Exclusive: Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel Officially Join Girl Meets World Pilot

Girl Meets WorldBoy Meets World fans, meet the best news you’ll hear all day.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have officially signed on to reprise their roles as Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence in the red-hot Disney Channel pilot Girl Meets World.

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The potential sequel series (which TVLine first told you about earlier this month) picks up more than a decade after Boy Meets World ended its ABC run and finds Cory and Topanga happily married and raising their 13-year-old daughter, Riley (from whose point of view the story is told).

The pilot is still in the very early stages of development with Boy Meets World creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs at the helm.

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A nationwide casting search is underway for the role of Riley.

Got casting tips? Or just want to celebrate today’s out-of-this-World news? Hit the comments!

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  1. belindamoore says:

    @stacy that was not the last episode, first of all; and second, that was somewhat of a look into what the future could’ve been for cory, topanga, shawn, angela, jack, eric, and rachel if they continued t be split and not speak to one another after the disagreement resulting from the prank war. So many people get confused with that episode, but people who actually pay attention know that cory and topanga did not actually have a child.

  2. Melissa says:

    hold up, one thing, is shaun going to be in it too? xD and Eric??

  3. Monica says:

    I don’t get the Disney Channel or ABC Family, so I want it to be on ABC for that reason alone. Yay for the return of Cory and Topanga!!

  4. CK says:

    Im really excited for this show but i agree with everyone i think that the show would do better on abc family there they can deal with serious issues without having to sugarcoat it (remember disney wouldn’t even air the bmw episode when cory and shawn were drinking when they put on the reruns) also im excited to see ben and danielle back but someone needs to call up rider strong i need to see shawn again and not in a guest star role, he needs to be apart of the cast!

  5. Heather says:

    I watch a show for its actors and storyline, not according to what network it’s on. I actually think Disney is trying to cater to more adults and teens these days hence the distinction between Disney Junior in the AM and Disney Channel at night.

    Plus Good Luck Charlie is one of their top shows and could very easily survive on ABC a well. It also appeals to many adults.

  6. ian says:

    People seem to be making alot of assumptions that the show is gonna be bad cus its on Disney. You do know that the networks you all talked about are all owned by Disney including the original home of the original show. Just cus the pilot is being made for Disney does not mean they pick it up. The channel could still pass on it and another one of there networks could pick it up. And Besides Michael Jacobs who created the original is creating this one. So how could the creator of the original mess up his own characters. Disney has a say in the show for sure but I don’t think they are gonna tell him how to write and or create his own show. And as far as the other members of the original cast My guess is that Rider and the others will have guest appearances and or recurring roles.

    • Phil says:

      Just because Disney owns ABC doesn’t mean each channel airs the same content. If the show was on ABC, TGIF could possibly make a comeback, and the show would have a broader audience. ABC airings would give the show more leeway in subject matter, how far jokes can be taken, etc. Disney Channel might have to kid-ify the show too much to match their demographic. Boy Meets World was by no means an edgy, inappropriate show, but they had enough content that had to be cut out in Disney syndication. I will watch regardless, but ABC would be waaaaayyy better.

  7. A says:

    Just so you all know you 20+ aren’t the only people that have ever watched it I’m 16 and have been watching since I was 5. They used to play if on Disney channel, and now play it on ABCF…they aren’t directing the show at you adults. Their pointing it towards a new generation that’s why it’s about Corey and topangas DAUGHTER. not just Corey and Topanga. Sure they’ll be in it as much as mr and mrs Mathews were but their not going to be the main characters anymore. It’s depressing and exciting, but please drill it into your heads that this is not the same show, they are directing it to a new audience!

  8. kt says:

    I have a feeling that it’s not going to be like the old show AT ALL. So we all might be getting our hopes up. I hope that because the creator made such a great show such as bmw that he can make another show just as good. Except the fact that it isn’t going to be marketed for the 18-24 age group. It will be for kids. It is on the disney channel so that’s how it’s going to be. Hopefully it isn’t a disgrace. I have a feelings everyone will watch the first episode and be disappointed. And then the show will probably be cancelled. =/…. just a prediction.

  9. TY'anna says:

    Why should you care if its on Disney or not! People are soo picky these days, nothing pleases them. The show is FINALLY back, and y’all still complaining! You should be happy it is even back! What would your response be if they announced that they decided to cancel “Girl Meets World”? Y’all would be complaining then, too. I am 14 and I am excited to see this show! I have been watching it since I was little. I know Disney’s reputation, and it isn’t really bad if you ask me, y’all just find ways to make it look bad. So with that said, it doesn’t matter if its on Disney, AbcFamily, Mtv, or Vh1, I for one am still going to watch it. Its sad when people have a good thing, but still want to find something to complain about.

  10. rachelle says:

    I won’t lie, I will definitely be watching this, even though I gave up on Disney Channel a long time ago. Cory and Topanga’s love story was among the best in TV history!

  11. Joanna Whitehead says:

    I will be watching this for sure. I remember my sister and I watching Boy Meets World when we were growing up.

  12. Samina says:

    I loved watching Boy Meets World. Although the series ended over a decade ago. I agree, the original series were on ABC, ABC Family I believe. I just hope that other characters return as well, Shawn, Mr. Feeny, Eric and I am exicted to see who will play Riley. THe new show has a lot to live up to, but if the original directors, writers and producers play a role, its sure to be a hit.

  13. Andy Dunay says:

    TLDR: “We’re completely out of ideas…”

  14. Sara says:

    I can’t bloody wait.

  15. Whitney says:

    If everyone remembers, we love Boy Meets World for the lessons, morals, and heartfelt things it taught us. It showed insight into the world and how we perceive things. We learned this when we were young, the show is for families or kids trying to find themselves, not the 25 year olds who want some nostalgia. No offense, I am 18 and ADORE this show. Best show ever written, but I would want my kid to watch it more than me (if I had one, which I don’t.) It would teach them what I was taught, Disney owns ABC and Michael Jacobs is still doing it. So I have faith, Give us Girl Meets World!

  16. Damn I see alot of potential for this show, but Shawn HAS to be on it, his character has so much potential, did he become wildly successful? did he succumb to his hard upbringing and turn to a life of crime, or addiction? he could drive the show.

  17. Kittu Pannu says:

    Reblogged this on The Many (Mis-)Adventures of Kittu Pannu and commented:
    THis is the best news I’ve heard today. And so much greatness has already occurred!

  18. Linda says:

    I AM SO EXCITED. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for something like this to happen. I grew up watching Boy Meets World from the very beginning and have faith that Girl Meets World will be a wonderful addition to Cory and Topanga’s story! I do hope the other characters make appearances as I think they would all have a hand in raising Riley. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who made this happen!

  19. Spooky Pooky says:

    Her name is supposed to be Chewbacca or Plankton! Not Riley! ;)

  20. Kittu Pannu says:

    Reblogged this on The Many (Mis-)Adventures of Kittu Pannu and commented:
    This is the best news I’ve heard all day. And today’s been full of greatness!

  21. Tanya says:

    Stoked!!! No matter what channel but I do agree ABC would have been better for me. But it’s all gravy bayybe!!

  22. nwgsmom says:

    K guys calm down about the network its showing up on disney owns abc family it owns boy meets world (the reason reruns used to air on abc fam). The original show started as a kids show this show will be the same just being under the label disney means nothing about the final product. You can get crap from any of the networks, I don’t think the creator would let them do that to his show. And please yes bring back eric and feeny for atleast a few visits. Most of the stupid shows on disney are based on rich brats anyways this is already going to be starting a little more grounded.

  23. Alesha says:

    Disney owns abc and abc family so it’s still apart of Disney. I think the show will do great on either network but would prefer disney to use there other network abc family since that’s the channel my family watches more. Either way excited for the show!

  24. C says:

    I just hope they keep the same values. I’m tired of shows that focus on sex and drugs and whatnot. I mean, it’s alright if they address the topic, but don’t make the best friend a drug addict or anything. I also don’t like it when family-friendly shows are too cheesy either. if it’s written similarly to how BMW was written I’ll be happy. I liked the wholesome family values and wonderful life lessons of BMW. I also hope they don’t find different actors/actresses to play as the other characters. I’m truly happy about them getting the original Cory and Topanga though!

  25. Momof7 says:

    Sad thing is that by putting it on Disney it is already limited to a very short life and no matter how popular it is it will not come close to the run that “Boy” had. Disney doesnt keep shows on the air.

  26. I realize ABC, ABC Family, and Disney are all part of the same company but it’s shocking to me that this did not go to ABC Family first. ABCFamily is still trying to build up their comedies, and this would fit perfectly with them and probably provide a very large boost. I won’t lie I’m 23, and haven’t watched the Disney Channel or had any interest in the shows for almost nine or ten years.

  27. Irish Man 12 says:

    This news now makes the GMW revival the best t.v. story of 2012. Add to it that Michael Jacobs will be at the helm & I think we’re going to have a winning series on our hands. Now all we need is the rest of the Matthews family (especially Uncle Eric), Shawn and Angela (in my vision they end up together, Jack and Rachel (in my vision, they end up together as well) and Mr. Feeny & we’ll be all set.
    And to everyone who’s worried about the show being on Disney Channel, the important thing is that this pilot will have the original creator and executive producer at the helm. If Michael Jacobs stays wise, he won’t sell out the legacy that BMW has.
    Now the only thing is making sure that Riley is made to be a cool Disney female character and not a ridicuolous twit (See Shake It Up or Ant Farm)

  28. Megan says:

    To everyone complaining it being on Disney channel and not on abc, you do know that Disney owns abc family, right???

  29. Ashley says:

    I do wish it would be on abc family. I’ll watch it no matter what though. I think maybe they’re also trying to help Disney get more ratings. Disney I’m my opinion is going downhill, and with this show it could really be what Disney needs. But the show would be better on abc family.

  30. Jalesa says:

    I agree putting it on Disney Channel is the wrong idea why not just put it back on ABC Family or better yet TV Land. I think putting it on the Disney Channel would not get that many views from the people in their mid-twenties but if it goes on the Disney Channel I will still watch it. I love Boy Meets World happy It’s coming back hope all the old actors/actresses come back

  31. Nate says:

    I didnt expect the new show…Im still waiting on them putting out the old seasons on DVD, Its not hard

  32. Katie says:

    I can’t wait! I hope this series goes on. I loved Boy meets world as a kid, and i would love to watch this new series. Dont care if its on Abc Family or Disney my kids have it on either channel all the time.

  33. mistymountain says:

    Parent here. I am 53 and loved the original series. I own the DVDs that were released and still watch reruns when possible. I hope this new series becomes a reality.

  34. prisilla says:

    So disappointed that its gonna be on Disney :/ i feel like for that reason they’re going to make it overly cheesy & the older crowd isn’t going to watch… Hope it lives up to what boy meets world was :)

  35. Ray says:

    It’s on Disney because Ben Savages brother Fred (from the Wonder Years) has been producting many shows for Disney and even Nick..

  36. Kelly says:

    Awesome news. I loved the original series. I do hope Eric, Shawn and Feeney make appearances.

  37. Kelley says:

    As sad as it is, Girl Meets World isn’t for us old people. I am 23 and was an avid watcher of B.M.W as well. But this new series is not for us old fans and viewers.

    Can you honestly say that as a 25 year old you are going to tune in every night to watch a 13-year-old go through issues like kissing a boy and getting her period? No.
    You’ll be watching Mad Men and The Office on that night because those are the shows aimed for us. This is aimed for a new audience with the HOPE that the OLD audience will want to tune in here and there but mainly, tell our younger viewers to tune in. T

    he younger viewers are the ones that will boost the ratings, not us who all have lives of our own. Are they expecting us to tune in? Yes. Do they want us to? Yes. Are we a necessity of the target audience? No.

    I am so excited for the new series…no matter what channel it is on. I am more excited to share this new series with my niece who I introduced the old one too. After all, this is for her generation.

    • Cory says:

      Exactly! This show is aimed at my daughters generation not mine. I’m glad that *hopefully* there will be quality shows for her to watch and not this Hannah Montana nonsense

    • AG says:

      I really don’t see the point in the whole ABCF/Disney drama. If you watch it, cool. If you don’t, nobody cares they’ll have billions of kids watching the show, kids that are of the age their directing it too. (Obviously around 13-to probably 16/17) they’ll be glad you old viewers/fans tune in Ofcourse, but it’s deffinetly not directed to you all anymore. I mean, how many 20+ year olds want to sit and watch a little girls struggle through middle school. Usually y’all go for the comedy shows like the office, Melissa & Joey. So please stop with all the ABCF nonsense, it honestly won’t make much of a difference whatever channel it’s on.

  38. JKR says:

    Paging ABC Family! Melissa and Joey followed by Girl Meet World? YES. Please.

  39. Aaron says:

    My niece is 12, outgoing and rather taller than some of her classmates. Great personality and very excited about life. Beautiful blonde hair and great smile. She would be a great addition to this show.

  40. Alee says:

    Maybe they are putting the show on Disney first because they know the channel is lacking both in content and viewers. This will probably be the start of an entirely new (and hopefully old school, like when they had Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Even Stevens, etc.) direction. I would still watch (and I’m almost 22) if they played shows like that still.

  41. SVCloiser says:

    Could the new series got either to ABC Family or ABC instead of Disney *Please*

  42. Christa says:

    Cast me as Riley ;)

  43. j says:

    prayer circle that will friedle and rider strong guest star!!!! will as “crazy uncle eric” omg i can picture it now

  44. Cory says:

    First of all, do you all not realize that Disney, ABC, and ABC Family are all basically the same because they are all owned by Disney?
    Second of all, putting this show on the Disney channel isn’t a big deal if you’re truly wanting to watch the show then you will. It has the same producer as the original so the channel it’s on wont affect the story.
    Third of all, I’m glad they’re not putting it on ABC Family. 90% of the shows on that channel are complete crap/teenage soap operas. Secret Life and Pretty Little Liars…..complete garbage. If you want it to be on a more adult GOOD network it should be on the CW. But I’m perfectly fine with it being on Disney

  45. Kris says:

    The problem isnt getting kids to like it, the problem is that Disney is such a rated PG channel. If youve watched Boy Meets World then you know that is was a PG-13 type of show. The topics and jokes would probably be “watered down” when put on Disney. Im just hoping that it doesnt turn in to something lame because this new show has some big shoes to fill.

  46. Jules says:

    I agree. will Shawn return? will some of the rest of the cast return like Eric, Jack, Angelia, Rachel and maybe Cory’s parents?

  47. Hope says:

    Sounds great! I always liked Boy Meets World and the characters of Cory and Topanga. Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage did a great job portraying them and it should be a lot of fun to have a sequel with them as parents years later.

  48. Ben Kabak says:

    I LOVE Ben Savage!!

  49. Trey Mangum says:

    Reblogged this on Trey Mangum and commented:
    Are we getting 90’s TV back?

  50. dani says:

    Does anyone realize that Disney use to show boy meets world? I don’t think what station it’s on will have much affect.