Merlin to End After Season 5, Spin-Offs Possible

Merlin Cancelled, Will End After Season 5Merlin‘s fifth season will be its last — though its mythical world could live on in other forms.

Per our sister site Deadline, series cocreators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy say the series will reach a natural climax at the close of Season 5, which is currently airing across the pond on BBC One/will finale at Christmastime and debuts Stateside on Syfy this Jan. 4.

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Though Capps and Murphy are subsequently parting ways with production studio Shine TV, the possibility of Merlin spin-offs (that the duo would not be involved in) is being explored.

What sort of spin-off would you craft from Merlin’s rich world?

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  1. Johanny DCL says:

    Por favor NOOOOOO ….. Now in My First Language …. Merlin MUST Gone ON …!! I am dying here … I just finished watching Season 4 on NETFLIX can someone assist me in telling where I can watch season 5 ? We should do a fans website about this series becuase here in NY The series is a HIT!!! Please the fans are the one to keep artist and movie producers together and alive …. Lest write the story of this hit TV series together !!

    Producers please set differences aside and produce one more season of this amazing serie!! Or actors please go to Games of Thrones !!

  2. Johanny DCL says:

    I need someone to tell me where I can watch season5! Thanks !!

  3. Eliza says:

    i love this series and i dont want it to end this way at least let arthur know about merlin’s magic or i will die of dissapointment :( arthur should know about all the times merlin had saved him and all he had sacrificed for him it would be so unfair to merlin if he doesnt know :( n they could set a spin off in the future where arthur and merlin slowly realize who they are and their destinies just like Trenton said in his comment it would be amazing n i will be totally satisfied :) the ending should have an epic battle between merlin and morgana or i will kill myself :( i just hope the ending is good n the things are not rushed even though i dont want series to end at all why are they ending it when its such a popular show they can extend it with the magic returning to the kingdom and a whole new story about arthur and merlin adventures :(

  4. francis says:

    i was thrown off balance when i heard dis news, please Authur must understand things about his servant(Merlin), who has been most invaluable since the onset of this series. I must confess that this has been the best movie series i watched and have almost made me love it .

  5. Just Me says:

    I had hopes for it to continue till Merlin grew his classic white beard!! I agree it has been the best series! I hope Merlin finally receive the honors and respect he deserves from Arthur and I hope Arthur learn how to dress himself, lol!!! It is hilarious and entertaining. I just love it!!

  6. Daniel says:

    This has made me really mad and I don’t like to be angry at Christmas. Based on the flow of the previous series now is clearly not a logical or natural time to wrap things up. There are too many threads in the so try left untold. How does the golden age come about, how is magic reintegrated in Camelot’s law, what happens to the dragon, Mordrid has only just turned bad and who will finally kills Morgana!??!

    Just as they’ve managed to develop the characters and story they end it. Brilliant fantastic decision. time to pub more funds into that idiotic Doctor Who or another bland run of the mill period drama. Whomever made this decision needs slapping senseless or back into sense. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Maybe this is Guerrilla marketing but I doubt it. Every good series must end before it becomes as dull and repetitive as Holby City (previously Causality). Take notes from Sopranos, The Wire, The Shield etc. Gutting truly gutting, I’m ditching the BBC on a Saturday. Is this another problem with viewing figures as I rarely watch it and use iPlayer or record it many others may do the same. Nightmare………………. Rethink please.

  7. Andrey says:

    I love that show. Love it :-)

  8. Sam says:

    Completely gutted, just watched last one, glad Arthur found out was not expecting him to die, this programme should never have been cancelled me and the kids love it, it gives us joy and makes us laugh.
    It’s a complete shame

  9. Johanny DCL says:

    Can someone please tell me where can I watch season 5… You tube only provides me with previews and bbc website don’t allow my device to watch !

  10. I watched the end I did not like how merlin did not call the Dragon to fly Arthur to Avalon if he would have did that then Arthur would still be alive. He waited to the last minute to me that was bull crap. But overall I think that they had at least 3 seasons left in the show Merlin is a good show to me.

  11. hate the ending dint like it -_- so mad right now ughhhhh

  12. why did arthur had to die aghhhhh i cant believe this

  13. firtree says:

    This is the best show on TV. Should not be canceled. AND if they make a spin off, it HAS to include the regular characters. I want the dragon, Gaius, resurrect Gawain & Arthur (of course), and Merlin. Don’t need Morgana, she’s definitely run her course. The chemistry between everyone was perfect. The show was perfect. Bring them back!

  14. Leigh says:

    there has to be a spin off the end shows they are planning something. be very sad if not i love the show

  15. Leigh says:

    yes i agree firtree everyone except morgana

  16. sam says:

    the ending is just awful. pliz guyz it did not deserve such an ending

  17. Vincent says:

    This was such an amazing show. Although the ending left me feeling quite bad, I felt that it was appropriate. Merlin and Gwen live on, as does Camelot. No one can replace Arthur, but there will be many that can continue his legacy.

    Although I could’ve seen this going on to a 6th or 7th season, 5 is pretty good. Spin offs are a definite and welcome possibility. Thank you to all the actors, producers and everyone else that made such a brilliant show possible.

  18. Oren says:

    They did seem to wrap it up in a hurry. It doesn’t really match the books..
    But, they left an opening at the season ending.. (not gonna give a spoiler)
    I think there is still a good chance of a spin-off. might be with merlin, but revolving around someone else.

  19. T says:

    Arthur should be revitalized in the lake Avalon on the Island which was spoken of. The powerful healer should bring Arthur back to life, about whom Gaius told to Merlin. Arthur should return to Camelot and should tell it is legal to use magic, the magic isn’ t bad, some of the people using it, are bad. It would be a great place to carry the series on. There was also not enough series with Sir Lancelot.

  20. mariam says:

    PRODUCERS, what do you need to keep Arthur and Merlin going (Colin,Bradley..and Gaius)?Just Name it?DVD’ sold?how many?

  21. lenny says:

    just saw it, arthur dies!!!

  22. smallboy says:

    noooooooo pls merlin dont stop because i will miss you, merlin is the best film i have ever watch

  23. Dave Corner says:

    The last episode sucked. The whole series 5 was not as good as the previous series. I wanted to see Merlin and Arthur having the relationship of the legends, in which Merlin assumes his rightful place as Court Magician. The ending was awful, and while they could always bring it back (there isn’t a single on of them that hasn’t bested death before) the ending felt final. But also sucky, to the point that I’m not sure I can enjoy the earlier episodes anymore now that I know how badly it all turns out. They didn’t just end the story; they shat all over it. It’s dismal and they should be ashamed.

  24. jilly says:

    I absolutely loved all 5 series of Merlin and I’m so disappointed that it’s all come to an end. I loved how Arthur accepted merlin as a sorcerer in the last episode but was gutted that Arthur died. Why couldn’t we have had a happy ending. I was left feeling hollow and empty. And there at the very end was merlin all sad and lonely after he’d worked so tirelessly and selflessly on behalf of Arthur and his beloved Camelot. Not the ending that I expected at all. Disappointed!

  25. Jesse Frimpong says:

    WAT??? how could it have ended this way

  26. Bilal says:

    This is not fair i have watched all 5 seasons so it should continue it has to because Arthur has to wake up for Camelot’s greatest need.😔i live in Pakistan and me my family and fiends and thief cousins love merlin like crazy

  27. Bilal says:


  28. Maria says:


  29. biodun says:

    i am from nigeria i really enjoy this movie and the film envolve many complicated why should arthur die the end of this film make me sad, and pls we need another movie bbc

  30. Vhncey says:

    Pls dont end merlin, more needs to be known by Authur especially merlins personality, and the approval of surcery in camelot, so sad and difficult to let go…please reconsider o!!!

  31. Caitlyn says:

    I love Merlin my favorite show in the world I really wish It did’nt end yet

  32. nightmagic says:

    this is so sad i hoped it would have alot more seasons .the bromance between Arthur and Merlin is so good !!! and the adventures very exciting

  33. Joke says:

    I really cant believe merlin is ending like this.

  34. I love u all. Am always watching ur movie is very interesting

  35. Holly says:

    I think there should be a spinoff of arther and gwens son. Merlin will be his guide!

  36. Tammy says:

    I love merlin sooooo much. I just finished watching the last episode and thought that doesn’t like a season final it looked the end to the whole series and now I know through reading all your comments that it is. I am shocked I love this show and I have been waiting so long for Arthur to know about merlins magic now he does and he dies and the show is finished. That is just not right come on more merlin pleaaaaaase. Bring Arthur back from the dead. Come on anything is possible on tv especially when magic is involved.

    Now In mourning.

  37. Nisa says:

    Merlin is the best tv series I’ve ever watched. I enjoyed every single of its episode and I have been watching Merlin ever since it began.

    But I must say that the ending was a total disappointment. It was put into out mind since inception that Arthur was Merlin’s destiny and that under his reign magic will be recognized as something good. With Arthur’s death, all these hopes were dashed and so was my heart!!!

  38. Frankuj1 says:

    i wish merlin can just tell arthur everytin so dat dey can save our money frm buying different seasons.they are jst prolonging d getthng tired of it.

  39. Marion. says:

    It is 6-30pm, Sunday Night, South Australia. I know series 5 of Merlin would normally be on right now but, it is not to be. So I have checked the time slot and channel, and guess what is replacing Merlin tonight. Wait for it………….The Muppets. I kid you not. Colin has been replaced by Kermit the frog & Co. what a joke. I would have expected a rerun of Merlin but no, we got Kermy. This is so not fair!!! I am actually having withdrawlls.
    There is still so much to tell in the Merlin sarga. We have been sold out to a frog.!!!!!!!

  40. chris says:

    I really really hope that The Adventures of Merlin don’ t end after season 5. The brilliant geniuses who made this i hope you are reading this. You guys have some really good fans. You also have me who is a super hardcore fan.

    • Paul says:

      im with you on this I’m a super fan too and there’s so much more they could do with this show. I hope the man who created this sees that ppl want more its to early for this show to end

  41. Cody rich says:

    I would like a series with them coming back to life in 21 century with all their memories and morgana aint evil and stopping evil magic in england

  42. Paul says:

    please please make more merlin seasons I’m begging you the others were so good it would be a shame for them to end now

  43. asian boyz says:

    i form asia. last nite i wacth merlin s5. why end the story like that. i wacth from season 1 until season 5. for the years i wacth but end like that iam so sad

  44. Marie says:

    I think they ended it too hurriedly after Merlin revealed his secret. No impact all, such a disappointing way to end a great series.

  45. Matt says:

    I’m from America and when I found out that season 5 had not only started in the UK but was up to episode 8 and I was so thrilled to be able to watch them online. I also at the time googled season 5 and the first article I read was had the producers saying they were doing at least one possibly two more seasons followed by some movies. So when a few weeks later when I watched the finale I had a serious WTF? moment and all of a sudden in place of what I had previously read was now quotes saying that it was planned and was always meant to be 5 seasons. Given how rushed the finale was something just isn’t right to me, like something went wrong between the BBC execs and the producers and I thought “No friggin way! things going wrong with producers and networks leading shows to get canceled is an American thing, all of my favorite UK made shows that finished IMO seemed planned and were satisfying, please don’t start being like us!”
    As for the finale itself it didn’t even seem like it was written by Merlin writers, In all the Arthurian stories the Arthur’s final confrontation with Mordred is always an epic battle, instead we got “Mordred sees Arthur Arthur sees Mordred, Mordred has a “Hate you Arthur!” face “Arthur has “Can’t we all just get along” face. Mordred “No! stab you!” Arthur “Ow that really hurt you dick! I am defeated, just kidding, stab you!” Mordred “Ow!, totally did not see that one coming oh crap i’m dead” the end. And than there’s Morgana, who found out Merlin is Emrys, from the beginning of the series whether it was the finale or not to have at least a several minute dialogue with her wanting to know why he lied to her, why did he serve Arthur, and most of all why did he side with Camelot under under Uther’s reign and not his own kind. Instead we got “Merlin and wounded Arthur walking along, Morgana comes out from wherever it was she was skulking and “Hey Emrys, hey bro! blast you Emyrs! Merlin as he flies away “Damn the old telekinesis trick, how did I not see that one coming?” Meanwhile wherever Merlin flew off to Morgana: “Oh bro that mortal wound looks all itchy” (Buffy reference) “But not to worry bro! I’m gonna sit with you and talk about how awesome I am and how much you suck until you, and I brought popcorn!” Merlin pops up from wherever he flew from “Ha ha it’l take more than that! and look when I flew away apparently this sword came with me!” Morgana looks annoyed “Thought I killed you!” Merlin “I thought we covered that, by the way my bad for you becoming an evil psychotic B***h! but nobody can stand you shaking your fist at the sky yelling “Damn foiled again!” anymore so I’m gonna have to stab you now and put your hair out of it’s misery” Morgana “How dare you insult my hair! and I am the great and powerful psychotic evil b***h! your puny little sword cannot hurt me! Merlin “Morgana didn’t anyone ever tell you size doesn’t matter? Morgana “Yes and that is so not true!” Merlin “Oh, ok how about did anyone ever tell you that it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use the dragon fire magic?” Morgana “Hmm not that one, hey wait a minute don’t I have a dragon that wondered off? Merlin “Stab you!” Morgana “Ow! totally did not see that one coming even though you told me you were going to do it” Merlin “Gotcha! oh and before you die I just want you to know somethingl, I’m eating your popcorn!” Morgana shakes her fist at the sky “Damn you foiled again oh what a world what a world!” falls over dead. Arthur “Thanks Merlin I thought she would never shut up, if I had to hear her talk for one more minute I was gonna stab myself again”
    OK so yeah that was it, now I’m not saying there wasn’t anything good about the finale, the whole battle sequence was really cool but the one big redeeming quality of the episode was Bradley James and especially Colin Morgan’s acting. When he finally told Arthur the truth the look of fear and sadness and even shame and Arthur’s feeling of anger and betrayal was five years in the making and the two acted the hell out of the last 15 minutes. Truthfully I think both characters acted the way I expected them when this finally happened more so with Arthur who went through an almost stages of grief from.anger, to betrayal to not even wanting to look at Merlin. Than after Gaius talked with him he realized that Merlin’s magic had been helping him all along and wondering why Merlin would help anti magic Camelot and finally understanding how lonely and hard it must have been for Merlin who put up with how Arthur treated him and how Merlin never once sought credit or was ever thanked. But as emotional as that was, Melin’s tearful confessions about how everything he did was for Arthur was what made me feel tears coming and when Arthur said to just let him die Merlin’s refusal and “Because you’r my friend and I don’t want to lose you” I’m man enough to admit that’s when tears came, all the way up to Arthur thanking Merlin and after the episode ended.
    Like I said, the acting was great but everything the series promised about Merlin being Arthur’s most trusted adviser in magic reinstated Albion never happened. I will say that I am glad where Gwen, who by the way Angel Coulby’ incarnation of Gwen is my now all time favorite, ended up compared to every other Guinevere. So yeah she finally realized on her own that Merlin was Emyrs,, and I guess you could say that through Arthur and Merlin’s actions Albion happens through Gwen and that’s cool and all but it also seems like a cop out.
    So there is my idea for a spin off called “Albion” it could go more than one way, personally I would love if they made it about Gwen ushering in the new age as I think Coulby could carry her own series, plus that would give Colin chances to guest star every now and than cuz we can assumes he went back to Camelot at some point.
    Or they could do something like a huge time jump and it’s Camelot long after the finale with new characters, like maybe Merlin decided to train young sorcerers and the show could be about one of his desciphles or something

  46. Karin says:

    I am so sad to hear that this is the last Season!Arthur and Merlin part of our family such an awesome show.It saddens me that something so good has to end.There will never be another one as good as this one.Nothing can take it’s place.May God bless you all and thank you for the 5 wonderful Seasons of Merlin you have given us:)

  47. pkid says:

    i really don’t like the way it ended… On arthur knew abt merlin’s magic the whole of camelot was supposed to know

  48. Liza says:

    I really hope for season 6. I love this series soooo much.

  49. princesspeace says:

    OMG…..i never believed that merlin will end in season five….bravo to d writer and producer of that wonderful series….what a great,mind intriguing series……it was gud

  50. sean says:

    Absolutely WORST series finale ever! It was a good show but at least one more season with Arthur knowing of Merlin’s powers and making use of him as an advisor would have been far more preferable.

    • lucksett says:

      why did they rush the show, there is still story here, that why i prefer american series they are not afriad to go as far as season 10. what about all that was foretold, Arthur did not fulfill none. Is there any way you can revive the season? or else it is a true failure.