Ratings: The Simpsons Tops Sunday, Once Rebounds, Revenge Slips to Season Low

Revenge Hits Season Low RatingThe Simpsons had the last laugh this Sunday, surging 38 percent week-to-week to top all non-sports rivals in the 18-49 demo with a 3.3 rating. In total audience, the Fox ‘toon — buoyed by a robust football lead-in — drew 7.53 mil, up 49 percent.

That set the stage for the rest of Fox’s Animation Domination slate to enjoy gains: Bob’s Burgers (4.7 mil/2.0) rose 11 percent in the demo, Family Guy (5.8 mil/2.8) inched up 8 percent and The Cleveland Show (4.3 mil/1.9) improved 19 percent from its previous, 7:30 outing.

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Sunday’s usual scripted champ, Once Upon a Time (8.8 mil/3.0) bounced back 11 percent from its all-time low, yet lead-out Revenge (6.8 mil/2.2) slipped 12 percent to a season low. 666 Park closed ABC’s night with under 4 mil and a 1.2, flat versus its previous episode.

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Lastly — pending adjustments due to significantly staggered start times in some time zones — CBS’ Amazing Race (with a preliminary 9.9 mil/2.5) ticked up a smidgen, The Good Wife (9.5 mil/1.7) looks flat and The Mentalist (10.3 mil/1.8) appears to have surged some 20 percent.

Cable ratings, as always and forever, come in much later, so no Liz & Dick hate-watch numbers yet, folks.

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  1. JP says:

    The Revenge producer’s decision to abandon the format that worked so well in the first season was a HUGE mistake. The show feels like it’s moving like molasses now. The big story lines that they hyped during the summer were major letdowns (like Emily’s mom), and there are so many characters that are useless, boring or have overstayed their welcome. They need to return the show to it’s center (Emily’s revenge against the Graysons and their allies) and cut loose all the dead weight or more people will continue to tune out.

    • lll says:

      You’re right. Revenge doesn’t feel like the same show we watched in season one. However being all ‘revengy’ will bore some people so I understand why management went this route. But last night’s episode was boring filler. I hope they find the balance soon.

    • Kim Rune says:

      I agree that they need to focus more on the main story line. This last episode was actually kinda boring for me (I don’t like flashbacks that gives more questions then answers). And that new dude she got, wtf can you say random? Kill him or something cause now everythig is just way to easy and good for her.

    • JCL says:

      I totally agree. Season 1 was great, well written, interesting and different from other TV shows. I expected season 2 to match that season 1. After a few episodes, I was so bored I decided to stop watching it. WAY TOO MANY CHARACTERS. SO BORING.
      Question: how can that be possible, please. This was such a promising show. Reminds me of HEROES. Great season 1. And after, about to collapse at every new episode.

  2. Giorgio says:

    Actually after Season 1episode 4 Revenge never really followed the weekly revenge plots but focused on the different characters it had to offer. Season 2 has been better than season 1 IMO, the season 2 ratings have been higher than that of season 1, while nearly all shows even the mighty Once Upon a Time have dipped in the ratings this season Revenge has actually been doing consistently better than last season up until yesterday which is no surprise as it faced a lot of competition, yesterday many people tuned into the trashy lifetime movie LIZ and DICK to see Lindsay as Liz.

    • JP says:

      Well, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, cause I definitely think the first season was far better than this season so far. It seems these days they spend more time trying to find ways to showcase Emily’s breasts than writing a coherent, well-paced story. The whole Initiative story line is a ridiculously contrived mess.

  3. megan says:

    Almost feels like Revenge should have been a mini series and ended after the story from S1 was told. S2 is a MAJOR letdown and it was a big favorite of mine last season. They need to have one big storyline to tell..instead they have many and they’re all blending together confusing everyone.

    • Kim Rune says:

      A funny thing. I just came from the Lincoln message boards on imdb.com and read about peoples reviews. There they wrote that the movie shouldn’t have been called Lincoln but The 13th Amendment cause the story strayed. Now the same thing has happen on Revenge, the show could now be called Drama in the Hamptons. The show no longer centers around Emily Thorn but shares with every character introduced, and STILL they introduce more characters.

      • JP says:

        Definitely agree. The show is less Emily-centric this season, which doesn’t work as well. They’re trying too hard to make secondary characters relevant, which distracts from the real core of the show, what made it great.

  4. POIFanatic says:

    Mentalist gets higher ratings than Good Wife. Can’t CBS just move it to Friday already! This season has been brilliant so far!

  5. Michael says:

    Too much is happening on Revenge, they’ve made it more complicated by adding an insane amount of characters to Emily’s equation. What started out as Revenge has now turned into a who’s-who of the initiative, and somehow EVERYONE seems connected.

    I also don’t understand why they even brought Emily/Amanda’s mother back. She served zero purpose in forwarding the story.

    Season 1 was fantastic, but I’m finding myself getting more and more bored as the season progresses.

    They, like Once, are suffering from the sophomore slump. I hope they can rearrange things for the last 13.

    • JCL says:

      After such a dramatic and disappointing beginning, could they really fix that situation during the 13 next episodes ? Are they, first, aware of that situation ? When you read tweets from regular actors of that TV Show, I don’t think so…Script dotors, please…

  6. sarah says:

    In regards to 666 Park many people like me have stopped watching as it is cancelled. As far as Revenge goes isn’t it supposed to be a good show? I do not watch it but I can swear it was super popular.

    • Kristen says:

      Well don’t stop watching 666 b/c they are going to tie everything together on the series finale. So, if you enjoyed it, and want to see closure for it, then there’s still that option.

    • Carm says:

      I am still watching. I want to see how it will end.

      • tripoli says:

        Yeah, at this point I have to watch to get at least a little closure. Seems dumb to stop watching now. Why not just finish it out?

    • Elyse says:

      I was going to stop watching it and Last Resort until they said they were going to give them good endings for the fans. now I’ll keep watching but not live. I’ll record to watch later.

  7. Rawr says:

    Reading comments here about Revenge, i don’t think I am watching the same show as you people are. To me, it is still the most “deliciously juicy” show on TV! Madeline Stowe hits it out of the park in almost every episode (yes in season 2 too!) It is a soap opera so it is going to take twists and turns – Emily’s Revengenda may get aside every now and then but everything is connected somehow to the her purpose of coming to Hampton.

    As for last nite episode, those who didn’t watch, too bad, it was awesome! All hail Queen B, i mean V!

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I’m totally with you; there have been a couple of uneven-to-boring episodes this season, but for the most part it remains pretty damn absorbing. And the acting is still spot-on, particularly Emily Vancamp, Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerna and the incomparable Madeleine Stowe. The one small downside is that some elements that were introduced end-of-last-season into this season aren’t/didn’t work i.e. Emily’s mother, Nolan’s female love interest and the whole desperate subplot regarding Jack’s bar(though more light was shed on that in last night’s ep so at least it’s finally going somewhere). Still, I do like the addition of Aiden–a man who is actually a match for Emily, as opposed to Jack and Daniel–and I thought last night’s ep, with an inspired Adrienne Barbeau as Victoria’s nasty mother, was pretty damn good.

      • Jules says:

        I agree! I’m still totally into it and am loving S2 so far. Although I also have to agree with you about the whole thing with her mother. Is that the last we’re seeing of Kara Clark? Or will she return later this season? And after last night’s episode, I’m now a big fan of Aiden. Totally capture and I think that they had great on-screen chemistry. Although I worry for him…still think its his arm we saw at the bottom of the sea with Jack’s boat. Ultimately I want Emily to end up with Daniel and for Amanda to stay with Jack. Jack and Emily have zero chemistry and its so ridiculously cliche if they end up together. I’m also rooting for Charlotte to finally find out that Emily is her real secret. Great show.

        • radha says:

          I for one do not get people’s hatred of Jack. He and Emily do have chemistry and he represents her salvation. Emily is psychotic and needs a man who will be her saving grace on the end. I either want her with Jack or Nolan. Daniel I wish they had killed off last season instead of leaving him on the show just because they are dating in real life.

    • Bella says:

      I totally agree with you, I am enjoying this season even more than last, especially with the inclusion of Aiden and backstory of Emily etc.

  8. Meres says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the country but in charleston wv the sound did not work for three forths of the show. You were able to hear the background sound but no dialogue. It was very upsetting. I know mostof the people I know tuned out.

  9. Miss Thorne says:

    They should start killing off more people, starting with Declan, Jack and those two girls who are shacking up with Nolan and Daniel. They are so boring that I cant even remember their names.

  10. RJ says:

    I think Revenge is still quite good. I watch five or six episodes at a time on the DVR, so I kind of string them together. Sure it isn’t as good as last season, but its still great television.

  11. Peggy says:

    One of the problems I have with Revenge is that I can’t understand what they are saying. I didn’t have that problem with the show last year. Thank goodness I can come over here and read an in depth recap. Thanks for providing that.

  12. JoyAnne says:

    My only thought about Sunday’s TV is 3 cheers for The Mentalist being shown on time. It is frustrating when either sports or Amazing Race run late and good shows like The Mentalist & The Good Wife get pushed around. Hope it stays on schedule for further episodes.
    For those fortunate enough to watch them online, they
    don’t CC them for the deaf/hearing impaired.

  13. Tagrid says:

    Damn CBS for moving The Good Wife and The Mentalist to Sunday night! They screwed up my whole Sunday schedule, which was crazy enough as it was! After Once I used to be able to go right into Revenge (which I love – even this season), but now I have to switch to The Good Wife and wait until Monday to be able to catch Revenge on On Demand. (CBS isn’t available on On Demand, so no choice if I want to see it I HAVE to watch it when it airs.) And instead of The Mentalist (which I’ll have to catch in reruns on TNT), I have to go right to Showtime to watch Homeland. Then I have to catch Treme, or True Blood (depending on the season) whenever I can. It was even worse when Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives also aired on Sunday. (I’m SO going to miss Army Wives!) I used to have 5 straight hours of shows to watch on Sundays! And don’t even get me started on how disappointing SyFy has gotten on Fridays. Life is rough eh, LOL.

  14. Beth says:

    I am still enjoying Revenge mainly because of the characters of Emily, Nolan and Victoria. I was disappointed in the whole Kara thing. So over hyped IMO. Totally felt flat and I suspect she’ll be back. This last episode I liked except for the flashback with Jack’s dad and friend killing the guy on the dock. It’s hard to get invested or care about a minor dead character even if it explained why the two brothers are trying to take over the bar. Who cares?

  15. Michael says:

    Victoria Grayson really needs to threaten to destroy someone.