So-So Ratings for LiLo's Liz & Dick; Now Grade It!

Ratings for Lifetime's Liz & DickLifetime’s Lindsay Lohan-fronted Liz & Dick biopic on Sunday night played to a grand total of 3.5 million people — each of whom seemingly tweeted at least 10 times each about it.

In total audience as well as the 18-49 and 25-54 demos, the critically lambasted riff on the life of movie icon Elizabeth Taylor and sometime-husband Richard Burton ranks No. 4 amongst original TV-movies on ad-supported cable for 2012, trailing Lifetime’s own Steel Magnolias, Drew Peterson: Untouchable and Abducted: The Carlina White Story.

For reference sake, The Walking Dead at last count drew 9.2 million total viewers, while Disney Channel newbie Dog With a Blog chased 3.7 mil.

If you found yourself distracted by actually worthwhile television on Sunday night, you can catch a Liz & Dick encore tonight at 8/7c.

Did you give Liz & Dick a look-see? Did it possess any redeeming qualities?

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  1. Cookies says:

    Pretty sure people either avoided in entirely OR decided to watch it for laughs. Did anyone actually take it seriously?

  2. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    Reading the reviews, I thought it would be delightfully campy-bad, but it was just boring and pointless.

  3. Jared says:

    The movie was horrible but not because of Lindsay’s acting which I thought was pretty good.

  4. Lambsilencer says:

    The movie felt like a cheap and rushed, all-over-the-place production. Lindsay Lohan was OK in some scenes, and simply didn’t work in others. Judging from the fact that this TV movie got made in barely half a year, and the reports of the actors and staff being completely overworked during production, one can easily see why some scenes work, while others completely fell flat. This story should have been told in a 2.5-hour movie, not a 90-minute TV flick. It felt like a rundown of some memorable scenes in Liz & Dick’s life, but with pretty much no background.
    People might trash Lindsay Lohan all they want for this, but I think no actress could have pulled this off convincingly, with the lackluster screenplay and the insanely rushed production. I’ve seen Lohan doing great work, and hope that she’ll find her way back to that with a better film soon.

  5. Nate says:

    when I was watching I forgot it was even a bio pic about Liz Taylor because I just couldn’t picture anything but Lindsay Lohan. But there’s no doubt that Lindsay is a great actress. Hopefully her next project is better than this stupid trainwreck.

  6. Anne says:

    I wish I could vote here but I had no interest in watching the show. I am avoiding anything that Lindsay appears in. I don’t know what it is but her personality takes over everything nowadays and I can’t buy her as an actress now. Her persona now overpowers her abilities.

  7. Vanessa says:

    I thought Lindsay’s look was good, but the voice was completely wrong, and I thought that the guy playing Richard Burton didn’t look a lot like him but his voice was pretty close.

    • Amanda says:

      Lohan’s voice is what ruined it for me. Taylor had a distinct voice but Lindsay Lohan didn’t even try to capture it.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        Yes, her voice didn’t fit at all. But I don’t think that Lohan could have changed that. You can’t turn a raspberry voice like hers into a clear, high-pitched voice like Taylor’s, no matter how much chalk you might eat… ;)

    • Bob says:

      Agreed. Most of the time she sounded like Lindsay Lohan, which didn’t fit Taylor in the least. She could have used a better voice coach.

  8. Beth says:

    Tried to okay I am lying! With shows like walking dead and homeland on last night the movie didn’t stand a chance! I was able to keep up with how bad it was because of Kathy Griffins twitter feed.

  9. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I didn’t watch it, but this article sure made my day. :D Best burns on a Lifetime movie ever.

  10. Sir says:

    I thought the script was more of the problem then the acting. Grant Bowler was actually quite good, and I thought Lindsay did well for someone who hasn’t led a movie in almost 4 years. She didn’t nail the voice, but she wasn’t bad. It sounds like the quick filming schedule might have not given the actors proper timing to study up and prepare. Even though most people bashed the framing device, I thought Lindsay did best when they had the interviews-in-black bits. She was believable to me, then. Overall it was about what I expected for a lifetime movie, and it only made me like Lindsay more (and I grew up with her, so I already liked her).

  11. dude says:

    At the end of the day, whether Lifetime got the ratings they expected or not, people have been talking about the channel for months and that’s pretty much all they wanted.

  12. Babybop says:

    I like Lindsay, and think she’s a good actress in general. But this movie was just… bad. I don’t think it was her fault. The writing was terrible. Though, I’ve never been a fan of Lifetime movies, they have too much of a cheese factor. I hope she signs on to better projects in the future! I’ll support her.

  13. F+: Richard Burton and Liz Taylor would be rolling in their graves over this piece of garabage that should be destroyed and wiped from the minds of people.

  14. sara says:

    I am sorry but Lindsay is not a good actress, she may have been a decent one in her teens but she has gotten so much worse over the years when most improve as they age…she peaked at 16! People just need to quit kidding themselves that she will ever be anything more than gossip magazine fodder.

  15. Liz says:

    Liz and Dick was a failure on multiple levels. First of all, it was very difficult to watch Lindsey and for me to finally see how her years of substance abuse have ruined her appearance and her talent. It was clear that she felt that her wigs, make-up and costumes could do her acting for her. There was no attempt to mimic any of Liz’s speech patterns or affectations.

    Secondly, as a biopic, it was useless. It wasn’t until I looked them up on the IMDB that I learned that Liz and Dick’s first marriage lasted 10 years and they had a child together. This movie was nothing more than a montage of bad behavior.

  16. Liana in San Diego says:

    Lindsay Lohan can’t act her way out of a shoe box, so this whole venture (and others before them in which she was involved) totally tanked. Why do people insist that she has potential star quality and good acting skills? My dog does better than she does.

  17. John says:

    I don’t like Lindsay, but people have to stop picking on her just because of who she is. The movie was really bad, but she was actually good.

  18. Vivienne says:

    Think I saw about 15 minutes of it. Had to find it on tv guide to figure out what the movie was supposed to be about.

  19. chefduck says:

    I caught just a few moment where a character was asking Liz if she realized that she has had four previous marriages and she answers with “who’s counting.” At this point I turn into Quilting With Nancy. She is much more believable the Squeaky Lohan.