Revolution Midseason Finale Recap: Was Brotherly Love -- or War -- Found in Philly?

Revolution Billy Burke David LyonsIf you have yet to watch Monday’s midseason finale of NBC’s Revolution, avert your eyes now. Everyone else may proceed…

On Monday night’s midseason finale of Revolution, Miles, Charlie et al made their mark in Philadelphia. But was it a successful trip? Was the Matheson family reunited? And did Miles and Monroe make peace… or war? Read on to find out!

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MILES SHOWS HIS COLORS | Having set foot in Philly, Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron find shelter at the house of an old friend of Miles’. Since the co-founder of the Monroe Republic has very few pals left in Philadelphia, it’s not long before Neville tracks them down. With Miles MIA, he takes Charlie, Nora and Aaron, delvering the girl to Monroe while setting a trap with the other two. But Miles is no fool. Showing off a side of the ruthless fighter he used to be – according to Monroe, Miles’ motto was, “A good hostage works every time” – he puts a blade to the throat of Neville’s wife Julia and demands a trade. She is no shrieking, scared housewife, however, and begs Neville not to accept the agreement. It turns out the militia man’s got a soft side that his other half lacks. She’s the only thing in this world he cares about, so he accepts the deal while warning Miles, “I’m going to kill you one day for this.”

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Revolution Elizabeth MitchellREUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD? | Monroe locks up Charlie alongside someone she never thought she’d see again: Her mother! The reunion is not all hugs. Rather, overcome with emotion and shock, Charlie steps back when Rachel tries to embrace her. Mom, meanwhile, is surprised to hear that her daughter has arrived with her uncle in tow. “Miles is here? Did he hurt you?” she asks with some concern. The Matheson family’s This-Is-No-Picnic outing grows when Rachel and Charlie are then taken to Danny, but their relief at all being together is short-lived. Monroe demands that Rachel finish the amplifier — or he will kill one of her children. Charlie volunteers herself in order to stop countless others from getting murdered by a powered-up Monroe Republic, but Rachel won’t allow the sacrifice. She completes the tech just before stabbing the creeptastic Strausser (“That’s for what you did to me, you sick son of a bitch,” she growls) and running into Miles, who’s as surprised to learn she’s alive as she was to learn of his participation. Their troubled history is not so easily forgotten, so she slaps him. (Was it just me or did it seem like they were going to kiss instead for a second? UPDATE: Matt Mitovich agrees that it looked like a kiss was coming.)

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BLOOD BROTHERS | A series of flashbacks reveal the foundation of Miles and Monroe’s deep friendship, dating back to when they were boys. After they returned from war, Miles found his friend at the cemetery with a gun. Bass’ parents and little sister were killed by a drunk driver. He has no one, he cried, until Miles declared them family and took the gun before his “brother” did something stupid. In the present, Monroe wants to restore that bond and invites Miles to come back to the militia. “It’s better, simpler, with you here,” he says, putting down his gun. Miles does the same, and it appears as if the two are going to kiss and make up… but then he responds with the ultimate rejection: “I’m sorry I didn’t kill you the first time. You’re not the same person. You’re too far gone. We’re not family. Not anymore. I have a family. You are nothing to me.” And so the brotherhood ends and an epic sword fight begins that finds Miles narrowly escaping and rejoining the others outside, their escape path cleared by a bomb set by Aaron (this despite his ability to work matches). In what has to be the line of the night, “Run, you idiot,” Miles tells Charlie as she waits for/beams at him. But just a short sprint into their exit, as they look up, they realize they can’t escape Monroe’s now-airborne militia and its heavy artillery.

Revolution fans, what did you think of the big cliffhanger? Did Miles and Monroe’s face-to-face live up to the hype? What’s your theory about Rachel and Miles’ complicated history? And how will you be bidding your time until the show’s return in four (count ’em, four) months, on March 25?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Morgen says:

    I thought it was a good finale. I was actually yelling “Shoot him! Shoot him” to Miles, when Monroe lowered his gun. And that was certainly an “Oh crap!” cliffhanger if there ever was one.

    • madelyn says:

      man so true i was jumping out of my seat when Monroe lowered the gun i just wanted him to die once and for all

  2. Wrstlgirl says:

    I know I shouldn’t but I felt bad for Monroe when Miles rejected him, crazy right, lol. Great finale’

  3. March25Angst says:

    good enough fall finale!

    March 25 — such a long wait

    meanwhile — Rachel and Miles definitely got it on in the past
    so he’ll turn out to be one of the kids real dad

  4. Heather says:

    I’m glad they finally showed why they got Elizabeth Mitchell to play the role of Rachel–they finally let her kick some ass and take some names! I really want to know the back story between her and Miles. There’s definitely something there! Overall I though the finale was pretty good for the most part. I like that Miles has finally put his Militia/Bass days behind him and chose to stay with the Matheson family. Aaron was great in finally figuring out how to help his friends in a practical way. He’s becoming a little less useless! Anyway, I’m happy with how things went tonight but waiting four months for the next new episode is going to be annoying. I hope they do some kind of recap episode for us. =P

  5. Superhero says:

    General rule of cliffhangers: they should feel conclusive, but hint at interesting upcoming developments. It somewhat failed at the latter – Monroe having access to more heavy artillery is something, but I don’t think it’s enough to make for an “Oh snap, I can’t wait to see what happens next!” kind of feeling – and completely failed at the former.

    • kavyn says:

      The episode was good until the cliffhanger. It’s pretty obvious they’ll all survive unless someone wants to leave the show.

      • Klo says:

        To me, even if I know the basics of what will happen (they will survive) it doesn’t mean that it can’t be entertaining or to some degree surprising to see how such things play out. I’m not shocked by the ending or anything so I agree that it doesn’t bring as much anticipation as a lot of cliffhangers do, but I still am invested enough to be interested to see what happens next.

        • kavyn says:

          That’s how I feel too… “invested enough”. I feel like the show doesn’t try. Every episode except for three episodes (the premiere, the episode with the train, and the finale) felt like filler episodes because they’re just helping some random people with whatever they need, and in the end NO ONE joins them, except for Nora. There were so many chances of expanding the group and it never happened. The 4 leads are not good enough to keep me engaged. Miles is okay but honestly what the show needs to do is either expand the core group and simplify (ie split them up or kill some off to keep suspense), or focus a LOT more on the other groups involved and give them their own POV in such a way viewers cheer for them.

          I’m still angered by the way they advertised that episode where Maggie died. The obnoxious “SOMEONE WILL DIE” advert as well as the flashbacks made it immediately obvious who would die, completely ruining what could have been a much better episode. Seriously, now it feels like no one important will die unless specifically advertised by NBC, and so far it’s held.

          • Midori004 says:

            I completely agree with this. This is the type of show that can expand the “family” of main characters. Some of the characters they meet should join up, even if it’ only for 3-4 episodes to keep costs down. They then can complete their stories and die or come back later in the season or future seasons. It’s too “filter” and not enough to connect the episodes together. Plus the writing is piss poor and I feel nothing for any of them. They could all die and I wouldn’t care.

  6. Heather says:

    I thought they played the reunion between Charlie and Rachel perfectly. That made me happy. I’m really looking forward to learning more of the history between Miles and Rachel. Juicy, I’m sure.

    Overall I thought it was a great episode. I’m glad Aaron got to play a bit of a hero at the end. I’m glad Danny is relatively okay.

    I was sad there was no Jason tonight though. I want to see him rebel against the militia and his father.

    Keep up the good work, Revolution! And I hope March 25 gets here sooner than October 19!

  7. Wrstlgirl says:

    I’m really glad that Miles didn’t know Rachel was alive, wasn’t sure how he would be able to explain that away. Of course we still need to know why she left her family for the militia in the first place.

  8. Ella says:

    Yep, Miles and Rachel looked like they were about to kiss. They have some insane chemistry and I can’t wait to learn their backstory. Billy Burke & Elizabeth Mitchell are awesome in this show!

    • Katherine215 says:

      Agreed about the almost-kiss. They do have some chemistry, but I really like Miles and Nora, so I’m kind of torn about that. I also was wondering if at least one of the kids was Miles’s.

    • stella says:

      The real chemistry is between Monroe and Rachel. Wonder if the show will have the cajones to go there.

    • Pearl says:

      Am I crazy or Charlie and Miles are having some good chemistry in a not fatherly way? I know they won’t go there, but my favorites scenes from her are with Miles, and the way she waited for him was a little more invested than a niece. Miles has chemistry with everyone, really, just need to be a woman!

  9. Trent says:

    Great finale! The non-emotional reunion between Charlotte and Rachel was perfectly played (and was the best acting by the actress playing Charlie to date). I’m totally invested in the history between Miles and Monroe, as well as what was clearly a romance between Rachel and Miles. Charlie was totally kickass this episode (and Danny was suitably impressed). The hostage scene with Captain Neville (“I’m going to kill you for this”) was intense. And the ending with the helicopter rising and aiming its machine guns at the Mathesons was chilling. I’ll definitely be watching the Spring premiere!

  10. James says:

    first off really well done episode i loved the dynamic between Miles and Bass it adds an extra layer to the drama, can’t wait to see how the adding of Rachel pans out considering the relationship she has with Miles. this was also the first epside where i didn’t hate Charlie hope it carries over. I really find myself questioning the logic behind a 4 month hiatus I mean it would be bad if it were just that its a freshmen drama, but seeing its thier number one show right now i’m forced to ask is NBC run by retarded monkeys, because it sure seems like it is. I deffintly going to keep all the episodes one the DVR cuz its going to be a long wait.

    • Renee says:

      I was going to keep all the episodes on DVR and rewatch before the next episode, but due to the accident (batteries dying in remote kept trying to push the button and deleted 200 hours off the DVR) I guess I’ll have to rewatch online. Yes I feel stupid.

  11. Jessie says:

    This episode was so good, I forgot how much I hate Charlie. Elizabeth Mitchell is the coolest. Billy Burke and David Lyons killed it the entire episode. Their characters’ reunion was perfect.

  12. Shaun says:

    Good work by Charlie,well done reunion.The ending was omg,but not horribly exciting.My guess is the amplifier is rigged to fail or blow up and the copter crashes.

  13. Alichat says:

    I was a little bothered that Rachel didn’t grab the pendant, or at least try. Let’s see……slapping Miles or grabbing the one thing that will give Bass an upper hand……slapping Miles…..or….bashing with a hammer the one thing that will give Bass an upper hand……..yeah, I think I’d have tried to grab the pendant. At least try. She could slap Miles another time. I’d have torched Neville’s house too. You know they got out of that closet in a heartbeat, so they could have survived. But take away their posh digs.

    • CraneOpp says:

      I totally agree with you AliChat. Besides I think that Neville was the one flying the helicopter. This mid-season finale was as to be expected. Nonetheless, Miles should have shot Bass. But I believe that the writers could not make their minds up as to; either make the core team larger by putting the family back together or to let Miles or Bass die. But im am satisfied with what happened. Wasn’t much of a cliffhanger. So I shall be waiting for it to start back up next year. Nice job Revolution team, nice job.

    • John says:

      Rachel had just killed Strausser and Miles surprised her. Before they could do anything, Jeremy was on their tails. The pendant was across the room. That was actually really well done. Monroe had to have the power, but they did it so well. I was impressed.

    • Emma says:

      I liked this episode. It was thrilling and emotional (Elizabeth Mitchell always kills it! and the bromance between Miles and Monroe is quite solid). But still I agree with you. I don’t know if the characters are dumb or the writers didn’t really think about some situations. I mean, Nora “I got this! It’s a trap!”?!?!? or like you said when Rachel didn’t get the pendant. It’s the most important thing in the world and you just “forgot” it?!? and how about Charlie with the usual clique in which he’s about to kill the bad guy, then he lowers the gun to say something deep and emotional about killing him and then… THE BAD GUY MANAGES TO ESCAPE! For a second I hoped he would have killed Monroe. That would have been a hell of a cliffhanger. But still… good episode…

    • Mike Villar says:

      I completely agree on every point. Rachel should have tried to destroy the amplifier, if not at least grab the pendant. I said the same thing about Neville’s house. I think Miles should have drawn blood on his wife to show how serious he was. Lastly, when Miles says to Bas “I’m sorry” I was hoping for a gunshot to ring out and at least kneecap Bas.

  14. Lindsay says:

    Where did Neville’s son Nate go?

  15. Anna says:

    I think this is easily the best revolution episode yet. Finally Elizabeth Mitchell is used heavily (I thought she killed it tonight as she always does) and the Monroe and miles scene was fantastic. I think with this episode it shows that the writers are truly beginning to figure out the show and what works and what doesn’t. We saw a more human side of Monroe, a sweet and well acted family reunion (and family is supposed to be the core of the show), and Charlie was less whiny and more realistic ( I thought the actress was great in the reunion scene). I hope when the show comes back the writing continues of this path. I can’t wait for march I can’t believe we have to wait four months

  16. Joey Connick says:

    I was completely bored and disappointed by this finale. Oh wow, a HELICOPTER!!! *rolls eyes* The problem with doing a show with this conceit is that it’s not like the audience finds a helicopter taking off remotely unusual, let alone awe-inspiring. Elizabeth Mitchell was great but yeah, not at least attempting to make a play for the pendant was stupid. They really needed to move the bigger mythology forward and have some sort of cliffhanger with that in this episode–actually, they should have moved the scene with Randal and Grace and the huge-ass complex he’s holding her in with the computers and pendant-tracking tech to this episode.

    Neville? *snore* Please… oh, really, you think you’re going to kill the lead character? Uh yeah, I don’t think so. Instead of him uttering empty threats, they should have focused more on his relationship with his wife, which is at least interesting given the Lady Macbeth undertones.

    Monroe and Miles: likewise snore. You can’t expect us to feel the bond between them when it’s only being shown this late in the game. They should have been moving that forward all season.

    All in all, this bodes EXTREMELY poorly for when the show finally returns. Gee, I wonder if they escape the helicopter? Worst cliffhanger ever.

  17. John says:

    This episode hit it out of the park!!! What a ridiculously awesome finale! Bass, you frickin’ bastard! You made me tear up! Charlie keeps getting more likable. Rachel-Strausser scene was so satisfying. Neville and Julia. What a couple!
    The cliffhanger was amazing with the helicopter. We know they’ll live, but the rest was pure greatness. Some of them will definitely be hurt or I’ve another theory which involves Grace. Whatever it may be, this episode was FANTASTIC and I can’t believe we have to wait for FOUR Frickin’ Months!!

  18. Eli says:

    It was a decent episode for the most part, but the dialogue was just horrendous. The actors made the most of it they could (special mention for the guy who plays Monroe) I guess. It just really remains the weak spot of this show.

    Also, what was up with the case of the mysteriously disappearing soldier? One moment Charlie is exchanging fire with an enemy soldier, then she runs 10 yards away, meets up with Miles and proceeds to have a relaxed conversation with him and the soldier is never seen again? Seriously?

    • POIFanatic says:

      Miles shot that soldier down. When he met up, Charlotte gave him the gun.
      I disagree. Neville and Julia have always had great lines. Miles gets quite a lot of hilarious snarky dialogues. The villains and everyone else has dialogues according to their characters. I think Nora should be given more good dialogues since she has a past with Miles.

      • Eli says:

        Actually he didn’t, that was a different soldier. He comes from the other side and on a higher level.

        • POIFanatic says:

          Actually, that was supposed to be the same guy imo. He probably ran around and came up there for a vantage point. Atleast that’s what I thought when they were showing the routes that ran inside the structure so purposefully.

  19. Dean says:

    Generally, Revolution has had good episodes mixed in with sub-par ones, but this one had great writing. Now that’s how you do a finale. So many shows get it wrong. Their safety, which not many should be worried about, was the obvious cliffhanger. The real cliffhanger is Monroe having the amplified power of the pendant and Grace being sent to Philly a few episodes ago. That will be an interesting turn of events when the show comes back. And I feel guilty for liking Monroe. Kudos to that actor who portrayed him. If the writing keeps this up, he will become Emmy-worthy.

  20. K. says:

    Does anyone know how Rachel knew Aaron? When someone said Aaron was helping out, Rachel said “Aaron Pittman?” like he would be THE Aaron to be there.

    Otherwise – good mid-season finale. It all comes down to the bromance that went south.

    • Heather says:

      I wondered a little bit about that too but if Aaron was a big time Google/tech person before the blackout, and we know that he knew Ben very well after the blackout, then I wonder if there’s some past project of some sort between him and the Matheson parents from the past (pre blackout). He obviously was a great friend to Ben in their little community and also seemed to know Rachel pretty well from their reactions when they all met up again so there’s definitely something there. That’s a story I would like to see when the show comes back in March. =)

    • Alichat says:

      Rachel lived in Aaron, Charlie, and Danny’s community before she was taken by Miles and Bass. And Aaron was Ben’s best friend, so I imagine she knows Aaron well. He was startled to see her, so he probably thought she was dead as everyone else did.

      • Kevin says:

        If I recall correctly, the flashbacks in which Rachel leaves her family is long before they settle in the community with Aaron, so I’m pretty sure they somehow know each other from their pre-blackout lives. Probably going to end up using Aaron’s programming knowledge to help Rachel make something :P

        • Alichat says:

          Actually, we don’t know if that is the case. When Rachel left, they were on a dirt road or path. And Rachel was the only one with a backpack. Ben and the kids didn’t have anything else on them as far as I recall. If they had all still been traveling, they’d have their things. So we don’t know if she left before they settled in their community. But the assumption that she knew Aaron post-blackout before she was taken by Miles is a pretty good one. Rachel asked “how do we get out?”, and Nora said “Aaron’s on it”….not “Aaron Pittman, your friend you knew 15 years ago prior to the blackout who owned half of Google…he’s on it.” The fact that she immediately knew who Aaron was and her interaction with him when they first see each other means she knew him post-blackout. She may have known him prior to the blackout, but that’s not why she recognized him immediately when Nora said his name.

  21. I totally saw a kiss instead of a slap – after the slap I still thought there might be a kiss. Hmmm that makes me wonder what will happen with Nora. LOVE THIS SHOW.

    • TheForeverSky says:

      I knew Rachel was going to slap Miles. Maybe it was the way her whole face seemed to tighten up, but I just knew a slap was coming. And if it had been a kiss, I think that right there would’ve been the end of my being a fan of this show. Miles is already enough of an anti-hero. Screwing around with his brother’s wife would destroy any likeability the character has.
      As far as Nora, one of the reasons I like her is because her relationship with Miles is in the past. And that’s where I hope it stays.
      What I want to see is more Miles/Monroe!!!

  22. sash fan says:

    this was the best episode of the season. I hope they keep the Matheson family complicated and not make them one big happy family fighting with the rebels. Charlie’s reaction to seeing her mom for the first time was appropriate. However, when Rachel hugged both her kids when fleeing through the tunnel I had flashbacks of late-ALIAS, where the whole family fights together and hug all the time. Hope Revolution doesn’t go there. Seems like Rachel has a dark past, as does Miles. Charlie and Danny don’t really have a relationship with their mom.

    Good show. March, though? Come on. I might forget about it before then.

  23. Katherine215 says:

    “Run, you idiot” was my favorite line of the night. The way he delivers it was both really affectionate and also just cracked me up. I rewound that one a few times.

  24. Julia says:

    Miles/Rachel ~feels are blowing holes in my ship: Miles/Nora

  25. Amy says:

    I would love to know more of the Miles/Bass and Miles/Rachel back strories. When did it all go to hell? What caused Miles to finally leave militia and try and kill Bass? Was Miles still with Militia when Rachel became a prisoner? Was Miles the reason Bass knew Rachel might have advanced information (i.e. night of the blackout phone call)? At the very least Rachel should be concerned about Miles hurting Charlie because of his Militia connection. I also thought the ending was telling. It was obvious Charlie now has a stronger connection to Miles than her mother. It will be interesting to see whom she chooses IF it comes down to taking sides Miles vs. Rachel. Charlie had a great episode, volunteering to be killed. You could tell Bass respected her in that scene. She escaped and she put emotions aside when discovering her mother was alive. While the finale was expected, I truly did enjoy watching the characters connect and the story play out.

    • kat says:

      I think it seems timewise that Bas would have had Rachel before Miles left the militia. Maybe he just assumed she would be dead by now? Charlie definitely had a great episode.

    • Amaia says:

      Miles was in the militia when Rachel was a prisoner, he handcuffed her when she left her family behind.

  26. Crys says:

    Can we give the actress who plays Charlie her props for last night?! This whole season she was the whiney tag along. And she FINALLY showed her acting chops. Maybe the second half of the season we won’t have to complain so much about her. I loved her and Elizabeth Mitchell’s scene. Totally believable. She killed the “kill me” scene too (did you see how Monroe looked at her when she did that; he totally wants her on his side) and that look she gave Miles when he came out of the smoke and him saying “Run, You idiot!” LOVED IT.

    • TheForeverSky says:

      Props to Charlie who I like very much. And I think the actress who plays her is doing a great job. I too loved how Charlie waited for her uncle to appear from the smoke and the look she gave him. I thought it was heartwarming. They’ve gotten a lot closer as family and it’s nice. I missed some of the beginning of the scene with her and her mom. I hope NBC has the episodes on their website so I can re-watch.

  27. Didi says:

    Great episode.
    Too bad they have to go on this long hiatus just as they have picked up speed.
    I found the show a bit cheesy in the beginning, but they managed to pull it around and are now running strong.
    Like others have mentioned, the acting was really good this episode, from basically all the main characters. David Lyons hit it out of the park.

  28. Marie-Eve says:

    Really enjoyd the episode. Finally focusing on the most interesting characters and relationships of the show: Miles, Monroe, Rachel, Neville and Julia. I find it interesting for all his talk about the fact he should have killed Monroe the first time around, Miles still didn’t kill him now. Makes me wonder if somewhere he still cares for him. The Miles and Monroe bromance for me is the most interesting part of the show. I really hope they don’t go the whole rachel cheated on Ben with his brother. First I would rather have Miles with Nora and Rachel with Bass (the chemistry is way better with those two couples), and second, Ben did not deserve to be cheated on. Great acting all around last night, especially by David Lyons (Monroe).

  29. Great midseason finale, I liked it a lot – but seriously how can they make us wait so long for the rest?! Four month is like forever…hopefully it doesnt mean that the cancel it.
    Also saw a kiss coming. I guess they did that on purpose – cant wait to find out the backstory there.

  30. Marz says:

    David Lyons was so good in this episode. During the Miles/Monroe confrontation, I actually found myself wanting Miles to join him. Or at least show regret or sadness. Given how close they used to be, I am extremely curious as to what exactly happened between them.

  31. ABC says:

    A few years ago, “Heroes” and other sophomore shows delayed their second halves for months due to the writers’ strike. Many of them (again, “Heroes” was one) never recovered and were cancelled. Good luck, NBC. “Revolution” is very good, but also very dark. Many of us could easily be on to other distractions four (4!) months from now — hello Major League Baseball!

  32. Amaia says:

    Loved the ending! And at last Rachel has some action. I also thought she and Miles were going to kiss but the slap was good instead. They were not in the right place to show other feelins I guess. I have to say I’m a fan of Monroe, maybe because David Lyons is doing a great job, and I knew Miles wasn’t going to shoot him but maybe leave him unconcious. The poor guy is alone in the world and maybe what he’s done has something to do with his loss.

    Anyway, 25 of March? That’s a long time to see what happens with that cliffhanger.

  33. Magically Suspicious says:

    When Bas said to Charlie that he’d been waiting a long time to meet her, I was holding my breath for a father/daughter reveal. I still think it might come at some point.

    And the Bas/Miles sword fight was like porn. We need to have at least one fight per episode between those two, please and thank you.

  34. Anasazi says:

    Am I the only one who dislikes Miles? I thought Bass Monroe stole the show from right under the ‘hero’s nose’ in the finale. They need to really beef up his scenes and allow David Lyons to act when it comes back because the show is so much better for it.

  35. gt0163c says:

    Good episode but there’s one thing that I still don’t get. The pendant only works over a few feet. With the amplifier it should work up to about a half a mile. How is one amplifier that gives a one mile radius that much of an offensive tactical advantage. Even if it’s mobile, Monroe only has one. He only gets one square mile worth of power at a time. Kinda useful for ground vehicles…much less so for air vehicles which would quickly run out of that one mile airspace.

    And, in this episode, if the amplifier is inside the plant, why doesn’t our lovable band of rebels just run? They’ve got a head start and, yeah, miniguns can shoot fairly far, but the helicopter can’t follow them, at least not more than a few hundred feet.. The pilot’s got to stay back from the edge of that half-mile radius or his bird is going to fall out of the sky…helicopters don’t do too well at the gliding aspect of flying. And yet they’re all just standing there looking at it.

  36. Ellie Frost says:

    I really love the whole premise of this show because it really poses some interesting questions and I realize some of it is sci-fi, but seriously, how are they going to get out of THAT predicament.

  37. Pamela says:

    Miles & Rachel has some hot chemistry.

  38. Marya says:

    Holy cow,I can’t wait to see what happens next! :D