Exclusive: Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel Officially Join Girl Meets World Pilot

Girl Meets WorldBoy Meets World fans, meet the best news you’ll hear all day.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have officially signed on to reprise their roles as Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence in the red-hot Disney Channel pilot Girl Meets World.

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The potential sequel series (which TVLine first told you about earlier this month) picks up more than a decade after Boy Meets World ended its ABC run and finds Cory and Topanga happily married and raising their 13-year-old daughter, Riley (from whose point of view the story is told).

The pilot is still in the very early stages of development with Boy Meets World creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs at the helm.

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A nationwide casting search is underway for the role of Riley.

Got casting tips? Or just want to celebrate today’s out-of-this-World news? Hit the comments!

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  1. Clia says:

    Beatrice Miller should totally be considered for the part of Riley :)

  2. Brianna says:

    Disney owns ABC and ABC Family you whining nitwits! Doesn’t matter. You can just turn to Disney Channel for a half hour and then change the damn channel. Yes all of us 80s and 90s babies who grew up watching Boy Meets World are excited but this something inter-generational. Kids today can watch the show and see similarities between themselves and Riley, just as we did with Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Eric. At the same time, we can watch as we don’t have to settle for “they got married and lived happily ever after.” Let Disney air it and shut up.

  3. Mary says:

    I’m 16 and I think its the best show ever made, I can’t wait! I mean sure it would be great if they had on ABC it would be like old times, but at least they’re making a prequel, so I have no reason to complain! :)

  4. Morgan says:

    Okay I read all these comments and I totally agree with the whole ABC family thing. For the person who said that it won’t kill you to flip to Disney channel, I agree. BUT, I also think that if it goes on Disney channel, not only will less people watch it because of the rep Disney has gotten over the years, because when I was little I used to sit down and watch so weird and the jersey and boy meets world etc. but I think that the way the shows on Disney channel are going there won’t be any more than maybe 3 seasons, and if this series is expected to be as good as the original that would be a damn shame. That’s all I’m saying.

  5. Krysi says:

    Can’t wait I loved boy meets world id love to see how this one does. I’m so excited I hope they do bring back the original cast for sure.

  6. Mary says:

    The reason people believe Girl Meets World would work better on ABC and ABC family is because Disney is too squeaky clean. BMW was not trashy/inappropriate whatsoever but they touched subjects that Disney would refuse to. For example, Shawn came from a troubled home, his mom and dad weren’t really present in his life. Disney would NEVER try to incorporate problems such as these. Disney can barely let two people kiss on air. On ABC or ABC family, they would have room for more dramatic episodes that were similar to that of the original show.

  7. Emily says:

    I think the only real limitations for. GMW being on the Disney channel is the wide variety of topics they must avoid in order to keep it appropriate for the channel. Not saying that BMW was inappropriate, it was just more mature. Especially as Cory and the gang grew up. The audience’s humor, along with their interests, changed throughout the years as they grew up watching the show. If GMW really kicks off, which I really hope it does, what will they do for the future seasons to come? There were many serious topics addressed in BMW that made it such a wholesome show. Like, for example, when Seans dad died and he visited his grave. When Cory and Sean went off their tracks for an episode by drinking in public. When Eric tried to adopt tommy from the orphanage but ended up saying goodbye. And honeymoon! These are only a few examples as to why Disney channel wouldn’t be the right fit. Moments like these, as mature as they are, are a crutial part to what made the show.

  8. Krista says:

    Lets all just be excited that the shows of our era are coming back to make an impact on the younger generation. Television shows nowadays, no matter what network they are on, don’t have as much substance to them as they used to. BMW taught life lessons in a humorous way that was relatable to almost any family dynamic. So if it is directed at younger kids on the Disney channel, at least it is still being created by the original creator of BMW. Instead of arguing about whether or not you will watch it because it’s on Disney or ABCF, just watch it anyways because it’s from our childhood (those who are 90’s kids) and it’s being brought back into the next generation. With a classic, Disney does have a lot to live up to, but so would ABCF in the same situation. don’t argue about what network should air the show, just be excited it’s returning and we can follow our favorite characters again and continue to grow up with them.

  9. Cori says:

    The girl from let the right one in

  10. Emilie says:

    It’s being wasted on Disney Channel! I haven’t watched Disney channel in years and I am a huge boy meets world fan. Put it on abc or abc family!

  11. Hanes says:

    It’s funny to me that all of you seem to not know that Disney owns ABC and all of its subsidiaries … Interesting!

  12. Michelle says:

    Putting it on Disney may be tough alot of the age bracket that used to watch boy meets world would probably watch it more if it was on Abc family or abc. Disney channel kind of makes me feel like it would be more kid based

  13. Jaymes says:

    Pretty stoked, my 6 year old LOVES BMW reruns we watch all the time. Can’t wait :)

  14. Chris says:

    I hope the disney channel sees all these comments and decides they need to work on not making their tv shows so hokey!!

  15. Angie says:

    My favorite quote from the show was Eric talking to Cory. Cory had been complaining about something and Eric said, “Little brother…life’s tough, get a helmet!”. Then he popped him in the forehead with the heel of his hand. HAHA!

  16. Hannah says:

    Ok, I am 16 I love BMW I watch it all the time. Disney is a company which owns ABC & ABC family. Since they are saying the show is in it’s early stages I imagine which channel it will be on is also in its early stages. They are not saying DISNEY CHANNEL right now. The Disney company signed it on. And even if it does turn out to be on Disney channel who cares?..there is still good shows on there too!

  17. Hannah says:

    Oh & btw Ben Savage has recently appeared on one of the new Disney channel shows..(Shake it Up).

  18. Morgan says:

    OKAY CASTING: FEENIE NEEDS TO STILL BE PRINCIPLE!!! And Shawn and Eric and Morgan and the parents all need to be there too! Or it won’t be good, all I gotta say!

  19. Heather says:

    NEEDS to have Shawn and Eric. I can’t imagine Cory and Shawn aren’t still in each others lives.

  20. Just me says:

    I think Abc would be a better fit. Sure Disney channel wud get the younger audience but will they get to experience watching her grow up n go off to college like we did with Boy Meets World. I’m pretty sure Disney channel is not portraying any of the college lifestyle. They usual cut shows off at hs if I’m not mistaken

  21. Sheila says:

    I have a young cousin who would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for this role. She’s smart, witty, funny, absolutely gorgeous, very mature for her age, and could totally pass as the child of “Cory” and “Topanga”!!!!! GIVE HER A SHOT!!!

  22. jessesgirl says:

    I’m 25 n still watch Disney channel! Ya’ll are liars if none of ya watch it sometimes too. It’s not a bad channel. Just because the channel is kid friendly doesn’t make the shows not watchable for the older age groups, just means u don’t have to listen to a show that has bitch this or bitch that, or that girl got herpes or that girl is showing off her thong kinda garbage. Regardless if it’s on Disney or ABC or not it’s going to be a great FAMILY show an if you’re a family person it shouldn’t matter if it’s on Disney or ABC they are both family channels!

  23. I really would rather see this show on ABC Family. I’m scared they will “Disneify” this show to be like Hannah Montana or one of the various other Disney shows that is just too… I don’t even know how to describe it. Immature? This show is going to have a LOT of fans holding it up to high expectations and it needs to find that balance between a kid’s show and an adult’s show, the way BMW did. If they target it too far in one direction it’s going to lose a TON of viewers in the opposite age group. I know that I have no desire to watch a show made in the likeness of any of the current Disney shows. When I watch BMW I don’t notice that it’s made for a younger generation. It maintains a sense of maturity from the first episode to the last. When I’m forced to sit through anything on today’s Disney I can’t stand the lame jokes and immature storylines that, though I’m sure are plenty appealing to a kid’s sense of humor, are just too unrefined for mine. BMW dealt with real life situations that kids faced, and it helped show how they could be overcame. I really hope GMW stays true to its roots…

  24. Seuss4prez says:

    So excited but also nervous. I just hope all the stars align and this show is just as good as it was. And kids show, shmidge show. Screw the kids. This grown up 90s kid wants it to be all about us, not the kids. Sorry, just feeling a little possessive of my Precious BMW. Also, I agree with it being on abc family. K, I’ve said my part.

  25. kevin says:

    hopefully Ryder Strong comes back as Shawn

  26. Jen Randell says:

    searching IMDB for unknown actresses to play Riley……what about Mackenzie Foy from Twilight or Lauren Whiteley? google her!!

  27. This is horrible. The original Boy Meets World was great because of the charisma of the lead characters and but this new version will just be a cheap re-hash made for little girls. It’s also on a terrible channel. BIG FAIL.

  28. yoo says:

    are you all dumb? did you not see allcthe comments saying disney owns abcfam? and they said disney SIGNED not that it was on disney channel if they signed it could becon ANY channel that DISNEY OWNS

  29. Tracie says:

    I a 26 and still watch all the re runs of boy meets world today as did I when it first came out but I am stoked to see the new one no matter how ok I am. They represent to much of real life friends I reality. Anyone know when It starts

  30. Lisa says:

    Exactly I agree it should be aired on abc family and it should be aired on Fridays they should bring back TGIF that’s where BMW first started out it would do great :) I’m 29 and I watched that show as a young teen :)

  31. Dr. Haircut says:

    I hope they show Topanga’s tits. Ben Savage is a poof so I can’t believe he’s pleasing her in the bedroom unless she wears a strapon and talks like a truck driver.

  32. Danielle Fishel doesn’t look like she belongs on TV anymore….She looks like she could scare a bit bull to death. Usual I disapprove of unnecessary plastic surgery, but her in case I’ll make a definite exception. I don’t mean to offend her, some people just don’t age well at all.

  33. Excited mom! says:

    47 Year old mom who is so looking forward to watching this show. Have all the seasons on video and certain episodes I can watch over and over! To those who are hating…just don’t watch it. Thanks

  34. Dia says:

    It’ll most likely be aired on ABC ya’ll Disney is just the parent company. I’m pretty sure they have smart people in their corner lol they’ll know what to do when they are further along in the process; besides I don’t think it matches up with any of the shows that are currently on Disney. BMW had to much mature content compared to the shows on Disney channel. If GMW is going to be anything like the original show they would have to dumb it down; if they do that it is very unlikely that it will get as many viewers as BMW. I strongly believe it will be aired on one of the ABC networks because of this. Disney is the parent company they own ABC that’s why we always see Disney movies on these Networks.

  35. Stephanie Michelle crowe says:

    I do agree it doesn’t matter what network airs it I loved boy meets world and I love Hannah Montana and IM 28 years old

  36. Denis says:

    Its better to have it on abc because bmw world was a show with intensity and passion. You will not be able to run the same themes because fc will screen it for the ages of 7-14 and this is a show that will be picked up again by 19-30 year olds, people who followed it and want to get back

  37. Kaleigh says:

    Disney Channel created Boy Meets World, they know that the fans of the old show will be watching besides that the same writer from before will be on the project. They already have it for Disney so why waste your time complaining? I’m 17 and i loved Boy Meets World I’ve watched almost every episode, my 12 year old cousin watches it with me sometimes and loves it also.

  38. cassidy says:

    I agree with everyone that it should be on abc family… it was a family show back then im guessing it will still be a family show…. there is such a great number of people from generqtion that got into the show so more adults in their 20’s to 30’s will be watching it than most kids… i used to purposely get up at 6am every morning to watch the show. It was my favorite show… i could relate to the characters…

  39. Rhonda says:

    I’m 20 and I used to watch Boy Meets World when I was younger and loved it. Now I barely watch tv. I only watch tv when I’m bored or when a good movie is on. I know Disney owns Abc but I think its best that Girl Meets World be on Abc family which Boy Meets World reruns airs on Abc Family in the early mornings now.

  40. Gin says:

    BMW was on innocent Disney back when “suck” was a bad word. I was flipping channels today and heard someone on Disney say “sexy.” I am not saying that sexy is a bad word, but children who watch Disney do not need to be throwing that word around. BMW was innocent when the kids were thirteen. And I don’t even understand why Disney put shows out about teem the KIDS who should be watching it are below the age of tweleve. All I have to say is that Disney has digressed and I do not want GMW to go with it. I know it will not be the same, but I hope it still has that same good home feel.

  41. edvina says:

    im 12 and i watch boys meet world on abc everydays. i personally love it and glad they will start showing it on disney channels. maybe finally they would have interesting shows like dont get me wrong i like disney channels but these new shows try to hard to be funny

  42. tiger says:

    I am excited about this show, but I am also concern. They need to do as much as they can with the original cast, that includes Shawn, Jack, etc.

  43. Mary says:

    I’m 18 and I started watching Boy Meets World when I was 16 on mtv2 and I love it. I agree that Girl Meets World should be on ABC because its going to be very limited on the issues they can address because its going to be on Disney Channel.

  44. gee says:

    I love the idea!!!!!! I dont care how old I get I will always be a fan and cant wait to watch the series I hope it becomes a great hit so it wont get shut down after 2 seasons come on people we gotta watch it dont pretend like you didnt like it wooowhooo!! Corey and Topanga!!!

  45. Amelee says:

    Heck what y’all talking about, I’m 50 and can’t wait to watch it. I loved Boy meets world. What about the little girl that played Morgan? she was cute, hope to see her on the show too.

  46. Amelee says:

    Congratulations to Ben and Danielle on their (This) new “Gig”!!! Glad to see them back together again.

  47. Sonya says:

    I am very happy. I grew up in the 90s with Cory and Topanga. I am definitely a Boy Meets World fan. And now I’ll be a Girl Meets World fan. I’m so excited. Can’t wait for the pilot.

  48. Hannah says:

    I read something about how this show could be portrayed as cheesy cuz everyone on Disney “has” to sing so it needs to be more laid back like Lizzie McGuire instead of Hannah Montana. If it goes the Hannah Montana way, the show is doomed.

  49. Lauren says:

    I’m almost 28 and I can’t believe how excited I am to be able to watch this show again!!! OMG… it brings back a lot of memories. I still feel I’m in HS— Young at heart! Love cory and topangaa! Oh I miss Eric!!! I wish he’s on the showwww

  50. Jocelyn says:

    Rowan Blanchard (I’m so glad she’s Riley! I know her from Spy Kids because been though I love Boy Meets World I’m her same age which is 11) So she’s going to be 11 now.