Video: Angus T. Jones Calls Two and a Half Men 'Filth,' Urges Fans to Stop Watching

Angus T Jones Two and a Half Men TestimonyTwo and a Half Men appears to have another personnel problem on its hands.

Nearly two years after Charlie Sheen began a very public meltdown that led to his dismissal and almost brought down the CBS comedy, a new video has surfaced in which co-star Angus T. Jones refers to Men as “filth” and pleads with viewers to turn the channel.

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“If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men,” he says in the following clip, a religious testimonial in support of Forerunner Chronicles. “I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth.

“People say it’s just entertainment,” continues the actor, who reportedly pockets a cool $350,000 an episode. “Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.”

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No comment yet from Warner Bros., CBS or exec producer Chuck Lorre.

This latest Men controversy comes three months into what could (and now seems very likely to) be the show’s final season.

Press PLAY below to catch the complete (and conveniently cued-up) rant.

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  1. Steve says:

    Dear Lord, please let this thread end! Threads about religion and television rarely end well

  2. Britta Unfiltered says:

    He has a right to his free speech. Many people are acting like he doesn’t, or the fact he’s saying what’s on his mind makes him ungrateful or a hypocrite. It’s possible his family pressured him into this job or he’s locked into a contract he can’t get out of. It’s possible he doesn’t even keep his earnings. Nobody really knows anything about his circumstances, and he doesn’t deserve to get lambasted by random strangers on the internet for just speaking his mind. And for the record, his comments weren’t wrong. It’s not like he came out and said rape was funny or made inappropriate jokes about people dying in natural disasters. All he did was give his opinion on some worthless TV show, which is something every single one of us has done on this website.

    • GoGiants says:

      EVERY contract has an “escape” clause. Problem is, Angus will probably lose money. If he truly believed, though, that shouldn’t matter as he shouldn’t want money earned through filth.

      As for “free speech,” go ahead and criticize your employer publicly as Angus did and see where it gets you. What he did was very immature. Perhaps losing all his money and hard work will make him see the light?

  3. M says:

    This young man has always been a christian. His mother allowed him to do this show. She should have known better. I have no feeling for him one way or the other. I have never liked the show, and have often wondered why it’s lasted as long as it has. Deeply mysogynist, toilet humor, the only character I liked was Rose. I watched the first season and tried to like it because of Jon Cryer. Then, i would suffer through it when it was on, and often found reasons to leave the room. This young man had every opportunity to leave the show with each negotiation, and yet, his mother and father “knew” better. These kinds of christians are the true hypocrites. Leave the show, or shut up, suck it up, and break out your mea culpa whip until the end.

  4. AB says:

    If you’re so against the show then donate your past and future earnings to a charity.

  5. buster4838 says:

    I thought they were gonna kiss for a minute!!

  6. billymhz says:

    That show gave us pure entertainment for alot of years. Gave us a way to relief our stress. All of a sudden this kid wants us to feel guilty for enjoying ourselves for something we paid for. He’s an actor not the prophet, he’s just doing a job. Obviously he has been with people whose influence is messing with his head (like who’s that nignog sitting with him). Its easy to use religion to condem the unbelievers (al-qaida). If u hate it so much just opt out of your contract, no one makes u do anything u don’t want to, this is AMERICA.
    It just pisses me off that he is making so much and is in the position to do good and he wants to throw it away ( in our faces). We have men over seas whom I know said watching 2n1/2 men reminds them of home and what we’re fighting for ( hot chics).
    So go to your church and when you’re done go back to work you idiot!!!!!

  7. Fred Adelman says:

    This has nothing to do with religion or God. It’s about people and their ability to change channels if they don’t like what they see. I do it all the time and so do millions of others. This young hippocrite’s comments are way out of line. Using religion as a crutch is always the cheap way out of a situation. All he has to do is tell the producers is that he doesn’t wish to be on the program any more. It’s that simple. He may suffer some monetary consequences, but if he really believes in what he says, he would do it. Look at some of the early episodes. He farts, makes masturbation jokes and talks about Charlie’s sex life. NOW he’s got a conscience? Give me a break.

  8. Jay says:

    Just to clarify… For those of you that bring up his contract:

    Television & Film contracts stipulate for the lead roles, at a minimum of 98.5% of the time, that these actors do jobs for their TV and radio commercial spots, and other things like appearances etc., to promote the show.

    They also dictate thate actions which defame the show, can lead to a violation of these terms. Sheen did most of his things more indirectly. Jones is intentionally defaming the show.

    If terms such as these are in his contract, CBS, Warner Bros, co-workers who may be effected… CAN all file suit.

    Hence: your contract argument was submitted in ignorance of Entertainment Law, and I would advise you to research further, before speaking in an uninformed manner, as it causes you to be perceived as MORONIC!!!

  9. jmill says:

    Didn’t Charlie sheen break his contract ? The kids young and impresionable. It also seems in the video he wasn’t speaking his own words people are using him for their own publicity and well being. The kids got to much money and hasn’t lived in the real world ever

  10. Adam Murphy says:

    The simple fact of the matter is this. He believes in God and religion. No problem with that. But to everyone saying that he would be sued if he quit. A TRUE Christian wouldn’t care about that. He said himself that a true Christian can’t be that and be on a show like Two and a Half Men. But yet he still seems to have no problem being on that show. I know true Christians, and nothing is more important to them than their relationship with God. So he’s not only a hypocrite for staying on the show and collecting the money for something he calls ‘filth’ but he’s a hypocrite because he’s trying to play out that he’s a Christian and a God fearing person and say that if he’s not doing God’s or Christ’s work than he doesn’t want to be on the planet any more but yet he’s not willing to actually do something about it. Doing a ‘testimony’ for a YouTube channel is not God’s work. He is not educating or spreading the word of God as is the work of God. But he is telling people not to watch a TV show because it’s ‘filth’. Which it is I am not going to disagree with that. But as I said before, if his convictions and his beliefs were truly what he says they are, than he would have left the show long ago, He would have found a way to get out of his contract as no contract is completely surrounding either party or he would have just walked out.

    Also, to anyone who is saying that he could do more with the money he’s hypercritically taking than the network who fills our heads with trash. The networks nor the actors are filling your’s or my heads with anything. We are, don’t like it? Change the channel or don’t turn it on in the first place.

    Everybody in this world faces choices every day. Some of them are easy, some of them are hard. To choose a religion is hard, to follow the word of the bible and live your life as a true Christian is hard. To leave a job because you believe that it is wrong and immoral and goes against your religious beliefs is extremely easy. Takes two words ‘I quit’.

    On a side not, for everyone who is saying that there are many people who hate their jobs but are forced to stay there, no your not. Find another one that you enjoy and quit. No point in doing something every single day that you are miserable doing. Only hurts you and everyone around you.

  11. Bark Star says:

    He is soooo right.

  12. Chris Martinez says:

    I really just heard him say, “By no means im perfect, not yet anyway.” Lost all respect for him. Another bites the dust…to organized religion.

  13. Norman says:

    I love the show and I just hate all those brainwashed religion idiots out there. And Angus is now one of them, screw him.

  14. Emert says:

    All you exact same people come on here consistently to bash every young person for their questionable morals (i.e. Lindsey Lohan, ect…). Yet, when a young person actually HAS SOME MORALS, you same people bash them for THAT! It’s a herd mentality from mere sheep who can’t form their own opinion and instead just go with the flow of mass thinking; and then want to blame the “media” for their own lack of morals. Maybe the problem is with you, the Sheep?

    • GoGiants says:

      If he has morals, let’s see him stand up for them and leave the show, no matter the costs to him. Oh, he just wants to run his mouth and not face consequences? Some morals!

    • joetheinformed says:

      I think there is a difference between having morals and going off the deep end like this kid. He is definitely brainwashed by these religious nuts.

  15. Jj says:

    Actors spent years on finding a way to get a shot like this steady income. But once they do they start talking insane and of the wall stuff last time a check acting is a business if you don’t wanna be in a show. Go up to the head office and tell them your done. Last time I check he aint the only one on this show you got other people there that need $ to support there families and work.!!!!!’

  16. kevin says:

    Ah..”.incendiary comments…..”
    Hmmmm..So Sheen calls the writer/creator all kinds of vile stuff, gets away with it…
    But The Kid says he wants off the show because of his faith and its “incendiary”

    I promise . you guys wouldn’t have the balls to do that if he said he was muslim.
    Hollywood is full of cowards and hypocrites

    I don’t know if he’s being truthful about his motives, but the reactions say a lot about how hypocritical you guys are.

  17. Didi says:

    Look at their own website, they are a religious cult and cults prey on people who are vunerable, confused or looking for a sense of belonging for whatever reason. Angus is at thatmperfect age for cults to prey on, young and having been given it all on a plate without truly having to work that hard for it (think of kids his age working two jobs at minimum wage to survive or get through College) and he is lacking a sense of purpose in life, easy meat for cults, he is probably being encouraged to say this, but, they won ‘t care if all acting work dries up after this show ends and he’ll be another Hollywood has been story, I feel pity for him.

  18. Bob says:

    As in most employee agreements, the producers have the right to fire him outright, with no further compensation, for making public statements detrimental to the employer. Let’s hope he gets his wish and they can him for the back half of the season. He’s worthless, anyway.

  19. Anna says:

    Definitely getting a James Cameron Vibe from this. Burning bridges.

  20. Zoe says:

    Well first of all, yeah, Two and a Half Men is not a good show and it needed to be cancelled long ago.

    Also, since I’m only a year older than Angus, I think I may be able to shed a bit of light on his religious situation. This could be a phase that he’ll regret when he gets older, or maybe he really likes being a Super-Christian or whatever. Maybe he got this craziness from growing up around Charlie Sheen? Maybe he finds Sheen cool like a lot of the guys that go to my college do, and wants to emulate that by being ‘out there’, just in a different way. Or, he could hate Sheen’s guts and want to be the antithesis of him.

    …This is what a Psych course does to me. I hope it helps.

  21. joetheinformed says:

    Child actors are easy prey for religious nuts like the organization he is involved with. They know he has a lot of money and they want it. They also know his mind is not the same as a normal kid who grew up in a normal environment. It is sad that people take advantage of people like this in the name of God. The nonsense he was spewing in the video about being against the world and how he would rather die right now is kind of scary. Sounds like he could be a danger to himself. If I were his family I would try to extract him from these nutjobs and get him some professional help.

  22. Angus Whore says:

    Angus T. Jones is a nutjob WHORE!!!

    I woke up and poured my morning coffee, and this is the first thing I read when I logged on to my computer today. What a load of bullcrap! Another TV/movie Star complaining about all the money they make for doing something they HATE doing and that is against their religious beliefs. Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. I’m crying in my coffee for this poor soul being forced into slavery for $350,000 an episode! Poor Angus. Oh, boo-hoo-hoo!!!

    From what I’ve seen of the actual video footage of this nutjob talking, he makes no sense! Angus can’t even put thoughts into coherent sentences! He just states goofy phrases, talks about “the enemy” and such, but it all makes no sense! He sounds like he doesn’t even know what he’s saying! And who is the bald black man? Why is he sitting so close to Angus, and why is he “Amen”-ing everything he says? I think he is just encouraging Angus to make statements that will harm his career in order to have a great video to play on the internet and to get a lot of attention from exploiting Angus!

    And as for Angus speaking out against the TV show, if that’s how he really feels, then he should just not go to work anymore. Just because he has a contract, nothing will happen to him other than him potentially getting sued, and with the money he’s earned form the show, he can afford to hire a good lawyer to settle the termination of his contract with the studio. As someone else here already stated, this is a TV show, NOT the mafia! No one will kill him for not going to work anymore! It’s an “entertainment contract” for goodness sake! No big consequences for him if he decides to terminate the damned thing!

    Ashton Kutcher made the show more popular than it was when Charlie What’s-his-name was on it. Angus isn’t the “star” of the show. Angus can be replaced by another kid who could use the money and who needs a career, rather than to continue to employ this nutjob Angus! I think it would be totally cool if the studio that employs Angus simply hired another actor to replace him and terminated his contract to avoid any further stress to Angus, who clearly is having mental problems. Just fire Angus and that’s the end of it!

    But I’m sure that if that happened, Angus would hire an attorney and sue the studio and try to get all the money that the demon studio “owes” him! That’s because Angus isn’t really a “Christian” as he claims; he is a HYPOCRITE who is enjoying the money he is getting for whoring himself to the studio! Angus is nothing more than a WHORE!


  23. Belarius Marek says:

    He’s a wack-a-doodle. It is obvious that he truly is as dumb in life as he portrays on tv..

  24. John says:

    People don’t like change.. here is a man that knows what goes on behind the scene and he’s letting everyone know what the right thing to do is. However when people are accustomed to living their lives the way they see fit they respond in an ignorant and angry way when someone basically tells them that things aren’t the way they seem. Choose your stance.. people need to realize how powerful symbols and messages can be, change is hard and uncomfortable but here is the truth and people still have something to say about it.

  25. Fabled Creature says:

    Good for him. He’s figuring it out for himself. Achieving your highest aim doesn’t happen overnight.Why do we criticize those who have the heart and desire to embrace good just because they aren’t there yet? Good for him for having a good heart. I’m sure his actions will soon follow as he can work out how to move forward to achieve his desire to serve God. It isn’t easy for an alcoholic to change and yet as soon as he looks down the road in the right direction, and has a heart desiring the good, we should encourage him, not call him a hypocrite because he isn’t there yet.

  26. Fabled Creature says:

    After reading some of these responses, I wouldn’t even want to attempt to be a Christian. What a hateful bunch to their own who clearly isn’t all perfect yet, but is expressing his desire to be that. Wow, I’m nothing near what I want to be in life. I make stupid choices all the time. I guess I’m a hypocrite. But I do know one thing Jesus said, “If you’re without sin cast the first stone.” An awful lot of you are clearly without sin. I’m not, and I say Go Angus! Who knows what he will become and what good he might do. I’m not about to judge him cuz I haven’t walked in his shoes. I be most anyone would have a very hard time walking away from this kind of money. And at age 19, maybe he doesn’t have that strength yet, but calling him a hypocrite for that is really mean. I’m just glad he sees the truth. I’m just glad he’s not a Scientologist. Give him a chance people!

  27. annmarie demaio says:

    Either Angus used this statement that 2 and 1/2 men show being filthe as a heart felt he knows that this show is against God OR it was for publicity. I must say, I found it offensive along with my family and so stopped watching before he made this statement. The show has gone out of control with sexual issues. The whole show is about sex at this point and we as a family, a large one of brothers and sisters etc. choose not to watch and probably others will do the same.

  28. mercedes says:

    That kid is right… it’s filth and tv can only be stopped by actors and the people watching the filth… if he quits after this season, good for him. If he doesn’t quit then we all know he was conned into doing that rebelious segment against the show.

  29. Kimberley Hartway says:

    It’s TV! Know one (I hope) thinks to live like any of the characters. It’s good for the soul because it makes you laugh! This show has made him known…they should tear up his contract! I can’t stand when stars get big heads and trash the ones who’ve made them successful…or complain about their fame! FYI, I fully believe in GOD…and I fully believe in laughter that’s not effecting my personal self.

  30. May_Dupname says:

    Post-modern “Christianity” is becoming pure bulls*it and hypocrisy. These comments prove it.

    It would cost this guy money to quit the show. He wouldn’t get his 350K per episode, and it might or might not cost him to break his contract.

    He basically thinks that people will go to hell for watching the show, but for money, he’s doing it anyway. He’s playing a 19 year old who will be screwing a much older woman he isn’t married to. For a lot of money. Now, none of that bothers me in the least. Neither would being religious and refusing to do that bother me. What bothers me is being a condescending, superior “Christian” when that’s convenient, and taking the money for doing “filth” when THAT’s convenient.

    And here are all these comments from greed-crazed Christians defending him. Because he says the magic words. That’s what you people believe. Do anything to anybody, but you’re special if you say the magic words.

    This kind of Christianity is hypocritical bulls*it. It’s about talking the talk and never walking the walk. You pretend to worship a man who taught to give everything, and all you do is take, and then call yourself superior for saying some magic “repentance” words – after you screw everybody.

    Next headline – Angus T. Jones sex scandal. You can bet on it. P.S. I don’t watch the show.

  31. me says:

    oh god another Jesus freak. there’s a time when you grow up and realize that a talking snake and a man living inside a whale are just fairytales.

  32. mydogsparky says:

    what a dumbass!

  33. jos says:

    brainwashed? anybody?

  34. Mary~professional dues paying auditioner/actor for past 22 yrs....... says:

    I tried listening from the beginning then realized it was just a waste of time to hear first hand, what he’d said. Now, on the news fronsome say he’s coming back and Jaime Presley will be his cougar love interest, and all other reports were in regards to him essentially being replaced by Joan of Arcadias’ actress, ?, who will be playing a lesbian. I do like “Herb” & John Cryer & the maid~Berta~ they are funny, but I think it’s time they keep those well written characters and meld into another title… Cue funny title Miss Charlie Sheen;*) Btw, love Jaime & Joan of Arcadia characters too. As far as Angus is concerned, whew! Glad I won’t be him looking back…. shoulda, coulda…….

  35. When they took charlie off I stopped watching television. TV is dead to me. Netflix is alive and I am enjoying it. The only thing that will change it is if the whole charlie being dead was a charade to get away from rose.