Cody certainly has the personality, in his audition he had personality but not in a good way, but now he can be pretty funny and really control the stage or interview section pretty darn well. Some ok vocals there and some really good bits.)
    (Nicholas is still somehow super cool, wonderful tone and voice.)
    (Dez is better than he gets credit for, easy to write him off as a mimbo or whatnot, but he is better than that, that said, something about it wasn’t really quite his best vocal ever this time.)
    (Terry not bad and I’m one who hasn’t minded him doing all that 80s stuff.)

    Going to be hard to figure out who goes home…. you woudn’t think Amanda or Cassadee (although Amanda did get the spot of DOOM but she did counter that at least a little with one of the absolute best of the night, probably the best). Nicholas seems to be getting more support than Michael has often thought so he might be ok too. It is down to very dangerous weeks and you never really do know at all I think just about from now on for most of them.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I will say Amanda best of the night and then Cassadee and Nicholas. I don’t feel like trying to figure out the rest, too tricky. I will just leave it those three were probably best of the night although others had their moments at times.

    • bbl says:

      There was something missing from Amanda’s voice when she sang really high or screamed tonight. Not shrill, but sort of empty. Still, she was otherwise pretty solid; she’s in my top 2 for the night.

      Nicholas is the other one in my top 2 for the night. Loved his tone, the piano jam — and the man has some serious soul.

      Melanie falls a little short for me, too. I don’t know if it’s song choice or what. I think she could absolutely kill some Cranberries, maybe “Everything I Said” or “Ridiculous Thoughts”.

    • Dana says:

      i almost completely agree with everything you wrote.
      my only problem with this show is that yes it is a show based on vocal abilities (thank god! i can’t stand to watch the X-factor, or american idol) but at the same time, when i watch Trevin sing, i’m very blown away by his voice on ballads – will i want to an ballad CD or go to a concert? Probably not.. at the same time he has shown us that he is not that great in other Genres.
      I believe this also applies to Terry – he has a great rock voice, but can deviate much from that. So even if these 2 win, its going to be like the last 2 winners of the voice? who are they? where they now? i think winning is much more important to the coaches ha!
      i also need to comment on Melanie, i think her voice is cool.. not as unique as that genre used to be, she reminds me of the girl from “Monsters and Men” but she can’t stray a lot with it. And she failed to hit the high moments of Too Close that i thought would be perfect for her!!
      Cody is fun to watch. but his voice is eh. not amazing, not bad.. but definitely doesn’t deserve to win.
      I think Nicholas’s voice is absolutely amazing!! its just his hair and beard that bothers me, but w/e his voice overcomes it. he has a shot in the long run.. but i don’t know what of kind of audience he will actually have if he won.

      in all reality i think it will come down to Dez (the ladies do love him) Cassadee and Amanda.

  11. Al says:

    Xtina is feeling the added pressure of the new rule this year where she seemingly may not have anyone in the finale. She hated that Amanda picked Adam over her, and Cassadee or Trevin did not pick her so she has nothing nice to say about anyone but Dez. I am not surprised at all

    • Percysowner says:

      She does seem to adore Cody, but most of the judges do. I get the feeling he just has a great personality. He isn’t The Voice, but I think he could end up doing well as a performer.

    • Blair says:

      Yeah I agree… I don’t think she likes being so out of control and is taking it very personally that America has reduced her to one person before any of the other coaches. I wonder what she’ll do if Dez is eliminated? Stop showing up at all? Start bullying other contestant? Throw a live tantrum? Good t.v all around if that happens!

      • Al says:

        She shouldnt be mad at America. She should be mad at herself for getting rid of singers like Aquile, De’Borah, and putting Nelly’s Echo and De’Borah up against each other in the Battle rounds. And picking Adrianna over anyone even though IMO she lost every battle Xtina said she won butting people out like Jordan Pruitt and De’Borah along the way. If should would have had Joselyn, Aquile, De’Borah, Jordan, Nelly’s Echo as her top 5. I am sure at least 2 of them would be standing still right now. Sylvia and Adrianna just were not very consistent and hurt people’s ear when listening to them. Aquile, Jordan, and Nelly’s Echo all had smooth voices easy on the ears and good personalities. De’Borah was an entertainer and very unique. Joselyn was similar to Sylvia but Joselyn beat her in the Battle Round performance in IMO and Joselyn was a more versatile artist.

        • FreeHaley says:

          +1 exactly

          • FreeHaley says:

            although I wasn’t blown away by Nelly’s Echo as some and I don’t remember Aquile super strongly. Maybe Joselyn,De’Borah,Jordan and then two of Adrianna, Sylvia, Aquile.

        • Trent says:

          Al, AMEN to every word. Xtina had some of the best singers in this competition — especially De’Borah and Aquile — but consistently chose weaker contestants. But more importantly, what was up with her attitude tonight? She’s been so much nicer this season than last, but that has gone by the wayside as her team has been voted off. Every other coach is pleasant and encouraging to the other singers, but Xtina looked so sour and bitter (especially to Amanda).

          Overall, I thought Amanda was the best tonight, followed by Cody (LOVED his performance), Cassadee, Nicholas, and Dez. I know Terry is talented, but he has so little personality onstage that I just can’t get excited about him. I’ve already voted for my faves 10X each, but I’m worried about Amanda…America, please vote for real talent!

        • Lorrie says:

          Well said!

        • betsy says:

          you nailed it.

    • Tom22 says:

      Actually, what she might hate is that the musical preferences of the audience aren’t geared in a way that appreciates her (christina’s) own musical style – a straightfoward, magificent, and powerful voice that is less likely to back off on and off from the power and use approach notes (runs but not exactly – runs in the didly do styel) to bring complexity and flavor to lyrics and melodies.

  12. Matt says:

    A- for Dez? Slezak are you on crack? that was the corniest performance of the season so far.

    • mrOCD says:

      Yes, that’s quite a mysterious grade. It was a C-grade performance, at best.

      I also don’t believe Amanda’s rendition of Someone Like You warrants an unequivocal “A”… but I’m willing to let that slide since, well, she is the most talented of the lot (IMO).

    • white lancer says:

      Slezak has fallen for Dez’s pretty-boy looks. He bags on Terry (rightfully) for sounding too similar week to week, but (despite Christina’s insistence to the contrary) Dez sings in the same style each week and he does it in a bland and nasally tone. Totally pedestrian performance from someone who wore out his welcome weeks ago.

      • Owen says:

        Slezak’s the worst.

        • Karen A. says:

          I love Michael, but don’t see why Michael loves Dez. Dez does remind me a little of Kris Allen, though. There’s a little Adam/Kris going on with Cody/Dez. I prefer Adam and Cody.

      • mrOCD says:

        It’s not even that he does the same thing every week. It’s just that what he does do isn’t very good. He gives it his all, no doubt apparent in his well-rehearsed, self-indulgent on-stage mannerisms, but the resulting output is always lacking.

        And his song choice this week certainly didn’t help matters any.

        • MamaLis says:

          I’m gonna go against the crowd here and agree with Slezak. I find Dez entertaining week after week. While Christina was tres annoying and this week’s song choice wasn’t great, I also think Dez zings across the stage with charisma, never looking forced or even loosing his breath, for that matter. (Compared to Cody who’s every move is drama.) I mean, Dez is no Nicholas, but then Nicholas is no Dez. They each bring different features to the stage and I enjoy them BOTH for totally different reasons. (Please don’t yell at me.) :-o

          • white lancer says:

            I actually agree that he has decent stage presence. It’s his vocals that are lacking, to a far worse extent than anyone else on the show. He has the opposite problem of Trevin–while Trevin squanders his massive potential, Dez lives up to his potential only to be underwhelming all the same. I’d like to see both go home.

  13. yanabanana says:

    Dez and Cassadee are not good, in any shape or form. They sing a heck of a lot better than me, but that’s about it. Terry is great but not unique. Amanda, though good, is also not unique. Melanie always sounds the same. Team Cee Lo is by FAR the strongest, and although I favor Cody, myself, I know Trevin and Nicholas are very good.

    • I’m intrigued by your definition of “unique.” You say that Amanda Brown is “not unique,” yet she is a Black woman who sings rock and roll, yet still has a powerful voice from her church upbringing. Her cover of Adele’s Someone Like You is a completely original arrangement. I’d say there are plenty of angles from which you could call her “unique.”

    • jaxguy says:

      I was surprised that I didn’t care for Trevin’s The Greatest Love at all. He’s a good singer but I think he’s regressing.

      • jd says:

        That’s because diva ballads are boring. If the performance doesn’t match or exceed the known performance, it’s pointless. At least Adam / Amanda changed up the Adele song enough to avoid that trap.

      • betsy says:

        it was the WORST SONG CHOICE EVER. And he sang it horribly. I couldn’t believe the rave reviews the judges gave that performance.

  14. Jamey says:

    I agree except for Dez… I would put him in the bottom three. Amanda is by far the strongest but Nicholas is strong! I know Cassadee has way too many fans to not be in the final but she reminds me of an Avril Lavigne wannabe. She should go forward but not win…imho

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I thought Casadee sounded just like an off-key at times Michelle Branch or Natalie Imbrulia.

      • Page says:

        I agree. Everyone seems to love Cassadee, and she’s certainly polished and Blake loves looking at good bodies in short tight dresses but she feels so generic to me.

  15. Sara says:

    I am so glad that Christina is finally fully showing her true colors again. She tries to build up her own team by unfairly dragging down every other contestant. If she would be honest in her critiques, I would have so much more respect for her. I mean, how she can be so hypocritical as to say that Amanda is a one trick pony and an hour later say that Dez is so versatile is beyond me. Sure, he pulls songs from different genres, but he sings them all in the exact same way, as if he was a lounge singer. Amanda brings something new to everything she does, and even when she kind of fails at least she is being innovative.

  16. FreeHaley says:

    Dang, I hope the curse of going first doesn’t actually this week too. I don’t see Amanda even charting top 200 yet, her song from last week is still way above wherever she is this week. Yikes. Maybe I better bother to call in my ten votes after all….

    And Cassadee is already way up on the charts again, man she is running away with it. At least I get why she is in the top group now, but I still think it would be a shame if she knocked off Amanda and perhaps Nicholas. I fear the true, real rock chick Amanda type might just never win one of these shows. Didn’t happen last year either.

    • Rod says:

      Amanda is on the iTunes Charts. She was #34 as of now behind Melanie, Nicholas and Cassadee. They will all chart higher by the time you check in the morning.

      • igoreli says:

        On iTunes

        5. Cassadee Pope – Are You Happy Now? (The Voice Performance)
        7. Melanie Martinez – Too Close (The Voice Performance)
        11. Cassadee Pope – Over You (The Voice Performance)
        13. Nicholas David – What’s Going On (The Voice Performance)
        20. Amanda Brown – Someone Like You (The Voice Performance)
        25. Terry McDermott – Over (The Voice Performance)
        46. Trevin Hunte – Greatest Love of All (The Voice Performance)
        50. Cody Belew – Somebody To Love (The Voice Performance)
        61. Dez Duron – U Smile (The Voice Performance)
        66. Melanie Martinez – Seven Nation Army (The Voice Performance)

  17. JW says:

    Not sure what’s more disappointing….Christina’s response to Amanda’s performance or no “Reality Check.” Seriously.

  18. Benjamin says:

    50 gonna make a comeback! That song was great and it even has an Eminem guest verse that wasn’t on the telecast. Can’t wait to see the video!

  19. megs says:

    Ahhh Xtina’s passive-aggressive critiques…you know she’s scared when those come out!
    That picture of the Duron siblings was cute, but was that a dang PAINTING though?! weird.
    Agree about Terry’s grade from Slezak, but am so bummed about it! I like him so much!
    Wouldn’t be sad about trevin or Melanie leaving tomorrow, I don’t love dez, I just think it’d be a shame for Xtina to be completely out if the running before the finals. Anyone else getting the boot, I’ll be sad

  20. Luke Gross says:

    Hey click my name people LUKE GROSS and help a brotha out please. Thanks all and praise be to God.

    • Stephanie says:

      Scam! Dirty, rotten scam!!! I hope you trip in a very public forum and possibly sprain your ankle. I hope a water fountain leaks on your pants and makes you like incontinent. I hope you get a large, painful zit right in the middle of your forehead. And mostly I hope all that porn on your computer gives you so many viruses your hard drive fries itself. Have a nice day :)

  21. dj says:

    I hope Amanda and Nicholas make it through. Lately all my favorites on every show are going home. I am getting burned out on these singing shows. I think it’s because the Voice and X-Factor are on at the same time. And I’m not looking forward to Idol because I don’t like the whole situation with the new judges.

  22. Whimsical says:

    Everyone was terrible tonight.

    Amanda- HATED that arrangement. I usually like Adam, but tonight he butchered one of the most beautiful songs currently on the radio.

    Nicholas- Karaoke bar cover all the way. Grats on the baby though.

    Dez- Beiber? Enough said.

    Cassadee: Horrible and screechy. Stick to country.

    Melanie- all that song did was highlight how she doesn’t have a big enough voice to do that kind of song

    Trevin- Only tolerable because last weeks performance was so awful.

    Cody- When you cant even live up to the auto-tuned version that was done on Glee, you have a problem.

    Terry- the definition of “phoning it in”.

    I don’t know what was in the water this week, but the mentors made terrible choices(and made themselves look like terrible hypocrites with all the undeserved praise they were ladling out) and the performances were seriously lackluster.

    Judging strictly on tonight’s performance, Casadee and Amanda should go home for being the two worst. I think theirs a fair chance Casadee will go home tomorrow but I pray America doesn’t blame Amanda for Adam’s idiotic butchery and she stays.

    • jenn says:

      I’m all for different opinions, and while you have the right to not like the arrangement, Amanda was the best tonight with Nicholas. You may not like her version, but her voice was amazing. And she also shined on anyway you want it.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Amanda and Cassadee worst of the night???

      • mrOCD says:

        S/he’s obviously just trolling.

        • Whimsical says:

          Yes, because you disagree with me, I MUST be trolling. Give me a break.

          I stand by what I said. Cassadee was the worst vocal performance of the night- just almost completely off-key from beginning to end. Amanda was the worst arrangement of the night, so it’s Adam’s fault, not hers, but it was still overall the second worst performance of the night.

          I think voters will not hold Adam’s butchery of Adele against Amanda, and that she has enough accumulated good will to survive a lousy performance. I’m not convinced that the one good performance (last week) and the ton of average performances Cassadee has turned in have brought her enough good will to save her from the horrible mess she turned in last night.

          • Jenny says:

            Amanda has a great voice. That said I HATED her performance. It was sooo pitchy. Check your ears if you mistook it for “amazing vocals”. You love the Adele song so much you’ll love anyone who sings it.

          • jaxguy says:

            Do me a favor and send me your copy because I listened to it twice and it sure wasn’t pitchy. May not be your cup of tea but it was superbly performed.

    • Alienate says:

      While I do not agree with your picks to go home, I do agree that last nite’s singing was WAY below par for the course this season.

  23. Sara says:

    I totally hope Nicholas wins. He is a wierd guy with a very sexy voice! Love him and would buy his music.

    On a side note…Melanie looked so uncomfortable when everyone was mentioning how her guy blew it with her…was anyone else wondering if her fella might actually be a girl? I don’t really care either way, but she was nonspecific when she said she was going through a breakup, so I wonder if the judges just assumed…

  24. Adrian Arciniega says:

    I love and agree with you all the time Michael, but why do you always give Melanie a lower grade than she deserves? Oh, and Amanda Brown for the win.

    • Jenny says:

      Cause she sucks and is mostly flat all the time. Doesn’t bring anything new to the table, same performance week after week it seems. No real artistic/vocal growth.

  25. teatime says:

    “Are you voting for Amanda? If not, WHY NOT?”
    I am voting for Amanda.
    I am very concerned that Amanda sang first and then got a lot of wordy meaningless critiques. Even her own judge was kinda all over the place with his remarks after she performed.
    I am bummed Cody sang second. I enjoy his performances and I do not think he should go home yet. But singing early on might put him in the bottom.
    A few years ago there was a Canadian TV show that was about a young female pop/rock singer who had won a Reality TV show and was building her career as a pop/rock singer. Every week they would work a performance or two into the story. It was a fun show and the lead female was very likeable. Cassadee somehow reminded me of that tonight. I don’t think her vocals are great, but it is was a fun rocker performance so I enjoyed it. But I think of her as more pop than rock.
    I still don’t really get Dez.
    Trevin wins the prize for worst song choice of the night. Hands down. No contest.
    This is a really good group. I hope Amanda is safe this week. I think she should win this. I hope Cody is safe but going second did not help him. Beyond that I am okay with anyone else staying and anyone else going. I think going out 7th or 8th on this 3rd season of the voice is still a good placement given how diverse and talented the contestants are.

  26. Carlton says:

    Cassadee is top 10 on iTunes already. Helps to have fans already, i guess.

  27. Samantha says:

    Am I the only person not buying Melanie’s fake emotions during her songs?

  28. Julio says:

    Chills twice tonight, during Melanie’s and Cody’s performances. I’m not easily moved. Those were damn great renditions. But nobody sucked this week. My rankings:

    1. Melanie
    2. Cody
    3. Amanda
    4, Nicholas
    5. Trevin
    6. Cassadee
    7. Dez
    8. Terry

    As good as it was to see Terry break out of the classic rock box, and as good as he did with Blake Shelton’s “Over,” he still ranked last on the list tonight. Similarly, Dez has often bored me, and tonight he was really good — on a frickin’ Bieber song, no less; making that listenable is no small feat. But it’s time to them to go, ’cause Cassadee and Trevin (though big yawn at the song choice; so over the ballads) JUST edged them.

    I’d be happy to see any of my Top 4 from tonight win this, but I predict that the final four are gonna be Amanda, Nicholas, Cassadee and Dez, keeping every coach in it as long as possible. Not saying I think it’s rigged, it just seems to be the way the votes and downloads have been going.

  29. Aria says:

    Pretty good show, but it started losing me at the end. Didn’t quite live up to last week.
    My rankings for tonight were:
    1. Amanda Brown – Amazing as always! How could Christina be so tepid when everyone else clearly agreed that Amanda was brilliant? Amanda is the LAST person who should be told she doesn’t know what kind of artist she is, because she’s one of the few who knows exactly what kind of artist she is.
    2. Melanie Martinez – This may be moreso a factor of her choosing the perfect song for her voice, but I thought this was a really great performance. I look forward to Melanie every single week.
    3. Nicholas David – Passionate and engaging, but still way too old-school. What kind of album would he make if he were to win, and would it actually sell?
    4. Cassadee Pope – Back to the mediocre realm after an amazing week last week. No way is she going home, though, at least not until she is inevitably crowned the winner.
    5. Dez Duron – Stayed on pitch, but I can’t listen to him sing for extended periods of time. Sounds too nasally/whiny, even though that’s just the tone of his voice and he can’t exactly help that. He just seems a bit bland and doesn’t quite know who he is as an artist (which is ironic, since Xtina gave Amanda that very same criticism despite acting like Dez is the Second Coming). I kind of really hope he goes so that Christina doesn’t have a pony in this race and possibly loses her ‘tude and partiality to her own contestants.
    6. Trevin Hunte – When he hit the big notes, he nailed them, but the rest was so-so. We’re clearly back to big ballads with Trevin and are likely staying there. While that’s probably the right call given last week’s disaster, this former shoo-in winner is looking less solid every week.
    7. Cody Belew – Points for being a dynamic entertainer as usual, but his vocals still weren’t as great as we’ve seen from him in the past. His number could be up.
    8. Terry McDermott – Did not benefit from a Shelton/Lambert country number the way Cassadee did last week. He looked confused most of the time and didn’t seem to connect at all.
    WHO SHOULD GO: Cody & Terry
    WHO WILL GO: Cody & Terry
    I’d actually still be surprised if Terry went, given his early frontrunner status, but I think Team Blake will firmly back Cassadee, so we could get this shocking boot now. I hope Amanda doesn’t suffer from the death spot curse like Michaela and Sylvia did when they sang first. Melanie and Dez could also be at risk simply for being among the weaker vocalists of the group. Trevin should be at risk, but if he survived last week’s debacle, he likely has the fans to survive this week. Cassadee won’t be going home any time soon, even if she went onstage and farted the alphabet. I keep predicting that Nicholas will be a surprise boot, but he obviously has fans (and lots of them). So my picks to go are Cody for sure, and Terry as the likely other boot.

    • Kristina says:

      What kind of album would Nicholas make if he won and would it sell? Whatever it would be, I’d buy it. But I know I’m in the minority there as I prefer an old school sound. I hope he goes far, but I see what you’re saying.

  30. Eric says:

    This week’s rankings for me:
    1. Amanda – My favorite contestant, and the best of the night as well. Her performance was such a great take on a song that’s been beaten to death over the past year and some. Honestly, when Amanda gets voted off, I’ll probably stop watching this show. I hope that isn’t tomorrow, as the death spot isn’t an encouraging sign.
    2. Cody – Great song. Sure, he’s no Freddie Mercury, but at least he (like Amanda) does something different week in and week out, and still manages to entertain. I think he’s in danger this week, as last week.
    3. Nicholas – A wonderful, smooth vocal from Nicholas, as usual. If he doesn’t make the top four, I will be absolutely astonished.
    4. Dez – I’m surprising myself lately with how much I like Dez’s performances. As I’ve said before, he’s not the best vocalist, but his song choices are smart. He knows what he can and can’t do, and I think he could actually have a shot at selling albums.
    5. Cassadee – I find myself grudgingly rooting for this girl, if only because I would really like a woman to win this season, and based on her iTunes sales she seems like the most likely candidate. And I love this song, too, but Cassadee’s rendition fell flat for me.
    6. Trevin – I’m sorry, I don’t find an 18-year-old boy singing this song to be credible, and I also think this guy is THE most overhyped contestant that this show has ever seen.
    7. Melanie – Meh. After a couple of decent weeks, I’m back to hating Melanie and her weak, breathy voice.
    8. Terry – Terry, Terry, Terry. I wanted so badly for you to change it up and sing something different. This was not it. It was alternately boring and a complete mess, and though I once counted myself a Terry fan, I just don’t feel the love anymore.
    Who I would send home – Any combination of #5 through #8 would be perfectly fine with me, with the following two leaving next week.
    Who will go home – I’m going to guess Terry and Cody, though Amanda and Dez could both be in danger too. Pretty convinced at this point that NBC will NOT let Trevin go home.

  31. Page says:

    Several of my faves were a bit off tonight, from Amanda (weird arrangement made the band drown her out at times); to Trevin, who seemed in a rush to get it over instead of savoring the power of the song; Terry, who got to show some lower register but it was a bit all over the place; and Nicholas, who’s so interesting but it’s hard to outdo the great Marvin Gaye.

    And while Cody is a true showman and lots of fun, this is called THE VOICE but I guess I’d vote off Dez. Unfortunately, they’ve built up his “heart throb” status so that gives him a big fan base.
    I definitely want to see Amanda, Trevin and Nicholas in the finals…. but sorry, I just don’t feel all the love for Cassadee. And it’s so weird that all the judges keep talking about “pushing their team out of their comfort zone” to try new styles. That’s not how the music biz works. Performers get packaged and sold as a type and don’t bounce all over the place. Adam Levine (and I like him) sounds pretty much the same and sings the same kind of songs as he did when I bought the first Maroon 5 CD (remember those round things called CD’s?)

  32. behzad says:

    Most of you sound PATHETIC here! So blinded in your hate for Chrstina thar you want to take it out on her act? All of sudden he “can’t sing a lick” despite being the season’s most consistent performer. Yet Melanie Martinez has nevver been thought of that way (and enough with the fake crying Melanie) I already know Terry will be safe despite that bar-singer performance. Please go ahead and pick another winner who won’t make it big after the show

    • Lois Benton says:

      Dez can’t sing. If Christina still had De’Borah, I’d root for her team, as in De’Borah, to win. I certainly don’t hate Christina. She remains one of the most astonishing vocalists ever. But I must say, she appears to completely lack any understanding of how she is coming across on The Voice. She appears to lack any self-awareness, to the point where I have to wonder if she ever watches the recordings of the show. Most public figures do care about their images and she comes across as stuck up, conceited and rude, although, in fact, she may be perfectly lovely in person.

    • white lancer says:

      Dez has been one of the weakest vocalists left since the Knockout Rounds at least. He was the second worst (after Diego) in the top 20, and has been the weakest vocalist since. His performances have been consistent, true, but consistently mediocre despite basically being at the top of his (very limited) potential. I root for the contestant, not the coach, and Christina has been left with the worst vocalist left.

  33. Lois Benton says:

    Move that Dez to last place, Michael, and you’ll have something. What are you drinking, anyway? (I’m having a nice cab, myself, thanks.) Dez’s voice isn’t very good. His interpretation isn’t very good–although, to be fair, he has developed good performance skills, as in moving around the stage organically. But, most painfully, Dez never seems quite on pitch. No judges seem bothered by this. Maybe it’s my TV, but I don’t think so. I compare him most unfavorably to Nicholas David, who is a compelling and charming performer, seems like a well-seasoned veteran and who, it just occurred to me, after watching the latest, appears to have perfect pitch. If Dez should outlast Nicholas or Amanda, this show will be dead to me. Frankly, I may have to rethink watching any reality show competition where boring vocalists routinely outlast gifted and compelling ones.

  34. Mana Balagbogbo says:

    Please America vote Amanda, Nicholas, Casse Pope!!!! If any these go home! Something is wrong and Christina should start packing her things! Enough is Enough!!!!

  35. jasonboegh says:

    My rankings for tonight~
    1. Amanda
    2. Cody
    3. Nicholas
    4. Cassadee
    5. Dez
    6. Terry
    7. Trevin (flat, pitchy and just not good unfortunately)
    8. Melanie (absolutely atrocious)

    Will go home: Terry, Trevin
    Should go home: Trevin, Melanie

    • Lois Benton says:

      All I really care about is that Amanda and Nicholas stay (and they wouldn’t even be my favorites if others had lasted longer!). But, come on, Cody? I like him, but he singing, or was the choir singing? They sang a verse and then he sang the last word. It was a but ridiculous. ButiIf it were my choice, Dez and Melanie would go home. I’ve liked a few things Melanie has done, but it does get old and it’s not that great. Dez has never been good.

  36. eric says:

    nicholas for the win!

  37. Melis says:

    I’m so bummed that Cassadee Pope is top 10 on itunes, and she’s probably going to win this thing–I think she is the worst! She is off key all the time and she can’t sing at all!! Why do people like her so much? My favorites are Amanda and Nicholas. I also think Cody is pretty great too. I can’t believe Christina has started the pettiness and attitude again. I seriously hope Dez goes home and she’s left with no one in the finals–it would serve her right. Karma anyone??

  38. NedPepper says:

    Dez is awful. But he won’t go home. He’s got the good looking, sexually ambiguous, pretty boy with a bland voice package that does extremely well on these shows. And Cassadee is also just extremely mediocre. I don’t get her at all. But she has the pretty girl with a couple lame tattooes pop package. (And an incredibly one note sound to her voice. Most overrated contestant.)

    And Christina can be as passive aggressive as she wants…all it does is make me lose respect for her. Why does she hate Amanda? Or is she just mad that she’s not going to win? Or that her album is not a hit?

    For the record, Amanda has the best VOICE. She’s the real deal. She better not go home tomorrow. But her Itunes version of Someone Like You is not even in the top 100. Sigh….

    Terry is being coached horribly. Melanie is interesting, at least. Nicholas seems like a guy people just like and want to root for. Same for Cody. People like Ceelo’s misfit underdogs. Except maybe Trevin. It’s snowballing for that kid. And he has the worst taste in music of anyone in the history of singing competitions.

  39. Kristina says:

    I’m hoping for an Amanda Brown and Nicholas David finale, but that’s just my musical tastes as I gravitate more towards soul/blues/classic rock and I highly doubt they will be the final two. I can say from being in The Voice audience last week that Dez and Cassadee got the most enthusiastic applause from everyone in that building. In my opinion, if you close your eyes and just listen to all of them singing and don’t watch them perform, you can clearly hear who is better vocally. Hoping the right people make it through tomorrow night.

    • Alienate says:

      Having been in the studio, can you comment on the sound? My ears hear pitchy, flat, and other “not good” sounds on my TV that seem to be not heard by the judges.

  40. FreeHaley says:

    Cody and Dez are gone if you go by count of # of customer ratings for each itunes track (which called it last week, at the least) although Cody tends to get a bit extra votes for performance and somewhat less for downloads so hard to say. Trevin is also low and it could be Trevin and Dez, but Trevin might have enough fans still for a bonus and Dez maybe a bit of the girl vote so it’s hard to say but two of those three might be gone. Although Terry is in some danger too. Amanda next and actually only doing so-so and might actually be a touch in danger, although she will probably escape. I have a weird feeling she will have one tough time winning as crazy as that sounds, not 100% impossible though, still in it. Melanie is getting more votes now all the time it looks like and Cassadee has been getting 1.5 to almost 4x the reviews for her tunes so it seems she might be tough to beat. Not saying that I agree with this myself by any means, just this is what it looks like on itunes. Looks like Cody, Dez, Trevin, Terry are in hot water. And Amanda in luke warm. Cassadee looks safe by a million miles and Melanie looks safe as does Nicholas. Again not saying that is how I’d call just saying that is how it looks like it might be getting called. Hard to know though.

  41. Vinicius says:

    Adele should sit on Amanda’s face and smother her for what she did to her song. I feel like Amanda and Trevin Hunte are walking singing competition clichés. It’s too much reaching for high notes for show with no feeling. Amanda is lucky she had that one good performance (Dream On) on the first week and everybody has that on her mind when judging everything she sings. And Trevi’s song choices are just so bland and showy, he needs to go fast.

  42. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely LOVE Dez but with Christina’s behavior last night I wouldn’t be surprised at all if people vote him out just to shut her up.. Her complete and utter disdain for everyone else was disgusting! I can’t wait until she is gone for good. Now as far as the other performances go I though Melanie was awful and Trevin was almost as bad (that kills me to say as I’ve loved him from the beginning but his song choices have done nothing for him) and I honestly didn’t like Nicholas! I though Terry was great, very different then what we are used to. With that being said I do think that Terry & Trevin will be the ones going home but it should be Trevin & Melanie.

  43. Chris says:

    The Voice folks – turn up the vocals – PLEASE.

    Nicholas is the man with the voice and Amanda knows how to embody a song. I want to see these two in the finals.

    I love Cody though… I really do. I like Terry and I see what he could be but I don’t know about the market for him. I still want Melanie to let that hair down…

    Dev, Casadee, Trevin are talented but not my cup of tea.

  44. daisykary says:

    I’m looking at this as “who would I pay to see in concert?” and my answer is CODY BELEW!! Come on, you know that concert would be so much fun!! He’s fierce & fearless!

  45. Karen says:

    If I was an American citizen, and not a Danish one, I’d crazy-dial for Aamnda Brown. First time in a while that I’ve been this exited about a reality-show contestant

  46. Magically Suspicious says:

    I actually enjoyed Dez last night. I would, however, love to see Christina out of the whole thing. She’s catty and disresepctful to everyone up there. Every season, she’s picked the pretty pop prince/princesses and then she’s upset when her one-dimensional team goes nowhere. The other judges mix their talents up so they have multiple strong singers….country, bluesy, rocker, folksy, quirky, etc. Christina picks poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, and more poppy. I almost wish someone had stolen Dez from her so he could have a chance because I do think he’s got some talent. It’s shown up the few times he’s stepped outside of the box. I’d love to see someone like Blake or Adam work with him. Left with Christina, she’ll push the ‘pretty boy’ to the front and his actual gifts will be ignored.

    I’m so tired of Melanie. She’s really good at what she does, but she only does one thing. She’s done it over and over now. It was awful to see her stay over Brian last week. He had much more diversity. She’s very talented, but she needs to spend a few years working on finding something besides the breathy sing-songy talking that she does now. I suspect she’s got some power in there somewhere and it would be interesting to hear it.

    • David says:

      I see where this is going. Dez improved a Bieber song with his crooner style. That said, Xtina ticked off everyone last night. Therefore, Dez will be gone. I am hoping that Cody is finally gone after tonight. Cody singing Freddie Mercury is like a ktten trying to imitate a lion’s roar. He has the performance down, but he needs to stick with George Michael. As for Trevyn, last night was the first time I thought he managed to make it through a ballad without shrieking.

    • Eric says:

      Christina is the only judge who actually seems to give real criticism. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is part of being a judge. If that’s “catty and disrespectful”, well, okay. And her final two last season were Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao. Not “poppy, poppy, poppy” at all.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Yeah she actually made a SWITCH to go so poppy this season. She might be a bit muted in her Amanda praise, perhaps a touch of gamesmanship although she also might be just thinking damn what I wished I was doing with that girl right now sort of thing. As far as the others, I can’t really blame her for saying decent things about Melanie but without a ton of enthusiasm. That’s basically my feeling on that whole thing. Sure she is unusual and different and that is good and does some cool stuff at times and yet I’m not quite sure it has that truly special something that a quirky and/or tone singer needs without also having a bit more total pure vocal chops behind it all. Sometimes even the emotions feel a bit more planned than felt in her songs. So I can’t say it’s nuts that Christina kinda of praises her and yet in a pretty half-asleep whatever sort of way.

  47. You guys are kidding me to criticized Christina for telling the truth, Amanda was boring last night, someone like u cannot be changed that way, it was awful. And Christina said to Melanie last night that her performance was the best performance of her so far. Are u guys watching the same show that i?
    Tonny Lucca was awful last season, all performances was the same, people agree i guess, since they voted for Katrina in the semifinal, not him.
    For me she’s the only coach that tells the truth and give good feedbacks, the rest of the judges just tell good things, when sometimes, wasn’t that good…
    Next season will be boring without Christina

    • davey says:

      Yes I watched the same show as you did last night and if you think Amanda was boring then you need to get your eyes and ears checked. I swtiched channels once Melanie came on last night.

      Next season will be a lot more fun without Christina who needs to find better songs for herself.

      • for me she is way better in Dream On, that’s the kind of song she has to do…i think we already listened Someone like you a lot, im really sick of it…i love Amanda, she’s the best on team Adam, but i was expecting a different thing

    • Owen says:

      i agree that X at least can’t put up that “I’m-a-great-guy-judge-who-thinks-everyone-is-wonderful” false front all the friggin’ time (though with Blake I honestly think its genuine, not so much with Adam and Celo). Its almost refreshing to see her stank.

  48. Sabrina says:

    I thought Dez Duron was gawd-awful … secretly I’ll bet Xtina wants to date him.

  49. davey says:

    If Cassadee wins this thing, no one will care two months from now. I just saw Amanda Brown singing At Last at Amateur Night at the Apollo introduced by Whoopi Goldberg on YouTube. Amanda should sing this song next week and she would mop the floor with Cassadee.

  50. Me says:

    Terry was Awesome. Terry and maybe Melanie are the only contestants that I would actually buy music from after this show ends. Nicholas was really good, Melanie too, Cassadee was ok but was better last week. Trevin is good but he’s back to ballads…booorrrring. Cody is just NO, when CeeLo said that the torch could be passed from Freddie to Cody…ya I laughed my ass off, he can’t hold the note he’s trying to hit when he does the big notes, he’s always sharp or flat never right on, and for me, his personality is a big turn off. Dez is boring, and his voice annoys the hell out of me. And I liked Amanda at first but I didn’t like that version of Someone Like You at all.

    I LOVE Christina, but she really seems like she doesn’t even want to be there. She sounds bored and condescending with every critic she gives.

    Dez and Cody should go home.